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Komoda, A. Co Author Listing * Neural-Network Dynamics For Path Planning And Obstacle Avoidance

Komoda, C. Co Author Listing * Syntactic Pattern Recognition with Stochastic Dissimilarity in Japanese On-Line Input System (JOLIS)-1/1.5

Komodakis, N.[Nikos] Co Author Listing * email: Komodakis, N.[Nikos]: nikos komodakis AT enpc fr
* 3D visual reconstruction of large scale natural sites and their fauna
* 4D Ventricular Segmentation and Wall Motion Estimation Using Efficient Discrete Optimization
* Approximate Labeling via Graph Cuts Based on Linear Programming
* Approximated Curvature Penalty in Non-rigid Registration Using Pairwise MRFs
* Attend Refine Repeat: Active Box Proposal Generation via In-Out Localization
* Beyond Loose LP-Relaxations: Optimizing MRFs by Repairing Cycles
* Beyond pairwise energies: Efficient optimization for higher-order MRFs
* Boosting Few-Shot Visual Learning With Self-Supervision
* Commentary Paper on Textural Segmentation of Sidescan Sonar Images Based on Gabor Filters Bank and Active Contours without Edges
* Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Comparative Study of Modern Inference Techniques for Structured Discrete Energy Minimization Problems, A
* Deep compare: A study on using convolutional neural networks to compare image patches
* Deep Tone Mapping Operator for High Dynamic Range Images
* Detect, Replace, Refine: Deep Structured Prediction for Pixel Wise Labeling
* Discrete tracking of parametrized curves
* Discrete Visual Perception
* Dynamic Edge-Conditioned Filters in Convolutional Neural Networks on Graphs
* Dynamic Few-Shot Visual Learning Without Forgetting
* Efficient training for pairwise or higher order CRFs via dual decomposition
* Exploring weight symmetry in deep neural networks
* Expression Mimicking: From 2D Monocular Sequences to 3D Animations
* Fast, Approximately Optimal Solutions for Single and Dynamic MRFs
* Flooding and MRF-based Algorithms for Interactive Segmentation
* Framework for Efficient Structured Max-Margin Learning of High-Order MRF Models, A
* Generating Classification Weights With GNN Denoising Autoencoders for Few-Shot Learning
* HARF: Hierarchy-Associated Rich Features for Salient Object Detection
* Hyper-Graphs Inference through Convex Relaxations and Move Making Algorithms: Contributions and Applications in Artificial Vision
* Image Completion Using Efficient Belief Propagation Via Priority Scheduling and Dynamic Pruning
* Image Completion Using Global Optimization
* Inference and Learning of Graphical Models: Theory and Applications in Computer Vision and Image Analysis
* Inter- and Intra-Modal Deformable Registration: Continuous Deformations Meet Efficient Optimal Linear Programming
* Interactive image segmentation based on synthetic graph coordinates
* Interactive walkthroughs using morphable 3D-mosaics
* Learning Representations by Predicting Bags of Visual Words
* Learning to cluster using high order graphical models with latent variables
* Learning to compare image patches via convolutional neural networks
* Learning to Detect Ground Control Points for Improving the Accuracy of Stereo Matching
* LocNet: Improving Localization Accuracy for Object Detection
* MAP-Estimation Framework for Blind Deblurring Using High-Level Edge Priors, A
* MARE: Self-Supervised Multi-Attention REsu-Net for Semantic Segmentation in Remote Sensing
* Markov Random Field modeling, inference & learning in computer vision & image understanding: A survey
* MRF Energy Minimization and Beyond via Dual Decomposition
* MRF Optimization via Dual Decomposition: Message-Passing Revisited
* MRF-Based Blind Image Deconvolution
* New Framework for Approximate Labeling via Graph Cuts, A
* Newton-Type Methods for Inference in Higher-Order Markov Random Fields
* Object Detection via a Multi-region and Semantic Segmentation-Aware CNN Model
* OBoW: Online Bag-of-Visual-Words Generation for Self-Supervised Learning
* OnionNet: Sharing Features in Cascaded Deep Classifiers
* Optical flow estimation with uncertainties through dynamic MRFs
* Patchwork Stereo: Scalable, Structure-Aware 3D Reconstruction in Man-Made Environments
* Performance vs computational efficiency for optimizing single and dynamic MRFs: Setting the state of the art with primal-dual strategies
* Pose Invariant Deformable Shape Priors Using L_1 Higher Order Sparse Graphs
* Quest: Quantized Embedding Space for Transferring Knowledge
* Real-time exploration and photorealistic reconstruction of large natural environments
* Robust and Efficient Approach to License Plate Detection, A
* Rotation Equivariant Vector Field Networks
* Scattering Networks for Hybrid Representation Learning
* SCOM: Spatiotemporal Constrained Optimization for Salient Object Detection
* Semantic image segmentation using region bank
* Semantic segmentation via sparse coding over hierarchical regions
* Shape priors and discrete MRFs for knowledge-based segmentation
* Simultaneous registration and change detection in multitemporal, very high resolution remote sensing data
* Special issue on Optimization for vision, graphics and medical imaging: Theory and applications
* Towards More Efficient and Effective LP-Based Algorithms for MRF Optimization
* Unsupervised Joint Salient Region Detection and Object Segmentation
* What to Hide from Your Students: Attention-Guided Masked Image Modeling
* Wide Residual Networks
Includes: Komodakis, N.[Nikos] Komodakis, N.
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Komodromos, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Excelsior H2020 Widespread Teaming Phase 2 Project: Earth Observation and Geoinformatics Research and Innovation Agenda for Cultural Heritage
* On the Pathway to Success: Becoming a Leading Earth Observation Centre Through the EXCELSIOR Project
Includes: Komodromos, G.[Georgios] Komodromos, G.[Giorgos]

Komogortsev, O. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Shift-Invariant CNN Gaze Mappings for PS-OG Eye Movement Sensors

Komogortsev, O.V.[Oleg V.] Co Author Listing * Current research in eye movement biometrics: An analysis based on BioEye 2015 competition
* Eye movement-driven defense against iris print-attacks
* Photosensor Oculography: Survey and Parametric Analysis of Designs Using Model-Based Simulation
Includes: Komogortsev, O.V.[Oleg V.] Komogortsev, O.V.

Komol, M.M.R.[Md Mostafizur Rahman] Co Author Listing * Deep RNN Based Prediction of Driver's Intended Movements at Intersection Using Cooperative Awareness Messages

Komolafe, T.E.[Temitope Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Comparative analysis of cone-beam breast computed tomography and digital breast tomosynthesis for breast cancer diagnosis: A comprehensive study on reconstruction algorithms

Komori, H.[Hiroyuki] Co Author Listing * Lane Detection based on Object Detection and Image-to-image Translation

Komori, M.[Masashi] Co Author Listing * Asymmetry in Facial Expressions as a Function of Social Skills
* Temporal-spatial validation of knot-tying procedures using RGB-D sensor for training of surgical operation
Includes: Komori, M.[Masashi] Komori, M.[Masaru]

Komori, T.[Takafumi] Co Author Listing * Auditory and Visual Properties in the Virtual Reality Using Haptic Device

Komori, Y. Co Author Listing * Football Action Recognition Using Hierarchical LSTM

Komorita, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * Consistent and Diverse Human Motion Prediction Using Conditional Variational Autoencoder with Context-Aware Latent Space
* Depth Representation of LiDAR Point Cloud with Adaptive Surface Patching for Object Classification
* FSPose: A Heterogeneous Framework with Fast and Slow Networks for Human Pose Estimation in Videos
* Learning of low-level feature keypoints for accurate and robust detection
* SDOF-Tracker: Fast and Accurate Multiple Human Tracking by Skipped-Detection and Optical-Flow

Komorkiewicz, M. Co Author Listing * FPGA based system for real-time structure from motion computation
* FPGA-based Hardware-in-the-Loop environment using video injection concept for camera-based systems in automotive applications
* Real-time background generation and foreground object segmentation for high-definition colour video stream in FPGA device
* Real-time hardware-software embedded vision system for ITS smart camera implemented in Zynq SoC
Includes: Komorkiewicz, M. Komorkiewicz, M.[Mateusz]

Komorowski, J.[Jacek] Co Author Listing * Aggregation of Binary Feature Descriptors for Compact Scene Model Representation in Large Scale Structure-from-Motion Applications
* BallTrack: Football ball tracking for real-time CCTV systems
* Extrinsic Camera Calibration Method and Its Performance Evaluation
* Improving Point Cloud Based Place Recognition with Ranking-based Loss and Large Batch Training
* Interest Point Detectors Stability Evaluation on ApolloScape Dataset
* Method for Novel Face View Synthesis Using Stereo Vision, A
* MinkLoc3D: Point Cloud Based Large-Scale Place Recognition
* SConE: Siamese Constellation Embedding Descriptor for Image Matching
* SupernCN: Neighbourhood Consensus Network for Robust Outdoor Scenes Matching
Includes: Komorowski, J.[Jacek] Komorowski, J.
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Komorowski, J.P. Co Author Listing * Edge of Light: A new enhanced optical NDI technique

Komorowski, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Random Binary Search Trees for Approximate Nearest Neighbour Search in Binary Space

Komorowski, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Towards Evaluating Explanations of Vision Transformers for Medical Imaging

Komorowski, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * Determining Long-Term Land Cover Dynamics in the South Baltic Coastal Zone from Historical Aerial Photographs

Komosny, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Device-Independent Internet Spatial Location

Komoto, A.[Ayako] Co Author Listing * Dense motion segmentation of articulated objects in crowds

Komoto, T. Co Author Listing * Voice Instruction Learning System Using PL-T-SOM, A

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