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Guil, N. Co Author Listing * Bidimensional shape detection using an invariant approach
* Bilinear Active Appearance Models
* Clustering Technique for Video Copy Detection, A
* Combining luminance and edge based metrics for robust temporal video segmentation
* Cordic Based Parallel/Pipelined Architecture for the Hough Transform
* Deep multi-task learning for gait-based biometrics
* Deformable Model for Image Segmentation in Noisy Medical Images, A
* Deformable Shapes Detection by Stochastic Optimization
* Detection of arbitrary planar shapes with 3D pose
* efficient 2D deformable objects detection and location algorithm, An
* Efficient image alignment using linear appearance models
* Empirical Study of Audio-Visual Features Fusion for Gait Recognition
* End-to-End Incremental Learning
* Evaluation Criterion for Edge Detection Techniques in Noisy Images, An
* Fast Hough Transform for Segment Detection, A
* Fast Hough Transform on Multiprocessors: A Branch and Bound Approach
* High Performance Circle Detection through a GPU Rasterization Approach
* Human Action Classification Using N-Grams Visual Vocabulary
* Learning a generic 3D face model from 2D image databases using incremental Structure-from-Motion
* Logotype detection to support semantic-based video annotation
* Lower Order Circle and Ellipse Hough Transform
* Multimodal features fusion for gait, gender and shoes recognition
* Multimodal Gait Recognition Under Missing Modalities
* Multimodal Human Pose Feature Fusion for Gait Recognition
* Object Tracking and Event Recognition in Biological Microscopy Videos
* On how to improve tracklet-based gait recognition systems
* On the computation of the Circle Hough Transform by a GPU rasterizer
* optimized approach to histogram computation on GPU, An
* Parallelization of irregular algorithms for shape detection
* Planar 3D object detection by using the generalized Hough transform
* Planar object detection under scaled orthographic projection
* Real-time Unsupervised Object Localization on the Edge for Airport Video Surveillance
* Tracking of Linear Appearance Models Using Second Order Minimization
* TV-logo classification and learning system, A
* Using Graphics Hardware for Enhancing Edge and Circle Detection
* Video Cataloging Based on Robust Logotype Detection
* Weakly-Supervised Approach for Discovering Common Objects in Airport Video Surveillance Footage, A
Includes: Guil, N. Guil, N.[Nicolas] Guil, N.[Nicolás]
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Guilbaud, M.N.[Marie Noelle] Co Author Listing * DTM-Based Comparative Geomorphometric Analysis of Four Scoria Cone Areas: Suggestions for Additional Approaches
Includes: Guilbaud, M.N.[Marie Noelle] Guilbaud, M.N.[Marie-Noëlle]

Guilbaud, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Extended Reality, Pedagogy, and Career Readiness: A Review of Literature
* Social-Emotional Competence for the Greater Good: Exploring the Use of Serious Game, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to Elicit Prosocial Behaviors and Strengthen Cognitive Abilities of Youth, Adolescents and Educators: A Systematic Review

Guilbaud, S.[Sarah] Co Author Listing * Impact of Sea Breeze Dynamics on Atmospheric Pollutants and Their Toxicity in Industrial and Urban Coastal Environments

Guilbaud, T.C.[T. Christa] Co Author Listing * Extended Reality, Pedagogy, and Career Readiness: A Review of Literature
* Social-Emotional Competence for the Greater Good: Exploring the Use of Serious Game, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to Elicit Prosocial Behaviors and Strengthen Cognitive Abilities of Youth, Adolescents and Educators: A Systematic Review

Guilbert, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Experimental Parametric Study of a Functional-Magnetic Material Designed for the Monitoring of Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Structures
* Parametric Study to Evaluate the Geometry and Coupling Effect on the Efficiency of a Novel FMM Tool Embedded in Cover Concrete for Corrosion Monitoring
* Preliminary Numerical Study to Compare the Physical Method and Machine Learning Methods Applied to GPR Data for Underground Utility Network Characterization, A
* PUMA Applied to Time Delay Estimation for Processing GPR Data over Debonded Pavement Structures

Guilbert, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of River Network Generalization Methods for Preserving the Drainage Pattern
* Generalisation of Submarine Features On Nautical Charts
* Ground Point Filtering From Airborne Lidar Point Clouds Using Deep Learning: a Preliminary Study
* Multi-level representation of terrain features on a contour map
* Multidimensional and Multiscale GIS
* New Model for Cloud Tracking and Analysis on Satellite Images, A
* Preface - Isprs Workshop On Collaborative Crowdsourced Cloud Mapping And Geospatial Big Data (c3m&gbd 2019)
* Quality Assessment in River Network Generalisation by Preserving the Drainage Pattern
* Review of Geospatial Semantic Information Modeling and Elicitation Approaches, A
* Study Of Variables Characterizing Drainage Patterns In River Networks, A
* Theme section: Multi-dimensional modelling, analysis and visualization
* Towards a Common Framework for the Identification of Landforms on Terrain Models
Includes: Guilbert, E.[Eric] Guilbert, E. Guilbert, É.[Éric]
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Guilbert, M.[Matthieu] Co Author Listing * Multi-Camera Scene Flow by Tracking 3-D Points and Surfels

Guilbert, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Affine Approximation for Direct Batch Recovery of Euclidian Structure and Motion from Sparse Data
* Algorithms for Batch Matrix Factorization with Application to Structure-from-Motion
* Batch Recovery of Multiple Views with Missing Data Using Direct Sparse Solvers
* Contraction Mapping Calibration
* Integrating Prior Knowledge and Structure from Motion
* Photorealistic 3D reconstruction from handheld cameras
* Visire: Photorealistic 3D Reconstruction from Video Sequences
Includes: Guilbert, N.[Nicolas] Guilbert, N.
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Guilbert, V. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Thermal and Visible Point Clouds: Application to the Vaches Noires Landslide, Normandy, France
* Geophysical and UAV-based Observations Over a Flood Defense Structure: Application to the Polder2c's Experimental Dike

Guilbot, M. Co Author Listing * Engineering, Human, and Legal Challenges of Navigation Systems for Personal Mobility

Guilcapi, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * New Strategies for Evaluating the Performance of Typical Testor Algorithms

Guild, L. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Distinction of Two Caribbean Shallow-Water Corals Based on Their Pigments and Corresponding Reflectance

Guild, L.S.[Liane S.] Co Author Listing * Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Monitoring of Coral Ecosystems: New 5-km Global Products from NOAA Coral Reef Watch

Guild, R. Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic extraction of sectional view from point clouds: The case of Ottmarsheim's abbey-church
* Tracking Deforestation, Drought, and Fire Occurrence in Kutai National Park, Indonesia
Includes: Guild, R. Guild, R.[Ryan]

Guilera, G.[Georgina] Co Author Listing * Context-Aware Personality Inference in Dyadic Scenarios: Introducing the UDIVA Dataset
* Dyadformer: A Multi-modal Transformer for Long-Range Modeling of Dyadic Interactions

Guilhaumon, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Combining Passive Acoustics and Environmental Data for Scaling Up Ecosystem Monitoring: A Test on Coral Reef Fishes
Includes: Guilhaumon, F.[Francois] Guilhaumon, F.[François]

Guilherme, I.R.[Ivan Rizzo] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised manifold learning through reciprocal kNN graph and Connected Components for image retrieval tasks

Guilherme, L.R.G.[Luiz Roberto Guimaraes] Co Author Listing * Proximal Sensing and Digital Terrain Models Applied to Digital Soil Mapping and Modeling of Brazilian Latosols (Oxisols)
Includes: Guilherme, L.R.G.[Luiz Roberto Guimaraes] Guilherme, L.R.G.[Luiz Roberto Guimarães]

Guilhot, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Internet-of-Things-Based Geotechnical Monitoring Boosted by Satellite InSAR Data

Guili, X. Co Author Listing * simple calibration method for line-structured light vision sensor based on planar target of different positions, A

Guillamet, D. Co Author Listing * Analyzing non-negative matrix factorization for image classification
* Comparison of Global Versus Local Color Histograms for Object Recognition, A
* Determining a suitable metric when using non-negative matrix factorization
* Discriminant basis for object classification
* Discriminant Local Regions Using Support Vector Machines
* Evaluation of distance metrics for recognition based on non-negative matrix factorization
* Higher-order dependencies in local appearance models
* Introducing a weighted non-negative matrix factorization for image classification
* Local appearance-based models using high-order statistics of image features
* Local Discriminant Regions Using Support Vector Machines for Object Recognition
* Unsupervised Learning of Part-Based Representations
* Using an ICA Representation of High Dimensional Data for Object Recognition and Classification
* Using an ICA representation of local color histograms for object recognition
* Weighted Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Local Representations, A
Includes: Guillamet, D. Guillamet, D.[David]
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Guillard, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * DIG: Draping Implicit Garment over the Human Body
* MeshUDF: Fast and Differentiable Meshing of Unsigned Distance Field Networks
* Sketch2Mesh: Reconstructing and Editing 3D Shapes from Sketches
Includes: Guillard, B.[Benoit] Guillard, B.[Benoît]

Guillaso, S. Co Author Listing * Complementarity of SAR Polarimetry and Tomography for Building Detection and Characterization
* Deformation estimation on low coherence areas by means of polarimetric differential SAR interferometry
* Nonlocal Filtering Applied to 3-D Reconstruction of Tomographic SAR Data
* Self-Initializing PolInSAR Classifier Using Interferometric Phase Differences, A
* Spatiotemporal mining of ENVISAT SAR interferogram time series over the Haiyuan fault in China

Guillataud, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Object detection and identification by hierarchical segmentation

Guillaud, A.[Anne] Co Author Listing * Autonomous agents for edge detection and continuity perception on otolith images
* Continuity Perception Using a Multiagent System. an Application to Growth Ring Detection on Fish Otoliths
* immune oriented multi-agent system for biological image processing, An
* Multiagent System for Edge Detection and Continuity Perception on Fish Otolith Images, A
Includes: Guillaud, A.[Anne] Guillaud, A.

Guillaume, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Global Surface Net-Radiation at 5 km from MODIS Terra

Guillaume, E.B.a.L.[E. Benoit a La] Co Author Listing * Lifecycle of a Neural Network in the Wild: A Multiple Instance Learning Study on Cancer Detection from Breast Biopsies Imaged with Novel Technique, The
Includes: Guillaume, E.B.a.L.[E. Benoit a La] Guillaume, E.B.à.L.[E. Benoit à La]

Guillaume, G.[Gwenael] Co Author Listing * NoiseModelling: An Open Source GIS Based Tool to Produce Environmental Noise Maps
Includes: Guillaume, G.[Gwenael] Guillaume, G.[Gwenaël]

Guillaume, J.L.[Jean Loup] Co Author Listing * Efficient Agglomerative Algorithm Cooperating with Louvain Method for Implementing Image Segmentation, An
Includes: Guillaume, J.L.[Jean Loup] Guillaume, J.L.[Jean-Loup]

Guillaume, M. Co Author Listing * Asymptotically CFAR-Unsupervised Target Detection and Discrimination in Hyperspectral Images With Anomalous-Component Pursuit
* CFAR algorithm for anomaly detection and discrimination in hyperspectral images, A
* Estimation of Bathymetry and Benthic Habitat Composition from Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data (BIODIVERSITY) Using a Semi-Analytical Approach
* Independent Component Analysis-Based Estimation of Anomaly Abundances in Hyperspectral Images
* Mapping Benthic Habitats by Extending Non-Negative Matrix Factorization to Address the Water Column and Seabed Adjacency Effects
* Maximum-likelihood estimation of an astronomical image from a sequence at low photon levels
* Minimum Dispersion Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization to Unmix Hyperspectral Data
* Non Orthogonal Component Analysis: Application to Anomaly Detection
* Non-additive noise and optimal correlation
* Optimal multichannel estimation of the location of a target with nonoverlapping noise
* probabilistic based method for tracking vessels in retinal images, A
Includes: Guillaume, M. Guillaume, M.[Mireille]
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Guillaume, S.[Sylvie] Co Author Listing * Colour image retrieval fitted to classical querying
* Comparative Measurements of Astrogeodetic Deflection of the Vertical by Latvian and Swiss Digital Zenith Cameras
* spectral envelope approach towards effective SVM-RFE on infrared data, A
Includes: Guillaume, S.[Sylvie] Guillaume, S.[Sebastien] Guillaume, S.[Serge]

Guillaumin, M.[Matthieu] Co Author Listing * ABO: Dataset and Benchmarks for Real-World 3D Object Understanding
* Appearances Can Be Deceiving: Learning Visual Tracking from Few Trajectory Annotations
* Automatic face naming with caption-based supervision
* Closed-Form Approximate CRF Training for Scalable Image Segmentation
* Combining Image-Level and Segment-Level Models for Automatic Annotation
* Event Recognition in Photo Collections with a Stopwatch HMM
* Face Recognition from Caption-Based Supervision
* Fast Energy Minimization Using Learned State Filters
* Food-101: Mining Discriminative Components with Random Forests
* From categories to subcategories: Large-scale image classification with partial class label refinement
* ImageNet Auto-Annotation with Segmentation Propagation
* Incremental Learning of NCM Forests for Large-Scale Image Classification
* Incremental Learning of Random Forests for Large-Scale Image Classification
* Is that you? Metric learning approaches for face identification
* Large-scale knowledge transfer for object localization in ImageNet
* Learning to Rank Histograms for Object Retrieval
* Multimodal semi-supervised learning for image classification
* Multiple Instance Metric Learning from Automatically Labeled Bags of Faces
* Non-maximum Suppression for Object Detection by Passing Messages Between Windows
* Prime Object Proposals with Randomized Prim's Algorithm
* Segmentation Propagation in ImageNet
* TagProp: Discriminative metric learning in nearest neighbor models for image auto-annotation
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Guillem, A.[Anais] Co Author Listing * Building Cultural Heritage Resilience through Remote Sensing: An Integrated Approach Using Multi-Temporal Site Monitoring, Datafication, and Web-GL Visualization
* CIDOC CRM Game: A Serious Game Approach to Ontology Learning, The
Includes: Guillem, A.[Anais] Guillem, A.[Anaïs] Guillem, A.

Guillem, M.S. Co Author Listing * Solving Inaccuracies in Anatomical Models for Electrocardiographic Inverse Problem Resolution by Maximizing Reconstruction Quality

Guillemard, F. Co Author Listing * Aware of Scene Vehicles: Probabilistic Modeling of Car-Following Behaviors in Real-World Traffic
* Driver Identification Through Heterogeneity Modeling in Car-Following Sequences
* Evidential-Based Approach for Trajectory Planning With Tentacles, for Autonomous Vehicles
* Learning From Naturalistic Driving Data for Human-Like Autonomous Highway Driving
* On-Road Vehicle Trajectory Collection and Scene-Based Lane Change Analysis: Part I
* On-Road Vehicle Trajectory Collection and Scene-Based Lane Change Analysis: Part II
Includes: Guillemard, F. Guillemard, F.[Franck]

Guillemard, R. Co Author Listing * Time Shifted IMU Preintegration for Temporal Calibration in Incremental Visual-Inertial Initialization

Guillemaud, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic X-ray computed tomography
* Estimating the bias field of MR images
* Generalized Support Constraint for 3-Dimensional Reconstruction from Incomplete Fourier Spectra
* Uniformity correction with homomorphic filtering on region of interest

Guillemaut, J.Y.[Jean Yves] Co Author Listing * 3D action matching with key-pose detection
* Athlete Pose Estimation from Monocular TV Sports Footage
* Bayesian Framework for Simultaneous Matting and 3D Reconstruction, A
* Bayesian Helmholtz Stereopsis with Integrability Prior
* Calibration of a zooming camera using the normalized image of the absolute conic
* Calibration of Nodal and Free-Moving Cameras in Dynamic Scenes for Post-Production
* Colour Helmholtz Stereopsis for Reconstruction of Complex Dynamic Scenes
* Colour Helmholtz Stereopsis for Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes with Arbitrary Unknown Reflectance
* Dynamic 3D Scene Reconstruction in Outdoor Environments
* Dynamic Appearance Modelling from Minimal Cameras
* Family of Approaches for Full 3D Reconstruction of Objects with Complex Surface Reflectance, A
* family of globally optimal branch-and-bound algorithms for 2D-3D correspondence-free registration, A
* Finite Aperture Stereo
* Finite Aperture Stereo: 3D Reconstruction of Macro-Scale Scenes
* Full-Reference Stereoscopic Video Quality Assessment Using a Motion Sensitive HVS Model
* General Dynamic Scene Reconstruction from Multiple View Video
* General Pose Face Recognition Using Frontal Face Model
* generalisable framework for saliency-based line segment detection, A
* generalised framework for saliency-based point feature detection, A
* Globally Optimal 2D-3D Registration from Points or Lines without Correspondences
* Helmholtz stereopsis on rough and strongly textured surfaces
* Hybrid Modeling of Non-Rigid Scenes From RGBD Cameras
* Intrinsic Textures for Relightable Free-Viewpoint Video
* Joint Multi-Layer Segmentation and Reconstruction for Free-Viewpoint Video Applications
* Light Field Compression using Eigen Textures
* Moving Camera Registration for Multiple Camera Setups in Dynamic Scenes
* Multi-label propagation for coherent video segmentation and artistic stylization
* Natural image matting for multiple wide-baseline views
* Non-parametric natural image matting
* Non-parametric patch based video matting
* normalised image of the absolute conic and its application for zooming camera calibration, The
* Novel Depth from Defocus Framework Based on a Thick Lens Camera Model, A
* Novel Multi-View Labelling Network Based on Pairwise Learning, A
* Objective Quality Assessment in Free-Viewpoint Video Production
* Outdoor Dynamic 3-D Scene Reconstruction
* Robust graph-cut scene segmentation and reconstruction for free-viewpoint video of complex dynamic scenes
* Single-View RGBD-Based Reconstruction of Dynamic Human Geometry
* Space-Time Joint Multi-layer Segmentation and Depth Estimation
* Stereoscopic content production of complex dynamic scenes using a wide-baseline monoscopic camera set-up
* Structured Representation of Non-Rigid Surfaces from Single View 3D Point Tracks
* Summarised hierarchical Markov models for speed-invariant action matching
* Temporal trimap propagation for video matting using inferential statistics
* Temporally Coherent 4D Reconstruction of Complex Dynamic Scenes
* Temporally Coherent General Dynamic Scene Reconstruction
* Through-the-Lens Multi-camera Synchronisation and Frame-Drop Detection for 3D Reconstruction
* Using Points at Infinity for Parameter Decoupling in Camera Calibration
* Wide-Baseline Multi-View Video Segmentation for 3D Reconstruction
Includes: Guillemaut, J.Y.[Jean Yves] Guillemaut, J.Y.[Jean-Yves] Guillemaut, J.Y.
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Guilleme, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Laser optical feedback imaging controlled by an electronic feedback loop

Guillemin, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic motion estimation on edge preserving Riesz wavelets for robust video mosaicing
* Graph based construction of textured large field of view mosaics for bladder cancer diagnosis
Includes: Guillemin, F.[Francois] Guillemin, F.[François]

Guillemin, H.[Herve] Co Author Listing * Regularized Restoration of Scintigraphic Images in Bayesian Frameworks

Guillemin, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Co Author Listing * Spatial and Spectral Methods for Weed Detection and Localization
Includes: Guillemin, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Guillemin, J.P.[Jean-Philippe]

Guillemin, S. Co Author Listing * 3d Indoor Documentation of The Winter Garden in The Earthenware Museum At Sarreguemines (france)
* 3D Recording and Modelling of Middle-Age Fortress in Dense Vegetation Environment
* 3D Recording methodology applied to the Grotta Scritta Prehistoric Rock-Shelter in Olmeta-Di-Capocorso (Corsica, France)
* 4D GIS for Monitoring River Bank Erosion At Meander Bend Scale: Case of Moselle River
* Accuracy Assessment of a Canal-Tunnel 3D Model by Comparing Photogrammetry and Laserscanning Recording Techniques
* Assessment Of A Static Multibeam Sonar Scanner For 3d Surveying In Confined Subaquatic Environments
* Building a 3D Reference Model for Canal Tunnel Surveying Using Sonar and Laser Scanning
* Devising a Visual Inspection System for Canal Tunnels: Preliminary Studies
* Digitization of Blocks And Virtual Anastylosis of An Antique Facade In Pont-sainte-maxence (france)
* Documentation of Historical Building via Virtual Tour: The Complex Building of Baths in Strasbourg
* Dynamic 3D Modeling of A Canal-tunnel Using Photogrammetric And Bathymetric Data
* Evaluating a Static Multibeam Sonar Scanner for 3D Surveys in Confined Underwater Environments
* Memory of a 2nd WW Camp: 3d Modeling Using the Combination Of Hybrid Technologies, The
* Methodological Developments in 3D Scanning and Modelling of Archaeological French Heritage Site: The Bronze Age Painted Cave of les Fraux, Dordogne (France)
* Overview of 3D Documentation Data and Tools available for Archaeological Researches: case study of the Romanesque Church of Dugny-sur-Meuse (France)
* Recording Approach Of Heritage Sites Based On Merging Point Clouds From High Resolution Photogrammetry And Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Includes: Guillemin, S. Guillemin, S.[Samuel]
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Guillemot, C. Co Author Listing * 2-channel oversampled filter banks as joint source-channel codes for erasure channels
* 3-D Model-Based Frame Interpolation for Distributed Video Coding of Static Scenes
* 3D Scene Modeling for Distributed Video Coding
* Accuracy-scalable motion coding for efficient scalable video compression
* Advanced Scalability for Light Field Image Coding
* Atomic decomposition dedicated to AVC and spatial SVC prediction
* Axial refocusing precision model with light fields
* Bit-rate allocation for multi-view video plus depth
* Compression of Laplacian Pyramids Through Orthogonal Transforms and Improved Prediction
* Compression of Plenoptic Point Cloud Attributes Using 6-D Point Clouds and 6-D Transforms
* Compressive 4D Light Field Reconstruction Using Orthogonal Frequency Selection
* Compressively sampled light field reconstruction using orthogonal frequency selection and refinement
* Context-Adaptive Neural Network-Based Prediction for Image Compression
* Correspondence Map-Aided Neighbor Embedding for Image Intra Prediction
* Cosine-modulated wavelets: new results on design of arbitrary length filters and optimization for image compression
* Data-rate constrained lattice vector quantization: a new quantizing algorithm in a rate-distortion sense
* Depth Estimation with Occlusion Handling from a Sparse Set of Light Field Views
* Depth-based image completion for view synthesis
* Dictionary learning for image prediction
* Distributed Video Coding: Selecting the most promising application scenarios
* Embedded Multiple Description Coding for Progressive Image Transmission Over Unreliable Channels
* Epitome inpainting with in-loop residue coding for image compression
* Epitomic image factorization via neighbor-embedding
* Error-resilient decoding of context-based adaptive binary arithmetic codes
* Examplar-based inpainting based on local geometry
* Examplar-based video inpainting with motion-compensated neighbor embedding
* Face Hallucination Using Linear Models of Coupled Sparse Support
* Fast Light Field Inpainting Propagation Using Angular Warping and Color-Guided Disparity Interpolation
* Fourier Disparity Layer Representation for Light Fields, A
* Framework for Learning Depth From a Flexible Subset of Dense and Sparse Light Field Views, A
* Fundus Image Mosaicking for Information Augmentation in Computer-Assisted Slit-Lamp Imaging
* Geometry-Aware Graph Transforms for Light Field Compact Representation
* Geometry-Aware Neighborhood Search for Learning Local Models for Image Superresolution
* Gradient-Based Tone Mapping for Rate-Distortion Optimized Backward-Compatible High Dynamic Range Compression
* Graph-based light fields representation and coding using geometry information
* Graph-based representation for multiview images with complex camera configurations
* Guided inpainting with cluster-based auxiliary information
* HEVC Intra coding of ultra HD video with reduced complexity
* Hidden Markov Model for distributed video coding
* Hierarchical Super-Resolution-Based Inpainting
* High Dynamic Range Light Fields via Weighted Low Rank Approximation
* Hybrid Sender and Receiver Driven Rate Control in Multicast Layered Video Transmission
* Image coding with iterated contourlet and wavelet transforms
* Image Inpainting: Overview and Recent Advances
* Image Prediction Based on Neighbor-Embedding Methods
* Image prediction: Template matching vs. sparse approximation
* Immersive Video Coding: Should Geometry Information Be Transmitted as Depth Maps?
* Incremental-LDI for multi-view coding
* Inter-Layer Prediction of Color in High Dynamic Range Image Scalable Compression
* Inter-prediction methods based on linear embedding for video compression
* JND-Guided Perceptual Pre-filtering for HEVC Compression of UHDTV Video Contents
* K-WEB: Nonnegative dictionary learning for sparse image representations
* Learning clustering-based linear mappings for quantization noise removal
* Learning Fused Pixel and Feature-Based View Reconstructions for Light Fields
* Light Field Compression Using Fourier Disparity Layers
* Light Field FDL-HCGH Feature in Scale-Disparity Space, A
* Light Field FDL-HSIFT Feature in Scale-Disparity Space, A
* Light Field Inpainting Propagation via Low Rank Matrix Completion
* Light Field Segmentation Using a Ray-Based Graph Structure
* Light Field Super-Resolution Using a Low-Rank Prior and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Lightweight Neural Network for Monocular View Generation With Occlusion Handling, A
* Local inverse tone curve learning for high dynamic range image scalable compression
* Local Low Rank Approximation With a Parametric Disparity Model for Light Field Compression
* Locally linear embedding based texture synthesis for image prediction and error concealment
* Locally linear embedding methods for inter image coding
* Long Short Term Memory Networks for Light Field View Synthesis
* Low-Complexity Single-Image Super-Resolution based on Nonnegative Neighbor Embedding
* Map-Aided Locally Linear Embedding methods for image prediction
* Mesh-Based Motion-Compensated Interpolation for Side Information Extraction in Distributed Video Coding
* Model and Dictionary Guided Face Inpainting in the Wild
* New Regularization for Retinex Decomposition of Low-Light Images, A
* Object removal and loss concealment using neighbor embedding methods
* Object-based Layered Depth Images for improved virtual view synthesis in rate-constrained context
* Online dictionaries for image prediction
* Optical-Flow Based Nonlinear Weighted Prediction for SDR and Backward Compatible HDR Video Coding
* Oriented Wavelet Transform for Image Compression and Denoising
* Oriented Wavelet Transform on a Quincunx Pyramid for Image Compression
* Out-of-Sample Generalizations for Supervised Manifold Learning for Classification
* Overlapped Quasi-Arithmetic Codes for Distributed Video Coding
* Packet loss resilient MPEG-4 compliant video coding for the Internet
* para-pseudo inverse based method for reconstruction of filter bank frame-expanded signals from erasures, A
* Perceptual watermarking of non I.I.D. signals based on wide spread spectrum using side information
* Perceptually-friendly H.264/AVC video coding
* Perceptually-Friendly H.264/AVC Video Coding Based on Foveated Just-Noticeable-Distortion Model
* PnP-ReG: Learned Regularizing Gradient for Plug-and-Play Gradient Descent
* Preconditioned Plug-and-Play ADMM with Locally Adjustable Denoiser for Image Restoration
* Prediction and Sampling With Local Graph Transforms for Quasi-Lossless Light Field Compression
* Rate-distortion optimization of a tone mapping with SDR quality constraint for backward-compatible high dynamic range compression
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Graph Coarsening and Partitioning for Light Field Coding
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Graph-Based Representation for Multiview Images With Complex Camera Configurations
* Region-Based Prediction for Image Compression in the Cloud
* Robust decoding of arithmetic codes for image transmission over error-prone channels
* Robust face hallucination using quantization-adaptive dictionaries
* Robust Video Coding Based on Multiple Description Scalar Quantization With Side Information
* Scalable Image Coding Based on Epitomes
* Scalable light field compression scheme using sparse reconstruction and restoration
* Scalable Object-Based Video Retrieval in HD Video Databases
* simple framework to leverage state-of-the-art single-image super-resolution methods to restore light fields, A
* simplified rate-distortion optimization procedure relying on statistical subband and noise modelling, A
* Single image super-resolution using sparse representations with structure constraints
* Single-Image Super-Resolution via Linear Mapping of Interpolated Self-Examples
* Soft decoding and synchronization of arithmetic codes: Application to image transmission over noisy channels
* Source Adaptive TCP-compatible Rate Control for Video Over the Internet
* Source Modeling for Distributed Video Coding
* Sparse approximation with adaptive dictionary for image prediction
* Sparse representations for spatial prediction and texture refinement
* Sparse to Dense Scene Flow Estimation From Light Fields
* Special issue on distributed video coding
* Statistical Analysis of Inter Coding in VVC Test Model (VTM)
* subspace algorithm for error localization with overcomplete frame expansions and its application to image transmission, A
* Super-Resolution-Based Inpainting
* SVD Based Transform for Critical Representation of Laplacian Pyramids, An
* Template based inter-layer prediction for high dynamic range scalable compression
* Untrained Neural Network Prior for Light Field Compression, An
* Video Inpainting With Short-Term Windows: Application to Object Removal and Error Concealment
* Wavelet packet coding with jointly optimized lattice vector quantization and data rate allocation
Includes: Guillemot, C. Guillemot, C.[Christine]
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Guillemot, L. Co Author Listing * Entropy-Coded Lattice Vector Quantization Dedicated to the Block Mixture Densities
* Fast lexicographical order-based encoder for lattice vector quantization of Generalized Gaussian sources using pre-computed n-balls cardinalities
* Image compression using lattice vector quantization with code book shape adapted thresholding
* New Fast Bit Allocation Procedure for Image Coding Based on Wavelet Transform and Dead Zone Lattice Vector Quantization, A
Includes: Guillemot, L. Guillemot, L.[Ludovic]

Guillemot, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * Covariance Trees for 2D and 3D Processing
* Implementation of the Midway Image Equalization
* Non Local Point Set Surfaces
* PARIGI: a Patch-based Approach to Remove Impulse-Gaussian Noise from Images

Guillemot, V. Co Author Listing * Continuation of Nesterov's Smoothing for Regression With Structured Sparsity in High-Dimensional Neuroimaging

Guillen Aghion, N. Co Author Listing * Improving active contours for segmentation and tracking of motile cells in videomicroscopy
* Segmentation and tracking of migrating cells in videomicroscopy with parametric active contours: a tool for cell-based drug testing
* Segmenting and Tracking Fluorescent Cells in Dynamic 3-D Microscopy With Coupled Active Surfaces
Includes: Guillen Aghion, N. Guillen-Aghion, N.

Guillen Climent, M.[Mariluz] Co Author Listing * Investigating Live Fuel Moisture Content Estimation in Fire-Prone Shrubland from Remote Sensing Using Empirical Modelling and RTM Simulations
Includes: Guillen Climent, M.[Mariluz] Guillén-Climent, M.[Mariluz]

Guillen Climent, M.L.[Maria Luz] Co Author Listing * Integration of UAV, Sentinel-1, and Sentinel-2 Data for Mangrove Plantation Aboveground Biomass Monitoring in Senegal
* Monitoring water stress and fruit quality in an orange orchard under regulated deficit irrigation using narrow-band structural and physiological remote sensing indices
* Operational Framework for Land Cover Classification in the Context of REDD+ Mechanisms. A Case Study from Costa Rica, An
Includes: Guillen Climent, M.L.[Maria Luz] Guillén-Climent, M.L.[María Luz] Guillén-Climent, M.L.

Guillen Perez, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Intelligent IoT systems for traffic management: A practical application
Includes: Guillen Perez, A.[Antonio] Guillen-Perez, A.[Antonio]

Guillen Reyes, F.O.[Fernando O.] Co Author Listing * Boundary Layer Detection Techniques Applied to Edge Detection
Includes: Guillen Reyes, F.O.[Fernando O.] Guillén-Reyes, F.O.[Fernando O.]

Guillen, J. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Suitability of Video Imaging for Studying the Dynamics of Nearshore Sandbars in Tideless Beaches
* Camera Calibration for Coastal Monitoring Using Available Snapshot Images
Includes: Guillen, J. Guillén, J.[Jorge]

Guillen, J.L.L.[Jose L.L.] Co Author Listing * Patterns from the sky

Guillen, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Event-based Hierarchical Method for Customer Activity Recognition in Retail Stores, An

Guillen, L.A.[Luis Andres] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment in Convolutional Neural Network-Based Deep Learning Remote Sensing Studies: Part 1: Literature Review
* Accuracy Assessment in Convolutional Neural Network-Based Deep Learning Remote Sensing Studies: Part 2: Recommendations and Best Practices
* Estimation of Plot-Level Burn Severity Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Semantic Segmentation Deep Learning for Extracting Surface Mine Extents from Historic Topographic Maps
Includes: Guillen, L.A.[Luis Andres] Guillén, L.A.[Luis Andrés] Guillen, L.A.[Luis A.]

Guillen, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * Agronomic and Economic Potential of Vegetation Indices for Rice Recommendations under Organic and Mineral Fertilization in Mediterranean Regions
Includes: Guillen, M.[Monica] Guillén, M.[Mónica]

Guillen, N. Co Author Listing * 3-D Active Meshes: Fast Discrete Deformable Models for Cell Tracking in 3-D Time-Lapse Microscopy
* Fluid optical flow for forces and pressure field estimation in cellular biology
* Signal Processing Challenges in Quantitative 3-D Cell Morphology: More than meets the eye
Includes: Guillen, N. Guillen, N.[Nancy]

Guillermo, L.L.[Luis Leira] Co Author Listing * Informing Historical Preservation with the Use of Non-destructive Diagnostic Techniques: A Case Study at Ecab, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Guillet, G.[Gregoire] Co Author Listing * Camera orientation, calibration and inverse perspective with uncertainties: A Bayesian method applied to area estimation from diverse photographs
Includes: Guillet, G.[Gregoire] Guillet, G.[Grégoire]

Guillet, J.P.[Jean Paul] Co Author Listing * Feasibility of Using a 300 GHz Radar to Detect Fractures and Lithological Changes in Rocks
Includes: Guillet, J.P.[Jean Paul] Guillet, J.P.[Jean-Paul]

Guillet, P. Co Author Listing * Evaluation and FPGA Implementation of Sparse Linear Solvers for Video Processing Applications

Guillet, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Camera orientation, calibration and inverse perspective with uncertainties: A Bayesian method applied to area estimation from diverse photographs

Guilleux, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Contour Detection by Synchronization of Integrate-and-Fire Neurons

Guilleux, J.[Jordan] Co Author Listing * Discrete Anisotropic Radiative Transfer (DART 5) for Modeling Airborne and Satellite Spectroradiometer and LIDAR Acquisitions of Natural and Urban Landscapes

Guillevic, D. Co Author Listing * Bank Check Processing System
* HMM Word Recognition Engine
* HMM-KNN Word Recognition Engine for Bank Cheque Processing
* Recognition of Legal Amounts on Bank Cheques
* Syntactic and Contextual Post-Processing of Handwritten Addresses for Optical Character Recognition
* Unconstrained Handwriting Recognition Applied to the Processing of Bank Cheques
Includes: Guillevic, D. Guillevic, D.[Didier]

Guillevic, P.C.[Pierre C.] Co Author Listing * Impact of the Revisit of Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Observations on Evapotranspiration Uncertainty: A Sensitivity Study Using AmeriFlux Data
* Net Surface Shortwave Radiation from GOES Imagery: Product Evaluation Using Ground-Based Measurements from SURFRAD
* Physics-Based Algorithm for the Simultaneous Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity From VIIRS Thermal Infrared Data, A
* Quantitative Remote Sensing of Land Surface Variables: Progress and Perspective
Includes: Guillevic, P.C.[Pierre C.] Guillevic, P.C.

Guillevin, C.[Carole] Co Author Listing * Assigning a new glioma grade label ground-truth for the BraTS dataset using radiologic criteria
* Diffuse Low Grade Glioma NMR Assessment for Better Intra-operative Targeting Using Fuzzy Logic
* MRS-XNet: An Explainable One-Dimensional Deep Neural Network for Magnetic Spectroscopic Data Classification

Guillevin, R.[Remy] Co Author Listing * Assigning a new glioma grade label ground-truth for the BraTS dataset using radiologic criteria
* CenterlineNet: Automatic Coronary Artery Centerline Extraction for Computed Tomographic Angiographic Images Using Convolutional Neural Network Architectures
* Diffuse Low Grade Glioma NMR Assessment for Better Intra-operative Targeting Using Fuzzy Logic
* MRS-XNet: An Explainable One-Dimensional Deep Neural Network for Magnetic Spectroscopic Data Classification
Includes: Guillevin, R.[Remy] Guillevin, R.[Rémy]

Guilliard, I.[Iain] Co Author Listing * Mitigating the impact of light rail on urban traffic networks using mixed-integer linear programming

Guillo, A.F.[Andres Fuster] Co Author Listing * Adjustable compression method for still JPEG images
* Architecture for Image Labelling in Real Conditions
Includes: Guillo, A.F.[Andres Fuster] Guilló, A.F.[Andrés Fuster]

Guillo, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Fast Light Field Inpainting Propagation Using Angular Warping and Color-Guided Disparity Interpolation

Guillod, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Skin Lesions with Pigmented Networks

Guillon, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Hierarchical Attention Neural Network: Looking for Candidates Behaviour Which Impact Recruiter's Decision

Guillon, J.P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Pre-ocular Tear Film Break-Up Sequence in Dry Eyes

Guillon, O. Co Author Listing * Multispectral Photogrammetric Data Acquisition and Processing Forwall Paintings Studies

Guillon, P. Co Author Listing * Creating the Sydney York Morphological and Acoustic Recordings of Ears Database

Guillon, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * 3D Seismic Data Fusion and Filtering using a PDE-Based Approach
* Adaptive Nonlinear Filters for 2D and 3D Image Enhancement
* Discontinuous seismic horizon reconstruction based on local dip transformation
* Discontinuous seismic horizon tracking based on a poisson equation with incremental dirichlet boundary conditions
* PDE-Based Approach for Image Fusion, A
* PDE-Based Approach to Three-Dimensional Seismic Data Fusion, A
* robust framework for GeoTime cube, A
* Robust nonlinear contrast enhancement filters
* Sector-based diffusion filtering
Includes: Guillon, S.[Sebastien] Guillon, S.
9 for Guillon, S.

Guillory, D.[Devin] Co Author Listing * Predicting with Confidence on Unseen Distributions
* Self-Supervised Pretraining Improves Self-Supervised Pretraining
* Studying Bias in GANs Through the Lens of Race
* Weakly-supervised Action Localization with Expectation-maximization Multi-instance Learning

Guillot, A.[Amandine] Co Author Listing * Ice Sheet Topography from a New CryoSat-2 SARIn Processing Chain, and Assessment by Comparison to ICESat-2 over Antarctica
* Investigating the 59-Day Error Signal in the Mean Sea Level Derived From TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1, and Jason-2 Data With FES and GOT Ocean Tide Models
* Retrieving Sea Level and Freeboard in the Arctic: A Review of Current Radar Altimetry Methodologies and Future Perspectives
Includes: Guillot, A.[Amandine] Guillot, A.

Guillot, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Topography of a Dynamic Tidal Inlet Using UAV Imagery
* Predicting the Infrared UAV Imagery Over the Coast
* UAV Application in Coastal Environment, Example of the Oleron Island for Dunes and Dikes Survey
Includes: Guillot, B.[Benoit] Guillot, B.[Benoît] Guillot, B.

Guillot, C.[Constant] Co Author Listing * Background subtraction adapted to PTZ cameras by keypoint density estimation
* Background Subtraction for PTZ Cameras Performing a Guard Tour and Application to Cameras with Very Low Frame Rate
* Error Decreasing of Background Subtraction Process by Modeling the Foreground
Includes: Guillot, C.[Constant] Guillot, C.

Guillot, L.[Laurence] Co Author Listing * Extrapolation of Vector Fields Using the Infinity Laplacian and with Applications to Image Segmentation

Guilloteau, C.[Claire] Co Author Listing * Informed Spatial Regularizations For Fast Fusion Of Astronomical Images
* Quantitative Investigation of Radiometric Interactions between Snowfall, Snow Cover, and Cloud Liquid Water over Land
Includes: Guilloteau, C.[Claire] Guilloteau, C.[Clement]

Guilloteau, D. Co Author Listing * 4DGVF segmentation of vector-valued images
* 4DGVF-based filtering of vector-valued images
* Variational Segmentation of Vector-Valued Images With Gradient Vector Flow

Guillotel, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Compressive 4D Light Field Reconstruction Using Orthogonal Frequency Selection
* Compressively sampled light field reconstruction using orthogonal frequency selection and refinement
* Correspondence Map-Aided Neighbor Embedding for Image Intra Prediction
* Emotion Recognition Based on High-Resolution EEG Recordings and Reconstructed Brain Sources
* Epitome inpainting with in-loop residue coding for image compression
* Epitomic image factorization via neighbor-embedding
* FLC and VLC coding for professional digital HDTV recording: Application to D1-like recorders
* Guest Editorial: Toward Commercial Applications of Affective Computing
* Inter-prediction methods based on linear embedding for video compression
* Iterated neighbor-embeddings for image super-resolution
* Learning clustering-based linear mappings for quantization noise removal
* Locally linear embedding methods for inter image coding
* Map-Aided Locally Linear Embedding methods for image prediction
* Optimized neighbor embeddings for single-image super-resolution
* Perceptual video coding based on MB classification and rate-distortion optimization
* Physiological-Based Affect Event Detector for Entertainment Video Applications
* Process, device and use for evaluating coded images
* Region-Based Prediction for Image Compression in the Cloud
* Scalable Image Coding Based on Epitomes
* Toward Haptic Cinematography: Enhancing Movie Experiences with Camera-Based Haptic Effects
Includes: Guillotel, P.[Philippe] Guillotel, P.
20 for Guillotel, P.

Guillou, E.[Erwan] Co Author Listing * Human actions recognition from streamed Motion Capture
* Largest Silhouette-Equivalent Volume for 3D Shapes Modeling without Ghost Object
* Ongoing human action recognition with motion capture
* Real-Time and Marker-Free 3D Motion Capture for Home Entertainment Oriented Applications
* Real-Time and Markerless 3D Human Motion Capture Using Multiple Views
* Real-Time Marker-free Motion Capture from multiple cameras
* real-time system for motion retrieval and interpretation, A
7 for Guillou, E.

Guillou, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Construction of Multi-Year Time-Series Profiles of Suspended Particulate Inorganic Matter Concentrations Using Machine Learning Approach
* Observing System Simulation Experiment (OSSE) in Deriving Suspended Sediment Concentrations in the Ocean From MTG/FCI Satellite Sensor, An

Guilloud, F. Co Author Listing * kernel-based soft BER estimator for coded QAM transmission systems, A

Guillouet, B. Co Author Listing * Destination Prediction by Trajectory Distribution-Based Model
* Review and Perspective for Distance-Based Clustering of Vehicle Trajectories

Guilloux, V. Co Author Listing * Partially observed objects localization with PCA and KPCA models

Guilluy, W.[Wilko] Co Author Listing * Video stabilization: Overview, challenges and perspectives

Guilmart, C. Co Author Listing * Context-driven moving object detection in aerial scenes with user input

Guilouet, C. Co Author Listing * Robust Detection of SAR/IR Targets via Invariance

Guilpart, B. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Tikhonov-Miller Image Restoration

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