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Socha, B.[Bartek] Co Author Listing * Selection of a Consensus Area Size for Multithreaded Wavefront-Based Alignment Procedure for Compressed Sequences of Protein Secondary Structures

Socha, J.[Jaroslaw] Co Author Listing * Continuous Detection of Small-Scale Changes in Scots Pine Dominated Stands Using Dense Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Modeling the Effect of Environmental and Topographic Variables Affecting the Height Increment of Norway Spruce Stands in Mountainous Conditions with the Use of LiDAR Data
* Use of Remotely Sensed Data and Polish NFI Plots for Prediction of Growing Stock Volume Using Different Predictive Methods, The

Socha, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Central threat register- a complex system for risk analysis and decision support in railway transport
* Fast Estimation of Broncho-Fiberoscope Egomotion for Ct-Guided Transbronchial Biopsy
Includes: Socha, M.[Michal] Socha, M.

Sochacki, S.J.[Stanley J.] Co Author Listing * Seasonal Timing for Estimating Carbon Mitigation in Revegetation of Abandoned Agricultural Land with High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing

Sochan, A.[Arkadiusz] Co Author Listing * Choosing and Modeling the Hand Gesture Database for a Natural User Interface

Socheleau, F.X. Co Author Listing * Matched-Field Performance Prediction with Model Mismatch
* Multifamily GLRT for CFAR Detection of Signals in a Union of Subspaces, A
* On Symmetric Alpha-Stable Noise After Short-Time Fourier Transformation
* Testing the Energy of Random Signals in a Known Subspace: An Optimal Invariant Approach
Includes: Socheleau, F.X. Socheleau, F.X.[Francois-Xavier]

Sochen, N.[Nir] Co Author Listing * PETIT-GAN: Physically Enhanced Thermal Image-Translating Generative Adversarial Network
* Progress in the restoration of image sequences degraded by atmospheric turbulence
* Sampling Technique for Defining Segmentation Error Margins with Application to Structural Brain MRI
* Strong Solutions for PDE-Based Tomography by Unsupervised Learning
Includes: Sochen, N.[Nir] Sochen, N.

Sochen, N.A.[Nir A.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Sochen, N.A.[Nir A.]: sochen AT math tau ac il
* Affine Invariant Flows in the Beltrami Framework
* Affine-invariant diffusion geometry for the analysis of deformable 3D shapes
* Anisotropic alpha-Kernels and Associated Flows
* Anisotropic Regularization for Inverse Problems with Application to the Wiener Filter with Gaussian and Impulse Noise
* Beltrami flow over implicit manifolds, The
* Beltrami-Mumford-Shah Functional, The
* Blind Space-Variant Single-Image Restoration of Defocus Blur
* Blurred and noisy image pairs in parallel optics
* Can Born Approximate the Unborn? A New Validity Criterion for the Born Approximation in Microscopic Imaging
* Class of Generalized Laplacians on Vector Bundles Devoted to Multi-Channel Image Processing, A
* Combing porcupine via stereographic direction diffusion
* Complete System of Measurement Invariants for Abelian Lie Transformation Groups, A
* Complex diffusion processes for image filtering
* Coordinate-Free Diffusion over Compact Lie-Groups
* Deblurring of Color Images Corrupted by Impulsive Noise
* Deblurring Space-Variant Blur by Adding Noisy Image
* Diffusions and Confusions in Signal and Image Processing
* Efficient anisotropic alpha-Kernels decompositions and flows
* Efficient Beltrami Flow Using a Short Time Kernel
* Equi-Affine Invariant Geometries of Articulated Objects
* Equi-affine Invariant Geometry for Shape Analysis
* Estimation of Optimal PDE-Based Denoising in the SNR Sense
* Estimation of the Optimal Variational Parameter via SNR Analysis
* Fast GL(n)-Invariant Framework for Tensors Regularization
* Fast Invariant Riemannian DT-MRI Regularization
* Forward-and-backward diffusion processes for adaptive image enhancement and denoising
* From High Definition Image to Low Space Optimization
* From High Energy Physics to Low Level Vision
* Full Affine Wavelets Are Scale-Space with a Twist
* Gabor Feature Space Diffusion via the Minimal Weighted Area Method
* General Framework and New Alignment Criterion for Dense Optical Flow, A
* General Framework for Low-Level Vision, A
* Geodesic active contours applied to texture feature space
* Geometric Approach for Regularization of the Data Term in Stereo-Vision, A
* Geometric Framework and a New Criterion in Optical Flow Modeling, A
* Geometric Functional for Gradient Approximation, A
* Geometric-Variational Approach for Color Image Enhancement and Segmentation
* Geometry motivated variational segmentation for color images
* Guest Editorial, Special Issue Introduction
* Image Deblurring in the Presence of Impulsive Noise
* Image Deblurring in the Presence of Salt-and-Pepper Noise
* Image Enhancement and Denoising by Complex Diffusion Processes
* Image Enhancement Segmentation and Denoising by Time Dependent Nonlinear Diffusion Processes
* Image formation of thick three-dimensional objects in differential-interference-contrast microscopy
* Image Sharpening by Flows Based on Triple Well Potentials
* Images as Embedded Maps and Minimal Surfaces: Movies, Color, Texture, and Volumetric Medical Images
* Images as Embedding Maps and Minimal Surfaces: A Unified Approach for Image Diffusion
* Images as Embedding Maps and Minimal Surfaces: Movies, Color, and Volumetric Medical Images
* Integrated Active Contours for Texture Segmentation
* Learning Big (Image) Data via Coresets for Dictionaries
* Maximum Principle for Beltrami Color Flow, The
* Multiphase Dynamic Labeling Model for Variational Recognition-driven Image Segmentation, A
* Mutual Segmentation with Level Sets
* new perspective [on] shape-from-shading, A
* Non-Abelian invariant feature detection
* Non-isotropic regularization of the correspondence space in stereo-vision
* On affine Invariance in the Beltrami Framework for Vision
* On Symmetry, Perspectivity, and Level-Set-Based Segmentation
* On the Discrete Maximum Principle for the Beltrami Color Flow
* Orientation Diffusion or How to Comb a Porcupine
* PDE-based denoising of complex scenes using a spatially-varying fidelity term
* Perspective shape-from-shading by fast marching
* Polyakov Action on (rho,G)-Equivariant Functions Application to Color Image Regularization
* Prior-based Segmentation and Shape Registration in the Presence of Perspective Distortion
* Prior-Based Segmentation by Projective Registration and Level Sets
* Reconstruction of Medical Images by Perspective Shape-from-Shading
* Regularized Shock Filters and Complex Diffusion
* Regularizing Flows over Lie Groups
* Representation of colored images by manifolds embedded in higher dimensional non-Euclidean space
* Restoration of Images with Piecewise Space-Variant Blur
* Scale-Space Generation via Uncertainty Principles
* Segmentation and Denoising via an Adaptive Threshold Mumford-Shah-Like Functional
* Segmentation by Level Sets and Symmetry
* Semi-Blind Image Restoration Via Mumford-Shah Regularization
* Shape-Based Mutual Segmentation
* Shape-from-Shading Under Perspective Projection
* Short- Time Beltrami Kernel for Smoothing Images and Manifolds, A
* Special issue for the 5th International Conference on Scale-Space and PDE Methods in Computer Vision
* Stereo Matching with Mumford-Shah Regularization and Occlusion Handling
* Stochastic Processes in Vision: From Langevin to Beltrami
* Texture segmentation via a diffusion-segmentation scheme in the Gabor feature space
* Towards Recognition-Based Variational Segmentation Using Shape Priors and Dynamic Labeling
* Uncertainty Principle: Group Theoretic Approach, Possible Minimizers and Scale-Space Properties, The
* Using Beltrami Framework for Orientation Diffusion in Image Processing
* Variational Beltrami flows over manifolds
* Variational blind deconvolution of multi-channel images
* Variational Denoising of Partly Textured Images by Spatially Varying Constraints
* Variational Pairing of Image Segmentation and Blind Restoration
* Variational Restoration and Edge Detection for Color Images
* Variational Stereo Vision with Sharp Discontinuities and Occlusion Handling
Includes: Sochen, N.A.[Nir A.] Sochen, N.A.
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Socher, G. Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction and Camera Calibration from Images with known Objects
* Bayesian reasoning on qualitative descriptions from images and speech
* Integration of Vision and Speech Understanding Using Bayesian Networks
* Motion Boundary Detection in Image Sequences by Local Stochastic Tests
* Multilevel Integration of Vision and Speech Understanding Using Bayesian Networks
* Talking About 3D Scenes: Integration of Image and Speech Understanding in a Hybrid Distributed System
Includes: Socher, G. Socher, G.[Gudrun]

Socher, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * AdaFrame: Adaptive Frame Selection for Fast Video Recognition
* Connecting modalities: Semi-supervised segmentation and annotation of images using unaligned text corpora
* End-to-End Dense Video Captioning with Masked Transformer
* ImageNet: A large-scale hierarchical image database
* Knowing When to Look: Adaptive Attention via a Visual Sentinel for Image Captioning
* Learning From Noisy Anchors for One-Stage Object Detection
* StartNet: Online Detection of Action Start in Untrimmed Videos
* Towards total scene understanding: Classification, annotation and segmentation in an automatic framework
* WOAD: Weakly Supervised Online Action Detection in Untrimmed Videos
Includes: Socher, R.[Richard] Socher, R.
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Sochman, J. Co Author Listing * Adaboost with totally corrective updates for fast face detection
* Calibrated Out-of-Distribution Detection with a Generic Representation
* Continual Occlusion and Optical Flow Estimation
* Inter-stage feature propagation in cascade building with adaboost
* Learning a Fast Emulator of a Binary Decision Process
* Learning Fast Emulators of Binary Decision Processes
* Robust abandoned object detection integrating wide area visual surveillance and social context
* Training sequential on-line boosting classifier for visual tracking
* WaldBoost: Learning for Time Constrained Sequential Detection
* Who knows who: Inverting the Social Force Model for finding groups
Includes: Sochman, J. Őochman, J.[Jan] Sochman, J.[Jan]
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Sochor, J.[Jakub] Co Author Listing * Automatic Camera Calibration for Traffic Understanding
* BoxCars: 3D Boxes as CNN Input for Improved Fine-Grained Vehicle Recognition
* BoxCars: Improving Fine-Grained Recognition of Vehicles Using 3-D Bounding Boxes in Traffic Surveillance
* Comprehensive Data Set for Automatic Single Camera Visual Speed Measurement
* Creating Appropriate Trust in Automated Vehicle Systems: A Framework for HMI Design
* Fully Automatic Roadside Camera Calibration for Traffic Surveillance
* Generating various composite human faces from real 3D facial images
* Graph@FIT Submission to the NVIDIA AI City Challenge 2018
* Holistic recognition of low quality license plates by CNN using track annotated data
* Learning feature aggregation in temporal domain for re-identification
* Traffic surveillance camera calibration by 3D model bounding box alignment for accurate vehicle speed measurement
* Unsupervised Processing of Vehicle Appearance for Automatic Understanding in Traffic Surveillance
Includes: Sochor, J.[Jakub] Sochor, J. Sochor, J.[JirÝ]
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Sochor, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Increased Ice Thinning over Svalbard Measured by ICESat/ICESat-2 Laser Altimetry

Sochting, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Heuristic-Based Decision Tree for Connected Components Labeling of 3D Volumes, A
Includes: Sochting, M.[Maximilian] S÷chting, M.[Maximilian] (Maybe also Soechting, M.)

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