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Paar, G. Co Author Listing * Elevation Modeling And Motion Tracking Using A Binocular Camera System With Seven Degrees Of Freedom
* Robust Disparity Estimation In Terrain Modeling For Spacecraft Navigation

Pach, J. Co Author Listing * Covering The Plane With Convex Polygons
* New Trends In Discrete And Computational Geometry, Springer
* On Arrangements Of Jordan Arcs With Three Intersections Per Pair
* On The Union Of Jordan Regions And Collision-Free Translational Motion Amidst Polygonal Obstacles

Pachl, J. Co Author Listing * On The Limit Sets Of Cellular Automata

Pachowicz, P. Co Author Listing * Gmu Research On Learning In Vision

Pachowicz, P.W. Co Author Listing * Image Processing By Software Parallel Computation
* Invariant Object Recognition: A Model Evolution Approach
* Local Characteristics Of Binary Images And Their Application To The Automatic Control Of Low-Level Robot Vision
* Nsf/Darpa Workshop On Machine Learning And Vision: A Summary (Harpers Ferry, Wv, October 15-17, 1992)
* Progress On Vision Through Learning At George Mason University
* Recognizing Noisy Patterns Via Iterative Optimization And Matching Of Their Descriptions
* Semi-Autonomous Evolution Of Object Models For Adaptive Object Recognition
* Time Effects Comparison For Software Computation Of Images
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Pachowitz, P.W. Co Author Listing * Image Processing And Analysis Of The Grain Constitution In Minerals
* Integrating Low-Level Features Computation With Inductive Learning Techniques For Texture Recognition

Pachter, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Equilateral Grip Of A Prismatic And Convex Workpiece, The

Pack, J.K. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Algorithm Using Multi-State Adalines, An

Packwood, R. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Multiple-Simd Architecture For Image Analysis

Packwood, R.A. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Multiple-Simd Architecture For Image Analysis, A
* Performance Evaluation Of The Hierarchical Hough Transform On An Associative M-Simd Architecture

Paddon, D.J. Co Author Listing * Exploiting Coherence For Multiprocessor Ray Tracing
* Highly Flexible Multiprocessor Solution For Ray Tracing, A

Padgett, M.L. Co Author Listing * Fifth Workshop On Neural Networks: Academic/Industrial/Nasa/Defense (San Francisco, Ca

Padmaja, Y.V. Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Morphologic Edge Detector, A

Padmanabhan, K. Co Author Listing * Tempo-Template Matching By Parametric Optimization

Padula, M. Co Author Listing * Approach To The Definition, Description, And Extraction Of Structures In Binary Digital Images, An
* Attributed Conditional L-Systems: A Tool For Image Description

Paeth, A.W. Co Author Listing * Graphics Gems V, Academic Press

Paez Borrallo, J.M. Co Author Listing * On Using Cooccurrence Matrices To Detect Periodicities
Includes: Paez Borrallo, J.M. Paez-Borrallo, J.M.

Pagac, D. Co Author Listing * Evidential Approach To Map Building For Autonomous Vehicles, An

Pagano, F. Co Author Listing * Parallel Implementation Of Associative Memories For Image Classification

Page, C.V. Co Author Listing * Image Matching By A Probabilistic Labeling Process
* Region-Based Approach To Digital Image Registration With Subpixel Accuracy, A

Page, I. Co Author Listing * Polygon Rendering On A Dual-Paradigm Parallel Processor

Page, J. Co Author Listing * Parallel Architectures And Computer Vision (Proceedings Of A Workshop, Oxford, Uk, March 30-31, 1987), Clarendon Press, Oxford

Pagello, E. Co Author Listing * Solid Modeling System For Robot Action Planning, A

Paget, R. Co Author Listing * Texture Synthesis And Unsupervised Recognition With A Nonparametric Multiscale Markov Random Field Model
* Texture Synthesis Via A Noncausal Nonparametric Multiscale Markov Random Field

Pagli, L. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm For Some Tree Matching Problems, An
* Parallel Solution To The Approximate String Matching Problem, A
* String Matching With Weighted Errors
* Vlsi Solution To The Vertical Segment Visibility Problem, A

Pagliari, C. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction Of Intermediate Views From Stereoscopic Images Using A Rational Filter

Pagliari, C.L. Co Author Listing * Stereo Disparity Computation In The Dct Domain Using Genetic Algorithms

Paglieroni, D.W. Co Author Listing * Control Point Transforms For Shape Representation And Measurement
* Directional Distance Transforms And Height Field Preprocessing For Efficient Ray Tracing
* Distance Transforms: Properties And Machine Vision Applications
* Fast Classification Of Discrete Shape Contours
* Position-Orientation Masking Approach To Parametric Search For Template Matching, The
* Unified Distance Transform Algorithm And Architecture, A

Pagnan, S. Co Author Listing * Noisy Texture Classification: A Higher-Order Statistics Approach

Pahlavan, K. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Fixation
* Dynamic Fixation And Active Perception
* Head-Eye System-Analysis And Design, A
* Heads, Eyes, And Head-Eye Systems
* Integrating Primary Ocular Processes
* Integrating Primary Ocular Processes

Pahlplatz, M.M.M. Co Author Listing * Two Methods For Analyzing Pleural Smears For The Presence Of Abnormalities

Pahnos, D. Co Author Listing * Mobile Robots Xii Pittsburgh, Pa, October 16

Pai, A.G. Co Author Listing * Linear Octree Of A 3d Object From 2d Silhouettes Using Segment Tree

Pai, C. Co Author Listing * Shape From Shading Using Ritz Method With Tent Basis

Pai, T.W. Co Author Listing * Boundary-Constrained Morphological Skeleton Minimization And Skeleton Reconstruction

Paige, R. Co Author Listing * More Efficient Bottom-Up Multi-Pattern Matching In Trees

Pailhes, L.M. Co Author Listing * Displacement Vector Field Computation By Temporal Covariance Model

Pailloncy, J.G. Co Author Listing * Object Matching On Irregular Pyramid

Paillou, P. Co Author Listing * Non-Antisymmetrical Edge Profile Detection
* Trinocular Stereovision By Generalized Hough Transform

Paindavoine, M. Co Author Listing * Implementation Of A Real Time Image Rotation Using B-Spline Interpolation On Fpgais Board
* Recursive Digital Filter Implementation For Noisy And Blurred Images, A

Painter, J. Co Author Listing * Antialiased Ray Tracing By Adaptive Progressive Refinement
* Pessimal Guesses May Be Optimal: A Counterintuitive Search Result

Painter, J.S. Co Author Listing * Qualitative Constraints For Structure-From-Motion
* Radioptimization-Goal Based Rendering

Pajares, G. Co Author Listing * Relaxation By Hopfield Network In Stereo Image Matching
* Stereo Matching Based On The Self-Organizing Feature-Mapping Algorithm
* Stereo Matching Technique Based On The Perceptron Criterion Function

Pajdla, T. Co Author Listing * Camera Calibration And Euclidean Reconstruction From Known Observer Translations, Cvpr, 421-426. 48855. D. Liebowitz And A. Zisserman, Metric Rectification For Perspective Images Of Planes
* Efficient 3-D Scene Visualization By Image Extrapolation
* Efficient Rendering Of Projective Model For Image-Based Visualization
* Epipolar Geometry Of Panoramic Cameras
* Improvement Of The Curvature Computation
* Matching Of 3-D Curves Using Semi-Differential Invariants
* Selection Of Reference Views For Image-Based Representation
* Surface Discontinuities In Range Images
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Pal, D.K. Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Rough Terrain Motion Planning, T-Ra 14, 1998, 19-33. 31525. A. Giachetti, M. Campani, And V. Torre, The Use Of Optical Flow For Road Navigation

Pal, N.R. Co Author Listing * Entropic Thresholding
* Entropy: A New Definition And Its Applications
* Fuzzy Divergence, Probability Measure Of Fuzzy Events And Image Thresholding
* Image Model, Poisson Distribution And Object Extraction
* New Shape Representation Scheme And Its Application To Shape Discrimination Using A Neural Network, A
* Object Background Classification Using Hopfield Type Neural Network
* Object Extraction From Image Using Higher Order Entropy
* On Minimum Cross-Entropy Thresholding
* Review On Image Segmentation Techniques, A
* Segmentation Based On Measures Of Contrast, Homogeneity, And Region Size
* Segmentation Using Contrast And Homogeneity Measures
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Pal, P. Co Author Listing * New Shape Representation Scheme And Its Application To Shape Discrimination Using A Neural Network, A

Pal, S. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Template Matching Thinning Algorithms

Pal, S.K. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Irs Imagery For Detecting Man-Made Objects With A Multivalued Recognition System
* Approximate Coding Of Digital Contours
* Automatic Selection Of Object Enhancement Operator With Quantitative Justification Based On Fuzzy Set Theoretic Measures
* Binary Contour Coding Using Bezier Approximation
* Correlation Between Two Fuzzy Membership Functions
* Designing Hopfield Type Networks Using Genetic Algorithms And Its Comparison With Simulated Annealing
* Entropic Thresholding
* Entropy: A New Definition And Its Applications
* Fuzzy Grammars In Syntactic Recognition Of Skeletal Maturity From X-Rays
* Fuzzy Mathematical Approach To Pattern Recognition, Wiley Eastern, New Delhi
* Fuzzy Medial Axis Transformation Based On Fuzzy Disks, A
* Fuzzy Models For Pattern Recognition, Ieee Press, Piscataway
* Fuzzy Skeletonization Of An Image
* Fuzzy Thresholding: Mathematical Framework, Bound Functions And Weighted Moving Average Technique
* Genetic Algorithms For Optimal Image Enhancement
* Guest Eds., (Special Section On) Neurocomputing: Motivation, Models, And Hybridization
* Histogram Thresholding By Minimizing Graylevel Fuzziness
* Image Enhancement And Thresholding By Optimization Of Fuzzy Compactness
* Image Model, Poisson Distribution And Object Extraction
* Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Correlation
* Index Of Area Coverage Of Fuzzy Image Subsets And Object Extraction
* Matching Of Structural Shape Descriptions With Hopfield Net
* Measure Of Edge Ambiguity Using Fuzzy Sets, A
* Neural Network, Self-Organization And Object Extraction
* Note On Grey Level-Intensity Transformation: Effect On Hvs Thresholding, A
* Object Background Classification Using Hopfield Type Neural Network
* Object Extraction From Image Using Higher Order Entropy
* Representation Of Fuzzy Operators Using Ordinary Sets
* Review On Image Segmentation Techniques, A
* Segmentation Based On Measures Of Contrast, Homogeneity, And Region Size
* Segmentation Using Contrast And Homogeneity Measures
* Spectral Fuzzy Sets And Soft Thresholding
* Syntactic Recognition Of Skeletal Maturity
* Thresholding For Edge Detection Using Human Psychovisual Phenomena
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Pal, S.P. Co Author Listing * Visibility With One Reflection

Pala, P. Co Author Listing * Effective Image Retrieval Using Deformable Templates
* Image Indexing Using Shape-Based Visual Features
* Retrieval Of Commercials By Video Semantics
* Sensations And Psychological Effects In Color Image Database
* Visual Image Retrieval By Elastic Matching Of User Sketches
* Visual Querying By Color Perceptive Regions

Palacios, A. Co Author Listing * Ways Of Coloring: Comparative Color Vision As A Case Study For Cognitive Science

Palagyi, K. Co Author Listing * 3d 6-Subiteration Thinning Algorithm For Extracting Medial Lines, A

Palakal, M. Co Author Listing * On The Use Of Computer Vision Techniques For Automatic Speech Recognition

Palaniappan, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Spatio-Temporal Video Sequence Segmentation
* Coupled, Multi-Resolution Stereo And Motion Analysis
* Optic Flow Field Segmentation And Motion Estimation Using A Robust Genetic Partitioning Algorithm
* Robust Stereo Analysis
* Structure And Semi-Fluid Motion Analysis Of Stereoscopic Satellite Images For Cloud Tracking

Palaniswami, M. Co Author Listing * Range Image Segmentation By Dynamic Neural Network Architecture

Palaniswamy, K. Co Author Listing * Machine Recognition Of Indian Language Characters Using A Tree Structure Based On Primitives

Palcic, B. Co Author Listing * Hough Spectrum And Geometric Texture Feature Analysis

Palem, K.V. Co Author Listing * Image Processing Architectures: A Taxonomy And Survey
* Optimal Parallel Algorithms For Forest And Term Matching

Palencia, V. Co Author Listing * Guidance Of An Autonomous Vehicle By Visual Feedback

Paler, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Thresholding Algorithm And Its Performance, An
* Averaging Edge Detector, An
* Crs Image Processing Systems With Vlsi Modules
* Gabor Filter Approach To Fringe Analysis, A
* Identification Of Fringe Minima In Electronic Speckle Pattern Images
* Locally Ordered Gray Levels As An Aid To Corner Detection

Palichenka, R.M. Co Author Listing * Fast Structure-Adaptive Evaluation Of Local Features In Images, A

Palios, L. Co Author Listing * Decomposing The Boundary Of A Nonconvex Polyhedron

Palis, M.A. Co Author Listing * Designing Systolic Algorithms Using Sequential Machines
* Designing Systolic Algorithms Using Sequential Machines
* Fast Parallel Language Recognition By Cellular Automata
* Two-Dimensional Iterative Arrays: Characterizations And Applications
* Vlsi Algorithms For Solving Recurrence Equations And Applications

Palisson, P. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Multiresolution Texture Segmentation Using Wavelet Decomposition

Pallo, J.M. Co Author Listing * Shortest Path Metric On Unlabeled Binary Trees, A

Palm, H.C. Co Author Listing * Template Matching Used In Time Contextual Segmentation

Palmer, J. Co Author Listing * Methodology For Quantitative Performance Evaluation Of Detection Algorithms, A
* Quantitative Methodology For Analyzing The Performance Of Detection Algorithms, A

Palmer, M.R. Co Author Listing * Transformation Method For The Reconstruction Of Functions From Nonuniformly Spaced Samples, A

Palmer, P.L. Co Author Listing * Accurate Line Parameters From An Optimising Hough Transform For Vanishing Point Detection
* Genetic Optimisation Of The Image Feature Extraction Process
* Hough Transform Algorithm With A 2d Hypothesis Testing Kernel, A
* Hough Transform Algorithm With A 2d Hypothesis Testing Kernel, A
* Optimisation Approach To Improving The Accuracy Of The Hough Transform: Plane Orientations From Skew Symmetry, An
* Optimizing Line Finder Uisng A Hough Transform Algorithm, An
* Performance Measure For Boundary Detection Algorithms, A
* Performance Measure For Boundary Detection Algorithms, A
* Using Focus Of Attention With The Hough Transform For Accurate Line Parameter Estimation
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Palmier, L. Co Author Listing * Vlsi Architecture Of The ``Curve'' Function In Image Processing

Palmieri, F. Co Author Listing * Ll Filters-A New Class Of Order Statistic Filters
* On Using Apriori Knowledge In Reconstruction From Projections

Palomino, A. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Recognition Of Planar Objects Using Geometric Invariants

Palumbo, P. Co Author Listing * Blackboard-Based Approach To Handwritten Zip Code Recognition, A

Palumbo, P.W. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition In Visually Complex Environments: An Architecture For Locating Address Blocks On Mail Pieces
* Recognizing Address Blocks On Mail Pieces: Specialized Tools And Problem-Solving Architectures, Ai Magazine 8(4), 1987
* Text Parsing Using Spatial Information For Recognizing Addresses In Mail Pieces

Pan, B.C. Co Author Listing * Floating Mask Method For Extracting Hand-Printed Character Features

Pan, F. Co Author Listing * Back Tracking Algorithm For Matching Two Line Drawings Of A 3-D Moving Object, A
* One-Pass Preprocessing Algorithm For Real-Time Image Processing System

Pan, H. Co Author Listing * Automated Registration Of Multimodality Images By Maximization Of A Region Similarity Measure

Pan, I.N. Co Author Listing * Unified Optical Flow Field Approach To Motion Analysis From A Sequence Of Stereo Images

Pan, J.N. Co Author Listing * Correlation-Feedback Technique In Optical Flow Determination
* Kalman Filter In Motion Analysis From Stereo Image Sequences, A

Pan, X. Co Author Listing * Parallel Method For Locating And Representing 2d Contours, A

Pan, Y. Co Author Listing * Note On Efficient Parallel Algorithms For The Computation Of Two-Dimensional Image Moments, A
* Scalable And Efficient Algorithm For Computing The City Block Distance Transform On Reconfigurable Meshes, A
* Stack-Based Approach For Shading Of Regions, A

Pan, Y.J. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Region Filling Using Two-Dimensional Grammars, An

Panas, S.M. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation By A Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Using Adaptive Spatially Constrained Membership Functions

Panayirci, E. Co Author Listing * Boundary Detection Using Multiscale Markov Random Fields
* Extension Of The Cox-Lewis Method For Testing Multidimensional Data
* Feature Extraction In Shape Recognition Using Segmentation Of The Boundary Curve
* Reconstruction And Boundary Detection Of Range And Intensity Images Using Multiscale Mrf Representations
* Segmentation Of Range And Intensity Images Using Multiscale Markov Random Field Representations
* Spatial Point Processes And Clustering Tendency In Exploratory Data Analysis

Panchanathan, S. Co Author Listing * Digital Video Compression: Algorithms And Technologies 1996 (San Jose, Ca, January 31-February 1
* Image And Video Indexing Using Vector Quantization
* Multimedia Storage And Archiving Systems Iii (Boston, Ma, November 2-4
* Review Of Image And Video Indexing Techniques
* Special Issue On Indexing, Storage, Browsing, And Retrieval Of Images And Video
* Video Indexing In The Wavelet Compressed Domain

Panda, D. Co Author Listing * Honeywell Progress On Knowledge-Based Robust Target Recognition And Tracking
* Qualitative Reasoning And Modeling For Robust Target Tracking And Recognition From A Mobile Platform

Panda, D.P. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Archival Scene Model

Panda, R. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Tuned Filters In Gaborian Space

Pandey, A. Co Author Listing * Interpretation Of 3d Structure And Motion Using Structured Lighting
* Study On Using Structured Lighting To Analyze Time Varying Image Sequences, A

Pandit, S.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Threshold Selection Based On Histogram Modes And A Discriminant Criterion
* Deterministic And Stochastic Separation Of Digital Images

Pandya, A.S. Co Author Listing * Human Face Recognition Using Third-Order Synthetic Neural Networks, Kluwer
* Pattern Recognition With Neural Networks In C++, Crc Press, Boca Raton
* Perception As An Optimization Process

Pandzic, I.S. Co Author Listing * Synthetic And Hybrid Imaging In The Humanoid And Vidas Projects
* Virtual Human Representation And Communication In Vlnet, Cg&A 172

Pane, J.F. Co Author Listing * Alignment And Connection Of Fragmented Linear Features In Aerial Imagery

Panerai, F. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Vergence Using Log-Polar Images
* Vergence And Tracking Fusing Log-Polar Images

Pang, A.T. Co Author Listing * Line-Drawing Algorithms For Parallel Machines

Pang, C.M. Co Author Listing * Transputer Implementation Of A Multiple Agent Model For Object Tracking

Panjwani, D. Co Author Listing * Results Using Random Field Models For The Segmentation Of Color Images
* Selecting Neighbors In Random Field Models For Color Images

Panjwani, D.K. Co Author Listing * Markov Random Field Models For Unsupervised Segmentation Of Textured Color Images
* Unsupervised Segmentation Of Textured Color Images Using Markov Random Field Models

Pankanti, S. Co Author Listing * Integrating Vision Modules: Stereo, Shading, Grouping, And Line Labeling
* On Integration Of Vision Modules
* Uniform Bayesian Framework For Integration, A

Pao, D. Co Author Listing * Decomposable Parameter Space For The Detection Of Ellipses, A
* Detecting Parametric Curves Using The Straight Line Hough Transform
* Improvements And Systolic Implementation Of The Hough Transformation For Straight Line Detection

Pao, D.C.W. Co Author Listing * Shapes Recognition Using The Straight Line Hough Transform: Theory And Generalization

Pao, H. Co Author Listing * Salient And Multiple Illusory Surfaces

Pao, Y.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Pattern Recognition And Neural Networks, Addison-Wesley, Reading
* Reconstruction Of Three-Dimensional Surfaces From Two-Dimensional Binary Images
* Segmentation Between Overlapping Parts: The Moving Shadows Approach

Paola, R.D. Co Author Listing * Eds. Information Processing In Medical Imaging (Proceedings Of The 14th International Conference, Ile De Berder, France, June 26-30, 1995), Kluwer, Dordrecht

Paoli, A. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Detection Of Straight Lines Through Possibilistic Clustering

Paoli, C. Co Author Listing * Computerized Autoradiographic Technique For The Simultaneous High-Resolution Mapping Of Myocardial Blood Flow And Metabolism, A
* Use Of A Dictionary In Conjunction With A Handwritten Texts Recognizer

Paoluzzi, A. Co Author Listing * Dimension-Independent Modeling With Simplicial Complexes
* Geometric Programming: A Programming Approach To Geometric Design

Pap, R. Co Author Listing * Handbook Of Neural Computing Applications, Academic Press

Papachristou, P. Co Author Listing * Error Propagation Analysis For Edge Postprocessing

Papaconstantinou, G. Co Author Listing * Rule-Based Systems And Pattern Recognition

Papademetriou, R.C. Co Author Listing * Reconstructing With Moments

Papademetris, X. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Motion Boundary Location And Optical Flow Using Dynamic Programming

Papadimitriou, C. Co Author Listing * How To Learn An Unknown Environment I: The Rectilinear Case

Papadimitriou, C.H. Co Author Listing * 1-Steiner Tree Problem, The
* Algorithm For Shortest-Path Motion In Three Dimensions, An
* Complexity Of Recognizing Polyhedral Scenes, The
* Complexity Of Recognizing Polyhedral Scenes, The
* Discrete Geodesic Problem, The
* Finding Feasible Paths For A Two-Point Body
* Geometry Of Grasping, The
* On Two Geometric Problems Related To The Travelling Salesman Problem
* Optimal Piecewise Linear Motion Of An Object Among Obstacles
* Optimum Grip Of A Polygon
* Weighted Region Problem, The
* Weighted Region Problem: Finding Shortest Paths Through A Weighted Planar Subdivision, The
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Papadimitriou, D.V. Co Author Listing * Epipolar Line Estimation And Rectification For Stereo Image Pairs

Papadimitriou, T. Co Author Listing * Total Least Squares 3-D Motion Estimation

Papadopoulo, T. Co Author Listing * Computing Structure And Motion Of General 3d Curves From Monocular Sequences Of Perspective Images
* Estimation Of The Second Order Spatio-Temporal Derivatives Of Deforming Image Curves
* Motion Field Of Curves: Applications
* New Characterization Of The Trifocal Tensor, A
* Nonlinear Method For Estimating The Projective Geometry Of Three Views, A
* Theory Of The Motion Fields Of Curves, A

Papadourakis, G.M. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition Using Invariant Object Boundary Representations And Neural Network Models

Papageorgiou, A. Co Author Listing * Computational Aspects Of Determining Optical Flow
* Computing Optical Flow

Papageorgiou, C. Co Author Listing * Pedestrian Detection Using Wavelet Templates
* Trainable Object Detection System, A
* Trainable System For People Detection, A

Papageorgiou, C.P. Co Author Listing * General Framework For Object Detection, A

Papakonstantinou, G. Co Author Listing * Optimal Polygonal Approximation Of Digital Curves

Papamarkos, N. Co Author Listing * New Approach For Multilevel Threshold Selection, A

Papamichalis, P. Co Author Listing * Digital Signal Processing Technology (Orlando, Fl, April 17-18

Papanikolopoulos, N.P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Control Techniques For Dynamic Visual Repositioning Of Hand-Eye Robotic Systems
* Controlled Active Exploration Of Uncalibrated Environments
* Eye-In-Hand Robotic Tasks In Uncalibrated Environments
* On The Use Of Snakes For 3-D Robotic Visual Tracking
* Six Degree-Of-Freedom Hand/Eye Visual Tracking With Uncertain Parameters
* Visual Tracking Of A Moving Target By A Camera Mounted On A Robot: A Combination Of Control And Vision

Paparoditis, N. Co Author Listing * Building Detection And Reconstruction From Mid- And High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Papathomas, T.V. Co Author Listing * Applications Of Computer Graphics To The Visualization Of Meteorological Data
* Early Vision And Beyond, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Visual Perception, Ijist 7(2)
* Human Vision Based Computational Model For Chromatic Texture Segregation, A
* Stereo Animation For Very Large Databases: Case Study-Meteorology

Pape, D.R. Co Author Listing * Advanced In Optical Information Processing Iv (Orlando, Fl, April 18-20
* Advances In Optical Information Procesing Viii (Orlando, Fl, April 15-16
* Advances In Optical Information Processing Iii (Orlando, Fl, April 6-8
* Advances In Optical Information Processing V (Orlando, Fl, April 21-24
* Advances In Optical Information Processing Vi (Orlando, Fl, April 6-7
* Advances In Optical Information Processing Vii (Orlando, Fl, April 10-11
* International Conference On Optical Image Processing (St. Petersburg, Russia
* Optical Information Processing Ii (Orlando, Fl, April 3-4
* Second International Conference On Optical Information Processing St. Petersburg, Russia, June 17-21
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Papin, C. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Low Clouds In Meteosat Ir Night-Time Images Based On A Contextual Spatio-Temporal Labeling Approach

Paplinski, A.P. Co Author Listing * Directional Filtering In Edge Detection

Papoutsis, T. Co Author Listing * Use Of Multiple Sources For The Modeling And Coding Of Nonstationary Images, The

Pappas, T.N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Clustering Algorithm For Image Segmentation, An
* Human Vision And Electronic Imaging Iii (San Jose, Ca, January 26-29
* Human Vision And Electronic Imaging San Jose, Ca, February 10-13
* New Method For Estimation Of Coronary Artery Dimensions In Angiograms, A

Pappu, S. Co Author Listing * New Algorithms For 2d And 3d Point Matching: Pose Estimation And Correspondence

Paquet, E. Co Author Listing * Content-Based Search Engine For Vrml Databases, A
* Three-Dimensional Polychromatic Object(S) Classification Based On Amplitude Modulation And Amplitude-Shift Keying

Paquette, L. Co Author Listing * New Approach To Robot Orientation By Orthogonal Lines, A

Paradiso, J.A. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., [Special Issue On] Computer Graphics I/O Devices

Paragios, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection Of Moving Objects Using Multiscale Techniques
* Detecting Multiple Moving Targets Using Deformable Contours
* Detection And Location Of Moving Objects Using Deterministic Relaxation Algorithms

Paragios, N.K. Co Author Listing * E

Parameswaran, V. Co Author Listing * Sensitivity Analysis And Learning Strategies For Context-Based Vehicle Detection Algorithms

Paramonov, N.N. Co Author Listing * Image Processing In Belarus: State Of The Art And Prospects

Paramonova, N. Co Author Listing * Vectorization And Representation Of Large-Size 2-D Line Drawing Images

Paranjape, R.B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Neighborhood Histogram Equalization For Image Enhancement

Pardas, M. Co Author Listing * Video Object Segmentation Introducing Depth And Motion Information

Pardo, J.M. Co Author Listing * Discrete-Time Cnn For Image Segmentation By Active Contours

Paredes, C. Co Author Listing * Optical Normal Flow Estimation On Log-Polar Images. A Solution For Real-Time Binocular Vision.
* Simulating Pursuit With Machine Experiments With Robots And Artificial Vision

Pareek, H. Co Author Listing * Modelling A Fast Parallel Thinning Algorithm For Shared Memory Simd Computers

Parent, P. Co Author Listing * Multiple-Size Operators And Optimal Curve Finding
* Radial Projection: An Efficient Update Rule For Relaxation Labeling
* Trace Inference, Curvature Consistency, And Curve Detection

Parent, R. Co Author Listing * Computing The Arc Length Of Parametric Curves

Parent, R.E. Co Author Listing * Anatomy-Based Modeling Of The Human Musculature
* Behavioral Test-Bed: Obtaining Complex Behavior From Simple Rules, The
* Rendering And Animation Of Gaseous Phenomena By Combining Fast Volume And Scanline A-Buffer Techniques
* Shape Averaging And Its Applications To Industrial Design
* Shape Transformation For Polyhedral Objects
* Solid Spaces And Inverse Particle Systems For Controlling The Animation Of Gases And Fluids

Pareschi, M.T. Co Author Listing * From Multiple Views To Object Recognition

Parida, L. Co Author Listing * Computational Methods For Evaluating Swept Object Boundaries
* Junctions: Detection, Classification, And Reconstruction
* Visual Organization For Figure/Ground Separation

Parikh, J.A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Techniques For Extraction Of Geological Fracture Patterns

Parikh, P. Co Author Listing * Computer Recognition Of Two Overlapping Parts Using A Single Camera

Paripati, P.K. Co Author Listing * Cad System Based On Spherical Dual Representations, A
* Model-Based Object Recognition Using A Large-Field Passive Tactile Sensor

Parizeau, M. Co Author Listing * Signature Verification From Position, Velocity And Acceleration Signals: A Comparative Study

Park, C.S. Co Author Listing * Interactive Microcomputer Graphics, Addison-Wesley, Reading

Park, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Bayesian Decision Model For Motion Segmentation

Park, D.J. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection In Noisy Images Based On The Co-Occurrence Matrix
* Hierarchical Edge Detection Using The Bidirectional Information In Edge Pyramids
* Multiresolution Edge Detection Techniques

Park, H. Co Author Listing * Decomposition Of Arbitrarily Shaped Morphological Structuring Elements
* Fast Algorithm For Computing A Histogram On The Reconfigurable Mesh, A
* Image Segmentation Of Color Image Based On Region Coherency
* Optimal Decomposition Of Convex Morphological Structuring Elements For 4-Connected Parallel Array Processors
* Perception Sensor For A Mobile Robot

Park, H.D. Co Author Listing * Cad Based Planning And Execution Of Inspection
* Vision-Based Rendering: Image Synthesis For Vision Feature Extraction

Park, I.K. Co Author Listing * Geometric Modeling From Scattered 3-D Range Data

Park, I.P. Co Author Listing * Error Detection And Error Recovery In Two Dimensional Topological Navigation
* Formalization And Implementation Of Topological Visual Navigation In Two Dimensions, A
* Qualitative Environmental Navigation
* Topological Direction-Giving And Visual Navigation In Large Environments
* Using Isolated Landmarks And Trajectories In Robot Navigation

Park, J. Co Author Listing * Contour Models For Curvature Estimation And Shape Decomposition
* Deformable Models With Parameter Functions: Application To Heart-Wall Modeling
* Recognition Of Shapes By Statistical Modeling Of Centroidal Profile
* Shape Recognition By A Scale-Invariant Model
* Unsupervised Segmentation Of Textured Images

Park, J.H. Co Author Listing * Optimal Algorithm For Finding The Edge Visibility Polygon Under Limited Visibility, An
* Three-Dimensional Object Representation And Recognition Based On Surface Normal Images

Park, J.I. Co Author Listing * Arbitrary View Generation From Multiple Cameras

Park, J.S. Co Author Listing * Contour Matching: A Curvature-Based Approach
* Contour Motion Estimation From Image Sequences Using Curvature Information
* Curvature-Based Approach To Contour Motion Estimation, A
* Estimating Optical Flow By Tracking Contours
* Highlight Separation And Surface Orientations For 3-D Specular Objects

Park, J.W. Co Author Listing * Efficient Memory System For Image Processing, An

Park, K. Co Author Listing * Improved Algorithm For Approximate String Matching, An

Park, K.H. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Optimal Isomorphism Between Random Graphs, An
* Automatic Human Face Location In A Complex Background
* Boundary Detection In A Hexagonal Grid Using Energy Minimization
* Formal Definition And Entropy Calculation Of Hierarchical Attributed Random Graph
* Improving The Labeling Accuracy By A New Probabilistic Relaxation Labeling
* Incremental Clustering Of Attributed Graphs
* Range Image Segmentation Based On 2d Quadratic Function Approximation
* Shape Decomposition Based On Perceptual Structure
* Shape Decomposition By Collinearity
* Surface Modeling Method By Polygonal Primitives For Visualizing Three-Dimensional Volume Data
10 for Park, K.H.

Park, K.R. Co Author Listing * Morphological Scale-Space Using Generalized Zero-Crossings As Feature Points
* Scale-Space Using Mathematical Morphology

Park, R.H. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Quantization Error In Line-Based Stereo Matching
* Anisotropic Hierarchical Motion Estimation Method Based On Decomposition Of The Functional Domain
* Comments On ``A Three-Module Strategy For Edge Detection''
* Comments On ``An Optimal Multiple Threshold Scheme For Image Segmentation''
* Comparative Performance Study Of Several Global Thresholding Techniques For Segmentation, A
* Contour Coding Based On The Decomposition Of Line Segments
* Edge Detection In Noisy Images Based On The Co-Occurrence Matrix
* Edge-Preserving Artifact-Free Smoothing With Image Pyramids
* Eight-Point Discrete Hartley Transform As An Edge Operator And Its Interpretation In The Frequency Domain
* Extracting Spatial Arrangement Of Structural Textures Using Projection Information
* Extraction Of Periodicity Vectors From Structural Textures Using Projection Information
* Extraction Of Straight Line Segments Using Rotation Transformation: Generalized Hough Transformation
* Fourier Interpretation Of The Frei-Chen Edge Masks, A
* Hierarchical Edge Detection Using The Bidirectional Information In Edge Pyramids
* Hybrid Approaches To Frontal View Face Recognition Using (The) [A] Hidden Markov Model And Neural Network
* Motion Vector Coding With Conditional Transmission
* Multi-Image Photometric Stereo Using Surface Approximation By Legendre Polynomials
* Multiresolution Adaptive Image Smoothing
* Multiresolution Edge Detection Techniques
* Multiresolution Surface Parameter Estimation For Range Images
* Navigation Parameter Estimation From Sequential Aerial Images
* New Hausdorff Distances Based On Robust Statistics For Comparing Images
* New Interpretation Of The Compass Gradient Edge Operators, A
* Recognition Of Human Front Faces Using Knowledge-Based Feature Extraction And Neuro-Fuzzy Algorithm
* Relaxation Algorithm For Shape Matching Of Two-Dimensional Objects
* Robust Adaptive Segmentation Of Range Images
* Robust Reweighted Map Motion Estimation
* Shape From Shading And Photometric Stereo Using Surfaceapproximation By Legendre Polynomials
* Stereo Matching Technique Based On The Theory Of Possibility
* Texture Periodicity Detection: Features, Properties, And Comparisons
* Two-Stage Algorithm For Motion Discontinuity-Preserving Optical Flow Estimation, A
31 for Park, R.H.

Park, S. Co Author Listing * Motion Detection System Based On A Cmos Photo Sensor Array, A

Park, S.B. Co Author Listing * Complementary Quadtree
* Iterative Reconstruction-Reprojection In Projection Space

Park, S.H. Co Author Listing * Color Image Segmentation Based On 3-D Clustering: Morphological Approach
* Design And Implementation Of The Visual Programming Environment For (The) Distributed Image Processing

Park, S.K. Co Author Listing * Optimal, Small Kernels For Edge Detection
* Small Convolution Kernels For High-Fidelity Image Restoration
* Visual Information Processing V (Orlando, Fl, April 9
* Visual Information Processing Vi (Orlando, Fl, April 21-22
* Visual Information Processing Vii (Orlando, Fl, April 13-14

Park, S.M. Co Author Listing * Optimum Solution For Scale-Invariant Object Recognition Based On The Multiresolution Approximation, An

Park, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Double Smoothing Of Images Using Median And Wiener Filters

Parke, F.I. Co Author Listing * Computer Facial Animation, A.K. Peters, Wellesley

Parker, A.C. Co Author Listing * Representation For Shape Based On Peaks And Ridges In The Difference Of Low-Pass Transform, A

Parker, G.A. Co Author Listing * Surrey Attentive Robot Vision System, The

Parker, J.R. Co Author Listing * Design And Analysis Of A Multiprocessor For Image Processing
* Extracting Vectors From Raster Images
* Gray Level Thresholding In Badly Illuminated Images

Parker, K.J. Co Author Listing * Face Location In Wavelet-Based Video Compression For High Perceptual Quality Videoconferencing
* Image Segmentation Via Adaptive K-Mean Clustering And Knowledge-Based Morphological Operations With Biomedical Applications
* Knowledge-Based Approach To Volumetric Medical Image Segmentation, A

Parker, S.R. Co Author Listing * Lattice Parameter Autoregressive Modeling Of Two-Dimensional Fields --Part I: The Quarter-Plane Case

Parkins, L. Co Author Listing * Proteus: A Reconfigurable Computational Network For Computer Vision
* Proteus: A Reconfigurable Computational Network For Computer Vision

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Parkkinen, J. Co Author Listing * Color Discrimination By Optical Pattern Recognition
* Color-Sensitive Biosensors For Imaging
* Comparison Of X[2] And K Statistics In Finding Signal And Picture Periodicity
* Cooccurrence Matrices And Subspace Methods In Texture Analysis
* Detecting Texture Periodicity From The Cooccurrence Matrix
* Generalized Co-Occurrence Matrix For Multispectral Texture Analysis
* Spectral Representation Of Color Images
* Texture Subspaces
8 for Parkkinen, J.

Parkkinen, S. Co Author Listing * Color-Sensitive Biosensors For Imaging

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Parks, T.W. Co Author Listing * Dft/Fft And Convolution Algorithms, Wiley

Parodi, A.M. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Pilot For An Autonomous Vehicle System, An
* Route Planning System For An Autonomous Vehicle, A

Parodi, G. Co Author Listing * Neural Structures For Visual Motion Tracking
* Parallel Implementation Of Associative Memories For Image Classification
* Performance Analysis Of An Associative System For Image Classification, A
* Shape Classification By Using Associative Memories

Parodi, P. Co Author Listing * 3d Shape Reconstruction By Using Vanishing Points
* Complexity Of Understanding Line Drawings Of Origami Scenes, The
* Empirically-Derived Estimates Of The Complexity Of Labeling Line Drawings Of Polyhedral Scenes
* Linear Complexity Procedure For Labelling Line Drawings Of Polyhedral Scenes Using Vanishing Points, A
* On The Complexity Of Labeling Perspective Projections Of Polyhedral Scenes

Parra, A. Co Author Listing * On The Detection Of Edges Using Order Statistic Filters

Parrish Jr, E.A. Co Author Listing * Integrated Optical Processors In Pattern Recognition

Parrish, E.A. Co Author Listing * Automated Threshold Detection Using A Pyramid Structure
* Integrated Optical Computing
Includes: Parrish, E.A. Parrish Jr., E.A.

Parry, S.R. Co Author Listing * Free-Form Deformation Of Solid Geometric Models

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* Abductive Reasoning Based Image Interpretation System, An
* Hough Transform Based Approach To Polyline Approximation Of Object Boundaries, A
* Neural Network Approach To Photometric Stereo Inversion Of Real-World Reflectance Maps For Extracting 3-D Shapes Of Objects, A
* New Approach For Aggregating Edge Points Into Line Segments, A
* Recognition Of Occluded Objects With Heuristic Search
* Recognition Of Partial Planar Shapes In Limited Memory Environments
* Use Of Data Windows In Feature Extraction For High Dimensional Pr Problems, The
8 for Parthasarathy, G.

Partridge, D. Co Author Listing * Experiments With A Cognitive Industrial Robot
* Foundations Of Artificial Intelligence-A Sourcebook, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, The

Parui, S.K. Co Author Listing * Computing The Shape Of A Point Set In Digital Images
* Detection Of Linear Features In Satellite Imagery Using Robust Estimation
* Efficient Algorithm For Detection Of Road-Like Structures In Satellite Images, An
* How To Discriminate Shapes Using The Shape Vector
* How To Quantify Shape Distance For 2-Dimensional Regions
* Mlp-Based Texture Segmentation Method Without Selecting A Feature Set, An
* Mlp-Based Texture Segmentation Technique Which Does Not Require A Feature Set, An
* Novel Approach To Computation Of The Shape Of A Dot Pattern And Extraction Of Its Perceptual Border, A
* Parallel Algorithm For Decomposition Of Binary Objects Through Skeletonization, A
* Parallel Algorithm For Detection Of Linear Structures In Satellite Images, A
* Robust Parallel Thinning Algorithm For Binary Images, A
* Shape Preserving Properties Of Some Operations On Binary Pictures
* Skeletal Shape Extraction From Dot Patterns By Self-Organization
* Skeletons From Dot Patterns: A Neural Network Approach
* Some Geometric Operations On Binary Pictures And Their Shape Preserving Properties
15 for Parui, S.K.

Parulekar, R. Co Author Listing * High Performance Computing For Land Cover Dynamics

Parvin, B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multiscale Feature Extraction From Range Data
* Adaptive Multiscale Feature Extraction From Range Data
* B-Rep Object Description From Multiple Range Views
* Curve Evolution For Corner Enhancement
* Dynamic System For Object Description And Correspondence, A
* Segmentation Of Range Images Into Planar Surfaces By Split And Merge
* Shape From Equal Thickness Contours
* Shape From Interference Patterns
* Tracking Of Convex Objects
9 for Parvin, B.

Parvin, B.A. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of Natural Scenes
* Split And Merge Algorithm For Segmentation Of Natural Scenes, A
* Structural Classifier For Ship Targets, A

Pasan, F. Co Author Listing * Core-Line Tracing For Fuzzy Image Subsets

Paschos, G. Co Author Listing * Chromatic Correlation Features For Texture Recognition

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Pasko, A. Co Author Listing * Function Representation In Geometric Modeling: Concepts, Implementation, And Applications
* Transformation Of Functionally Defined Shapes By Extended Space Mappings
* Using Real Functions With Application To Hair Modeling

Pasko, A.A. Co Author Listing * Function Representation For Sweeping By A Moving Solid
* Geometric Modeling In The Analysis Of Trivariate Functions

Pasquariello, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Target Recognition For Naval Traffic Control Using Neural Networks
* System For 3-D Workpieces Recognition, A
* Three-Dimensional Vision System For Bin-Picking, A

Pasquignon, D. Co Author Listing * Computation Of Skeleton By Partial Differential Equation

Pasquill, K.G. Co Author Listing * Interfaces For Data Transfer Between Solid Modeling Systems

Pass, S. Co Author Listing * Grid Parallel Computer System, The

Pastor, L. Co Author Listing * Velocity Estimation From Image Sequences With Second Order Differential Operators

Patarnello, S. Co Author Listing * Image Processing By Simulated Annealing

Patel, D. Co Author Listing * Texture Image Classification And Segmentation Using Rank-Order Clustering
* Use Of Variance And Entropic Thresholding Methods For Image Segmentation, The

Patel, D.R. Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Modeling For Mechanical Design

Patel, J.H. Co Author Listing * Netra: An Architecture For A Large Scale Multiprocessor Vision System
* Netra: An Architecture For A Large Scale Multiprocessor Vision System
* Netra: A Hierarchical And Partitionable Architecture For Computer Vision Systems
* Parallel Architectures And Parallel Algorithms For Integrated Vision Systems, Kluwer
* Parallel Implementation And Evaluation Of Motion Estimation System Algorithms On A Distributed Memory Multiprocessor Using Knowledge Based Mappings
* Point Matching In A Time Sequence Of Stereo Image Pairs And Its Parallel Implementation On A Multiprocessor
* Reconfigurable And Hierarchical Parallel Processing Architecture: Performance Results For Stereo Vision, A
7 for Patel, J.H.

Patel, J.N. Co Author Listing * Parallel Scalable Libraries And Algorithms For Computer Vision
* Scalable Parallel Implementations Of List Ranking On Fine-Grained Machines

Patel, M. Co Author Listing * Siba: A Vlsi Systolic Array Chip For Image Processing

Patel, M.A. Co Author Listing * Classification Of Rotated And Scaled Textured Images Using Gaussian Markov Random Field Models

Patel, M.A.S. Co Author Listing * Local Surface Shape Estimation Of 3-D Textured Surfaces Using Gaussian Markov Random Fields And Stereo Windows
* Modeling And Synthesis Of Images Of 3d Textured Surfaces
* Shape From Texture Using Markov Random Field Models And Stereo Windows

Patel, N.V. Co Author Listing * General Approach For Token Correspondence, A
* Video Shot Detection And Characterization For Video Databases

Patel, R.V. Co Author Listing * Depth Perception Using Blurring And Its Application In Vlsi Wafer Probing
* Parallel Algorithms For Low Level Vision On The Homogeneous Multiprocessor

Patera, A.T. Co Author Listing * Geometry-Defining Processors For Engineering Design And Analysis

Paterson, M. Co Author Listing * Computing Euclidean Maximum Spanning Trees

Paterson, M.S. Co Author Listing * Binary Partitions With Applications To Hidden-Surface Removal And Solid Modelling
* Dynamic Monotone Priorities On Planar Sets
* Efficient Binary Space Partitions For Hidden-Surface Removal And Solid Modeling
* On Nearest-Neighbor Graphs
* Point Retrieval For Polygons

Pateux, S. Co Author Listing * Region-Based Video Coder Using The Mdl Formalism

Pathak, A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian View Class Determination
* Fuzzy Grammars In Syntactic Recognition Of Skeletal Maturity From X-Rays
* Syntactic Recognition Of Skeletal Maturity

Pathre, U.S. Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Automatic Theodolite For Robot Calibration

Pati, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Analog Neural Network Solution To The Inverse Problem Of ``Early Taction'', An

Patil, M.M. Co Author Listing * Finding Faces In Photographs

Patil, R.S. Co Author Listing * Ai In The 1980s And Beyond-An Mit Survey, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Moving Target Classification And Tracking From Real-Time Video

Patnaik, L.M. Co Author Listing * Design And Performance Evaluation Of A Systolic Architecture For Hidden-Surface Removal
* Memory-Based Reasoning Approach For Pattern Recognition Of Binary Images
* Parallel Polygon Scan Conversion Algorithms: Performance Evaluation On A Shared Bus Architecture
* Systolic Algorithm For Hidden Surface Removal, A
* Systolic Architecture For B-Spline Surfaces
* Systolic Architectures In Curve Generation
* Systolic Evaluation Of Polynomial Expressions
7 for Patnaik, L.M.

Patras, I. Co Author Listing * Iterative Motion Estimation-Segmentation Method Using Watershed Segments, An
* Joint Disparity And Motion Field Estimation In Stereoscopic Image Sequences

Patrick, E.A. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence With Statistical Pattern Recognition, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs
* Artificial Intelligence With Statistical Pattern Recognition, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs

Patrikalakis, N.M. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For The Medial Axis Transform Of 3d Polyhedral Solids, An
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* Representation Of Piecewise Continuous Algebraic Surfaces In Terms Of B-Splines

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Pattanaik, S.N. Co Author Listing * Adjoint Equations And Random Walks For Illumination Computation
* Efficient Potential Equation Solutions For Global Illumination Computation
* Model Of Visual Masking For Computer Graphics, A

Patterson, R.R. Co Author Listing * Projective Transformations Of The Parameter Of A Bernstein-Bezier Curve

Patterson, T.J. Co Author Listing * Detection Algorithms For Image Sequence Analysis

Patti, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Digital Redeye Reduction

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* Target Identification Using Geometric Hashing And Flir/Ladar Fusion

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* Mapping And Spatial Modelling For Navigation (Fano, Denmark, August 21-25, 1989), Springer
* Pdl-Hm: Morphological And Syntactic Shape Classification Algorithm
* Picture And Text Query And Archiving System, A
9 for Pau, L.F.

Pauchon, E. Co Author Listing * Edgel Aggregation And Edge Description
* Edgel-Aggregation And Edge Description
* Edgel-Aggregation And Edge-Description

Paukowitsch, P. Co Author Listing * Fundamental Ideas For Computer-Supported Descriptive Geometry

Paul, D. Co Author Listing * Vista: Visual Interpretation System For Technical Applications-Architecture And Use

Paul, G. Co Author Listing * Special Issue On Parallel Processing

Paul, R.P. Co Author Listing * Initial Grasp Liftability Chart, The
* Investigation Of Frictionless Enveloping Grasping In The Plane, An
* Planning For Dexterous Manipulation With Sliding Contacts
* Robotic Exploration Of Surfaces With A Compliant Wrist Sensor

Paul, W. Co Author Listing * On Heads Versus Tapes

Paulik, M. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Vector Wavelets

Paulin, P. Co Author Listing * Survey Of Shadow Algorithms, A

Paulus, D. Co Author Listing * 3d Recovery Using Calibrated Active Camera
* Color Cluster Rotation
* Framework For Statistical 3-D Object Recognition, A
* Statistical Approach To Classification Of Flow Patterns For Motion Detection

Paulus, D.W.R. Co Author Listing * Active Motion Detection And Object Tracking

Paumard, J. Co Author Listing * Adjusting Astronomical Images Using A Censored Hausdorff Distance
* Multiscale Identification Of Buildings In Compressed Large Aerial Scenes
* Robust Comparison Of Binary Images
* Robust Recognition Of Buildings In Compressed Large Aerial Scenes

Paun, G. Co Author Listing * Successful Visual Human-Computer Interaction Is Undesidable

Pauwels, E. Co Author Listing * Affine Reconstruction From Perspective Image Pairs With A Relative Object-Camera Translation In Between
* Determination Of Optical Flow And Its Discontinuities Using Non-Linear Diffusion
* Symmetry From Shape And Shape From Symmetry
* Viewpoint Invariant Characteristics Of Articulated Objects
* Vision And Lie'S Approach To Invariance

Pauwels, E.J. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Grouping Of Contour-Segments Using An Adaptive Region-Growing Algorithm
* Enhancement Of Planar Shape Through Optimization Of Functionals For Curves
* Extended Class Of Scale-Invariant And Recursive Scale Space Filters, An
* Foundations Of Semi-Differential Invariants
* Geometry-Driven Curve Evolution
* Image Enhancement Using Non-Linear Diffusion
* Projective Invariants For Planar Contour Recognition
* Recognition Of Planar Shapes Under Affine Distortion
* Shape Extraction For Curves Using Geometry-Driven Diffusion And Functional Optimization
* Towards A General Framework For Feature Extraction
10 for Pauwels, E.J.

Pavel, D.G. Co Author Listing * Classification Images Of Cardiac Wall Motion Abnormalities
* Computerized Diagnosis Of Cardiac Left Ventricular Abnormalities Based On Image Sequences Obtained By Radionuclide Ventriculography

Pavel, M. Co Author Listing * Exploratory Vision--The Active Eye, Springer
* Fundamentals Of Pattern Recognition, Dekker
* Hierarchical Coding Of Binary Images
* Intelligible Encoding Of Asl Image Sequences At Extremely Low Information Rates

Pavesic, N. Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction From Aerial Images And Structural Stereo Matching

Pavie, H. Co Author Listing * Real Time Video Architecture Of A Texture Generator For Digital Video Production

Pavlidis, T. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For The Segmentation Of Bilevel Images, An
* Applications Of Splines To Shape Description
* Automatic Beautifier For Drawings And Illustrations, An
* Comments On ``Low Level Segmentation: An Expert System''
* Comments On ``Stochastic Sampling In Computer Graphics''
* Components Of An Omnifont Page Reader
* Critical Survey Of Image Analysis Methods, A
* Detection Of Curved And Straight Segments From Gray Scale Topography
* Discontinuity Detection For Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Document Recognition (San Jose, Ca, February 9-10
* Edge Detection Through Residual Analysis
* Edge Detection Through Two-Dimensional Regularization
* Function Plotting Using Cubic Splines
* Fundamentals Of Bar Code Information Theory
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Optical Character Recognition
* Hierarchical Approach To Efficient Curvilinear Object Searching, A
* Hierarchical Triangulation Using Cartographic Coherence
* Hybrid Vectorization Algorithm, A
* Image Seaming For Segmentation On Parallel Architecture
* Integrating Region Growing And Edge Detection
* Integrating Region Growing And Edge Detection
* Interactive Computer Graphics In X, Pws, Boston
* Interactive Road Finding For Aerial Images
* On The Recognition Of Printed Characters Of Any Font And Size
* One-Dimensional Regularization With Discontinuities
* One-Dimensional Regularization With Discontinuities
* Optimal Correspondence Of String Subsequences
* Residual Analysis For Feature Detection
* Restoration Of Binary Images Using Stochastic Relaxation With Annealing
* Scan Conversion Of Regions Bounded By Parabolic Splines
* Some Results On Feature Detection Using Residual Analysis
* Special Memorial Issue For Professor King-Sun Fu
* Structural Pattern Analysis, World Scientific
* Use Of Shadows For Extracting Buildings In Aerial Images
* Vectorizer And Feature Extractor For Document Recognition, A
* Why Progress In Machine Vision Is So Slow
36 for Pavlidis, T.

Pavlik, M.J. Co Author Listing * Bivariate Autoregressive Modeling Technique For Analysis And Classification Of Planar Shapes, A

Pavlin, I. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of An Algorithm For Detection Of Translational Motion
* Integration Effort In Knowledge-Based Vision Technicques For The Autonomous Land Vehicle Program
* Motion From A Sequence Of Images

Pavlovi, V.I. Co Author Listing * Speech/Gesture Interface To A Visual Computing Environment For Molecular Biologists

Pavlovic, V.I. Co Author Listing * Integration Of Audio/Visual Information For Use In Human-Computer Intelligent Interaction
* Visual Interpretation Of Hand Gestures For Human-Computer Interaction: A Review

Pawlak, M. Co Author Listing * On Image Analysis By Moments
* On Image Analysis By Orthogonal Moments
* On The Accuracy Of Zernike Moments For Image Analysis
* On The Detection And Measurement Of Discontinuities
* On The Reconstruction Aspects Of Moment Descriptors
* Picture Restoration By Orthogonal Expansion

Pawlak, Z. Co Author Listing * Rough Classification

Pawley, G.S. Co Author Listing * Two And Three Dimensional Ffts On Highly Parallel Computers

Payne, B.A. Co Author Listing * Distance Field Manipulation Of Surface Models

Payne, M. Co Author Listing * Edge Linking By A Directional Potential Function (Dpf)

Payrissat, R. Co Author Listing * New 3-D Surface Measurement System Using A Structured Light, A

Payton, D.W. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Navigation In Cross-Country Terrain
* Expert System For Object Recognition In Natural Scenes, An
* Intelligent Real-Time Control Of Robotic Vehicles
* Plan-Guided Reaction
* Planning And Reasoning For Autonomous Vehicle Control

Payton, P. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Invariant Model Transfer And Object Reconstruction
* Lockheed Martin Report: Progress In Image Invariants Research--1995

Payton, P.M. Co Author Listing * 3-D Model Alignment Without Computing Pose
* Focus: A Shared Vision Project | Report On Progress In 1997-1998, Iuw, 719-728. 39673. V. Snell And J.L. Mundy, Change Detection In Midwave Infrared Imagery: Thermal Invariants For Site Monitoring
* Focus: A Shared Vision Technology Transfer Project
* General Methods For Determining Projective Invariants In Imagery
* Some Invariant Linear Methods In Photogrammetry And Model-Matching

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