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PAA( Vol No. ) * *Pattern Analysis and Applications

PAA(1) * Arabic Glove-Talk: A Communication Aid for Vocally Impaired
* Beam Search Algorithm for PFSA Inference, A
* Combining Classifiers: A Theoretical Framework
* Digital Boundary Tracking
* Dual Classifier System for Handwritten Alphanumeric Character Recognition
* Fusion of Images Interpreted by a New Fuzzy Classifier
* Graph Isomorphism Algorithm for Object Recognition, A
* Homologue Matching Applications: Recognition of Overlapped Chromosomes
* Improving Stereovision Matching through Supervised Learning
* Knowledge-based Spatiotemporal Linear Abstraction
* LED Cosmetic Flaw Inspection System
* Mean Fields and Two Dimensional Markov Random Fields
* Monte Carlo Evaluation of the Moving Method, K-means and Self-Organising Neural Networks, A
* Non Parametric Image Segmentation
* Pose Estimation and Object Identification using Complex Algebraic Representation
* Reclustering Techniques Improve Early Vision Feature Maps
* Recognition of Hand-printed Chinese Characters Using Decision Trees/Machine Learning C4.5 System
* Recognition of Legal Amounts on Bank Cheques
* Resolution of Pattern Recognition Problems using a Hybrid Genetic/Random Neural Network Learning Algorithm
* Skeletonization: An Electrostatic Field-Based Approach
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PAA(10) * Joint estimation of motion and radiometry of rotating camera for HDR global mosaic

PAA(2) * Acquisition of 2D Shape Models from Scenes with Overlapping Objects using String matching
* Algorithms for Fuzzy Segmentation
* Applicability of Neural Networks to Non-linear Image Processing, The
* Application of a Steerable Wavelet Transform using Neural Network for Signature Verification
* Colour Image Indexing Using SOM for Region-of-Interest Retrieval
* Definition and Validation of a Distance Measure Between Structural Primitives
* Detection of Bone Tumours in Radiographic Images using Neural Networks
* Distribution Free Decomposition of Multivariate Data
* From Rasters to Vectors: Extracting Visual Information from Line Drawings
* Image Classification using Probabilistic Models that Reflect the Internal Structure of Mixels
* Image Feature Extraction and Denoising by Sparse Coding
* Improving Feature Tracking with Robust Statistics
* Incorporating Gradient Estimations in a Circle-Finding Probabilistic Hough Transform
* Introducing Locality and Softness in Subspace Classification
* MDL Principle for Robust Vector Quantisation
* Multi-spectral Texture Segmentation Based on the Spectral Cooccurrence Matrix
* Neural Network Approach to Planar-Object Recognition in 3D Space, A
* Object Recognition Based on Human Saccadic Behaviour
* On the Use of Neural Networks and Geometrical Criteria for Localisation of Highly Irregular Elliptical Shapes
* Outdoor Scene Classification by a Neural Tree-Based Approach
* Probabilistic and Other Neural Nets in Multi-Hole Probe Calibration and Flow Angularity Pattern Recognition
* Reducing the Dimensions of Texture Features for Image Retrieval Using Multi-layer Neural Networks
* Regularisation of Linear Classifiers by Adding Redundant Features
* Rejection Criteria and Pairwise Discrimination of Handwritten Numerals Based on Structural Features
* Tracking in 3D: Image Variability Decomposition for Recovering Object Pose and Illumination
* Vectorising and Feature-Based Filtering for Line-Drawing Image Compression
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PAA(3) * Approach for Recognition and Interpretation of Mathematical Expressions in Printed Document, An
* Automated Reading of Cheque Amounts
* Combined Classifiers for Invariant Face Recognition
* Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Image Processing in Left Ventricle Segmentation: The Last 50 Years
* Consistent Partition and Labelling of Text Blocks
* Document Skew Detection Method Using the Hough Transform, A
* Flexible and Robust Model Matching based on Association Graph for Form Image Understanding
* Greedy Algorithm for Error Correction in Automatically Produced Boundaries from Low Contrast Ventriculograms
* HMM-MLP Hybrid Model for Cursive Script Recognition, An
* Knowledge-Aided Line Network Oriented Vectorisation Method for Engineering Drawings, A
* Line-Oriented Approach to Word Spotting in Handwritten Documents, A
* New Invariant Moments for Non-Uniformly Scaled Images
* On a Neural Network that Performs an Enhanced Nearest-Neighbour Matching
* Recognition and Grading of Severely Distorted Geometric Shapes from within a Complex Figure
* Signature Verification: Increasing Performance by a Multi-Stage System
* Suitability Analysis of Techniques for Flaw Detection in Textiles using Texture Analysis
* Technical Map Interpretation: A Distributed Approach
* Towards Detection of Glasses in Facial Images
* Using Landmarks to Establish a Point-to-Point Correspondence between Signatures
* Using Physical and Logical Constraints for Invoice Understanding
* Using Renyi's Information and Wavelets for Target Detection: An Application to Mammograms
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PAA(4) * Affine Curvature Scale Space with Affine Length Parametrisation
* Building Visual Vocabulary for Image Indexation and Query Formulation
* Categorisation and Retrieval of Scene Photographs from JPEG Compressed Database
* Content-based Retrieval Using Local Descriptors: Problems and Issues from a Database Perspective
* Cursive Script Recognition using Wildcards and Multiple Experts
* Endocardial Boundary Estimation and Tracking in Echocardiographic Images using Deformable Template and Markov Random Fields
* Facial Image Indexing in Multimedia Databases
* Fast Labelling of Natural Scenes Using Enhanced Knowledge
* Feature Extraction Method Based on the Generalised Fisher Discriminant Criterion and Facial Recognition
* Image Indexing Special Issue Introduction
* Integrated Face Recognition System Based on Multiscale Local Discriminatory Features, An
* Key Points-based Indexing for Pre-attentive Similarities: The KIWI System
* MLP Based Linear Feature Extraction for Nonlinearly Separable Data
* Modelling Spatial Relationships between Colour Clusters
* Object-Based Image Content Characterisation for Semantic-Level Image Similarity Calculation
* Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis Pattern Recognition of Bacterial DNA: A Systemic Approach
* Region-based Image Retrieval Using Probabilistic Feature Relevance Learning
* RETIN: A Content-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval System
* Robust Image Mosaicing of Soccer Videos using Self-Calibration and Line Tracking
* Segmentation of Colour Images with Highlights and Shadows Using Fuzzy-like Reasoning
* Segmenting Traffic Scenes from Grey Level and Motion Information
* Self-Organising Maps as a Relevance Feedback Technique in Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Transform Based Lossy Compression of Multispectral Images
* Volatility Trading via Temporal Pattern Recognition in Quantised Financial Time Series
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PAA(6) * Limits on the Majority Vote Accuracy in Classifier Fusion

PAA(7) * Fingerprint Classification: A Review
* Fingerprint Matching Based on Minutiae Features: A Review
* Summarising Contextual Activity and Detecting Unusual Inactivity in a Supportive Home Environment

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