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Pedram, M.[Massoud] Co Author Listing * FLOAT: Fast Learnable Once-for-All Adversarial Training for Tunable Trade-off between Accuracy and Robustness
* HIRE-SNN: Harnessing the Inherent Robustness of Energy-Efficient Deep Spiking Neural Networks by Training with Crafted Input Noise
* Spike-Thrift: Towards Energy-Efficient Deep Spiking Neural Networks by Limiting Spiking Activity via Attention-Guided Compression

Pedram, M.M.[Mir Mohsen] Co Author Listing * Cartoon Motion Capturing and Retargeting by Rigid Shape Manipulation

Pedrassoli, J.C. Co Author Listing * Exploratory Spatial Analysis of Housing Prices Obtained From Web Scraping Technique
* Spatial Dimension of COVID-19: The Potential of Earth Observation Data in Support of Slum Communities with Evidence from Brazil, The
Includes: Pedrassoli, J.C. Pedrassoli, J.C.[Julio Cesar]

Pedrayes, O.D.[Oscar D.] Co Author Listing * Cost-Performance Evaluation of a Recognition Service of Livestock Activity Using Aerial Images
* Evaluation of Semantic Segmentation Methods for Land Use with Spectral Imaging Using Sentinel-2 and PNOA Imagery

Pedraza Ortega, J.C.[Jesus Carlos] Co Author Listing * Image dehazing using morphological opening, dilation and Gaussian filtering
* Improving 3D reconstruction accuracy in wavelet transform profilometry by reducing shadow effects
Includes: Pedraza Ortega, J.C.[Jesus Carlos] Pedraza-Ortega, J.C.[Jesus-Carlos] Pedraza-Ortega, J.C.[Jesús-Carlos]

Pedraza, A.[Anibal] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Versus Classic Methods for Multi-taxon Diatom Segmentation
* Hyperdeep: Comparison of AI-Based Methods for Predicting Chemical Components in Hyperspectral Images
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Parasitic Egg Detection and Classification with Transformer-Based Architectures
* Parasitic Egg Detection with a Deep Learning Ensemble

Pedraza, C.[Cesar] Co Author Listing * Artificial Vision Based Method for Vehicle Detection and Classification in Urban Traffic, An
* Zero Deforestation Agreement Assessment at Farm Level in Colombia Using ALOS PALSAR
Includes: Pedraza, C.[Cesar] Pedraza, C.[César] Pedraza, C.[Carlos]

Pedraza, J.L. Co Author Listing * Argos: An Advanced In-Vehicle Data Recorder on a Massively Sensorized Vehicle for Car Driver Behavior Experimentation
* Locating moving objects in car-driving sequences
* Parallelization of the optical flow computation in sequences from moving cameras
Includes: Pedraza, J.L. Pedraza, J.L.[Jose Luis]

Pedraza, O.[Oriol] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning-Based Rockfalls Detection with 3D Point Clouds, Example in the Montserrat Massif (Spain)
* Rockfall Magnitude-Frequency Relationship Based on Multi-Source Data from Monitoring and Inventory

Pedrazzi, P. Co Author Listing * Simple feature extraction for handwritten character recognition

Pedrazzini, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Hazard of Deep-Seated Rock Slope Instability through the Description of Potential Failure Scenarios, Cross-Validated Using Several Remote Sensing and Monitoring Techniques

Pedre, S.[Sol] Co Author Listing * Accelerating embedded image processing for real time: a case study
* FPGA-based module for SURF extraction
* Hardware/software Co-design for Real Time Embedded Image Processing: A Case Study
* Real Time Hot Spot Detection Using FPGA
* Realtime Edge-Based Visual Odometry for a Monocular Camera
Includes: Pedre, S.[Sol] Pedre, S.

Pedregal, B.[Belen] Co Author Listing * Promoting Environmental Justice through Integrated Mapping Approaches: The Map of Water Conflicts in Andalusia (Spain)

Pedregosa, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Learning to Rank from Medical Imaging Data

Pedreira, C.E. Co Author Listing * Generalized Risk Zone: Selecting Observations for Classification
* Learning Vector Quantization with Training Data Selection
* Time series classification via divergence measures between probability density functions
Includes: Pedreira, C.E. Pedreira, C.E.[Carlos E.]

Pedrero, A.G.[Angel Garcia] Co Author Listing * Superpixel-Based Roughness Measure for Multispectral Satellite Image Segmentation
Includes: Pedrero, A.G.[Angel Garcia] Pedrero, Á.G.[Ángel García]

Pedrero, J.M.[J. Manuel] Co Author Listing * Subspace Reduction for Appearance-Based Navigation of a Mobile Robot

Pedreros Guarda, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Google Earth Engine Application to Retrieve Long-Term Surface Temperature for Small Lakes. Case: San Pedro Lagoons, Chile, A
Includes: Pedreros Guarda, M.[Maria] Pedreros-Guarda, M.[María]

Pedreros, F. Co Author Listing * Two-Color Satellite Laser Ranging Measurements at 10 Hz and 100 Hz at TIGO

Pedreros, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Evidence of Climate Change Based on Lake Surface Temperature Trends in South Central Chile

Pedrielli, G. Co Author Listing * Real Time Simulation Optimization Framework for Vessel Collision Avoidance and the Case of Singapore Strait, A

Pedrini, G.[Giancarlo] Co Author Listing * Spiral phase filtering and orientation-selective edge detection/enhancement

Pedrini, H.[Helio] Co Author Listing * email: Pedrini, H.[Helio]: helio AT ic unicamp br
* 3D Searchless Fractal Video Encoding at Low Bit Rates
* Action identification using a descriptor with autonomous fragments in a multilevel prediction scheme
* Adaptive Multiplane Image Generation from a Single Internet Picture
* Adaptive Video Transition Detection Based on Multiscale Structural Dissimilarity
* Age Estimation From Facial Parts Using Compact Multi-Stream Convolutional Neural Networks
* Authentication of Vincent van Gogh's Work
* Automatic Extraction of Topographic Features Using Adaptive Triangular Meshes
* Automatic Fruit and Vegetable Recognition Based on CENTRIST and Color Representation
* Classification schemes based on Partial Least Squares for face identification
* Combination of local feature detection methods for digital video stabilization
* Computer generated images vs. digital photographs: A synergetic feature and classifier combination approach
* Constructing Point Clouds from Underwater Stereo Movies
* Data feature selection based on Artificial Bee Colony algorithm
* Detection of complex video events through visual rhythm
* Efficient fusion of multidimensional descriptors for image retrieval
* Emotion Recognition Based on Occluded Facial Expressions
* Exploring Image Bit Planes for Video Shot Boundary Detection
* Face Spoofing Detection Through Visual Codebooks of Spectral Temporal Cubes
* Facial Expression Recognition with Occlusions Based on Geometric Representation
* Fast and Accurate Gesture Recognition Based on Motion Shapes
* Fast and Scalable Enrollment for Face Identification Based on Partial Least Squares
* Fast Rotation-Invariant Video Caption Detection Based on Visual Rhythm
* Fitting smooth surfaces to scattered 3D data using piecewise quadratic approximation
* Fusion of Local and Global Descriptors for Content-based Image and Video Retrieval
* Geometrical Features and Active Appearance Model Applied to Facial Expression Recognition
* Global Semantic Descriptors for Zero-Shot Action Recognition
* Human Action Classification Based on Silhouette Indexed Interest Points for Multiple Domains
* Human Skin Segmentation Improved by Saliency Detection
* Human Skin Segmentation Improved by Texture Energy Under Superpixels
* Improved Fractal Image Compression Based On Robust Feature Descriptors
* Improved person re-identification based on saliency and semantic parsing with deep neural network models
* Improved View Frustum Culling Method Using Octrees for 3D Real-Time Rendering, An
* Improvement of global motion estimation in two-dimensional digital video stabilisation methods
* InVesalius: An Interactive Rendering Framework for Health Care Support
* Local Response Context Applied to Pedestrian Detection
* Lung Nodule Classification Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* MMEC: Multi-Modal Ensemble Classifier for Protein Secondary Structure Prediction
* Modeling dense range images through fast polygonal approximations
* Motion energy image for evaluation of video stabilization
* novel feature descriptor based on the shearlet transform, A
* On the Effect of Pruning on Adversarial Robustness
* Parallax Motion Effect Generation Through Instance Segmentation And Depth Estimation
* Person Re-identification Using Partial Least Squares Appearance Modeling
* Processing and Visualization of Light Microscope Images
* Pyramidal Layered Scene Inference with Image Outpainting for Monocular View Synthesis
* Satellite Image Segmentation Using Wavelet Transforms Based on Color and Texture Features
* Scalar image interest point detection and description based on discrete Morse theory and geometric descriptors
* SelfGraphVQA: A Self-Supervised Graph Neural Network for Scene-based Question Answering
* Skew Angle Detection and Correction in Text Images Using RGB Gradient
* Smooth Image Surface Approximation by Piecewise Cubic Polynomials
* Summarization of Videos by Image Quality Assessment
* Survey on Digital Video Stabilization: Concepts, Methods, and Challenges
* survey on RGB-D datasets, A
* Texture classification based on spatial dependence features using co-occurrence matrices and markov random fields
* Textured Image Segmentation Based on Spatial Dependence using a Markov Random Field Model
* Top-DB-Net: Top DropBlock for Activation Enhancement in Person Re-Identification
* Topographic Feature Identification Based on Triangular Meshes
* topology-based approach to computing neighborhood-of-interest points using the Morse complex, A
* Very Low Bit-Rate Minimalist Video Encoder Based on Matching Pursuits, A
* Video action recognition based on visual rhythm representation
* Video Compression and Retrieval of Moving Object Location Applied to Surveillance
* Video Summarization Method Based on Spectral Clustering, A
* Video Temporal Segmentation Based on Color Histograms and Cross-Correlation
* Weakly Supervised Learning Guided by Activation Mapping Applied to a Novel Citrus Pest Benchmark
* Weighted voting of multi-stream convolutional neural networks for video-based action recognition using optical flow rhythms
* When Layers Play the Lottery, all Tickets Win at Initialization
* Where's Wally: A Gigapixel Image Study for Face Recognition in Crowds
Includes: Pedrini, H.[Helio] Pedrini, H. Pedrini, H.[Hélio]
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Pedrinis, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Exploring Landscape Composition Using 2D and 3D Open Urban Vectorial Data
Includes: Pedrinis, F.[Frederic] Pedrinis, F.[Frédéric]

Pedro da Costa, G.A.O.[Gilson Alexandre Ostwald] Co Author Listing * Deforestation Detection in the Amazon Using DeepLabv3+ Semantic Segmentation Model Variants
* Enhancing deforestation monitoring in the Brazilian Amazon: A semi-automatic approach leveraging uncertainty estimation
* Meta-Methodology for Improving Land Cover and Land Use Classification with SAR Imagery, A
Includes: Pedro da Costa, G.A.O.[Gilson Alexandre Ostwald] Pedro-da Costa, G.A.O.[Gilson A. Ostwald]

Pedro, C. Co Author Listing * Modelization of Limb Coordination for Human Action Analysis

Pedro, D.[Dario] Co Author Listing * Collision Avoidance on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Neural Network Pipelines and Flow Clustering Techniques
* FFAU: Framework for Fully Autonomous UAVs
* How to Build a 2D and 3D Aerial Multispectral Map?: All Steps Deeply Explained
* Static and Dynamic Algorithms for Terrain Classification in UAV Aerial Imagery
Includes: Pedro, D.[Dario] Pedro, D.[Dário]

Pedro, H.J.G. Co Author Listing * Normality and Correlation Coefficient in Estimation of Insulators' Spectral Signature

Pedro, J.Q.[Jose Quintas] Co Author Listing * Evaluating a feedback channel based transform domain Wyner-Ziv video codec

Pedro, J.S.[Jose San] Co Author Listing * Network-aware identification of video clip fragments
* Video Retrieval Using an EDL-Based Timeline
Includes: Pedro, J.S.[Jose San] Pedro, J.S.[José San]

Pedro, L.M. Co Author Listing * Multi-Modality Atherosclerosis Imaging and Diagnosis
* Three-Dimensional Ultrasonic Assessment of Atherosclerotic Plaques
* Ultrasound Plaque Enhanced Activity Index for Predicting Neurological Symptoms
Includes: Pedro, L.M. Pedro, L.M.[Luís M.] Pedro, L.M.[Luís Mendes]

Pedro, M.F. Co Author Listing * Digital Elevation Model from Non-Metric Camera in UAS Compared with LIDAR Technology

Pedrocca, P.J.[Pablo Julian] Co Author Listing * Real-Time People Detection in Videos Using Geometrical Features and Adaptive Boosting

Pedrocchi, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Visually Aided Mobile Manipulator Kinematic Parameters Calibration
* Optimal Task and Motion Planning and Execution for Multiagent Systems in Dynamic Environments

Pedroche, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Combining the Two-Layers PageRank Approach with the APA Centrality in Networks with Data

Pedrollo, O.C.[Olavo Correa] Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Network Model of Soil Heat Flux over Multiple Land Covers in South America

Pedron, I. Co Author Listing * Region of Interest Finding in Reduced Resolution Color Imagery: Application to Cancer Cell Detection

Pedroncelli, G. Co Author Listing * Fleet Sizing for Electric Car Sharing Systems in Discrete Event System Frameworks

Pedroncini, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * HF Radar Wind Direction: Multiannual Analysis Using Model and HF Network
* Sea Storm Analysis: Evaluation of Multiannual Wave Parameters Retrieved from HF Radar and Wave Model

Pedronette, D.C.G.[Daniel Carlos Guimaraes] Co Author Listing * BFS-Tree of ranking references for unsupervised manifold learning, A
* Graph Convolutional Networks and Manifold Ranking for Multimodal Video Retrieval
* Graph-based selective rank fusion for unsupervised image retrieval
* Image segmentation through combined methods: Watershed transform, unsupervised distance learning and Normalized Cut
* Improving Optimum-Path Forest Classification Using Unsupervised Manifold Learning
* Mixup-Based Deep Metric Learning Approaches for Incomplete Supervision
* Novel Rank Correlation Measure for Manifold Learning on Image Retrieval and Person Re-ID, A
* Rank Aggregation Framework for Video Interestingness Prediction, A
* Rank Flow Embedding for Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Manifold Learning
* Regression by Re-Ranking
* Self-Supervised Clustering based on Manifold Learning and Graph Convolutional Networks
* Unsupervised Effectiveness Estimation Through Intersection of Ranking References
* Unsupervised similarity learning through Cartesian product of ranking references
* Weakly Supervised Learning through Rank-based Contextual Measures
Includes: Pedronette, D.C.G.[Daniel Carlos Guimaraes] Pedronette, D.C.G.[Daniel Carlos Guimarães] Pedronette, D.C.G. Pedronette, D.C.G.[Daniel C. G.]
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Pedroni, L.[Lucio] Co Author Listing * Operational Framework for Land Cover Classification in the Context of REDD+ Mechanisms. A Case Study from Costa Rica, An

Pedrood, B.[Bahman] Co Author Listing * 3D human pose estimation from image using couple sparse coding

Pedros, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Desert Dust Outbreaks Over Southern Europe Using CALIOP Data and Ground-Based Measurements
* Climatology of the Aerosol Extinction-to-Backscatter Ratio from Sun-Photometric Measurements
* Measurement and Correction of Atmospheric Effects at Different Altitudes for Remote Sensing of Sun-Induced Fluorescence in Oxygen Absorption Bands

Pedrosa, G. Co Author Listing * Case of the Digitized Works at a National Digital Library, The

Pedrosa, G.V.[Glauco V.] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic diffusion for effective shape corner point detection
* Effective Salience-Based Algorithm for Shape Matching, An
* effective salience-based algorithm for shape retrieval, An
* Integrating visual words as bunch of n-grams for effective biomedical image classification
* shape contour descriptor based on salience points, A
Includes: Pedrosa, G.V.[Glauco V.] Pedrosa, G.V.[Glauco Vitor]

Pedrosa, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * Automatic Eye-tracking-assisted Chest Radiography Pathology Screening
* Deep Learning for Segmentation Using an Open Large-Scale Dataset in 2D Echocardiography
* Fast and Fully Automatic Left Ventricular Segmentation and Tracking in Echocardiography Using Shape-Based B-Spline Explicit Active Surfaces
* Lesion-Based Chest Radiography Image Retrieval for Explainability in Pathology Detection
* Leveraging Longitudinal Data for Cardiomegaly and Change Detection in Chest Radiography
* Multi-dataset Approach for DME Risk Detection in Eye Fundus Images, A
* Multimodal Multi-tasking for Skin Lesion Classification Using Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Pedrosa, J.[Joao] Pedrosa, J.[João] Pedrosa, J.
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Pedrosa, M.M. Co Author Listing * Assessment Of Surface Water At The Sobradinho Reservoir Under The Effects Of Drought Using Multi-temporal Landsat Images
* Crater Detection in Multi-ring Basins of Mercury
Includes: Pedrosa, M.M. Pedrosa, M.M.[Miriam M.]

Pedrosa, N.[Nuno] Co Author Listing * Mortality Prediction via Logistic Regression in Intensive Care Unit Patients with Pneumonia

Pedroso Curtarelli, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Diffuse Attenuation of Clear Water Tropical Reservoir: A Remote Sensing Semi-Analytical Approach

Pedroso de Lima, J.L.M.[Joao Luis Mendes] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Analysis of Rainfall and Droughts in a Semiarid Basin of Brazil: Land Use and Land Cover Dynamics
Includes: Pedroso de Lima, J.L.M.[Joao Luis Mendes] Pedroso-de Lima, J.L.M.[João Luis Mendes]

Pedroso, J.P.[Joao Pedro] Co Author Listing * Support Vector Machines with Different Norms: Motivation, Formulations and Results
Includes: Pedroso, J.P.[Joao Pedro] Pedroso, J.P.[João Pedro]

Pedross Engel, A. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Resolution Stripmap Mode Using Dynamic Metasurface Antennas
* Synthetic aperture radar with dynamic metasurface antennas: A conceptual development
Includes: Pedross Engel, A. Pedross-Engel, A. Pedross-Engel, A.[Andreas]

Pedrycz, W.[Witold] Co Author Listing * Aggregation of classifiers based on image transformations in biometric face recognition
* Aggregation of Classifiers: A Justifiable Information Granularity Approach
* Air Pollution Monitoring System with Prediction Abilities Based on Smart Autonomous Sensors Equipped with ANNs with Novel Training Scheme
* application of chain code-based local descriptor and its extension to face recognition, An
* Author's reply to comments
* Autonomous Bus Operation Alternatives in Urban Areas Using Fuzzy Dombi-Bonferroni Operator Based Decision Making Model
* Autonomous Path Planning Method for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on a Tangent Intersection and Target Guidance Strategy, An
* Background subtraction using Gaussian-Bernoulli restricted Boltzmann machine
* Bio-Inspired Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition
* C-fuzzy decision trees
* central profile-based 3D face pose estimation, A
* Classification of Relational Patterns as a Decomposition Problem
* Clustering in augmented space of granular constraints: A study in knowledge-based clustering
* Clustering with proximity knowledge and relational knowledge
* Collaborative fuzzy clustering
* Comparative Study on Noise-Estimation-Based Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Image Segmentation
* Conditional Fuzzy C-Means
* consensus-driven fuzzy clustering, A
* Construction of a feature enhancement network for small object detection
* Convolutional Features-Based Broad Learning With LSTM for Multidimensional Facial Emotion Recognition in Human-Robot Interaction
* Coordinated Planning of Heterogeneous Earth Observation Resources
* design of granular classifiers: A study in the synergy of interval calculus and fuzzy sets in pattern recognition, The
* Designing of classification procedures with the use of equality and difference operators
* Deterioration of visual information in face classification using Eigenfaces and Fisherfaces
* Dual autoencoders features for imbalance classification problem
* dynamic data granulation through adjustable fuzzy clustering, A
* Dynamic edge tracing: Boundary identification in medical images
* efficient accelerator for attribute reduction from incomplete data in rough set framework, An
* Efficient image selection for concept learning
* Face recognition using a fuzzy fisherface classifier
* Face recognition using decimated redundant discrete wavelet transforms
* Face Recognition Using Fuzzy Integral and Wavelet Decomposition Method
* Face recognition: A study in information fusion using fuzzy integral
* Feature analysis through information granulation and fuzzy sets
* Fuzzy classifiers with information granules in feature space and logic-based computing
* Fuzzy clustering with a knowledge-based guidance
* Fuzzy clustering with semantically distinct families of variables: Descriptive and predictive aspects
* Fuzzy clustering with supervision
* Fuzzy Knowledge-Base for Dynamic Image Understanding, A
* Fuzzy Relation Calculus In The Compression And Decompression Of Fuzzy Relations
* Fuzzy rule based decision trees
* Fuzzy sets in pattern recognition: Methodology and methods
* Generic Markov Decision Process Model and Reinforcement Learning Method for Scheduling Agile Earth Observation Satellites, A
* generic, cluster-centred lossless compression framework for joint auroral data, A
* Genetically Optimized Fuzzy Decision Trees
* Global and local structure preserving sparse subspace learning: An iterative approach to unsupervised feature selection
* global structure-based algorithm for detecting the principal graph from complex data, A
* Granular multi-label feature selection based on mutual information
* Image classification with the use of radial basis function neural networks and the minimization of the localized generalization error
* Improved adaptive image retrieval with the use of shadowed sets
* Incremental Hash-Bit Learning for Semantic Image Retrieval in Nonstationary Environments
* Incremental Hashing for Semantic Image Retrieval in Nonstationary Environments
* Interpretation of clusters in the framework of shadowed sets
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Fuzzy Set Technology in Pattern-Recognition
* Iterative Two-Phase Optimization Method Based on Divide and Conquer Framework for Integrated Scheduling of Multiple UAVs, An
* Key Points Estimation and Point Instance Segmentation Approach for Lane Detection
* Knowledge-Induced Multiple Kernel Fuzzy Clustering
* LDNet: End-to-End Lane Marking Detection Approach Using a Dynamic Vision Sensor
* License Plate Detection via Information Maximization
* Local descriptors and similarity measures for frontal face recognition: A comparative analysis
* Local descriptors in application to the aging problem in face recognition
* Logic-oriented fuzzy clustering
* Logistics in the Sky: A Two-Phase Optimization Approach for the Drone Package Pickup and Delivery System
* Motion-blurred image restoration framework based on parameter estimation and fuzzy radial basis function neural networks
* Negation of the Quantum Mass Function for Multisource Quantum Information Fusion With its Application to Pattern Classification
* Neurocomputations in relational systems
* Online Tool Condition Monitoring Based on Parsimonious Ensemble+
* Projected fuzzy C-means clustering with locality preservation
* Prototype construction and evaluation as inverse problems in pattern classification
* Remote Sensing Imagery Segmentation: A Hybrid Approach
* Robust and Precise Facial Landmark Detection by Self-Calibrated Pose Attention Network
* Robust twin support vector regression based on rescaled Hinge loss
* Shadowed c-means: Integrating fuzzy and rough clustering
* Shadowed sets in the characterization of rough-fuzzy clustering
* Special Issue on Bioinformatics
* Subjective Entropy of Probabilistic Sets and Fuzzy Cluster Analysis
* Subspace learning for unsupervised feature selection via matrix factorization
* Tangent-Based Path Planning for UAV in a 3-D Low Altitude Urban Environment
* Towards interval-valued fuzzy set-based collaborative fuzzy clustering algorithms
* Two-Stage Fuzzy Fusion Based-Convolution Neural Network for Dynamic Emotion Recognition
* Unsupervised feature selection by nonnegative sparsity adaptive subspace learning
* Unsupervised hierarchical image segmentation with level set and additive operator splitting
* Wavelet Frame-Based Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Segmenting Images on Graphs
* Weighted Fidelity and Regularization-Based Method for Mixed or Unknown Noise Removal From Images on Graphs, A
Includes: Pedrycz, W.[Witold] Pedrycz, W.
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