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Chabaane, Z.L.[Zohra Lili] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multispectral Drought Indices in Central Tunisia
* Potential of X-Band TerraSAR-X and COSMO-SkyMed SAR Data for the Assessment of Physical Soil Parameters
* Retrieval of Both Soil Moisture and Texture Using TerraSAR-X Images
* Soil Clay Content Mapping Using a Time Series of Landsat TM Data in Semi-Arid Lands

Chabalala, Y.[Yingisani] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Classification of Fused Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Image Data towards Mapping Fruit Plantations in Highly Heterogenous Landscapes

Chaban, R. Co Author Listing * Authentication Of Copy Detection Patterns Under Machine Learning Attacks: A Supervised Approach

Chabanas, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of MRI to Ultrasound Registration Methods for Brain Shift Correction: The CuRIOUS2018 Challenge

Chabaniuk, V. Co Author Listing * Atlas Basemaps In Web 2.0 Epoch

Chabanne, H. Co Author Listing * Optimal Iris Fuzzy Sketches
* Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification Using Secure Multiparty Computation: An Overview and Recent Trends

Chabardes, T.[Theodore] Co Author Listing * Affinity Score for Grains Merging and Touching Grains Separation, An
* Large Scale 3D Point Cloud Modeling from CAD Database in Complex Industrial Environments
* Local Blur Estimation Based on Toggle Mapping
* Local multiscale blur estimation based on toggle mapping for sharp region extraction
* Parallel, O(n) Algorithm for an Unbiased, Thin Watershed, A
* parallel, O(N) algorithm for unbiased, thin watershed, A
* Waterpixels
* Waterpixels: Superpixels based on the watershed transformation
Includes: Chabardes, T.[Theodore] Chabardès, T.[Théodore] Chabardès, T. Chabardes, T.
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Chabassier, J. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Digital Pianos: From Physics to Sound Synthesis

Chabat, F. Co Author Listing * corner orientation detector, A
* ERS transform for the automated detection of bronchial abnormalities on CT of the lungs

Chabbi, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of planar contours from uncalibrated images
* Automatic Multi-view Approach to Planar Chain Matching, An
* Construction of 3D Views from Stereoscopic Triplets of Images
* Facet Matching from an Uncalibrated Pair of Images
* Generic Relaxation Technique for Hierarchic Stereo Chain Matching of Uncalibrated Images, A
* Projective decomposition of planar facets
* Recovering Planar Surfaces by Stereovision Based on Projective Geometry
* Using Projective Geometry to Recover Planar Surfaces in Stereovision
Includes: Chabbi, H. Chabbi, H.[Houda]
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Chabert, M.[Marie] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nonparametric Model Coupled with a Markov Random Field for Change Detection in Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Images, A
* Coupled dictionary learning for unsupervised change detection between multimodal remote sensing images
* Detecting Changes Between Optical Images of Different Spatial and Spectral Resolutions: A Fusion-Based Approach
* Estimation of the Degree of Polarization for Hybrid/Compact and Linear Dual-Pol SAR Intensity Images: Principles and Applications
* Estimation of the degree of polarization in dual-polarized SAR imagery
* New Multivariate Statistical Model for Change Detection in Images Acquired by Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Sensors, A
* Reduced-Complexity End-to-End Variational Autoencoder for on Board Satellite Image Compression
Includes: Chabert, M.[Marie] Chabert, M.
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Chabert, S.[Steren] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Spatial Growing for Glioblastoma Multiforme Segmentation on Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Self-Organizing Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

Chabi, A.H. Co Author Listing * Table recognition evaluation and combination methods

Chabi, M. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using a Fuzzy Approach and a Multi-agent System from Video Sequences

Chabiniok, R. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Atrioventricular Valve Regurgitation Using Biomechanical Cardiac Modeling
* Cardiac Displacement Tracking with Data Assimilation Combining a Biomechanical Model and an Automatic Contour Detection
* Cardiac Modeling for Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C, PIMS-TS)
* Constitutive Parameter Estimation Methodology Using Tagged-MRI Data
* HARP-I: A Harmonic Phase Interpolation Method for the Estimation of Motion From Tagged MR Images
* Minimally-Invasive Estimation of Patient-Specific End-Systolic Elastance Using a Biomechanical Heart Model
* Model-Assisted Time-Synchronization of Cardiac MR Image and Catheter Pressure Data
* Model-Based Indices of Early-Stage Cardiovascular Failure and Its Therapeutic Management in Fontan Patients
* Patient-Specific Biomechanical Modeling of Cardiac Amyloidosis: A Case Study
* Steps Towards Quantification of the Cardiological Stress Exam
* Trials on Tissue Contractility Estimation from Cardiac Cine MRI Using a Biomechanical Heart Model
Includes: Chabiniok, R. Chabiniok, R.[Radomír]
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Chabiron, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Toward Fast Transform Learning

Chablat, D.[Damien] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Risk of Muscle Injury in Football-Kicking Training with OpenSim
* Using 3D Scan to Determine Human Body Segment Mass in OpenSim Model

Chabloz, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * BiodivAR: A Cartographic Authoring Tool for the Visualization of Geolocated Media in Augmented Reality

Chabok, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * Synergies Between Transportation Systems, Energy Hub and the Grid in Smart Cities

Chabok, M. Co Author Listing * Eliminating and Modelling Non-metric Camera Sensor Distortions Caused by Sidewise and Forward Motion of the UAV

Chabot, D.[Dominique] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Analysis Workflow for Monitoring Shallow-Water Aquatic Vegetation in Multispectral Drone Imagery, An

Chabot, F. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D car pose estimation
* BrightFlow: Brightness-Change-Aware Unsupervised Learning of Optical Flow
* Deep MANTA: A Coarse-to-Fine Many-Task Network for Joint 2D and 3D Vehicle Analysis from Monocular Image
* Image Segmentation-based Unsupervised Multiple Objects Discovery
* PandaNet: Anchor-Based Single-Shot Multi-Person 3D Pose Estimation
Includes: Chabot, F. Chabot, F.[Florian]

Chabot, M.[Melanie] Co Author Listing * Sensitivity of C-Band SAR Polarimetric Variables to the Directionality of Surface Roughness Parameters

Chabot, V. Co Author Listing * Dealing whith occultation when accounting for observation error correlation in a wavelet space

Chabra, R.[Rohan] Co Author Listing * Deep Local Shapes: Learning Local SDF Priors for Detailed 3D Reconstruction
* Self-supervised Neural Articulated Shape and Appearance Models
* StereoDRNet: Dilated Residual StereoNet

Chabriel, G. Co Author Listing * Joint Matrices Decompositions and Blind Source Separation: A survey of methods, identification, and applications

Chabrier, R. Co Author Listing * Topology Preserving Warping of 3-D Binary Images According to Continuous One-to-One Mappings

Chabrier, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Automatic Nacre Thickness Measurement of Tahitian Pearls
* Chromatic Indices in the Normalized rgb Color Space
* Comparative Study of Contour Detection Evaluation Criteria Based on Dissimilarity Measures
* Hue and Saturation in the RGB Color Space
* New Supervised Evaluation Criterion for Region Based Segmentation Methods, A
* Optimization-Based Image Segmentation by Genetic Algorithms
* Support vector machine fusion of multisensor imagery in tropical ecosystems
* Unsupervised evaluation of image segmentation application to multi-spectral images
Includes: Chabrier, S.[Sebastien] Chabrier, S.[Sébastien] Chabrier, S.
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Chabries, D.M. Co Author Listing * Shadow Detection and Removal Algorithm for 2-D Images, A

Chabrillat, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Analyses of Namibian Seasonal Salt Pan Crust Dynamics and Climatic Drivers Using Landsat 8 Time-Series and Ground Data
* Analyses of Recent Sediment Surface Dynamic of a Namibian Kalahari Salt Pan Based on Multitemporal Landsat and Hyperspectral Hyperion Data
* Analyses of the Impact of Soil Conditions and Soil Degradation on Vegetation Vitality and Crop Productivity Based on Airborne Hyperspectral VNIR-SWIR-TIR Data in a Semi-Arid Rainfed Agricultural Area (Camarena, Central Spain)
* Applicability of the Thermal Infrared Spectral Region for the Prediction of Soil Properties Across Semi-Arid Agricultural Landscapes
* Brazilian Soil Spectral Service (BraSpecS): A User-Friendly System for Global Soil Spectra Communication, The
* Earth Observation Data-Driven Cropland Soil Monitoring: A Review
* EnMAP Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy Mission for Earth Observation, The
* Evaluating the capability of the Sentinel 2 data for soil organic carbon prediction in croplands
* Evaluation of Airborne HySpex and Spaceborne PRISMA Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data for Soil Organic Matter and Carbonates Estimation
* First Retrievals of Surface and Atmospheric Properties Using EnMAP Measurements over Antarctica
* High-Spectral Resolution Remote Sensing of Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics
* Mapping Soil Organic Carbon for Airborne and Simulated EnMAP Imagery Using the LUCAS Soil Database and a Local PLSR
* Multispectral Models from Bare Soil Composites for Mapping Topsoil Properties over Europe
* Phenological Approach to Spectral Differentiation of Low-Arctic Tundra Vegetation Communities, North Slope, Alaska, A
* Prediction of Common Surface Soil Properties Based on Vis-NIR Airborne and Simulated EnMAP Imaging Spectroscopy Data: Prediction Accuracy and Influence of Spatial Resolution
* Remote Sensing for Soil Organic Carbon Mapping and Monitoring
* Sampling Strategies for Soil Property Mapping Using Multispectral Sentinel-2 and Hyperspectral EnMAP Satellite Data
* Soil Organic Carbon Estimation in Croplands by Hyperspectral Remote APEX Data Using the LUCAS Topsoil Database
* Soil Organic Carbon Mapping Using LUCAS Topsoil Database and Sentinel-2 Data: An Approach to Reduce Soil Moisture and Crop Residue Effects
Includes: Chabrillat, S.[Sabine] Chabrillat, S.
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Chabrilliat, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Linking Remote Sensing and Geodiversity and Their Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part I: Soil Characteristics

Chabrot, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3-D Skeleton-Based Segmentation of Liver Vessels from MRI and CT for Couinaud Representation
* U-CatcHCC: An Accurate HCC Detector in Hepatic DCE-MRI Sequences Based on an U-Net Framework
Includes: Chabrot, P. Chabrot, P.[Pascal]

Chabukdhara, M. Co Author Listing * Operational Remote Sensing Services In North Eastern Region Of India For Natural Resources Management, Early Warning For Disaster Risk Reduction And Dissemination Of Information And Services

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