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Kameche, S. Co Author Listing * IoT-5G User Tracking in a 5G Network Using 60 GHZ MM-waves Based on an ABF-ED Algorithms for a Cluttered Indoor Environment

Kameda, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Multiple Hypothesis Tracking with Merged Bounding Box Measurements Considering Occlusion

Kameda, M. Co Author Listing * 3D volume extraction and mesh generation using energy minimization techniques

Kameda, S.[Shingo] Co Author Listing * Optimizing Image Compression Ratio for Generating Highly Accurate Local Digital Terrain Models: Experimental Study for Martian Moons eXploration Mission
* Stereo Matching Algorithm Using a Weighted Average of Costs Aggregated by Various Window Sizes
Includes: Kameda, S.[Shingo] Kameda, S.[Seiji]

Kameda, Y.[Yoshinari] Co Author Listing * 3D Free-viewpoint video capturing interface by using bimanual operation
* Automatic player's view generation of real soccer scenes based on trajectory tracking
* Background Modeling Method with Simple Operations for 3D Video, A
* Classification of Optical Flow by Constraints
* comparison between two 3D free-viewpoint generation methods: Player-billboard and 3D reconstruction, A
* Computing the Local Continuity Order of Optical Flow Using Fractional Variational Method
* Continuity Order of Local Displacement in Volumetric Image Sequence
* Convergence Proof for the Horn-Schunck Optical-Flow Computation Scheme Using Neighborhood Decomposition, A
* Decomposition and Construction of Neighbourhood Operations Using Linear Algebra
* Detecting walkable plane areas by using RGB-D camera and accelerometer for visually impaired people
* Dynamic Multiresolution Optical Flow Computation
* Estimation of the Location of Joint Points of Human Body from Successive Volume Data
* Facial Micro-Expression Detection in Hi-Speed Video Based on Facial Action Coding System (FACS)
* HDR Imaging Based on Image Interpolation and Motion Blur Suppression in Multiple-Exposure-Time Image Sensor
* Hierarchical Properties of Multi-resolution Optical Flow Computation
* High Speed 3d Reconstruction by Video Image Pipeline Processing and Division of Spatio-temporal Space
* Image Retrieval of First-Person Vision for Pedestrian Navigation in Urban Area
* Iterative Method for Superresolution of Optical Flow Derived by Energy Minimisation, An
* LB-NERF: Light Bending Neural Radiance Fields for Transparent Medium
* Lifted road map view on windshield display
* Live 3D Video in Soccer Stadium
* Lossless Coding of HDR Color Images in a Floating Point Format Using Block-Adaptive Inter-Color Prediction
* Lossless Video Coding Based On Probability Model Optimization Utilizing Example Search And Adaptive Prediction
* Lossless Video Coding Based on Probability Model Optimization With Improved Adaptive Prediction
* Optical Flow Computation from an Asynchronised Multiresolution Image Sequence
* Perceptually Correct 3D Model for Live 3D TV, A
* Pixel-Wise Interframe Prediction based on Dense Three-Dimensional Motion Estimation for Depth Map Coding
* Read-the-game skill evaluation by analyzing head orientation in immersive VR
* Robust trajectory estimation of soccer players by using two cameras
* Smooth switching method for asynchronous multiple viewpoint videos using frame interpolation
* Smooth video hopping for surveillance cameras
* Smoothly switching method of asynchronous multi-view videos using frame interpolation
* SoccerTrack: A Dataset and Tracking Algorithm for Soccer with Fish-eye and Drone Videos
* Trajectory Estimation Method for Badminton Shuttlecock Utilizing Motion Blur, A
* Two stage inter-frame prediction using pixel- and block-wise motion compensation
* Two Step Variational Method for Subpixel Optical Flow Computation
* Visual Surveillance Using Less ROIs of Multiple Non-calibrated Cameras
* Visualization Methods for Outdoor See-Through Vision
* William Harvey Code: Mathematical Analysis of Optical Flow Computation for Cardiac Motion, The
Includes: Kameda, Y.[Yoshinari] Kameda, Y.[Yusuke] Kameda, Y.
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Kamegaya, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Image Retrieving Method using the Object Index and the Motion, An

Kamei, A.[Akihide] Co Author Listing * Impact of Changes in Minimum Reflectance on Cloud Discrimination
* Radiometric Degradation Curves for the ASTER VNIR Processing Using Vicarious and Lunar Calibrations
* Recognition of Multiple Food Items in A Single Photo for Use in A Buffet-Style Restaurant
* Vicarious Calibration of the Formosat-2 Remote Sensing Instrument
Includes: Kamei, A.[Akihide] Kamei, A.[Akiko] Kamei, A.

Kamei, K. Co Author Listing * Fast Shape Detection Using Hough Transform by Raster Operation
* Modeling of Urban Scenes by Aerial Photographs and Simply Reconstructed Buildings
* Scene Synthesis by Assembling Striped Areas of Source Images

Kamei, S.[Sayaka] Co Author Listing * EarlGAN: An enhanced actor-critic reinforcement learning agent-driven GAN for de novo drug design

Kamei, T.[Toshio] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for determining ridge direction patterns
* Face retrieval by an adaptive Mahalanobis distance using a confidence factor
* Fingerprint Card Classification with Statistical Feature Integration
* Fingerprint Preselection using Eigenfeatures
* Image Filter Design for Fingerprint Enhancement
* Spectral Eigenfeatures for Effective DP Matching in Fingerprint Recognition
Includes: Kamei, T.[Toshio] Kamei, T.

Kamejima, K.[Kohji] Co Author Listing * GPS-Based Multi-viewpoint Integration for Anticipative Scene Analysis
* Image processing apparatus and processing method
* Picture processing apparatus

Kameko, H.[Hirotaka] Co Author Listing * Egocentric Biochemical Video-and-Language Dataset

Kamel, A.[Aladin] Co Author Listing * Arabic character recognition system: A statistical approach for recognizing cursive typewritten text
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Action Recognition Using Depth Maps and Postures
* Hybrid Refinement-Correction Heatmaps for Human Pose Estimation
* HybVOR: A Voronoi-Based 3D GIS Approach for Camera Surveillance Network Placement
* Multi-Bin search: improved large-scale content-based image retrieval
* Two Illuminant Estimation and User Correction Preference
Includes: Kamel, A.[Aladin] Kamel, A. Kamel, A.[Aouaidjia] Kamel, A.[Abdullah] Kamel, A.[Abdelrahman]

Kamel, A.A.[Ahmed A.] Co Author Listing * Satellite camera image navigation
* Spacecraft camera image registration

Kamel, H.[Hamrouni] Co Author Listing * Binary Image Registration Based on Geometric Moments: Application to the Registraion of 3D Segmented CT Head Images

Kamel, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Space-Filling Curves

Kamel, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kamel, M.[Mohamed]: mkamel AT uwaterloo ca
* 2-D Shape Matching Using Asymmetric Wavelet-Based Dissimilarity Measure
* Affine invariant multiscale wavelet-based shape matching algorithm
* analysis of BioHashing and its variants, An
* Analysis of Brute-Force Break-Ins of a Palmprint Authentication System
* CMNN: Cooperative Modular Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition
* Coarse-to-fine multiscale affine invariant shape matching and classification
* Comparing viewpoint evaluation functions for model-based inspectional coverage
* Contour Description Through Set Operations on Dynamic Reference Shapes
* Document Mining Based on Semantic Understanding of Text
* Does EigenPalm work? A System and Evaluation Perspective
* Genetic Algorithm for the Estimation of Ridges in Fingerprints, A
* High performance computing for industrial visual inspection
* Intrusion detection using hierarchical neural networks
* New approach for the skeletonization of handwritten characters in gray-scale images
* Optic Disk Localization for Gray-Scale Retinal Images Based on Patch Filtering
* Pairwise optimized Rocchio algorithm for text categorization
* Palmprint identification using feature-level fusion
* Range image segmentation using local approximation of scan lines with application to CAD model acquisition
* Region of Interest Based Prostate Tissue Characterization Using Least Square Support Vector Machine LS-SVM
* Revealing the Secret of FaceHashing
* Shape representation using concavity graphs
* Shape retrieval using concavity trees
* Shape-based Image Retrieval Applied To Trademark Images
* Significance Test for Feature Subset Selection on Image Recognition
* Skew Estimation and Correction for Form Documents Using Wavelet Decomposition
* Spatially Adaptive Filter Reducing Arc Stripe Noise for Sector Scan Medical Ultrasound Imaging, A
* Stand-alone embedded vision system based on fuzzy associative database
* Study of Brute-Force Break-ins of a Palmprint Verification System, A
* survey of palmprint recognition, A
* Three measures for secure palmprint identification
* Wavelet approximation-based affine invariant 2-d shape matching and classification
* Wavelet Approximation-Based Affine Invariant Shape Representation Functions
Includes: Kamel, M.[Mohamed] Kamel, M.
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Kamel, M.S.[Mohamed S.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fusion and co-operative training for classifier ensembles
* Adaptive image compression based on segmentation and block classification
* aggregated clustering approach using multi-ant colonies algorithms, An
* Analysis of IrisCode, An
* Anatomy of IrisCode for Precise Phase Representation, An
* Arabic Optical Character Recognition System Using Restricted Boltzmann Machines, An
* Attention Assist: A High-Level Information Fusion Framework for Situation and Threat Assessment in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Audio-Visual Emotion Analysis Using Semi-Supervised Temporal Clustering with Constraint Propagation
* Automatic Image Registration Using Virtual Circles
* Binarization of document images using image dependent model
* Binary character/graphics image extraction: a new technique and six evaluation aspects
* Categorizing Extent of Tumor Cell Death Response to Cancer Therapy Using Quantitative Ultrasound Spectroscopy and Maximum Mean Discrepancy
* Combining Independent and Unbiased Classifiers Using Weighted Average
* Compressing 2-D Shapes Using Concavity Trees
* Cooperative clustering
* Cost-sensitive boosting for classification of imbalanced data
* Cumulative Voting Consensus Method for Partitions with Variable Number of Clusters
* Data dependency in multiple classifier systems
* Detail preserving impulsive noise removal
* Dictionary Learning in Texture Classification
* distance-relatedness dynamic model for clustering high dimensional data of arbitrary shapes and densities, A
* Efficient Bisecting k -Medoids and Its Application in Gene Expression Analysis
* Efficient Multiscale Shape-Based Representation and Retrieval
* Enhanced bisecting k-means clustering using intermediate cooperation
* Envelope Detection of Multi-object Shapes
* Extraction of Binary Character/Graphics Images from Grayscale Document Images
* Face Recognition Using Perspective Invariant Features
* Facial Expression Recognition Using Game Theory and Particle Swarm Optimization
* Fast Algorithm for Template Matching, A
* Fast and Robust Feature Set for Cross Individual Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Fast computation of 2-D image moments using biaxial transform
* Fast nearest neighbor search for vector quantization of image data
* Finding Arbitrary Shaped Clusters for Character Recognition
* generalized adaptive ensemble generation and aggregation approach for multiple classifier systems, A
* Geometry-Based Image Retrieval in Binary Image Databases
* Hierarchical representation of 2-D shapes using convex polygons: a contour-based approach
* Image Data Mining from Financial Documents Based on Wavelet Features
* Image registration using collinear virtual circles
* Image Registration Using the Hausdorff Fraction and Virtual Circles
* Image registration using virtual circles and edge direction
* Iterative model-based binarization algorithm for cheque images
* Iterative Multimodel Subimage Binarization for Handwritten Character Segmentation
* Iterative sub-image binarization for document images
* Maneuvering Head Motion Tracking by Coarse-to-Fine Particle Filter
* Mtar: A Robust 2d Shape Representation
* Multi-object image retrieval based on shape and topology
* Multi-resolution image registration using multi-class Hausdorff fraction
* Multibiometric System Using Distance Regularized Level Set Method and Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multibiometric system using fuzzy level set, and genetic and evolutionary feature extraction
* Multibiometric System Using Level Set Method and Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multibiometric System Using Level Set, Modified LBP and Random Forest
* Multidimensional data clustering utilizing hybrid search strategies
* Multiple Classifier System for Urban Area's Extraction from High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Multiple Classifier Systems in Texton-Based Approach for the Classification of CT Images of Lung
* Natural Skeletonization: New Approach For The Skeletonization Of Handwritten Characters
* New algorithms for solving the fuzzy clustering problem
* Nonlinear Scale Space Theory in Texture Classification Using Multiple Classifier Systems
* Novel Cooperative Neural Fusion Algorithms for Image Restoration and Image Fusion
* novel validity measure for clusters of arbitrary shapes and densities, A
* On combining classifiers using sum and product rules
* On voting-based consensus of cluster ensembles
* Random Subspace Method in Text Categorization
* Road Detection in Urban Areas Using Random Forest Tree-Based Ensemble Classification
* Robust Multiscale Triangle-Area Representation for 2D Shapes
* Robust Shape Retrieval Using Maximum Likelihood Theory
* Segmentation of Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery of Urban Areas Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
* Shape retrieval using triangle-area representation and dynamic space warping
* Supervised Texture Classification Using a Novel Compression-Based Similarity Measure
* Survey on speech emotion recognition: Features, classification schemes, and databases
* thresholded fuzzy c-means algorithm for semi-fuzzy clustering, A
* Toward a tight upper bound for the error probability of the binary Gaussian classification problem
* Understanding Hand Gestures Using Approximate Graph Matching
* Unsupervised Visual Changepoint Detection Using Maximum Mean Discrepancy
* Vector Distribution Model and an Effective Nearest Neighbor Search Method for Image Vector Quantization, A
* Virtual circles: a new set of features for fast image registration
* Visual-Based Driver Distraction Recognition and Detection Using Random Forest, A
Includes: Kamel, M.S.[Mohamed S.] Kamel, M.S.
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Kamel, N.[Nidla] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape from Focus Using LULU Operators
* 3D shape from focus using LULU operators and discrete pulse transform in the presence of noise
* Brain source localization using reduced EEG sensors
* EEG-based brain source localization using visual stimuli
* History Based Incremental Singular Value Decomposition for Background Initialization and Foreground Segmentation
* Incremental Tensor-Based Completion Method for Detection of Stationary Foreground Objects
* Multiple sparse priors technique with optimized patches for brain source localization
* On Visual Periodicity Estimation Using Singular Value Decomposition
* Self-Motion-Assisted Tensor Completion Method for Background Initialization in Complex Video Sequences
* SVD-Based Tensor-Completion Technique for Background Initialization
* Tensor based completion meets adversarial learning: A win-win solution for change detection on unseen videos
* Tensor-Based Approach for Background-Foreground Separation in Maritime Sequences
Includes: Kamel, N.[Nidla] Kamel, N.[Nidal] Kamel, N.
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Kamel, N.S.[Nidal S.] Co Author Listing * Glove-Based Approach to Online Signature Verification
* Modulation of sensorimotor rhythms for brain-computer interface using motor imagery with online feedback
* Subspace-Based Technique for Speckle Noise Reduction in SAR Images
Includes: Kamel, N.S.[Nidal S.] Kamel, N.S.

Kamel, S.[Souad] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Machine and Deep Learning Approaches for Fault Diagnosis in Photovoltaic Systems Using Infrared Thermography

Kamen, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Lattice Boltzmann Solver for Patient-Specific Radiofrequency Ablation of Hepatic Tumors
* Flexible-Cm GAN: Towards Precise 3D Dose Prediction in Radiotherapy
* general preconditioning scheme for difference measures in deformable registration, A
* Imaging as a Surrogate for the Early Prediction and Assessment of Treatment Response through the Analysis of 4-D Texture Ensembles (ISEPARATE)
* Natural gradients for deformable registration
* Patient-Specific Biomechanical Model for the Prediction of Lung Motion From 4-D CT Images
* Revisiting Horn and Schunck: Interpretation as Gauss-newton Optimisation
* Unifying Characterization of Deformable Registration Methods Based on the Inherent Parametrization: An Attempt at an Alternative Analysis Approach
Includes: Kamen, A. Kamen, A.[Ali]
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Kamen, E.W. Co Author Listing * Modeling and Fusion of Radar and Imaging Sensor Data for Target Tracking

Kamencay, P. Co Author Listing * 3D image reconstruction from 2D CT slices

Kamenetsky, D. Co Author Listing * Aerial Car Detection and Urban Understanding
* Interactive Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation
* Online Tracking of People through a Camera Network
* Pedestrian Multiple Hypothesis Tracker Fusing Head and Body Detections, A
Includes: Kamenetsky, D. Kamenetsky, D.[Dmitri]

Kamenev, A.[Alexey] Co Author Listing * Displacement-Invariant Cost Computation for Stereo Matching
* On the Importance of Stereo for Accurate Depth Estimation: An Efficient Semi-Supervised Deep Neural Network Approach
Includes: Kamenev, A.[Alexey] Kamenev, A.

Kameneva, T.[Tatiana] Co Author Listing * Vision Processing for Assistive Vision: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

Kamenicky, J. Co Author Listing * Decomposition of Space-Variant Blur in Image Deconvolution
* Recognition of Partially Occluded and Deformed Binary Objects
* Superfast superresolution
Includes: Kamenicky, J. Kamenický, J.[Jan] Kamenicky, J.[Jan]

Kamenou, E.[Eleni] Co Author Listing * Closing the Domain Gap for Cross-modal Visible-Infrared Vehicle Re-identification
* LOFReg: An outlier-based regulariser for deep metric learning
* Meta-learning Approach for Domain Generalisation across Visual Modalities in Vehicle Re-identification, A
* Multi-level Deep Learning Vehicle Re-identification using Ranked-based Loss Functions

Kamenova, I.[Ilina] Co Author Listing * Crop Type Mapping and Winter Wheat Yield Prediction Utilizing Sentinel-2: A Case Study from Upper Thracian Lowland, Bulgaria
* Single- and Multi-Date Crop Identification Using PROBA-V 100 and 300 m S1 Products on Zlatia Test Site, Bulgaria

Kamentsky, L.[Lee] Co Author Listing * Detecting Synapse Location and Connectivity by Signed Proximity Estimation and Pruning with Deep Nets
* Two Stream Active Query Suggestion for Active Learning in Connectomics

Kamentsky, L.A. Co Author Listing * Computer-Automated Design of Multifont Print Recognition
* Pattern and Character Recognition: Picture Processing by Nets of Neuron-Like Elements
* Theoretical and Experimental Study of a Model for Pattern Recognition, A

Kamenz, J.[Julia] Co Author Listing * Biometric Recognition of African Clawed Frogs

Kameoka, H.[Hirokazu] Co Author Listing * Designing various component analysis at will
* SemiCCA: Efficient Semi-supervised Learning of Canonical Correlations

Kameoka, T.[Taishin] Co Author Listing * Visualizing the Spatiotemporal Trends of Thermal Characteristics in a Peatland Plantation Forest in Indonesia: Pilot Test Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs)

Kamerosky, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of the 2011 Super Algal Bloom in Indian River Lagoon, FL, USA, Using MERIS

Kamesaki, C.[Chie] Co Author Listing * Effect of spatial structure on colorfulness adaptation for natural images

Kameshima, H.[Hideto] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of a Human Body from Multiple Viewpoints

Kameshiro, T. Co Author Listing * document retrieval method from handwritten characters based on OCR and character shape information, A

Kameswara Rao, C.V. Co Author Listing * Checking Connectivity Preservation Properties of Some Types of Picture Processing Operations
* Matched Filtering Technique for Corner Detection, A

Kameya, H. Co Author Listing * Figure-based writer verification by matching between an arbitrary part of registered sequence and an input sequence extracted from on-line handwritten figures
* segmentation-free biometric writer verification method based on continuous dynamic programming, A

Kameya, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic signature verification based on the dynamic feature of pressure

Kameyama, K.[Keisuke] Co Author Listing * Application-Independent and Segmentation-Free Approach for Spotting Queries in Document Images, An
* CCE-based index selection for neuro assisted MR-image segmentation
* comparative study using contours and skeletons as shape representations for binary image matching, A
* Composite Illumination Invariant Color Feature and Its Application to Partial Image Matching, A
* Constructive Relaxation Matching Involving Dynamical Model Switching And Its Application To Shape Matching
* Document image dataset indexing and compression using connected components clustering
* Function Approximation Method for Images with Grading Regions, A
* On a relaxation-labeling algorithm for real-time contour-based image similarity retrieval
* Relevance tuning in content-based retrieval of structurally-modeled images using Particle Swarm Optimization
* Sketch-Based Image Retrieval by Size-Adaptive and Noise-Robust Feature Description
* Tast: Trademark Application Assistant
* Towards making thinning algorithms robust against noise in sketch images
* Using scale space filtering to make thinning algorithms robust against noise in sketch images
Includes: Kameyama, K.[Keisuke] Kameyama, K.
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Kameyama, M.[Masatoshi] Co Author Listing * Image rotating system by an arbitrary angle
* Memory Allocation Exploiting Temporal Locality for Reducing Data-Transfer Bottlenecks in Heterogeneous Multicore Processors
* Selecting Algorithms Without Meta-features
Includes: Kameyama, M.[Masatoshi] Kameyama, M. Kameyama, M.[Michitaka]

Kameyama, M.C.[M. Charley] Co Author Listing * Ubiquitous Interactive Visualization of 3-D Mantle Convection through Web Applications Using Java

Kameyama, S.[Shohei] Co Author Listing * Effects of Differences in Structure from Motion Software on Image Processing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photography and Estimation of Crown Area and Tree Height in Forests
* Land-cover Classification Using ASTER Multi-band Combinations Based on Wavelet Fusion and SOM Neural Network
Includes: Kameyama, S.[Shohei] Kameyama, S.[Satoshi]

Kameyama, T. Co Author Listing * Camera-based Kanji OCR for mobile-phones: practical issues

Kameyama, W.[Wataru] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical coding scheme of video signal with scalability and compatibility

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