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PTVSBB15 * *ISPRS Photogrammetric techniques for video surveillance, biometrics and biomedicine
* Classification of Features of Image Sequences
* CT Anatomy of Buccal Fat Pad and Its Role in Volumetric Alterations of Face
* Dactyl Alphabet Gesture Recognition in a Video Sequence Using Microsoft Kinect
* Denoising of Biomedical Images, A
* Diffusion Background Model for Moving Objects Detection
* Extraction of Extended Small-Scale Objects in Digital Images
* Face Recognition Using Local Quantized Patterns and Gabor Filters
* Facial Features Detection Using Texture Hough Transform
* Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm for Segmentation of Aerial Photography Data Obtained Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Human Action Poselets Estimation Via Color G-Surf in Still Images
* Localization and Recognition of Dynamic Hand Gestures Based on Hierarchy of Manifold Classifiers
* Modeling of Biometric Identification System Using the Colored Petri Nets
* Multi-Quadratic Dynamic Programming Procedure of Edge-Preserving Denoising for Medical Images
* Music-Elicited Emotion Identification Using Optical Flow Analysis of Human Face
* Orientation Spectrum Algorithm Development
* Precise Head Tracking in Hearing Applications
* Recognition of Human Pose from Images Based on Graph Spectra
* Recognition of Single and Overlay of Objects on a Conveyor Belt
* Scalable Photogrammetric Motion Capture System 'MOSCA': Development and Application
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PTVSBB17 * *ISPRS Photogrammetric techniques for video surveillance, biometrics and biomedicine
* Accuracy Estimation of the Optical Flow Methods in the Iris Structure Motion Analysis Via Controlled Deformations
* Aerial Object Recognition Algorithm Based On Contour Descriptor
* Algorithm for Pedestrian Detection in Multispectral Image Sequences, An
* Algorithms of Crescent Structure Detection in Human Biological Fluid Facies
* Application of Photogrammetry to Brain Anatomy
* Approach to 3D Analysis of Gravity Ptosis
* Blockwise Binary Pattern: A Robust And An Efficient Approach For Offline Signature Verification
* CNN Based Retinal Image Upscaling Using Zero Component Analysis
* Content Preserving Watermarking for Medical Images Using Shearlet Transform and SVD
* Convolutional Neural Network for Camera Pose Estimation From Object Detections
* Convolutional Recognition of Dynamic Textures with Preliminary Categorization
* Dependency of Optimal Parameters of the Iris Template On Image Quality And Border Detection Error
* Detection And Tracking of Moving Objects with Real-time Onboard Vision System
* Determining Tooth Occlusal Surface Relief Indicator By Means Of Automated 3D Shape Analysis
* Dynamic Keypoint-based Algorithm of Object Tracking
* Edge-preserving Denoising Based On Dynamic Programming On the Full Set Of Adjacency Graphs
* Enhancement of Fast Face Detection Algorithm Based On A Cascade Of Decision Trees
* Feature Vector Construction Method for Iris Recognition
* Fitting A Point Cloud to A 3D Polyhedral Surface
* Foreground Detection On Depth Maps Using Skeletal Representation Of Object Silhouettes
* Fourier Domain Iterative Approach to Optical Sectioning of 3d Translucent Objects for Ophthalmology Purposes
* Gait Recognition Based On Convolutional Neural Networks
* Infrared Cephalic-vein to Assist Blood Extraction Tasks: Automatic Projection And Recognition
* Lesion Detection in Ct Images Using Deep Learning Semantic Segmentation Technique
* Measurements of Cuspal Slope Inclination Angles In Palaeoanthropological Applications
* Modelling of Biometric Identification System with Given Parameters Using Colored Petri Nets
* Morphological Moments of Binary Images
* Multi-patches Iris Based Person Authentication System Using Particle Swarm Optimization And Fuzzy C-means Clustering
* Overview of Digital Forensics Algorithms in DSLR Cameras
* Overview of Photogrammetric Measurement Techniques in Minimally Invasive Surgery Using Endoscopes
* Parallel Implementation of Algorithms for Finding the Reflection Symmetry of the Binary Images, The
* Parametric Representation of the Speaker's Lips for Multimodal Sign Language And Speech Recognition
* Photogrammetric Techniques for Analysis And Visualization of Changes In 2d And 3D Data: Plastic Surgery Application
* Photogrammetry in 3D Modelling of Human Bone Structures From Radiographs
* Pixel-by-pixel Estimation of Scene Motion in Video
* Simulation of the cosmonaut-robot System Interaction On the Lunar Surface Based On Methods of Machine Vision And Computer Graphics
* Small Nodules Localization on CT Images of Lungs
* Thermalnet: A Deep Convolutional Network for Synthetic Thermal Image Generation
* Using Supervised Deep Learning for Human Age Estimation Problem
* Video Completion in Digital Stabilization Task Using Pseudo-panoramic Technique
* Visual Analysis And Processing of Clusters Structures In Multidimensional Datasets
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