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Ku, F.N. Co Author Listing * New Approach To The Restoration Of An Image Blurred By Linear Uniform Motion, A
* Principles And Methods Of Histogram Modification Adapted For Visual Perception, The

Ku, J. Co Author Listing * Multi-Image Matching For A General Motion Stereo Camera Model

Ku, W.H. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Detectability Of Small Objects In Correlated Clutter Using An Improved 2-D Adaptive Lattice Algorithm
* Performance Evaluation Of 2-D Adaptive Prediction Filters For Detection Of Small Objects In Image Data

Kuan, D. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Land Vehicle Road Following
* Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Road Following
* Constraint-Based System For Interpretation Of Aerial Imagery, A
* Lockheed Imaging Technology Research For Missiles And Space
* Mission Planning For An Autonomous Vehicle
* Real-Time Model Based Geometric Reasoning For Vision-Guided Navigation
* Real-Time Road Following And Road Junction Detection Vision System For Autonomous Vehicles, A
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Kuan, D.T. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Noise Smoothing Filter For Images With Signal-Dependent Noise
* Automatic Path Planning For A Mobile Robot Using A Mixed Representation Of Free Space
* Model Based Interpretation Of 3-D Range Data
* Terrain Map Knowledge Representation For Spatial Planning

Kuan, L. Co Author Listing * Blackboard-Based Approach To Handwritten Zip Code Recognition, A

Kuba, A. Co Author Listing * 3d 6-Subiteration Thinning Algorithm For Extracting Medial Lines, A
* Algorithm For Reconstructing Convex Bodies From Their Projections, An
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Discrete Tomography
* Reconstruction Of Two-Directionally Connected Binary Patterns From Their Two Orthogonal Projections, The

Kube, P. Co Author Listing * Likely Local Shape
* On The Imaging Of Fractal Surfaces
* Polynomial Shift-Invariant Operators For Texture Segmentation
* Properties Of Energy Edge Detectors
* Scale-Space Properties Of Quadratic Edge Detectors
* Scale-Space Properties Of Quadratic Feature Detectors

Kube, P.R. Co Author Listing * On An Analysis Of Static Occlusion In Stereo Vision
* Quantization Error Analysis For Convergent Stereo, A

Kubica, S. Co Author Listing * Cantata: Visual Programming Environment For The Khoros System

Kubik, K. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation And Image Matching For 3d Terrain Reconstruction

Kubler, O. Co Author Listing * 3d Voronoi Skeletons And Their Usage For The Characterization And Recognition Of 3d Organ Shape
* Detection Of General Edges And Keypoints
* Euclidean Distance Transformations And Model-Guided Image Interpretation
* Fast Direct Display Of Volume Data For Medical Diagnosis
* Initializing Snakes
* Karhunen-Loeve Multispectral Image Restoration, Part I: Theory
* Making Snakes Converge From Minimal Initialization
* Making Snakes Converge From Minimal Initialization
* On Chain Code Probabilities And Length Estimators For Digitized Three Dimensional Curves
* Real-Time 2d Feature Detection With Low-Level Image Processing Algorithms On Smart Ccd/Cmos Image Sensors
* Segmentation And Analysis Of 3d Volume Images
* Simulation Of Neural Contour Mechanisms: Representing Anomalous Contours
* Towards Representation Of 3d Shape: Global Surface Parametrization
* Velcro Surfaces: Fast Initialization Of Deformable Models
* Voronoi Tessellation Of Points With Integer Coordinates: Time-Efficient Implementation And Online Edge-List Generation
* Ziplock Snakes
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Kubo, F. Co Author Listing * Labeling Board Based On Boundary Tracking

Kubo, M. Co Author Listing * Vlsi Processor For Image Processing

Kubota, H. Co Author Listing * Automated Construction Of Image Processing Procedures By Sample-Figure Presentation
* Vision Processor System For Moving-Object Analysis

Kubota, K. Co Author Listing * Document Understanding System

Kubota, T. Co Author Listing * Computation Of Orientation Filters For Real-Time Computer Vision Problems Ii: Multi-Resolution Image Decomposition
* Computation Of Orientational Filters For Real-Time Computer Vision Problems I: Implementation And Methodology
* Computation Of Orientational Filters For Real-Timecomputer Vision Problems Iii: Steerable System And Vlsi Architectures
* Vision System With Real-Time Feature Extractor And Relaxation Network, A

Kuc, R. Co Author Listing * Bat-Like Sonar System For Obstacle Localization, A
* Building A Sonar Map In A Specular Environment Using A Single Mobile Sensor
* Differentiating Sonar Reflections From Corners And Planes By Employing An Intelligent Sensor
* Mobile Robot Sonar For Target Localization And Classification
* Physical Model-Based Analysis Of Heterogeneous Environments Using Sonar-Endura Method, A
* Physically Based Navigation Strategy For Sonar-Guided Vehicles, A
* Physically Based Simulation Model For Acoustic Sensor Robot Navigation
* Spatial Sampling Criterion For Sonar Obstacle Detection, A
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Kuch, J.J. Co Author Listing * Vision Based Hand Modeling And Tracking For Virtual Teleconferencing And Telecollaboration

Kucuk, S. Co Author Listing * Parallel 3d Shrinking Algorithms Using Subfields Notions

Kudo, T. Co Author Listing * Recovering 3d Shape And Texture From Continuous Focus Series: Using A Polarized Filter

Kuebler, O. Co Author Listing * Fast Direct Display Of Discrete Volume Data

Kuehn, J.T. Co Author Listing * Multifunction Processing With Pasm
* Parallel Image Thinning And Vectorization On Pasm
* Simulation Based Performance Measures For Simd/Mimd Processing
* Simulation Studies Of A Parallel Histogramming Algorithm For Pasm
* Use And Design Of Pasm, The

Kuehnle, A. Co Author Listing * Symmetry-Based Recognition Of Vehicle Rears

Kugler, A. Co Author Listing * High-Performance Texture Decompression Hardware

Kuhl, F.P. Co Author Listing * Global Shape Recognition Of 3-D Objects Using A Differential Library Storage
* Partial Shape Recognition Using Dynamic Programming
* Three Dimensional Shape Analysis Using Moments And Fourier Descriptors
* Three-Dimensional Shape Analysis Using Moments And Fourier Descriptors

Kuhl, F.S. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of A Hybrid Algorithm For Packing Unequal Bins

Kuhni, P. Co Author Listing * Search-Based Contour Closure In Range Images

Kuipers, B.J. Co Author Listing * Map Learning With Uninterpreted Sensors And Effectors
* Navigation And Mapping In Large-Scale Space
* Qualitative Approach To Robot Exploration And Map-Learning, A
* Robust, Qualitative Method For Robot Spatial Learning, A

Kuittinen, M. Co Author Listing * Spectral Representation Of Color Images

Kuklinksi, T.T. Co Author Listing * Components Of Handprint Style Variabilty

Kuklinski, T. Co Author Listing * Model For Variability Effects In Handprinting With Implications For The Design Of Handwriting Character Recognition Systems, A

Kukouda, M. Co Author Listing * Discrimination Of Symbols, Lines, And Characters In Flow Chart Recognition

Kulhavy, R.W. Co Author Listing * Comprehension Of Graphics, Elsevier

Kulick, T. Co Author Listing * Shape From Shading Using Three Images

Kulik, P.S. Co Author Listing * Accurate Lightpen

Kulikowski, C.A. Co Author Listing * Composition Of Image Analysis Processes Through Object-Centered Hierarchical Planning

Kulkarni, A.D. Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Networks For Image Understanding, Van Nostrand
* Interpolation Of Digital Imagery Using Hypersurface Approximation

Kulkarni, K.M. Co Author Listing * High Accuracy Algorithm For Recognition Of Handwritten Numerals, A

Kulkarni, M.S. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Color Under Fluorescent Illuminants
* Sampling And Processing Of Color Signals

Kulkarni, S. Co Author Listing * Convex Shape Reconstruction From Noisy Ray Probe Measurements

Kulkarni, S.R. Co Author Listing * Computational Limitations Of Model-Based Recognition
* Extracting Good Features For Motion Estimation
* Local Tests For Consistency Of Support Hyperplane Data
* Local Versus Nonlocal Computation Of Length Of Digitized Curves
* Multiresolution Chain Coding Of Contours
* New Method For Camera Motion Parameter Estimation, A
* Pac Learning With Generalized Samples And An Application To Stochastic Geometry
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Kulkarni, V.G. Co Author Listing * Generating Random Combinatorial Objects

Kulkarni, Y. Co Author Listing * F2id: A Personal Identification System Using Faces And Fingerprints

Kulpa, Z. Co Author Listing * Iconics: Computer Aided Visual Communication
* Impossible Figures: Illusion Of Spatial Interpretation Of Pictures

Kultanen, P. Co Author Listing * New Curve Detection Method: Randomized Hough Transform, A
* Randomized Hough Transform (Rht)

Kumaki, K. Co Author Listing * Separating Real And Virtual Objects From Their Overlapping Images

Kumamaru, K. Co Author Listing * Surface Recovery By Using Regularization Theory And Its Application To Multiresolution Analysis

Kumamura, S. Co Author Listing * Shape Extraction Of Transparent Object Using Genetic Algorithm

Kumar, A. Co Author Listing * Gradient Flows And Geometric Active Contour Models
* Optical Flow: A Curve Evolution Approach
* Optical Flow: A Curve Evolution Approach
* Precision Tracking Based On Segmentation With Optional Layering For Imaging Sensors

Kumar, K.S. Co Author Listing * Finding Faces In Photographs
* Integrated Stereo Vision-A Multiresolution Approach
* Joint Segmentation And Image Interpretation
* Joint Segmentation And Image Interpretation Using Hidden Markov Models

Kumar, K.V. Co Author Listing * Support Function Representation Of Convex Bodies, Its Application In Geometric Computing, And Some Related Representations

Kumar, L. Co Author Listing * Object Tracking Using Affine Structure For Point Correspondences

Kumar, M.A. Co Author Listing * Representation Of 2d And 3d Binary Images Using Medial Circles And Spheres

Kumar, P. Co Author Listing * Pseudo One Pass Thinning Algorithm

Kumar, P.V. Co Author Listing * On The Existence Of Square Dot-Matrix Patterns Having A Specific Three-Valued Periodic-Correlation Function

Kumar, R. Co Author Listing * 3d Model Acquisition From Monocular Image Sequences
* Application Of Pose Determination Techniques To Model Extension And Refinement
* Determination Of Camera Location And Orientation
* Direct Recovery Of Shape From Multiple Views: A Parallax Based Approach
* Geospatial Registration
* Model Extension And Refinement Using Landmarks
* Model-Directed Mobile Robot Navigation
* Multi-Image Alignment
* Pose Refinement: Application To Model Extension And Sensitivity To Camera Parameters
* Registration Of Video To Geo-Referenced Imagery
* Robust Estimation Of Camera Location And Orientation From Noisy Data Having Outliers
* Robust Methods For Estimating Pose And A Sensitivity Analysis
* Robust Video Mosaic[K]Ing Through Topology Inference And Local To Global Alignment
* Sensitivity Of The Pose Refinement Problem To Accurate Estimation Of Camera Parameters
* Shape Recovery From Multiple Views: A Parallax Based Approach
* Triplet Geometric Representation: A Novel Scale, Translation And Rotation Invariant Feature Representation Based On Geometric Constraints For Recognition Of 2d Object Features
* True Multi-Image Alignment And Its Application To Mosaic[K]Ing And Lens Distortion Correction
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Kumar, R.(T. Co Author Listing * Video As An Image Data Source: Efficient Representations And Applications

Kumar, S. Co Author Listing * Fast And Accurate 3d Gesture Recognition Interface
* Human-Computer Interaction Using Gesture Recognition And 3d Hand Tracking
* Model Based Estimation Of Point Correspondences Between Boundaries Undergoing Nonrigid Motion
* On Recovering Hyperquadrics From Range Data
* Parallel Algorithms For Circle Detection In Images
* Point Correspondence In Unstructured Nonrigid Motion
* Recovery Of Global Nonrigid Motion--A Model Based Approach Without Point Correspondences
* Robust Technique For The Estimation Of The Deformable Hyperquadrics From Images, A
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Kumar, S.R. Co Author Listing * Image Indexing Using Color Correlograms
* Spatial Color Indexing And Applications

Kumar, V. Co Author Listing * Algorithms For Constraint Satisfaction Problems: A Survey
* Parallel Algorithms For Machine Intelligence And Vision, Springer
* Real Time Analysis And Tracking Of Mouths For Expression Recognition
* Unsupervised Model-Based Object Recognition By Parameter Estimation Of Hierarchical Mixtures

Kumar, V.K.P. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Mesh Connected Vlsi Architecture For Parallel Image Processing, An

Kumar, V.P. Co Author Listing * Image Interpretation Using Bayesian Networks

Kumara, S.R.T. Co Author Listing * Extraction Of 3d Object Features From Cad Boundary Representation Using The Super Relation Graph Method

Kumaran, K. Co Author Listing * Visual Organization For Figure/Ground Separation
* Visual Organization Of Illusory Surfaces

Kumaresan, R. Co Author Listing * Exact Least Squares Fitting Technique For Two-Dimensional Frequency Wavenumber Estimation, An
* Vector-Radix Algorithm For A 2-D Discrete Hartley Transform

Kumaresan, S.S. Co Author Listing * Hand-Eye Coordination Of A Robot Manipulator Based On Fuzzy Logic

Kumari, K. Co Author Listing * Manipulations Of Octrees And Quadtrees On Multiprocessors

Kummert, F. Co Author Listing * Ernest: A Semantic Network System For Pattern Understanding
* Problem-Independent Control Algorithm For Image Understanding, A
* Talking About 3d Scenes: Integration Of Image And Speech Understanding In A Hybrid Distributed System

Kun, Z.K. Co Author Listing * Multi-Spectral Imaging Filters

Kunde, M. Co Author Listing * Lower Bounds For Sorting On Mesh-Connected Architectures

Kundel, H.L. Co Author Listing * Image Perception (Newport Beach, Ca, February 17-18
* Medical Imaging 1995: Image Perception (San Diego, Ca, March 1
* Medical Imaging 1996: Image Perception (Newport Beach, Ca, February 14
* Medical Imaging 1997: Image Perception Newport Beach, Ca, February 26-27
* Medical Imaging 1998: Image Perception (San Diego, Ca, February 25

Kundu, A. Co Author Listing * 2-D Shape Classification Using Hidden Markov Model
* Application Of Two-Dimensional Generalized Mean Filtering For Removal Of Impulse Noises From Images
* Combination Median Filter
* Double-Window Hodges-Lehman (D) Filter And Hybrid D-Median Filter For Robust Image Smoothing
* New Algorithm For Image Edge Extraction Using A Statistical Classifier Approach, A
* Planar Shape Classification Using Hidden Markov Model
* Recognition Of Handwritten Word: First And Second Order Hidden Markov Model Based Approach
* Recognizing Conic Shape: A Nonlinear Iterative Approach
* Robust Edge Detection
* Robust Edge Detection
* Rotation And Gray Scale Transform Invariant Texture Identification Using Wavelet Decomposition And Hidden Markov Model
* Texture Classification Using Qmf Bank-Based Subband Decomposition
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Multichannel Decomposition And Hidden Markov Models
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Kundu, M.K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Selection Of Object Enhancement Operator With Quantitative Justification Based On Fuzzy Set Theoretic Measures
* Generalised Digital Contour Coding Scheme, A
* Genetic Algorithms For Optimal Image Enhancement
* Multi-Scale Morphologic Edge Detector, A
* Note On Grey Level-Intensity Transformation: Effect On Hvs Thresholding, A
* Parallel Greytone Thinning Algorithm, A
* Pixel Modification Using Image Topological Properties For Better Data Compression
* Thresholding For Edge Detection Using Human Psychovisual Phenomena
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Kundu, P. Co Author Listing * Detection And Gradation Of Oriented Texture
* Fuzzy Geometric Feature-Based Texture Classification
* Optimum Circular Fit To Weighted Data In Multi-Dimensional Space

Kundu, S. Co Author Listing * Class Of Linear Maps For Error Corrective Dimensionality Reduction Of Binary Templates, A
* Equivalence Of The Subregion Representation And The Wall Representation For A Certain Class Of Rectangular Dissections, The
* New O(Nlogn) Algorithm For Computing The Intersection Of Convex Polygons, A
* Solution To The Histogram Equalization Problem And Other Related Problems By Shortest Path Methods, A
* Spatial Reasoning In Rectangular Dissection

Kundur, S. Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Fuzzy Controllers For Navigation Tasks

Kundur, S.R. Co Author Listing * Image-Based Visual Threat Cue For Autonomous Navigation, An
* Image-Based Visual-Motion-Cue For Autonomous Navigation, An
* Novel Active-Vision-Based Visual-Threat-Cue For Autonomous Navigation Tasks
* Vision-Based Pragmatic Strategy For Autonomous Navigation, A

Kuner, P. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Pattern Recognition In Disturbed Line Images Using Graph Theory, Optimization And Predicate Calculus
* Pattern Recognition By Graph Matching-Combinatorial Versus Continuous Optimization

Kung, H.T. Co Author Listing * Mapping Image Processing Operations Onto A Linear Systolic Machine
* Synchronizing Large Vlsi Processor Arrays
* Systolic Algorithms For The Cmu Warp Processor
* Warp Computer: Architecture, Implementation, And Performance, The

Kung, S. Co Author Listing * Decision-Based Neural Network For Face Recognition System

Kung, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Feature Tracking Algorithm Using Neighborhood Relaxation With Multi-Candidate Pre-Screening, A
* Object Recognition System Using Stochastic Knowledge Source And Vlsi Parallel Architecture, An
* Past, Present, And Future Of Neural Networks For Signal Processing, The
* Probabilistic Dbnn Via Expectation-Maximization With Multi-Sensor Classification Applications
* Svd Approach To Multi-Camera-Multi-Target 3-D Motion-Shape Analysis, An
* Video Shot Classification Using Human Faces
* Vlsi And Modem Signal Processing (Los Angeles, Ca, November 1-3, 1982), Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs
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Kunii, T. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphics Tokyo '85
* Space Division For Ray Tracing In Csg

Kunii, T.L. Co Author Listing * Advanced Computer Graphics (Proceedings Of Computer Graphics Tokyo '86), Springer
* Bending And Creasing Virtual Paper
* Botanical Tree Image Generation, Cga 4(5), 1984
* Cg International 87
* Computer Graphics And Applications (Proceedings Of The First Pacific Conference, Seoul, Korea, August 30-September 2, 1993), World Scientific
* Computer Graphics And Applications (Proceedings Of The Third Pacific Conference, Seoul, Korea, August 21-24, 1995), World Scientific
* Computer Graphics--Theory And Applications (Proceedings Of Intergraphics '83), Springer
* Computer Graphics-Visual Technology And Art (Proceedings Of Computer Graphics Tokyo '85), Springer
* Frontiers In Computer Graphics (Proceedings Of Computer Graphics Tokyo '84), Springer
* Functional Model For Constructive Solid Geometry, A
* G-Quadtree: A Hierarchical Representation Of Gray-Scale Digital Images
* Gemstonefire: Adaptive Dispersive Ray Tracing Of Polyhedrons
* Generation Of Topological Boundary Representations From Octree Encoding
* Guest Ed., Computer Graphics Tokyo 85, Parts 1 And 2, Cga 5(3,4)
* Guest Ed., Special Section: Visualizing Complexity
* Hierarchical Representations Of 2d/3d Gray Scale Images And Their 2d/3d Two-Way Conversion
* Homotopy Model: A Generalized Model For Smooth Surface Generation From Cross Sectional Data, The
* Model-Based Analysis Of Hand Posture
* Modeling In Computer Graphics, Springer
* Modern Geometric Computing For Visualization (Proceedings Of An International Workshop, Tokyo, Japan, June 29-30, 1992), Springer
* More Selections From Intergraphics '83
* Octree-Related Data Structures And Algorithms
* Recognizing Plant Species By Leaf Shapes | A Case Study Of The Acer Family
* Singularity Theoretical Modeling And Animation Of Garment Wrinkle Formation Processes
* Surface Coding Based On Morse Theory
* Top-Down Construction Of 3-D Mechanical Object Shapes From Engineering Drawings
* Unconstrained Automatic Image Matching Using Multiresolutional Critical-Point Filters
* Visual Computer, Springer, The
* Visual Computing-Integrating Computer Graphics With Computer Vision (Proceedings Of Cg International '92, Tokyo, Japan, June 22-26, 1992), Springer
* Visual Database Systems (Ifip Working Conference, Tokyo, Japan, April 3-7, 1989), North-Holland
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Kunisaki, O. Co Author Listing * Document Understanding System Incorporating With Character Recognition, A

Kuniyoshi, Y. Co Author Listing * Calibration Of A Foveated Wide-Angle Lens On An Active Vision Head
* Indexicality And Dynamic Attention Control In Qualitative Recognition Of Assembly Actions
* Learning By Watching: Extracting Reusable Task Knowledge From Visual Observation Of Human Performance
* Velocity And Disparity Cues For Robust Real-Time Binocular Tracking

Kuno, Y. Co Author Listing * Automated Detection Of Human For Visual Surveillance System
* Detecting Persons On Changing Background
* Helping Computer Vision By Verbal And Nonverbal Communication
* Multiple Object Tracking System With Three Level Continuous Processes
* Object Recognition Using A Feature Search Strategy Generated From A 3-D Model
* Object Tracking In Cluttered Background Based On Optical Flows And Edges
* Robot Vision Using A Feature Search Strategy Generated From A 3-D Object Model
* Robust Structure From Motion Using Motion Parallax
* Surveillance System Based On Spatio-Temporal Information
* Vision Processor System For Moving-Object Analysis
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Kunt, M. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Digital Television, Part I: Technologies; Part 2: Hardware And Applications
* High Compression Image Coding Via Directional Filtering
* Image Coding (Cannes, France, December 4-6
* Intrusion Detection Using Extraction Of Moving Edges
* Morphological Contour Coding Using Structuring Functions Optimized By Genetic Algorithms
* Morphological Shape Representation Of Segmented Images Based On Temporally Modeled Motion Vectors
* Progress In High Compression Image Coding
* Progressive Content-Based Shape Compression For Retrieval Of Binary Images
* Recent Progress In High Compression Image Coding
* Recent Results In High-Compression Image Coding
* Second-Generation Image Coding Techniques
* Spatiotemporal Segmentation Based On Region Merging
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Kunt, M.R. Co Author Listing * Visual Communications And Image Processing '90 (Lausanne, Switzerland, October 2-4

Kuo, C. Co Author Listing * Interactive Approach To Image Retrieval Using Multiple Seed Images, An
* Multiresolution 3d Facial Model Compression

Kuo, C.C.J. Co Author Listing * Beyond Self-Similarity For Landscale Modeling
* Computation Of Dense Optical Flow With A Parametric Smoothness Model
* Direct Shape From Texture Using A Parametric Surface Model And An Adaptive Filtering Technique
* Focus Of Attention (Foa) Identification From Compressed Video For Automatic Target Recognition (At
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Still And Video Image Compression
* Improved Method For 2-D Self-Similar Image Synthesis, An
* Joint Spatial-Spectral Indexing For Image Retrieval
* Multimedia Storage And Archiving Systems (Boston, Ma, November 18-19
* Multimedia Storage And Archiving Systems Ii Dallas, Tx, November 3-4
* Multimedia Storage And Archiving Systems Iii (Boston, Ma, November 2-4
* Progressive Coding Of 3-D Graphic Models
* Progressive Image Indexing And Retrieval Based On Embedded Wavelet Coding
* Shape From Photometric Ratio And Stereo
* Shape From Shading With A Generalized Reflectance Map Model
* Shape From Shading With A Linear Triangular Element Surface Model
* Shape From Shading With Perspective Projection
* Shape Reconstruction From Photometric Stereo
* Special Issue On High Fidelity Media Processing: Part 2
* Texture Analysis And Classification With Tree-Structured Wavelet Transform
* Texture Classification With Tree-Structured Wavelet Transform
* Texture Roughness Analysis And Synthesis Via Extented Self-Similar (Ess) Model
* Texture Segmentation Via Haar Fractal Feature Estimation
* Wavelet Description Of Planar Curves: Theory And Applications
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Kuo, C.J. Co Author Listing * Synthesizing Lateral Face From Frontal Facial Image Using Human Anthropometric Estimation

Kuo, S. Co Author Listing * Two-Step String Matching Procedure, A

Kuo, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Study On Two Geometric Location Problems, A

Kuosmanen, P. Co Author Listing * Detail Preserving Morphological Filtering
* Orthogonal Spline Fitting In Range Data
* Shape Preservation Criteria And Optimal Soft Morphological Filtering
* Soft Morphological Filtering

Kupeev, K.Y. Co Author Listing * New Method Of Estimating Shape Similarity, A
* On Shape Similarity
* On Significant Maxima Detection: A Fine-To-Coarse Algorithm
* Reinforced Random Algorithm For A Partial Contour Perceptual Similarity Problem, A

Kurakake, S. Co Author Listing * Description And Tracking Of Moving Articulated Objects

Kurashige, K. Co Author Listing * Rendering Gems With Asterism Or Chatoyancy

Kurata, T. Co Author Listing * Affine Epipolar Geometry Via Factorization Method

Kurihara, T. Co Author Listing * Bilinear Interpolation For Facial Expression And Metamorphosis In Real-Time Animation

Kurihura, T. Co Author Listing * Simple Method For Extracting The Natural Beauty Of Hair, A

Kurita, T. Co Author Listing * Complex Autoregressive Model For Shape Recognition
* Dynamic Attention Map By Ising Model For Human Face Detection
* Face Recognition Method Using Higher Order Local Autocorrelation And Multivariate Analysis, A
* Higher Order Local Autocorrelation Features Of Parcor Images For Gesture Recognition
* Image Understanding Via Representation Of The Projected Motion Group
* Invariant Distance Measures For Planar Shapes Based On Complex Autoregressive Model
* Maximum Likelihood Thresholding Based On Population Mixture Models
* Sketch Retrieval Method For Full Color Image Database-Query By Visual Example, A
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Kurk, L. Co Author Listing * Feature Detection Via Linear Contrast Techniques

Kurlander, D. Co Author Listing * Inferring Constraints From Multiple Snapshots

Kurlander, D.J. Co Author Listing * Ray Tracing With Polarization Parameters

Kurniawati, R. Co Author Listing * Scheme For Intelligent Image Retrieval In Multimedia Databases, A

Kuroda, H. Co Author Listing * Interframe Coding System For Video Teleconferencing Signal Transmission At A 1.5 Mbit/S Rate, An
* Uncovered Background Prediction In Interframe Coding

Kuroda, S. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Small Moving Objects By Optical Flow

Kuroe, S. Co Author Listing * Incremental Acquisition Of A Three-Dimensional Scene Model From Images

Kurokawa, M. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Motion Vectors And Their Application To Scene Retrieval

Kurokawa, T. Co Author Listing * Integrated Visual System For Solder Inspection, An

Kurosawa, Y. Co Author Listing * Attributed String Matching With Statistical Constraints For Character Recognition

Kuruma, T. Co Author Listing * Planning Focus Of Attention For Multifingered Hand With Consideration Of Time-Varying Aspects

Kurz, L. Co Author Listing * Class Of Robust Image Processors, A
* Contrast Techniques For Line Detection In A Correlated Noise Environment
* Edge Detection In Correlated Noise Using Latin Square Masks
* Experimental Design Approach To Image Enhancement, An
* Line Detection In Noisy And Structured Backgrounds Using Graeco-Latin Squares
* New Approach To The Detection Of Moving Objects, A
* Object Detection And Experimental Designs
* On Classification Of Multispectral Infrared Image Data
* Robust Two-Sample Partition Detectors With Application To Image Processing
* Trajectory Detection And Experimental Designs
* Two-Dimensional Object Detection In Correlated Noise
* Unsupervised Segmentation Of Textured Images
12 for Kurz, L.

Kurzweil, R. Co Author Listing * Age Of Intelligent Machines, Mit Press, Cambridge, The

Kushner, T.R. Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Navigation: A Status Report
* Visual Navigation System For Automonous Land Vehicles, A

Kushnir, M. Co Author Listing * Recognition Of Handprinted Hebrew Characters Using Features Selected In The Hough Transform Space

Kusiak, A. Co Author Listing * Journal Of Intelligent Manufacturing

Kuszmaul, B.C. Co Author Listing * Network Architecture Of The Connection Machine Cm-5, The

Kutka, R. Co Author Listing * Variable Median Filter For Image Restoration Adaptable To Different Types Of Spike Noise, A

Kutlu, G. Co Author Listing * Isr3: Communication And Data Storage For An Unmanned Ground Vehicle
* Persistent Data Management For Visual Applications

Kutti, S. Co Author Listing * Taxonomy Of Parallel Processing And Definitions

Kuttikkad, S. Co Author Listing * Building Wide Area 2-D Site Models From High Resolution Fully Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Context-Aided False Alarm Reduction For Sar Automatic Target Recognition
* Knowledge-Based Integration Of Iu Algorithms
* Knowledge-Based Integration Of Iu Algorithms
* Model-Supported Exploitation Of Sar Imagery
* Use Of Context For False Alarm Reduction In Sar Automatic Target Recognition

Kutulakos, K. Co Author Listing * Shape From The Light Field Boundary

Kutulakos, K.N. Co Author Listing * Affine Surface Reconstruction By Purposive Viewpoint Control
* Calibration-Free Augmented Reality
* Exploring Objects By Invariant-Based Tangential Viewpoint Control
* Fast Computation Of The Euclidean Distance Maps For Binary Images
* Global Surface Reconstruction By Purposive Control Of Observer Motion
* Global Surface Reconstruction By Purposive Control Of Observer Motion
* Image Understanding Research At Rochester
* Occluding Contour Detection Using Affine Invariants And Purposive Viewpoint Control
* Plenoptic Image Editing
* Recovering Shape By Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
* Recovering Shape By Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
* Shape And Motion Of 3-D Curves From Multi-View Image Sequences
* Toward Global Surface Reconstruction By Purposive Viewpoint Adjustment
13 for Kutulakos, K.N.

Kutz, A. Co Author Listing * Constructing Maps For Mobile Robot Navigation Based On Ultrasonic Range Data

Kutzer, E. Co Author Listing * Image Processing And Analysis In Multisensory Systems
* Local Feature Extraction For Model-Based Workpiece Recognition

Kuwahara, R. Co Author Listing * Control Point Matching Algorithm, A
* Warping Digital Images Using Thin Plate Splines

Kuwamoto, H. Co Author Listing * Visual Navigation Of An Autonomous Vehicle Using White Line Recognition

Kuzmin, L.V. Co Author Listing * Visual Space Geometry Derived From Occlusion Axioms

Kuznetsov, N.A. Co Author Listing * 5th International Workshop On Digital Image Processing And Computer Graphics (Dip-94) (Samara, Russia, August 22-26

Kuznia, C.B. Co Author Listing * Parallel Architectures For Digital Optical Cellular Image Processing

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