11 3-D Object Description and Computation Techniques, Surfaces, Deformable, View Generation, Video Conferencing

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Keywords found in this Chapter: Active Shape Model. Active Volumes. Adaptive Reconstructions. Aesthetic Quality. Algebraic and Geometric Invariants. Animation. Appearance Based. Application, Gesture. Application, Heart. Application, Inspection. Application, Medical. Artistic Interpretation. Aspects. Augmented Reality. Autonomous Vehicle. Avatars. Award, CVPR. Award, CVPR, Student. Award, ICPR. Award, IET IPR Premium. Award, ISPRS, Best Paper. Award, Longuet-Higgins. Award, Marr Prize. Award, Marr Prize, HM. Award, Pattern Recognition, Honorable Mention. Balloons. Baseball. CAD. CAD, Survey. Calibration. Camera Calibration. Camera Calibration, Laser. Cardiac. Cloth Rendering. Code, 3-D Shape. Code, 3D. Code, 3D Data. Code, 3D Fly Through. Code, 3D Reconstruction. Code, Active Blobs. Code, Artistic. Code, Computational Geometry. Code, Convolutional Neural Networks. Code, Curvature. Code, Curve Detection. Code, Depth Denoising. Code, Image Editing. Code, Image Synthesis. Code, Inpainting. Code, Interest Pointe. Code, Matting. Code, Mesh Generation. Code, Mesh Models. Code, Poisson. Code, Relighting. Code, Rendering. Code, Restoration. Code, Saliency. Code, Space Envelope. Code, Structure from Motion. Code, Style Transfer. Code, Symmetry. Code, View Syntheses. Color Correction. Comparisons. Computation. Cultural Heritage. Curvature Analysis. Curvature Three-Dimensional. Curvature, Surfaces. Cylinders. Data Fusion. Data Visualization. Database. Dataset, 3-D Data. Dataset, Image Matting. Dataset, Point Cloud. Dataset, Pottery. Dataset, RBG-D. Dataset, Surface Reconstruction. Dataset, Symmetry Images. Deformable Models. Deformable Motion. Deformable Solids. Deformable Surfaces. Deformable Template. Delaunay Tetrahedrization. Depth Hole Filling. Depth Image Based Rendering. Depth Inpainting. Descriptions, CAD. Descriptions, EGI. Descriptions, Facet. Descriptions, General. Descriptions, Generalized Cylinders. Descriptions, Geons. Descriptions, Meshes. Descriptions, Occupancy Grids. Descriptions, Octree. Descriptions, Parametric. Descriptions, Parts. Descriptions, Planar Patches. Descriptions, Range and Regions. Descriptions, Relational Network. Descriptions, Superquadrics. Descriptions, Surface Curvature. Descriptions, Surface Patches. Descriptions, Three-Dimensional. Descriptions, Voxels. Differential Geometry. Discontinuities in Surfaces. E57 Format. Edge, 3-D. Editing. Eigen Snakes. Emotion. Evaluation, Deformable Models. Evaluation, Face Verification. Evaluation, Range Segmentation. Evaluation, Reconstruction. Evaluation, Video Analysis. Exemplar Methods. Extended Gaussian Image. Face Animation. Face Models. Face Recognition. Face Synthesis. Faces, Locating. Facet Model. Facial Animation. Facial Features. Fast Marching Methods. Football. Free-Viewpoint Video. Functional Minimization. Fundamental Matrix. GAN. GPU. Gaussian Sphere. Generalized Cone. Generalized Cylinder. Generalized Cylinder Generation. Generative Adversarial Network. Geometry. Geons. Gesture. Gesture Recognition. Graphics. Heart. Heritage. Hough Transform. Hyperquadrics. IBR. Image Based Rendering. Image Editing. Image Matching. Image Matting. Immersion. Immersive Systems. Inpainting. Instructional. Interactive 3D. Interest Points, 3D. Intrinsic Images. Invariants. LIDAR Calibration. Laser. Learning. Left Ventricle. Level Set. Level Set Methods. Lidar Inpainting. Lighting Model. Line Labels. MAT, Three Dimensional. Marr Prize. Matching, Aspect Graphs. Matching, Surfaces. Matting. Medial Axis. Medical Applications. Mesh Coding. Mesh Models. Model Based Recognition. Moments, Three-Dimensional. Morphing. Mosaic. Motion, Nonrigid. Multi-Grid. Multi-Path. Multilevel Reconstruction. Nonrigid Motion. Nonrigid Tracking. Normal Vector. Object Removal. Occupancy Grids. Oct-tree. Octree. Part Segmentation. Part-Based. Patch Models. Perceptual Grouping. Ph.D.. Physics Based Vision. Planar Patches. Point Cloud Segmentation. Polygonal Patches. Pose Estimation. Primal Sketch. Quadric Surfaces. Quadtree. RGB-D Segmentation. Range Segmentation. Real Time Vision. Recognition. Recognition by Function. Recognition by Parts. Recognition, Model Based. Recognize Curved Objects. Recognize Range Data. Recognize Three-Dimensional Objects. Recognize Two-Dimensional Objects. Reconstruction. Reconstruction, 3-D. Reconstruction, Multi-Grid. Registration. Regularization. Relational Descriptions. Relaxation. Relighting. Remeshing. Rendering. Representation by Parts. Representation, Parts -- 3D. Representation, Superquadric. Retargeting. Reverse Engineering. Ridge. Robust Technique. Rotational Symmetric. Rotational Symmetry. Rubber Sheet. Scale Space. Segmentation, 3-D Data. Segmentation, Edges. Segmentation, Facet Model. Segmentation, Range. Segmentation, Region Growing. Segmented Descriptions. Sensor Fusion. Sensor Planning. Shape from Contours. Shape from Shading. Shape, Three-Dimensional - Evaluation. Simulated Annealing. Skeletons. Skew Symmetry. Snakes. Snakes, 3-D. Sonar. Space Carving. Sparse Data. Speech Synthesis. Spheres. Spline. Sprites. Stereo Image Based Rendering. Stereo, Evaluation. Stereo, Reconstruction. Structure from Motion. Style Transfer. Superquadric. Support Functions. Surface Completion. Surface Normals. Surface Reconstruction. Surface Reconstruction, Survey. Surfel. Survey, 3-D. Survey, 3-D Description. Survey, 3-D Recognition. Survey, 3-D Representation. Survey, 3-D Research. Survey, 3D Data. Survey, 3D Models. Survey, 3D Tools. Survey, CAD. Survey, Cardiac Segmentation. Survey, Computational Geometry. Survey, Cubics. Survey, Curvature. Survey, Datasets. Survey, Deformable Models. Survey, Deformable Registration. Survey, Display. Survey, Edge Detection. Survey, Face Animation. Survey, Face Modeling. Survey, Face Synthesis. Survey, Geometric. Survey, Graphics and Vision. Survey, Image Based Rendering. Survey, Immersion. Survey, Inpainting. Survey, Matting. Survey, Mesh. Survey, Mesh Compression. Survey, Mesh Models. Survey, Non-Rigid Shape. Survey, Nonrigid Shape. Survey, Object Representation. Survey, Octree. Survey, Polygonization. Survey, Projective Geometry. Survey, Ray Tracing. Survey, Reconstruction. Survey, Rendering. Survey, Representation. Survey, Shape. Survey, Shape Analysis. Survey, Shape Description. Survey, Stereo. Survey, Surface Reconstruction. Survey, Surface Reconstrutcion. Survey, Teleoperation. Survey, Tomography. Survey, Triangulation. Survey, Video Conference. Symmetry. Symmetry, Axial. Symmetry, Rotation. Symmetry, Three-Dimensional. System: ACRONYM. TIN. Teleoperation. Telepresence. Tensor Completion. Terrain Visualization. Texture Mapping. Texture Synthesis. Three Dimensional Computations. Topology. Tracking, Nonrigid. Training. Transmission. Trees, Sigma. Triangulated Models. Triangulated Surface Models. Triangulation. Trinocular Stereo. Vaulted Structures. Vendor, 3-D Shape. Vendor, 3-D Visualization. Vendor, Avatars. Vendor, CAD. Vendor, Face Models. Vendor, Face Synthesis. Vendor, Mesh Models. Vendor, Model Generation. Vendor, Projection. Vendor, Sports. Vendor, Stereo Sensor. Vendor, Terrain Modeling. Vendor, Tracking. Vendor, Video Conference. Vendor, Virtual Reality. Video Analysis. Video Completion. Video Compression. Video Conferencing. Video Editing. Video Inpainting. Video Matting. Video Phone. Videoconference. Videoconferencing. Videophone. View Interpolation. View Synthesis. Visual Sentiment. Visualization. Voronoi. Voxels.
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