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Chi keung, S.[Shiu] Co Author Listing * Discovering Patterns of DNA Methylation: Rule Mining with Rough Sets and Decision Trees, and Comethylation Analysis
Includes: Chi keung, S.[Shiu] Chi-keung, S.[Shiu]

Chi, B.[Biru] Co Author Listing * Spacecraft Rendezvous and Docking Using the Explicit Reference Governor Approach

Chi, B.W.[Bi Wei] Co Author Listing * Blind tone mapped image quality assessment with image segmentation and visual perception
Includes: Chi, B.W.[Bi Wei] Chi, B.W.[Bi-Wei]

Chi, B.Y.[Bing Yu] Co Author Listing * Chinese Handwritten Legal Amount Recognition with HMM-Based Approach
* Reduction of Bleed-Through Effect in Images of Chinese Bank Items
Includes: Chi, B.Y.[Bing Yu] Chi, B.Y.[Bing-Yu]

Chi, C.[Cheng] Co Author Listing * Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
* Amazon Forests' Response to Droughts: A Perspective from the MAIAC Product
* Bridging the Gap Between Anchor-Based and Anchor-Free Detection via Adaptive Training Sample Selection
* Compactly Supported Radial Basis Function-Based Meshless Method for Photon Propagation Model of Fluorescence Molecular Tomography
* Comprehensive Survey on SAR ATR in Deep-Learning Era, A
* Context-Aware Fusion for 3D Object Detection in LiDAR-Camera Systems
* Evaluation of the Impetuses of Scan Path in Real Scene Searching
* Feature-Level Collaboration: Joint Unsupervised Learning of Optical Flow, Stereo Depth and Camera Motion
* Formalization and Verification of Group Behavior Interactions
* GarmentNets: Category-Level Pose Estimation for Garments via Canonical Space Shape Completion
* IHNet: Iterative Hierarchical Network Guided by High-Resolution Estimated Information for Scene Flow Estimation
* Maximum Volume Inscribed Ellipsoid: A New Simplex-Structured Matrix Factorization Framework via Facet Enumeration and Convex Optimization
* Multi-Spectral Imaging by Optimized Wide Band Illumination
* RefineFace: Refinement Neural Network for High Performance Face Detection
* Refocusing and Zoom-In Polar Format Algorithm for Curvilinear Spotlight SAR Imaging on Arbitrary Region of Interest
* Robust and Efficient RGB-D SLAM in Dynamic Environments
* Subspace-PnP: A Geometric Constraint Loss for Mutual Assistance of Depth and Optical Flow Estimation
Includes: Chi, C.[Cheng] Chi, C.[Chen] Chi, C. Chi, C.[Cui]
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Chi, C.C.[Chi Ching] Co Author Listing * Highly parallel HEVC decoding for heterogeneous systems with CPU and GPU
* Improving the parallelization efficiency of HEVC decoding
* Inventory, Mapping, Geomorphic Characterization, And Validation Of Deep-setated Landslides Using Sky-view Factor Visualization: Northern, Central, And Southern Taiwan
* Parallel H.264/AVC Motion Compensation for GPUs Using OpenCL
* Parallel Scalability and Efficiency of HEVC Parallelization Approaches
* Reducing HEVC encoding complexity using two-stage motion estimation
* SIMD Acceleration for HEVC Decoding
Includes: Chi, C.C.[Chi Ching] Chi, C.C.
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Chi, C.H.[Chi Hung] Co Author Listing * Local Web Advertisement Through Dynamic Active Proxy
Includes: Chi, C.H.[Chi Hung] Chi, C.H.[Chi-Hung]

Chi, C.L.[Chu Liang] Co Author Listing * Efficient RGB-D Hand Gesture Detection Framework for Dexterous Robot Hand-Arm Teleoperation System, An
* Geometrical Positioning Schemes Based on Hybrid Lines of Position
Includes: Chi, C.L.[Chu Liang] Chi, C.L.[Chu-Liang] Chi, C.L.[Ching-Lung]

Chi, C.M.[Chao Ming] Co Author Listing * Technical and Operational Perspective on Quality Analysis of Stitching Images with Multi-Row Panorama and Multimedia Sources for Visualizing the Tourism Site of Onshore Wind Farm, A
Includes: Chi, C.M.[Chao Ming] Chi, C.M.[Chao-Ming]

Chi, C.Q.[Cheng Quan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Pre-Earthquake Anomalies of Borehole Strain Network by Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve
* Study on Anomalies of the Geomagnetic Topology Network Associated with the 2022 Ms6.8 Luding Earthquake, The
Includes: Chi, C.Q.[Cheng Quan] Chi, C.Q.[Cheng-Quan]

Chi, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Application of Brain-Computer Interface and Virtual Reality in Advancing Cultural Experience
* Chance-Constrained Robust Minimum-Volume Enclosing Simplex Algorithm for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Convex Optimization-Based Coupled Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithm for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Data Fusion, A
* CS2DIPs: Unsupervised HSI Super-Resolution Using Coupled Spatial and Spectral DIPs
* Hyperspectral Data Geometry-Based Estimation of Number of Endmembers Using p-Norm-Based Pure Pixel Identification Algorithm
* Identifiability of the Simplex Volume Minimization Criterion for Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing: The No-Pure-Pixel Case
* Investigation of Slow-Moving Artificial Slope Failure with Multi-Temporal InSAR by Combining Persistent and Distributed Scatterers: A Case Study in Northern Taiwan
* Nonnegative Least-Correlated Component Analysis for Separation of Dependent Sources by Volume Maximization
* Robust Affine Set Fitting and Fast Simplex Volume Max-Min for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction
* Signal Processing Perspective on Hyperspectral Unmixing: Insights from Remote Sensing, A
* Simplex Volume Maximization Framework for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction, A
* Tissue-Specific Compartmental Analysis for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging of Complex Tumors
* Towards Optimal Design of Time and Color Multiplexing Codes
Includes: Chi, C.Y. Chi, C.Y.[Chong-Yung] Chi, C.Y.[Chien-Yu]
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Chi, D. Co Author Listing * Handwritten Digit Recognition Application Based on Improved Naive Bayes Method
* Urban Tree Health Classification Across Tree Species by Combining Airborne Laser Scanning and Imaging Spectroscopy
Includes: Chi, D. Chi, D.[Dengkai]

Chi, D.C.[Dao Cai] Co Author Listing * Classification of the Complex Agricultural Planting Structure with a Semi-Supervised Extreme Learning Machine Framework
Includes: Chi, D.C.[Dao Cai] Chi, D.C.[Dao-Cai]

Chi, E.C.[Eric C.] Co Author Listing * Revisiting convexity-preserving signal recovery with the linearly involved GMC penalty

Chi, G. Co Author Listing * Error Measures for Trajectory Estimations With Geo-Tagged Mobility Sample Data
* Laboratory Calibration of an Ultraviolet-Visible Imaging Spectropolarimeter
Includes: Chi, G. Chi, G.[Gaojun]

Chi, G.S.[Guang Sheng] Co Author Listing * fast coding algorithm based on inter-view correlations for 3D-HEVC, A
Includes: Chi, G.S.[Guang Sheng] Chi, G.S.[Guang-Sheng]

Chi, G.Y.[Guo Yi] Co Author Listing * Efficient Method to Find a Triangle with the Least Sum of Distances from Its Vertices to the Covered Point, An
Includes: Chi, G.Y.[Guo Yi] Chi, G.Y.[Guo-Yi]

Chi, H.[Hong] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Cloud-Mask Algorithms and Machine-Learning Methods Using Sentinel-2 Imagery for Mapping Paddy Rice in Jianghan Plain
* Domain Specified Optimization for Deployment Authorization
* Efficient Heuristic Methods for Multimodal Fusion and Concept Fusion in Video Concept Detection
* Estimation of Forest Aboveground Biomass in Changbai Mountain Region Using ICESat/GLAS and Landsat/TM Data
* National Forest Aboveground Biomass Mapping from ICESat/GLAS Data and MODIS Imagery in China
* Phenology-Based Maximum Light Use Efficiency for Modeling Gross Primary Production across Typical Terrestrial Ecosystems
* Self-paced least square semi-coupled dictionary learning for person re-identification
* TemPanSharpening: A multi-temporal Pansharpening solution based on deep learning and edge extraction
* Temporal-Spatial Refinements for Video Concept Fusion
Includes: Chi, H.[Hong] Chi, H.[Haoang] Chi, H.[Hai] Chi, H.
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Chi, H.G.[Hyung Gun] Co Author Listing * AdamsFormer for Spatial Action Localization in the Future
* InfoGCN: Representation Learning for Human Skeleton-based Action Recognition
* Large-scale Annotated Mechanical Components Benchmark for Classification and Retrieval Tasks with Deep Neural Networks, A
* Latent transformations neural network for object view synthesis
* Uncovering the Missing Pattern: Unified Framework Towards Trajectory Imputation and Prediction
Includes: Chi, H.G.[Hyung Gun] Chi, H.G.[Hyung-Gun]

Chi, H.J.[Hao Jing] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Vegetation-Index-Based Dimidiate Pixel Model for Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation
Includes: Chi, H.J.[Hao Jing] Chi, H.J.[Hao-Jing]

Chi, H.L.[Hung Lin] Co Author Listing * Exploring Factors Affecting Transport Infrastructure Performance: Data-Driven Versus Knowledge-Driven Approaches
Includes: Chi, H.L.[Hung Lin] Chi, H.L.[Hung-Lin]

Chi, H.M.[Hong Mei] Co Author Listing * Competitive and collaborative representation for classification
* Embedded conformal deep low-rank auto-encoder network for matrix recovery
* statistical self-organizing learning system for remote sensing classification, A
Includes: Chi, H.M.[Hong Mei] Chi, H.M.[Hong-Mei] Chi, H.M.[Hoi-Ming]

Chi, H.W.[Hao Wen] Co Author Listing * Efficient multi-view video coding using inter-view information
Includes: Chi, H.W.[Hao Wen] Chi, H.W.[Hao-Wen]

Chi, H.Y.[Heng Yu] Co Author Listing * Learning and Recognition of On-Premise Signs From Weakly Labeled Street View Images
* MOSRO: Enabling Mobile Sensing for Real-Scene Objects with Grid Based Structured Output Learning
* Multi-task classification with sequential instances and tasks
* What Catches Your Eyes as You Move Around? On the Discovery of Interesting Regions in the Street
Includes: Chi, H.Y.[Heng Yu] Chi, H.Y.[Heng-Yu] Chi, H.Y.[Hao-Yuan]

Chi, J. Co Author Listing * 3D Model-Based Gaze Tracking Via Iris Features With a Single Camera and a Single Light Source
* Advanced Three-Dimensional Tailored RF Pulse Design in Volume Selective Parallel Excitation
* Dynamic 3D facial expression modeling using Laplacian smooth and multi-scale mesh matching
* GaitPart: Temporal Part-Based Model for Gait Recognition
* Interactive facial expression editing based on spatio-temporal coherency
* Mapping Potential Plant Species Richness over Large Areas with Deep Learning, MODIS, and Species Distribution Models
* Optimal Image-Selection Algorithm for Large-Scale Stereoscopic Mapping of UAV Images, An
* Passenger-perception dynamic ridesharing service based on parallel technology
* Real-Time Detection of Voids in Asphalt Pavement Based on Swin-Transformer-Improved YOLOv5
* Speckle-Noise Reduction via Rotated Elliptical-Thresholding in an Homomorphic Complex-Wavelet Domain
* Spectral Characteristics of the Antarctic Vegetation: A Case Study of Barton Peninsula
* Two-Stream Convolutional Long- and Short-Term Memory Model Using Perceptual Loss for Sequence-to-Sequence Arctic Sea Ice Prediction
* Unsupervised Cross-Media Retrieval Using Domain Adaptation With Scene Graph
Includes: Chi, J. Chi, J.[Jing] Chi, J.[Junhwa] Chi, J.[Jushang]
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Chi, J.G.[Je Geun] Co Author Listing * Quantitative analysis of the SN in Parkinson's disease implementing 3D modeling at 7.0-T MRI
* Sectioned Images of the Cadaver Head Including the Brain and Correspondences With Ultrahigh Field 7.0 T MRIs
Includes: Chi, J.G.[Je Geun] Chi, J.G.[Je-Geun] Chi, J.G.

Chi, J.H.[Jun Hwa] Co Author Listing * Forecasting Antarctic Sea Ice Concentrations Using Results Of Temporal Mixture Analysis
* Prediction of Arctic Sea Ice Concentration Using a Fully Data Driven Deep Neural Network
Includes: Chi, J.H.[Jun Hwa] Chi, J.H.[Jun-Hwa]

Chi, J.J.[Jin Jin] Co Author Listing * Topic representation: Finding more representative words in topic models
Includes: Chi, J.J.[Jin Jin] Chi, J.J.[Jin-Jin]

Chi, J.N.[Jian Ning] Co Author Listing * Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
* Cross-view information interaction and feedback network for face hallucination
* Edge detection of retinal OCT image based on complex shearlet transform
* Enhancement of Textural Differences Based on Morphological Component Analysis
* Enhancing textural differences using wavelet-based texture characteristics morphological component analysis: A preprocessing method for improving image segmentation
* In the eye of the beholder: A survey of gaze tracking techniques
* MID-UNet: Multi-input directional UNet for COVID-19 lung infection segmentation from CT images
* Underwater image super-resolution using multi-stage information distillation networks
* Wavelet-based texture-characteristic morphological component analysis for colour image enhancement
Includes: Chi, J.N.[Jian Ning] Chi, J.N.[Jian-Ning] Chi, J.N.[Jian-Nan]
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Chi, J.T. Co Author Listing * Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing Based on Graph Total Variation Regularization

Chi, J.W.[Jian Wei] Co Author Listing * Ensemble-Based Machine Learning Model for Estimation of Subsurface Thermal Structure in the South China Sea, An
Includes: Chi, J.W.[Jian Wei] Chi, J.W.[Jian-Wei]

Chi, J.X.[Jin Xue] Co Author Listing * Robust linear unmixing with enhanced constraint of classification for hyperspectral remote sensing imagery
Includes: Chi, J.X.[Jin Xue] Chi, J.X.[Jin-Xue]

Chi, J.Y.[Jui Yang] Co Author Listing * Fast Non-Overlapping Multi-Camera People Re-Identification Algorithm and Tracking Based on Visual Channel Model, A
* ILGNet: inception modules with connected local and global features for efficient image aesthetic quality classification using domain adaptation
Includes: Chi, J.Y.[Jui Yang] Chi, J.Y.[Jui-Yang] Chi, J.Y.[Jing-Ying]

Chi, J.Z.[Jing Ze] Co Author Listing * Zero-Shot Cross-Media Embedding Learning With Dual Adversarial Distribution Network
Includes: Chi, J.Z.[Jing Ze] Chi, J.Z.[Jing-Ze]

Chi, K. Co Author Listing * Multi-Function Radar Signal Sorting Based on Complex Network
* Toward Sustainable Transportation: Robust Lane-Change Monitoring With a Single Back View Cabin Camera
Includes: Chi, K. Chi, K.[Kaikai]

Chi, K.H.[Kwang Hoon] Co Author Listing * Modeling of urban industrial economy through utilization of thermal band

Chi, K.K.[Kai Kai] Co Author Listing * SAR multi-target interactive motion recognition based on convolutional neural networks
Includes: Chi, K.K.[Kai Kai] Chi, K.K.[Kai-Kai]

Chi, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * Dominant set and target clique extraction
* Dominant Set Based Data Clustering and Image Segmentation
* DSET: A robust clustering algorithm
* eX-ViT: A Novel explainable vision transformer for weakly supervised semantic segmentation
* Merging dominant sets and DBSCAN for robust clustering and image segmentation
* Non-Local Neural Networks With Grouped Bilinear Attentional Transforms
* Rife Spectrum Estimation Algorithm Based on Phase Criterion
* Robust Camera Calibration and Player Tracking in Broadcast Basketball Video
* Robust Clustering Based on Dominant Sets
* Two-Stream Video Classification with Cross-Modality Attention
Includes: Chi, L.[Lei] Chi, L.[Lianhua] Chi, L.[Lu] Chi, L.
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Chi, L.H.[Lian Hua] Co Author Listing * Coresets for fast causal discovery with the additive noise model
* HashWalk: An efficient node classification method based on clique-compressed graph embedding
* Privacy and Accuracy for Cloud-Fog-Edge Collaborative Driver-Vehicle-Road Relation Graphs
* Transformed domain convolutional neural network for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis using structural MRI
Includes: Chi, L.H.[Lian Hua] Chi, L.H.[Lian-Hua]

Chi, M. Co Author Listing * Big Data for Remote Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities
* Learning Distinctive Margin toward Active Domain Adaptation
* Novel Methodology to Label Urban Remote Sensing Images Based on Location-Based Social Media Photos, A
* Novel Transductive SVM for Semisupervised Classification of Remote-Sensing Images, A
* Prime: Block-wise Missingness Handling for Multi-modalities in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
* Relation Parsing Neural Network for Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Semisupervised Classification of Hyperspectral Images by SVMs Optimized in the Primal
Includes: Chi, M. Chi, M.[Mingmin] Chi, M.[Min]
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Chi, M.C. Co Author Listing * Prediction Error Prioritizing Strategy for Fast Normalized Partial Distortion Motion Estimation Algorithm
* Region-of-interest video coding based on rate and distortion variations for H.263+
* Robust Region-of-Interest Determination Based on User Attention Model Through Visual Rhythm Analysis
* Spatial and Temporal Error Concealment Algorithms of Shape Information for MPEG-4 Video
* Temporal error concealment algorithm by recursive block-matching principle
Includes: Chi, M.C. Chi, M.C.[Ming-Chieh]

Chi, M.M.[Ming Min] Co Author Listing * Efficient Feature Extraction for Image Classification
* ensemble-driven k-NN approach to ill-posed classification problems, An
* SAFFNet: Self-Attention-Based Feature Fusion Network for Remote Sensing Few-Shot Scene Classification
Includes: Chi, M.M.[Ming Min] Chi, M.M.[Ming-Min]

Chi, M.T.[Ming Te] Co Author Listing * Image stylization using anisotropic reaction diffusion
* Optical illusion shape texturing using repeated asymmetric patterns
Includes: Chi, M.T.[Ming Te] Chi, M.T.[Ming-Te]

Chi, M.Y.[Ming Yuan] Co Author Listing * Bi-Encoder Cascades for Efficient Image Search
Includes: Chi, M.Y.[Ming Yuan] Chi, M.Y.[Ming-Yuan]

Chi, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Precipitation Measurement Based on Raindrop Imaging and Artificial Intelligence

Chi, P.T.[Po Ting] Co Author Listing * single-stage face detection and face recognition deep neural network based on feature pyramid and triplet loss, A
Includes: Chi, P.T.[Po Ting] Chi, P.T.[Po-Ting]

Chi, P.W.[Po Wen] Co Author Listing * Software-Defined Networking-Driven Reliable Transmission Architecture for Enhancing Real-Time Video Streaming Quality, A
Includes: Chi, P.W.[Po Wen] Chi, P.W.[Po-Wen]

Chi, Q.[Qiang] Co Author Listing * Novel Knowledge Distillation Method for Self-Supervised Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Temporal and Spatial Variation of Land Surface Temperature and Its Driving Factors in Zhengzhou City in China from 2005 to 2020
Includes: Chi, Q.[Qiang] Chi, Q.[Qian]

Chi, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Co Author Listing * Efficient Joint-Dimensional Search with Solution Space Regularization for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Chi, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Chi, Q.H.[Qing-Hua]

Chi, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * Anomaly detection and localisation in the crowd scenes using a block-based social force model
* Real-time multi-feature based fire flame detection in video

Chi, R.H.[Rong Hu] Co Author Listing * identification based indirect iterative learning control via data-driven approach, An
* new dynamical linearization based adaptive ILC for nonlinear discrete-time MIMO systems, A
Includes: Chi, R.H.[Rong Hu] Chi, R.H.[Rong-Hu]

Chi, S.[Shukai] Co Author Listing * Using Optical Flow Trajectories to Detect Whitecaps in Light-Polluted Videos

Chi, S.G.[Seung Geun] Co Author Listing * InfoGCN: Representation Learning for Human Skeleton-based Action Recognition
Includes: Chi, S.G.[Seung Geun] Chi, S.G.[Seung-Geun]

Chi, S.Y.[Su Young] Co Author Listing * Method for recognizing multi-language printed documents using strokes and non-strokes of characters
* Scene text extraction in natural scene images using hierarchical feature combining and verification
* Text region extraction and text segmentation on camera-captured document style images
Includes: Chi, S.Y.[Su Young] Chi, S.Y.

Chi, T.[Tianhe] Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR point cloud classification with global-local graph attention convolution neural network
* Directionally constrained fully convolutional neural network for airborne LiDAR point cloud classification
* Forest Emissions Reduction Assessment Using Optical Satellite Imagery and Space LiDAR Fusion for Carbon Stock Estimation
* Knowledge-Informed and Pareto-Based Artificial Bee Colony Optimization Algorithm for Multi-Objective Land-Use Allocation, A
* LLTO: Towards efficient lesion localization based on template occlusion strategy in intelligent diagnosis
* Multiple Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Indoor Room Optimal Spatial Allocation, A
* Spatial Analysis of Wenchuan Earthquake-Damaged Vegetation in the Mountainous Basins and Its Applications
* Towards efficient medical lesion image super-resolution based on deep residual networks
* Visualizing Storm Surge Forecasting Data over the Web
Includes: Chi, T.[Tianhe] Chi, T.[Tao]
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Chi, T.C.[Tsung Chen] Co Author Listing * Novel Non-Hole-Filling Approach of Depth Image Based Rendering, The
Includes: Chi, T.C.[Tsung Chen] Chi, T.C.[Tsung-Chen]

Chi, T.H.[Tian He] Co Author Listing * Indexing for Moving Objects in Multi-Floor Indoor Spaces That Supports Complex Semantic Queries
* Measuring Impacts of Urban Environmental Elements on Housing Prices Based on Multisource Data: A Case Study of Shanghai, China
* Monitoring Earthquake-Damaged Vegetation after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in the Mountainous River Basins, Dujiangyan County
Includes: Chi, T.H.[Tian He] Chi, T.H.[Tian-He]

Chi, T.S.[Tai Shih] Co Author Listing * Robust Voice Activity Detection Algorithm Based on Feature of Frequency Modulation of Harmonics and Its DSP Implementation
Includes: Chi, T.S.[Tai Shih] Chi, T.S.[Tai-Shih]

Chi, W. Co Author Listing * Crowded Human Detection via an Anchor-pair Network
* Gait Recognition Method for Human Following in Service Robots, A

Chi, W.C.[Wan Chao] Co Author Listing * Attention-Oriented Action Recognition for Real-Time Human-Robot Interaction
* Domain Adaptation Gaze Estimation by Embedding with Prediction Consistency
* Learning End-to-End Action Interaction by Paired-Embedding Data Augmentation
* Multi-Scale Guided Cascade Hourglass Network for Depth Completion, A
* Occlusion Aware Stereo Matching via Cooperative Unsupervised Learning
* Unsupervised Occlusion-Aware Stereo Matching With Directed Disparity Smoothing
Includes: Chi, W.C.[Wan Chao] Chi, W.C.[Wan-Chao]

Chi, W.F.[Wen Feng] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Dynamic Changes of Urban Land and Its Fractional Covers in Africa from 2000-2020 Using Time Series of Remotely Sensed Images on the Big Data Platform
* Examining Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Ecological Quality in the Pan-Third Pole Region in the Past 20 Years
* Urban Land-Cover Dynamics in Arid China Based on High-Resolution Urban Land Mapping Products
Includes: Chi, W.F.[Wen Feng] Chi, W.F.[Wen-Feng]

Chi, W.J.[Wei Jian] Co Author Listing * Advances in Hyperspectral Image Classification Methods with Small Samples: A Review
* Low-Cost and Robust Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Scheme for Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Cooperative Positioning in Indoor Environments, A
Includes: Chi, W.J.[Wei Jian] Chi, W.J.[Wei-Jian]

Chi, W.Z.[Wen Zheng] Co Author Listing * Semantic-Aware Informative Path Planning for Efficient Object Search Using Mobile Robot
Includes: Chi, W.Z.[Wen Zheng] Chi, W.Z.[Wen-Zheng]

Chi, X.[Xinyi] Co Author Listing * energy-efficient timetable optimization method for express/local train with on-board passenger number considered, An
* MVSTER: Epipolar Transformer for Efficient Multi-view Stereo
* OpenOccupancy: A Large Scale Benchmark for Surrounding Semantic Occupancy Perception
Includes: Chi, X.[Xinyi] Chi, X.[Xu]

Chi, X.F.[Xue Fen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Based on Eigenvalue Decomposition, An
Includes: Chi, X.F.[Xue Fen] Chi, X.F.[Xue-Fen]

Chi, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * BEV-SAN: Accurate BEV 3D Object Detection via Slice Attention Networks
Includes: Chi, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Chi, X.W.[Xiao-Wei]

Chi, Y.[Yao] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Differences in the Spatial Distribution among Terrestrial Mammals Using Geodetector: A Case Study of China
* Blind Deconvolution From Multiple Sparse Inputs
* Cascaded Face Sketch Synthesis Under Various Illuminations
* Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* Continuous Taxi Pickup Path Recommendation under The Carbon Neutrality Context, A
* CPR-GCN: Conditional Partial-Residual Graph Convolutional Network in Automated Anatomical Labeling of Coronary Arteries
* Improving Hessian Matrix Detector for SURF
* Improving RGB-Infrared Object Detection by Reducing Cross-Modality Redundancy
* Improving Rgb-Infrared Pedestrian Detection by Reducing Cross-Modality Redundancy
* Incremental spectral clustering by efficiently updating the eigen-system
* Influence of Storm Tidal Current Field and Sea Bottom Slope on Coastal Ocean Waves during Typhoon Malakas
* Kaczmarz Method for Solving Quadratic Equations
* Latent Semantic Sequence Coding Applied to Taxi Travel Time Estimation
* Low-Rank Structured Covariance Matrix Estimation
* Mapping the Spatiotemporal Pattern of Sandy Island Ecosystem Health during the Last Decades Based on Remote Sensing
* Measuring the Multi-Scale Landscape Pattern of China's Largest Archipelago from a Dual-3D Perspective Based on Remote Sensing
* Multienergy Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Reconstruction with a Spatial Spectral Nonlocal Means Algorithm
* Multimodal Evaluation for Medical Image Segmentation
* Plug-And-Play Image Reconstruction Meets Stochastic Variance-Reduced Gradient Methods
* Predicting COVID-19 in China Using Hybrid AI Model
* Research Progress On The Four-in-one Method System for Sustainable Protection of Architectural Heritage
* Rethinking PCA for Modern Data Sets: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
* SceneGenie: Scene Graph Guided Diffusion Models for Image Synthesis
* Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Network Interpolating and Denoising Seismic Signals Simultaneously
* Streaming PCA and Subspace Tracking: The Missing Data Case
* Time Lag and Cumulative Effects of Extreme Climate on Coastal Vegetation in China
* Understanding Masked Autoencoders via Hierarchical Latent Variable Models
* Unsupervised Learning from Linked Documents
Includes: Chi, Y.[Yao] Chi, Y. Chi, Y.[Ying] Chi, Y.[Yuanying] Chi, Y.[Yitao] Chi, Y.[Yongke] Chi, Y.[Yun] Chi, Y.[Yutao] Chi, Y.[Yuan] Chi, Y.[Yuejie] Chi, Y.[Yu] Chi, Y.[Yue]
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Chi, Y.C.[Yi Chen] Co Author Listing * GDSSR: Toward Real-World Ultra-High-Resolution Image Super-Resolution
Includes: Chi, Y.C.[Yi Chen] Chi, Y.C.[Yi-Chen]

Chi, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Co Author Listing * Handling Missing Data in Large-Scale MODIS AOD Products Using a Two-Step Model
* Spatial Distribution of Multiple Atmospheric Pollutants in China from 2015 to 2020
Includes: Chi, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Chi, Y.F.[Yu-Feng]

Chi, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Co Author Listing * Contrasting Post-Fire Dynamics between Africa and South America based on MODIS Observations
* Differential Spatiotemporal Patterns of CO2 Emissions in Eastern China's Urban Agglomerations from NPP/VIIRS Nighttime Light Data Based on a Neural Network Algorithm
* Factors Underlying Spatiotemporal Variations in Atmospheric PM2.5 Concentrations in Zhejiang Province, China
Includes: Chi, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Chi, Y.G.[Yong-Gang]

Chi, Y.H.[Yi Heng] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Low-light Imaging with Quanta Image Sensors
* HDR Imaging with Spatially Varying Signal-to-Noise Ratios
* HGAN: Hierarchical Graph Alignment Network for Image-Text Retrieval
* Reverse Attention-Based Multi-Feature Interaction Network for Finger Vein Image Quality Evaluation
Includes: Chi, Y.H.[Yi Heng] Chi, Y.H.[Yi-Heng] Chi, Y.H.[Yu-Hao] Chi, Y.H.[Yun-Hao]

Chi, Y.J.[Yue Jie] Co Author Listing * Classification and Boosting with Multiple Collaborative Representations
* Compressive blind source separation
* Connecting the dots in multi-class classification: From nearest subspace to collaborative representation
* Lithium-Bearing Pegmatite Identification, Based on Spectral Analysis and Machine Learning: A Case Study of the Dahongliutan Area, NW China
Includes: Chi, Y.J.[Yue Jie] Chi, Y.J.[Yue-Jie] Chi, Y.J.[Yu-Jin]

Chi, Y.L.[Yan Ling] Co Author Listing * ALSBIR: A local-structure-based image retrieval
* Composite of Features for Learning-Based Coronary Artery Segmentation on Cardiac CT Angiography, A
* general shape context framework for object identification, A
* Local Structure Matching Approach for Large Image Database Retrieval, A
* new image retrieval model based on monogenic signal representation, A
* Part-Based Object Retrieval in Cluttered Environment
* Segmenting Kidney on Multiple Phase CT Images using ULBNet
* Surgical Simulation Robot with Haptics and Friction Compensation
Includes: Chi, Y.L.[Yan Ling] Chi, Y.L.[Yan-Ling]
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Chi, Y.T.[Yu Tseh] Co Author Listing * Affine-Constrained Group Sparse Coding and Its Application to Image-Based Classifications
* Block and Group Regularized Sparse Modeling for Dictionary Learning
* Direct Method for Estimating Planar Projective Transform, A
* Distribution regularized self-supervised learning for domain adaptation of semantic segmentation
* Higher-Dimensional Affine Registration and Vision Applications
Includes: Chi, Y.T.[Yu Tseh] Chi, Y.T.[Yu-Tseh]

Chi, Y.T.J. Co Author Listing * CASAIR: Content and Shape-Aware Image Retargeting and Its Applications

Chi, Y.Y.[Ying Ying] Co Author Listing * Image encryption using linear weighted fractional-order transform
* Multi-vehicles dynamic navigating method for large-scale event crowd evacuations
Includes: Chi, Y.Y.[Ying Ying] Chi, Y.Y.[Ying-Ying] Chi, Y.Y.[Yuan-Ying]

Chi, Z.[Zheru] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Recognition Model for Image Annotation, An
* Attention-driven image interpretation with application to image retrieval
* Automatic generation of pen-and-ink drawings from photos
* background-thinning-based approach for separating and recognizing connected handwritten digit strings, A
* Blob Tracking with Adaptive Feature Selection and Accurate Scale Determination
* CNN Model for Semantic Person Part Segmentation With Capacity Optimization, A
* Combined Retrieval Strategies for Images with and without Distinct Objects
* Combined thresholding and neural network approach for vein pattern extraction from leaf images
* Comparison of image partition methods for adaptive image categorization based on structural image representation
* Content-based image retrieval using block-constrained fractal coding and nona-tree decomposition
* Content-based Image Retrieval With Relevance Feedback Using Adaptive Processing Of Tree-structure Image Representation
* Document Image Binarization With Feedback For Improving Character Segmentation
* Document image recognition based on template matching of component block projections
* Document image template matching based on component block list
* Dynamic texture and geometry features for facial expression recognition in video
* efficient algorithm for attention-driven image interpretation from segments, An
* Extraction and Optimization of B-Spline PBD Templates for Recognition of Connected Handwritten Digit Strings
* Extraction of face image edges with application to expression analysis
* Eye tracking data guided feature selection for image classification
* Facial Expression Recognition in Video with Multiple Feature Fusion
* fast 2D entropic thresholding method by wavelet decomposition, A
* Fully-Convolutional Framework for Semantic Segmentation, A
* fuzzy image metric with application to fractal coding, A
* General Analyzing and Research on Uncertainty of Multi-Scale Representation for Street-Block Settlement
* Geometric Analysis of Particle Motion in a Vector Image Field
* Handwritten Chinese character segmentation using a two-stage approach
* Handwritten numeral recognition using self-organizing maps and fuzzy rules
* Harvesting Web Images for Realistic Facial Expression Recognition
* Hidden Markov Random Field Based Approach for Off-line Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Hierarchical content classification and script determination for automatic document image processing
* Hierarchical Local Binary Pattern for Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion Recognition
* Hybrid Holistic/Semantic Approach for Scene Classification, A
* Image Recovery from Broken Image Streams
* Image Thresholding by Maximizing the Index of Nonfuzziness of the 2-D Grayscale Histogram
* Iterative brain tumor retrieval for MR images based on user's intention model
* Joint Demosaicking and Blind Deblurring Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Leaf Image Classification with Shape Context and SIFT Descriptors
* Learning realistic facial expressions from web images
* Machine learning techniques for ontology-based leaf classification
* Match between normalization schemes and feature sets for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Multi-Person Pose Tracking With Sparse Key-Point Flow Estimation and Hierarchical Graph Distance Minimization
* new framework with multiple tasks for detecting and locating pain events in video, A
* Precise Temporal Localization for Complete Actions with Quantified Temporal Structure
* Realistic Human Action Recognition with Multimodal Feature Selection and Fusion
* Recognition of attentive objects with a concept association network for image annotation
* Recognition of Facial Action Units with Action Unit Classifiers and an Association Network
* Refining a region based attention model using eye tracking data
* Relative Saliency Model over Multiple Images with an Application to Yarn Surface Evaluation
* robust eye detection method using combined binary edge and intensity information, A
* Robust learning in adaptive processing of data structures for tree representation based image classification
* Salient object detection using content-sensitive hypergraph representation and partitioning
* Salient-SIFT for Image Retrieval
* Shape based leaf image retrieval
* Smile detection in the wild with deep convolutional neural networks
* Smile detection in the wild with hierarchical visual feature
* Texture image segmentation based on entropy theory
* Tracer kinetic modeling of C11-acetate applied in the liver with positron emission tomography
* Two-stage segmentation of unconstrained handwritten Chinese characters
Includes: Chi, Z.[Zheru] Chi, Z.
58 for Chi, Z.

Chi, Z.F.[Zhao Fu] Co Author Listing * On-Line Bubble Inspection Method for Automated Vacuum Casting Controlling System
Includes: Chi, Z.F.[Zhao Fu] Chi, Z.F.[Zhao-Fu]

Chi, Z.H.[Zhao Hui] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Evaluation of Four Greenland Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Assessment of River Network Extraction
* Accuracy Evaluation on Geolocation of the Chinese First Polar Microsatellite (Ice Pathfinder) Imagery
* Automatically Extracted Antarctic Coastline Using Remotely-Sensed Data: An Update
* Decadal Changes in Greenland Ice Sheet Firn Aquifers from Radar Scatterometer
* Distribution and Evolution of Supraglacial Lakes in Greenland during the 2016-2018 Melt Seasons
* Grounding Event of Iceberg D28 and Its Interactions with Seabed Topography
* Simplified Coastline Inflection Method for Correcting Geolocation Errors in FengYun-3D Microwave Radiation Imager Images, A
* Theoretical Evaluation of Anisotropic Reflectance Correction Approaches for Addressing Multi-Scale Topographic Effects on the Radiation-Transfer Cascade in Mountain Environments
* Understanding of an Iceberg Breaking Off Event Based on Ice-Front Motion Analysis of Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica
* Vegetation Monitoring for Mountainous Regions Using a New Integrated Topographic Correction (ITC) of the SCS + C Correction and the Shadow-Eliminated Vegetation Index
Includes: Chi, Z.H.[Zhao Hui] Chi, Z.H.[Zhao-Hui]
10 for Chi, Z.H.

Chi, Z.Q.[Zi Qiu] Co Author Listing * Learning to Capture the Query Distribution for Few-Shot Learning
* WaveGAN: Frequency-Aware GAN for High-Fidelity Few-Shot Image Generation
Includes: Chi, Z.Q.[Zi Qiu] Chi, Z.Q.[Zi-Qiu]

Chi, Z.R. Co Author Listing * Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Combined ID3-Derived Fuzzy Rules and Markov-Chains
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using a Small Number of Fuzzy Rules with Optimized Defuzzification Parameters
* improved algorithm for segmenting and recognizing connected handwritten characters, An
* Length Estimation of Digit Strings Using a Neural Network with Structure Based Features
* Motion detection and tracking based on level set algorithm
Includes: Chi, Z.R. Chi, Z.R.[Zhe-Ru]

Chi, Z.W.X.[Zhi Wei X.] Co Author Listing * Gait Recognition Based on Human Body Components
* Human gait recognition based on matching of body components
Includes: Chi, Z.W.X.[Zhi Wei X.] Chi, Z.W.X.[Zhi-Wei X.]

Chi, Z.X.[Zhi Xiang] Co Author Listing * All at Once: Temporally Adaptive Multi-frame Interpolation with Advanced Motion Modeling
* Fast Human Pose Estimation in Compressed Videos
* Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning via Entropy-Regularized Data-Free Replay
* Gait Recognition Using Radon Transform and Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Gait Representation and Recognition Based on Radon Transform
* Meta-Auxiliary Learning for Future Depth Prediction in Videos
* MetaFSCIL: A Meta-Learning Approach for Few-Shot Class Incremental Learning
* MetaGCD: Learning to Continually Learn in Generalized Category Discovery
* Test-Time Fast Adaptation for Dynamic Scene Deblurring via Meta-Auxiliary Learning
Includes: Chi, Z.X.[Zhi Xiang] Chi, Z.X.[Zhi-Xiang] Chi, Z.X.
9 for Chi, Z.X.

Chi, Z.Z.[Zhi Zhen] Co Author Listing * Dual Deep Network for Visual Tracking
* Purely Attention Based Local Feature Integration for Video Classification
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Chi, Z.Z.[Zhi Zhen] Chi, Z.Z.[Zhi-Zhen]

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