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Gui jun, Z.[Zhang] Co Author Listing * Kernel PCA for road traffic data non-linear feature extraction
Includes: Gui jun, Z.[Zhang] Gui-jun, Z.[Zhang]

Gui Ming, D.[Dai] Co Author Listing * novel error-correcting output codes based on genetic programming and ternary digit operators, A
Includes: Gui Ming, D.[Dai] Gui-Ming, D.[Dai]

Gui, B.[Bian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive single image dehazing method based on support vector machine

Gui, C. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Domain Adaptation by regularizing Softmax Activation

Gui, C.C.[Chang Chun] Co Author Listing * SAR Target Detection Based on Improved SSD with Saliency Map and Residual Network
Includes: Gui, C.C.[Chang Chun] Gui, C.C.[Chang-Chun]

Gui, C.F.[Chang Feng] Co Author Listing * Distance Regularized Level Set Evolution and Its Application to Image Segmentation
* Level Set Evolution without Re-Initialization: A New Variational Formulation
Includes: Gui, C.F.[Chang Feng] Gui, C.F.[Chang-Feng]

Gui, D. Co Author Listing * 3D Building Modeling Based on Low Altitude Mapping System
* On The National Geographical Condition Monitoring Several Strategic Issues
* Study on Construction of 3D Building Based on UAV Images

Gui, D.D.[Dong Dong] Co Author Listing * Implicit Affective Video Tagging Using Pupillary Response
Includes: Gui, D.D.[Dong Dong] Gui, D.D.[Dong-Dong]

Gui, D.W.[Da Wei] Co Author Listing * Extracting Representative Images of Tourist Attractions from Flickr by Combining an Improved Cluster Method and Multiple Deep Learning Models
* Tourist Attraction Recommendation Model Fusing Spatial, Temporal, and Visual Embeddings for Flickr-Geotagged Photos, A
Includes: Gui, D.W.[Da Wei] Gui, D.W.[Da-Wei]

Gui, G.[Guan] Co Author Listing * Attention Mechanism and Depthwise Separable Convolution Aided 3DCNN for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Boundary Node Identification in Three Dimensional Wireless Sensor Networks for Surface Coverage
* Hybrid N-Inception-LSTM-Based Aircraft Coordinate Prediction Method for Secure Air Traffic

Gui, H. Co Author Listing * Similarity Measure for Binary Function Based on Graph Mover's Distance

Gui, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * Angular Pattern and Binary Angular Pattern for Shape Retrieval
* Discriminant sparse neighborhood preserving embedding for face recognition
* Ensemble Framework for Improving the Prediction of Deleterious Synonymous Mutation, An
* Face recognition via Weighted Sparse Representation
* Fast kNN Search in Weighted Hamming Space With Multiple Tables
* Fast Supervised Discrete Hashing
* General Distributed Hash Learning on Image Descriptors for k-Nearest Neighbor Search
* Group Sparse Multiview Patch Alignment Framework With View Consistency for Image Classification
* Hand shape recognition based on coherent distance shape contexts
* Hash Learning With Variable Quantization for Large-Scale Retrieval
* Histogram of Oriented Lines for Palmprint Recognition
* How to Estimate the Regularization Parameter for Spectral Regression Discriminant Analysis and its Kernel Version?
* improvement on learning with local and global consistency, An
* Large Margin Multi-Modal Multi-Task Feature Extraction for Image Classification
* Learning to Hash With Dimension Analysis Based Quantizer for Image Retrieval
* Multi-Grained Attention Networks for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Perceptually motivated morphological strategies for shape retrieval
* Regularization parameter estimation for spectral regression discriminant analysis based on perturbation theory
* Scalable Distributed Hashing for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
Includes: Gui, J.[Jie] Gui, J.
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Gui, J.S.[Jiang Sheng] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral image classification using 3D 2D CNN
Includes: Gui, J.S.[Jiang Sheng] Gui, J.S.[Jiang-Sheng]

Gui, K.[Ke] Co Author Listing * Aerosols Direct Radiative Effects Combined Ground-Based Lidar and Sun-Photometer Observations: Cases Comparison between Haze and Dust Events in Beijing
* Can MERRA-2 Reanalysis Data Reproduce the Three-Dimensional Evolution Characteristics of a Typical Dust Process in East Asia? A Case Study of the Dust Event in May 2017

Gui, L. Co Author Listing * Brightness Temperature Calculation of Lunar Crater: Interpretation of Topographic Effect on Microwave Data From Chang'E
* ChainCluster: Engineering a Cooperative Content Distribution Framework for Highway Vehicular Communications
* Characterizing the Development Pattern of a Colluvial Landslide Based on Long-Term Monitoring in the Three Gorges Reservoir
* Cooperative Object Segmentation and Behavior Inference in Image Sequences
* Cross-scale cost aggregation integrating intrascale smoothness constraint with weighted least squares in stereo matching
* Curriculum Learning for Facial Expression Recognition
* Factorized Convolutional Networks: Unsupervised Fine-Tuning for Image Clustering
* Inferring Affective Meanings of Words from Word Embedding
* Initial Results of Microwave Radiometric Imaging With Mirrored Aperture Synthesis
* Joint Object Segmentation and Behavior Classification in Image Sequences
* Learning to Hallucinate Examples from Extrinsic and Intrinsic Supervision
* Panoptic Studio: A Massively Multiview System for Social Interaction Capture
* Panoptic Studio: A Massively Multiview System for Social Motion Capture
* Pose Guided Attention for Multi-Label Fashion Image Classification
* real-time photogrammetry system based on embedded architecture, A
* Service-Oriented Dynamic Connection Management for Software-Defined Internet of Vehicles
* Spatial Coordinated Medium Sharing: Optimal Access Control Management in Drive-Thru Internet
* Study on seismic imaging block modeling method
* Susceptibility Assessment for Landslide Initiated along Power Transmission Lines
* Variational Framework for the Simultaneous Segmentation and Object Behavior Classification of Image Sequences, A
Includes: Gui, L. Gui, L.[Lin] Gui, L.[Lei] Gui, L.[Laura] Gui, L.[Li] Gui, L.[Liangke]
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Gui, L.H.[Li Hua] Co Author Listing * High-order tensor completion via gradient-based optimization under tensor train format
Includes: Gui, L.H.[Li Hua] Gui, L.H.[Li-Hua]

Gui, L.J.[Li Juan] Co Author Listing * Using Digital Cameras on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Derive Optimum Color Vegetation Indices for Leaf Nitrogen Concentration Monitoring in Winter Wheat
Includes: Gui, L.J.[Li Juan] Gui, L.J.[Li-Juan]

Gui, L.K.[Liang Ke] Co Author Listing * Argus: Efficient Activity Detection System for Extended Video Analysis
* Few-Shot Hash Learning for Image Retrieval
Includes: Gui, L.K.[Liang Ke] Gui, L.K.[Liang-Ke]

Gui, L.Q.[Liang Qi] Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction for Mirrored Aperture Synthesis Radiometers
Includes: Gui, L.Q.[Liang Qi] Gui, L.Q.[Liang-Qi]

Gui, L.Y.[Liang Yan] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Geometry-Aware Human Motion Prediction
* Factorized Convolutional Networks: Unsupervised Fine-Tuning for Image Clustering
* Few-Shot Human Motion Prediction via Meta-learning
* Traffic flow from a low frame rate city camera
Includes: Gui, L.Y.[Liang Yan] Gui, L.Y.[Liang-Yan] Gui, L.Y.

Gui, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Cross-cumulative residual entropy-based medical image registration via hybrid differential search algorithm
* Image-Based Localization for Indoor Environment Using Mobile Phone
* Ultrasound image segmentation with multilevel threshold based on differential search algorithm
Includes: Gui, P.[Peng] Gui, P.

Gui, P.H.[Peng Hui] Co Author Listing * Improved Data Augmentation of Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Pollen Grains Classification
Includes: Gui, P.H.[Peng Hui] Gui, P.H.[Peng-Hui]

Gui, Q.[Qiong] Co Author Listing * community discovery algorithm based on boundary nodes and label propagation, A
* Survey on Brain Biometrics, A

Gui, Q.L.[Qiu Ling] Co Author Listing * Deep gradient prior network for DEM super-resolution: Transfer learning from image to DEM
Includes: Gui, Q.L.[Qiu Ling] Gui, Q.L.[Qiu-Ling]

Gui, R.[Rong] Co Author Listing * AMN: Attention Metric Network for One-Shot Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* Computational Efficient DOA, DOD, and Doppler Estimation Algorithm for MIMO Radar
* Dynamic Fractal Texture Analysis for PolSAR Land Cover Classification
* Generalized Zero-Shot Learning Framework for PolSAR Land Cover Classification, A
* Individual Building Extraction from TerraSAR-X Images Based on Ontological Semantic Analysis
* Learning Rotation Domain Deep Mutual Information Using Convolutional LSTM for Unsupervised PolSAR Image Classification
* Statistical Scattering Component-Based Subspace Alignment for Unsupervised Cross-Domain PolSAR Image Classification
Includes: Gui, R.[Rong] Gui, R.
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Gui, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Neural Network Compression by Sparsity-Quantization Joint Learning: A Constrained Optimization-Based Approach
* FeatureFlow: Robust Video Interpolation via Structure-to-Texture Generation

Gui, S.P.[Shu Peng] Co Author Listing * GAN Slimming: All-in-one GAN Compression by a Unified Optimization Framework
* Hierarchical Prototype Learning for Zero-Shot Recognition
* PINE: Universal Deep Embedding for Graph Nodes via Partial Permutation Invariant Set Functions
Includes: Gui, S.P.[Shu Peng] Gui, S.P.[Shu-Peng]

Gui, S.X.[Sheng Xi] Co Author Listing * Automated LoD-2 model reconstruction from very-high-resolution satellite-derived digital surface model and orthophoto
Includes: Gui, S.X.[Sheng Xi] Gui, S.X.[Sheng-Xi]

Gui, V. Co Author Listing * Colour Image Segmentation Using Adaptive Mean Shift Filters
* GNSS Localization in Constraint Environment by Image Fusing Techniques
* Interest Operator versus Gabor filtering for facial imagery classification
* Joint Segmentation and B-Spline Object Contour Modelling for Object Tracking and Motion Compensation in Image Sequences
* Object Recognition and Motion Estimation via Joint Segmentation and B-Spline Contour Matching
Includes: Gui, V. Gui, V.[Vasile]

Gui, W.H.[Wei Hua] Co Author Listing * Application of highlight removal and multivariate image analysis to color measurement of flotation bubble images
* Illumination-Invariant Flotation Froth Color Measuring via Wasserstein Distance-Based CycleGAN With Structure-Preserving Constraint
* Scheduling-measure dependent modelling of delay propagation on a single railway line: A matrix transformation approach
Includes: Gui, W.H.[Wei Hua] Gui, W.H.[Wei-Hua]

Gui, X.[Xinlu] Co Author Listing * High-Dimensional Histogram Utilization for Reversible Data Hiding
* Impacts of Drought and Climatic Factors on Vegetation Dynamics in the Yellow River Basin and Yangtze River Basin, China
* Investigating Surface Urban Heat Islands in South America Based on MODIS Data from 2003-2016
* Toward Encrypted Cloud Media Center With Secure Deduplication
* Urbanization Effects on Vegetation and Surface Urban Heat Islands in China's Yangtze River Basin
Includes: Gui, X.[Xinlu] Gui, X.[Xuan] Gui, X.

Gui, X.L.[Xin Lu] Co Author Listing * Improved payload location for LSB matching steganography
* novel integer transform for efficient reversible watermarking, A
Includes: Gui, X.L.[Xin Lu] Gui, X.L.[Xin-Lu]

Gui, X.Y.[Xin Yuan] Co Author Listing * Unified Blending Framework For Panorama Completion Via Graph Cuts, A
Includes: Gui, X.Y.[Xin Yuan] Gui, X.Y.[Xin-Yuan]

Gui, Y.[Yang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Attention Fusion Mechanism Convolutional Network for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images, An
* Color image segmentation using mean shift and improved spectral clustering
* Discrete texture elements synthesis on surfaces using elements distribution
* gradient-domain-based edge-preserving sharpen filter, A
* Individualized Mutual Adaptation in Human-Agent Teams
* Joint learning of visual and spatial features for edit propagation from a single image
* Periodic pattern of texture analysis and synthesis based on texels distribution
* Reliable and Dynamic Appearance Modeling and Label Consistency Enforcing for Fast and Coherent Video Object Segmentation With the Bilateral Grid
* Robust tracking method with drift correction
Includes: Gui, Y.[Yang] Gui, Y.[Yan] Gui, Y.[Yikang] Gui, Y.
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Gui, Y.L.[Yi Lin] Co Author Listing * Marker-Less 3D Human Motion Capture with Monocular Image Sequence and Height-Maps
Includes: Gui, Y.L.[Yi Lin] Gui, Y.L.[Yi-Lin]

Gui, Y.M.[Yuan Miao] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Land Surface Water Mapping Using the Normalized Difference Water Index from TM, ETM+ and ALI, A
Includes: Gui, Y.M.[Yuan Miao] Gui, Y.M.[Yuan-Miao]

Gui, Y.Q.[Yong Qiang] Co Author Listing * Compressed Pseudo-Analog Transmission System for Remote Sensing Images Over Bandwidth-Constrained Wireless Channels
* LensCast: Robust Wireless Video Transmission Over MmWave MIMO With Lens Antenna Array
Includes: Gui, Y.Q.[Yong Qiang] Gui, Y.Q.[Yong-Qiang]

Gui, Z. Co Author Listing * 3D Feature Constrained Reconstruction for Low-Dose CT Imaging
* Developing Apache Spark Based Ripley's K Functions for Accelerating Spatiotemporal Point Pattern Analysis
* Geospatial Web Services Composition Framework Supporting Real-time Status Monitoring, A

Gui, Z.G.[Zhi Guo] Co Author Listing * General Form for Obtaining Unit Disc-Based Generalized Orthogonal Moments
* Image analysis by generalized Chebyshev-Fourier and generalized pseudo-Jacobi-Fourier moments
* Sinogram restoration for low-dose X-ray computed tomography using regularized Perona-Malik equation with intuitionistic fuzzy entropy
* Sparse-view statistical iterative head CT image reconstruction via joint regularization
Includes: Gui, Z.G.[Zhi Guo] Gui, Z.G.[Zhi-Guo]

Gui, Z.H.[Zheng Hui] Co Author Listing * Robust Active Shape Model Construction and Fitting for Facial Feature Localization
Includes: Gui, Z.H.[Zheng Hui] Gui, Z.H.[Zheng-Hui]

Gui, Z.P.[Zhi Peng] Co Author Listing * Concept and Technologies of Quality of Geographic Information Service: Improving User Experience of GIServices in a Distributed Computing Environment, The
* Deducing Flood Development Process Using Social Media: An Event-Based and Multi-Level Modeling Approach
* Developing A Cloud-based Online Geospatial Information Sharing And Geoprocessing Platform To Facilitate Collaborative Education And Research
* Developing Non-Negative Spatial Autoregressive Models for Better Exploring Relation Between Nighttime Light Images and Land Use Types
* Global-Scale Resource Survey and Performance Monitoring of Public OGC Web Map Services
Includes: Gui, Z.P.[Zhi Peng] Gui, Z.P.[Zhi-Peng] Gui, Z.P.

Gui, Z.W.[Zhen Wen] Co Author Listing * Register based on efficient scene learning and keypoint matching for Augmented Reality system
Includes: Gui, Z.W.[Zhen Wen] Gui, Z.W.[Zhen-Wen]

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