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Taalebi Nezhaad, M.A. Co Author Listing * Fixation: A Direct Method For Recovery Of Motion And Shape For The General Case
Includes: Taalebi Nezhaad, M.A. Taalebi-Nezhaad, M.A.

Taalebinezhaad, M.A. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Fixation
* Autonomous Motion Vision
* Direct Recovery Of Motion And Shape In The General Case By Fixation
* Direct Recovery Of Motion And Shape In The General Case By Fixation
* Partial Implementation Of The Fixation Method On Real Images: Direct Recovery Of Motion And Shape In The General Case

Tabatabai, A.J. Co Author Listing * Edge Location To Subpixel Values In Digital Imagery

Tabb, M. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Image Segmentation By Integrated Edge And Region Detection
* Multiscale Image Segmentation Using A Recent Transform
* Multiscale Region-Based Approach To Image Matching, A

Tabbone, S. Co Author Listing * Approach To Detect Lofar Lines, An
* Cooperation Between Edges And Junctions For Edge Grouping
* Detecting Junctions Using Properties Of The Laplacian Of Gaussian Detector
* Edge Detection Techniques | An Overview
* Efficient Edge Detection Using Two Scales
* Multi-Scale Edge Detector, A
* Subpixel Positioning Of Edges For First And Second Order Operators
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Tada, S. Co Author Listing * Vlsi Smart Sensor For Fast Range Imaging, A

Tadamura, K. Co Author Listing * Display Of The Earth Taking Into Account Atmospheric Scattering

Tadrous, P.J. Co Author Listing * Simple And Sensitive Method For Directional Edge Detection In Noisy Images, A

Tafuri, M. Co Author Listing * Directionality Detection In Compositional Textures

Tagare, H.D. Co Author Listing * Arrangement: A Spatial Relation Between Parts For Evaluating Similarity Of Tomographic Sections
* Arrangement: A Spatial Relation For Describing And Comparing Part Embeddings
* Curves And Surfaces In Computer Vision And Graphics (Boston, Ma, November 12-14
* Framework For The Construction Of Reflectance Maps For Machine Vision, A
* Geometric Criterion For Shape-Based Non-Rigid Correspondence, A
* On The Localization Performance Measure And Optimal Edge Detection
* Order Filters
* Simultaneous Estimation Of Shape And Reflectance Map From Photometric Stereo
* Simultaneous Estimation Of Shape And Reflectance Maps From Photometric Stereo
* Theory Of Photometric Stereo For A Class Of Diffuse Non-Lambertian Surfaces, A
* Theory Of Photometric Stereo For A General Class Of Reflectance Maps, A
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Tagawa, N. Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Estimator Is Not ``Optimal'' On 3-D Motion Estimation From Noisy Optical Flow, The
* Objective Function For 3-D Motion Estimation From Optical Flow With Lower Error Variance Than Maximum Likelihood Estimator, An

Tagliasco, V. Co Author Listing * Human Movement Understanding, North-Holland
* ``Form-Invariant'' Topological Mapping Strategy For 2d Shape Recognition

Tago, K. Co Author Listing * Integrated Parallel Image Processings On A Pipelined Mimd Multi-Processor System Psm

Tago, T. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Manipulation Of Texture-Mapped Surfaces

Tahani, H. Co Author Listing * Information Fusion In Computer Vision Using The Fuzzy Integral

Tahara, M. Co Author Listing * Multiple Person Eye Contact (Mpec) Teleconferencing System, A

Tahboub, K.K. Co Author Listing * Recursive Wiener Filtering For Image Restoration

Tahira, S. Co Author Listing * Multi-Resolution Surface Description Of 3-D Objects By Shape-Adaptive Triangular Meshes

Tai, A. Co Author Listing * Multiple Perspective Interactive Video Surveillance And Monitoring
* Vanishing Point Detection

Tai, C.L. Co Author Listing * Surface Design Via Deformation Of Periodically Swept Surfaces

Tai, J. Co Author Listing * Probabilistic Approach For Solving Poisson Equations In Computer Vision Problems, A

Tai, J.W. Co Author Listing * On Isomorphisms Of Attributed Relational Graphs For Pattern Analysis And A New Branch And Bound Algorithm
* Some Advances Of Pattern Recogntion In China
* Structural Approach To Online Chinese Character Recognition, A
* Syntactic-Semantic Approach For Chinese Character Recognition, A

Tai, L.C. Co Author Listing * 3d Video Generation With Multiple Perspective Camera Views

Taira, R.K. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Approach For Retrieving Images By Content, A

Tajbakhsh, S. Co Author Listing * Image Processing, Signal Processing, And Synthetic Aperture Radar For Remote Sensing London, Uk, September 22-26

Tajima, J. Co Author Listing * 3-D Data Acquisition By Rainbow Range Finder
* Guest Ed., Special Section On Machine Vision Applications
* Multiple-Baseline Stereo For Precise Human Face Acquisition, A

Taka'cs, B. Co Author Listing * Locating Facial Features Using Sofm

Takacs, B. Co Author Listing * Attention And Pattern Detection Using Sensory And Reactive Control Mechanisms
* Comparing Face Images Using The Modified Hausdorff Distance
* Detection Of Faces And Facial Landmarks Using Iconic Filter Banks
* Dynamic And Multiresolution Model Of Visual Attention And Its Application To Facial Landmark Detection, A
* Face Recognition Using Ensembles Of Networks
* Fast Searching Of Digital Face Libraries Using Binary Image Metrics
* Optimal Training Set Design For 3d Object Recognition
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Takagi, A. Co Author Listing * Accurate Rendering Technique Based On Colorimetric Conception

Takagi, M. Co Author Listing * Extraction Of Object Features From Image And Its Application To Image Retrieval

Takahashi, H. Co Author Listing * Integration And Interpretation Of Incomplete Stereo Scene Data
* Labeling Board Based On Boundary Tracking
* Large Scale Stereo Vision
* Planarity Constraint In Stereo Matching
* Self-Calibration Of Stereo Cameras

Takahashi, M. Co Author Listing * Scene Interpretation Based On Boundary Representations Of Stereo Images

Takahashi, N. Co Author Listing * Syntactic Pattern Recognition With Stochastic Dissimilarity In Japanese On-Line Input System (Jolis)-1/1.5

Takahashi, O. Co Author Listing * Motion Planning In A Plane Using Generalized Voronoi Diagrams

Takahashi, S. Co Author Listing * Variational Design Of Curves And Surfaces Using Multiresolution Constraints

Takahashi, T. Co Author Listing * Approach To Smart Document Reader System
* Comprehensible Rendering Of 3-D Shapes
* Helping Computer Vision By Verbal And Nonverbal Communication
* Nc Machining With G-Buffer Method
* Precise Rendering Method For Exact Anti-Aliasing And Highlighting
* Principles And Applications Of Pencil Tracing
* Robotic Assembly Operation Teaching In A Virtual Environment
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Takahata, M. Co Author Listing * Determining Motion Of Non-Rigid Objects By Active Tubes

Takahishi, T. Co Author Listing * Generalized Symmetry And Its Application To 3d Shape Generation

Takai, N.K. Co Author Listing * Cellular Automaton Model Of Particle Motions And Its Applications, A

Takai, Y. Co Author Listing * Cellular Automaton Model Of Particle Motions And Its Applications, A

Takala, J. Co Author Listing * Simd Parallel Calculation Of Distance Transformations

Takamasa, K. Co Author Listing * Distance Measure For Molecular Structures And Its Computing Method, A

Takamatsu, R. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Description Of Digital Grayscale Images Based On Image Dipoles, A
* Image Classification Using The Surface-Shape Operator And Multiscale Features
* New Operator For Describing Topographical Image Structure, A
* New Operator For Image Structure Analysis, A
* Stimulus-Driven Segmentation By Gaussian Functions
* Surface-Shape Operator Based Shading-Tolerant Method For Multiscale Image Analysis, The

Takamura, J. Co Author Listing * Stereo Modeling System: A Geometric Modeling System For Modeling Object Instance And Class

Takanami, I. Co Author Listing * Characterization Of Recognizable Picture Languages, A
* Connected Pictures Are Not Recognizable By Deterministic Two Dimensional On-Line Tessellation Acceptors
* Constant Leaf-Size Hierarchy Of Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines
* Cooperating Systems Of Three-Way Two-Dimensional Finite Automata
* Deterministic Two-Dimensional On-Line Tessellation Acceptors Are Equivalent To Two-Way Two-Dimensional Alternating Finite Automata Through 180 Degree Rotation
* Effect Of Inkdots For Two-Dimensional Automata, The
* Lower Bounds For Language Recognition On Two-Dimensional Alternating Multihead Machines
* Note On Three-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines With Space Smaller Than Log M, A
* Note On Three-Way Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines, A
* Note On Time-Bounded Bottom-Up Pyramid Cellular Acceptors, A
* On The Power Of Two-Dimensional Synchronized Alternating Finite Automata
* Optimal Simulation Of Two-Dimensional Alternating Finite Automata By Three-Way Nondeterministic Turing Machines
* Simulation Of Two-Dimensional One-Marker Automata By Three-Way Turing Machines, The
* Space Hierarchy Result On Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines With Only Universal States, A
* Survey Of Two-Dimensional Automata Theory, A
* Three-Way Two-Dimensional Finite Automata With Rotated Inputs
* Two Topics Concerning Two-Dimensional Automata Operating In Parallel
* Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines
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Takano, K. Co Author Listing * Highspeed Stereo Matching System Based On Dynamic Programming, A

Takaoka, H. Co Author Listing * Accurate Rendering Technique Based On Colorimetric Conception

Takaoka, T. Co Author Listing * On-Line Pattern Matching Algorithm, An
* Technique For Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching, A

Takase, K. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Manipulation System With Skill-Based Execution, A

Takashima, Y. Co Author Listing * Texture Based 3-D Shape Reconstruction From Multiple Stereo Images

Takashina, K. Co Author Listing * Modified Quadratic Discriminant Functions And The Application To Chinese Character Recognition

Takatoo, M. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Objects Including Persons Using Image Processing

Takeda, H. Co Author Listing * Planning The Motion Of A Mobile Robot In A Sensory Uncertainty Field

Takeda, N. Co Author Listing * Moving Object Recognition Method By Optical Flow Analysis, A

Takefuji, Y. Co Author Listing * Parallel String Search Algorithm, A

Takemura, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis And Synthesis Of Six Primary Facial Expressions Using Range Images
* Augmented Reality System Using (A) Real-Time Vision Based Registration, An
* Efficient Collision Detection Among Objects In Arbitrary Motion Using Multiple Shape Representations
* Facial Component Extraction By Cooperative Active Nets With Global Constraints
* Factorization Method Using 3-D Linear Combination For Shape And Motion Recovery, A
* Generation Of High-Resolution Stereo Panoramic Images By Omnidirectional Imaging Sensor Using Hexagonal Pyramidal Mirrors
* Memory-Based Self-Localization Using Omnidirectional Images
* Real-Time Tracking Of Multiple Moving Objects In Moving Camera Image Sequences Using Robust Statistics
* Telepresence By Real-Time View-Dependent Image Generation From Omnidirectional Video Streams
* Visual Surveillance And Monitoring System Using An Omnidirectional Video Camera
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Takemura, N.T.H. Co Author Listing * Virtual Space Teleconferencing: Real-Time Reproduction Of 3d Human Images

Takeuchi, R. Co Author Listing * Fourier Principles For Emotion-Based Human Figure Animation

Takeuchi, T. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Control Of A Mobile Robot For Obstacle Avoidance

Takeuchi, Y. Co Author Listing * Visual Learning For Landmark Recognition

Takeya, H. Co Author Listing * Integrated Pattern Inspection System, An

Takikawa, K. Co Author Listing * Fast Progressive Reconstruction Of A Transformed Image

Takita, S. Co Author Listing * Compositing Digital Images With Antialiasing And Various Shading Effects
* Simple Method For Rendering Penumbrae Caused By Sunlight, A

Takiyama, R. Co Author Listing * Least Square Error Estimation Of The Center And Radii Of Concentric Arcs, A

Takriti, S. Co Author Listing * Local Decomposition Of Gray-Scale Morphological Templates

Taktak, R. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Detection At Night Using Image Processing And Pattern Recognition

Talbot, H. Co Author Listing * Fast Computation Of Morphological Operations With Arbitrary Structuring Elements
* Image Structure Orientation Using Mathematical Morphology

Talhami, H. Co Author Listing * Improved Synergetic Algorithm For Image Classification, An

Talib, Z.A. Co Author Listing * Integrated Memory/Logic Architecture For Image Processing

Talluri, R. Co Author Listing * Image/Map Correspondence For Mobile Robot Self-Location Using Computer Graphics
* Mobile Robot Self-Location Using Model-Image Feature Correspondence
* Position Estimation For An Autonomous Mobile Robot In An Outdoor Environment
* Positional Estimation Of A Mobile Robot Using Edge Visibility Regions
* Target Tracking And Range Estimation Using An Image Sequence

Talukdar, D. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Fractal Dimension Using Alternating Sequential Filters

Talukder, A. Co Author Listing * Texture Analysis Using Partially Ordered Markov Models

Tam, P.K.S. Co Author Listing * Application Of Elliptic Fourier Descriptors To Symmetry Detection Under Parallel Projection
* Hough Transform Technique For The Detection Of Rotational Symmetry, A
* Iterative Algorithm For Minimum Cross Entropy Thresholding, An
* Modification Of Hough Transform For Circles And Ellipses Detection Using A 2-Dimensional Array
* Modification Of Hough Transform For Object Recognition Using A 2-Dimensional Array

Tamaki, H. Co Author Listing * Distributions Of Distances And Triangles In A Point Set And Algorithms For Computing The Largest Common Point Sets

Tamano, R. Co Author Listing * Connectionist Approach To 3-D Object Recognition: Matching Of Parameterized Models And Monocular Image

Tamassia, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Algorithms In Computational Geometry
* On Embedding A Graph In The Grid With The Minimum Number Of Bends
* Unified Approach To Visibility Representations Of Planar Graphs, A

Tamati, T. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Picture Understanding Of Weather Charts

Tambe, M. Co Author Listing * Measuring The Effectiveness Of Task-Level Parallelism For High-Level Vision

Tambouratzis, G. Co Author Listing * Implementing The Abingdon Cross Benchmark On The Asp

Tambouratzis, T. Co Author Listing * Integrating Artificial And Psychophysical Approaches For Boundary Finding In Line Drawings
* Using Geometrical Information For Accurate Scene Understanding In An Artificial Vision System

Tamburino, L.A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithms For The Soft Morphological Operators
* Evolutionary Learning System For Synthesizing Complex Morphological Filters, An
* Robot Vision By Encoded Light Beams
* Unified Approach To The Linear Camera Calibration Problem, A
* Unified Approach To The Linear Camera Calibration Problem, A

Tamburro, M.A. Co Author Listing * Psychovisually-Based Multiresolution Image Segmentation

Tamiya, Y. Co Author Listing * Integrated Visual System For Solder Inspection, An

Tammann, R. Co Author Listing * Neural Network Approach To Robust Shape Classification, A

Tamminen, M. Co Author Listing * Approximating Csg Trees Of Moving Objects
* Bintrees, Csg Trees, And Time
* Comment On Quad- And Octtrees
* Computing Geometric Properties Of Images Represented By Linear Quadtrees
* Constructing Maximal Slicings From Geometry
* Efficient Component Labeling Of Images Of Arbitrary Dimension Represented By Linear Bintrees
* Efficient Octree Conversion By Connectivity Labeling
* Efficient Storage Of Quadtrees And Octrees
* Encoding Pixel Trees
* General Approach To Connected-Component Labeling For Arbitrary Image Representations, A
* Improved Approach To Connected Component Labeling Of Images, An
* Integrity Filter For Recursive Subdivision Meshes, An
* Viewing Pipeline For Discrete Solid Modeling, A
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Tampi, K.A. Co Author Listing * New Filtering Approach To The Recognition Of Near Geometric Shapes, A

Tampi, K.R. Co Author Listing * Segmentation Of Handwritten Characters

Tampieri, F. Co Author Listing * Combining Hierarchical Radiosity And Discontinuity Meshing
* Discontinuity Meshing For Accurate Radiosity

Tamura, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation Of Image Processing Programs By Knowledge-Based Verification
* Image Database Systems: A Survey
* View-Station Environment: Tools And Architecture For A Platform-Independent Image-Processing Workstation, The

Tamura, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction Using Mirror Images Based On Plane Symmetry Recovering Method
* Acquiring 3d Models Of Non-Rigid Moving Objects From Time And Viewpoint Varying Image Sequences: A Step Toward Left Ventricle Recovery
* Acquisition Of Symbolic Description From Flow Fields: A New Approach Based On A Fluid Model
* Connectionist Approach To 3-D Object Recognition: Matching Of Parameterized Models And Monocular Image
* Detecting Planar And Curved Symmetries Of 3d Shapes From A Range Image
* Error Correction In Laser Scanner Three-Dimensional Measurement By Two-Axis Model And Coarse-Fine Parameter Search
* Estimation Of Motion From Sequential Images Using Integral Constraints
* Eye Movement Analysis System Using Fundus Images
* Eye Movement Analysis System Using Fundus Images
* Male/Female Identification From 8*6 Very Low Resolution Face Images By Neural Network
* Occlusion-Free 3d Recovery Using Mirror Images
* Orientation Space Filtering For Multiple Orientation Line Segmentation
* Plan-Based Boundary Extraction And 3-D Reconstruction For Orthogonal 2-D Echocardiography
* Recognition Of Sign Language Motion Images
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Echocardiograms Based On Orthogonal Sections
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Echocardiograms Based On Orthogonal Sections
* Zero-Crossing Interval Correction In Tracing Eye-Fundus Blood Vessels
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Tan, C.L. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of A Distributed Multiresolution Vision System, An
* Distributed Processing For Multiresolution Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Distributed System For Analyzing Time-Varying Multiresolution Imagery, A
* Efficient Edge Detection Using Hierarchical Structures
* Transputer Implementation Of A Multiple Agent Model For Object Tracking

Tan, H.L. Co Author Listing * Comparative Cost Function Approach To Edge Detection, A
* Cost Minimization Approach To Edge Detection Using Simulated Annealing, A
* Cost Minimization Approach To Edge Detection Using Simulated Annealing, A

Tan, H.N. Co Author Listing * Geometric Representation For Structural Analysis In Image Postprocessing

Tan, H.S. Co Author Listing * Shape Classification Based On Dynamic Modelling Procedure

Tan, S. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Pyramid Scheme For Distorted Object Recognition
* Fuzzy Pyramid-Based Invariant Object Recognition

Tan, S.T. Co Author Listing * Bi-Quadratic B-Spline Surfaces Generated From Arbitrary Polyhedral Meshes: A Constructive Approach
* Display Techniques And Boundary Evaluation Of A Sweep-Csg Modeller
* Hierarchical Structure To Winged-Edge Structure: A Conversion Algorithm

Tan, T. Co Author Listing * Agent Orientated Annotation In Model Based Visual Surveillance
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Document Image Processing And Multimedia Environments
* Multi-Agent Visual Surveillance Of Dynamic Scenes
* On Local Linear Transform And Gabor Filter Representation Of Texture

Tan, T.N. Co Author Listing * 3d Structure And Motion Estimation From 2d Image Sequences
* Closed-Form Algorithms For Object Pose And Scale Recovery In Constrained Scenes
* Colour Based Object Tracking
* Efficient Image Gradient-Based Object Localisation And Recognition
* Efficient Rotation Invariant Texture Features For Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Extraction Of Noise Robust Rotation Invariant Texture Features Via Multichannel Filtering
* From Image Quadrilaterals To Symmetrical Trapezia
* Model-Based Localisation And Recognition Of Road Vehicles
* Model-Independent Recovery Of Object Orientations
* Noise Robustness Of Texture Features
* Pose Determination And Recognition Of Vehicles In Traffic Scenes
* Recognizing Objects On The Ground-Plane
* Structure From Motion Using The Ground Plane Constraint
* Texture Edge Detection By Modelling Visual Cortical Channels
* Texture Feature Extraction Via Visual Cortical Channel Modelling
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Tan, X. Co Author Listing * Image-Based Navigation Using 360 Degree Views
* New Approach To Point Pattern Matching, A
* Recognize The Similarity Between Shapes Under Affine Transformation

Tan, Y. Co Author Listing * New Method For Camera Motion Parameter Estimation, A
* Surface-Attribute Problem--An ``Active-Vision'' Approach To 3-D Object Characterization, The
* Use Of The Surface-Attribute Probe For 3-D Object Characterization

Tan, Y.P. Co Author Listing * Extracting Good Features For Motion Estimation
* Video Shot Classification Using Human Faces

Tanaka, A. Co Author Listing * Rotation Method For Raster Image Using Skew Transformation, A

Tanaka, E. Co Author Listing * Context-Dependent Similarity Measure For Pictures, A
* Distance Measure For Molecular Structures And Its Computing Method, A
* High Speed String Correction For Ocr
* High Speed String Correction Method Using A Hierarchical File, A
* Metric Between Unrooted And Unordered Trees And Its Bottom-Up Computing Method, A
* Theoretical Aspects Of Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Tree-To-Tree Editing Problem, The
* Unsupervised Learning Of Hand-Printed Characters With Linguistic Information, An
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Tanaka, H. Co Author Listing * Classification Of Handprinted Chinese Characters Using Non-Linear Normalization And Correlation Methods
* Connectionist Model Of Extrapersonal Space, A
* High Speed String Edit Methods Using Hierarchical Files And Hashing Technique
* Noiseless Coding Of Binary Finite Order Markov Sources
* Robust Object Extraction Using Normalized Principal Component Features
* Shape And Source From Shading Using Zero Crossings
* Three-Dimensional Terrain Modeling And Display For Environmental Assessment
* Transformational Form Perception In 3d: Constraints, Algorithms, Implementation
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Tanaka, H.T. Co Author Listing * Accuracy-Based Sampling And Reconstruction With Adaptive Meshes For Parallel Hierarchical Triangulation
* Active Shape Inferring Based On The Symmetry In Stable Poses--Shape From Function Approach
* Adaptive Mesh Generation For Surface Reconstruction-Parallel Hierarchical Triangulation Without Discontinuities
* Curvature-Based Face Surface Recognition Using Spherical Correlation--Principal Directions For Curved Object Recognition
* On Surface Curvature Computation From Level Set Contours
* Parallel Polyhedral Shape Recognition
* Representing Surface Curvature Discontinuities On Curved Surfaces
* Right Straight Homogeneous Cylinders With Symmetrical Cross-Sections: Recovery Of Pose And Shape From Image Contours
* Visual Reconstruction With Adaptive And Arbitrarily Oriented Meshes
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Tanaka, K. Co Author Listing * Bucketing Algorithm For The Orthogonal Segment Intersection Search Pattern And Its Practical Efficiency, A
* Computer Vision For Interactive Computer Graphics
* Computing 3d Models Of Rotating Objects From Moving Shading
* Tree-To-Tree Editing Problem, The

Tanaka, M. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Attention Map By Ising Model For Human Face Detection
* Edge Detection And Restoration Of Noisy Images By The Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
* Image Understanding Via Representation Of The Projected Motion Group
* On The Representation Of The Projected Motion Group In 2+1d
* Stereo Machine For Video-Rate Dense Depth Mapping And Its New Applications, A
* Visual User Interface For Map Information Retrieval Based On Semantic Significance, A

Tanaka, N. Co Author Listing * Method For High Speed 3-D Range Measurement And Its Trial Instrumentation, A
* Visiting Card Understanding System

Tanaka, S. Co Author Listing * Intelligent User Interface To An Image Database Using A Figure Interpretation Method, An

Tanaka, T. Co Author Listing * Arts: Accelerated Ray-Tracing System
* Generalized Symmetry And Its Application To 3d Shape Generation
* Parallel String Search Algorithm, A
* Precise Rendering Method For Exact Anti-Aliasing And Highlighting
* Separating Real And Virtual Objects From Their Overlapping Images

Tanaka, T.T. Co Author Listing * Soccer Image Sequence Computed By A Virtual Camera

Tandon, S.N. Co Author Listing * Iterative Restoration Technique, An

Tandri, S. Co Author Listing * Comparison Of Two Shape-From-Shading Algorithms

Tang, C.K. Co Author Listing * Inference Of Integrated Surface, Curve, And Junction Descriptions From Sparse 3d Data
* Integrated Surface, Curve And Junction Inference From Sparse 3-D Data Sets

Tang, G.Y. Co Author Listing * Microcomputer System To Recognize Handwritten Numerals Using A Syntactic-Statistic Approach, A
* Region Filling With The Use Of The Discrete Green Theorem

Tang, H. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Direction And Wavelength Of Ocean Wave By Power Spectrum Of Ocean Wave Image

Tang, J.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Mesh Generation Using The Symmetric Axis Transformation Of Polygonal Domains

Tang, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Erosion And Dilation Of Binary Images By Arbitrary Structuring Elements Using Interval Coding

Tang, K. Co Author Listing * On The Intersection Of A Set Of Direction Cones

Tang, L. Co Author Listing * Analysis-Based Facial Expression Synthesis
* Automatic Construction Of 3d Human Face Models Based On 2d Images

Tang, L.A. Co Author Listing * 3-D Face Modeling And Its Applications
* Characterizing Smiles In The Context Of Video Phone Data Compression

Tang, M. Co Author Listing * Direct Triangle Extraction By A Randomized Hough Technique

Tang, Q. Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Joint Transform Correlators

Tang, R. Co Author Listing * Image Understanding From Thermal Emission Polarization
* Image Understanding From Thermal Emission Polarization
* Realizing The Boolean Operations In Solid Modeling Technique Via Directed Loops
* Study And Application Of Physics-Based Deformable Curves And Surfaces

Tang, R.B. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Enhancement In Image Processing

Tang, S.H. Co Author Listing * Edge Extraction By Active Defocusing

Tang, X. Co Author Listing * Texture Information In Run Length Matrices

Tang, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Geometric Feature Relation Graph Formulation For Consistent Sensor Fusion, A
* Optimal Strategic Recognition Of Objects Based On Candidate Discriminating Graph With Coordinated Sensors

Tang, Y.L. Co Author Listing * Tracking Moving Objects During Low Altitude Flight

Tang, Y.Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Document Processing: A Survey
* Characterization And Detection Of Edges By Lipschitz Exponents And Masw Wavelet Transform
* Computer Transformation Of Digital Images And Patterns, World Scientific
* Guest Eds., Special Issue|Advances In Oriental Document Analysis And Recognition Techniques Ijprai 12(1-2)
* Image Transformation Approach To Nonlinear Shape Restoration
* Multi-Layer Projections For The Classification Of Similar Chinese Characters
* New Algorithms For Fixed And Elastic Geometric Transformation Models
* Nonlinear Shape Restoration By Transformation Models
* Nonlinear Shape Restoration Of Distorted Images With Coons Transformation
* Nonlinear Transformations Of Digitized Patterns
* Parallel Image Transformation And Its Vlsi Implementation
* Rpct Algorithm And Its Vlsi Implementation
* Shape Transformation Models And Their Applications In Pattern Recognition
* Splitting-Integrating Method For Normalizing Images By Inverse Transformation
* Splitting-Shooting Methods For Nonlinear Transformations Of Digitized Patterns
* Vlsi Architectures For Image Transformation
16 for Tang, Y.Y.

Tang, Z. Co Author Listing * Implementation Of Set Operation For Regularized Geometric Object, The

Tani, N. Co Author Listing * Angular Spline: A New Approach To The Interpolation Problem In Computer Graphics
* Fast Hardware Graphic Generators Of Curve Families

Tanie, K. Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Transportation With Fes

Taniguchi, H. Co Author Listing * Space Hierarchy Result On Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines With Only Universal States, A
* Two-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines

Taniguchi, R. Co Author Listing * Amp: An Autonomous Multi-Processor For Image Processing And Computer Vision
* Image Reconstruction Using High-Level Constraints
* Knowledge-Based Picture Understanding Of Weather Charts
* Model Generation Method For Object Recognition Task By Pictorial Examples, A
* Tracking Of 3d Multi-Part Objects Using Multiple Viewpoint Time-Varying Sequences

Taniguchi, R.I. Co Author Listing * Coded Df-Expression For Binary And Multi-Valued Picture
* Complexity Of Binary Pictures And Image Thresholding-An Application Of Df-Expression To The Thresholding Problem
* Depth First Picture-Expression As An Image Thresholding Strategy, The
* Knowledge-Based Image Analysis Of Landsat Data-How To Extract And How To Describe Water Information

Taniguchi, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Wafer Inspection System Using Pipelined Image Processing Techniques, An
* Dynamic Integration Of Height Maps Into A 3d World Representation From Range Image Sequences

Tanimoto, S. Co Author Listing * Case For Appropriate Architecture, The
* Improved Algorithm For Relational Distance Graph Matching, An
* Retrieval Of Images Using Rich Region Descriptions

Tanimoto, S.L. Co Author Listing * Alternative Hierarchies For Cellular Logic
* Approach To The Iconic/Symbolic Interface, An
* Architectural Issues For Intermediate-Level Vision
* Architectures And Algorithms For Iconic-To-Symbolic Transformations
* Bright-Spot Detection In Pyramids
* Bright-Spot Detection In Pyramids
* Computer Vision Update, In A. Barr, P.R. Cohen And E.A. Feigenbaum, Eds. Handbook Of Artificial Intelligence Iv, Addison-Wesley, Reading
* Elements Of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science Press, Rockville, The
* Hexagonal Pyramid Data Structure For Image Processing, A
* Hierarchical Cellular Logic And The Pipe Processor: Structural And Functional Correspondence
* Hierarchical Cellular Logic For Pyramid Computers, A
* Image Processing With Hierarchical Cellular Logic
* Machine Vision As State-Space Search
* Mesh Algorithms For Finding Repetitions And Partial Symmetries In Arrays
* Paradigms For Pyramid Machine Algorithms
* Parallel Coordination Of Image Operators On Shared-Memory Architecture
* Parallel Coordination Of Image Operators: Model, Algorithm, And Performance
* Parallel Distance Transforms On Pyramid Machines: Theory And Implementation
* Perceptual Constancy And The Multi-Layer Visual Model: Position And Size Invariance
* Prototype Pyramid Machine For Hierarchical Cellular Logic, A
* Pyramid Machine Simulator For The Symbolics 3600, A
* Sorting, Histogramming, And Other Statistical Operations On A Pyramid Machine
* Special Issue On Parallel Image Processing And Pattern Recognition
* Special Section On Multiresolution Representation
24 for Tanimoto, S.L.

Tankus, A. Co Author Listing * Face Detection By Direct Convexity Estimation

Tannenbaum, A. Co Author Listing * Affine Invariant Detection: Edges, Active Contours, And Segments
* Affine Invariant Scale-Space
* Analysis And Design Of Anisotropic Diffusion For Image Processing
* Area And Length Minimizing Flows For Shape Segmentation
* Area And Length Preserving Geometric Invariant Scale-Spaces
* Area And Length Preserving Geometric Invariant Scale-Spaces
* Area Minimizing Flows
* Behavioral Analysis Of Anisotropic Diffusion In Image Processing
* Differential And Numerically Invariant Signature Curves Applied To Object Recognition
* Entropy Scale-Space
* Gradient Flows And Geometric Active Contour Models
* Hyperbolic Smoothing Of Shapes
* Knowledge-Based Segmentation Of Sar Images
* On Ill-Posed Anisotropic Diffusion Models
* On The Evolution Of Curves Via A Function Of Curvature. I. The Classical Case
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* Toward A Computational Theory Of Shape: An Overview
18 for Tannenbaum, A.

Tannenbaum, A.R. Co Author Listing * Optical Flow: A Curve Evolution Approach
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* Multi-Scale Image Warping Using Weighted Voronoi Diagram

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* Planning For Complete Sensor Coverage In Inspection

Tardon Garcia, L.J. Co Author Listing * Hypothesis Testing For Coarse Region Estimation And Stable Point Determination Applied To Markovian Texture Segmentation
Includes: Tardon Garcia, L.J. Tardon-Garcia, L.J.

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* Linear-Time Algorithms For Visibility And Shortest Path Problems Inside Triangulated Simple Polygons
* Locally Adaptive Data Compression Scheme, A
* O(Nloglogn)-Time Algorithm For Triangulating A Simple Polygon, An
* Planar Point Location Using Persistent Search Trees
* Polygon Triangulation In O(N Log Log N) Time With Simple Data Structures
* Rectilinear Planar Layouts And Bipolar Orientations Of Planar Graphs
* Rotation Distance, Triangulations, And Hyperbolic Geometry
* Scaling And Related Techniques For Geometry Problems
* Sorting Jordan Sequences In Linear Time
* Sorting Jordan Sequences In Linear Time Using Level-Linked Search Trees
14 for Tarjan, R.E.

Tarr, M.J. Co Author Listing * Dialogue: A Computational And Evolutionary Perspective On The Role Of Representation In Vision

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Tatsuno, Y. Co Author Listing * Analysis And Synthesis Of Six Primary Facial Expressions Using Range Images

Taubenberger, S. Co Author Listing * Collages And Patterns Generated By Hyperedge Replacement
* Generating Self-Affine Fractals By Collage Grammars

Tauber, M.J. Co Author Listing * Sil-Icon Compiler-An Icon-Oriented System Generator, The

Taubes, C.H. Co Author Listing * Orientation-Based Differential Geometric Representations For Computer Vision Applications

Taubin, G. Co Author Listing * Bounded And Unbounded Implicit Polynomial Curves And Surfaces, Mahalanobis Distances, And Geometric Invariants, For Robust Object Recognition
* Constrained Implicit Function Fitting
* Curve And Surface Smoothing Without Shrinkage
* Estimating The Tensor Of Curvature Of A Surface From A Polyhedral Approximation
* Estimation Of Planar Curves, Surfaces, And Nonplanar Space Curves Defined By Implicit Equations With Applications To Edge And Range Image Segmentation
* Geometric Compression Through Topological Surgery
* Geometry Coding And Vrml
* Implicit Simplicial Models For Adaptive Curve Reconstruction
* Improved Algorithm For Algebraic Curve And Surface Fitting, An
* New Model-Based Stereo Approach For 3d Surface Reconstruction Using Contours On The Surface Pattern, A
* Optimal Surface Smoothing As Filter Design
* Parameterized Families Of Polynomials For Banded Algebraic Curve And Surface Fitting
* Parameterizing And Fitting Bounded Algebraic Curves And Surfaces
* Progressive Forest Split Compression
* Rasterizing Algebraic Curves And Surfaces
* Recognition And Positioning Of Piecewise Algebraic Objects
* Representing And Comparing Shapes Using Shape Polynomials
* Signal Processing Approach To Fair Surface Design, A
18 for Taubin, G.

Taur, J. Co Author Listing * Decision-Based Neural Network For Face Recognition System

Taur, J.S. Co Author Listing * Svd Approach To Multi-Camera-Multi-Target 3-D Motion-Shape Analysis, An

Tavildar, A.S. Co Author Listing * Binary Detection In Presence Of Film Grain Noise And Intersymbol Interference
* Linear Mmse Filtering For Restoration Of Images Degraded By Film Grain Noise
* Maximum A Posteriori Estimation In Presence Of Film Grain Noise

Taxt, T. Co Author Listing * Advances In Medical Imaging
* Evaluation Of Binarization Methods For Utility Map Images
* Fast Computation Of Three-Dimensional Geometric Moments Using A Discrete Divergence Theorem And A Generalization To Higher Dimensions
* Feature Extraction Methods For Character Recognition--A Survey
* General Software System For Supervised Statistical Classification Of Symbols, A
* Local Frequency Features For Texture Classification
* Relaxation Using Models From Quantum Mechanics
7 for Taxt, T.

Taylor, A. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Interpretation Of Remotely Sensed Images

Taylor, B. Co Author Listing * Image Reconstruction From Acoustical Holograms Using Microprocessors

Taylor, C.J. Co Author Listing * Active Appearance Models
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* Active Shape Models--Their Training And Application
* Architecture For Integrating Symbolic And Numerical Image Processing, An
* Automatic Face Identification System Using Flexible Appearance Models
* Automatic Interpretation And Coding Of Face Images Using Flexible Models
* Boundary Detection Using Bayesian Nets
* Building And Using Flexible Models Incorporating Gray-Level Information
* Combining Point Distribution Models With Shape Models Based On Finite Element Analysis
* Compact Set Of Image Processing Primitives And Their Role In A Successful Application Program, A
* Face Recognition Using Active Appearance Models
* Flexible 3d Models From Uncalibrated Cameras
* Frame-Based System For Modelling And Executing Visual Tasks, A
* General Non-Linear Method For Modelling Shape And Locating Image Objects, A
* Learning To Identify And Track Faces In Image Sequences
* Least-Squares Solution Of Absolute Orientation With Non-Scalar Weights
* Locating Objects Of Varying Shape Using Statistical Feature Detectors
* Model-Based Image Interpretation Using Genetic Algorithms
* Multi-Resolution Search With Active Shape Models
* Non-Linear Generalization Of Point Distribution Models Using Polynomial Regression
* Non-Linear Point Distribution Modelling Using A Multi-Layer Perceptron
* Object Recognition By Flexible Template Matching Using Genetic Algorithms
* Reconstructing Polyhedral Models Of Architectural Scenes From Photographs
* Robust Shape From Shading
* Serial Architectures For Image Processing
* Statistical Models Of Face Images | Improving Specificity
* Structure And Motion From Line Segments In Multiple Images
* Structure And Motion In Two Dimensions From Multiple Images: A Least Squares Approach
* Tracking And Recognising Hand Gestures Using Statistical Shape Models
* Trainable Method Of Parametric Shape Description
* Unified Approach To Coding And Interpreting Face Images, A
* Using Grey-Level Models To Improve Active Shape Model Search
* Vision-Based Motion Planning And Exploration Algorithms For Mobile Robots
33 for Taylor, C.J.

Taylor, D.L. Co Author Listing * Theorem To Determine The Spatial Containment Of A Point In A Planar Polyhedron, A

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Taylor, J. Co Author Listing * Accurate Vergence Control In Complex Scenes

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Taylor, M.J. Co Author Listing * Grasping The Apparent Contour

Taylor, M.M. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Issue On Multimodal Computer-Human Interaction
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Taylor, R.I. Co Author Listing * Colour Image Segmenation Using Boundary Relaxation

Taylor, R.W. Co Author Listing * Classification Quality Assessment For A Generalized Model-Based Object Identification System
* Computer Vision Research At The Ibm T.J. Watson Research Center
* Efficient Implementation Of Decomposable Parameter Spaces, An
* Fast Segmentation Of Range Imagery Into Planar Regions
* Generalized Neighborhoods: A New Approach To Complex Parameter Feature Extraction
* Homogeneous Framework For Visual Recognition, A
* Identification Of Three-Dimensional Objects Using Range Information
* Shape Analysis Of Three Dimensional Objects Using Range Information
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10 for Taylor, R.W.

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