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Burg, A. Co Author Listing * Analysis and VLSI Implementation of EWA Rendering for Real-Time HD Video Applications

Burg, A.P.[Andreas P.] Co Author Listing * FPGA-based processing pipeline for high-definition stereo video, An

Burg, R.I. Co Author Listing * Principal Component Analysis of Remote Sensing of Aerosols Over Oceans

Burg, S. Co Author Listing * Grouping/degrouping point process, a point process driven by geometrical and topological properties of a partition in regions

Burgain, P. Co Author Listing * Optimizing Pushback Decisions to Valuate Airport Surface Surveillance Information
* Valuating Surface Surveillance Technology for Collaborative Multiple-Spot Control of Airport Departure Operations

Burgard, W.[Wolfram] Co Author Listing * Active Mobile Robot Localization
* CoVIO: Online Continual Learning for Visual-Inertial Odometry
* efficient FastSLAM algorithm for generating maps of large-scale cyclic environments from raw laser range measurements, An
* Experiences with an interactive museum tour-guide robot
* Holistic Filter Pruning for Efficient Deep Neural Networks
* Learning and Aggregating Lane Graphs for Urban Automated Driving
* Learning Non-stationary System Dynamics Online Using Gaussian Processes
* Learning to Track with Object Permanence
* Multi level surface maps for outdoor terrain mapping and loop closing
* Neural Ray Surfaces for Self-Supervised Learning of Depth and Ego-motion
* Nonlinear Constraint Network Optimization for Efficient Map Learning
* Probabilistic Approach for Concurrent Map Acquisition and Localization for Mobile Robots, A
* Self-Supervised Model Adaptation for Multimodal Semantic Segmentation
* SkyEye: Self-Supervised Bird's-Eye-View Semantic Mapping Using Monocular Frontal View Images
* Sparse Auxiliary Networks for Unified Monocular Depth Prediction and Completion
* System for Three-Dimensional Robotic Mapping of Underground Mines, A
* Tracking Multiple Moving Objects with a Mobile Robot
* Using an Image Retrieval System for Vision-Based Mobile Robot Localization
* Using the Condensation Algorithm for Robust, Vision-based Mobile Robot Localization
* Utilizing Learned Motion Patterns to Robustly Track Persons
* Vision-Based 3D Object Localization Using Probabilistic Models of Appearance
Includes: Burgard, W.[Wolfram] Burgard, W.
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Burgbacher, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Transferable Model for Shape Optimization subject to Physical Constraints

Burgbacher, U. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Word Gesture Generation for Stroke-Based Virtual Keyboards

Burgdorf, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Calibrated Lunar Microwave Radiative Transfer Model Based on Satellite Observations, A
* Onboard Radio Frequency Interference as the Origin of Inter-Satellite Biases for Microwave Humidity Sounders
* Study of Lunar Microwave Radiation Based on Satellite Observations, A
* Uncertainty Quantified Fundamental Climate Data Record for Microwave Humidity Sounders, An

Burgdorf, M.J.[Martin J.] Co Author Listing * Characterization of the High-Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder Using Lunar Observations

Burgdorfer, N.[Nathaniel] Co Author Listing * V-FUSE: Volumetric Depth Map Fusion with Long-Range Constraints

Burge, M. Co Author Listing * Ear Biometrics
* Ear Biometrics in Computer Vision
* Extracting words and multi-part symbols in graphics rich documents
* Learning to recognize generic visual categories using a hybrid structural approach
* Pushing the frontiers of unconstrained face detection and recognition: IARPA Janus Benchmark A
* Recognition and Learning With Polymorphic Structural Components
Includes: Burge, M. Burge, M.[Mark]

Burge, M.J.[Mark J.] Co Author Listing * Digital Image Processing: An Algorithmic Approach Using Java
* Handbook of Iris Recognition
* Principles of Digital Image Processing: Advanced Methods
* Principles of Digital Image Processing: Core Algorithms
* Principles of Digital Image Processing: Fundamental Techniques

Burge, O.R.[Olivia R.] Co Author Listing * National Scale 3D Mapping of Soil pH Using a Data Augmentation Approach

Burge, R.E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Asteroid Zonal Filter for Data Compression, An
* Adaptive Bit Allocation for Image Compression
* Adaptive Transform Image Data Compression Scheme Incorporating Pattern Recognition Procedures, An
* Automatic Detection of Targets Against Cluttered Backgrounds Using a Fractal-Oriented Statistical Analysis and Radon Transform
* New Algorithm for Extracting the Interior of Bounded Regions Based on Chain Coding, A
* On Different Methods Based on the Karhunen-Loeve Expansion and Used in Image Analysis

Burgel, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Shape from Caustics: Reconstruction of 3D-Printed Glass from Simulated Caustic Images
Includes: Burgel, F.[Florian] Bürgel, F.[Florian] (Maybe also Buergel, F.)

Burger, A.[Andre] Co Author Listing * Empowering Wildlife Guardians: An Equitable Digital Stewardship and Reward System for Biodiversity Conservation Using Deep Learning and 3/4G Camera Traps
* Naturalistic data sets for image and behavior analysis: normal versus anomalous events
* Using behavior analysis algorithms to anticipate security threats before they impact mission critical operations
Includes: Burger, A.[Andre] Burger, A.[André] Burger, A.

Burger, B.[Brice] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Interaction Abilities for a Robot Companion
* Real-Time GPU-Based Ultrasound Simulation Using Deformable Mesh Models
Includes: Burger, B.[Brice] Burger, B.

Burger, C. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Gene Array Data: A New Approach for the Correlative Analysis of Molecular Biological and Clinical Data

Burger, F.[Flavia] Co Author Listing * Geodetic Mass Balances and Area Changes of Echaurren Norte Glacier (Central Andes, Chile) between 1955 and 2015
* Let's Get Dirty: GAN Based Data Augmentation for Camera Lens Soiling Detection in Autonomous Driving
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Anomalies in Sequential Data, Images and Volumetric Data Using Multiscale Fourier Phase-Only Analysis
Includes: Burger, F.[Flavia] Bürger, F.[Fabian] (Maybe also Buerger, F.)

Burger, G. Co Author Listing * Characterization and Featuring of Histological Section Images

Burger, H.C.[Harold C.] Co Author Listing * Image denoising: Can plain neural networks compete with BM3D?
* Improving Denoising Algorithms via a Multi-scale Meta-procedure
* Learning How to Combine Internal and External Denoising Methods
* Machine Learning Approach for Non-blind Image Deconvolution, A
* Removing noise from astronomical images using a pixel-specific noise model
Includes: Burger, H.C.[Harold C.] Burger, H.C.[Harold Christopher] Burger, H.C.

Burger, I.A.[Irene A.] Co Author Listing * Investigation of Stochastic Variance Reduction Algorithms for Relative Difference Penalized 3D PET Image Reconstruction, An

Burger, J.[Jacopo] Co Author Listing * Extrinsic Calibration of Multiple Depth Cameras for 3d Face Reconstruction

Burger, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Regularization in Convex Composite Optimization for Variational Imaging Problems
* Adaptive Regularization of Some Inverse Problems in Image Analysis
* Atlas-Based Whole-Body PET-CT Segmentation Using a Passive Contour Distance
* Bias Reduction in Variational Regularization
* Block compressive sensing of image and video with nonlocal Lagrangian multiplier and patch-based sparse representation
* Bregman-EM-TV Methods with Application to Optical Nanoscopy
* Bregmanized Nonlocal Regularization for Deconvolution and Sparse Reconstruction
* Cahn-Hilliard Inpainting And A Generalization For Grayvalue Images
* Color Bregman TV
* Computing Nonlinear Eigenfunctions via Gradient Flow Extinction
* framework for automated cell tracking in phase contrast microscopic videos based on normal velocities, A
* Hypergraph P-Laplacians, Scale Spaces, and Information Flow in Networks
* Infimal Convolution Regularisation Functionals of BV and L_p Spaces
* intensity-based stochastic model for terrestrial laser scanners, An
* Iterative Total Variation Regularization with Non-Quadratic Fidelity
* Model Based Viewpoint Planning For Terrestrial Laser Scanning From An Economic Perspective
* Motion Correction in Dual Gated Cardiac PET Using Mass-Preserving Image Registration
* Nonlinear Spectral Analysis via One-Homogeneous Functionals: Overview and Future Prospects
* Nonlinear Spectral Image Fusion
* Primal and Dual Bregman Methods with Application to Optical Nanoscopy
* Registration of Noisy Images via Maximum A-Posteriori Estimation
* Regularization with Sparse Vector Fields: From Image Compression to TV-type Reconstruction
* Remote Detection of Uranium Using Self-Focusing Intense Femtosecond Laser Pulses
* Resolution-invariant Image Classification Based on Fourier Neural Operators
* Scene and Motion Reconstruction from Defocused and Motion-Blurred Images via Anisotropic Diffusion
* Shape from Defocus via Diffusion
* Spectral Decompositions Using One-Homogeneous Functionals
* Spectral Representations of One-Homogeneous Functionals
* Total Variation Based Regularizer Promoting Piecewise-Lipschitz Reconstructions, A
* Total Variation Processing of Images with Poisson Statistics
* Unified Models for Second-Order TV-Type Regularisation in Imaging: A New Perspective Based on Vector Operators
* Variational Approach for Sharpening High Dimensional Images, A
* Variational Framework for Region-Based Segmentation Incorporating Physical Noise Models, A
* Variational Model for Joint Motion Estimation and Image Reconstruction, A
Includes: Burger, M.[Martin] Burger, M. Burger, M.[Miloš]
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Burger, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * 4 Dimensional modelling of the human heart
* Automatic tracking of the aorta in cardiovascular MR images using deformable models
* Calculation of Surface Position and Orientation Using the Photometric Stereo Method
* Contour Fitting Using an Adaptive Spline Model
* Depth and Shape form Shading Using the Photometric Stereo Method
* Differential Algorithm for the Determination of Shape from Shading Using a Point Light Source
* Knowledge-Based Anisotropic Diffusion of Vector-Valued 4-Dimensional Cardiac MR Images
* Structure adaptive anisotropic filtering for magnetic resonance image enhancement
* Structure Adaptive Anisotropic Image Filtering
Includes: Burger, P.[Peter] Burger, P.
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Burger, R.[Rogier] Co Author Listing * Biomass Proxy: Unlocking Global Agricultural Monitoring through Fusion of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2, The

Burger, S.[Susanne] Co Author Listing * Beyond audio and video retrieval: Towards multimedia summarization
* CHIL RT07 Evaluation Data, The

Burger, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * belief-based sequential fusion approach for fusing manual signs and non-manual signals, A
* Cued Speech Gesture Recognition: A First Prototype Based on Early Reduction
* Dealing with Precise and Imprecise Decisions with a Dempster-Shafer Theory Based Algorithm in the Context of Handwritten Word Recognition
* Dempster-Shafer Based Rejection Strategy for Handwritten Word Recognition
* Dempster-Shafer Theory based combination of handwriting recognition systems with multiple rejection strategies, A
* Extracting Static Hand Gestures in Dynamic Context
* Sequential Belief-Based Fusion of Manual and Non-manual Information for Recognizing Isolated Signs
* Unified Access to Media Metadata on the Web
Includes: Burger, T.[Thomas] Burger, T.[Tobias]
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Burger, W.[Wilhelm] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Burger, W.[Wilhelm]: wilhelm burger AT fh-hagenberg at
* Approximation of Displacement Fields Using Wavefront Region Growing
* Digital Image Processing: An Algorithmic Approach Using Java
* DRIVE: Dynamic Reasoning from Integrated Visual Evidence
* Dynamic Scene Understanding for Autonomous Mobile Robotics
* Ear Biometrics
* Ear Biometrics in Computer Vision
* Estimating 3-D Egomotion from Perspective Image Sequences
* Estimation of Image Motion Using Wavefront Region Growing
* Learning to recognize generic visual categories using a hybrid structural approach
* Learning Visual Ideals
* On Computing a Fuzzy Focus of Expansion for Autonomous Navigation
* Principles of Digital Image Processing: Advanced Methods
* Principles of Digital Image Processing: Core Algorithms
* Principles of Digital Image Processing: Fundamental Techniques
* Qualitative Approach to Dynamic Scene Understanding, A
* Qualitative Motion Detection and Tracking of Targets from a Mobile Platform
* Qualitative Motion Understanding
* Qualitative Target Motion Detection and Tracking
* Qualitative Understanding of Scene Dynamics for Mobile Robots
* Recognition and Learning With Polymorphic Structural Components
* Signal-to-Symbol Conversion for Structural Object Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models
* System for computing the self-motion of moving images devices
Includes: Burger, W.[Wilhelm] Burger, W.
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Burger, W.J.[William Jerome] Co Author Listing * On the Geomagnetic Field Line Resonance Eigenfrequency Variations during Seismic Event
* Search for Electron Bursts in the Inner Van Allen Belts with the CSES and NOAA POES Satellites

Burgers, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Historical manuscript dating based on temporal pattern codebook
* Image-based historical manuscript dating using contour and stroke fragments
* Multiple-Label Guided Clustering Algorithm for Historical Document Dating and Localization, A

Burges, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Incorporating Invariances in Support Vector Learning Machines

Burges, C.J.C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of complex and noisy check images
* Image compression with on-line and off-line learning

Burgess, A.[Annie] Co Author Listing * Geoweaver: Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for Managing Hybrid Geoscientific AI Workflows

Burgess, A.E.[Arthur E.] Co Author Listing * Signal detection in power-law noise: effect of spectrum exponents

Burgess, E.[Evan] Co Author Listing * Mapping glacier flow speeds with synthetic aperture radar cross correlation

Burgess, G. Co Author Listing * Photographic assessment of retroreflective film properties

Burgess, H.M.[Heidi M.] Co Author Listing * Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Determine Differences in Vegetation Cover: A Tool for Monitoring Coastal Wetland Restoration Schemes, The

Burgess, J.H.[Jack H.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Three Non-Geostatistical Methods for Optimising Digital Elevation Model Interpolation, A

Burgess, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Positional Accuracy Assessment of Lidar Point Cloud from NAIP/3DEP Pilot Project

Burgess, M.A.[Matthew A.] Co Author Listing * New Approach for Pass-point Generation from Aerial Video Imagery, A

Burgess, M.T. Co Author Listing * Displacement Imaging for Focused Ultrasound Peripheral Nerve Neuromodulation

Burgess, N.[Neil] Co Author Listing * 3D listless zerotree coding for low bit rate video
* growing network classifier of 3D objects using multiple views, A
* Recognition by Constructive Neural Algorithms
Includes: Burgess, N.[Neil] Burgess, N.

Burgess, P.J.[Paul J.] Co Author Listing * Deriving Wheat Crop Productivity Indicators Using Sentinel-1 Time Series

Burgess, S. Co Author Listing * Content-Based Retrieval of Opthalmological Images
* Node localization in unsynchronized time of arrival sensor networks
* Pose estimation from minimal dual-receiver configurations
* Subcategory Classifiers for Multiple-Instance Learning and Its Application to Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Visibility Classification
Includes: Burgess, S. Burgess, S.[Simon]

Burgess, T.F.R.[Timothy F.R.] Co Author Listing * Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Monitoring of Coral Ecosystems: New 5-km Global Products from NOAA Coral Reef Watch
* Validation of Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Satellite Products for Coral Bleaching Monitoring
Includes: Burgess, T.F.R.[Timothy F.R.] Burgess, T.F.R.[Timothy F. R.]

Burget, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * 2007 AMI(DA) System for Meeting Transcription, The
* Spelling-Aware Word-Based End-to-End ASR
Includes: Burget, L.[Lukas] Burget, L.[Lukáš]

Burget, R. Co Author Listing * Layout Based Information Extraction from HTML Documents
* Planar 3D Transfer Learning for End to End Unimodal MRI Unbalanced Data Segmentation
Includes: Burget, R. Burget, R.[Radim]

Burgeth, B.[Bernhard] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Continuous-Scale Morphology for Matrix Fields
* Adaptive Filters for Color Images: Median Filtering and Its Extensions
* Anisotropic Continuous-Scale Morphology
* approach to color-morphology based on Einstein addition and Loewner order, An
* Curvature-Driven PDE Methods for Matrix-Valued Images
* Directional Rouy-Tourin Scheme for Adaptive Matrix-Valued Morphology, A
* Elementary Morphology for SO(2)- and SO(3)-Orientation Fields
* Explanation for the Logarithmic Connection between Linear and Morphological System Theory, An
* Explanation for the Logarithmic Connection between Linear and Morphological Systems, An
* Fast retinal vessel analysis
* Flexible Segmentation and Smoothing of DT-MRI Fields Through a Customizable Structure Tensor
* Generic Approach to the Filtering of Matrix Fields with Singular PDEs, A
* Generic Neighbourhood Filtering Framework for Matrix Fields, A
* Median Filtering of Tensor-Valued Images
* Morphological Operations on Matrix-Valued Images
* Morphology for Color Images via Loewner Order for Matrix Fields
* Morphology for matrix data: Ordering versus PDE-based approach
* Nonlinear structure tensors
* On Improving the Efficiency of Tensor Voting
* PDE-Based Color Morphology Using Matrix Fields
* PDE-Driven Adaptive Morphology for Matrix Fields
* Properties of Higher Order Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* Regularity and Scale-Space Properties of Fractional High Order Linear Filtering
* Relativistic Scale-Spaces
* Scale Spaces on Lie Groups
* Stability and Local Feature Enhancement of Higher Order Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* Unified Approach to PDE-Driven Morphology for Fields of Orthogonal and Generalized Doubly-Stochastic Matrices, A
Includes: Burgeth, B.[Bernhard] Burgeth, B.
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Burgett, S. Co Author Listing * Copyright Labeling of Digitized Image Data

Burghardt, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Analyzing and Visualizing Emotional Reactions Expressed by Emojis in Location-Based Social Media
* Automated Generalisation Within NMAS In 2016
* Automated processing for map generalization using web services
* Automatic Delineation of Urban Growth Boundaries Based on Topographic Data Using Germany as a Case Study
* Case Study on Privacy-Aware Social Media Data Processing in Disaster Management
* Controlled Line Smoothing by Snakes
* Emojis as Contextual Indicants in Location-Based Social Media Posts
* Fast Snakes Algorithm Using the Tangent Angle Function, A
* Mesh-Based Typification Method for Building Groups with Grid Patterns, A
* Privacy-Aware Visualization of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) to Analyze Spatial Activity: A Benchmark Implementation
* Supervised Approach to Delineate Built-Up Areas for Monitoring and Analysis of Settlements, A
* Using HyperLogLog to Prevent Data Retention in Social Media Streaming Data Analytics
* Using Object Detection on Social Media Images for Urban Bicycle Infrastructure Planning: A Case Study of Dresden
Includes: Burghardt, D.[Dirk] Burghardt, D.
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Burghardt, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of DNN Architectures for Page Segmentation of Historical Newspapers, An

Burghardt, T.[Tilo] Co Author Listing * email: Burghardt, T.[Tilo]: tilo AT cs bris ac uk
* Affinity Matting for Pixel-accurate Fin Shape Recovery from Great White Shark Imagery
* Analysing animal behaviour in wildlife videos using face detection and tracking
* Automated Identification of Individual Great White Sharks from Unrestricted Fin Imagery
* Automated Visual Fin Identification of Individual Great White Sharks
* Automatic individual holstein friesian cattle identification via selective local coat pattern matching in RGB-D imagery
* Calorie Counter: RGB-Depth Visual Estimation of Energy Expenditure at Home
* Calorific Expenditure Estimation Using Deep Convolutional Network Features
* comparative study of pose representation and dynamics modelling for online motion quality assessment, A
* Correspondence, Matching and Recognition
* Deep Compact Person Re-Identification with Distractor Synthesis via Guided DC-GANs
* DeepKey: Towards End-to-End Physical Key Replication from a Single Photograph
* DS-KCF: a real-time tracker for RGB-D data
* Dynamic Curriculum Learning for Great Ape Detection in the Wild
* Energy expenditure estimation using visual and inertial sensors
* Fusing Animal Biometrics with Autonomous Robotics: Drone-based Search and Individual ID of Friesian Cattle (Extended Abstract)
* Great Ape Detection in Challenging Jungle Camera Trap Footage via Attention-Based Spatial and Temporal Feature Blending
* Label a Herd in Minutes: Individual Holstein-Friesian Cattle Identification
* Meta-learning with Context-Agnostic Initialisations
* Multiple human tracking in RGB-depth data: a survey
* Online quality assessment of human motion from skeleton data
* Real-time RGB-D Tracking with Depth Scaling Kernelised Correlation Filters and Occlusion Handling
* Semantically Selective Augmentation for Deep Compact Person Re-Identification
* Sit-to-Stand Analysis in the Wild Using Silhouettes for Longitudinal Health Monitoring
* Small or Far Away? Exploiting Deep Super-Resolution and Altitude Data for Aerial Animal Surveillance
* Temporal-Relational CrossTransformers for Few-Shot Action Recognition
* Towards Automated Visual Monitoring of Individual Gorillas in the Wild
* Towards automating visual in-field monitoring of crop health
* Use Your Head: Improving Long-Tail Video Recognition
* Video-SwinUNet: Spatio-temporal Deep Learning Framework for VFSS Instance Segmentation
* Visual Localisation and Individual Identification of Holstein Friesian Cattle via Deep Learning
* Who Goes There? Exploiting Silhouettes and Wearable Signals for Subject Identification in Multi-Person Environments
Includes: Burghardt, T.[Tilo] Burghardt, T.
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Burghelea, R.[Roxana] Co Author Listing * Coherent Synchronization of a Chaotic Communication System Based on a QAM-4 Transmitter

Burghignoli, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Propagation of GPR Signals in Martian Subsurface Scenarios Including Material Losses and Scattering

Burghila, D. Co Author Listing * Overview on the Development and Evolution of Earth Observation Research And Applications Programmes for Agriculture and Environment During The Last Three Decades In Romania

Burgholzer, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Surfing Virtual Waves to Thermal Tomography: From model- to deep learning-based reconstructions

Burghout, W.[Wilco] Co Author Listing * Empty vehicle redistribution and fleet size in autonomous taxi systems
* Integrated framework for real-time urban network travel time prediction on sparse probe data

Burghouts, G.[Gertjan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Transfer by Robust Label Selection and Learning with Pseudo-Labels
* Spot What Matters: Learning Context Using Graph Convolutional Networks for Weakly-Supervised Action Detection

Burghouts, G.J.[Gertjan J.] Co Author Listing * Activity recognition and localization on a truck parking lot
* Amsterdam Library of Object Images, The
* Automated recognition of human activities in video streams in real time
* Automated Textual Descriptions for a Wide Range of Video Events with 48 Human Actions
* Automatic Audio-Visual Fusion for Aggression Detection Using Meta-information
* Cluster Centers Provide Good First Labels for Object Detection
* Coarse-to-Fine Visual Question Answering by Iterative, Conditional Refinement
* Color invariant object recognition using entropic graphs
* Color Textons for Texture Recognition
* comparative study on automatic audio-visual fusion for aggression detection using meta-information, A
* Complex threat detection: Learning vs. rules, using a hierarchy of features
* Correlations between 48 human actions improve their detection
* Improved action recognition by combining multiple 2D views in the bag-of-words model
* Instantaneous threat detection based on a semantic representation of activities, zones and trajectories
* Material-specific adaptation of color invariant features
* Performance evaluation of local colour invariants
* Quasi-Periodic Spatiotemporal Filtering
* Reasoning About Threats: From Observables to Situation Assessment
* Recognition of Long-Term Behaviors by Parsing Sequences of Short-Term Actions with a Stochastic Regular Grammar
* Recognizing Stress Using Semantics and Modulation of Speech and Gestures
* Selection of negative samples and two-stage combination of multiple features for action detection in thousands of videos
* Self-Guided Diffusion Models
* Spatio-temporal layout of human actions for improved bag-of-words action detection
* Spatio-temporal Saliency for Action Similarity
* Task-specific Novel Object Characterization
* unified approach to the recognition of complex actions from sequences of zone-crossings, A
Includes: Burghouts, G.J.[Gertjan J.] Burghouts, G.J.
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Burgi, P.M. Co Author Listing * Impact of Forest Disturbance on InSAR Surface Displacement Time Series
Includes: Burgi, P.M. Bürgi, P.M. (Maybe also Buergi, P.M.)

Burgi, P.Y.[Pierre Yves] Co Author Listing * Motion estimation based on the direction of intensity gradient
* Real Time Implementation of the Saliency-Based Model of Visual Attention on a SIMD Architecture, A
* Visual Motion Estimation and Prediction: A Probabilistic Network Model for Temporal Coherence
Includes: Burgi, P.Y.[Pierre Yves] Burgi, P.Y.[Pierre-Yves] Burgi, P.Y.

Burgin, M. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product
* Generalized Radar Backscattering Model Based on Wave Theory for Multilayer Multispecies Vegetation, A
* Models of L-Band Radar Backscattering Coefficients Over Global Terrain for Soil Moisture Retrieval
* P-Band Radar Retrieval of Subsurface Soil Moisture Profile as a Second-Order Polynomial: First AirMOSS Results
* Potential of L-Band Radar for Retrieval of Canopy and Subcanopy Parameters of Boreal Forests

Burgin, M.S. Co Author Listing * Assessment and Validation of AirMOSS P-Band Root-Zone Soil Moisture Products
* Comparative Study of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product With Existing Satellite-Based Soil Moisture Products, A
* Generalized Terrain Topography in Radar Scattering Models
* Optimal Nonnegative Eigenvalue Decomposition for the Freeman and Durden Three-Component Scattering Model, An

Burgin, W.[Walker] Co Author Listing * Adventures in archiving and using three years of webcam images

Burgio, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling of Two Louteria Fragments By Image-based Approach

Burgmair, C. Co Author Listing * Delay Compensation for Actuated Stereoscopic 360 Degree Telepresence Systems with Probabilistic Head Motion Prediction

Burgmann, R. Co Author Listing * InSAR Time Series Analysis of L-Band Wide-Swath SAR Data Acquired by ALOS-2
* Spatiotemporal Evolution of Postseismic Deformation Following the 2001 Mw7.8 Kokoxili, China, Earthquake from 7 Years of INSAR Observations
* Use of a GPS-Derived Troposphere Model to Improve InSAR Deformation Estimates in the San Gabriel Valley, California
Includes: Burgmann, R. Bürgmann, R. (Maybe also Buergmann, R.)Bürgmann, R.[Roland] (Maybe also Buergmann, R.)

Burgmann, T.[Tatjana] Co Author Listing * Matching of TerraSAR-X derived ground control points to optical image patches using deep learning
Includes: Burgmann, T.[Tatjana] Bürgmann, T.[Tatjana] (Maybe also Buergmann, T.)

Burgoon, J.K. Co Author Listing * Automated analysis of interactional synchrony using robust facial tracking and expression recognition
* Detecting Concealment of Intent in Transportation Screening: A Proof of Concept
* Motion Profiles for Deception Detection Using Visual Cues
* Non-Invasive Measurement of Trust in Group Interactions
* Perinasal indicators of deceptive behavior
Includes: Burgoon, J.K. Burgoon, J.K.[Judee K.]

Burgos Artizzu, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * Merging Pose Estimates Across Space and Time
* Three dimensional pose estimation of mouse from monocular images in compact systems
* Three-Dimensional Pose Estimation for Laboratory Mouse From Monocular Images
Includes: Burgos Artizzu, X.[Xavier] Burgos-Artizzu, X.[Xavier]

Burgos Artizzu, X.P.[Xavier P.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of natural images processing for the extraction of agricultural elements
* Detecting Social Actions of Fruit Flies
* Distance Estimation of an Unknown Person from a Portrait
* Pose and Expression-Coherent Face Recovery in the Wild
* Robust Face Landmark Estimation under Occlusion
* Social behavior recognition in continuous video
* vision-based method for weeds identification through the Bayesian decision theory, A
Includes: Burgos Artizzu, X.P.[Xavier P.] Burgos-Artizzu, X.P.[Xavier P.]
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Burgos Garcia, M. Co Author Listing * Spatially Variant Apodization for Squinted Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Through-the-Wall Surveillance With Millimeter-Wave LFMCW Radars
Includes: Burgos Garcia, M. Burgos-García, M. Burgos-Garcia, M.

Burgos Gil, J.I.[Jose Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Camera Self-calibration with Parallel Screw Axis Motion by Intersecting Imaged Horopters
* Generic Self-calibration of Central Cameras from Two Real Rotational Flows
* Generic Self-calibration of Central Cameras from Two Rotational Flows
Includes: Burgos Gil, J.I.[Jose Ignacio] Burgos Gil, J.I.[José Ignacio]

Burgos, D.F.[Diego Fernando] Co Author Listing * Spatial Filtering Based on Differential Spectrum for Improving ML DOA Estimation Performance

Burgos, D.F.M. Co Author Listing * Creation of a Virtual Reality Environment of a University Museum Using 3d Photogrammetric Models

Burgos, F.J.[Francisco J.] Co Author Listing * Spectral LED-Based Tuneable Light Source for the Reconstruction of CIE Standard Illuminants

Burgos, F.M.[Francisco Moran] Co Author Listing * Automatic video to point cloud registration in a structure-from-motion framework
* Multi-resolution texture coding for multi-resolution 3D meshes

Burgos, N. Co Author Listing * Attenuation Correction Synthesis for Hybrid PET-MR Scanners: Application to Brain Studies
* Data Augmentation in High Dimensional Low Sample Size Setting Using a Geometry-Based Variational Autoencoder
* Direct Parametric Reconstruction With Joint Motion Estimation/Correction for Dynamic Brain PET Data
Includes: Burgos, N. Burgos, N.[Ninon]

Burgos, S. Co Author Listing * Use of Very High-Resolution Airborne Images to Analyse 3D Canopy Architecture of a Vineyard

Burgosartizzu, X.P. Co Author Listing * Design of a computer vision system for a differential spraying operation in precision agriculture using hebbian learning

Burgoyne, C.F. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of trabeculated structures using an anisotropic Markov random field: application to the study of the optic nerve head in glaucoma

Burgstaller, M. Co Author Listing * Robotic Three-Dimensional Measurement System for Complex Metal Parts Using Structured Light

Burgues, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Aerial Mapping of Odorous Gases in a Wastewater Treatment Plant Using a Small Drone
Includes: Burgues, J.[Javier] Burgués, J.[Javier]

Burguet, J. Co Author Listing * Realistic Models of Children Heads from 3D-MRI Segmentation and Tetrahedral Mesh Construction
* Towards a Spatio-Temporal Atlas of 3D Cellular Parameters During Leaf Morphogenesis

Burguete Lopez, A.[Arturo] Co Author Listing * Real-time Hyperspectral Imaging in Hardware via Trained Metasurface Encoders
Includes: Burguete Lopez, A.[Arturo] Burguete-Lopez, A.[Arturo]

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