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Hilt, H.J. Co Author Listing * Wireless Local Danger Warning: Cooperative Foresighted Driving Using Intervehicle Communication

Hilterman, F. Co Author Listing * Amplitude-Versus-Angle Analysis of Local Angle-Domain Common Image Gathers With Prestack Gaussian-Beam Migration of Seismic Data

Hiltner, J. Co Author Listing * approach to use linguistic and model-based fuzzy expert knowledge for the analysis of MRT images, An
* Cellular Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence in Medical Image Processing

Hilton, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * email: Hilton, A.[Adrian]: a hilton AT surrey ac uk
* 2D face pose normalisation using a 3D morphable model
* 3D action matching with key-pose detection
* 3D Assisted Face Recognition: A Survey of 3D Imaging, Modelling and Recognition Approaches
* 3D Multi Person Tracking With Dual 360° Cameras
* 3D Scene Reconstruction from Multiple Spherical Stereo Pairs
* 3D Scene Representation Using A Deformable Surface
* 3D studio production of animated actor models
* 4D Match Trees for Non-rigid Surface Alignment
* 4D Temporally Coherent Multi-Person Semantic Reconstruction and Segmentation
* Acoustic Room Modelling Using 360 Stereo Cameras
* Analyzing Muscle Activity and Force with Skin Shape Captured by Non-contact Visual Sensor
* Animated statues
* Animation Control of Surface Motion Capture
* Athlete Pose Estimation from Monocular TV Sports Footage
* Attention-based Multi-Reference Learning for Image Super-Resolution
* Audio-Visual System for Object-Based Audio: From Recording to Listening, An
* Bayesian Framework for Simultaneous Matting and 3D Reconstruction, A
* Big Data Analysis for Media Production
* Block world reconstruction from spherical stereo image pairs
* Calibration of Nodal and Free-Moving Cameras in Dynamic Scenes for Post-Production
* Comparative Study of Surface Representations Used in Statistical Human Models, A
* Comparison of Skeleton and Non-Skeleton Shape Descriptors for 3D Video
* Compression Techniques for 3D Video Mesh Sequences
* Computer vision for human modelling and analysis
* Computer vision for sports: Current applications and research topics
* Computer Vision in Sports
* Correspondence labelling for wide-timeframe free-form surface matching
* Covariance estimation for minimal geometry solvers via scaled unscented transformation
* Coverage evaluation of camera networks for facilitating big-data management in film production
* Deep Autoencoder for Combined Human Pose Estimation and Body Model Upscaling
* Dual-Mode Deformable Models for Free-Viewpoint Video of Sports Events
* Dynamic 3D Scene Reconstruction in Outdoor Environments
* Dynamic Appearance Modelling from Minimal Cameras
* Dynamic Surface Animation using Generative Networks
* EdgeNet: Semantic Scene Completion from a Single RGB- D Image
* Environment modelling using spherical stereo imaging
* Error analysis of photometric stereo with colour lights
* Error Propagation from Camera Motion to Epipolar Constraint
* Estimating Pose Uncertainty for Surface Registration
* Evaluation of 3D Feature Descriptors for Multi-modal Data Registration
* Exact View-Dependent Visual Hulls
* FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video
* FACS valid 3D dynamic action unit database with applications to 3D dynamic morphable facial modeling, A
* Finite Aperture Stereo
* Finite Aperture Stereo: 3D Reconstruction of Macro-Scale Scenes
* From 3D shape capture of animated models
* Fusing Visual and Inertial Sensors with Semantics for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* General Dynamic Scene Reconstruction from Multiple View Video
* Geometric fusion for a hand-held 3D sensor
* Global Non-rigid Alignment of Surface Sequences
* Global temporal registration of multiple non-rigid surface sequences
* Graph-based foreground extraction in extended color space
* Harmonised Texture Mapping
* Hierarchical Shape Matching for Temporally Consistent 3D Video
* High-Detail 3D Capture and Non-sequential Alignment of Facial Performance
* High-detail 3D capture of facial performance
* Human motion synthesis from 3D video
* Human Shape Estimation in a Multi-Camera Studio
* Human-Centric Scene Understanding from Single View 360 Video
* Hybrid 3D feature description and matching for multi-modal data registration
* Hybrid Modeling of Non-Rigid Scenes From RGBD Cameras
* Hybrid Skeleton Driven Surface Registration for Temporally Consistent Volumetric Video
* Implicit Surface-Based Geometric Fusion
* Influence of Colour and Feature Geometry on Multi-modal 3D Point Clouds Data Registration
* Intrinsic Textures for Relightable Free-Viewpoint Video
* Joint Multi-Layer Segmentation and Reconstruction for Free-Viewpoint Video Applications
* Layered Model of Human Body and Garment Deformation, A
* Learning Dense Wide Baseline Stereo Matching for People
* Learning Efficient Linear Predictors for Motion Estimation
* Learning Markerless Human Pose Estimation from Multiple Viewpoint Video
* Learning Part-Based Models for Animation from Surface Motion Capture
* Light Field Compression using Eigen Textures
* Marching Triangles: Range Image Fusion for Complex Object Modelling
* Mean-Shift and Sparse Sampling-Based SMC-PHD Filtering for Audio Informed Visual Speaker Tracking
* Model-based human shape reconstruction from multiple views
* Model-based multiple view reconstruction of people
* Modeling People Toward Vision-Based Understanding of a Person's Shape, Appearance, and Movement
* Modeling people: Vision-based understanding of a person's shape, appearance, movement, and behaviour
* Moving Camera Registration for Multiple Camera Setups in Dynamic Scenes
* MSFD: Multi-Scale Segmentation-Based Feature Detection for Wide-Baseline Scene Reconstruction
* Multi Resolution Geometric Fusion
* Multi-modal big-data management for film production
* Multi-person Implicit Reconstruction from a Single Image
* Multi-view Consistency Loss for Improved Single-image 3d Reconstruction of Clothed People
* Multimodal Visual Data Registration for Web-Based Visualization in Media Production
* Multiple Speaker Tracking in Spatial Audio via PHD Filtering and Depth-Audio Fusion
* Multiple view reconstruction of people
* Multiple-Camera 3-D Production Studio, The
* Natural image matting for multiple wide-baseline views
* Non-parametric natural image matting
* Non-parametric patch based video matting
* Novel Multi-View Labelling Network Based on Pairwise Learning, A
* Objective Quality Assessment in Free-Viewpoint Video Production
* Optimal Representation of Multiple View Video
* Order Statistics of RANSAC and Their Practical Application
* Outdoor Dynamic 3-D Scene Reconstruction
* PDE-based disparity estimation with occlusion and texture handling for accurate depth recovery from a stereo image pair
* Person Tracking Using Audio and Depth Cues
* Progress in arbitrary topology deformable surfaces
* Real-Time Multi-person Motion Capture from Multi-view Video and IMUs
* Real-Time Pose Estimation Using Constrained Dynamics
* Realistic Synthesis of Novel Human Movements from a Database of Motion Capture Examples
* Reconstruction of Scene Models from Sparse 3D Structure
* Registration of Multiple Point Sets
* relaxation algorithm for real-time multiple view 3D-tracking, A
* Reliable Surface Reconstruction from Multiple Range Images
* Relighting of Facial Images
* Relightning of Facial Video
* Robust Free-Viewpoint Video System for Sport Scenes, A
* Robust graph-cut scene segmentation and reconstruction for free-viewpoint video of complex dynamic scenes
* Room Layout Estimation with Object and Material Attributes Information Using a Spherical Camera
* Scalable object instance recognition based on keygraph matching
* Scene modelling from sparse 3D data
* Semantically Coherent 4D Scene Flow of Dynamic Scenes
* Semantically Coherent Co-Segmentation and Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes
* Shape and Pose Space Deformation for Subject Specific Animation
* Shape Similarity for 3D Video Sequences of People
* Shape-Colour Histograms for matching 3D video sequences
* Simultaneous Pose Estimation of Multiple People using Multiple-View Cues with Hierarchical Sampling
* Single-View RGBD-Based Reconstruction of Dynamic Human Geometry
* Slime: A New Deformable Surface
* Space-Time Joint Multi-layer Segmentation and Depth Estimation
* Spatio-temporal fusion of multiple view video rate 3D surfaces
* Special issue on 3D imaging and modelling
* Speech-driven face synthesis from 3D video
* Spherical Matching for Temporal Correspondence of Non-Rigid Surfaces
* Statistical Geometric Framework for Reconstruction of Scene Models, A
* Stereoscopic content production of complex dynamic scenes using a wide-baseline monoscopic camera set-up
* Structured Representation of Non-Rigid Surfaces from Single View 3D Point Tracks
* Study of Shape Similarity for Temporal Surface Sequences of People, A
* Summarised hierarchical Markov models for speed-invariant action matching
* Super-Resolution 3D Human Shape from a Single Low-Resolution Image
* Super-Resolution Appearance Transfer for 4D Human Performances
* survey of advances in vision-based human motion capture and analysis, A
* Temporal Consistency Loss for High Resolution Textured and Clothed 3D Human Reconstruction from Monocular Video
* Temporal trimap propagation for video matting using inferential statistics
* Temporally Coherent 4D Reconstruction of Complex Dynamic Scenes
* Temporally Coherent General Dynamic Scene Reconstruction
* Temporally Consistent 3D Human Pose Estimation Using Dual 360° Cameras
* Through-the-Lens Multi-camera Synchronisation and Frame-Drop Detection for 3D Reconstruction
* Through-the-Lens Synchronisation for Heterogeneous Camera Networks
* Towards Model-based Capture of a Persons Shape, Appearance and Motion
* Towards Optimal Non-rigid Surface Tracking
* U4D: Unsupervised 4D Dynamic Scene Understanding
* Validated Method for Dense Non-rigid 3D Face Registration, A
* Video-rate capture of dynamic face shape and appearance
* Viewpoint invariant exemplar-based 3D human tracking
* Visual Analysis of Humans: Looking at People
* Visual media production
* Volumetric Performance Capture from Minimal Camera Viewpoints
* Volumetric stereo with silhouette and feature constraints
* Wide Baseline Multi-view Video Matting Using a Hybrid Markov Random Field
* Wide-Baseline Multi-View Video Segmentation for 3D Reconstruction
Includes: Hilton, A.[Adrian] Hilton, A.
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Hilton, A.D.M. Co Author Listing * Statistics of Surface Curvature Estimates

Hilton, A.E.[Annette E.] Co Author Listing * Quantification of Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Concentration in San Francisco Bay Using Satellite Imagery

Hilton, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Spatial Analytics Framework to Investigate Electric Power-Failure Events and Their Causes, A
* Spatially Intelligent Public Participation System for the Environmental Impact Assessment Process, A

Hilton, B.N.[Brian N.] Co Author Listing * Environmental Assessment of School Shade Tree Canopy and Implications for Sun Safety Policies: The Los Angeles Unified School District, An

Hilton, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Note on Watermark Development from the Commercial Context, A

Hilton, J.[James] Co Author Listing * RADAR-Vegetation Structural Perpendicular Index (R-VSPI) for the Quantification of Wildfire Impact and Post-Fire Vegetation Recovery
* SparkCloud: A Cloud-Based Elastic Bushfire Simulation Service

Hilton, J.K.[June K.] Co Author Listing * Environmental Assessment of School Shade Tree Canopy and Implications for Sun Safety Policies: The Los Angeles Unified School District, An

Hilton, J.L. Co Author Listing * Coordination of Planetary Coordinate System Recommendations By the IAU Working Group on Cartographic Coordinates and Rotational Elements: 2020 Status and Future

Hilton, M.L. Co Author Listing * Local enhancement of compressed images
* Wavelet-based cosine crossings of signals

Hilton, N.R.[Nathan R.] Co Author Listing * Development of an ideal observer that incorporates nuisance parameters and processes list-mode data

Hiltscher, H.[Heiko] Co Author Listing * Multisensoral, object- and GIS-based classification of grassland habitats in the Bio sphere Reserve Schwäbische Alb

Hiltunen, J.[Jouni] Co Author Listing * Accuracy in Colour Reproduction: Using a ColorChecker Chart to Assess the Usefulness and Comparability of Data Acquired with Two Hyper-Spectral Systems
* Color and Image Characterization of a Three CCD Seven Band Spectral Camera
* Extending Diabetic Retinopathy Imaging from Color to Spectra
* Natural Vision Data File Format as a New Spectral Image Format for Biological Applications

Hiltunen, L.[Lea] Co Author Listing * Reference Measurements in Developing UAV Systems for Detecting Pests, Weeds, and Diseases

Hiltunen, M.[Mwaba] Co Author Listing * Operational Service for Mapping the Baltic Sea Landfast Ice Properties

Hiltunen, V.[Ville] Co Author Listing * Comparison of General Object Trackers for Hand Tracking in High-Speed Videos

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