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Yous, H. Co Author Listing * Blotch detection in archived video based on regions matching
* CNN-based method for blotches and scratches detection in archived videos
* Spatio-temporal blotches detection and removal in archive video
* VPU Specific CNNs through Neural Architecture Search
Includes: Yous, H. Yous, H.[Hamza]

Yous, S.[Sofiane] Co Author Listing * CNN-based method for blotches and scratches detection in archived videos
* Multiple Active Camera Assignment for High Fidelity 3D Video
* Networked Heterogeneous Camera System for High Resolution Face Images
* People Detection and Tracking with World-Z Map from a Single Stereo Camera

Yousaf, A.[Adeel] Co Author Listing * Glacial Lakes Mapping Using Multi Satellite PlanetScope Imagery and Deep Learning
* Robust and computationally efficient online image stabilisation framework based on adaptive dual motion vector integration

Yousaf, F.Z.[Faqir Zarrar] Co Author Listing * Shortest Processing Time Scheduling to Reduce Traffic Congestion in Dense Urban Areas

Yousaf, J. Co Author Listing * Automated Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Using Deep Learning-Based Whole Slide Image Analysis of Molecular Biomarkers
* Pyramidal CNN-Based Gleason Grading System Using Digitized Prostate Biopsy Specimens, A
* Thyroid Cancer Diagnostic System using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Yousaf, M.H.[Muhammad Haroon] Co Author Listing * Bag of Deep Features for Instructor Activity Recognition in Lecture Room
* Bag of Expression framework for improved human action recognition, A
* Cross-modal Speaker Verification and Recognition: A Multilingual Perspective
* DA-VLAD: Discriminative Action Vector of Locally Aggregated Descriptors for Action Recognition
* End-to-End Temporal Action Detection Using Bag of Discriminant Snippets
* Feature Similarity and Frequency-Based Weighted Visual Words Codebook Learning Scheme for Human Action Recognition
* Optimized and Fast Scheme for Real-Time Human Detection Using Raspberry Pi, An
* PMHI: Proposals From Motion History Images for Temporal Segmentation of Long Uncut Videos
* Shadow Detection for Vehicle Classification in Urban Environments
* T-VLAD: Temporal vector of locally aggregated descriptor for multiview human action recognition
* TAB: Temporally aggregated bag-of-discriminant-words for temporal action proposals
Includes: Yousaf, M.H.[Muhammad Haroon] Yousaf, M.H.
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Yousaf, M.M.[Muhammad Murtaza] Co Author Listing * Image de-fencing using histograms of oriented gradients

Yousaf, R.[Rukhsar] Co Author Listing * Satellite Imagery-Based Cloud Classification Using Deep Learning

Yousaf, S. Co Author Listing * Closed-Loop Restoration Approach to Blurry Images Based on Machine Learning and Feedback Optimization

Yousef, A. Co Author Listing * High-Speed Image Registration Algorithm with Subpixel Accuracy

Yousef, A.H.[Ahmed Hassan] Co Author Listing * GPU-based elastic shape registration approach in implicit spaces, A

Yousef, F.[Foad] Co Author Listing * Coastal Ecosystem Investigations with LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and Bottom Reflectance: Lake Superior Reef Threatened by Migrating Tailings
* Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and Multispectral Scanner (MSS) Studies Examine Coastal Environments Influenced by Mining

Yousef, K.M.A.[Khalil M. Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Solving the robot-world hand-eye(s) calibration problem with iterative methods

Yousef, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Accurate, data-efficient, unconstrained text recognition with convolutional neural networks
* Fast Exhaustive-Search equivalent pattern matching through hierarchical partitioning
* Fast exhaustive-search equivalent pattern matching through norm ordering
* No Shifted Augmentations (NSA): Compact distributions for robust self-supervised Anomaly Detection
* OrigamiNet: Weakly-Supervised, Segmentation-Free, One-Step, Full Page Text Recognition by learning to unfold
Includes: Yousef, M.[Mohamed] Yousef, M.

Yousef, M.M.[Mustafa Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Smart Traffic Monitoring System Using Computer Vision and Edge Computing

Yousef, T.A.[Tamer A.] Co Author Listing * Effect of Noise and Slice Profile on Strain Quantifications of Strain Encoding (SENC) MRI

Yousef, W.A.[Waleed A.] Co Author Listing * Assessing Classifiers from Two Independent Data Sets Using ROC Analysis: A Nonparametric Approach
* Classifier variability: Accounting for training and testing
* Comparison of non-parametric methods for assessing classifier performance in terms of ROC parameters
* Estimating the standard error of cross-Validation-Based estimators of classifier performance
* Estimating the uncertainty in the estimated mean area under the ROC curve of a classifier
* Machine learning in precision medicine to preserve privacy via encryption
* On detecting abnormalities in digital mammography
* Prudence when assuming normality: An advice for machine learning practitioners
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Yousefhussien, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Combining Remotely Sensed Imagery with Survival Models for Outage Risk Estimation of the Power Grid
* multi-scale fully convolutional network for semantic labeling of 3D point clouds, A

Yousefhussien, M.A.[Mohammed A.] Co Author Listing * Bio-inspired algorithm for online visual tracking
* Online tracking using saliency

Yousefi'zadeh, H. Co Author Listing * Power Optimization of Wireless Media Systems With Space-Time Block Codes
* Progressive Bitstream Transmission over Tandem Channels

Yousefi, A. Co Author Listing * Transcranial Shear-Mode Ultrasound: Assessment of Imaging Performance and Excitation Techniques

Yousefi, A.M.[Amir M.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Image-Feature-Based Hierarchical Concrete Crack Identification Framework Using Optimized SVM Multi-Classifiers and D-S Fusion Algorithm for Bridge Structures

Yousefi, B. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical method for building extraction in urban area's images using unsharp masking [USM] and Bayesian classifier
* Unsupervised Identification of Targeted Spectra Applying Rank1-NMF and FCC Algorithms in Long-Wave Hyperspectral Infrared Imagery
Includes: Yousefi, B. Yousefi, B.[Bardia]

Yousefi, F.[Farzad] Co Author Listing * ROAD: The Road Event Awareness Dataset for Autonomous Driving

Yousefi, M. Co Author Listing * robust probabilistic Braille recognition system, A

Yousefi, M.R.[Mohammad Reza] Co Author Listing * Binarization-free OCR for historical documents using LSTM networks
* Improving mixture of experts for view-independent face recognition using teacher-directed learning
* Robust Binarization of Stereo and Monocular Document Images Using Percentile Filter
* Teacher-directed learning in view-independent face recognition with mixture of experts using overlapping eigenspaces
* Teacher-directed learning in view-independent face recognition with mixture of experts using single-view eigenspaces
* View-independent face recognition with Mixture of Experts
* Visual cortex inspired features for object detection in X-ray images
* Visual Words on Baggage X-Ray Images
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Yousefi, N.[Nasser] Co Author Listing * Breast cancer diagnosis based on a new improved Elman neural network optimized by meta-heuristics

Yousefi, P.[Paria] Co Author Listing * Budget-Constrained Online Video Summarisation of Egocentric Video Using Control Charts
* Classification and comparison of on-line video summarisation methods
* Comparing keyframe summaries of egocentric videos: Closest-to-centroid baseline
* Edited nearest neighbour for selecting keyframe summaries of egocentric videos

Yousefi, R.[Robabeh] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Trends during the Dusty Season over Iran
* Analysis of the Winter AOD Trends over Iran from 2000 to 2020 and Associated Meteorological Effects
* Long-Term Dynamics of Atmospheric Sulfur Dioxide in Urban and Rural Regions of China: Urbanization and Policy Impacts

Yousefi, S.[Shahrouz] Co Author Listing * 3D Gestural Interaction for Stereoscopic Visualization on Mobile Devices
* 3D Gesture Analysis Using a Large-Scale Gesture Database
* 3D gesture-based interaction for immersive experience in mobile VR
* 3D Interaction Through a Real-Time Gesture Search Engine
* auto-focus sharpness function for stereo image pairs, An
* Automated Glaucoma Diagnosis Using Deep and Transfer Learning: Proposal of a System for Clinical Testing
* Bilateral Markov mesh random field and its application to image restoration
* Comparison of atlas-based segmentation of subcortical structures in magnetic resonance brain images
* Computationally Tractable Stochastic Image Modeling Based on Symmetric Markov Mesh Random Fields
* Direct hand pose estimation for immersive gestural interaction
* Evaluating similarity measures for brain image registration
* Evaluation of Multi-metric Registration for Online Adaptive Proton Therapy of Prostate Cancer
* Experiencing real 3D gestural interaction with mobile devices
* Facial expression recognition based on diffeomorphic matching
* From Local Similarities to Global Coding: A Framework for Coding Applications
* Glaucoma Monitoring Using Manifold Learning and Unsupervised Clustering
* Glaucoma Precognition Based on Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscopy Images of the Optic Disc Using Convolutional Neural Network
* Glaucoma Precognition: Recognizing Preclinical Visual Functional Signs of Glaucoma
* gradient-based optimization approach for reduction of blocking artifacts in JPEG images, A
* Head operated electric wheelchair
* Kullback-Leibler Distance Optimization for Non-rigid Registration of Echo-Planar to Structural Magnetic Resonance Brain Images
* L_0-Norm Sparse Hyperspectral Unmixing Using Arctan Smoothing
* Monocular Extraction of 2.1D Sketch Using Constrained Convex Optimization
* Multi-Hazard Exposure Mapping Using Machine Learning Techniques: A Case Study from Iran
* novel Markov random field model based on region adjacency graph for T1 magnetic resonance imaging brain segmentation, A
* Novel Motion Detection Method Using 3D Discrete Wavelet Transform, A
* Spatial Stochastic Vehicle Traffic Modeling for VANETs
* Symmetric deformable image registration via optimization of information theoretic measures
* Two-stage registration of substrcutures in magnetic resonance brain images
Includes: Yousefi, S.[Shahrouz] Yousefi, S. Yousefi, S.[Siamak] Yousefi, S.[Sahar] Yousefi, S.[Shahram] Yousefi, S.[Siavash] Yousefi, S.[Saleh]
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Yousefi, S.M. Co Author Listing * Detecting Probable Rockfalls in Open Pit Mines Based On UAV Point Clouds

Yousefian, F. Co Author Listing * Novel Water Index (SWI) for Salty Water from Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS, A

Yousefian, H.[Hadi] Co Author Listing * Novel Pixon-Based Approach for Image Segmentation Using Wavelet Thresholding Method, A

Yousefian, N. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Coherence Model for Noise Reduction in Reverberant Environments, A

Yousefian, O.[Omid] Co Author Listing * Predicting Structural Properties of Cortical Bone by Combining Ultrasonic Attenuation and an Artificial Neural Network (ANN): 2-D FDTD Study

Yousefit, S.[Shahrouz] Co Author Listing * Direct Method for 3D Hand Pose Recovery, A

Yousefizadeh, L. Co Author Listing * Full Polarimetric Uavsar Image Change Detection Based On Change Indices

Yousefpanah, K.[Kolsoum] Co Author Listing * Efficient scramble for quasi-random numbers in Monte Carlo computations

Yousefzadeh, M.[Meisam] Co Author Listing * Combined rigorous-generic direct orthorectification procedure for IRS-p6 sensors
* general data-driven algorithm for fašade structure modeling using ground based laser data, A
Includes: Yousefzadeh, M.[Meisam] Yousefzadeh, M.

Yousefzadeh, R.[Rahman] Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal Channel Correlation Networks for Action Classification

Yousfi, K.[Karim] Co Author Listing * Driving Hierarchy Construction via Supervised Learning: Application to Osteo-Articular Medical Images Database
* Supervised Learning for Guiding Hierarchy Construction: Application to Osteo-Articular Medical Images Database

Yousfi, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Life-Size and Near Real-Time Test of Irrigation Scheduling with a Sentinel-2 Like Time Series (SPOT4-Take5) in Morocco, A

Yousfi, S.[Sonia] Co Author Listing * ALIF: A dataset for Arabic embedded text recognition in TV broadcast
* Arabic text detection in videos using neural and boosting-based approaches: Application to video indexing
* Contribution of recurrent connectionist language models in improving LSTM-based Arabic text recognition in videos
* Deep learning and recurrent connectionist-based approaches for Arabic text recognition in videos

Yousfi, Y. Co Author Listing * Intriguing Struggle of CNNs in JPEG Steganalysis and the OneHot Solution, An

Yousif, H.[Hamad] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Enhancement Of Terrestrial Mobile Lidar Data Using Theory Of Assimilation
* Enhancement of positioning accuracy of terrestrial LiDAR mobile mapping systems
* Learning Local and Deep Features for Efficient Cell Image Classification Using Random Forests
* Object detection from dynamic scene using joint background modeling and fast deep learning classification
* Object segmentation in the deep neural network feature domain from highly cluttered natural scenes
Includes: Yousif, H.[Hamad] Yousif, H. Yousif, H.[Hayder]

Yousif, K. Co Author Listing * 3D Registration in Dark Environments Using RGB-D Cameras

Yousif, O.[Osama] Co Author Listing * Dimensionality Reduction and Feature Selection for Object-Based Land Cover Classification based on Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series Using Google Earth Engine
* Improving Urban Change Detection From Multitemporal SAR Images Using PCA-NLM
Includes: Yousif, O.[Osama] Yousif, O.

Yousif, S. Co Author Listing * Development of a Microsimulation Model for Motorway Roadworks With Narrow Lanes
* Microsimulation Model for Motorway Merges With Ramp-Metering Controls
* Modeling Shuttle-Lane Roadwork Operated by Temporary Traffic Signals Using Microsimulation

Yousofvand, L.[Leila] Co Author Listing * Person identification using ECG signal's symbolic representation and dynamic time warping adaptation

Yousri, N.A.[Noha A.] Co Author Listing * distance-relatedness dynamic model for clustering high dimensional data of arbitrary shapes and densities, A
* Efficient incremental phrase-based document clustering
* Finding Arbitrary Shaped Clusters for Character Recognition
* novel validity measure for clusters of arbitrary shapes and densities, A

Yousry, T. Co Author Listing * Accurate Localization of Optic Radiation During Neurosurgery in an Interventional MRI Suite
* Part-to-Whole Registration of Histology and MRI Using Shape Elements

Youssef, A.[Amira] Co Author Listing * Adaptive feature selection and data pruning for 3D facial expression recognition using the Kinect
* Automated Measurements in Obstetric Ultrasound Images
* Bit error detection and recovery for x2D MMR coded bitstreams
* Fast Traffic Sign Recognition Using Color Segmentation and Deep Convolutional Networks
* Identifying Genes with The Concept of Customization
Includes: Youssef, A.[Amira] Youssef, A. Youssef, A.[Ali]

Youssef, A.B.[Abo Bakr] Co Author Listing * New feature-based detection of blood vessels and exudates in color fundus images
Includes: Youssef, A.B.[Abo Bakr] Youssef, A.B.[Abo-Bakr]

Youssef, A.B.M. Co Author Listing * Classification algorithms for quantitative tissue characterization of diffuse liver disease from ultrasound images
* Computer aided diagnosis in digital mammography using combined support vector machine and linear discriminant analyasis classification
* Real Time Adaptive Ultrasound Speckle Reduction and Coherence Enhancement
Includes: Youssef, A.B.M. Youssef, A.B.M.[Abou-Bakr M.]

Youssef, A.M. Co Author Listing * Artificial Life Feature Selection Techniques for Prostrate Cancer Diagnosis Using TRUS Images
* Prostate Tissue Characterization Using TRUS Image Spectral Features

Youssef, C.[Chahir] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal representation of 3D skeleton joints-based action recognition using modified spherical harmonics

Youssef, D.[Doaa] Co Author Listing * New feature-based detection of blood vessels and exudates in color fundus images

Youssef, F.[Fakhri] Co Author Listing * Maximizing Network Lifetime through Optimal Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks

Youssef, G. Co Author Listing * HVS-MRMR wrapper method for variables selection

Youssef, K. Co Author Listing * Feature-Preserving Noise Removal

Youssef, M.[Moustafa] Co Author Listing * Accurate Real-time Map Matching for Challenging Environments
* Fusion of Single and Integral Multispectral Aerial Images
* Guest editorial: mobile computing support for geospatial systems
* Head pose estimation from images using Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Humaine: A Ubiquitous Smartphone-Based User Heading Estimation for Mobile Computing Systems
* Parallel algorithms for recognizing handwritten characters using shape features
* Phase Space for Face Pose Estimation
* Semi-Paired Approach for Label-to-Image Translation, A
* TNRAC: a system for tracking multiple moving non-rigid objects using an active camera
Includes: Youssef, M.[Moustafa] Youssef, M.[Mohamed] Youssef, M.[Menatoallah] Youssef, M. Youssef, M.[Mark]
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Youssef, M.M.[Menatoallah M.] Co Author Listing * Hull convexity defects features for human activity recognition
* Human action recognition using hull convexity defect features with multi-modality setups

Youssef, O.H. Co Author Listing * Coherent grouping of pixels for faster shadow cache in 3D holoscopic computer graphics
* Computer Generated Content for 3D TV

Youssef, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive morphological closing based on inertia tensor for structuring element estimation
* Evaluation Protocol of Skeletonization Applied to Grayscale Curvilinear Structures
* Graph Structuring of Skeleton Object for Its High-Level Exploitation
* High resolution volume quantification of the knee joint space based on a semi-automatic segmentation of computed tomography images
* Self noise and contrast controlled thinning of gray images
* Unified Lowering Decision of Parametric Thinning in the Hypothesis Test Framework
Includes: Youssef, R. Youssef, R.[Rabaa]

Youssef, S.[Saul] Co Author Listing * new algorithm for object oriented ray tracing, A

Youssef, S.M.[Sherin M.] Co Author Listing * Contextual Swarm-Based Multi-layered Lattices: A New Architecture for Contextual Pattern Recognition

Youssef, Y.M.[Youssry M.] Co Author Listing * Rule-Based System for Characterizing Blood Cell Motion, A
* Understanding Blood Cell Motion

Youssefi, D. Co Author Listing * Ambiguity Concept In Stereo Matching Pipeline
* CO3D Mission Digital Surface Model Production Pipeline
* Ground Truth Generation and Disparity Estimation for Optical Satellite Imagery
* Sentinel-2 Global Reference Image Validation And Application To Multitemporal Performances And High Latitude Digital Surface Model
* Stable Mean-Shift Algorithm and Its Application to the Segmentation of Arbitrarily Large Remote Sensing Images

Youssefi, F. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Zoning of Cultivation Areas With Similar Cultivation Pattern in Golestan Province Based On The Vegetation Products of MODIS Sensor

Youssfi, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Emergency Response Management
* Drone path optimization in complex environment based on Q-learning algorithm
* efficient multi-agent computationnal model for massively distribution of independent and heterogeneous tasks, An
* Generic distributed polymorphic learning model for a community of heterogeneous cyber physical social robots in MAS Environment and GPU Architecture
* New load balancing framework based on mobile AGENT and ant-colony optimization technique
* New model for aircraft landing scheduling using real time algorithms scheduling
* New optimized GPU version of the k-means algorithm for large-sized image segmentation
* Scalable multi agent system middleware for HPC of Big Data Applications
* Thermal effect analysis of brain tumor on simulated T1-weighted MRI images
Includes: Youssfi, M.[Mohamed] Youssfi, M.
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Youssif, A.[Aliaa] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Optic Disc in Eye Fundus Images: A Survey

Youssif, A.A.H.A.R. Co Author Listing * Optic Disc Detection From Normalized Digital Fundus Images by Means of a Vessels' Direction Matched Filter

Yousuf, A.[Ambereen] Co Author Listing * In Vivo MRI Based Prostate Cancer Identification with Random Forests and Auto-context Model
* Renewable Energy Re-Distribution via Multiscale IoT for 6G-Oriented Green Highway Management
Includes: Yousuf, A.[Ambereen] Yousuf, A.[Abu]

Yousuf, A.A. Co Author Listing * Low Cost Rokkaku Kite Setup for Aerial Photogrammetric System, A

Yousuf, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Automatic Colorectal Polyps Detection Approach for Ct Colonography, An

Yousuf, M.A.[Muhammad Adil] Co Author Listing * Enhancing breast pectoral muscle segmentation performance by using skip connections in fully convolutional network

Yousuke, I. Co Author Listing * Common Landmark Discovery for Object-Level View Image Retrieval: Modeling and Matching of Scenes via Bag-of-Bounding-Boxes

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