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WiCV18 * *Women in Computer Vision
* ARC: Adversarial Robust Cuts for Semi-Supervised and Multi-label Classification
* Automatic Large-Scale 3D Building Shape Refinement Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Autonomous Detection of Disruptions in the Intensive Care Unit Using Deep Mask R-CNN
* Cosmetic Features Extraction by a Single Image Makeup Decomposition
* Cross-Domain Fashion Image Retrieval
* Discovering Style Trends Through Deep Visually Aware Latent Item Embeddings
* Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease: A Neuroimaging Study with Deep Learning Architectures
* Encapsulating the Impact of Transfer Learning, Domain Knowledge and Training Strategies in Deep-Learning Based Architecture: A Biometric Based Case Study
* Holistic Framework for Addressing the World Using Machine Learning, A
* I Know How You Feel: Emotion Recognition with Facial Landmarks
* Large-Scale Ecological Analyses of Animals in the Wild Using Computer Vision
* RPIfield: A New Dataset for Temporally Evaluating Person Re-identification
* SAM: Pushing the Limits of Saliency Prediction Models
* Towards More Accurate Radio Telescope Images
* WiCV 2018: The Fourth Women in Computer Vision Workshop
* Word Spotting in Scene Images Based on Character Recognition
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