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Tari, A.[Abdelkamel] Co Author Listing * modified ZS thinning algorithm by a hybrid approach, A

Tari, E. Co Author Listing * Insar Atmospheric Delay Migitigation By GPS; Case Study Izmit Eartquake Interferograms
* Parabolic Curves of Evolving Surfaces

Tari, F. Co Author Listing * Ridges, Crests and Sub-Parabolic Lines of Evolving Surfaces

Tari, S.[Sibel] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Planar Ornament Patterns via Motif Asymmetry Assumption and Local Connections
* Axis-Based Representation for Recognition, An
* Coarse-to-Fine Matching of Shapes Using Disconnected Skeletons by Learning Class-Specific Boundary Deformations
* Computationally Efficient Shape Analysis via Level Sets, A
* Disconnected Skeleton: Shape at Its Absolute Scale
* Discrepancy: Local/Global Shape Characterization with a Roundness Bias
* Dissimilarity between two skeletal trees in a context
* Edge Strength Functions as Shape Priors in Image Segmentation
* From a Modified Ambrosio-Tortorelli to a Randomized Part Hierarchy Tree
* From a Non-Local Ambrosio-Tortorelli Phase Field to a Randomized Part Hierarchy Tree
* Guest Editorial: Shape Analysis Beyond the Eikonal Equation
* Hierarchical Shape Decomposition via Level Sets
* Landmarks inside the shape: Shape matching using image descriptors
* Local Symmetries of Shapes in Arbitrary Dimension
* Mumford-Shah Regularizer with Contextual Feedback
* Mumford-Shah Regularizer with Spatial Coherence
* Nested Local Symmetry Set
* NonLocal via Local-NonLinear via Linear: A New Part-coding Distance Field via Screened Poisson Equation
* probabilistic sparse skeleton based object detection, A
* robust method for scale independent detection of curvature-based criticalities and intersections in line drawings, A
* Role of Diffusion in Figure Hunt Games, The
* Screened Poisson Hyperfields for Shape Coding
* Segmentation using the edge strength function as a shape prior within a local deformation model
* similarity-based approach for shape classification using Aslan skeletons, A
* Wimmelbild Analysis with Approximate Curvature Coding Distance Images
Includes: Tari, S.[Sibel] Tari, S.
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Tari, Z.[Zahir] Co Author Listing * context-aware approach for long-term behavioural change detection and abnormality prediction in ambient assisted living, A
* KRNN: k Rare-class Nearest Neighbour classification
* SemTra: A semi-supervised approach to traffic flow labeling with minimal human effort

Tari, Z.S.G. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Shape Skeletons from Grayscale Images

Tariang, D.B. Co Author Listing * Discrete Cosine Transform Residual Feature Based Filtering Forgery and Splicing Detection in JPEG Images
* Robust Residual Dense Neural Network For Countering Antiforensic Attack on Median Filtered Images, A

Tarighati, A.[Alla] Co Author Listing * Automatic Fontanel Extraction from Newborns' CT Images Using Variational Level Set

Tarikhi, P. Co Author Listing * Insar Of Aquatic Bodies

Tarim, G.[Gokhan] Co Author Listing * Real-time illumination and shadow invariant lane detection on mobile platform
Includes: Tarim, G.[Gokhan] Tarim, G.[Gökhan]

Tarin, M. Co Author Listing * Demosaicking and JPEG2000 compression of microscopy images

Tarini, M. Co Author Listing * Modelling of virtual compressed structures through physical simulation

Tariq, A.[Amara] Co Author Listing * Context-Driven Extractive Framework for Generating Realistic Image Descriptions, A
* Designing a symmetric classifier for image annotation using multi-layer sparse coding
* Detection of Neovascularization for Screening of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
* Feature-independent context estimation for automatic image annotation
* Fingerprint Image Postprocessing Using Windowing Technique
* Gabor wavelet based vessel segmentation in retinal images
* NELasso: Group-Sparse Modeling for Characterizing Relations Among Named Entities in News Articles
* Scene-based automatic image annotation
* T-clustering: Image clustering by tensor decomposition
Includes: Tariq, A.[Amara] Tariq, A.[Anam] Tariq, A.
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Tariq, H.[Hasan] Co Author Listing * Geographical Area Network: Structural Health Monitoring Utility Computing Model

Tariq, J.[Junaid] Co Author Listing * Adaptive stopping strategies for fast intra mode decision in HEVC
* HEVC intra mode selection based on Rate Distortion (RD) cost and Sum of Absolute Difference (SA
* High-performance intra-mode accelerator for HEVC
* Pure intra mode decision in HEVC using optimized firefly algorithm
* Spatial/temporal motion consistency based MERGE mode early decision for HEVC

Tariq, O. Co Author Listing * cost effective method for automobile security based on detection and recognition of human face, A

Tariq, S. Co Author Listing * Multi-Camera Pose Tracker for Assisting the Visually Impaired, A

Tariq, S.A.[Syed Ali] Co Author Listing * Efficient fingerprint matching using GPU
* Robust fingerprint classification with Bayesian convolutional networks
* Robust palmprint identification using efficient enhancement and two-stage matching technique

Tariq, T. Co Author Listing * HVS-Inspired Attention to Improve Loss Metrics for CNN-Based Perception-Oriented Super-Resolution, A

Tariq, T.B.[Tayyab Bin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive key frame extraction for video summarization using an aggregation mechanism

Tariq, U.[Usman] Co Author Listing * Emotion recognition from an ensemble of features
* Features and fusion for expression recognition: A comparative analysis
* Gender and ethnicity identification from silhouetted face profiles
* LFW-Gender Dataset, The
* Maximum margin GMM learning for facial expression recognition
* Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition Analysis with Generic Sparse Coding Feature
* Recognizing Emotions From an Ensemble of Features
* Semi-supervised clustering of unknown expressions
* Supervised super-vector encoding for facial expression recognition
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Tariq, U.U.[Umair Ullah] Co Author Listing * Learning Discriminating Features for Gender Recognition of Real World Faces

Tariq, Z.B.[Zain Bin] Co Author Listing * Non-GPS Positioning Systems: A Survey

Tariquzzaman, M. Co Author Listing * Visual Signal Reliability for Robust Audio-Visual Speaker Identification, A

Tarisor, C. Co Author Listing * Stripe-based MSE control in image coding

Tariyal, S. Co Author Listing * Discriminative Robust Deep Dictionary Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification

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