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Toh, C.K.[Chai Keong] Co Author Listing * Assignment and Take-Off Approaches for Large-Scale Autonomous UAV Swarms

Toh, C.M. Co Author Listing * Study on Oil Palm Remote Sensing at L-Band With Dense Medium Microwave Backscattering Model, A

Toh, H. Co Author Listing * Recombination of 2D and 3D Images for Multimodal 2D + 3D Face Recognition

Toh, K. Co Author Listing * Pedestrian Detection Using Pixel Difference Matrix Projection
* Transfer Learning of Wi-Fi Handwritten Signature Signals for Identity Verification based on the Kernel and the Range Space Projection

Toh, K.A.[Kar Ann] Co Author Listing * 2^N Discretisation of BioPhasor in Cancellable Biometrics
* adaptive local binary pattern for 3D hand tracking, An
* Advanced Topics in Biometrics
* Alignment-Free Cancelable Fingerprint Templates Based on Local Minutiae Information
* Analytic Gabor Feedforward Network for Single-Sample and Pose-Invariant Face Recognition, An
* automatic drowning detection surveillance system for challenging outdoor pool environments, An
* Benchmarking a Reduced Multivariate Polynomial Pattern Classifier
* Between Classification-Error Approximation and Weighted Least-Squares Learning
* Bimodal Palmprint Verification System, A
* Biometric scores fusion based on total error rate minimization
* center sliding Bayesian binary classifier adopting orthogonal polynomials, A
* collaborative face recognition framework on a social network platform, A
* Combining Fingerprint and Hand-Geometry Verification Decisions
* DEWS: A Live Visual Surveillance System for Early Drowning Detection at Pool
* efficient dynamic reliability-dependent bit allocation for biometric discretization, An
* EMD-Based Entropy Features for micro-Doppler Mini-UAV Classification
* empirical comparison of nine pattern classifiers, An
* Error-Rate Based Biometrics Fusion
* Exploiting the relationships among several binary classifiers via data transformation
* Extraction and fusion of partial face features for cancelable identity verification
* Eye detection in a facial image under pose variation based on multi-scale iris shape feature
* Face detection based on skin color likelihood
* Fingerprint and speaker verification decisions fusion
* Fingerprint and speaker verification decisions fusion using a functional link network
* Fingerprint image quality analysis
* Fusion of Appearance and Depth Information for Face Recognition
* Fusion of Auxiliary Information for Multi-modal Biometrics Authentication
* Fusion of visual and infra-red face scores by weighted power series
* Global Energy Minimization: A Transformation Approach
* Global Feedforward Neural Network Learning for Classification and Regression
* global transformation approach to RBF neural network learning, A
* Hierarchical Multiclassifier System for Automated Analysis of Delayered IC Images, A
* Hyperbolic Function Model for Multiple Biometrics Decision Fusion, A
* Identity Verification Through Palm Vein and Crease Texture
* Incremental face recognition for large-scale social network services
* Maximizing area under ROC curve for biometric scores fusion
* method to combine visual and infrared face image verification systems, A
* Method to Enhance Face Biometric Security, A
* Minutiae Data Synthesis for Fingerprint Identification Applications
* Model-guided deformable hand shape recognition without positioning aids
* Nasal similarity measure of 3D faces based on curve shape space
* Object Tracking Based on an Online Learning Network with Total Error Rate Minimization
* Online Heterogeneous Face Recognition Based on Total-Error-Rate Minimization
* Orthogonal filter banks with region Log-Tied Rank covariance matrices for face recognition
* performance driven methodology for cancelable face templates generation, A
* Random Network Ensemble for Face Recognition, A
* Realtime training on mobile devices for face recognition applications
* Recognition of Complex Human Behaviors in Pool Environment Using Foreground Silhouette
* Reduced Multivariate Polynomial Model for Multimodal Biometrics and Classifiers Fusion, A
* Relaxation of Hard Classification Targets for LSE Minimization
* Some learning issues in user-specific multimodal biometrics
* Stacking PCANet+: An Overly Simplified ConvNets Baseline for Face Recognition
* SVM-based feature extraction for face recognition
* system for hand gesture based signature recognition, A
Includes: Toh, K.A.[Kar Ann] Toh, K.A.[Kar-Ann] Toh, K.A.
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Toh, K.C.[Kim Chuan] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Proximal Gradient Algorithm for Frame-Based Image Restoration via the Balanced Approach, An
* Practical Matrix Completion and Corruption Recovery Using Proximal Alternating Robust Subspace Minimization
* Simultaneous Clustering and Model Selection for Tensor Affinities
* Simultaneous Clustering and Model Selection: Algorithm, Theory and Applications
Includes: Toh, K.C.[Kim Chuan] Toh, K.C.[Kim-Chuan]

Toh, K.K.V.[Kenny Kal Vin] Co Author Listing * Automatic false edge elimination using locally adaptive regression kernel
* new histogram equalization method for digital image enhancement and brightness preservation, A

Toh, M.[Mandy] Co Author Listing * Multiplexed Network for End-to-End, Multilingual OCR, A
* TextOCR: Towards large-scale end-to-end reasoning for arbitrary-shaped scene text

Toh, P.S.[Peng Seng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy multilevel median filter
* Occlusion Detection in Early Vision
* Robust Vergence with Concurrent Detection of Occlusion and Specular Highlights
* Robust Vergence with Concurrent Identification of Occlusion and Specular Highlights
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction by Active Integration of Visual Cues
Includes: Toh, P.S.[Peng Seng] Toh, P.S.

Toh, V.[Vivian] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Digital Length Estimators for Image Features, A

Toh, Y.F.[Yen Fa] Co Author Listing * HER2-Sish Histopathology Image Classification Using Deep Neural Networks

Toh, Y.H.[Yu Heng] Co Author Listing * VisDrone-DET2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results

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