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Bae, B.C.[Byung Chull] Co Author Listing * Motion Capture of the Human Body Using Multiple Depth Sensors
Includes: Bae, B.C.[Byung Chull] Bae, B.C.[Byung-Chull]

Bae, C.[Changseok] Co Author Listing * Challenging Issues in Visual Information Understanding Researches
* Invariant-Feature Based Object Tracking Using Discrete Dynamic Swarm Optimization
* Recognition of Meaningful Human Actions for Video Annotation Using EEG Based User Responses

Bae, C.O.[Cherl O] Co Author Listing * Smoke detection in ship engine rooms based on video images
Includes: Bae, C.O.[Cherl O] Bae, C.O.[Cherl-O]

Bae, D.[Dukwon] Co Author Listing * All-Sky 1 km MODIS Land Surface Temperature Reconstruction Considering Cloud Effects Based on Machine Learning
* Data Reconstruction for Remotely Sensed Chlorophyll-a Concentration in the Ross Sea Using Ensemble-Based Machine Learning
* Reconstruction of Ocean Color Data Using Machine Learning Techniques in Polar Regions: Focusing on Off Cape Hallett, Ross Sea

Bae, D.H.[Dae Hyun] Co Author Listing * Local Attention Pyramid for Scene Image Generation
Includes: Bae, D.H.[Dae Hyun] Bae, D.H.[Dae-Hyun]

Bae, E.[Egil] Co Author Listing * Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Minimal Partitions with Label Cost Prior, A
* Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Potts Model, A
* Convex Variational Methods on Graphs for Multiclass Segmentation of High-Dimensional Data and Point Clouds
* Efficient Global Minimization for the Multiphase Chan-Vese Model of Image Segmentation
* Efficient Global Minimization Methods for Image Segmentation Models with Four Regions
* Fast Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Non-convex Multi-labeling Problems, A
* Global Binary Optimization on Graphs for Classification of High-Dimensional Data
* Global Minimization for Continuous Multiphase Partitioning Problems Using a Dual Approach
* Graph Cut Optimization for the Piecewise Constant Level Set Method Applied to Multiphase Image Segmentation
* Graph Cuts for Curvature Based Image Denoising
* Maximizing Flows with Message-Passing: Computing Spatially Continuous Min-Cuts
* simple boundary reinforcement technique for segmentation without prior, A
* study on continuous max-flow and min-cut approaches, A
* Technique for Lung Nodule Candidate Detection in CT Using Global Minimization Methods, A
* Variational Time-Implicit Multiphase Level-Sets
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Bae, G.[Gi_Yeong] Co Author Listing * Cost Aggregation Table: Cost Aggregation Method Using Summed Area Table Scheme for Dense Stereo Correspondence
* DigiFace-1M: 1 Million Digital Face Images for Face Recognition
* Estimating and Exploiting the Aleatoric Uncertainty in Surface Normal Estimation
* FOUND: Foot Optimization with Uncertain Normals for Surface Deformation Using Synthetic Data
* Moving-object segmentation using a foreground history map
* Multi-View Depth Estimation by Fusing Single-View Depth Probability with Multi-View Geometry
* SLiDE: Self-supervised LiDAR De-snowing Through Reconstruction Difficulty
Includes: Bae, G.[Gi_Yeong] Bae, G.[Gwangbin] Bae, G.[Guntae] Bae, G.[Gwangtak]
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Bae, G.J.[Gyu Jin] Co Author Listing * Dual-dissimilarity measure-based statistical video cut detection
Includes: Bae, G.J.[Gyu Jin] Bae, G.J.[Gyu-Jin]

Bae, H.[Hyerim] Co Author Listing * Cooperative auto-classifier networks for boosting discriminant capacity
* Correlation Recurrent Units: A Novel Neural Architecture for Improving the Predictive Performance of Time-Series Data
* DISCO: U-Net based Autoencoder Architecture with Dual Input Streams for Skeleton Image Drawing
* Hard-negative Sampling with Cascaded Fine-Tuning Network to Boost Flare Removal Performance in the Nighttime Images
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Night Photography Rendering
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Recovery Challenge and Data Set
* Occluded Video Instance Segmentation with Set Prediction Approach
* Real-time face detection and recognition using hybrid-information extracted from face space and facial features
* Remote Sensing in Field Crop Monitoring: A Comprehensive Review of Sensor Systems, Data Analyses and Recent Advances
* Simplification and Detection of Outlying Trajectories from Batch and Streaming Data Recorded in Harsh Environments
* Super-encoder with cooperative autoencoder networks
Includes: Bae, H.[Hyerim] Bae, H.[Heechul] Bae, H.[Hyokyoung] Bae, H.[Hyeon] Bae, H.[Hyungjin]
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Bae, H.H.[Hyeoung Ho] Co Author Listing * Accurate motion deblurring using camera motion tracking and scene depth
* Patch Mosaic for Fast Motion Deblurring
Includes: Bae, H.H.[Hyeoung Ho] Bae, H.H.[Hyeoung-Ho]

Bae, I.[Inhwan] Co Author Listing * EigenTrajectory: Low-Rank Descriptors for Multi-Modal Trajectory Forecasting
* Learning Pedestrian Group Representations for Multi-modal Trajectory Prediction
* Non-Probability Sampling Network for Stochastic Human Trajectory Prediction

Bae, I.G. Co Author Listing * Core-based Fingerprint Image Classification

Bae, J.[Jeongmin] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Motion Generation from the Text Via Gesture Action Classification and the Autoregressive Model
* BallGAN: 3D-aware Image Synthesis with a Spherical Background
* Decompose, Adjust, Compose: Effective Normalization by Playing with Frequency for Domain Generalization
* Deep-Learning-Based Pipe Leak Detection Using Image-Based Leak Features
* Driving Risk Assessment Using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization With Driving Behavior Records
* Dynamic Mesh Recovery from Partial Point Cloud Sequence
* Enhancing Modality-Agnostic Representations via Meta-learning for Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Evaluation of a Wearable Hand Kinesthetic Feedback System for Virtual Reality: Psychophysical and User Experience Evaluation
* Fast 6DOF Pose Estimation with Synthetic Textureless CAD Model for Mobile Applications
* FurryGAN: High Quality Foreground-Aware Image Synthesis
* GATSBI: Generative Agent-centric Spatio-temporal Object Interaction
* Gift from Knowledge Distillation: Fast Optimization, Network Minimization and Transfer Learning, A
* Learnable Pooling Methods for Video Classification
* Machine Learning-Based Concrete Crack Depth Prediction Using Thermal Images Taken under Daylight Conditions
* N-ImageNet: Towards Robust, Fine-Grained Object Recognition with Event Cameras
* Object-Ratio-Preserving Video Retargeting Framework based on Segmentation and Inpainting
* PNI: Industrial Anomaly Detection using Position and Neighborhood Information
* Point Cloud Transformation Using Sensor Calibration Information for Map Data Adjustment
* Semi-online video stabilization using probabilistic keyframe update and inter-keyframe motion smoothing
* Single-Temporal Sentinel-2 for Analyzing Burned Area Detection Methods: A Study of 14 Cases in Republic of Korea Considering Land Cover
* Study on the Generality of Neural Network Structures for Monocular Depth Estimation, A
* Temporal Context Matters: Enhancing Single Image Prediction with Disease Progression Representations
Includes: Bae, J.[Jeongmin] Bae, J.[Jongseong] Bae, J. Bae, J.[Jungcheol] Bae, J.[Jinseok] Bae, J.[Joseph] Bae, J.[Juhan] Bae, J.[Jaehoon] Bae, J.[Jaehyeok] Bae, J.[Jaehyun] Bae, J.[Jaegu] Bae, J.[Jinwoo]
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Bae, J.H. Co Author Listing * Core-based Fingerprint Image Classification
* Densely Distilled Flow-Based Knowledge Transfer in Teacher-Student Framework for Image Classification
* Facilitating Understanding of Large Document Collections
* Forecast Characteristics of Radar Data Assimilation Based on the Scales of Precipitation Systems
* L3: Accelerator-Friendly Lossless Image Format for High-Resolution, High-Throughput DNN Training
* Segmentation of Touching Characters Using an MLP
* Sequential Knowledge Transfer in Teacher-Student Framework Using Densely Distilled Flow-Based Information
Includes: Bae, J.H. Bae, J.H.[Ji-Hoon] Bae, J.H.[Jae Hyeon] Bae, J.H.[Jeong-Ho] Bae, J.H.[Jong-Hyun]
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Bae, J.J. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-set based feature extraction for objects of various shapes and appearances

Bae, J.M.[Jeong Min] Co Author Listing * Combining Infrared and Visible Images Using Novel Transform and Statistical Information
* New Convex Loss Function For Multiple Instance Support Vector Machines, A
Includes: Bae, J.M.[Jeong Min] Bae, J.M.[Jeong-Min] Bae, J.M.[Jung-Man]

Bae, J.S.[Ji Sang] Co Author Listing * Image interpolation using Gabor filter
* Multiclass Probabilistic Classification for Support Vector Machines
* Neural Contrast Enhancement of CT Image
* Robust skin-roughness estimation based on co-occurrence matrix
* Skin Condition Estimation Using Mobile Handheld Camera
Includes: Bae, J.S.[Ji Sang] Bae, J.S.[Ji-Sang] Bae, J.S.[Jae Seok]

Bae, J.W.[Jin Woo] Co Author Listing * Efficient Wavelet-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm, An
* Evaluation of Disaster Response System Using Agent-Based Model With Geospatial and Medical Details
* fast and area-efficient VLSI architecture for embedded image coding, A
* Interactive Multi-View Video and View-Dependent Audio Under MPEG-21 DIA (Digital Item Adaptation)
* New Display-Capture Based Mobile Watermarking System, A
* Synthesis of VLSI architectures for tree-structured image coding
Includes: Bae, J.W.[Jin Woo] Bae, J.W.[Jin-Woo] Bae, J.W. Bae, J.W.[Jong-Woo] Bae, J.W.[Jong-Wook]

Bae, J.Y.[Jih Yun] Co Author Listing * Sound-Guided Semantic Video Generation
* Two-Stream Convolutional Long- and Short-Term Memory Model Using Perceptual Loss for Sequence-to-Sequence Arctic Sea Ice Prediction
Includes: Bae, J.Y.[Jih Yun] Bae, J.Y.[Jih-Yun]

Bae, K.[Kyuho] Co Author Listing * 5D Light Field Synthesis from a Monocular Video
* GLAD: Global-Local View Alignment and Background Debiasing for Unsupervised Video Domain Adaptation with Large Domain Gap
* L-Verse: Bidirectional Generation Between Image and Text
* MCIP: Multi-stream Network for Pedestrian Crossing Intention Prediction
* ReConPatch: Contrastive Patch Representation Learning for Industrial Anomaly Detection
* Unsupervised Bidirectional Style Transfer Network using Local Feature Transform Module
* Unsupervised Moving Object Detection through Background Models for PTZ Camera
Includes: Bae, K.[Kyuho] Bae, K.[Kyungho] Bae, K.[Kyunghoon] Bae, K.[Kangmin]
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Bae, K.H.[Kwang Hyuk] Co Author Listing * Automatic free parking space detection by using motion stereo-based 3D reconstruction
* Automating Post-processing Of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds For Road Feature Surveys
* Biometric Key Binding: Fuzzy Vault Based on Iris Images
* Closed-Form Expression of the Positional Uncertainty for 3D Point Clouds, A
* Color distortion correction without noise boost using multi-resolution analysis
* Extensive Metric Performance Evaluation of a 3D Range Camera
* framework for position uncertainty of unorganised three-dimensional point clouds from near-monostatic laser scanners using covariance analysis, A
* Iris Feature Extraction Using Independent Component Analysis
* method for automated registration of unorganised point clouds, A
* Modelling of an Inexpensive 9M Satellite Dish from 3D Point Clouds Captured By Terrestrial Laser Scanners
* New Feature Extraction Method Using the ICA Filters for Iris Recognition System, A
* New Iris Recognition Method Using Independent Component Analysis, A
* New Method for Generating an Invariant Iris Private Key Based on the Fuzzy Vault System, A
* Novel Method to Extract Features for Iris Recognition System, A
* Observing System Simulation Experiment Framework for Air Quality Forecasts in Northeast Asia: A Case Study Utilizing Virtual Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer and Surface Monitored Aerosol Data, An
* On-Site Self-Calibration Using Planar Features for Terrestrial Laser Scanners
* Outlier rejection for cameras on intelligent vehicles
* Pan-Tilt-Zoom Based Iris Image Capturing System for Unconstrained User Environments at a Distance
* Spatio-Temporal Variability of Aerosol Optical Depth, Total Ozone and NO2 Over East Asia: Strategy for the Validation to the GEMS Scientific Products
Includes: Bae, K.H.[Kwang Hyuk] Bae, K.H.[Kwang-Hyuk] Bae, K.H.[Kwang-Ho] Bae, K.H.[Kyung-Hoon] Bae, K.H.[Kang-Ho] Bae, K.H.
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Bae, K.M.[Kang Min] Co Author Listing * ImaGAN: Unsupervised Training of Conditional Joint CycleGAN for Transferring Style with Core Structures in Content Preserved

Bae, K.S.[Keun Sung] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Optimal Search Interval for Estimation of Modified Quantization Step Size in Quantization-Based Audio Watermark Detection
* Data-Driven Jacobian Adaptation in a Multi-model Structure for Noisy Speech Recognition
* Modification of Polar Echo Kernel for Performance Improvement of Audio Watermarking
* Robust Estimation of Amplitude Modification for Scalar Costa Scheme Based Audio Watermark Detection
* Target Classification Using Features Based on Fractional Fourier Transform
Includes: Bae, K.S.[Keun Sung] Bae, K.S.[Keun-Sung]

Bae, K.T.[Ki Tae] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Exemplar-based Particle Filter for 2d Human Pose Estimation
* Application of compatible dual-echo arteriovenography in stroke: Preliminary observations
* X-ray CT metal artifact reduction using wavelets: An application for imaging total hip prostheses
Includes: Bae, K.T.[Ki Tae] Bae, K.T.[Ki-Tae] Bae, K.T.[Kyongtae Ty] Bae, K.T.

Bae, M. Co Author Listing * Automated 3D Face authentication and recognition

Bae, M.J.[Myung Jin] Co Author Listing * fast vector quantization encoding algorithm using multiple projection axes, A
Includes: Bae, M.J.[Myung Jin] Bae, M.J.[Myung-Jin]

Bae, M.S.[Myung Soo] Co Author Listing * 3D face authentication and recognition based on bilateral symmetry analysis
* Computer-Aided Tumor Detection Based on Multi-Scale Blob Detection Algorithm in Automated Breast Ultrasound Images
* Content-based 3D model retrieval using a single depth image from a low-cost 3D camera
* Robust Texture Analysis Using Multi-Resolution Gray-Scale Invariant Features for Breast Sonographic Tumor Diagnosis
Includes: Bae, M.S.[Myung Soo] Bae, M.S.[Myung-Soo] Bae, M.S.[Min Sun] Bae, M.S.[Min Soo] Bae, M.S.

Bae, M.Y.[Mung Yu] Co Author Listing * D-mago: A novel visual entity for storing emotional feeling with visual imprint
Includes: Bae, M.Y.[Mung Yu] Bae, M.Y.[Mung-Yu]

Bae, S.[Sangjun] Co Author Listing * Can AI Abuse Personal Information in an EV Fast-Charging Market?
* Computational Re-Photography
* Coreset Sampling from Open-Set for Fine-Grained Self-Supervised Learning
* Face photo-sketch recognition based on joint dictionary learning
* Game Approach for Charging Station Placement Based on User Preferences and Crowdedness, A
* Human Body Volume Recovery from Single Depth Image
* Image unmosaicing without location information using stacked GAN
* Image-based querying of urban photos and videos
* Lightweight 3D Human Pose Estimation Network Training Using Teacher-Student Learning
* Re-Thinking Federated Active Learning Based on Inter-Class Diversity
* Regularization on Spatio-Temporally Smoothed Feature for Action Recognition
* Toward a 3D endoscope for minimally invasive surgery
* Two-scale tone management for photographic look
* UMGAN: Generative adversarial network for image unmosaicing using perceptual loss
Includes: Bae, S.[Sangjun] Bae, S.[Soonmin] Bae, S.[Sangmin] Bae, S.[Seho] Bae, S.[Sujung] Bae, S. Bae, S.[Sam]
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Bae, S.C.[Sun Cheol] Co Author Listing * COP: a new corner detector
* COP: A new method for extracting edges and corners
Includes: Bae, S.C.[Sun Cheol] Bae, S.C.[Sun-Cheol]

Bae, S.H.[Sung Ho] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Robustness for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* AFI-GAN: Improving feature interpolation of feature pyramid networks via adversarial training for object detection
* Confidence-Based Data Association and Discriminative Deep Appearance Learning for Robust Online Multi-Object Tracking
* DCT-Based Total JND Profile for Spatiotemporal and Foveated Masking Effects, A
* DCT-QM: A DCT-Based Quality Degradation Metric for Image Quality Optimization Problems
* Decode-MOT: How Can We Hurdle Frames to Go Beyond Tracking-by-Detection?
* Deformable Part Region Learning and Feature Aggregation Tree Representation for Object Detection
* Distilling Global and Local Logits with Densely Connected Relations
* Effective Utilization of Hybrid Residual Modules in Deep Neural Networks for Super Resolution
* Evaluation of Large-Sized LCD Touch Panel Using Differential Sensing Circuit and Algorithm
* Facial Expression Recognition with Active Local Shape Pattern and Learned-Size Block Representations
* GA3N: Generative adversarial AutoAugment network
* GLAMD: Global and Local Attention Mask Distillation for Object Detectors
* HEVC-Based Perceptually Adaptive Video Coding Using a DCT-Based Local Distortion Detection Probability Model
* HEVC-Compliant Perceptual Video Coding Scheme Based on JND Models for Variable Block-Sized Transform Kernels, An
* Image super-resolution based on convolution neural networks using multi-channel input
* Incremental parsing for latent semantic indexing of images
* IPSILON: Incremental Parsing for Semantic Indexing of Latent Concepts
* Just-noticeable-quantization-distortion based preprocessing for perceptual video coding
* Learning-Based Just-Noticeable-Quantization- Distortion Modeling for Perceptual Video Coding
* MST-compression: Compressing and Accelerating Binary Neural Networks with Minimum Spanning Tree
* Multidimensional Incremental Parsing for Universal Source Coding
* Novel DCT-Based JND Model for Luminance Adaptation Effect in DCT Frequency, A
* Novel Generalized DCT-Based JND Profile Based on an Elaborate CM-JND Model for Variable Block-Sized Transforms in Monochrome Images, A
* novel image quality assessment based on an adaptive feature for image characteristics and distortion types, A
* Novel Image Quality Assessment With Globally and Locally Consilient Visual Quality Perception, A
* novel SSIM index for image quality assessment using a new luminance adaptation effect model in pixel intensity domain, A
* Object tracking based on online partial instance learning with multiple local strong classifiers
* Polyp Detection via Imbalanced Learning and Discriminative Feature Learning
* Robust Online Multi-object Tracking Based on Tracklet Confidence and Online Discriminative Appearance Learning
* Robust Online Multiobject Tracking With Data Association and Track Management
* Single image super-resolution based on self-examples using context-dependent subpatches
* Subjective Evaluation of Spatial Resolution and Quantization Noise Tradeoffs
* Subjective Image Quality Tradeoffs Between Spatial Resolution and Quantization Noise
Includes: Bae, S.H.[Sung Ho] Bae, S.H.[Sung-Ho] Bae, S.H.[Seung-Hwan] Bae, S.H.[Sang Hyuck] Bae, S.H.[Soo Hyun] Bae, S.H.
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Bae, S.J.[Su Jung] Co Author Listing * Practical Hand Skeleton Estimation Method Based on Monocular Camera
* Recursive Bayesian fire recognition using greedy margin-maximizing clustering
* TCP-friendly flow control of wireless multimedia using ECN marking
Includes: Bae, S.J.[Su Jung] Bae, S.J.[Su-Jung] Bae, S.J.[Seong-Jun]

Bae, S.M.[Soon Min] Co Author Listing * Building a Videorama with Shallow Depth of Field
Includes: Bae, S.M.[Soon Min] Bae, S.M.[Soon-Min]

Bae, S.W.[Sang Won] Co Author Listing * 3D medial axis point approximation using nearest neighbors and the normal field
* On Linear-Sized Farthest-Color Voronoi Diagrams

Bae, T.M.[Tae Min] Co Author Listing * Hybrid stereo matching with a new relaxation scheme of preserving disparity discontinuity
* Improvement of Inter-Layer Motion Prediction in Scalable Video Coding
* Scalable Protection and Access Control in Full Scalable Video Coding
* Semantic Event Detection in Structured Video Using Hybrid HMM/SVM
* Video Segmentation Using Hidden Markov Model with Multimodal Features
* Watermarking System for QoS Aware Content Adaptation
Includes: Bae, T.M.[Tae Min] Bae, T.M.[Tae-Min] Bae, T.M.[Tae Meon]

Bae, T.S.[Tae Suk] Co Author Listing * Conical Model Approach for Invariant Points of Very Long Baseline Interferometry and Satellite Laser Ranging, A
* Overview of a Special Issue on Upcoming Positioning, Navigation, and Timing: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou, An
Includes: Bae, T.S.[Tae Suk] Bae, T.S.[Tae-Suk]

Bae, T.W.[Tae Wuk] Co Author Listing * Compensation of de-saturation effect in HDR imaging using a real scene adaptation model
* Follicular Unit Classification Method Using Angle Variation of Boundary Vector for Automatic Hair Implant System
* Implementation of a reticle seeker missile simulator for jamming effect analysis
Includes: Bae, T.W.[Tae Wuk] Bae, T.W.[Tae-Wuk]

Bae, W. Co Author Listing * Better to Follow, Follow to Be Better: Towards Precise Supervision of Feature Super-Resolution for Small Object Detection
* Beyond Deep Residual Learning for Image Restoration: Persistent Homology-Guided Manifold Simplification
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Object Discovery via Contrastive Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Rethinking Class Activation Mapping for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
Includes: Bae, W. Bae, W.[Woong] Bae, W.[Wonho]

Bae, W.D.[Wan D.] Co Author Listing * Interactive Framework for Spatial Joins: A Statistical Approach to Data Analysis in GIS, An
* IRSJ: incremental refining spatial joins for interactive queries in GIS
* Two-Step Machine Learning Approach for Crop Disease Detection Using GAN and UAV Technology, A
* Web data retrieval: solving spatial range queries using k-nearest neighbor searches

Bae, Y.[Yuseok] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Training With Stochastic Weight Average
* Gamut-adaptive correction in color image processing
* Localization Uncertainty Estimation for Anchor-free Object Detection
Includes: Bae, Y.[Yuseok] Bae, Y.[Yoonsung]

Bae, Y.L.[Young Lae] Co Author Listing * Human computer interface for gesture-based editing system
Includes: Bae, Y.L.[Young Lae] Bae, Y.L.[Young-Lae]

Bae, Y.L.J.[Young Lae J.] Co Author Listing * Hand gesture recognition using combined features of location, angle and velocity
* Image Navigation: A Massively Interactive Model for Similarity Retrieval of Images
* Video: A Shot Boundary Detection Method for Video Data with Fading Effects
Includes: Bae, Y.L.J.[Young Lae J.] Bae, Y.L.J.[Young-Lae J.]

Bae, Y.M.[Young Min] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Diffuse Optical Tomography

Bae, Y.S.[Yoon Sung] Co Author Listing * Contrast-Enhanced Fusion of Multisensor Images Using Subband-Decomposed Multiscale Retinex
* Hough transform in log-polar image including foveal and peripheral information
* Multi-Sensor Image Fusion Using Subband Decomposed Multiscale Retinex
Includes: Bae, Y.S.[Yoon Sung] Bae, Y.S.[Yoon-Sung] Bae, Y.S.[You-Suk]

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