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Arabie, P. Co Author Listing * Journal Of Classification, Springer

Arabnia, H.R. Co Author Listing * Hough Transform On A Reconfigurable Multi-Ring Network, The
* Parallel Algorithm For The Arbitrary Rotation Of Digitized Images Using Process-And-Data-Decomposition Approach, A
* Parallelization Of Computer Vision Algorithms On A Reconfigurable Multiprocessor
* Reconfigurable Architecture For Image Processing And Computer Vision, A

Arad, N. Co Author Listing * Image Warping By Radial Basis Functions: Application To Facial Expressions
* Normalization Of Face Images Using Few Anchors

Aragon, J. Co Author Listing * Complete Classification Of Roots To One-Dimensional Median And Rank-Order Filters

Arai, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Digitizing System For Pwb Drawings

Arai, K. Co Author Listing * Bilinear Interpolation For Facial Expression And Metamorphosis In Real-Time Animation

Arai, S. Co Author Listing * Stimulus-Driven Segmentation By Gaussian Functions

Arai, Y. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Controlled Robot-Arm Manipulating A Moving Object/Mark On A Belt Conveyor

Arakawa, H. Co Author Listing * Document Understanding System

Arakawa, K. Co Author Listing * Fractal Modeling Of Natural Terrain: Analysis And Surface Reconstruction With Range Data
* Fractal Surface Reconstruction For Modeling Natural Terrain
* Fuzzy Rule-Based Image Processing

Araki, K. Co Author Listing * High Speed And Continuous 3-D Measurement System
* High-Speed And Continuous 3d Measurement System, A
* Method For High Speed 3-D Range Measurement And Its Trial Instrumentation, A

Araki, M. Co Author Listing * Fair Copy Reproducing Algorithms From Roughly Sketched Diagrams

Araki, S. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Tracking Of Multiple Moving Objects In Moving Camera Image Sequences Using Robust Statistics

Aranda, J. Co Author Listing * Low Cost Architecture For Structure Measure Distance Computation
* Relaxation By Hopfield Network In Stereo Image Matching
* Stereo Matching Based On The Self-Organizing Feature-Mapping Algorithm
* Stereo Matching Technique Based On The Perceptron Criterion Function

Araoka, M. Co Author Listing * Image Processing Lsi Isp-Iv Based On Local Parallel Architecture And Its Applications

Arapis, C. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Segmentation Of Video On A Multiprocessor Platform

Arase, M. Co Author Listing * Integrated Pattern Inspection System, An

Arato, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Digitizing System For Pwb Drawings

Araujo, H. Co Author Listing * Full-Projective Improvement For Lowe'S Pose-Estimation Algorithm, A
* Fully Projective Formulation To Improve The Accuracy Of Lowe'S Pose-Estimation Algorithm, A
* Iterative Multi-Step Explicit Camera Calibration
* Optical Normal Flow Estimation On Log-Polar Images. A Solution For Real-Time Binocular Vision.
* Pose View Stability Analysis For Camera Look Angle(S) Computation
* Pursuit Control In A Binocular Active Vision System Using Optical Flow
* Simulating Pursuit With Machine Experiments With Robots And Artificial Vision
* Surveillance System Combining Peripheral And Foveated Motion Tracking, A
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Aravena, J.L. Co Author Listing * One-Dimensional Scan Selection For Two-Dimensional Signal Restoration
* Ordered And Partially Ordered Processing Of Multidimensional Images

Arbab, B. Co Author Listing * Mask: An Object Identification Algorithm
* Object Identification From Parallel Light Stripes

Arbab, F. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Topic: Features And Geometric Reasoning
* Set Models And Boolean Operations For Solids And Assemblies

Arbel, T. Co Author Listing * Informative Views And Sequential Recognition
* Parametric Shape Recognition Using A Probabilistic Inverse Theory
* Recognizing Volumetric Objects In The Presence Of Uncertainty

Arbib, M.A. Co Author Listing * Color Image Segmentation Using Competitive Learning
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: Neural Computing
* Handbook Of Brain Theory And Neural Networks, Mit Press, Cambridge, The
* Levels Of Modeling Of Mechanisms Of Visually Guided Behavior
* Metaphorical Brain 2-Neural Networks And Beyond, Wiley, The
* Natural And Artificial Parallel Computation, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Sensorimotor Transformations In The Worlds Of Frogs And Robots
* Vision, Brain, And Cooperative Computation, Mit Press, Cambridge
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Arbogast, E. Co Author Listing * 3-D Structure Inference From Image Sequences
* Curved Contours And Surface Reconstruction
* Egomotion Algorithm Based On The Tracking Of Arbitrary Curves, An
* It Can Be Done Without Camera Calibration

Arbter, K. Co Author Listing * Active Self-Calibration Of Robotic Eyes And Hand-Eye Relationships With Model Identification
* Application Of Affine-Invariant Fourier Descriptors To Recognition Of 3-D Objects

Arbuschi, A. Co Author Listing * Recognition And Location Of Mechanical Parts Using The Hough Technique

Arce, G.R. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Ordered Dither For Arbitrary Sampling Lattices And Screen Periodicities
* Deterministic Properties Of The Recursive Separable Median Filter
* Morphological Filters: Statistics And Further Syntactic Properties
* Multistage Order Statistic Filters For Image Sequence Processing
* Nonlinear Image Processing Ii (San Jose, Ca, February 28-March 1
* Statistical Threshold Decomposition For Recursive And Nonrecursive Median Filters
* Stochastic Analysis For The Recursive Median Filter Process
* Theoretical Analysis Of The Max/Median Filter
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Arcelli, C. Co Author Listing * Advances In Visual Form Analysis (Capri, Italy, May 28-30, 1997), World Scientific
* Approach To Figure Decomposition Using Width Information, An
* Aspects Of Visual Form Processing (Second International Workshop On Visual Form, Capri, Italy, May 30-June 2, 1994), World Scientific
* Computing Voronoi Diagrams In Digital Pictures
* Contour Characterization For Multiply Connected Figures, A
* Euclidean Skeleton Via Centre-Of-Maximal-Disc Extraction
* Finding Contour-Based Abstractions Of Planar Patterns
* Finding Grey-Skeletons By Iterated Pixel Removal
* Finding Local Maxima In A Pseudo-Euclidean Distance Transform
* From Discs To Parts Of Visual Form
* Hierarchical Decomposition Of Distance Labeled Skeletons
* On The Simplicity Of Digital Curves And Contours
* One-Pass Two-Operation Process To Detect The Skeletal Pixels On The 4-Distance Transform, A
* Parallel Lowering Of Digital Pictures By Topology Preserving Operations
* Parallel Pattern Compression By Octagonal Propagation
* Parts Of Planar Shapes
* Picture Editing By Simultaneously Smoothing Figure Protrusions And Dents
* Quenching Points In Distance Labeled Pictures
* Reversible Skeletonization By (5,7,11)-Erosion
* Ridge Points In Euclidean Distance Maps
* Sketching A Grey-Tone Pattern From Its Distance Transform
* Towards A Hierarchical Contour Description Via Dominant Point Detection
* Visual Form-Analysis And Recognition (Proceedings Of The International Workshop On Visual Form, Capri, Italy, May 27-30, 1991), Plenum
* Width-Independent Fast Thinning Algorithm, A
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Archibald, C. Co Author Listing * Advances In Machine Vision-Strategies And Applications, World Scientific
* Research In Computer And Robot Vision, World Scientific
* Use Of Wrist Mounted Range Profile Scanners For Real-Time Tracking

Ardizzone, E. Co Author Listing * Content-Based Indexing Of Image And Video Databases By Global And Shape Features
* Hybrid Architecture For Shape Reconstruction And Object Recognition
* Motion Analysis Using The Novelty Filter
* Motion And Color-Based Video Indexing And Retrieval
* Recovering 3-D Form Features By A Connectionist Architecture
* Video Indexing Using Optical Flow Field

Aref, W.G. Co Author Listing * Decomposing A Window Into Maximal Quadtree Blocks

Arehart, A.B. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Morphology: The Hamilton-Jacobi Connection

Arenas, A.E. Co Author Listing * Position Verification Of A Mobile Robot Using Standard Pattern

Argamon Engelson, S. Co Author Listing * Using Image Signatures For Place Recognition
* Utility-Based On-Line Exploration For Repeated Navigation In An Embedded Graph
Includes: Argamon Engelson, S. Argamon-Engelson, S.

Argiro, D. Co Author Listing * Cantata: Visual Programming Environment For The Khoros System
* Object Oriented Visual Programming Language Toolkit, An

Argyros, A.A. Co Author Listing * Independent 3d Motion Detection Based On Depth Elimination In Normal Flow Fields
* Independent 3d Motion Detection Using Residual Parallax Normal Flow Fields
* Robust Regression For The Detection Of Independent 3d Motion By A Binocular Observer

Arias Estrada, M. Co Author Listing * Focal Plane Architecture For Motion Computation, A
Includes: Arias Estrada, M. Arias-Estrada, M.

Arie, G.R. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Nonlinear Image Processing

Ariki, Y. Co Author Listing * Classification Of Tv Sports News By Dct Features Using Multiple Subspace Method
* Extraction Of Tv News Articles Based On Scene Cut Detection Using Dct Clustering
* Integration Of Face And Speaker Recognition By Subspace Method
* Uncertainty Reduction Paradigm Using Structural Knowledge In Line-Drawing Understanding

Arimoto, S. Co Author Listing * Active Binocular Stereo
* Automatic Fixing Of Ship Position By Simulation-And-Matching
* Computation Of The Tangent Graph Of Polygonal Obstacles By Moving-Line Processing
* Construction Of The Octree Approximating Three-Dimensional Objects By Using Multiple Views
* Fast Algorithm For Building The Octree For A Three-Dimensional Object From Its Multiple Images, A
* Finding The Shortest Path Of A Disc Among Polygonal Obstacles Using A Radius-Independent Graph
* Path Planning Using A Tangent Graph For Mobile Robots Among Polygonal And Curved Abstacles
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Arimura, K. Co Author Listing * Feature Space Design For Image Recognition With Image Screening
* Image Screening Based On Projection Pursuit For Image Recognition

Arita, D. Co Author Listing * Model Generation Method For Object Recognition Task By Pictorial Examples, A

Arita, H. Co Author Listing * Structural Matching Of Line Drawings Using The Geometric Relationship Between Line Segments

Arkin, E.M. Co Author Listing * Efficiently Computable Metric For Comparing Polygonal Shapes, An
* On Monotone Paths Among Obstacles, With Applications To Planning Assemblies

Arkin, R.C. Co Author Listing * Active Avoidance: Escape And Dodging Behaviors For Reactive Control
* Anra: An Architecture For Vision-Based Robot Navigation
* Autonomous Navigation In A Manufacturing Environment
* Behavior-Based Formation Control For Multirobot Teams
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: Advances In Unmanned Vehicle Systems
* Impact Of Cybernetics On The Design Of A Mobile Robot System: A Case Study, The
* Motor Schema-Based Mobile Robot Navigation
* Temporal Coordination Of Perceptual Algorithms For Mobile Robot Navigation
* Visual Strategies For Mobile Robot Navigation
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Arlotti, M.A. Co Author Listing * Perception Of 3-D Objects By A Robotic Stereo Eye-In-Hand Vision System

Arman, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation Of Recognition Strategies Using Cad Models
* Cad-Based Vision: Object Recognition In Cluttered Range Images Using Recognition Strategies
* Convergence Of Fuzzy-Pyramid Algorithms
* Model-Based Object Recognition In Dense-Range Images-A Review
* Segmentation Of 3-D Range Images Using Pyramidal Data Structures
* Segmentation Of 3d Range Images Using Pyramidal Data Structures

Armande, N. Co Author Listing * 3d Thin Nets Extraction Method For Medical Imaging, A
* Thin Nets And Crest Lines: Application To Satellite Data And Medical Images
* Thin Nets And Crest Lines: Application To Satellite Data And Medical Image[S]

Armando, A. Co Author Listing * Visual Representation Of Natural Language Scene Descriptions

Armspac, J. Co Author Listing * H

Armspach, J.P. Co Author Listing * Robust Registration Of Dissimilar Single And Multimodal Images

Armstrong, C.G. Co Author Listing * Shape Description By Medial Surface Construction

Armstrong, E. Co Author Listing * High Resolution Image Reconstruction From Digital Video With In-Scene Motion

Armstrong, J.B. Co Author Listing * Mapping Computer-Vision-Related Tasks Onto Reconfigurable Parallel-Processing Systems

Armstrong, J.K. Co Author Listing * Multimouth Surfaces For Synthetic Actor Animation

Armstrong, M. Co Author Listing * Self-Calibration From Image Triplets

Arnaldi, B. Co Author Listing * Dynamics And Unification Of Animation Control
* New Space Subdivision Method For Ray Tracing Csg Modelled Scenes, A

Arnarson, H. Co Author Listing * Pdl-Hm: Morphological And Syntactic Shape Classification Algorithm

Arnaud, G.M. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of The Connectivity Of An Object In A Binary Image: Pretopological Approach

Arndt, T. Co Author Listing * Comments On Mesh And Pyramid Algorithms For Iconic Indexing [+ Authors' Reply]
* Intelligent Image Database System, An
* Pyramidal Algorithms For Iconic Indexing
* Unifying Approach To Iconic Indexing For 2-D And 3-D Scenes, A

Arnicar, T.L. Co Author Listing * Image Analysis Of Brain Physiology

Arnold, D. Co Author Listing * Robust Thermophysics-Based Interpretation Of Radiometrically Uncalibrated Ir Images For Atr And Site Change Detection

Arnold, D.G. Co Author Listing * Lie Group Analysis In Object Recognition
* Quasi-Invariants Of The Thermophysical Model
* Robust Thermophysics-Based Interpretation Of Radiometrically Uncalibrated Ir Images For Atr And Site Change Detection

Arnold, J. Co Author Listing * On The Accuracy Of Optical Flow Computation Using Global Optimization

Arnon, D.S. Co Author Listing * Geometric Reasoning With Logic And Algebra

Arnould, E. Co Author Listing * Warp Computer: Architecture, Implementation, And Performance, The

Arnqvist, J. Co Author Listing * Semiautomatic Classification Of Secondary Healing Ulcers In Multispectral Images

Arnspang, J. Co Author Listing * Concept Of Virtual Motion In Vision Calculus, The
* Direct Determination Of A Non Accelerating Greylevel Scene
* Direct Determination Of The Orientation Of A Translating 3d Straight Line
* Fundamentals Of Texture Flow Equations In Vision Calculus
* Image Irradiance Equations For A Zooming Camera
* Motion Constraint Equations Based On Constant Image Irradiance
* Moving Towards The Horizon Of A Planar Curve
* On The Use Of The Horizon Of A Translating Planar Curve
* On The Use Of Time Varying Shading And Surface Rim Irradiance
* Optic Acceleration
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Arof, H. Co Author Listing * Concentric Circular Sampling For Texture Analysis

Arokiasamy, A. Co Author Listing * Homogeneous Coordinates And The Principle Of Duality In Two Dimensional Clipping

Aronoff, S. Co Author Listing * From Data To Image To Action

Aronov, B. Co Author Listing * Counting Facets And Incidences
* Furthest-Site Geodesic Voronoi Diagram, The
* Minimum-Speed Motions
* On The Geodesic Voronoi Diagram Of Point Sites In A Simple Polygon
* On Translational Motion Planning Of A Convex Polyhedron In 3-Space
* Triangles In Space Or Building (And Analyzing) Castles In The Air
* Visibility With One Reflection
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Arps, R.B. Co Author Listing * Image Processing And Interchange: Implementation And Systems (San Jose, Ca, February 12-14

Arques, D. Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Analysis Of Ramified Patterns And Computer Imagery Of Trees
* Digital Topology In 2.5d: An Application To Topological Filling Of Well-Nested Objects
* Fast Scan-Line Algorithm For Topological Filling Of Well-Nested Objects In 2.5d Digital Pictures, A

Arrathoon, R. Co Author Listing * Digital Optical Computing (Los Angeles, Ca, January 13-14
* Digital Optical Computing Ii (Los Angeles, Ca, January 17-19
* Optical Computing-Digital And Symbolic, Dekker

Arrebola, F. Co Author Listing * Shifted Fovea Multiresolution Geometries

Arreguit, X. Co Author Listing * Mixed Digital-Analog Simd Chip Tailored For Image Perception, A

Arruabarrena, A. Co Author Listing * Optimal Distance Networks Of Low Degree For Parallel Computers

Arsenault, H.H. Co Author Listing * Introduction To Optics In Computers (Tt 8), Spie, Bellingham, An

Arslan, A. Co Author Listing * Sweeping With All Graphical Ingredients In A Topological Picturebook

Arterberry, M.E. Co Author Listing * Cradle Of Knowledge|Development Of Perception In Infancy, Mit Press, Cambridge, The

Artese, M.T. Co Author Listing * Color Specification By Visual Interaction

Arumugam, A. Co Author Listing * Thinning Algorithm Based On The Force Between Charged Particles, A

Arun, K. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using Transform Features And Neural Networks

Arun, K.S. Co Author Listing * Least Squares Fitting Of Two 3-D Point Sets

Arunachalam, P. Co Author Listing * Manipulations Of Octrees And Quadtrees On Multiprocessors

Arunkumar, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Inspection Of Vlsi Masks

Arvind, K. Co Author Listing * Extraction Of Lines And Regions From Grey Tone Line Drawing Images

Arvo, J. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Irradiance Tensors To The Simulation Of Non-Lambertian Phenomena
* Fast Ray Tracing By Ray Classification
* Framework For Realistic Image Synthesis, A
* Framework For The Analysis Of Error In Global Illumination Algorithms, A
* Graphics Gems Ii, Academic Press
* Irradiance Jacobian For Partially Occluded Polyhedral Sources, The
* Painting With Light
* Particle Transport And Image Synthesis
* Unbiased Sampling Techniques For Image Synthesis
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Arvo, J.R. Co Author Listing * Global Illumination Solution For General Reflectance Distributions, A
* Importance-Driven Radiosity Algorithm, An

Arya, S. Co Author Listing * Textural Analysis Of Range Images

Arzi Gonczarowski, Z. Co Author Listing * From Environments To Representations | A Mathematical Theory Of Artificial Perception
Includes: Arzi Gonczarowski, Z. Arzi-Gonczarowski, Z.

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