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Boashash, B. Co Author Listing * Integration Of A Part Segmentation Based Vision System
* Pattern Recognition Using Invariants Defined From Higher Order Spectra: 2-D Image Inputs
* Structural-Description-Based Vision System Forautomatic Object Recognition, A

Bober, M. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Complex Multimodal Motion: An Approach Based On Robust Statistics And Hough Transform
* Motion Based Image Segmentation For Video Coding
* Multiresolution Motion Segmentation
* Nonlinear Motion Estimation Using The Supercoupling Approach
* On Accurate And Robust Estimation Of Fundamental Matrix
* Robust Motion Analysis

Bobet, P. Co Author Listing * Auto-Calibration By Direct Observation Of Objects
* Dynamic Calibration Of An Active Stereo Head
* Dynamic World Modeling Using Vertical Line Stereo
* Gaze Control For A Binocular Camera Head
* Layered Control Of A Binocular Camera Head
* Maintaining Stereo Calibration By Tracking Image Points
* Obstacle Dectection Analysis
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Bobick, A. Co Author Listing * Appearance-Based Representation Of Action, An
* Pnf Propagation And The Detection Of Actions Described By Temporal Intervals
* Vsam At The Mit Media Laboratory And Cbcl: Learning And Understanding Action In Video Imagery
* Vsam At The Mit Media Laboratory And Cbcl: Learning And Understanding Action In Video Imagery Pi Report 1998

Bobick, A.F. Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Using Probabilistic Parsing
* Closed-World Tracking
* Controlling View-Based Algorithms Using Approximate World Models And Action Information
* Direct Computation Of Height From Shading, The
* Direct Computation Of Height From Shading, The
* Disparity-Space Images And Large Occlusion Stereo
* Human Action Detection Using Pnf Propagation Of Temporal Constraints
* Incorporating Intensity Edges In The Recovery Of Occlusion Regions
* Learning Visual Behavior For Gesture Analysis
* Nonlinear Phmms For The Interpretation Of Parameterized Gesture
* Real-Time Closed-World Tracking
* Recognition And Interpretation Of Parametric Gesture
* Recognition Of Human Body Motion Using Phase Space Constraints
* Representation And Recognition Of Human Movement Using Temporal Templates, The
* Representation And Visual Recognition Of Complex, Multi-Agent Actions Using Belief Networks
* Representation Space Paradigm Of Concurrent Evolving Object Descriptions, The
* Representation Space: An Approach To The Integration Of Visual Information
* Representation Space: An Approach To The Integration Of Visual Information
* State-Based Approach To The Representation And Recognition Of Gesture, A
* State-Based Technique For The Summarization And Recognition Of Gesture, A
* Temporal Classification Of Natural Gesture And Application To Video Coding
* Using Stability Of Interpretation As Verification For Low-Level Processing: An Example From Egomotion And Optic Flow
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Bobman, S.A. Co Author Listing * Processing Techniques For Magnetic Resonance Image Synthesis

Bobrow, J.E. Co Author Listing * Direct Minimization Approach For Obtaining The Distance Between Convex Polyhedra, A

Bock, F. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Methods For Texture Defect Detection

Bock, P. Co Author Listing * Using A Hierarchical Approach To Avoid Over-Fitting In Early Vision

Bodington, R. Co Author Listing * Consistent Labelling Of Image Features Using An Assumption-Based Truth Maintenance System

Bodington, R.M. Co Author Listing * Experiments On The Use Of The Atms To Label Features For Object Recognition

Bodlaender, H.L. Co Author Listing * Polynomial Algorithms For Graph Isomorphism And Chromatic Index On Partial K-Trees
* Simulation Of Large Networks On Smaller Networks

Bodson, D. Co Author Listing * Measurement Of Data Compression In Advanced Group 4 Facsimile Systems

Boecker, F.R.P. Co Author Listing * Contour Detection In Dsa-Images As Basis For Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Ventriculograms

Boehm, W. Co Author Listing * Curves And Surfaces In Cagd '89 (Proceedings Of The Fourth Conference On Surfaces In Cagd, Oberwolfach, Frg, April 16-22, 1989), North-Holland
* Eds. Computer Aided Geometric Design, North Holland
* Geometric Concepts For Geometric Design, Jones & Bartlett
* Surfaces In Computer Aided Geometric Design (Oberwolfach, Germany, April 25-30, 1982), North-Holland

Boekee, D.E. Co Author Listing * Pel-Recursive Wiener-Based Displacement Estimation Algorithm, A

Boender, E. Co Author Listing * Survey Of Intersection Algorithms For Curved Surfaces, A

Boeri, F. Co Author Listing * Image Processing On A Simd/Spmd Architecture: Opsila

Boerman, A. Co Author Listing * Choosing Filter Parameters For Non-Linear Image Filtering

Boerner, H. Co Author Listing * Automated X-Ray Inspection Of Aluminum Castings

Boff, K.R. Co Author Listing * Handbook Of Perception And Human Performance: 1. Sensory Processes And Perception; 2. Cognitive Processes And Performance, Wiley

Bogaert, M. Co Author Listing * Passwords Project, The

Bogdanowicz, J.F. Co Author Listing * Image Understanding Technology And Its Transition To Military Applications
* Overview Of The Scorpius Program

Bogen, D.K. Co Author Listing * Strain Energy Approach To Regularization In Displacement Fits Of Elastically Deforming Bodies, A

Bognar, J. Co Author Listing * High Resolution Image Reconstruction From Digital Video With In-Scene Motion

Bogomolny, A. Co Author Listing * Digital Geometry May Not Be Discrete
* On The Perimeter And Area Of Fuzzy Sets

Bogoni, L. Co Author Listing * Functional Features For Chopping Extracted From Observations And Interactions
* Interactive Recognition And Representation Of Functionality
* Investigating Functionality: The Case Of Piercing Operation
* Quantitative And Qualitative Measures For The Evaluation Of The Superquadric Models

Bohm, W. Co Author Listing * Efficient Evaluation Of Splines

Bohme, J.F. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithms And Parallel Structures For Form Factor Evaluation
* Rotation-Based Computations For Ray-Tracing Second-Order Surfaces And Curves

Bohner, M. Co Author Listing * Tape Format For Transferral Of Image Data And Source Programs, A

Bohrer, S. Co Author Listing * Neural Architecture For Visual Information Processing, A

Boi, J.M. Co Author Listing * Contour Segmentation Using Hough Transform

Boie, R.A. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Camera Noise, An
* Line Recognition
* On Optimum Edge Recognition Using Matched Filters
* Two Dimensional Optimum Edge Recognition Using Matched And Wiener Filters For Machine Vision

Boillot, M. Co Author Listing * Algorithm Development And Support Database For Mstar, An

Boissonat, J.D. Co Author Listing * Automatic Handling Of Overlapping Workpieces
* Hierarchical Representation Of Objects: The Delaunay Tree, An
* Polynomial-Time Algorithm For Computing A Shortest Path Of Bounded Curvature Amidst Moderate Obstacles, A
* Representing 2d And 3d Shapes With The Delaunay Triangulation

Boissonnat, J.D. Co Author Listing * Algorithmic Geometry, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
* Applications Of Random Sampling To On-Line Algorithms In Computational Geometry
* Geometric Approach To Inspection, A
* Geometric Structures For Three-Dimensional Shape Representation
* How The Delaunay Triangulation Can Be Used For Representing Stereo Data
* Optimal O(Nlogn) Algorithm For Contour Reconstruction From Rays, An
* Probing A Scene Of Nonconvex Polyhedra
* Reconstruction Of Solids
* Representing Stereo Data With The Delaunay Triangulation
* Shape Reconstruction From Planar Cross Sections
* Simultaneous Containment Of Several Polygons
* Surface Reconstruction From Planar Cross-Sections
* Use Of The Delaunay Triangulation For The Identification And The Localization Of Objects
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Bokhari, S.H. Co Author Listing * Finding Maximum On An Array Processor With A Global Bus

Bokil, A. Co Author Listing * Constraint Learning Feedback Dynamic Model For Stereopsis, A

Bokka, V. Co Author Listing * Constant-Time Convexity Problems On Reconfigurable Meshes
* Podality-Based Time-Optimal Computations On Enhanced Meshes
* Time- And Vlsi-Optimal Convex Hull Computation On Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting
* Time-Optimal Digital Geometry Algorithms On Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting

Bokka, V.V. Co Author Listing * Time-Optimal Visibility-Related Algorithms Or Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting

Bolc, L. Co Author Listing * Natural Language Communication With Pictoral Information Systems, Springer

Boldrin, E. Co Author Listing * Colorimetric Calibration Of Color Scanners By Back-Propagation

Boldt, M. Co Author Listing * Geometric Grouping Applied To Straight Lines
* Token-Based Extraction Of Straight Lines

Bolduc, M. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Foveal Sensor With Overlapping Receptive Fields, A
* Review Of Biologically Motivated Space-Variant Data Reduction Models For Robotic Vision, A

Boles, W. Co Author Listing * Space Curve Recognition Based On The Wavelet Transform And String-Matching Techniques

Boles, W.W. Co Author Listing * Application Of Wavelet-Based Affine-Invariant Representation, An
* Complex Daubechies Wavelet Based Affine Invariant Representation For Object Recognition
* Recognition Of 2d Object Contours Using The Wavelet Transform Zero-Crossing Representation
* Reduced Edge Distortion Median Filtering Algorithm For Binary Images, A
* Wavelet-Based Affine Invariant Representation: A Tool For Recognizing Planar Objects In 3d Space

Boley, D.L. Co Author Listing * Optical Flow Estimation: An Error Analysis Of Gradient-Based Methods With Local Optimization

Bolivken, E. Co Author Listing * Relaxation Using Models From Quantum Mechanics

Bollack, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Handling Of Overlapping Workpieces

Bolle, R. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., [Special Issue On] Computer Vision For Visual Computing: Techniques And Applications

Bolle, R.M. Co Author Listing * Active 3d Object Models
* Bayesian Recognition Of Local 3-D Shape By Approximating Image Intensity Functions With Quadric Polynomials
* Complete And Extendable Approach To Visual Recognition, A
* Computer Vision Research At The Ibm T.J. Watson Research Center
* Computing Reflectance Ratios From An Image
* Constrained Implicit Function Fitting
* Data And Model Driven Foveation
* Data- And Model-Driven Multiresolution Processing
* Generalized Neighborhoods: A New Approach To Complex Parameter Feature Extraction
* Homogeneous Framework For Visual Recognition, A
* Is There Any Texture In The Image
* Is There Any Texture In The Image?
* Multiple Window Parameter Transform, The
* On Geometric Hashing And The Generalized Hough Transform
* On Optimally Combining Pieces Of Information, With Application To Estimating 3-D Complex-Object Position From Range Data
* On Three-Dimensional Surface Reconstruction Methods
* Optimal Statistical Techniques For Combining Pieces Of Information Applied To 3-D Complex Object Position Estimation
* Primitive Shape Extraction From Depth Maps
* Reflectance Based Object Recognition
* Reflectance Based Recognition
* Reflectance Ratio: A Photometric Invariant For Object Recognition
* Representing And Comparing Shapes Using Shape Polynomials
* Visual Recognition Using Concurrent And Layered Parameter Networks
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Bolles, B. Co Author Listing * Sketch-First Modeling Of Buildings From Video Imagery

Bolles, R. Co Author Listing * Realtime Stereo And Motion Integration For Navigation
* Representation Space: An Approach To The Integration Of Visual Information

Bolles, R.C. Co Author Listing * 3dp0: A Three-Dimensional Part Orientation System
* 3dpo: A System For Matching 3-D Objects In Range Data
* 3dpo: A Three-Dimensional Part Orientation System
* Background Modeling For Segmentation Of Video-Rate Stereo Sequences
* Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis: A Technique For Analyzing Motion Sequences
* Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis: A Technique For Analyzing Motion Sequences
* Epipolar-Plane Image Anlysis: An Approach To Determining Structure From Motion
* Evaluation Of A Road-Centerline Data Model
* Extra Sets Of Eyes
* Extra Sets Of Eyes
* Generalizing Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis For Non-Orthogonal And Varying View Directions
* Generalizing Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis On The Spatiotemporal Surface
* Generalizing Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis On The Spatiotemporal Surface
* Generalizing Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis On The Spatiotemporal Surface
* Image Understanding Research At Sri International
* Image Understanding Research At Sri International
* Image Understanding Research At Sri International
* Image Understanding Research At Sri International
* Image Understanding Research At Sri International
* Image Understanding Research At Sri International
* Image Understanding Research At Sri International
* Image Understanding Research At Sri International
* Integrated Feasibility Demonstration For Automatic Population Of Geospatial Databases, An
* Integrated Feasibility Demonstration For Automatic Population Of Geospatial Databases, An
* Intelligent Robots|Sensing, Modeling, And Planning, World Scientific
* Jisct Stereo Evaluation, The
* Perceptual Organization And Curve Partitioning
* Representation Space Paradigm Of Concurrent Evolving Object Descriptions, The
* Representation Space: An Approach To The Integration Of Visual Information
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Bolon, P. Co Author Listing * Discrete Distance Operator On Rectangular Grids
* Region-Region And Region-Edge Cooperative Approach Of Image Segmentation, A
* Skeletonization Algorithm Using Chamfer Distance Transformation Adapted To Rectangular Grids, A
* Speed Measurement By Cross Correlation -- Theoretical Aspects And Applications In The Paper Industry

Bolotski, M. Co Author Listing * Silt: The Bit-Parallel Approach

Boltjansky, V. Co Author Listing * Results And Problems In Combinatorial Geometry, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Bolton, A.G. Co Author Listing * Computationally Efficient Algorithm For Enhancing Linear Features In Images, A

Bomans, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Visualization Of Tomographic Volume Data Using The Generalized Voxel Model
* 3d-Segmentation And Display Of Tomographic Imagery
* Investigation Of Medical 3d-Rendering Algorithms

Bona, B. Co Author Listing * Constrained Optimal Fitting Of Three-Dimensional Vector Patterns

Bonafatti, F. Co Author Listing * Sect: An Effective Coding Technique For Polygonal Geographic Data

Bonasso, R.P. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence And Mobile Robots|Case Studies Of Successful Robot Systems, Aaai Press, Menlo Park

Boncelet, C.G. Co Author Listing * Gradient-Based Edge Detection Using Nonlinear Edge Enhancing Prefilters
* Ll Filters-A New Class Of Order Statistic Filters
* Nonlinear Image Processing Ii (San Jose, Ca, February 28-March 1
* Nonlinear Image Processing Iii (San Jose, Ca, February 12-13
Includes: Boncelet, C.G. Boncelet Jr., C.G.

Bond, A. Co Author Listing * Readings In Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Morgan Kaufmann, San Mateo

Bond, A.H. Co Author Listing * Generalized Method For 3d Object Location From Single 2d Images, A

Bondar, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Using Orientation Tokens For Object Recognition

Bonfatti, F. Co Author Listing * Note On The Conversion Of Polygonal To Cellular Maps, A

Bongiovanni, G. Co Author Listing * Bimodality Analysis Using Pyramids
* Computing The Hough Transform On A Pyramid Architecture
* Image Segmentation By A Multiresolution Approach
* Parallel Prefix Computation On A Pyramid Computer
* Parallel Simulated Annealing For Shape Detection
* Parallel Simulated Annealing For Shape Detection

Boninsegna, M. Co Author Listing * Similarity Measures In Computer Vision

Bonissone, P.P. Co Author Listing * Editorial: Reasoning With Uncertainty In Expert Systems

Bonmasbar, G. Co Author Listing * Improved Cross-Correlation For Template Matching On The Laplacian Pyramid

Bonmassar, G. Co Author Listing * Lie Groups, Space-Variant Fourier Analysis And The Exponential Chirp Transform

Bonnaud, L. Co Author Listing * Multiple Occluding Objects Tracking Using A Non-Redundant Boundary-Based Representation For Image Sequence Interpolation After Decoding

Bonneh, Y. Co Author Listing * Quantification Of Local Symmetry: Application To Texture Discrimination
* Texture Discrimination By Local Generalized Symmetry

Bonner, R. Co Author Listing * P300: A System For Automatic Pattern Wafer Inspection, The

Bonner, S. Co Author Listing * Novel Representation For Planning 3-D Collision-Free Paths, A

Bonnet, N. Co Author Listing * Clustering Method Based On The Estimation Of The Probability Density Function And On The Skeleton By Influence Zones. Application To Image Processing, A
* Comparative Study Of Different Spatial/Spatial-Frequency Methods (Gabor Filters, Wavelets, Wavelet(S) Packet

Bonnifait, P. Co Author Listing * Design And Experimental Validation Of An Odometric And Goniometric Localization System For Outdoor Robot Vehicles

Bonnin, A. Co Author Listing * Shortest Path Metric On Unlabeled Binary Trees, A

Bonnin, P. Co Author Listing * Data Parallel Implementation Of An Edge Point Chaining: Towards A New Principle Of Edge Linking, A
* Guided Image Matching Approach Using Hausdorff Distance With Interesting Points Detection, A
* New Way Of Image Data Fusion: The Multi-Spectral Cooperative Segmentation, A
* Parallel Algorithm For A Very Fast 2d Velocity Field Estimation, A

Bonse, U. Co Author Listing * Developments In X-Ray Tomography San Diego, Ca, July 28-29

Bonton, P. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Regions Segmentation: Real Time Control Of An Upkeep Machine Of Natural Spaces

Bookman, L.A. Co Author Listing * Network Regions: Alternatives To The Winner-Take-All Structure

Bookstein, F.L. Co Author Listing * Feature Space For Edgels In Images With Landmarks, A
* Guest Eds., [Special Issue On] Biomedical Image Analysis First Ieee/Siam Joint Workshop On Mathematical Methods In Biomedical Image Analysis, San Francisco, Ca, June 21-22, 1996
* Mathematical Methods In Medical Imaging Iii (San Diego, Ca, July 25-26
* Morphometric Tools For Landmark Data, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
* Shape And The Information In Medical Images: A Decade Of The Morphometric Synthesis
* Vision Geometry Iv (San Diego, Ca, July 13-14

Boon, G. Co Author Listing * Camera Self-Calibration From Video Sequences With Changing Focal Length

Boone, J.M. Co Author Listing * Medical Imaging 1998: Physics Of Medical Imaging (San Diego, Ca, February 22-23

Boone, K.L. Co Author Listing * Closing Gaps In Edges And Surfaces

Boorman, J. Co Author Listing * Learning 3d Object Descriptions From A Set Of Stereo Vision Observations

Booth, D.M. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Vehicles In Airborne Downward Looking Infrared Linescan Imagery, The
* Pose Estimation And Recognition Of Ground Vehicles In Aerial Reconnaissance Imagery

Booth, H. Co Author Listing * Connect-The-Dots: A New Heuristic
* Finding Minimal Convex Nested Polygons

Booth, K.S. Co Author Listing * Heuristics For Ray Tracing Using Space Subdivision
* On The Parameters Of Human Visual Performance: An Investigation Of The Benefits Of Antialiasing

Boots, B. Co Author Listing * Spatial Tessellations: Concepts And Applications Of Voronoi Diagrams, Wiley

Boraie, M.T. Co Author Listing * Design Of 2-D Recursive Digital Filters With Constant Group Delay Characteristics Using Separable Denominator Transfer Function And A New Stability Test

Bordogianni, P. Co Author Listing * Robust Unmixing Of Large Sets Of Mixed Pixels

Boreczky, J.S. Co Author Listing * Distributed Hierarchical Video-On-Demand System, A

Boreddy, J. Co Author Listing * Algorithm To Find Polygon Similarity, An

Borel, N. Co Author Listing * Region Growing And Merging Algorithm To Color Segmentation, A

Borenstein, J. Co Author Listing * Auditory Guidance With The Navbelt | A Computerized Travel Aid For The Blind
* Error Eliminating Rapid Ultrasonic Firing For Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance
* Histogramic In-Motion Mapping For Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance
* Obstacle Avoidance With Ultrasonic Sensors
* Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance For Fast Mobile Robots
* Task-Level Tour Plan Generation For Mobile Robots
* Teleautonomous Guidance For Mobile Robots
* Vector Field Histogram-Fast Obstacle Avoidance For Mobile Robots, The
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Borgefors, G. Co Author Listing * Analyzing Nonconvex 2d And 3d Patterns
* Another Comment On ``A Note On `Distance Transformations In Digital Images'''
* Coarse-To-Fine Skeletons From Grey-Level Pyramids
* Distance Transformations In Arbitrary Dimensions
* Distance Transformations In Digital Images
* Distance Transformations On Hexagonal Grids
* Efficient Shape Representation By Minimizing The Set Of Centres Of Maximal Discs/Spheres
* Filling And Analysing Concavities Of Digital Patterns Parallelwise
* Hierarchical Chamfer Matching: A Parametric Edge Matching Algorithm
* Hierarchical ``Square'' Tessellation Of The Sphere, A
* Improved Version Of The Chamfer Matching Algorithm, An
* Methods For Hierarchical Analysis Of Concavities
* Multiresolution Skeletonization In Binary Pyramids
* New Distance Transformation Approximating The Euclidean Distance, A
* On Digital Distance Transforms In Three Dimensions
* Parallel Distance Transforms On Pyramid Machines: Theory And Implementation
* Parallel Smoothing And Decomposition Of Digital Shapes Using A Multiresolution Structure
* Proceedings Of The 9th Scandinavian Conference On Image Analysis, Uppsala, Sweden
* Semiregular Image Grid, A
* Skeletonizing The Distance Transform On The Hexagonal Grid
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Borges, C.F. Co Author Listing * Trichromatic Approximation For Computer Graphics Illumination Models

Borges, D.L. Co Author Listing * Class-Based Recognition Of 3d Objects Represented By Volumetric Primitives

Borges, R. Co Author Listing * Line Algorithms For Raster Displays Rescued From Round-Off Errors

Borghesi, M. Co Author Listing * Industrial Application Of Texture Analysis, An

Borghi, G. Co Author Listing * Minimum Uncertainty Explorations In The Self-Localization Of Mobile Robots

Bornard, G. Co Author Listing * Motions And Pattern Analysis: Harmonic Analysis On Motion Groups And Their Homogeneous Spaces

Bornstein, R. Co Author Listing * Finding The Kernel Of A Planar Shape

Boroczky, L. Co Author Listing * Pel-Recursive Motion Field Estimation From Image Sequences

Borra, S. Co Author Listing * Experimental Performance Evaluation Of Feature Grouping Modules

Borrel, P. Co Author Listing * Simple Constrained Deformations For Geometric Modeling And Interactive Design

Borri, A. Co Author Listing * Robust Tracking Of 3d Motion, A

Bors, A.G. Co Author Listing * Motion And Segmentation Prediction In Image Sequences Based On Moving Object Tracking

Borsotti, M. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Evaluation Of Color Image Segmentation Results

Bosa, P.K. Co Author Listing * Planning Flight Paths In Dynamic Situations With Incomplete Knowledge

Bosacchi, B. Co Author Listing * Applications And Science Of Computational Intelligence (Orlando, Fl, April 1316
* Applications And Science Of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, And Evolutionary Computation (San Diego, Ca, July 20-22
* Applications Of Fuzzy Logic Technology (Boston, Ma, September 8-10
* Applications Of Fuzzy Logic Technology Ii (Orlando, Fl, April 19-21
* Applications Of Fuzzy Logic Technology Iii (Orlando, Fl, April 10-12
* Applications Of Soft Computing San Diego, Ca, July 28-29

Bosdogianni, P. Co Author Listing * Mixed Pixel Classification With The Randomized Hough Transform

Bose, C.B. Co Author Listing * Design Of Fiducials For Accurate Registration Using Machine Vision
* Subpixel Registration Using A Concentric Ring Fiducial

Bose, N.K. Co Author Listing * Applied Multidimensional Systems Theory, Van Nostrand
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Multidimensional Signal Processing, P-Ieee 78(4), April 1990, 587-775. (Foreword: N.K. Bose, Multidimensional Digital Signal Processing: Problems, Progress, And Future Scopes
* Multidimensional Systems And Signal Processing
* Neural Network Fundamentals With Graphs, Algorithms, And Applications, Mcgraw-Hill

Bose, S. Co Author Listing * New Generalized Computational Framework For Finding Object Orientation Using Perspective Trihedral Angle Constraint, A
* Shape From Perspective Trihedral Angle Constraint

Boshra, M. Co Author Listing * Bounding Fundamental Performance Of Feature-Based Object Recognition
* Predicting Object Recognition Performance Under Data Uncertainty, Occlusion And Clutter

Bosman, D. Co Author Listing * Geometric Reconstruction Of Buried Heat Sources From A Surface Thermogram
* Two Non-Linear Image Enhancement Algorithms

Bossen, F. Co Author Listing * Efficient Coding Of Segmentation Maps Based On Mpeg-4 Shape Coding

Bossomaier, T. Co Author Listing * Parallel Computation Of The Hausdorff Distance Between Images

Bosson, A. Co Author Listing * Using Occlusion Models To Evaluate Scale-Space Processors

Bost, J.M. Co Author Listing * Integration Of Bottom-Up And Top-Down Cues For Visual Attention Using Non-Linear Relaxation

Boterenbrood, H. Co Author Listing * Two Non-Linear Image Enhancement Algorithms

Botha, E.C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Face Recognition In A Heterogeneous Population
* Related Approaches To Gradient-Based Thresholding
* Relative Performance Of Correlation-Based And Feature-Based Classifiers Of Aircraft Using Radar Range Profiles

Bottalico, S. Co Author Listing * Radar Image Processing For Ship-Traffic Control

Bottoni, P. Co Author Listing * Defining Visual Languages For Interactive Computing
* Dynamical Organisation For Situated Image Interpretation, A
* Knowledge-Based Contextual Recognition And Seiving Of Digital Images
* Matching The Resolution Level To Salient Image Features
* Metareasoning As A Tool For Pattern Recognition
* Metareasoning In The Determination Of Image Interpretation Strategies
* Situated Image Understanding In A Multiagent Framework
* Successful Visual Human-Computer Interaction Is Undesidable
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Bouarfa, A. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation By A Parallel, Non-Parametric Histogram Based Clustering Algorithm

Bouatouch, K. Co Author Listing * Static Load Balancing For A Parallel Ray Tracing On A Mimd Hypercube

Bouattane, O. Co Author Listing * $Theta(1)$ Time Quadtree Algorithm And Its Application For Image Geometric Properties On A Mesh Connected Computer (Mc

Boubekraoui, A. Co Author Listing * Region Detection Based On An Homogeneous Set Of Local Operators For Hardware Implementation

Boucher, J.M. Co Author Listing * Cloudy Sky Velocity Estimation Based On Optical Flow Estimation Leading With An Entropy Criterion
* Hidden Markov Fields And Unsupervised Segmentation Of Images
* Pattern Recognition Of Zooplankton
* Underwater Navigation By Video Sequence Analysis

Boucher, P. Co Author Listing * Texture Representation And Synthesis By Vector Quantization

Boucher, P.R. Co Author Listing * Image Compression Using Adaptive Vector Quantization

Boudaoud, M. Co Author Listing * Image Multimodeling And A Two-Dimensional Multicategory Wiener Filter
* Nonstationary Composite Modeling Of Images

Boufama, B. Co Author Listing * Euclidean Constraints For Uncalibrated Reconstruction
* Independent Motion Segmentation And Collision Prediction For Road Vehicles
* Independent Motion Segmentation And Collision Prediction For Road Vehicles
* Self Calibration Of A Stereo Head Mounted Onto A Robot Arm
* Shape From Motion Algorithms: A Comparative Analysis Of Scaled Orthography And Perspective
* Understanding Positioning From Multiple Images
* Using Geometric Properties For Automatic Object Positioning
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Boufama, B.S. Co Author Listing * Epipole And Fundamental Matrix Estimation Using Virtual Parallax
* Stable And Accurate Algorithm For Computing Epipolar Geometry, A

Bougnoux, S. Co Author Listing * From Projective To Euclidean Space Under Any Practical Situation, A Criticism Of Self-Calibration

Bouguet, J.Y. Co Author Listing * 3d Photography On Your Desk
* Visual Navigation Using A Single Camera

Boukharouba, S. Co Author Listing * Amplitude Segmentation Method Based On The Distribution Function Of An Image, An

Boukir, S. Co Author Listing * Local Method For Contour Matching And Its Parallel Implementation, A
* Optimal Estimation Of 3d Structures Using Visual Servoing
* Structure From Controlled Motion
* Structure From Motion Using An Active Vision Paradigm

Boulanger, P. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Depth And Orientation Discontinuities In Range Images Using Mathematical Morphology
* Direct Estimation Of Deformable Motion Parameters From Range Image Sequence
* Direct Estimation Of Range Flow On Deformable Shape From A Video Rate Range Camera
* Integration Of Synthetic Surface Relief In Range Images
* Range Imaging Sensors Development At Nrc Laboratories

Bouldin, D.W. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Section On Advanced Systems Architectures For Artificial Intelligence, T-Smc 19 (4)

Boulic, R. Co Author Listing * Complex Character Positioning Based On A Compatible Flow Model Of Multiple Supports
* Global Human Walking Model With Real-Time Kinematic Personification, A

Boulin, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection For Tracking Moving Biological Objects In Video Microscopy Sequences

Boult, T. Co Author Listing * Global Models With Parametric Offsets As Applied To Cardiac Motion Recovery
* Image Understanding Environment Program, The
* Image Understanding Environment Program, The
* Information Based Complexity Applied To Optimal Recovery Of The 2 1/2-D Sketch
* Proceedings Of The First International Workshop On) Object Representation In Computer Vision, Springer
* Removal Of Specularities Using Color And Polarization
* Separation Of Reflectance Components Using Color And Polarization
* Separation Of Reflection Components Using Color And Polarization
* Solving Diverse Image Understanding Problems Using The Image Understanding Environment
9 for Boult, T.

Boult, T.E. Co Author Listing * Advanced Visual Sensor Systems
* Advanced Visual Sensor Systems
* Analysis Of Two New Stereo Algorithms
* Analyzing Skewed Symmetries
* Color Channel Mixing In Learning From Appearance
* Constraining Object Features Using A Polarization Model
* Correcting Chromatic Aberrations Using Image Warping
* Correcting Chromatic Aberrations Using Image Warping
* Dynamic Attributes, Code Generation And The Iue
* Dynamic Digital Distance Maps In Two Dimensions
* Energy-Based Segmentation Of Very Sparse Range Surfaces
* Error Of Fit Measures For Recovering Parametric Solids
* Extruded Generalized Cylinder: A Deformable Model For Object Recovery, The
* Factorization-Based Segmentation Of Motions
* Frame-Rate Multi-Body Tracking For Surveillance
* Image Understanding And Robotics Research At Columbia University
* Image Understanding And Robotics Research At Columbia University
* Image Understanding And Robotics Research At Columbia University
* Image Understanding And Robotics Research At Columbia University
* Image Understanding Research At Columbia Univeristy
* Image Understanding Research At Columbia University
* Image Understanding Research At Columbia University
* Integrated Approach To Stereo Matching, Surface Reconstruction And Depth Segmentation Using Consistent Smoothness Assumptions, An
* Integrating Resampler And Efficient Image Warping, The
* Integration Of Information From Stereo And Multiple Shape-From Texture Cues, The
* Integration Of Information From Stereo And Multiple Shape-From-Texture Cues, The
* Motion Segmentation Using Singular Value Decomposition
* Omnidirectional Vision Systems: 1998 Pi Report
* Omnidirectional Vsam Systems: Pi Report
* On Surface Reconstruction Using Sparse Depth Data
* On The Recovery Of Superellipsoids
* Optimal Algorithms: Tools For Mathematical Modeling
* Physically Based Edge Labeling
* Polarization/Radiometric Based Material Classification
* Recovery Of Generalized Cylinders From A Single Intensity View
* Recovery Of Shgc'S From A Single Intensity View
* Recovery Of Superquadrics From Depth Information
* Reinterpreting Physically-Motivated Modeling
* Remote Reality Demonstration
* Remote Reality Ominidirectional Imaging
* Separable Image Warping With Spatial Lookup Tables
* Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders: Analysis Of Reflectance Properties And A Necessary Condition For Class Membership
* Syman: A Symmetry Analyzer
* Synergistic Smooth Surface Stereo
* Tracking Closed Contours Exhibiting Repeating Motion
* Using Line Correspondence Stereo To Measure Surface Orientation
* Using Optimal Algorithms To Test Model Assumptions In Computer Vision
* Visual Sensor Systems: Making Them Smaller, Faster, Smarter
* Visual Surface Interpolation: A Comparison Of Two Methods
* Visual Surface Reconstruction Using Sparse Depth Data
* What Is Regular In Regularization?
51 for Boult, T.E.

Bouman, C. Co Author Listing * Compressed Video Database Structured For Active Browsing And Search, A
* Multiple Resolution Segmentation Of Textured Images
* Trainable Context Model For Multiscale Segmentation

Bouman, C.A. Co Author Listing * Color Quantization Of Images
* Fast Image Database Search Using Tree-Structure Vq
* Fast Image Search Using A Multiscale Stochastic Model
* Multiscale Random Field Model For Bayesian Image Segmentation, A
* Multiscale Stochastic Image Model For Automated Inspection, A
* Non-Homogeneous Mrf Model For Multi-Resolution Bayesian Estimation, A
* Nonlinear Prefiltering And Difference Of Estimates Approaches To Edge Detection: Applications Of Stack Filters, The
* Optimization Of Sensor Response Functions For Colorimetry Of R Eflective And Emissive Objects
* Optimization Of Sensor Response Funtions For Colorimetry Of Reflective And Emissive Objects
9 for Bouman, C.A.

Bouman, M.A. Co Author Listing * Mechanistic Approach To Threshold Behavior Of The Visual System, A

Bourbakis, N. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Region Growing Approach For Segmentation Of Color Images, A
* Fuzzy-Like Approach For Smoothing And Edge Detection In Color Images, A
* Method For Parallel Skeletonization Of Images, A
* Picture Data Encryption Using Scan Patterns

Bourbakis, N.G. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Issue | Parallel And Multiprocessor Vision System Architectures
* Ham-A Real-Time Multimicroprocessor Vision System
* Hermes Autonomous Vision System: The Flat Quadtree Model
* Hierarchical Picture Coding Scheme, A
* International Journal On Artificial Intelligence Tools
* Knowledge Extraction And Acquisition During Real-Time Navigation In Unknown Environments
* Parallel-Symmetric Thinning Algorithm, A
* Traffic Priority Language For Collision-Free Navigation Of Autonomous Mobile Robots In Dynamic Environments, A
8 for Bourbakis, N.G.

Bourdeau, M. Co Author Listing * Methodologies For Evaluating Thinning Algorithms For Character Recognition

Bourdon, O. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition Using Geometric Hashing On The Connection Machine

Bourennane, E. Co Author Listing * Implementation Of A Real Time Image Rotation Using B-Spline Interpolation On Fpgais Board
* Recursive Digital Filter Implementation For Noisy And Blurred Images, A

Bourgin, R.D. Co Author Listing * Shortest Curves In Planar Regions With Curved Boundary

Bouridane, A. Co Author Listing * Environment For Generating Fpga Architectures For Image Algebra-Based Algorithms, An

Bournes, R. Co Author Listing * Sufficient Conditions For Minimum Phase Two-Dimensional Plsi'S

Bournez, O. Co Author Listing * Morse: A 3-D Object Recognition System Based On Geometric Invariants
* Using Local Planar Geometric Invariants To Match And Model Images Of Line Segments

Bourrel, G. Co Author Listing * Image Package Software: Ips--Design And Abilities, An

Boursier, P. Co Author Listing * Image Data Bases: A Status Report

Bourton, M. Co Author Listing * Extraction Of Characteristic Points For The Description Of A 3-D Object

Bousseau, G. Co Author Listing * Detection And Three-Dimensional Localization By Stereoscopic Visual Sensor And Its Application To A Robot For Picking Asparagus

Boussofiane, F. Co Author Listing * New Method For Recognizing And Locating Objects By Searching Longest Paths, A

Bouthemy, P. Co Author Listing * 2d Fluid Motion Analysis From A Single Image
* Active Camera Self-Orientation Using Dynamic Image Parameters
* Adaptive Detection Of Moving Objects Using Multiscale Techniques
* Complex Object Tracking By Visual Servoing Based On 2d Image Motion
* Computation And Analysis Of Image Motion: A Synopsis Of Current Problems And Methods
* Derivation Of Qualitative Information In Motion Analysis
* Derivation Of Qualitative Information In Motion Analysis, The
* Detection And Tracking Of Moving Objects Based On A Statistical Regularization Method In Space And Time
* Detection Of Low Clouds In Meteosat Ir Night-Time Images Based On A Contextual Spatio-Temporal Labeling Approach
* Detection Of Multiple Moving Objects Using Multiscale Mrf With Camera Motion Compensation
* Determination Of Singular Points In 2d Deformable Flow Fields
* Determining A Structured Spatio-Temporal Representation Of Video Content For Efficient Visualization And Indexing
* Estimation Of Time-To-Collision Maps From First Order Motion Models And Normal Flows
* Exploiting Image Motion For Active Vision In A Visual Servoing Framework
* Exploiting The Temporal Coherence Of Motion For Linking Partial Spatiotemporal Trajectories
* Hierarchical Approach For Scene Segmentation Based On 2d Motion, A
* Hierarchical Likelihood Approach For Region Segmentation According To Motion-Based Criteria, A
* Hierarchical Mrf Modeling For Sonar Picture Segmentation
* Local Method For Contour Matching And Its Parallel Implementation, A
* Maximum Likelihood Framework For Determining Moving Edges, A
* Method Of Integrating Motion Information Along Contours Including Segmentation, A
* Modeling Of Atmospheric Disturbances In Meteorological Pictures
* Motion Characterization From Temporal Co-Occurrences Of Local Motion-Based Measures For Video Indexing
* Motion Detection Based On Temporal Multiscale Approach
* Motion Detection Robust To Perturbations: A Statistical Regularization And Temporal Integration Framework
* Motion Segmentation And Qualitative Dynamic Scene Analysis From A Moving Camera
* Mrf-Based Motion Segmentation Exploiting A 2d Motion Model Robust Estimation
* Multiframe-Based Identification Of Mobile Components Of A Scene With A Moving Camera
* Multimodal Estimation Of Discontinuous Optical Flow Using Markov Random Fields
* Multimodal Motion Estimation And Segmentation Using Markov Random Fields
* Multiscale Minimization Of Global Energy Functions In Some Visual Recovery Problems
* Optimal Estimation Of 3d Structures Using Visual Servoing
* Parallel Visual Motion Analysis Using Multiscale Markov Random Fields
* Region-Based Tracking In An Image Sequence
* Region-Based Tracking Using Affine Motion Models In Long Image Sequences
* Region-Level Graph Labeling Approach To Motion-Based Segmentation, A
* Representation And Tracking Of Point Structures Using Stereovision
* Robust Multiresolution Estimation Of Parametric Motion Models
* Segment-Based Detection Of Moving Objects In A Sequence Of Images
* Segmentation And Estimation Of Image Motion By A Robust Method
* Structure From Controlled Motion
* Subpixel Estimation Of Normal Displacements Along Contours Using Mrf Models
* Tracking Complex Primitives In An Image Sequence
* Tracking Modelled Objects Using Binocular Images
* Tracking Of Articulated Structures Exploiting Spatio-Temporal Image Slices
* Video Partitioning And Camera Motion Characterization For Content-Based Video Indexing
46 for Bouthemy, P.

Bouts, E. Co Author Listing * Fast Analytical Medial-Axis Localization In Convex Polyhedra

Bouville, C. Co Author Listing * Bounding Ellipsoids For Ray-Fractal Intersection

Bouzerdoum, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation Of Biologically Inspired Motion Detection Systems As A Basis For Local Motion Processing Systems

Bovatouch, K. Co Author Listing * New Space Subdivision Method For Ray Tracing Csg Modelled Scenes, A

Bove, V.M. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of An Image Sequence Using Multi-Dimensional Image Attributes
Includes: Bove, V.M. Bove Jr., V.M.

Bovic, A.C. Co Author Listing * Stereo Disparity From Multiscale Processing Of Local Image Phase

Bovik, A.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Trimmed Mean Filters For Image Restoration
* Analysis Of Multichannel Narrow-Band Filters For Image Texture Segmentation
* Anisotropic Diffusion Pyramids For Image Segmentation
* Bayesian Range Segmentation Using Focus Cues
* Biomedical Image Processing (Santa Clara, Ca, February 1213
* Biomedical Image Processing Ii (San Jose, Ca, February 25-27
* Chromatic Stereopsis
* Computational Texture Analysis Using Localized Spatial Filtering
* Computer Vision And Image Processing Research At The University Of Texas At Austin
* Computing Shape Changes In Solanum Tuberosa Slices Viewed Through A Stereo Microscope
* Contour-Based Stereo Matching Algorithm Using Disparity Continuity, A
* Demodulation Of Images Modeled By Amplitude-Frequency Modulations Using Multidimensional Energy Separation
* Determining The 3-D Structure Of Serial-Sectioned Microscopic Objects: Analysis And Limitations
* Edge Detection Using Median Comparisons
* Edge-Sensitive Image Restoration Using Order-Constrained Least Squares Methods
* Effect Of Median Filtering On Edge Estimation And Detection, The
* Experiments In Segmenting Texton Patterns Using Localized Spatial Filters
* Fovea: A Foveated Vergent Active Stereo Vision System For Dynamic Three-Dimensional Scene Recovery
* Generalization Of Median Filtering Using Linear Combinations Of Order Statistics, A
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: Three-Dimensional Microscopy, Mva 4(4)
* Improved Initial Approximation And Intensity-Guided Discontinuity Detection In Visible-Surface Reconstruction
* Improving Visible-Surface Reconstruction
* Least-Squares Order Statistic Filters With Coefficient Censoring
* Localized Measurement Of Image Fractal Dimension Using Gabor Filters
* Microprocessor-Based Recognition Of Handprinted Characters From A Tablet Input
* Multichannel Texture Analysis Using Localized Spatial Filters
* Multiresolution 3-D Range Segmentation Using Focus Cues
* Nonparametric Tests For Edge Detection In Noise
* Obtaining A Solid Model From Optical Serial Sections
* On Detecting Edges In Speckle Imagery
* Planar Surface Orientation From Texture Spatial Frequencies
* Range Segmentation Using Focus Cues
* Robust Techniques For Edge Detection In Multiplicative Weibull Image Noise
* Shape From Texture Using Local Spectral Moments
* Shape-From Texture By Wavelet-Based Measurement Of Local Spectral Moments
* Streaking In Median Filtered Images
* Texture Segmentation Using Gabor Modulation/Demodulation
* Theory Of Order Statistic Filters And Their Relationship To Linear Fir Filters
* Using Chromatic Information In Dense Stereo Correspondence
* Using Chromatic Information In Edge-Based Stereo Correspondence
* Visible Surface Reconstruction Via Local Minimax Approximation
41 for Bovik, A.C.

Bow, S.T. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition And Image Preprocessing
* Pattern Recognition-Applications To Large Data-Set Problems, Marcel Dekker
* System For Interpretation Of Line Drawings, A
* System For Recognition And Description Of Graphics, A

Bowen, J.B. Co Author Listing * Consistency Maintenance In The Revgraph Environment
* Tina: A 3d Vision System For Pick And Place
* Tina: The Sheffield Aivru Vision System

Bower, J.M. Co Author Listing * Book Of Genesis (2nd Ed.): Exploring Realistic Neural Models With The General Neural Simulation System, Springer, The

Bower, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-Class Sar Atr Using Shift-Invariant Correlation Filters

Bowler, I.W. Co Author Listing * Gabor Filter Approach To Fringe Analysis, A

Bowling, C.D. Co Author Listing * Motion Compensated Image Coding With A Combined Maximum A Posteriori And Regression Algorithm

Bowling, M. Co Author Listing * Research In The Automated Analysis Of Remotely Sensed Imagery: 1995-1996

Bowman, C. Co Author Listing * Parallel Implementation Of A Structure-From-Motion Algorithm, A

Bowman, C.A. Co Author Listing * Dual Stack Filters And The Modified Difference Of Estimates Approach To Edge Detection

Bowman, C.C. Co Author Listing * Histogram Modification Unit For Real-Time Image Enhancement, A

Bowman, M.E. Co Author Listing * Transformation Calibration Of A Camera Mounted On A Robot

Bowyer, A. Co Author Listing * Csg Set-Theoretic Solid Modelling And Nc Machining Of Blend Surfaces
* Introduction To Computing With Geometry, Information Geometers, Winchester
* Voronoi Diagrams Of Set-Theoretic Solid Models

Bowyer, K. Co Author Listing * Achieving Generalized Object Recognition Through Reasoning About Association Of Function To Structure
* Advances In Image Understanding--A Festchrift For Azriel Rosenfeld, Ieee Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos
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* Aspect Graphs And Nonlinear Optimization In 3-D Object Recognition
* Comparison Of Edge Detectors | A Methodology And Initial Study
* Comparison Of Edge Detectors: A Methodology And Initial Study
* Computing The Generalized Aspect Graph For Objects With Moving Parts
* Computing The Orthographic Projection Aspect Graph Of Solids Of Revolution
* Computing The Orthographic Projection Aspect Graph Of Solids Of Revolution
* Computing The Perspective Projection Aspect Graph Of Solids Of Revolution
* Computing The Visual Potential Of An Articulated Assembly Of Parts
* Creating The Perspective Projection Aspect Graph Of Polyhedral Objects
* Developing The Aspect Graph Representation For Use In Image Understanding
* Effect Of Edge Strength On Object Recognition From Edge Images, The
* Errors-2: A 3-D Object Recognition System Using Aspect Graphs
* Experimental Comparison Of Range Image Segmentation Algorithms, An
* Function From Visual Analysis And Physical Interaction: A Methodology For Recognition Of Generic Classes Of Objects
* Function-Based Generic Recognition For Multiple Object Categories
* Function-Based Recognition From Incomplete Knowledge Of Shape
* Generalizing The Aspect Graph Concept To Include Articulated Assemblies
* Generic Object Recognition Using Form And Function, World Scientific
* Generic Recognition Of Articulated Objects By Reasoning About Functionality
* Generic Recognition Of Articulated Objects Through Reasoning About Potential Function
* Generic Recognition Through Qualitative Reasoning About 3-D Shape And Object Function
* Gruff-3: Generalizing The Domain Of A Function-Based Recognition System
* Indexing Function-Based Categories For Generic Recognition
* On Recovering Hyperquadrics From Range Data
* Perspective Projection Aspect Graphs Of Solids Of Revolution: An Implementation
* Recognizing Object Function Through Reasoning About Partial Shape Descriptions And Dynamic Physical Properties
* Roc Curve Evaluation Of Edge Detector Performance
* Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical For Computer Vision
* Workshop Panel Report-Why Aspect Graphs Are Not (Yet) Practical For Computer Vision
32 for Bowyer, K.

Bowyer, K.W. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Artificial Intelligence X: Machine Vision And Robotics (Orlando, Fl, April 22-24
* Aspect Graphs For Convex Planar-Face Objects
* Comparing Curved-Surface Range Image Segmenters
* Direct Construction Of The Perspective Projection Aspect Graph Of Convex Polyhedra
* Dynamic-Scale Model Construction From Range Imagery
* Empirical Evaluation Techniques In Computer Vision, Ieee Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos
* Extracting A Valid Boundary Representation From A Segmented Range Image
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Directions In Cad-Based Vision
* Guest Eds., Special Issue-Active Robot Vision: Camera Heads, Model Based Navigation And Reactive Control
* Guest Eds., Special Issue-State Of The Art In Digital Mammographic Image Analysis
* Methods For Combination Of Evidence In Function-Based 3-D Object Recognition
* Objective Comparison Methodology Of Edge Detection Algorithms Using A Structure From Motion Task, An
* Point Correspondence In Unstructured Nonrigid Motion
* Range Image Segmentation: The User'S Dilemma
* Report Of The Aaai Fall Symposium On Machine Learning And Computer Vision: What, Why And How?
* Robust Visual Method For Assessing The Relative Performance Of Edge Detection Algorithms, A
* Scale Space Aspect Graph, The
* Scale Space Aspect Graph, The
* Space Envelope: A Representation For 3d Scenes, The
* State Of The Art In Digital Mammographic Image Analysis, World Scientific
* Three-Dimensional Shape Representation
* Using Hyperquadrics For Shape Recovery From Range Data
22 for Bowyer, K.W.

Boxer, L. Co Author Listing * Computing Deviations From Convexity In Polygons
* Digitally Continuous Functions
* Dynamic Computational Geometry On Meshes And Hypercubes
* Faster Point Set Pattern Matching In 3d
* Finding Congruent Regions In Parallel
* On Hausdorff-Like Metrics For Fuzzy Sets
* Parallel Algorithms For All Maximal Equally-Spaced Collinear Sets And All Maximal Regular Coplanar Lattices
* Parallel Algorithms For Dynamic Systems With Known Trajectories
* Point Set Pattern Matching In 3-D
* Polygonal Approximation By Boundary Reduction
10 for Boxer, L.

Boyce, J.E. Co Author Listing * Finding Extremal Polygons

Boyce, J.F. Co Author Listing * Consistent Segmented Regions Of Flir Sequences
* Constraint Directed Learning For Unsupervised Image Sequence Segmentation
* Detecting Periodic Structure
* Determination Of Optimal General Edge Detectors By Global Minimization Of A Cost Function
* Direction Of Regard Determination
* Ego Motion From Near-Degenerate Sequences
* Image Segmentation By Unifying Region And Boundary Information
* Parallel Binocular Stereo Algorithm Utilizing Dynamic Programming And Relaxation Labelling, A
* Radon Transform And Its Application To Shape Parameterization In Machine Vision, The
* Relaxation Computation Of Optic Flow From Spatial And Temporal Cooccurrence Matrices, A
* Relaxation Labelling And The Entropy Of Neighborhood Information
* Spatio-Temporal Relaxation Labelling Applied To Segmented Infrared Image Sequences
* Texture Classification Of Segmented Regions Of Flir Images Using Neural Networks
* Texture Segmentation And Region Classification By Orthogonal Decomposition Of Cooccurrence Matrices
14 for Boyce, J.F.

Boyd, J. Co Author Listing * Describing Motion For Recognition
* Gam Pyramid, The
* Multiple Perspective Interactive Video Surveillance And Monitoring

Boyer, E. Co Author Listing * 3d Surface Reconstruction Using Occluding Contours
* Object Models From Contour Sequences
* Smooth Surface Reconstruction From Image Sequences
* Using Local Planar Geometric Invariants To Match And Model Images Of Line Segments

Boyer, K. Co Author Listing * Experiments In Semiautonomous Registration Of Disparate Spatial Data: Two New Techniques And A Model For Comparison

Boyer, K.L. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Artificial Intelligence 1993: Machine Vision And Robotics (Orlando, Fl, April 14-16
* Automated Design Of Bayesian Perceptual Inference Networks
* Color-Encoded Structured Light For Rapid Active Ranging
* Comments On Fast Convolution With Laplacian-Of-Gaussian Masks
* Computational Structure For Preattentive Perceptual Organization: Graphical Enumeration And Voting Methods, A
* Computer Perceptual Organization In Computer Vision, World Scientific
* Computing Perceptual Organization Using Voting Methods And Graphical Enumeration
* Discontinuity Preserving Surface Reconstruction Through Global Optimization
* Discontinuity-Preserving Surface Reconstruction Using Stochastic Differential Equations
* Dynamic Edge Warping: Experiments In Disparity Estimation Under Weak Constraints
* Dynamic Edge Warping: An Experimental System For Recovering Disparity Maps In Weakly Constrained Systems
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Applications Of A.I., Machine Vision, And Robotics (Orlando, Fl, April 14-16, 1993)
* Hierarchical Structural Stereo Matching With Simultaneous Autonomous Camera Calibration
* Information Theoretic Clustering Of Large Structured Modelbases
* Information Theoretic Robust Sequential Procedure For Surface Model Order Selection In Noisy Range Data, An
* Integration, Inference, And Management Of Spatial Information Using Bayesian Networks: Perceptual Organization
* Knowledge Based Robotic Vision System, A
* Knowledge-Based Stereo And Structured Light For 3-D Robot Vision
* Laplacian-Of-Gaussian Kernel: A Formal Analysis And Design Procedure For Fast, Accurate Convolution And Full-Frame Output, The
* Modelbase Partitioning Using Property Matrix Spectra
* On Optimal Infinite Impulse Response Edge Detection Filters
* On The Localization Performance Measure And Optimal Edge Detection, T-Pami 16, 1994
* Optimal Infinite Impulse Response Zero Crossing Based Edge Detectors
* Optimal, Efficient, Recursive Edge Detection Filters
* Organizing Large Structural Modelbases
* Perceptual Organization In Computer Vision: A Review And A Proposal For A Classificatory Structure
* Perceptual Organization Using Bayesian Networks
* Performance Evaluation Of A Class Of M-Estimators For Surface Parameter Estimation In Noisy Range Data
* Quantitative Measures Of Change Based On Feature Organization: Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors
* Quantitative Measures Of Change Based On Feature Organization: Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors
* Range Data Extraction And Interpretation By Structural Light
* Robust Contour Decomposition Using A Constant Curvature Criterion
* Robust Sequential Estimator: A General Approach And Its Application To Surface Organization In Range Data, The
* Stereopsis And Image Registration From Extended Range Features In The Absence Of Camera Pose Information
* Structural Stereopsis For 3-D Vision
* Symbolic Stereo From Structural Descriptions
* Using Geometric Hashing With Information Theoretic Clustering For Fast Recognition From A Large Cad Modelbase
* Using Perceptual Inference Networks To Manage Vision Processes
* Using Perceptual Inference Networks To Manage Vision Processes
* Using Spectral Features For Modelbase Partitioning
40 for Boyer, K.L.

Boyer, M. Co Author Listing * Imperfect Form Tolerancing On Manifold Objects: A Metric Approach
* Modeling Spaces For Toleranced Objects

Boykov, Y. Co Author Listing * Disparity Component Matching For Visual Correspondence
* Markov Random Fields With Efficient Approximations
* New Bayesian Framework For Object Recognition, A
* Variable Neighborhood Approach To Early Vision, A
* Variable Window Approach To Early Vision, A

Boyle, R. Co Author Listing * Image Processing, Analysis, And Machine Vision, Brooks-Cole, Pacific Grove
* Image Processing, Analysis, And Machine Vision, Chapman & Hall

Boyse, J.F. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition Using Relational Clique And Cycle Mappings

Boyse, J.W. Co Author Listing * Solid Modeling By Computers: From Theory To Applications, Plenum Press

Boyter, B.A. Co Author Listing * Experiments In Intensity Guided Range Sensing Recognition Of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Recognition With Range And Intensity Data
* Three-Dimensional Matching Using Range Data

Bozdagi, G. Co Author Listing * Feature Based Hierarchical Video Segmentation
* Fusion Of Color And Edge Information For Improved Segmentation And Edge Linking
* Simultaneous Motion-Disparity Estimation And Segmentation From Stereo

Bozinovic, R. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Cursive Script Interpretation

Bozinovic, R.M. Co Author Listing * Multi-Level Perception Approach To Reading Cursive Script, A
* Multi-Level Perception Approach To Reading Cursive Script, A

Bozma, H.I. Co Author Listing * Admissibility Of Constraint Functions In Relaxation Labelling
* Game-Theoretic Approach To Integration Of Modules, A
* Integration Of Vision Modules: A Game-Theoretic Framework
* Modular System For Image Analysis Using A Game-Theoretic Framework

Bozma, O. Co Author Listing * Building A Sonar Map In A Specular Environment Using A Single Mobile Sensor
* Physical Model-Based Analysis Of Heterogeneous Environments Using Sonar-Endura Method, A

Bozzo, C.A. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Scene Analysis And Video Target Tracking
* Image Sequence Segmentation Using Time-Varying Textures
* Matching Images Uisng Motion Features

Bozzoli, A. Co Author Listing * Tracking And Counting Moving People

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