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Staats, E. Co Author Listing * Analog Hardware For Detecting Discontinuities In Early Vision

Stacey, T.W. Co Author Listing * Intersection Algorithms For Lines And Circles

Stachel, H. Co Author Listing * Circular Pipe-Connections

Staffetti, E. Co Author Listing * Recursive Updating Rule For Efficient Computation Of Linear Moments In Sliding-Window Applications, A

Stafford, R.L. Co Author Listing * Isthmus Critical Points For Solving Jigsaw Puzzles In Computer Vision

Stage, B. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Underwater Objects From A Sequence Of Sonar Images

Stahl, H.P. Co Author Listing * Industrial Applications Of Optical Inspection And Metrology (Boston, Ma, November 19-20
* Industrial Optical Sensing And Metrology: Applications And Integration (Boston, Ma, September 8-10
* Industrial Optical Sensors For Metrology And Inspection (Boston, Ma, October 31 - November 1

Stahs, T. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition And Pose Estimation With A Fast And Versatile 3d Robot Sensor

Staib, L.H. Co Author Listing * Boundary Finding With Correspondence Using Statistical Shape Models
* Boundary Finding With Parametrically Deformable Models
* Deformable Boundary Finding Influenced By Region Homogeneity
* Integrated Approach For Locating Neuroanatomical Structure From Mri, An
* Measurement Of Non-Rigid Motion Using Contour Shape Descriptors
* Parameterized Feasible Boundaries In Gradient Vector Fields
* Parametrically Deformable Contour Models
* Shape Determination From Incomplete And Noisy Multisensor Imagery
* Volumetric Layer Segmentation Using Coupled Surface(S) Propagation
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Stakenborg, J.H.T. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Filtering Using Gradient Morphology

Stam, D. Co Author Listing * On Computing Two-Finger Force-Closure Grasps Of Curved 2d Objects

Stam, J. Co Author Listing * Exact Evaluation Of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces At Arbitrary Parameter Values
* Turbulent Wind Fields For Gaseous Phenomena

Stamberger, T. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Filter Scheme For Efficient Corner Detection, A

Stamon, G. Co Author Listing * Operational Filtering Of A Binary Image
* Radar Image Processing For Remote Sensing
* Veinerization: A New Shape Description For Flexible Skeletonization

Stamos, I. Co Author Listing * Automated Model Acquisition From Range Images With View Planning
* Interactive Sensor Planning
* View Planning For Site Modeling

Stamoulis, G.D. Co Author Listing * Optimal Communication Algorithms For Hypercubes

Stampfler, R. Co Author Listing * New Approach To Robot Orientation By Orthogonal Lines, A

Stander, B.T. Co Author Listing * Guaranteeing The Topology Of An Implicit Surface Polygonization For Interactive Modeling

Standler, N.A. Co Author Listing * Automated Identification Of A Combined Population Of Neurons And Astrocytes: Application Of A New Programming Approach Suitable For High Resolution Histological Sections

Standley, D. Co Author Listing * Analog Vlsi Systems For Image Acquisition And Fast Early Vision Processing

Stankovic, J.A. Co Author Listing * Special Issue On Parallel And Distributed Computing

Stansfield, S. Co Author Listing * Tactile Information Processing

Stansfield, S.A. Co Author Listing * Angy: A Rule-Based Expert System For Automatic Segmentation Of Coronary Vessels From Digital Subtracted Angiograms
* Angy: A Rule-Based Expert System For Identifying And Isolating Coronary Vessels In Digital Angiograms
* Reasoning About Grasping
* Robotic Grasping Of Unknown Objects: A Knowledge-Based Approach
* Robotic Perceptual System Utilizing Passive Vision And Active Touch, A

Stanton, C. Co Author Listing * Analyzing Surfaces: The Truth About Elimination Theory

Stanton, E.L. Co Author Listing * Overview Of Analytic Solid Modeling, An

Starck, J.L. Co Author Listing * Image And Data Analysis: The Multiscale Approach, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
* Multiresolution Support Applied To Image Filtering And Restoration
* Pattern Clustering Based On Noise Modeling In Wavelet Space

Starink, J.P.P. Co Author Listing * Finding Point Correspondences Using Simulated Annealing
* Localization Of Circular Objects

Stark, H. Co Author Listing * Authors' Reply To ``Comments On `Direct Fourier Reconstruction In Computer Tomography' ''
* Image Recovery: Theory And Application, Academic Press, Orlando
* Rotation And Scale Invariant Recognition Of Images

Stark, K. Co Author Listing * Method For Tracking The Pose Of Known 3-D Objects Based On An Active Contour Model, A

Stark, L. Co Author Listing * Achieving Generalized Object Recognition Through Reasoning About Association Of Function To Structure
* Applications Of Artificial Intelligence 1993: Machine Vision And Robotics (Orlando, Fl, April 14-16
* Aspect Graphs And Nonlinear Optimization In 3-D Object Recognition
* Developing The Aspect Graph Representation For Use In Image Understanding
* Errors-2: A 3-D Object Recognition System Using Aspect Graphs
* Function From Visual Analysis And Physical Interaction: A Methodology For Recognition Of Generic Classes Of Objects
* Function-Based Generic Recognition For Multiple Object Categories
* Function-Based Recognition From Incomplete Knowledge Of Shape
* Generic Object Recognition Using Form And Function, World Scientific
* Generic Recognition Of Articulated Objects By Reasoning About Functionality
* Generic Recognition Of Articulated Objects Through Reasoning About Potential Function
* Generic Recognition Through Qualitative Reasoning About 3-D Shape And Object Function
* Gruff-3: Generalizing The Domain Of A Function-Based Recognition System
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Functionality In Object Recognition
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Applications Of A.I., Machine Vision, And Robotics (Orlando, Fl, April 14-16, 1993)
* Indexing Function-Based Categories For Generic Recognition
* Methods For Combination Of Evidence In Function-Based 3-D Object Recognition
* Recognizing Object Function Through Reasoning About 3-D Shape And Dynamic Physical Properties
* Recognizing Object Function Through Reasoning About Partial Shape Descriptions And Dynamic Physical Properties
* Special Issue: Reasoning About Functionality In Object Recognition
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Stark, L.W. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Image Processing Algorithms That Predict Regions Of Interest
* Special Section On Information Technology For Sensory-Based Robot Manipulators, T-Smc 19 (4)
* Visual Perception And Sequences Of Eye Movement Fixations: A Stochastic Modeling Approach

Stark, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Generation Of Surfaces In Volume Data

Stark, S. Co Author Listing * Calibrated Imagery For Quantitative Evaluation Of Iu Classification, Pose-Estimation, And Stereo Algorithms

Starke, P.H. Co Author Listing * Graph Grammars For Petri Net Processes

Starkey, J. Co Author Listing * Fast Sequental Algorithm For Pixel Gray Level Ranking In Adaptive Rank Filters Applied To Digital Images, A

Starner, T. Co Author Listing * Real-Time American Sign Language Recognition From Video Using Hidden Markov Models
* Real-Time American Sign Language Recognition Using Desk And Wearable Computer Based Video
* View-Based And Modular Eigenspaces For Face Recognition
* Visually Controlled Graphics

Starovoitov, V. Co Author Listing * Generalized Distance Based Matching Of Nonbinary Images

Starovoitov, V.V. Co Author Listing * Binary Texture Border Extraction On Line Drawings Based On Distance Transform
* Texture Periodicity Detection: Features, Properties, And Comparisons

Startchik, S. Co Author Listing * Projective And Illumination Invariant Representation Of Disjoint Shapes
* Projective And Illumination Invariant Representation Of Disjoint Shapes

Staudhammer, J. Co Author Listing * Visibility Determination On Projected Grid Surfaces

Stauffer, C. Co Author Listing * Forest Of Sensors: Using Adaptive Tracking To Classify And Monitor Activities In A Site
* Using Adaptive Tracking To Classify And Monitor Activities In A Site

Staunstrup, J. Co Author Listing * Experiments With A Fast String Searching Algorithm

Staunton, R.C. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Hexagonal Thinning Algorithms And Skeletal Shape Representation, An
* Design Of Hexagonal Sampling Structures For Image Digitization And Their Use With Local Operators, The

Stavridi, M. Co Author Listing * Bidirectional Reflection Distribution Function Expressed In Terms Of Surface Scattering Modes
* Realise: Reconstruction Of Reality From Image Sequences
* Studies Of 3-D Model Textures

Steedman, M. Co Author Listing * Animated Conversation: Rule-Based Generation Of Facial Expression Gesture And Spoken Intonation For Multiple Conversational Agents

Steele, D. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm For Mdl-Based Multi-Band Image Segmentation, A
* Foreground/Background Segmentation Of Color Images By Integration Of Multiple Cues
* Query By Image And Video Content: The Qbic System
* Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using The Minimum Description Length Principle

Steele, J.M. Co Author Listing * Certifying Smoothnees Of Discrete Functions And Measuring Legitimacy Of Images

Steele, R. Co Author Listing * Embedding Data Into Pictures By Modulo Masking

Steels, L. Co Author Listing * Connectionism In Perspective, North-Holland

Steenvoorden, G.K. Co Author Listing * High-Speed Acquisition Of Range Images

Steer, B. Co Author Listing * Trajectory Planning For A Mobile Robot

Stefanelli, R. Co Author Listing * Comment On An Investigation Into The Skeletonization Approach Of Hilditch, A
* Fault-Tolerance Techniques In Arrays For Image Processing
* Image Analysis And Processing (Proceedings Of The Sixth International Conference, Como, Italy, September 4-6, 1991), World Scientific
* Progress In Image Analysis And Processing Ii (Proceedings Of The Sixth International Conference On Image Analysis And Processing, Como, Italy, September 4-6, 1991), World Scientific

Stefanidis, A. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Image Retrieval From Large Databases Using Shape And Topology

Stefano, L.D. Co Author Listing * Giotto System: A Parallel Computer For Image Processing, The

Steffen, P. Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Digital Filters For Geophysical Applications: A Simple Design Method Leading To An Easy Implementation

Steffensen, N. Co Author Listing * Method For Parallel Skeletonization Of Images, A

Steger, C. Co Author Listing * Extracting Curvilinear Structures: A Differential Geometric Approach
* Extraction Of Curved Lines From Images
* Removing The Bias From Line Detection
* Unbiased Detector Of Curvilinear Structures, An

Steiglitz, K. Co Author Listing * Comparison Of Two Application-Specific Architectures For 2-D Mesh Computations, A

Stein, A. Co Author Listing * Robust Statistics In Shape Fitting

Stein, F. Co Author Listing * Efficient Two Dimensional Object Recognition
* Extraction Of Groups For Recognition
* Map-Based Localization Using The Panoramic Horizon
* Perceptual Grouping For Generic Recognition
* Recognition Of 3-D Objects From 2-D Groupings
* Structural Hashing: Efficient Three Dimensional Object Recognition
* Structural Indexing: Efficient 2-D Object Recognition
* Structural Indexing: Efficient 3-D Object Recognition
* Toss-A System For Efficient Three Dimensional Object Recognition
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Stein, G. Co Author Listing * Interpretation Of Industrial Scenes Using Augmented Transition Networks And Production Systems: Procedural Vs. Declarative Models

Stein, G.P. Co Author Listing * Accurate Internal Camera Calibration Using Rotation, With Analysis Of Sources Of Error
* Direct Estimation Of Motion And Extended Scene Structure From A Moving Stereo Rig
* Direct Methods For Estimation Of Structure And Motion From Three Views
* Lens Distortion Calibration Using Point Correspondences
* Model-Based Brightness Constraints: On Direct Estimation Of Structure And Motion
* On Degeneracy Of Linear Reconstruction From Three Views: Linear Line Complex And Applications
* Tracking From Multiple Viewpoints: Self-Calibration Of Space And Time
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Stein, L. Co Author Listing * Trainable Modular Vision System, A

Stein, S. Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Packing Of R(3) By Certain Error Spheres
* Packings Of R(N) By Certain Error Spheres

Steinbach, E. Co Author Listing * 3d Motion And Scene Structure Estimation With Motion Dependent Distor(S)[T]Ion Of Measurement Windows
* Data-Driven Multi-Frame 3d Motionestimation

Steinberg, H.A. Co Author Listing * Smooth Surface Based On Biquadratic Patches, A

Steinby, M. Co Author Listing * Formal Theory Of Errors In Tree Representations Of Patterns, A

Steiner, A. Co Author Listing * Planar Shape Enhancement And Exaggeration
* Planar Shape Enhancement And Exaggeration

Steinhage, V. Co Author Listing * Extracting Buildings From Aerial Images Using Hierarchical Aggregation In 2d And 3d
* Verification Of The General Position Assumption In The Practice Of Stereovision

Steinke, K. Co Author Listing * Writer Recognition By Special Characters

Steinmetz, M. Co Author Listing * Camera Viewpoint Control For The Automatic Reconstruction Of 3d Objects

Steketee, J.J. Co Author Listing * Step Length In Forward Differencing For Curved Surface Display

Steketee, S.N. Co Author Listing * Parametric Keyframing Interpolation Incorporating Kinetic Adjustment And Phrasing Control

Stella, E. Co Author Listing * Classification And Augmentation Of Vector Flow Fields Using A Neural Network
* Modified Stereo Matching Suitable For Implementation On A Convolution Specialized Hardware, A
* Optic Flow Estimation By A Hopfield Neural Network Using Geometrical Constraints
* Self-Location Of A Mobile Robot With Uncertainty By Cooperation Of A Heading Sensor And A Ccd Tv Camera
* Three-Dimensional Vision System For Bin-Picking, A
* Visual Tracking Technique Suitable For Control Of Convoys, A

Stelmaszyk, P. Co Author Listing * Measurement And Integration Of 3-D Structures By Tracking Edge Lines
* Measurement And Integration Of 3-D Structures By Tracking Edge Lines
* Measuring Image Flow By Tracking Edge-Lines
* Mobile Robot Navigation By An Active Control Of The Vision System

Stenger, L. Co Author Listing * Inter/Intraframe Coding Of Color Tv Signals For Transmission At The Third Level Of The Digital Hierarchy

Stens, R.L. Co Author Listing * Sampling Theory For Not Necessarily Band-Limited Functions: A Historical Overview

Stenstrom, J.R. Co Author Listing * 3d Scene Reconstruction From Multiple Intensity Images
* Constructing Object Models From Multiple Images
* Construction Of Polyhedral Models From Multiple Range Views
* Generation Of Face-Edge-Vertex Models Directly From Images
* Improved Segmentation For A Syntactic Curve Network Parser, An
* Matching From 3-D Range Models Into 3-D Intensity Scenes
* Verification Of Recognition And Alignment Hypotheses By Means Of Edge Verification Statistics
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Stentiford, F.W.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Feature Design For Optical Character Recognition Using An Evolutionary Search Procedure

Stentz, A. Co Author Listing * Cmu Navigational Architecture, The
* Complete Navigation System For Goal Acquisition In Unknown Environments, A
* First Results In Robot Road-Following
* Intelligent Unmanned Ground Vehicles|Autonomous Navigation Research At Carnegie Mellon, Kluwer, Norwell

Stepanov, A.A. Co Author Listing * Path-Planning Strategies For A Point Mobile Automaton Moving Amidst Unknown Obstacles Of Arbitrary Shape

Stephanou, H.E. Co Author Listing * Special Section On Information Technology For Sensory-Based Robot Manipulators, T-Smc 19 (4)

Stephens, M. Co Author Listing * 3d Wire-Frame Integration From Image Sequences

Stephens, M.J. Co Author Listing * Outdoor Vehicle Navigation Using Passive 3d Vision

Stephens, R.S. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Approach To The Hough Transform
* Real-Time 3d Object Tracking

Stepoway, S.L. Co Author Listing * Multiprocessor Architecture For Generating Fractal Surfaces, A
* Parallel Rendering Of Fractal Surfaces

Sterling, L.S. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Systems-Concepts And Applications (Festschrift Honoring Prof. Yoh-Han Pao, Published In Connection With A Meeting Held At Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Oh, May 20, 1993), Plenum

Stern, D. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection In Correlated Noise Using Latin Square Masks

Stern, G. Co Author Listing * Recognition Approach To Gesture Language Understanding

Stern, H.I. Co Author Listing * Polygonal Entropy: A Convexity Measure

Stern, J. Co Author Listing * Understanding The Shape Properties Of Trihedral Polyhedra

Stern, R.M. Co Author Listing * Fast Computation Of The Difference Of Low-Pass Transform

Sternberg, S.R. Co Author Listing * Esoteric Iterative Algorithms
* Grayscale Morphology
* Grayscale Morphology
* Image Analysis Using Mathematical Morphology
* Ordered Structural Shape Matching With Primitive Extraction By Mathematical Morphology
* Overview Of Image Algebra And Related Architectures, An
* Shape Recognition With Mathematical Morphology
* Special Section On Mathematical Morphology
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Stetten, G.D. Co Author Listing * Shape Recognition With The Flow Integration Transform

Steurer, J. Co Author Listing * Depth Extraction By Stereo Triples And A Fast Correspondence Estimation Algorithm

Stevens, K.A. Co Author Listing * Depth Reconstruction In Stereopsis
* Detecting Structure By Symbolic Constructions On Tokens
* Inferring Shape From Contours Across Surfaces

Stevens, M. Co Author Listing * Visualization And Verification Of Automatic Target Recognition Results Using Combined Range And Optical Imagery

Stevens, M.R. Co Author Listing * Interleaving 3d Model Feature Prediction And Matching To Support Multi-Sensor Object Recognition
* Interleaving 3d Model Feature Prediction And Matching To Support Multi-Sensor Object Recognition
* Multisensor Occlusion Reasoning
* Neural Network Approach To Indexing, A
* Optical Linear Feature Detection Based On Model Pose
* Precise Matching Of 3-D Target Models To Multisensor Data

Stevens, R.J. Co Author Listing * High-Speed Manipulation Of The Color Chromaticity Of Digital Images

Stevens, R.T. Co Author Listing * C++ Graphics Programming Handbook, Academic Press, The
* Quick Reference To Computer Graphics Terms, Academic Press

Stevens, S.M. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Access To Digital Video: Informedia Project

Stevenson, C.N. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Programming And Control Of Robot Manipulators

Stevenson, D.E. Co Author Listing * Robot Aerobics: Four Easy Steps To A More Flexible Calibration

Stevenson, D.J. Co Author Listing * Working Towards The Automatic Detection Of Blood Vessels In X-Ray Angiograms

Stevenson, R.L. Co Author Listing * Color Palette Restoration
* Discontinuity Preserving Regularization Of Inverse Visual Problems
* Image And Video Processing Ii (San Jose, Ca, February 7-9
* Image And Video Processing Iii (San Jose, Ca, February 9-10
* Image And Video Processing Iv (San Jose, Ca, February 1-2
* Invariant Reconstruction Of Visual Surfaces
* Morphological Filters: Statistics And Further Syntactic Properties
* Nonlinear Filtering Structure For Image Smoothing In Mixed-Noise Environments
* Still-Image Compression Ii (San Jose, Ca, January 29-30
* Stochastic Modeling And Estimation Of Multispectral Image Data
* Viewpoint Invariant Recovery
* Viewpoint Invariant Recovery Of Visual Surfaces From Sparse Data
12 for Stevenson, R.L.

Stevenson, S. Co Author Listing * Playbot | A Visually-Guided Robot For Physically Disabled Children

Steward, E.G. Co Author Listing * Fourier Optics-An Introduction, Wiley

Stewart, A. Co Author Listing * Improved Parallel Thinning Algorithm, An
* One-Pass Thinning Algorithm With Interference Guards, A
* Parallel Thinning Algorithm With Fine Grain Subtasking, A

Stewart, A.J. Co Author Listing * Fast Horizon Computation At All Points Of A Terrain With Visibility And Shading Applications
* Toward Accurate Recovery Of Shape From Shading Under Diffuse Lighting
* Towards Accurate Recovery Of Shape From Shading Under Diffuse Lighting

Stewart, B.S. Co Author Listing * Bibliography Of Heuristic Search Research Through 1992, A

Stewart, C. Co Author Listing * Neural Clustering Approach For High Resolution Radar Target Classification, A
* Thermal Invariants For Material Labeling And Site Monitoring Using Midwave Infrared Imagery: Initial Results

Stewart, C.V. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of The Probability Of Disparity Changes In Stereo Matching And A New Algorithm Based On The Analysis, An
* Bias In Robust Estimation Caused By Discontinuities And Multiple Structures
* Expected Performance Of Robust Estimators Near Discontinuities
* Experimental Analysis Of A Number Of Stereo Matching Components Using Lma
* Geometric Constraints And Stereo Disparity Computation
* Heuristic Scheduling Algorithms For Pipe
* Local Constraint Integration In A Connectionist Model Of Stereo Vision
* Minpran: A New Robust Estimator For Computer Vision
* Model Selection And Surface Merging In Reconstruction Algorithms
* Muse: Robust Surface Fitting Using Unbiased Scale Estimates
* New Robust Operator For Computer Vision: Application To Range Data, A
* New Robust Operator For Computer Vision: Theoretical Analysis, A
* On The Derivation Of Geometric Constraints In Stereo
* Prediction Intervals For Surface Growing Range Segmentation
* Recognition Of Plane Projective Symmetry
* Robust Focus Ranging
* Scheduling Algorithms For Pipe (Pipelined Image-Processing Engine)
* Trinocular General Support Algorithm: A Three-Camera Stereo Algorithm For Overcoming Binocular Matching Errors, The
18 for Stewart, C.V.

Stewart, N.F. Co Author Listing * Extension Of Manifold Boundary Representations To The R-Sets, An
* Imperfect Form Tolerancing On Manifold Objects: A Metric Approach
* Modeling Spaces For Toleranced Objects

Stewart, W.F. Co Author Listing * Distance Between Objects Represented By Octtrees Defined In Different Coordinate Systems

Stewart, W.K. Co Author Listing * Remote-Sensing Issues For Intelligent Underwater Systems

Stewman, J. Co Author Listing * Computing The Generalized Aspect Graph For Objects With Moving Parts
* Computing The Visual Potential Of An Articulated Assembly Of Parts
* Creating The Perspective Projection Aspect Graph Of Polyhedral Objects
* Developing The Aspect Graph Representation For Use In Image Understanding
* Errors-2: A 3-D Object Recognition System Using Aspect Graphs

Stewman, J.H. Co Author Listing * Aspect Graphs For Convex Planar-Face Objects
* Direct Construction Of The Perspective Projection Aspect Graph Of Convex Polyhedra

Steyaert, J.M. Co Author Listing * Patterns And Pattern-Matching In Trees: An Analysis

Stiehl, H. Co Author Listing * Investigation Of Parallel And Globally Convergent Iterative Schemes For Nonlinear Variational Image Smoothing And Segmentation

Stiehl, H.S. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue: Computational And Psychophysical Studies Of Early Vision
* Multi-Step Procedures For The Localization Of 2d And 3d Point Landmarks And Automatic Roi Size Selection

Stiehl, S. Co Author Listing * Visual Attention And Cognition, North-Holland

Stiles Davis, J. Co Author Listing * Spatial Cognition-Brain Bases And Development, Erlbaum, Hillsdale
Includes: Stiles Davis, J. Stiles-Davis, J.

Stiller Erdpresser, E. Co Author Listing * Carat-Arc: A Scaleable And Reliable Digital Media Archiving System
Includes: Stiller Erdpresser, E. Stiller-Erdpresser, E.

Stiller, C. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Estimation Of Dense Motion Fields
* Object-Based Motion Computation

Stiller, P.F. Co Author Listing * Invariants, Indexing, And Single View Recognition

Stimets, R.W. Co Author Listing * Rapid Recognition Of Object Outlines In Reduced Resolution Images

Stivaros, C. Co Author Listing * On Image Characterization In Real Time

Stobie, R.S. Co Author Listing * Cosmos Image Analyser, The

Stockham, T.G. Co Author Listing * Toward The Unification Of Three Visual Laws And Two Visual Models In Brightness Perception
Includes: Stockham, T.G. Stockham Jr., T.G.

Stockman, G. Co Author Listing * 3-D Surface Solution Using Structured Light And Constraint Propagation
* 3d Object Pose From Clustering With Multiple Views
* 3d Scene Analysis Via Fusion Of Light Striped Image And Intensity Image
* Detection Of Object Wings In Fused Range And Intensity Imagery
* Measuring Body Points On Automobile Drivers Using Multiple Cameras
* Object Recognition And Localization Via Pose Clustering
* Object Wings-2 1/2 D Primitives For 3-D Recognition
* Reconstructing Line Drawings From Wings: The Polygonal Case
* Representation And Segmentation Of A Cluttered Scene Using Fused Edge And Surface Data
* Sensing 3-D Surface Patches Using A Projected Grid
* Shape From Light Stripe Texture
* Surface Orientation From A Projected Grid
* Two-Stage Dynamic Deformation For Construction Of 3d Models
* Use Of Geometrical Constraints And Clustering To Determine 3d Object Pose
* Wing Representation For Rigid 3d Objects
15 for Stockman, G.

Stockman, G.C. Co Author Listing * 2d Object Acquisition Using Circular Scanning
* 3d Free Form Object Recognition Using Indexing By Contour Features
* Computer Operation Via Face Orientation
* Controlling A Computer Via Facial Aspect
* Determining Pose Of 3d Objects With Curved Surfaces
* Generalized Tube Model: Recognizing 3d Elongated Objects From 2d Intensity Images
* Indexing To 3d Model Aspects Using 2d Contour Features
* Object Representation For Object Recognition
* Point Pattern Matching Using Convex Hull Edges
* Recovering And Tracking Pose Of Curved 3d Objects From 2-D Images
* Region-Based Approach To Digital Image Registration With Subpixel Accuracy, A
* So Dynamic Deformation For Building Of 3-D Models
* Three-Dimensional Pose Computations For Multiple Views
13 for Stockman, G.C.

Stockmeyer, L. Co Author Listing * Distributed Firing Squad Problem, The
* Optimal Orientations Of Cells In Slicing Floorplan Designs

Stockum, L.A. Co Author Listing * Acquisition, Tracking, And Pointing Ix (Orlando, Fl, April 19-20
* Acquisition, Tracking, And Pointing Vi (Orlando, Fl, April 22-24
* Acquisition, Tracking, And Pointing Vii (Orlando, Fl, April 15-16
* Acquisition, Tracking, And Pointing Viii (Orlando, Fl, April 6-8
* Acquisition, Tracking, And Pointing X (Orlando, Fl, April 10-11
* Acquisition, Tracking, And Pointing Xii (Orlando, Fl, April 15-16
* Eds. Acquisition, Tracking, And Pointing Xi Orlando, Fl, April 23-24
7 for Stockum, L.A.

Stoddard, S.D. Co Author Listing * Document Analysis With An Expert System

Stoddart, A.J. Co Author Listing * Estimating Pose Uncertainty For Surface Registration
* Genetic Algorithms For Free-Form Surface Matching
* Implicit Surface-Based Geometric Fusion
* Marching Triangles: Range Image Fusion For Complex Object Modelling
* Optimal Parameter Selection For Derivative Estimation From Range Images
* R
* Reconstruction Of Smooth Surfaces With Arbitrary Topology Adaptive Splines
* Registration Of Multiple Point Sets
* Reliable Surface Reconstruction From Multiple Range Images
* Surface Reconstruction And Compression Using Multiresolution Arbitrary Topology G1continuous Splines
10 for Stoddart, A.J.

Stoel, B.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Histogram Equalization Using Variable Regions
* Interactive Histogram Equalization

Stoer, N.O. Co Author Listing * Mpeg-Processor-Based Robot Vision System For Real-Time Detection Of Moving Objects By A Moving Observer, An

Stofella, P. Co Author Listing * Combining Image Processing Operators And Neural Networks In A Face Recognition System

Stohr, M. Co Author Listing * Single View Recognition And Pose Estimation Of 3d Objects Using Sets Of Prototypical Views And Spatially Tolerant Contour Representations

Stoica, I. Co Author Listing * Time-Optimal Multiple-Query Nearest-Neighbor Algorithm On Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting, A

Stoica, R. Co Author Listing * Image Retrieval And Indexing: A Hierarchical Approach In Computing The Distance Between Textured Images

Stojancic, M. Co Author Listing * Icip-A

Stojiljkovic, Z. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition By Invariants

Stojmenovic, I. Co Author Listing * Comments On Two Parallel Algorithms For The Planar Convex Hull Problem
* Constant Time Bsr Solutions To $L_1$ Metric And Digital Geometry Problems
* New Characterization Of Digital Lines By Least Square Fits, A
* Note On Approximate Convex Hulls, A
* Note On Graham'S Convex Hull Algorithm, A
* O(N) Time Algorithm For The Ecdf Searching Problem For Arbitrary Dimensions On A Mesh-Of-Processors, An
* On The Recognition Of Digital Planes In Three-Dimensional Space
* Optimal Parallel Algorithm For Solving The Maximal Elements Problem In The Plane, An
* Parametrization Of Digital Planes By Least Squares Fits And Generalizations, A
* Time-Optimal Digital Geometry Algorithms On Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting
* Time-Optimal Proximity Graph Computations On Enhanced Meshes
* Time-Optimal Visibility-Related Algorithms Or Meshes With Multiple Broadcasting
12 for Stojmenovic, I.

Stokeley, E.M. Co Author Listing * Affine Transform Determination For 3-D Objects: A Medical Imaging Application
* Orientation Of 3-D Structures In Medical Images

Stokely, E.M. Co Author Listing * Surface Parameterization And Curvature Measurement Of Arbitrary 3-D Objects: Five Practical Methods

Stokes, M. Co Author Listing * Precision Requirements For Digital Color Reproduction

Stoksik, M.A. Co Author Listing * Practical Synthesis Of Accurate Fractal Images

Stolfi, J. Co Author Listing * Constructing Strongly Convex Approximation Hulls With Inaccurate Primitives
* Optimal Point Location In A Monotone Subdivision
* Oriented Projective Geometry, Academic Press
* Primitives For The Manipulation Of General Subdivisions And The Computation Of Voronoi Diagrams
* Rendering Csg Models With A Zz-Buffer
* Two Methods For Generating Fractals

Stolfi, N. Co Author Listing * Singularities Of Illuminated Surfaces

Stoll, P.A. Co Author Listing * Shocks From Images: Propagation Of Orientation Elements

Stolle, F. Co Author Listing * Ascender System: Automated Site Modeling From Multiple Aerial Images, The
* Recent Advances In 3d Reconstruction Techniques Using Aerial Images
* Site Model Acquisition And Extension From Aerial Images
* Task Driven Perceptual Organization For Extraction Of Rooftop Polygons
* Umass Progress In 3d Building Model Acquisition
* Using Three-Dimensional Features To Improve Terrain Classification

Stolle, F.R. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Grouping And Information Fusion For Site Modeling From Aerial Images

Stoller, L. Co Author Listing * Cbcv: A Cad-Based Computer Vision System

Stollnitz, E.J. Co Author Listing * Reproducing Color Images As Duotones

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26 for Stout, Q.F.

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20 for Strat, T.M.

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11 for Strickland, R.N.

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7 for Sturm, P.

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