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Low, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Different Radiative Transfer Models for Microwave Backscatter Estimation of Wheat Fields
* Introductory Computer Vision And Image Processing
* MERLIN: A French-German Space Lidar Mission Dedicated to Atmospheric Methane
* RADOLAN_API: An Hourly Soil Moisture Data Set Based on Weather Radar, Soil Properties and Reanalysis Temperature Data
* Sentinel-1 Backscatter Analysis and Radiative Transfer Modeling of Dense Winter Wheat Time Series
Includes: Low, A.[Alexander] Lw, A.[Alexander] (Maybe also Loew, A.)Low, A.

Low, A.A. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Facial Expressions in the Presence of Occlusion
* Robust facial expression recognition using a state-based model of spatially-localised facial dynamics
* Robust Facial Feature Tracking

Low, B. Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate Algorithm for Facial Feature Segmentation, A

Low, B.K.[Boon Kee] Co Author Listing * Face Detection: A Survey
* Towards a Cost-Effective Feature Detection System: Spatio-Temporal Approach
Includes: Low, B.K.[Boon Kee] Low, B.K.

Low, C. Co Author Listing * Multi-Fold Gabor, PCA, and ICA Filter Convolution Descriptor for Face Recognition

Low, C.Y.[Cheng Yaw] Co Author Listing * Conditional Multimodal Biometrics Embedding Learning For Periocular and Face in the Wild
* Divergent Angular Representation for Open Set Image Recognition
* Fusion of LSB and DWT Biometric Watermarking Using Offline Handwritten Signature for Copyright Protection
* Kernel Deep Regression Network for Touch-Stroke Dynamics Authentication
* MIND-Net: A Deep Mutual Information Distillation Network for Realistic Low-Resolution Face Recognition
* Orthogonal filter banks with region Log-Tied Rank covariance matrices for face recognition
* Periocular Recognition in the Wild With Generalized Label Smoothing Regularization
* SoftmaxOut Transformation-Permutation Network for Facial Template Protection
* Stacking PCANet+: An Overly Simplified ConvNets Baseline for Face Recognition
* Stacking-Based Deep Neural Network: Deep Analytic Network for Pattern Classification
* Stacking-based deep neural network: Deep analytic network on convolutional spectral histogram features
* Using Texture for Image Retrieval
* Video Database System for Digital Libraries, A
Includes: Low, C.Y.[Cheng Yaw] Low, C.Y.[Cheng-Yaw] Low, C.Y.
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Low, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Analysis of uncertainty in multi-temporal object-based classification
* Annual Cropland Mapping Using Reference Landsat Time Series: A Case Study in Central Asia
* Comparison of two Statistical Methods for the Derivation of the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetic Active Radiation for Cotton
* Cropping Intensity in the Aral Sea Basin and Its Dependency from the Runoff Formation 2000-2012
* Decision fusion and non-parametric classifiers for land use mapping using multi-temporal RapidEye data
* Defining the Spatial Resolution Requirements for Crop Identification Using Optical Remote Sensing
* Impact of Categorical and Spatial Scale on Supervised Crop Classification using Remote Sensing
* Impact of feature selection on the accuracy and spatial uncertainty of per-field crop classification using Support Vector Machines
* Mapping Cropland Abandonment in the Aral Sea Basin with MODIS Time Series
* Multi-Temporal Landsat Images and Ancillary Data for Land Use/Cover Change (LULCC) Detection in the Southwest of Burkina Faso, West Africa
* Special Issue: Remote sensing for monitoring crops
Includes: Low, F.[Fabian] Lw, F.[Fabian] (Maybe also Loew, F.)Lw, F. (Maybe also Loew, F.)
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Low, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Examining the Utility of Visible Near-Infrared and Optical Remote Sensing for the Early Detection of Rapid Ohia Death

Low, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Impact of Phenological Developments on Interferometric and Polarimetric Crop Signatures Derived from Sentinel-1: Examples from the DEMMIN Study Site (Germany), The
Includes: Low, J.[Johannes] Lw, J.[Johannes] (Maybe also Loew, J.)

Low, J.H.[Jing Hong] Co Author Listing * Using Skeletonization and Shortest Skeleton Path Approach for Chinese Character Representation
Includes: Low, J.H.[Jing Hong] Low, J.H.[Jing-Hong]

Low, K.H.[Kin Huat] Co Author Listing * Linear Velocity-Free Visual Servoing Control for Unmanned Helicopter Landing on a Ship With Visibility Constraint

Low, K.L.[Kok Lim] Co Author Listing * Aesthetics-Driven Stereoscopic 3-D Image Recomposition With Depth Adaptation
* Aligning images in the wild
* Dense image correspondence under large appearance variations
* Direct and progressive reconstruction of dual photography images
* Efficient Constraint Evaluation Algorithms for Hierarchical Next-Best-View Planning
* Generating animated paper pop-ups from the motion of articulated characters
* Interactive motion deblurring using light streaks
* Predetermination of ICP Registration Errors And Its Application to View Planning
* Reconstruction of depth and normals from interreflections
* Reliable and rapidly-converging ICP algorithm using multiresolution smoothing
* Saliency retargeting: An approach to enhance image aesthetics
* Saliency-enhanced image aesthetics class prediction
* Semantics-Preserving Warping for Stereoscopic Image Retargeting
* Warping-Based Stereoscopic 3D Video Retargeting With Depth Remapping
Includes: Low, K.L.[Kok Lim] Low, K.L.[Kok-Lim]
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Low, K.S. Co Author Listing * 64X64 CMOS Image Sensor With On-Chip Moving Object Detection and Localization, A
* Identity Verification Through Palm Vein and Crease Texture
Includes: Low, K.S. Low, K.S.[Kay-Soon]

Low, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Phenology Modelling and Forest Disturbance Mapping with Sentinel-2 Time Series in Austria
Includes: Low, M.[Markus] Lw, M.[Markus] (Maybe also Loew, M.)

Low, M.Y.H. Co Author Listing * systematic approach for rapid 3D reconstruction from photosets, A

Low, N.[Nikolas] Co Author Listing * review of non-rigid transformations and learning-based 3D point cloud registration methods, A
Includes: Low, N.[Nikolas] Lw, N.[Nikolas] (Maybe also Loew, N.)

Low, P.E.[Pau Ek] Co Author Listing * Pic2PolyArt: Transforming a photograph into polygon-based geometric art
Includes: Low, P.E.[Pau Ek] Low, P.E.[Pau-Ek]

Low, P.S. Co Author Listing * Localization of Fluorescent Targets in Deep Tissue With Expanded Beam Illumination for Studies of Cancer and the Brain

Low, R. Co Author Listing * Commercial Vehicle Activity Prediction With Imbalanced Class Distribution Using a Hybrid Sampling and Gradient Boosting Approach
* End-to-End Point of Interest (POI) Conflation Framework, An
* Point-of-Interest (POI) Data Validation Methods: An Urban Case Study
Includes: Low, R. Low, R.[Raymond]

Low, S. Co Author Listing * Copyright protection for the electronic distribution of text documents
* Multi-modal Aerial View Object Classification Challenge Results: PBVS 2022
Includes: Low, S. Low, S.[Spencer]

Low, S.C.[Sui Chien] Co Author Listing * Action recognition via multi-feature fusion and Gaussian process classification
Includes: Low, S.C.[Sui Chien] Low, S.C.[Sui-Chien]

Low, S.H. Co Author Listing * Capacity of Text Marking Channel
* Document Identification for Copyright Protection Using Centroid Detection
* Marking Text Documents
* Marking text features of document images to deter illicit dissemination
* Online Station Assignment for Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping
Includes: Low, S.H. Low, S.H.[Steven H.]

Low, S.Q.C.[Shaun Qiu Cen] Co Author Listing * empirical comparison of nine pattern classifiers, An
Includes: Low, S.Q.C.[Shaun Qiu Cen] Low, S.Q.C.[Shaun Qiu-Cen]

Low, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Descent Method for Optimal Sigmoid Filter Design, A

Low, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Animals in Low-Resolution Airborne Thermal Imagery
* Automatic Stereo Disparity Search Range Detection on Parallel Computing Architectures
* Exploring Large Movie Collections: Comparing Visual Berrypicking and Traditional Browsing
* Ground-plane classification for robot navigation: Combining multiple cues toward a visual-based learning system
* How Rough Is the Path? Terrain Traversability Estimation for Local and Global Path Planning
Includes: Low, T.[Tom] Low, T.[Tobias] Low, T.[Thomas] Low, T. Lw, T.[Tobias] (Maybe also Loew, T.)

Low, T.J.[Tang Jung] Co Author Listing * V2S: Voice to Sign Language Translation System for Malaysian Deaf People

Low, W.C.[Walter C.] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning-Enabled High-Resolution Dynamic Deuterium MR Spectroscopic Imaging

Low, W.F.[Weng Fei] Co Author Listing * Minimal Neural Atlas: Parameterizing Complex Surfaces with Minimal Charts and Distortion
* SOFEA: A Non-iterative and Robust Optical Flow Estimation Algorithm for Dynamic Vision Sensors
Includes: Low, W.F.[Weng Fei] Low, W.F.

Low, Y.F.[Yin Fen] Co Author Listing * EEG-based biometric authentication modelling using incremental fuzzy-rough nearest neighbour technique

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