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RobVis08 * *International Workshop on Robot Vision
* 3D Person Tracking with a Color-Based Particle Filter
* Accurate Image Matching in Scenes Including Repetitive Patterns
* Approximate Algorithm for Solving the Watchman Route Problem, An
* Area Processing Unit of Caroline: Finding the Way through DARPA's Urban Challenge, The
* Behavior Based Robot Localisation Using Stereo Vision
* Belief-Propagation on Edge Images for Stereo Analysis of Image Sequences
* Bird's-Eye View Vision System for Vehicle Surrounding Monitoring
* Camera Self-calibration under the Constraint of Distant Plane
* Differential Geometry of Monogenic Signal Representations
* Direct Pose Estimation with a Monocular Camera
* Dynamic Multiresolution Optical Flow Computation
* Facial Expression Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction: A Prototype
* Fast Line-Segment Extraction for Semi-dense Stereo Matching
* Generic Object Recognition Using Boosted Combined Features
* Hierarchical Fuzzy State Controller for Robot Vision
* High Resolution Stereo in Real Time
* Integrating Disparity Images by Incorporating Disparity Rate
* Iterative Low Complexity Factorization for Projective Reconstruction
* Markerless Augmented Reality for Robotic Helicoptor Applications
* MFC: A Modular Line Camera for 3D World Modelling
* Modeling and Tracking Line-Constrained Mechanical Systems
* New Camera Calibration Algorithm Based on Rotating Object, A
* Particle-Based Belief Propagation for Structure from Motion and Dense Stereo Vision with Unknown Camera Constraints
* Real-Time Hand and Eye Coordination for Flexible Impedance Control of Robot Manipulator
* Road-Signs Recognition System for Intelligent Vehicles
* Robust Ellipsoidal Model Fitting of Human Heads
* Sensor Architecture and Data Fusion for Robotic Perception in Urban Environments at the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge
* Situation Analysis and Atypical Event Detection with Multiple Cameras and Multi-Object Tracking
* Stereo Vision Based Self-localization of Autonomous Mobile Robots
* Stereo Vision Local Map Alignment for Robot Environment Mapping
* Stochastically Optimal Epipole Estimation in Omnidirectional Images with Geometric Algebra
* Team AnnieWAY's Autonomous System
* Terrain-Based Sensor Selection for Autonomous Trail Following
* Towards Optimal Stereo Analysis of Image Sequences
* Visual Navigation of Mobile Robot Using Optical Flow and Visual Potential Field
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