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Hemachander, S. Co Author Listing * Locally adaptive block thresholding method with continuity constraint

Hemachandra, S.[Sahan] Co Author Listing * CeyMo: See More on Roads - A Novel Benchmark Dataset for Road Marking Detection
* Fast and accurate light field saliency detection through deep encoding

Hemachandran, B.[Bharanidharan] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Polynomial Regression Techniques for the Relative Radiometric Normalization (RRN) of High-Resolution Multi-Temporal Airborne Thermal Infrared (TIR) Imagery, An
* comparison of four relative radiometric normalization (RRN) techniques for mosaicing H-res multi-temporal thermal infrared (TIR) flight-lines of a complex urban scene, A
* HEAT: Home Energy Assessment Technologies: a web based system for residential waste heat analysis using airborne thermal imagery
* Heat: Home Energy Assessment Technologies: A WEB2.0 Residential Waste Heat Analysis Using Geobia and Airborne Thermal Imagery
* Transforming Image-Objects into Multiscale Fields: A GEOBIA Approach to Mitigate Urban Microclimatic Variability within H-Res Thermal Infrared Airborne Flight-Lines

Hemachandran, K. Co Author Listing * Content-based image retrieval using the combination of the fast wavelet transformation and the colour histogram

Hemadou, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * On the inductive biases of deep domain adaptation
Includes: Hemadou, L.[Louis] Hémadou, L.[Louis]

Hemadri, R.V.[Raghu Vamshi] Co Author Listing * Iteratively Reweighted Minimax-Concave Penalty Minimization for Accurate Low-rank Plus Sparse Matrix Decomposition

Hemadri, V. Co Author Listing * Indian Movie Face Database: A benchmark for face recognition under wide variations

Hemalatha, M. Co Author Listing * Domain-Specific Semantics Guided Approach to Video Captioning

Hemalatha, S. Co Author Listing * Intelligent deep learning based ethnicity recognition and classification using facial images

Hemam, M.[Mounir] Co Author Listing * Perceptual image quality assessment based on gradient similarity and Ruderman operator

Hemami, S.[Sheila] Co Author Listing * Frequency-tuned salient region detection
* skin detection algorithm based on discrete Cosine transform and generalized Gaussian density, A
Includes: Hemami, S.[Sheila] Hemami, S.

Hemami, S.M.S.[Seyed Mostafa Safavi] Co Author Listing * Optimum HEVC Quantization Parameter for Cloud Gaming

Hemami, S.S.[Sheila S.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Subjective Quality in Low Bit Rate Video, An
* Comparing user experiences in 2D and 3D videoconferencing
* Comparison of Temporal Scalability Techniques, A
* Computational Intelligibility Model for Assessment and Compression of American Sign Language Video, A
* Contrast-based quantization and rate control for wavelet-coded images
* Convex Programming Formulations for Rate Allocation in Video Coding
* Distortion Analyses for Temporal Scalability Coding Techniques
* Dynamic Contrast-Based Quantization for Lossy Wavelet Image Compression
* Efficient Entropy Estimation Based on Doubly Stochastic Models for Quantized Wavelet Image Data
* Efficient partitioning of unequal error protected MPEG video streams for multiple channel transmission
* Efficient sign coding and estimation of zero-quantized coefficients in embedded wavelet image codecs
* Evaluation of Temporally Scalable Video Coding Techniques
* Fast algorithms for designing nearly optimal lookup tables for complexity control of the H.264 encoder
* Fast, Accurate Rate-Control for Low-Rate Wavelet-Based Image Coding via Bootstrapping with Local Probability Models
* Frame rate preferences in low bit rate video
* Generalized Rate-Distortion Optimization for Motion-Compensated Video Coders
* Image utility estimation using difference-of-Gaussian scale space
* influence of space and time varying distortions on objective intelligibility estimators for region-of-interest video, The
* Linear approximations for rate control in video coding
* Lossless image compression with projection-based and adaptive reversible integer wavelet transforms
* metric for continuous quality evaluation of compressed video with severe distortions, A
* MINMAX frame rate control using a rate-distortion optimized wavelet coder
* Natural image utility assessment using image contours
* New Class of Multiple Description Scalar Quantizer and Its Application to Image Coding, A
* No-reference image and video quality estimation: Applications and human-motivated design
* novel technique to acquire perceived utility scores from textual descriptions of distorted natural images, A
* On the nearly scale-independent rank behavior of image quality metrics
* Ordering for Embedded Coding of Wavelet Image Data Based on Arbitrary Scalar Quantization Schemes
* Patch-Based Structural Masking Model with an Application to Compression, A
* Perceived quality metrics for low bit rate compressed video
* Perceptual Quantization for Wavelet-based Image Coding
* Perceptual Visual Signal Compression and Transmission
* Perceptually-based Robust Image Transmission Over Wireless Channels
* Psychovisually Based Multiresolution Image Segmentation
* Quantifying Visual Distortion in Low-rate Wavelet-coded Images
* Rate control for VBR video over ATM: simplification and implementation
* Rate-Constrained Motion Estimation and Perceptual Coding
* Rate-Distortion Optimization for VBR Environments Using a Motion Compensated Wavelet Coder
* Rate-distortion-based combined motion estimation and segmentation
* Reconstruction-Optimized Lapped Orthogonal-Transforms for Robust Image Transmission
* Reduced-reference quality assessment with scalable overhead for video with packet loss
* Regularity-Preserving Image Interpolation
* Robust adaptive transmission of images and video over multiple channels
* Robust Data Hiding Using Psychovisual Thresholding
* Robust Rate-Control for Wavelet-Based Image Coding via Conditional Probability Models
* Scalable Image Coding with Projection-based Context Modeling
* scalable wavelet-based video distortion metric and applications, A
* Smoothness-Constrained Quantization for Wavelet Image Compression
* Smoothness-constrained wavelet image compression
* Spatially-Adaptive Wavelet Image Compression via Structural Masking
* Subband-Coded Image-Reconstruction for Lossy Packet Networks
* Transform coded image reconstruction exploiting interblock correlation
* Understanding and simplifying the structural similarity metric
* VSNR: A Wavelet-Based Visual Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Natural Images
Includes: Hemami, S.S.[Sheila S.] Hemami, S.S. Hemami, S.S.[Sheila. S.]
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Hemamou, L.[Leo] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Hierarchical Attention Neural Network: Looking for Candidates Behaviour Which Impact Recruiter's Decision
Includes: Hemamou, L.[Leo] Hemamou, L.[Léo]

Hemani, H. Co Author Listing * Identification of Three Dimensional Objects Using Fourier Descriptors of the Boundary Curve

Hemani, M. Co Author Listing * Robust Cloth Warping via Multi-Scale Patch Adversarial Loss for Virtual Try-On Framework
* SieveNet: A Unified Framework for Robust Image-Based Virtual Try-On
* ZFlow: Gated Appearance Flow-based Virtual Try-on with 3D Priors
Includes: Hemani, M. Hemani, M.[Mayur]

Hemanth Kumar, G. Co Author Listing * Transformation of arc-form-text to linear-form-text suitable for OCR

Hemanth, C.[Challa] Co Author Listing * Computed tomography image generation from magnetic resonance imaging using Wasserstein metric for MR-only radiation therapy

Hemanth, D.J.[Duraisamy Jude] Co Author Listing * Deep learning-based semantic segmentation of interphase cells and debris from metaphase images
* Fast and accurate fuzzy C-means algorithm for MR brain image segmentation
* fuzzy rule-based system with decision tree for breast cancer detection, A
* Gastrointestinal diseases segmentation and classification based on duo-deep architectures
* transfer learning-based system for grading breast invasive ductal carcinoma, A
Includes: Hemanth, D.J.[Duraisamy Jude] Hemanth, D.J.[D. Jude]

Hemanth, J.[Jude] Co Author Listing * new approach for classification skin lesion based on transfer learning, deep learning, and IoT system, A

Hemantha Kumar, G. Co Author Listing * Designing efficient fusion schemes for multimodal biometric systems using face and palmprint
* new moments based skew estimation technique using pixels in the word for binary document images, A
* novel boundary growing approach for accurate skew estimation of binary document images, A
* Novel Skew Detection Technique for Binary Document Images Based on Character Centroid And Lra, A
* Particle swarm optimization based fusion of near infrared and visible images for improved face verification
* PSO versus AdaBoost for feature selection in multimodal biometrics
* Subjective Performance of Texture Based Algorithm for Face Verification: The Role of Databases
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Hemantha, K.G. Co Author Listing * Document Skew Detection: A Novel Approach

Hemaraj, Y.[Yashwanth] Co Author Listing * Model-based mapping of a nonrigid image registration algorithm to heterogeneous architectures
* Model-based mapping of reconfigurable image registration on FPGA platforms

Hemati, M.[Mohammad_Ali] Co Author Listing * Systematic Review of Landsat Data for Change Detection Applications: 50 Years of Monitoring the Earth, A

Hemati, S.[Sobhan] Co Author Listing * Beyond neighbourhood-preserving transformations for quantization-based unsupervised hashing
* non-alternating graph hashing algorithm for large-scale image search, A
* Simple Supervised Hashing Algorithm Using Projected Gradient and Oppositional Weights, A

Hemayat, S. Co Author Listing * Fast and adaptive license plate recognition algorithm for Persian plates
* Image gray-level enhancement using Black Hole algorithm

Hemayed, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of the Human Jaw from a Sequence of Images
* Neural Approach for Single- and Multi- Image Camera Calibration, A
* Neurocalibration: A Neural Network That Can Tell Camera Calibration Parameters
* Object Modeling Using Space Carving
Includes: Hemayed, E. Hemayed, E.[Elsayed]

Hemayed, E.E.[Elsayed E.] Co Author Listing * CardEye: a Trinocular Active Vision System, The
* geometrical-based trinocular vision system for edges reconstruction, A
* Human-inspired features for natural scene classification
* Novel surface registration using the grid closest point (GCP) transform
* Sensor Planning for a Trinocular Active Vision System
* Speeding up Cloth Simulation by Linearizing the Bending Function of the Physical Mass-Spring Model
* Speeding up spatiotemporal feature extraction using GPU
* Surface Registration Using Extended Polar Maps
* survey of camera self-calibration, A
Includes: Hemayed, E.E.[Elsayed E.] Hemayed, E.E.
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