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Rigo, A.G.[Alberto Garcia] Co Author Listing * TEC Forecasting Based on Manifold Trajectories
Includes: Rigo, A.G.[Alberto Garcia] Rigo, A.G.[Alberto García]

Rigo, L.O.[Luis O.] Co Author Listing * Two-dimensional cellular automata and the analysis of correlated time series
Includes: Rigo, L.O.[Luis O.] Rigo, Jr., L.O.[Luís O.]

Rigo, T.[Tomeu] Co Author Listing * C-Band Dual-Doppler Retrievals in Complex Terrain: Improving the Knowledge of Severe Storm Dynamics in Catalonia
* Evaluation of the Radar Echo Tops in Catalonia: Relationship with Severe Weather
* Is an NWP-Based Nowcasting System Suitable for Aviation Operations?
* Summary of Hail Events during the Summer of 2022 in Catalonia: A Comparison with the Period of 2013-2021, A

Rigol Sanchez, J.P. Co Author Listing * assessment of the effectiveness of a random forest classifier for land-cover classification, An
* Multi-Temporal Object-Based Image Analysis to Detect Long-Lived Shrub Cover Changes in Drylands, A
Includes: Rigol Sanchez, J.P. Rigol-Sanchez, J.P. Rigol-Sánchez, J.P.[Juan Pedro]

Rigoll, G.[Gerhard] Co Author Listing * email: Rigoll, G.[Gerhard]: rigoll AT ei tum de
* 3D Face Scanning Systems Based on Invisible Infrared Coded Light
* Action segmentation and recognition in meeting room scenarios
* Adaptation of an address reading system to local mail streams
* Applying Bayes Markov chains for the detection of ATM related scenarios
* Applying multi layer homography for multi camera person tracking
* Attention Fusion for Audio-Visual Person Verification Using Multi-Scale Features
* Attention-Based Partial Face Recognition
* Attribute constrained subspace learning
* Automated pose estimation in 3D point clouds applying annealing particle filters and inverse kinematics on a GPU
* Background segmentation with feedback: The Pixel-Based Adaptive Segmenter
* Being bored? Recognising natural interest by extensive audiovisual integration for real-life application
* Box Size Confidence Bias Harms Your Object Detector, The
* Capturing facial videos with Kinect 2.0: A multithreaded open source tool and database
* Clustering-Based Approach for Evaluation of EO Image Indexing, A
* Coarse-to-Fine Dual Attention Network for Blind Face Completion, A
* Combination of multiple classifiers for handwritten word recognition
* Combined segmentation, reconstruction, and tracking of multiple targets in multi-view video sequences
* Combining HMM-based two-pass classifiers for off-line word recognition
* Comparative Analysis of CNN-based Spatiotemporal Reasoning in Videos
* Comparing adaptation techniques for on-line handwriting recognition
* Comparing normalization and adaptation techniques for on-line handwriting recognition
* Comparison Between Continuous and Discrete Density Hidden Markov Models for Cursive Handwriting Recognition, A
* comparison of character n-grams and dictionaries used for script recognition, A
* Comparison of Confidence Measures for Face Recognition
* Comparison of Discrete and Continuous Output Modeling Techniques for a Pseudo-2d Hidden Markov Model Face Recognition System, A
* Confidence measures for an address reading system
* Convolutional Neural Networks with Layer Reuse
* Crane Gesture Recognition using Pseudo 3-D Hidden Markov Models
* Cross-Corpus Acoustic Emotion Recognition: Variances and Strategies
* Cross-Quality LFW: A Database for Analyzing Cross- Resolution Image Face Recognition in Unconstrained Environments
* Cue-independent extending inverse kinematics for robust pose estimation in 3D point clouds
* Deep Attention Based Semi-supervised 2d-pose Estimation for Surgical Instruments
* deep convolutional neural network for video sequence background subtraction, A
* Dense point-to-point correspondences between 3D faces using parametric remeshing for constructing 3D Morphable Models
* Dense point-to-point correspondences between 3D faces with large variations for constructing 3D Morphable Models
* Dense spatio-temporal motion segmentation for tracking multiple self-occluding people
* Dissected 3D CNNs: Temporal skip connections for efficient online video processing
* Do We Still Need Non-Maximum Suppression? Accurate Confidence Estimates and Implicit Duplication Modeling with IoU-Aware Calibration
* Driver Anomaly Detection: A Dataset and Contrastive Learning Approach
* DriverMHG: A Multi-Modal Dataset for Dynamic Recognition of Driver Micro Hand Gestures and a Real-Time Recognition Framework
* EarlyBird: Early-Fusion for Multi-View Tracking in the Bird's Eye View
* Edge-preserving unscented Kalman filter for speckle reduction
* Evaluating Multimodal Interaction Patterns in Various Application Scenarios
* Evaluation of Confidence Measures for On-Line Handwriting Recognition
* Explainable Model-Agnostic Similarity and Confidence in Face Verification
* Exploiting gradient histograms for gait-based person identification
* Face Aggregation Network for Video Face Recognition
* Face Texture Generation and Identity-Preserving Rectification
* Face tracking in meeting room scenarios using omnidirectional views
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Pseudo 3-D Hidden Markov Models
* Farness preserving Non-negative matrix factorization
* flexible multimodal object tracking system, A
* Gait Energy Image Reconstruction from Degraded Gait Cycle Using Deep Learning
* Gait Energy Image Restoration Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Gait Recognition from Incomplete Gait Cycle
* Gaitgraph: Graph Convolutional Network for Skeleton-Based Gait Recognition
* Gesture Components for Natural Interaction with In-Car Devices
* GMs in On-Line Handwritten Whiteboard Note Recognition: The Influence of Implementation and Modeling
* Godfather vs. Chaos: Comparing Linguistic Analysis Based on On-line Knowledge Sources and Bags-of-N-Grams for Movie Review Valence Estimation, The
* Graphical Model for unifying tracking and classification within a multimodal Human-Robot Interaction scenario, A
* Graphical Models for real-time capable gesture recognition
* Handwritten address recognition with open vocabulary using character N-grams
* Hidden Markov Model Based Continuous Online Gesture Recognition
* Hierarchical ASM/AAM Approach in a Stochastic Framework for Fully Automatic Tracking and Recognition, A
* High Quality Face Recognition in JPEG Compressed Images
* How to Design a Three-Stage Architecture for Audio-Visual Active Speaker Detection in the Wild
* Hypergraphs for Joint Multi-view Reconstruction and Multi-object Tracking
* Image database retrieval of rotated objects by user sketch
* Immersive Visualization of the Quality of Dimensionality Reduction
* Impact of annotation dimensionality under variable task complexity in remote guidance
* Improved Degraded Document Recognition with Hybrid Modeling Techniques and Character N-grams
* Improved Gait Recognition using Gradient Histogram Energy Image
* Improved Image Segmentation using Photonic Mixer Devices
* Improved On-Line Handwriting Recognition Using Context Dependent Hidden Markov Models
* Improved Person Tracking Using a Combined Pseudo-2D-HMM and Kalman Filter Approach with Automatic Background State Adaptation
* Improved Stochastic Modeling of Shapes for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Improving Facial Landmark Detection via a Super-Resolution Inception Network
* Introducing A Framework for Single-Human Tracking Using Event-Based Cameras
* Joint tracking and gait recognition of multiple people in video
* Late fusion for person detection in camera networks
* Learning weighted similarity measurements for unconstrained face recognition
* Lightweight Multi-Branch Network for Person Re-Identification
* LSTM-Modeling of continuous emotions in an audiovisual affect recognition framework
* Modelling, synthesis and characterisation of occlusion in videos
* Mono camera multi-view diminished reality
* Motion Fused Frames: Data Level Fusion Strategy for Hand Gesture Recognition
* Multi camera person tracking applying a graph-cuts based foreground segmentation in a homography framework
* Multi-branch and two-pass HMM modeling approaches for off-line cursive handwriting recognition
* Multi-Modal Graphical Model for Robust Recognition of Group Actions in Meetings from Disturbed Videos, A
* multi-step alignment scheme for face recognition in range images, A
* Multi-Task Comparator Framework for Kinship Verification, A
* Multi-view gait recognition using 3D convolutional neural networks
* Multi-view human activity recognition using motion frequency
* Multiple Camera Person Tracking in multiple layers combining 2D and 3D information
* Neural net vector quantizers for discrete HMM-based on-line handwritten whiteboard-note recognition
* New Approach to Video Sequence Recognition Based On Statistical Methods, A
* New Hybrid Approach to Large Vocabulary Cursive Handwriting Recognition, A
* Non-rigid registration of 3D facial surfaces with robust outlier detection
* Novel Hybrid Face Profile Recognition System Using the Feret and Mugshot Databases, A
* Novel script line identification method for script normalization and feature extraction in on-line handwritten whiteboard note recognition
* Novel VQ Designs for Discrete HMM On-Line Handwritten Whiteboard Note Recognition
* Occlusion detection and gait silhouette reconstruction from degraded scenes
* Occlusion Handling in Tracking Multiple People Using RNN
* Octuplet Loss: Make Face Recognition Robust to Image Resolution
* Off-the-shelf sensor integration for mono-SLAM on smart devices
* Omni-directional multiperson tracking in meeting scenarios combining simulated annealing and particle filtering
* Omnidirectional tracking and recognition of persons in planar views
* On-Line Handwritten Formula Recognition Using Statistical Methods
* On-line Handwritten Formula Recognition with Integrated Correction Recognition and Execution
* Optimizing the Number of States for HMM-Based On-line Handwritten Whiteboard Recognition
* Outlier-Robust Neural Aggregation Network for Video Face Identification
* Person Tracking in Real-World Scenarios Using Statistical Methods
* Photorealistic Face Transfer in 2D and 3D Video
* PID-based regulation of background dynamics for foreground segmentation
* Pixel Level Tracking of Multiple Targets in Crowded Environments
* Pseudo 3-D HMMs for Image Sequence Recognition
* Recognition of JPEG compressed face images based on statistical methods
* Recognition of partly occluded person actions in meeting scenarios
* Reconstruction-free matching for fingerprint sweep sensors
* Relative attribute guided dictionary learning
* Resolution Enhancement of PMD Range Maps
* Resource Efficient 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
* Retrieval of Overlapping and Touching Objects Using Hidden Markov Models
* Robust Facial Landmark Detection via a Fully-Convolutional Local-Global Context Network
* Robust Multi-Modal Group Action Recognition in Meetings from Disturbed Videos with the Asynchronous Hidden Markov Model
* Robust Person Tracking in Real Scenarios with Non-Stationary Background Using a Statistical Computer Vision Approach
* Robust Person Tracking with Non-Stationary Background Using a Combined Pseudo-2D-HMM and Kalman-Filter Approach
* Robust tracking of facial feature points with 3D Active Shape Models
* Robust tracking of persons in real-world scenarios using a statistical computer vision approach
* Robust Video-Based Recognition of Dynamic Head Gestures in Various Domains: Comparing a Rule-Based and a Stochastic Approach
* Segmentation and classification of meeting events using multiple classifier fusion and dynamic programming
* Selecting Features in On-Line Handwritten Whiteboard Note Recognition: SFS or SFFS?
* Selecting Features Using the SFS in Conjunction with Vector Quantization
* Sensor Fusion for Sparse SLAM with Descriptor Pooling
* Spoken document classification with SVMs using linguistic unit weighting and probabilistic couplers
* Subjective and objective evaluation of image inpainting quality
* Submotions for Hidden Markov Model Based Dynamic Facial Action Recognition
* SVC2004: First International Signature Verification Competition
* Switching Linear Dynamic Models for Noise Robust In-Car Speech Recognition
* Synthehicle: Multi-Vehicle Multi-Camera Tracking in Virtual Cities
* Systematic Comparison Between On-Line and Off-Line Methods for Signature Verification with Hidden Markov Models, A
* Tackling Face Verification Edge Cases: In-Depth Analysis and Human-Machine Fusion Approach
* Talking With Your Hands: Scaling Hand Gestures and Recognition With CNNs
* Toward semantic attributes in dictionary learning and non-negative matrix factorization
* Towards a Deeper Understanding of Skeleton-based Gait Recognition
* Tracking using Bayesian inference with a two-layer Graphical Model
* Tree-Based State Clustering Using Self-Organizing Principles for Large Vocabulary On-Line Handwriting Recognition
* TUM Gait from Audio, Image and Depth (GAID) database: Multimodal recognition of subjects and traits, The
* Unified hierarchical multi-object tracking using global data association
* Using Segmented 3D Point Clouds for Accurate Likelihood Approximation in Human Pose Tracking
* View-Invariant Gait Representation Using Joint Bayesian Regularized Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Wavelet contrast-based image inpainting with sparsity-driven initialization
Includes: Rigoll, G.[Gerhard] Rigoll, G.
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Rigolot, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Estimating Leaf Bulk Density Distribution in a Tree Canopy Using Terrestrial LiDAR and a Straightforward Calibration Procedure
* role for Airborne Laser Scanning Intensity Data in Vertical Stratification of Multilayered Ecosystems, A

Rigon, A.[Amelia] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Classification of Crithidia Luciliae Fluorescent Images
* Asynchronous Federated Continual Learning
Includes: Rigon, A.[Amelia] Rigon, A.[Alberto]

Rigon, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Critical Analysis of NeRF-Based 3D Reconstruction, A
* Enhancing Geometric Edge Details in MVS Reconstruction
Includes: Rigon, S.[Simone] Rigon, S.

Rigoni, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * How the Wind Can Be Leveraged for Saving Energy in a Truck-Drone Delivery System
* On the Evaluation of a Drone-Based Delivery System on a Mixed Euclidean-Manhattan Grid

Rigotti, C. Co Author Listing * Handling coherence measures of displacement field time series: Application to Greenland ice sheet glaciers
* Spatiotemporal mining of ENVISAT SAR interferogram time series over the Haiyuan fault in China
* Studying Evolution of Hydrothermal Alteration Materials In The Turrialba Volcano Trough Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images
* swap randomization approach for mining motion field time series over the Argentiere glacier, A

Rigotti, M.[Mattia] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Imbalanced Civil Infrastructure Data
* Model-assisted Labeling via Explainability for Visual Inspection of Civil Infrastructures

Rigoutsos, I.[Isidore] Co Author Listing * email: Rigoutsos, I.[Isidore]: rigoutso AT watson ibm com
* Bayesian-Approach To Model-Matching With Geometric Hashing, A
* Determining the 3-D Motion of a Rigid Planar Patch Without Correspondence, under Perspective Projection
* Determining the 3-D Motion of a Rigid Planar Patch Without Correspondence, under Perspective Projection, I. Planar Surfaces, II. Curved Surfaces
* Distributed Bayesian Object Recognition
* FLASH: a fast look-up algorithm for string homology
* Geometric Hashing: An Overview
* Two-Dimensional Affine Invariants that Distribute Uniformly and Can Be Tuned to any Convex Feature Domain
* Well-behaved, Tunable 3D Affine Invariants
Includes: Rigoutsos, I.[Isidore] Rigoutsos, I.
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