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Saad, Y. Co Author Listing * Multigrid Algorithms On The Hypercube Multiprocessor

Saalfeld, A. Co Author Listing * Globally-Equiangular Triangulations Of Co-Circular Points In O(N Log N) Time
* Joint Triangulations And Triangulation Maps

Saarinen, K. Co Author Listing * Color Image Segmentation By A Watershed Algorithm And Region Adjacency Graph Processing

Sabata, B. Co Author Listing * Convergence Of Fuzzy-Pyramid Algorithms
* Estimation Of Motion From A Pair Of Range Images: A Review
* Nonrigid Motion Analysis: Articulated And Elastic Motion
* Segmentation Of 3-D Range Images Using Pyramidal Data Structures
* Segmentation Of 3d Range Images Using Pyramidal Data Structures
* Surface Correspondence And Motion Computation From A Pair Of Range Images

Sabatini, S. Co Author Listing * Analog Computation For Phase-Based Disparity Estimation: Continuous And Discrete Models

Sabatini, S.P. Co Author Listing * Neuromorphic Architecture For Cortical Multilayer Integration Of Early Visual Tasks, A

Sabbah, D. Co Author Listing * Computing With Connections In Visual Recognition Of Origami Objects
* Primitive Shape Extraction From Depth Maps

Sabella, P. Co Author Listing * Rendering Algorithm For Visualizing 3d Scalar Fields, A

Saber, E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Annotation Using Adaptive Color Classification
* Face Detection And Facial Feature Extraction Using Color, Shape And Symmetry-Based Cost Functions
* Frontal-View Face Detection And Facial Feature Extraction Using Color, Shape And Symmetry Based Cost Functions
* Fusion Of Color And Edge Information For Improved Segmentation And Edge Linking
* Integration Of Color, Shape, And Texture For Image Annotation And Retrieval
* Region-Based Shape Matching For Automatic Image Annotation And Query-By-Example

Sabharwal, A. Co Author Listing * Parametric Attributed Scattering Center Model For Sar Automatic Target Recognition, A

Sabharwal, C.L. Co Author Listing * Fast Implementation Of A Perfect Hash Function For Picture Objects, A
* Image Databases And Near-Perfect Hash Table
* Perfect Hash Table Algorithm For Image Databases Using Negative Associated Values

Sabin, M. Co Author Listing * Non-Uniform Recursive Subdivision Surfaces

Sablatnig, R. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Classification Of Paintings Using Face- And Brush Stroke Models

Sabourin, R. Co Author Listing * Preprocessing Of Handwritten Signatures From Image Gradient Analysis
* Segmentation Of Handwritten Signature Images Using The Statistics Of Directional Data

Saboya, A. Co Author Listing * Data Structure Support For A Geographic Database Management System

Sabri, S. Co Author Listing * Coding Of Broadcast Tv Signals For Transmission Over Satellite Channels
* Movement Compensated Interframe Prediction For Ntsc Color Tv Signals
* Noise Reduction In Image Sequences Using Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering

Sacco, B. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Diffuse Clusters In Noise Background

Sack, J. Co Author Listing * Algorithms For Minimum Length Partitions Of Polygons
* Computing The Link Center Of A Simple Polygon
* Computing The Link Center Of A Simple Polygon

Sack, J.R. Co Author Listing * Computational Geometry Algorithms For The Systolic Screen
* Computational Geometry-Theory And Applications
* Computing The Configuration Space For A Robot On A Mesh-Of-Processors
* Guard Placement In Rectilinear Polygons
* Minimum Decompositions Of Polygonal Objects
* Recognizing Polygons, Or How To Spy
* Translation Separability Of Sets Of Polygons
* Workbench For Computational Geometry, A
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Sack, M. Co Author Listing * Ocr In The United States Postal Service: Present Status And Future Needs

Sacks, E. Co Author Listing * Imagistic Reasoning

Sadjadi, F. Co Author Listing * Selected Papers On Performance Evaluation Of Signal And Image Processing Systems (Ms 79), Spie, Bellingham

Sadjadi, F.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive And Learning Systems (Orlando, Fl, April 20-21
* Adaptive And Learning Systems Ii (Orlando, Fl, April 12-13
* Automatic Object Recognition (Orlando, Fl, April 3-5
* Automatic Object Recognition Ii (Orlando, Fl, April 22-24
* Automatic Object Recognition Iii (Orlando, Fl, April 14-16
* Automatic Object Recognition Iv (Orlando, Fl, April 6-7
* Automatic Object Recognition V (Orlando, Fl, April 19-21
* Automatic Object Recognition Vi (Orlando, Fl, April 8-10
* Automatic Target Recognition Vii Orlando, Fl, April 22-24
* Automatic Target Recognition Viii (Orlando, Fl, April 13-17
* Guest Ed., Special Section On Performance Evaluation Of Signal And Image Processing Systems
* Selected Papers On Sensor And Data Fusion, Spie, Bellingham
* Signal And Image Processing Systems Performance Evaluation (Orlando, Fl, April 19-20
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Sado, K. Co Author Listing * Some Parallel Sorts On A Mesh-Connected Processor Array And Their Time Efficiency

Sadovnik, L. Co Author Listing * Optimal Training Set Design For 3d Object Recognition

Saers Bigun, E. Co Author Listing * Fusion Of Audio And Video Information

Safa, F. Co Author Listing * Speckle Removal On Radar Imagery Based On Arithmetical Morphology

Safaee Rad, R. Co Author Listing * 3d-Pose Estimation From A Quadratic-Curved Feature In Two Perspective Views
* Accurate Estimation Of Elliptical Shape Parameters From A Grey-Level Image
* Accurate Parameter Estimation Of Quadratic Curves From Grey-Level Images
* Active-Vision System For Recognition Of Pre-Marked Objects In Robotic Assembly Workcells, An
* Angle-Of-Sight Signature For Two-Dimensional Shape Analysis Of Manufactured Objects, The
* Application Of Moment And Fourier Descriptors To The Accurate Estimation Of Elliptical-Shape Parameters
* Constraints On Quadratic-Curved Features Under Perspective Projection
* Three-Dimensional Location Estimation Of Circular Features For Machine Vision
Includes: Safaee Rad, R. Safaee-Rad, R.
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Safar, F.G. Co Author Listing * Conformal Mapping-Based Image Processing: Theory And Applications
* Conformal Mapping-Based Image Processing: Theory And Applications

Safranek, R.J. Co Author Listing * Digital Video Compression: Algorithms And Technologies 1995 (San Jose, Ca, February 7-10
* Evidence Accumulation Using Binary Frames Of Discernment For Verification Vision
* Image And Video Compression (San Jose, Ca, February 9-10
* Knowledge Based Robotic Vision System, A
* Knowledge-Based Stereo And Structured Light For 3-D Robot Vision

Saga, S. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Region-Growing Segmentation Of Natural Images Using Local Fractal Dimension

Sagara, M. Co Author Listing * Simple Calibration Algorithm For High-Distortion-Lens Camera

Sagawa, T. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Learning Of Hand-Printed Characters With Linguistic Information, An

Sage, S. Co Author Listing * Improving Rooftop Detection With Interactive Visual Learning
* Learning To Detect Rooftops In Aerial Images

Sagerer, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Interpretation Of Medical Image Sequences
* Control Strategies In A Hierarchical Knowledge Structure
* Diagnostic Inferences From Image Sequences -- A Knowledge Based Approach
* Knowledge Based System For Analysis Of Gated Blood Pool Studies, A
* Model Based Interpretation Of Image Sequences From The Heart
* On The Accuracy Of Optical Flow Computation Using Global Optimization
* Problem-Independent Control Algorithm For Image Understanding, A
* Semantic Networks For Understanding Scenes, Plenum
* Syntactic Analysis Of Noisy Input Strings With An Application To The Analysis Of Heart-Volume Curves
* Talking About 3d Scenes: Integration Of Image And Speech Understanding In A Hybrid Distributed System
* Use And Representation Of Knowledge In Image Understanding Based On Semantic Networks
* Using Markov Random Fields For Contour-Based Grouping
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Sagerer, G.F. Co Author Listing * Ernest: A Semantic Network System For Pattern Understanding

Saghri, J.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Transform Coding Based On Chain Coding Concepts
* Adaptive Transform Coding Based On Chain Coding Concepts

Sagi, D. Co Author Listing * Gabor Filters As Texture Discriminator

Saha, P.K. Co Author Listing * 3d Digital Topology Under Binary Transformation With Applications
* Detection Of 3-D Simple Points For Topology Preserving Transformations With Application To Thinning
* Local Topolgical Parameters In A Tetrahedral Representation
* New Approach To Computing The Euler Characteristic, A
* New Shape Preserving Parallel Thinning Algorithm For 3d Digital Images, A
* Single Scan Boundary Removal Thinning Algorithm For 2-D Binary Object, A
* Strongly Normal Sets Of Convex Polygons Or Polyhedra
* Topology Preservation In 3d Digital Space
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Sahabi, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Error In Depth Perception With Vergence And Spatially Varying Sensing
* Optimal Non-Uniform Discretization For Stereo Reconstruction

Sahasrabudhe, S.C. Co Author Listing * C-Factor: A Morphological Shape Descriptor
* Fresh Look At The Hough Transform, A
* Preservation Of Topological Properties Of A Simple Closed Curve Under Digitalization
* Restoration Of Noisy Images Using A Raised Cosine Function Approximation
* Valley-Seeking Threshold Selection Technique, A

Saheb, N. Co Author Listing * Medians And Centres Of Polyominoes

Sahni, S. Co Author Listing * Constant Time Algorithms For Computational Geometry On The Reconfigurable Mesh
* Convolution On Mesh Connected Multicomputers
* Efficient Serial And Parallel Algorithms For Median Filtering
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Parallel Architectures And Algorithms
* Hypercube Algorithms For Image Processing And Pattern Recognition, Springer
* Hypercube Algorithms With Applications To Image And Pattern Recognition, Springer
* Image Shrinking And Expanding On A Pyramid
* Image Template Matching On Mimd Hypercube Multicomputers
* Linear Algorithm To Find A Rectangular Dual Of A Planar Triangulated Graph, A
* Odd Even Shifts In Simd Hypercubes
* Reconfigurable Mesh Algorithms For The Hough Transform
* Serial And Parallel Algorithms For The Medial Axis Transform
* String Editing On An Simd Hypercube Multicomputer
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Sahoo, P. Co Author Listing * Threshold Selection Using Renyi'S Entropy

Sahoo, P.K. Co Author Listing * Gray-Level Threshold Selection Method Based On Maximum Entropy Principle, A
* New Method For Gray-Level Picture Thresholding Using The Entropy Of The Histogram, A
* Survey Of Thresholding Techniques, A

Sahota, T.S. Co Author Listing * Surface Curvature As A Measure Of Image Texture

Sahouria, E. Co Author Listing * Content Analysis Of Video Using Principal Components
* Motion Indexing Of Video

Sahr, J.D. Co Author Listing * On The Design Of Quadratic Filters With Application To Image Processing

Saia, A. Co Author Listing * Boundary Evaluation Using Inner And Outer Sets: The Isos Method

Saic, S. Co Author Listing * Feature Selection Algorithm And Cobweb Correlation
* Image Features Invariant With Respect To Blur
* Recognition Of Blurred Images By The Method Of Moments

Said, F. Co Author Listing * Sequential Method Of Extracting Contour Chains From An Image, A

Said, H.B. Co Author Listing * Generalized Ball Curve And Its Recursive Algorithm, A

Said, J.N. Co Author Listing * Recursive Thresholding Technique For Image Segmentation, A

Saikia, D.K. Co Author Listing * Significance Of Group Delay Functions In Signal Reconstruction From Spectral Magnitude Or Phase

Sainath, S. Co Author Listing * Approximate Algorithm For Structural Matching Of Images, An

Saint Jean, P. Co Author Listing * Pretopological Texture Model, A Multiparametric Image Model, And A Hierarchical Classification Method For The Analysis Of Digitized Images, A
Includes: Saint Jean, P. Saint-Jean, P.

Saint Marc, P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Smoothing For Feature Extraction
* Adaptive Smoothing: A General Tool For Early Vision
* Adaptive Smoothing: A General Tool For Early Vision
* B-Snakes: Implementation And Application To Stereo
* B-Spline Contour Representation And Symmetry Detection
* B-Spline Contour Representation And Symmetry Detection
* Building An Accurate Range Finder With Off The Shelf Components
* Generic Bridge Finder, A
* Pattern Recognition By Traversal Of Connected Components Of A Line Segments Field
* Robustness Of Model-Based Recognition In Cluttered Images
* Structural Filtering From Curvature Information
* Versatile Pc-Based Range Finding System, A
Includes: Saint Marc, P. Saint-Marc, P.
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Saintourens, M. Co Author Listing * Animation Of A B-Spline Figure

Saito, H. Co Author Listing * Application Of Genetic Algorithms To Stereo Matching Of Images
* Divide-And-Conquer Strategy In Shape From Shading Problem, A
* Estimation Of 3-D Parametric Models From Shading Image Using Genetic Algorithms
* Object Modeling From Multiple Images Using Genetic Algorithms

Saito, M. Co Author Listing * Image Communications And Workstations (Santa Clara, Ca, February 12-13

Saito, N. Co Author Listing * Generalized E-Filter And Its Application To Edge Detection
* Local Discriminant Bases And Their Applications

Saito, T. Co Author Listing * Comprehensible Rendering Of 3-D Shapes
* Extended Block-Matching Algorithms For Estimating Multiple Image Motions
* High-Resolution Image Acquisition Based On Temporal Integration With Hierarchical Estimation Of Image Warping
* Map: Multi-Angled Parallelism For Feature Extraction From Topographic Maps
* Nc Machining With G-Buffer Method
* New Algorithms For Euclidean Distance Transformation Of An N-Dimensional Digitized Picture With Applications
* Nonlinear Normalization Method For Handprinted Kanji Character Recognition-Line Density Equalization, A
* Rational-Ruled Surfaces: Implicitization And Section Curves
* Recognition Of Handprinted Characters In The First Level Of Jis Chinese Characters
* Recognition Of Handprinted Chinese Characters And Japanese Cursive Syllabary
* Robust Object-Specified Active Contour Model For Tracking Smoothly Deformable Line-Features And Its Application To Outdoor Moving Image Processing, A
* Simple Cue-Based Method For Camera Calibration And 3-D Shape Measurement With A Single Moving Camera, A
* Structural And Behavioral Equivalence Relations In Automata Networks
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Saito, Y. Co Author Listing * Extraction Of Tv News Articles Based On Scene Cut Detection Using Dct Clustering

Saitoh, T. Co Author Listing * Distance Transformation And Skeleton For Shape Feature Analysis

Saitoh, Y. Co Author Listing * Shape Extraction Of Transparent Object Using Genetic Algorithm

Sajda, P. Co Author Listing * Learning Hierarchical Representations Of Objects
* Neural Network/Pyramid Architectures That Learn Target Context
* Object Segmentation And Binding Within A Biologically-Based Neural Network Model Of Depth-From-Occlusion

Saji, H. Co Author Listing * Recognition Of Facial Expressions Using Muscle-Based Feature Models

Sakaga, I. Co Author Listing * Recognition Of Handprinted Characters In The First Level Of Jis Chinese Characters

Sakaguchi, T. Co Author Listing * Face Feature Extraction From Spatial Frequency For Dynamic Expression Recognition

Sakai, K. Co Author Listing * Shape-From-Texture Algorithm Based On Human Visual Psychophysics, A

Sakai, R. Co Author Listing * Moving Object Recognition In Eigenspace Representation: Gait Analysis And Lip Reading

Sakai, T. Co Author Listing * Efficient Diagram Understanding With Characteristic Pattern Detection
* Fair Copy Reproducing Algorithms From Roughly Sketched Diagrams
* Macsym: A Hierarchical Parallel Image Processing System For Event Driven Pattern Understanding Of Documents
* Mesh-Oriented Line Drawings Theory (Mold Theory)
* Several Approaches To Development Of On-Line Handwritten Character Input Equipment
* Uncertainty Reduction Paradigm Using Structural Knowledge In Line-Drawing Understanding

Sakai, Y. Co Author Listing * Compression Coding Of Moving Contours On Spatio-Temporal 2-D Plane

Sakaida, Y. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Pose Estimation Based On Iterative Image Matching: Shading And Edge Data Fusion
* 3-D Object Pose Estimation By Shading And Edge Data Fusion--Simulating Virtual Manipulation On Mental Images

Sakakura, T. Co Author Listing * Line Filtering And Its Application To Stroke Segmentation Of Handprinted Chinese Characters

Sakalli, M. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Multi-Stage Compression Of Human Face Images
* Shivering Greedy Snakes, Gradient-Guided In Wavelet Domain

Sakamoto, M. Co Author Listing * Note On Three-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines With Space Smaller Than Log M, A
* Three-Dimensional Alternating Turing Machines With Only Universal States

Sakamoto, S. Co Author Listing * Multiple-Baseline Stereo For Precise Human Face Acquisition, A

Sakane, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Sensor System For Teaching Robot Paths And Environments, A
* Planning Focus Of Attention For Multifingered Hand With Consideration Of Time-Varying Aspects

Sakas, G. Co Author Listing * Modeling And Animating Turbulent Gaseous Phenomena Using Spectral Synthesis
* Photorealistic Rendering Techniques, Springer
* Sampling And Anti-Aliasing Of Discrete 3-D Volume Density Textures

Sakata, S. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction Of Surfaces Of 3-D Objects By M-Array Pattern Projection Method

Sakauchi, M. Co Author Listing * Ai-Mudams: The Drawing Processor Based On The Multidimensional Pattern Data Structure, The
* Color Video Image Quantization Method With Stable And Efficient Color Selection Capability, A
* Data Structures For Multi-Layer N-Dimensional Data Using Hierarchical Structure
* Database Capture System For Mechanical Drawings Using An Efficient Multi-Dimensional Graphical Data Structure, A
* Detection Of Regions Matching Specified Chromatic Features
* Drawing Image Understanding Using State Transition Models
* Efficient Data Management Method For Spatial Objects Using Md-Tree-Experimental Evaluation And Comparisons, An
* Efficient Intermediary Shape Representation For Graphical Data
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On 3d Image Processing
* Md-Tree: A Balanced Hierarchical Data Structure For Multi-Dimensional Data With Highly Efficient Dynamic Characteristics
* One Method Of Structural Description Rule Extraction Based On Graphical And Spatial Relations
* Software Multimedia Platform With Real-Time Video Manipulation Capability, A
* Tree-Type Line Data Management Structure For Efficient Interactive Graphics, A
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Sakaue, K. Co Author Listing * Affine Epipolar Geometry Via Factorization Method
* Automatic Generation Of Image Processing Programs By Knowledge-Based Verification
* Miracle-Iv: Multiple Image Recognition System Aiming Concept Learning-Intelligent Vision
* Registration And Integration Of Multiple Range Images For 3-D Model Construction
* Utilization Of Stereo Disparity And Optical Flow Information For Human Interaction

Sakita, K. Co Author Listing * Drawing Scene Perception Model Based On The Human Visual System, A

Sako, H. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition Based On Features' Positions And Dimensions
* Real-Time Facial-Feature Tracking Based On Matching Techniques And Its Applications

Sakoda, B. Co Author Listing * Interactive Road Finding For Aerial Images

Sakoe, H. Co Author Listing * Monotonic And Continuous Two-Dimensional Warping Based On Dynamic Programming, A

Sakomoto, M. Co Author Listing * Two Topics Concerning Two-Dimensional Automata Operating In Parallel

Sakurai, H. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Shape Features In Solid Models

Sakurai, K. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of A Road Image As Seen From A Vehicle

Sakurai, Y. Co Author Listing * Training System For Well-Writing Based On On-Line Character Recognition

Sakuramoto, I. Co Author Listing * Two Topics Concerning Two-Dimensional Automata Operating In Parallel

Salama, G.I. Co Author Listing * Moment Invariants And Quantization Effects

Salapatek, P. Co Author Listing * Handbook Of Infant Perception (Volume 1: From Sensation To Perception; Volume 2: From Perception To Cognition), Academic Press, Orlando

Salari, E. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Image Deformation Under Orthographic Projection And Flow Parameter Estimation
* Method To Calculate The Structure And Motion Parameters From Line Correspondences, A
* Recognition Of Partially Occluded Objects Using B-Spline Representation
* Ridge-Seeking Method For Obtaining The Skeleton Of Digital Images, The
* Texture Segmentation Using Hierarchical Wavelet Decomposition

Salari, V. Co Author Listing * Correspondence In Presence Of Occlusion
* Feature Point Correspondence In The Presence Of Occlusion
* Feature Point Matching In Image Sequences
* Feature Point Matching Using Temporal Smoothness In Velocity
* Image Sequence Segmentation Using Motion Coherence

Salay, R. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Constellation Matching, An

Salden, A.H. Co Author Listing * Complete And Irreducible Set Of Locally Orthogonal Invariant Features Of 2-Dimensional Images, A
* Differential And Integral Geometry Of Linear Scale-Spaces
* Higher Order Differential Structure Of Images
* Linear Scale-Space Theory From Physical Principles
* Nonlinear Diffusion Of Scalar Images Using Well-Posed Differential Operators
* Nonlinear Scale-Space

Saleh, A.O.M. Co Author Listing * Preprocessing Algorithm For Hand-Written Character Recognition, A

Saleh, B.E.A. Co Author Listing * Image Design: Generation Of A Prescribed Image Through A Diffraction-Limited System With High-Contrast Recording
* Synthesis Of Two-Dimensional Binary Images Through Band-Limited Systems: A Slicing Method

Salem, G.J. Co Author Listing * Neural Network Approach To The Labeling Of Line Drawings, A

Salembier, P. Co Author Listing * Antiextensive Connected Operators For Image And Sequence Processing
* Binary Partition Tree As An Efficient Representation For Filtering, Segmentation And Information Retrieval
* Flat Zones Filtering, Connected Operators, And Filters By Reconstruction
* Structuring Element Adaptation For Morphological Filters

Salemi, B. Co Author Listing * Veil: Combining Semantic Knowledge With Image Understanding

Salerno, E. Co Author Listing * Motion-Based Segmentation By Means Of Active Contours
* Some Theoretical Aspects Of A Backscattering Based Tomographic Imaging Technique

Salesin, D. Co Author Listing * Constructing Strongly Convex Approximation Hulls With Inaccurate Primitives
* Rendering Csg Models With A Zz-Buffer

Salesin, D.H. Co Author Listing * Computer-Generated Watercolor
* Fast And Accurate Light Reflection Model, A
* Fast Multiresolution Image Querying
* Importance-Driven Radiosity Algorithm, An
* Multiresolution Curves
* Multiresolution Video
* Orientable Textures For Image-Based Pen-And-Ink Illustration
* Rendering Antialiased Shadows With Depth Maps
* Reproducing Color Images As Duotones
* Synthesizing Realistic Facial Expressions From Photographs
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Salgado, L. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Foe Localization, An
* Contourless Region-Based Video Coding For Very Low Bit-Rates

Salgian, G. Co Author Listing * Electronically Directed ``Focal'' Stereo
* Looming Detection In Log-Polar Coordinates
* Visual Routines For Autonomous Driving

Sali, E. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Novel 3-D Objects Under New Illumination And Viewing Position Using A Small Number Of Example Views Or Even A Single View

Salisbury, M.P. Co Author Listing * Orientable Textures For Image-Based Pen-And-Ink Illustration

Salkauskas, K. Co Author Listing * Curve And Surface Fitting, Academic Press, Orlando

Sallam, M. Co Author Listing * Computing The Generalized Aspect Graph For Objects With Moving Parts
* Computing The Visual Potential Of An Articulated Assembly Of Parts
* Generalizing The Aspect Graph Concept To Include Articulated Assemblies
* Model Based Estimation Of Point Correspondences Between Boundaries Undergoing Nonrigid Motion
* Point Correspondence In Unstructured Nonrigid Motion

Salman, M. Co Author Listing * Layered Representation For Model-Based Filtering And Recognition, A

Salminen, J. Co Author Listing * Experimental Study Of Low Cost Image Workstation Architectures, An

Salmon, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Creation Of Object Hierarchies For Ray Tracing

Salmon, R. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphics: Systems And Concepts, Addison-Wesley, Reading

Salo, J. Co Author Listing * Developing Applications For The Parallel Tamips Image Processor

Salomaa, A. Co Author Listing * Decision Problems For Patterns
* Lindenmeyer Systems-Impacts On Theoretical Computer Science, Computer Graphics, And Developmental Biology, Springer
* Systolic Trellis Automata: Stability, Decidability And Complexity

Salomaa, K. Co Author Listing * Decision Problems For Patterns

Salomon, D. Co Author Listing * Data Compression: The Ultimate Reference, Springer

Salotti, M. Co Author Listing * Low Level Vision As The Opportunist Scheduling Of Incremental Edge And Region Detection Processes
* New Paradigm For Segmentation, A

Saltz, J. Co Author Listing * High Performance Computing For Land Cover Dynamics

Salvatore, U. Co Author Listing * Vanishing Point Detection By A Voting Scheme

Salvetti, O. Co Author Listing * Interactive Processing And Archiving Of Images

Salvi, J. Co Author Listing * Recent Progress In Coded Structured Light As A Technique To Solve The Correspondence Problem: A Survey
* Robust-Coded Pattern Projection For Dynamic 3d Scene Measurement, A

Salz, J. Co Author Listing * Algorithms For Estimation Of Three-Dimensional Motion

Salzenstein, F. Co Author Listing * Parameter Estimation In Hidden Fuzzy Markov Random Fields And Image Segmentation

Salzman, D. Co Author Listing * Rapid Hierarchical Radiosity Algorithm, A

Salzman, D.B. Co Author Listing * Method Of General Moments For Orienting 2d Projections Of Unknown 3d Objects, A

Samadani, R. Co Author Listing * Changes In Connectivity In Active Contour Models

Samal, A. Co Author Listing * 2-D Scene Analysis Using Split-Level Relaxation
* Automatic Recognition And Analysis Of Human Faces And Facial Expressions: A Survey
* Cagd-Based 3-D Visual Recognition
* Design Of A Dynamically Reconfigurable, Integrated, Parallel Vision System
* Devious: A Distributed Environment For Vision Tasks
* Generalized Hough Transform For Natural Shapes
* Human Face Perception In Degraded Images
* Multiconstraint Shape Analysis
* Parallel Consistent Labeling Algorithms
* Parallel Split-Level Relaxation
* Parallel Split-Level Relaxation
* Recognizing Plants Using Stochastic L-Systems
* Shape Grammar Compilers
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Samanta, G.P. Co Author Listing * Elliptic Fit Of Objects In Two And Three Dimensions By Moment Of Inertia Optimization

Samantaray, A.K. Co Author Listing * Fast Sequental Algorithm For Pixel Gray Level Ranking In Adaptive Rank Filters Applied To Digital Images, A

Samarabandu, J. Co Author Listing * Multi-Resolution Texture Analysis Of Self-Similar Textures Using Hierarchical Gaussian Markov Random Field Models

Samaras, D. Co Author Listing * Incorporating Illumination Constraints In Deformable Models

Samarasekera, S. Co Author Listing * Content Based Active Video Data Acquistion Via Automated Cameramen
* Fuzzy Connectedness And Object Definition: Theory, Algorithms, And Applications In Image Segmentation
* User-Steered Image Segmentation Paradigms: Live Wire And Live Lane

Samaria, F. Co Author Listing * Hmm-Based Architecture For Face Identification

Sameh, A. Co Author Listing * International Journal Of High Speed Computing

Sameh, A.H. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Parallel And Distributed Algorithms

Samek, M. Co Author Listing * Texture Mapping And Distortion In Digital Graphics

Samet, H. Co Author Listing * Accessability: A New Approach To Path Planning Among Moving Obstacles
* Algorithm To Expand Regions Represented By Linear Quadtrees
* Algorithms For The Conversion Of Quadtrees To Rasters
* Applications Of Spatial Data Structures, Addison-Wesley, Reading
* Applications Of Spatial Data Structures, Addison-Wesley, Reading
* Approximating Csg Trees Of Moving Objects
* Approximation And Compression Of Images Using Quadtrees
* Bintrees, Csg Trees, And Time
* Comparison Of The Space Requirements Of Multi-Dimensional Quadtree-Based File Structures, A
* Computing Geometric Properties Of Images Represented By Linear Quadtrees
* Consistent Hierarchical Representation For Vector Data, A
* Data Structures For Quadtree Approximation And Compression
* Decomposing A Window Into Maximal Quadtree Blocks
* Design And Analysis Of Spatial Data Structures, Addison-Wesley, Reading, The
* Design And Analysis Of Spatial Data Structures, Addison-Wesley, Reading, The
* Differential Code For Shape Representation In Image Database Applications, A
* Digitizing The Plane With Cells Of Nonuniform Size
* Efficient Component Labeling Of Images Of Arbitrary Dimension Represented By Linear Bintrees
* Efficient Octree Conversion By Connectivity Labeling
* Fast Quadtree Normalization Algorithm, A
* General Approach To Connected-Component Labeling For Arbitrary Image Representations, A
* Geographic Information System Using Quadtrees, A
* Hierarchical Data Structures And Algorithms For Computer Graphics
* Hierarchical Data Structures And Algorithms For Computer Graphics. Part I: Fundamentals
* Hierarchical Representations Of Collections Of Small Rectangles
* Hierarchical Strategy For Path Planning Among Moving Obstacles, A
* Implementing Ray Tracing With Octrees And Neighbor Finding
* Improved Approach To Connected Component Labeling Of Images, An
* Linear-Time Border-Tracing Algorithms For Quadtrees
* Marco: Map Retrieval By Content
* Model For The Analysis Of Neighbor Finding In Pointer-Based Quadtrees, A
* Neighbor Finding In Images Represented By Octrees
* New Region Expansion For Quadtrees, A
* On Encoding Boundaries With Quadtrees
* Optimal Quadtree Construction Algorithm, An
* Optimal Quadtree Construction Algorithms
* Pictorial Queries By Image Similarity
* Pictorial Query Trees For Query Specification In Image Databases
* Planning A Time-Minimal Motion Among Moving Obstacles
* Probabilistic Analysis Of Hierarchical Geometric Data Structures, A
* Processing Geographic Data With Quadtrees
* Quadtree And Related Hierarchical Data Structures, The
* Quadtree Region Representation In Cartography: Experimental Results
* Recent Developments In Linear Quadtree-Based Geographic Information Systems
* Reconstruction Of Quadtrees From Quadtree Medial Axis Transforms
* Review Of Hierarchical Representations Of Shape And Some Applications, A
* Segment Quadtree: A Linear Quadtree-Based Representation For Linear Features, The
* Set Operations For Unaligned Linear Quadtrees
* Storing A Collection Of Polygons Using Quadtrees
* Top-Down Quadtree Traversal Algorithm, A
* Tutorial On Quadtree Research, A
* Using Quadtrees To Represent Spatial Data
* Using Spatial Sorting And Ranking In Model-Based Object Recognition
* Using Topological Sweep To Extract The Boundaries Of Regions In Maps Represented By Region Quadtrees
* Vertex Representations And Their Applications In Computer Graphics
55 for Samet, H.

Samil, A. Co Author Listing * Human Face Detection Using Silhouettes

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* Acquisition Of Randomly Oriented Workpieces Through Structure Matching

Samy, R. Co Author Listing * Depth-From-Motion Estimation Based On A Multiscale Analysis Of Motion Constraint Equation Validity

Samy, R.A. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Scene Analysis And Video Target Tracking
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* Matching Images Uisng Motion Features

Sanadi, H. Co Author Listing * Data Structure Suitable For Representing The Calligraphic Rules For Chinese Character Evaluation, A

Sanchez A., V.D. Co Author Listing * Neurocomputing

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Includes: Sanchez Reyes, J. Sanchez-Reyes, J.

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* Real-Time Visual Sensing For Task Planning In A Field Navigation Vehicle
* Using Neural Networks To Detect Dominant Points In Chain-Coded Contours

Sand, F. Co Author Listing * Asymptotic Granulometric Mixing Theorem: Morphological Estimation Of Sizing Parameters And Mixture Proportions
* Asymptotic Normality Of The Morphological Pattern-Spectrum Moments And Orthogonal Granulometric Generators
* Representation Of Linear Granulometric Moments For Deterministic And Random Binary Euclidean Images
* Statistics Of The Morphological Pattern-Spectrum Moments For A Random Grain Model

Sandakly, F. Co Author Listing * Reasoning Strategies For 3d Object Detection
* Scene Analysis System

Sandberg, J.S. Co Author Listing * Method For Drawing Graphs, A

Sander, P. Co Author Listing * From Voxel To Curvature
* Reconstructing Surfaces From Unstructured 3d Points
* Segmenting Unstructured 3d Points Into Surfaces

Sander, P.T. Co Author Listing * Charting Surface Structure
* Computing Principal Direction Fields As Frame Bundle Cross Sections
* Estimating Curvature By Kalman Filters
* From Voxel To Intrinsic Surface Features
* From Voxels To Curvature Features
* Generic Curvature Features From 3-D Images
* Hierarchical Region Based Stereo Matching
* Inferring Surface Trace And Differential Structure From 3-D Images
* Singularities Of Principal Direction Fields From 3-D Images
* Singularities Of Principal Direction Fields From 3-D Images
* Stable Surface Estimation
* Tracing Surfaces For Surfacing Traces
12 for Sander, P.T.

Sander, W.A. Co Author Listing * Quantization Error In Spatial Sampling: Comparison Between Square And Hexagonal Pixels
Includes: Sander, W.A. Sander III, W.A.

Sanders, C. Co Author Listing * Ridge And Ravine Detection In Digital Images

Sanders, J.S. Co Author Listing * Natural And Artificial Compound Eye Sensors, Spie, Bellingham

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Sanderson, A. Co Author Listing * Cbcv: A Cad-Based Computer Vision System

Sanderson, A.C. Co Author Listing * Assembly Sequence Planning
* Comparison Of Methods And Computation For Multi-Resolution Low-And Band-Pass Transforms For Image Processing, A
* Converging Squares Algorithm: An Efficient Method For Locating Peaks In Multidimensions, The
* Dynamic Sensor-Based Control Of Robots With Visual Feedback
* Multiple Resolution Representation And Probabilistic Matching Of 2-D Gray Scale Shape
* Multiple Resolution Representation And Probabilistic Matching Of 2-D Gray-Scale Shape
* Planning Robotic Manipulation Strategies For Workpieces That Slide
* Planning Sensorless Robot Manipulation Of Sliding Objects
* Reachable Grasps On A Polygon: The Convex Rope Algorithm
* Segmentation Of Images Based On Intensity Gradient Information
* Some Extensions Of The Converging Squares Algorithm For Image Feature Analysis
* Special Issue On Neural And Sensory Information Processing, T-Smc 13(5)
* Specular Surface Inspection Using Structured Highlight And Gaussian Images
* Structured Highlight Inspection Of Specular Surfaces
* Symbol Recognition In Electrical Diagrams Using Probabilistic Graph Matching
* Wedge Filter Technique For Convex Boudnary Estimation, The
16 for Sanderson, A.C.

Sandford, L. Co Author Listing * On Using Geometric Distance Fits To Estimate 3d Object Shape: Form And Deformation From Range, Ct, And Video Images
* Using Geometric Distance Fits For 3-D Object Modeling And Recognition

Sandin, D.J. Co Author Listing * Ray Tracing Deterministic 3-D Fractals

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* Divergent Stereo For Robot Navigation: Learning From Bees
* Divergent Stereo In Autonomous Navigation: From Bees To Robots
* Dynamic Aspects In Active Vision
* Dynamic Stereo In Visual Navigation
* Dynamic Vergence Using Log-Polar Images
* Estimation Of Depth From Motion Using An Anthropomorphic Visual Sensor
* From Early Processing To Conceptual Reasoning: An Attempt To Fill The Gap
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: 2nd European Conference On Computer Vision
* On The Advantages Of Polar And Log-Polar Mapping For Direct Estimation Of Time-To-Impact From Optical Flow
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* Systolic Convolver For Parallel Multiresolution Edge Detection, A
* Uncalibrated Obstacle Detection Using Normal Flow
* Vergence And Tracking Fusing Log-Polar Images
* Videre: A Journal Of Computer Vision Research
* Visual Behaviors For Docking
* Visually Guided Mobile Robot Acting In Indoor Environments, A
* ``Form-Invariant'' Topological Mapping Strategy For 2d Shape Recognition
26 for Sandini, G.

Sandler, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient Parallel Implementation Of The Hough Transform On A Distributed Memory System
* Synchronous Multiprocessor Implementation Of The Hough Transform

Sandler, M.B. Co Author Listing * Binary Hough Transform And Its Efficient Implementation In A Systolic Array Architecture, A
* Combinatorial Hough Transform, A
* Comparative Evaluation Of Fast Thinning Algorithms On A Multiprocessor Architecture
* Complete Shape Recognition System Using The Hough Transform And Neural Network, A
* Detecting Digital Straight Line Segments In O(N[2])
* Effective Detection Of Digital Bar Segments With Hough Transforms

Sandness, G. Co Author Listing * Koch Curves As Attractors And Repellers

Sandon, P.A. Co Author Listing * Control Of Eye And Arm Movements Using Active, Attentional Vision
* Pyramid Implementation Using A Reconfigurable Array Of Processors, A

Sandor, J. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphics On A Hexagonal Grid
* Octree Data Structures And Perspective Imagery
* Statistical Pattern Matching

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* Shifted Fovea Multiresolution Geometries

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* Low Cost Architecture For Structure Measure Distance Computation
* Sensibility, Relative Error And Error Probability Of Projective Invariants Of Planar Surfaces Of 3d Objects
* Special Issue: Advances In Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* Structural Pattern Analysis, World Scientific
* Structural Similarity Measures For Classifying 2d And 3d Partially Hidden, Occluded And Deformed Objects
* Syntactic And Structural Pattern Recognition-Theory And Applications, World Scientific
10 for Sanfeliu, A.

Sanford, J.P. Co Author Listing * Spline-Based Recognition Of Straight Lines And Curves In Engineering Line Drawings
* Technique For Encoding Lines And Regions In Engineering Drawings, A

Sangiovanni Vincentelli, A. Co Author Listing * Guest Ed., Special Issue-Simulated Annealing
Includes: Sangiovanni Vincentelli, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, A.

Sangwarasil, M. Co Author Listing * Shape And Source From Shading Using Zero Crossings

Sangworasil, M. Co Author Listing * New Method Of Estimating Shape From Shading By Using A Constraint At Zero-Crossings Of Image Brightness, A

Sanjay Gopal, S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Pixel Classification Using Spatially Variant Finite Mixtures And The Generalized Em Algorithm
Includes: Sanjay Gopal, S. Sanjay-Gopal, S.

Sankar, P.V. Co Author Listing * Biomedical Image Analysis
* Efficient Two-Dimensional Filters Using B-Spline Functions
* Minimal Rectangular Partitions Of Digitized Blobs
* Reconstructing A Network Of Three-Dimensional Curves From A Small Number Of Projections
* Recursive Algorithms For Implementing Digital Image Filters
* Simple Algorithms And Architectures For B-Spline Interpolation

Sankara Rao, K. Co Author Listing * New Algorithm For Real-Time Median Filtering, A

Sankur, B. Co Author Listing * Generalized Distance Based Matching Of Nonbinary Images
* Multiband And Multiscale Edge Detection Via M-Band Wavelet Transform
* Transformation Of A General 3d Facial Model To An Actual Scene Face

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* Approach To The Decomposition Of Complex Figures, An
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* Coarse-To-Fine Skeletons From Grey-Level Pyramids
* Computing Voronoi Diagrams In Digital Pictures
* Context Dependent Smoothing Of Figures Represented By Their Medial Axis Transform
* Contour Characterization For Multiply Connected Figures, A
* Euclidean Skeleton Via Centre-Of-Maximal-Disc Extraction
* Filling And Analysing Concavities Of Digital Patterns Parallelwise
* Finding Local Maxima In A Pseudo-Euclidean Distance Transform
* Geometric Properties Of The Union Of Maximal Neighborhoods
* Hierarchical Decomposition Of Distance Labeled Skeletons
* Methods For Hierarchical Analysis Of Concavities
* Multiresolution Skeletonization In Binary Pyramids
* O(N) Computation Of Projections And Moments From The Labeled Skeleton
* On The Simplicity Of Digital Curves And Contours
* One-Pass Two-Operation Process To Detect The Skeletal Pixels On The 4-Distance Transform, A
* Parallel Pattern Compression By Octagonal Propagation
* Parallel Smoothing And Decomposition Of Digital Shapes Using A Multiresolution Structure
* Path-Based Distance Skeleton: A Flexible Tool To Analyse Silhouette Shape, The
* Picture Editing By Simultaneously Smoothing Figure Protrusions And Dents
* Progress In Image Analsyis And Processing (Proceedings Of The Fifth International Conference, Positano, Italy, September 20-22, 1989), World Scientific
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* Ridge Points In Euclidean Distance Maps
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* Width-Independent Fast Thinning Algorithm, A
32 for Sanniti di Baja, G.

Sannomiya, K. Co Author Listing * High-Speed And Continuous 3d Measurement System, A

Sannoniya, K. Co Author Listing * High Speed And Continuous 3-D Measurement System

Sano, M. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Spherical Correlation

Sanocki, T. Co Author Listing * Comparison Of Edge Detectors | A Methodology And Initial Study
* Comparison Of Edge Detectors: A Methodology And Initial Study
* Effect Of Edge Strength On Object Recognition From Edge Images, The
* Robust Visual Method For Assessing The Relative Performance Of Edge Detection Algorithms, A

Sansoe, C. Co Author Listing * Paprica-3: A Real-Time Morphological Image Processor

Sanson, H. Co Author Listing * Relative Depth Estimation Of Video Objects For Image Interpolation
* Robust Segmentation Of Moving Image Sequences
* Toward A Robust Parametric Identification Of Motion On Regions Of Arbitrary Shape By Non-Linear Optimization

Sansone, C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithm For The Inexact Matching Of Arg Graphs Using A Contextual Transformational Model, An
* Graph Matching: A Fast Algorithm And Its Evaluation

Santago, P. Co Author Listing * Statistical Models Of Partial Volume Effect

Santamaria, J. Co Author Listing * Application Of The Wigner Distribution For Image Representation And Analysis
* Hexadecagonal Region Growing

Santerini, D. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For The Localization Of Rotated And Scaled Objects, An

Santillana Rivero, J. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Likelihood Approach For Region Segmentation According To Motion-Based Criteria, A

Santin, P. Co Author Listing * Project For Faint Object Discrimination In Astronomy, A
* Shape Information Extraction In Noisy Environments

Santini, S. Co Author Listing * Do Images Mean Anything?
* Dynamic Neural Estimation For Autonomous Vehicles Driving
* Event Management Architecture For Activity Recognition In A Multi-Stream Video Database, An
* Gabor Space And The Development Of Preattentive Similarity
* In Search Of Information In Visual Media
* Multilayer Massively Parallel Architecture For Optical Flow Computation, A
* Multiple Perspective Interactive Video Architecture For Vsam, A
* Optical Flow By Nonlinear Relaxation
* Optical Flow Through Relaxation In The Velocity Space
* Similarity Queries In Image Databases
* Video Processing And Integration From Multiple Cameras
11 for Santini, S.

Santoro, N. Co Author Listing * Computational Geometry Algorithms For The Systolic Screen
* Geometric Containment And Vector Dominance

Santos Victor, J. Co Author Listing * Direct Egomotion Estimation
* Divergent Stereo For Robot Navigation: Learning From Bees
* Divergent Stereo In Autonomous Navigation: From Bees To Robots
* Egomotion Estimation On A Topological Space
* Egomotion Estimation Using Log-Polar Images
* Robust Egomotion Estimation From The Normal Flow Using Search Subspaces
* Uncalibrated Obstacle Detection Using Normal Flow
* Visual Behaviors For Docking
Includes: Santos Victor, J. Santos-Victor, J.
8 for Santos Victor, J.

Santos, J.A. Co Author Listing * Optical Flow Techniques Applied To The Calibration Of Visual Perception Experiments

Sanz, J. Co Author Listing * Experimental System For Disk Head Inspection, An
* Machine Vision And Applications, Springer
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* Vlsi Implementation Of Pppe For Real-Time Image Processing In Radon Space-Work In Progress, A

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Sanz, J.L.C. Co Author Listing * Advances In Machine Vision, Springer
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* Algorithms For Massively Parallel Image Processing Architectures
* Analysis Of Optical Flow Constraints
* Architecture For Region Boundary Extraction In Raster Scan Images Suitable For Vlsi Implementation, An
* Comments On ``Direct Fourier Reconstruction In Computer Tomography''
* Computing Geometrical Features Of Digital Objects In General Purpose Image Processing Pipeline Architectures
* Computing Minima And Maxima Of Digital Images In Pipeline Image Processing Systems Without Hardware Comparators
* Computing Multi-Colored Polygonal Masks In Pipeline Architectures And Its Application To Automated Visual Inspection
* Conformal Mapping-Based Image Processing: Theory And Applications
* Conformal Mapping-Based Image Processing: Theory And Applications
* Contam: An Edge-Based Approach To Segmenting Images With Irregular Objects
* Control Free, Low-Level Image Segmentation: Theory, Architecture; And Experimentation
* Erew Pram Algorithm For Image Component Labeling, An
* Erew Pram And Mesh Connected Computer Algorithms For Image Component Labeling
* Guest Ed., Special Issue On Industrial Machine Vision And Computer Vision Technology, T-Pami 10 (1 And 3)
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Industrial Machine Vision Applications, Mva 4(1)
* Hough Transform Has O(N) Complexity On N X N Mesh Connected Computers, The
* Hough Transform Has O(N) Complexity On Simd Nxn Mesh Array Architectures, The
* Hypercube And Shuffle-Exchange Algorithms For Image Component Labeling
* Image Analysis Methods For Solder-Ball Inspection In Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
* Image Reconstruction From Frequency-Offset Fourier Data
* Image Representation By Sign Information
* Image Technology--Advances In Image Processing, Multimedia, And Machine Vision, Springer
* Machine Vision Algorithms For Automated Inspection Of Thin-Film Disk Heads
* New Method For Computing Polygonal Masks In Image Processing Pipeline Architectures, A
* On The Reconstruction Of Band-Limited Multidimensional Signals From Algebraic Sampling Contours
* Optical Flow Computation Using Extended Constraints
* P3e: New Life For Projection-Based Image Processing
* Periodic Quasi-Orthogonal Spline Bases And Applications To Least-Squares Curve Fitting Of Digital Images
* Polynomial System Of Equations And Its Applications To The Study Of The Effect Of Noise On Multidimensional Fourier Transform Phase Retrieval From Magnitude
* Position Papers Presented At The Panel: Which Parallel Architectures Are Useful/Useless For Vision Algorithms
* Projection-Based Geometrical Feature Extraction For Computer Vision: Algorithms In Pipeline Architectures
* Radon And Projection Transform-Based Computer Vision Algorithms, A Pipeline Architecture, And Industrial Applications, Springer
* Simd Architectures And Algorithms For Image Processing And Computer Vision
* Unified Approach To Noniterative Linear Signal Restoration, A
37 for Sanz, J.L.C.

Saoudi, A. Co Author Listing * Basic Puzzle Grammars And Isosceles Right Triangles
* Basic Puzzle Languages
* Context-Sensitivity Of Puzzle Grammars
* Finite Images Generated By Gl-Systems
* Guest Eds., Special Issue-Parallel Image Analysis And Processing (Ube, Japan, December 21-23, 1992)
* On Parallel Recognition Of Two Classes Of 2-D Array Patterns
* On The Complexity Of The Recognition Of Parallel 2d-Image Languages
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* Parallel Algorithms For Multidimensional Image Template Matching
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* Quadtree Algorithm For Template Matching On A Pyramid Computer, A
* Quadtree Algorithms For Template Matching On Mesh Connected Computer
* Special Issue-Parallel Image Processing (Papers From The International Colloquium On Parallel Image Processing, Paris, France, June 17-19, 1991)
17 for Saoudi, A.

Sapidis, N. Co Author Listing * Curvature And The Fairness Of Curves And Surfaces

Sapidis, N.S. Co Author Listing * Direct Construction Of Polynomial Surfaces From Dense Range Images Through Growing

Sapiro, G. Co Author Listing * Affine Invariant Detection: Edges, Active Contours, And Segments
* Affine Invariant Medial Axis And Skew Symmetry
* Affine Invariant Scale-Space
* Anisotropic Diffusion Of Multivalued Images With Applications To Color Filtering
* Anisotropic Smoothing Of Posterior Probabilities
* Area And Length Preserving Geometric Invariant Scale-Spaces
* Area And Length Preserving Geometric Invariant Scale-Spaces
* Bilinear Voting
* Color Snakes
* Evolutions Of Planar Polygons
* From Active Contours To Anisotropic Diffusion: Connections Between Basic Pde'S In Image Processing
* Geodesic Active Contours
* Geodesic Active Contours
* Geometric Partial Differential Equations In Image Analysis: Past, Present, And Future
* Implementing Continuous-Scale Morphology Via Curve Evolution
* Knowledge-Based Segmentation Of Sar Images
* Minimal Surfaces Based Object Segmentation
* Morphing Active Contours: A Geometric Approach To Topology-Independent Image Segmentation And Tracking
* Robust Anisotropic Diffusion
* Segmenting Cortical Gray Matter For Functional Mri Visualization
* Special Issue On Partial Differential Equations And Geometry-Driven Diffusion In Image Processing And Analysis
* Subdivision Scheme For Continuous-Scale B-Splines And Affine-Invariant Progressive Smoothing, A
* Three Dimensional Object Modeling Via Minimal Surfaces
* Vector (Self) Snakes: A Geometric Framework For Color, Texture And Multiscale Image Segmentation
* Vector-Valued Active Contours
25 for Sapiro, G.

Sappa, A.D. Co Author Listing * Efficient Approximation Of Range Images Through Data-Dependent Adaptive Triangulations

Saquib, S.S. Co Author Listing * Non-Homogeneous Mrf Model For Multi-Resolution Bayesian Estimation, A

Sara, R. Co Author Listing * Fish-Scales: Representing Fuzzy Manifolds
* On Occluding Contour Artifacts In Stereo Vision

Saraceno, C. Co Author Listing * Identification Of Story Units In Audio-Visual Sequences By Joint Audio And Video Processing
* Identification Of Successive Correlated Camera Shots Using Audio And Video Information
* Indexing Audiovisual Databases Through Joint Audio And Video Processing

Sarachik, K. Co Author Listing * Dynamic World Modeling Using Vertical Line Stereo

Sarachik, K.B. Co Author Listing * Effect Of Gaussian Error In Object Recognition, The
* Effect Of Gaussian Error In Object Recognition, The
* Gaussian Error Models For Object Recognition

Saran, H. Co Author Listing * Covering Orthogonal Polygons With Star Polygons: The Perfect Graph Approach

Sardana, H.K. Co Author Listing * Global Description Of Edge Patterns Using Moments

Sarfraz, M. Co Author Listing * C<2> Rational Cubic Spline Alternative To The Nurbs, A

Sargent, J. Co Author Listing * Site-Model Construction Component Of The Radius Testbed System, The

Sargent, J.D. Co Author Listing * Imagery Exploitation Applications For Image Understanding
* Quick-Look: A New Way To Prioritize Imagery For Exploitation
* Radius Concept Definition Experiments

Sargent, R. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Object Capture Using Fast Vision Tracking, Ai Magazine 181

Sari Sarraf, H. Co Author Listing * Automated Iterative Noise Filtering
Includes: Sari Sarraf, H. Sari-Sarraf, H.

Sarig, Y. Co Author Listing * Near-Minimum-Time Task Planning For Fruit-Picking Robots

Sarkar, A. Co Author Listing * Identification Approach For 2-D Autoregressive Models In Describing Textures, An
* New Approach For Subset 2-D Ar Model Identification For Describing Textures, A
* Shape Description By Time Series
* Unified Approach For Image Segmentation Using Exact Statistics, A

Sarkar, D. Co Author Listing * Boolean Function-Based Approach For Encoding Of Binary Images
* Operations On Binary Images Encoded As Minimized Boolean Functions
* Simple Algorithm For Detection Of Significant Vertices For Polygonal Approximation Of Chain-Coded Curves, A
* Translation And Rotation Of Binary Images Encoded As Minimized Boolean Functions

Sarkar, N. Co Author Listing * Detection And Gradation Of Oriented Texture
* Efficient Approach To Compute Fractal Dimension In Texture Image, An
* Efficient Approach To Estimate Fractal Dimension Of Textural Images, An
* Efficient Differential Box-Counting Approach To Compute Fractal Dimension Of Image, An
* Knowledge Representation For Vision: An Associative Network For Single Object Representation And Recognition
* Texture Segmentation Using Fractal Dimension

Sarkar, S. Co Author Listing * Approximate Algorithm For Structural Matching Of Images, An
* Automated Design Of Bayesian Perceptual Inference Networks
* Comparison Of Edge Detectors | A Methodology And Initial Study
* Comparison Of Edge Detectors: A Methodology And Initial Study
* Computational Structure For Preattentive Perceptual Organization: Graphical Enumeration And Voting Methods, A
* Computer Perceptual Organization In Computer Vision, World Scientific
* Computing Perceptual Organization Using Voting Methods And Graphical Enumeration
* Computing The Shape Of A Point Set In Digital Images
* Dynamic Edge Warping: Experiments In Disparity Estimation Under Weak Constraints
* Dynamic Edge Warping: An Experimental System For Recovering Disparity Maps In Weakly Constrained Systems
* Effect Of Edge Strength On Object Recognition From Edge Images, The
* Efficient Nonlinear Finite Element Modeling Of Nonrigid Objects Via Optimization Of Mesh Models
* Experimental Performance Evaluation Of Feature Grouping Modules
* Framework For Performance Characterization Of Intermediate-Level Grouping Modules, A
* Integration, Inference, And Management Of Spatial Information Using Bayesian Networks: Perceptual Organization
* Learning To Form Large Groups Of Salient Image Features
* Model-Based Nonrigid Motion Recovery From Sequences Of Range Images Without Point Correspondences
* Nonrigid Motion Analysis Based On Dynamic Refinement Of Finite Element Models
* On Optimal Infinite Impulse Response Edge Detection Filters
* On The Localization Performance Measure And Optimal Edge Detection, T-Pami 16, 1994
* Optimal Infinite Impulse Response Zero Crossing Based Edge Detectors
* Optimal, Efficient, Recursive Edge Detection Filters
* Perceptual Organization In Computer Vision: A Review And A Proposal For A Classificatory Structure
* Perceptual Organization Using Bayesian Networks
* Quantitative Measures Of Change Based On Feature Organization: Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors
* Quantitative Measures Of Change Based On Feature Organization: Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors
* Robust Visual Method For Assessing The Relative Performance Of Edge Detection Algorithms, A
* Tracking 2d Structures Using Perceptual Organizational Principles
* Using Perceptual Inference Networks To Manage Vision Processes
* Using Perceptual Inference Networks To Manage Vision Processes
30 for Sarkar, S.

Sarkarin, S.S. Co Author Listing * Shape Recognition Using The Kohonen Self-Organising Feature Map

Sarkodie Gyan, T. Co Author Listing * Prototype Indexing Approach To 2-D Object Description And Recognition, A
Includes: Sarkodie Gyan, T. Sarkodie-Gyan, T.

Sarnak, N. Co Author Listing * Planar Point Location Using Persistent Search Trees

Sarpeshkar, R. Co Author Listing * Analog Vlsi Architectures For Motion Processing: From Fundamental Limits To System Applications

Sarrafzadeh, M. Co Author Listing * Discrete Warehouse Problem

Sarraga, R.F. Co Author Listing * Computer Modeling Of Surfaces With Arbitrary Shapes

Sarti, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Motion Estimation Of A Trinocular System For A Full-3d Object Reconstruction
* Accurate Feature Detection And Matching For The Tracking Of Calibration Parameters In Multi-Camera Acquisition Systems
* Combined Motion And Edge Analysis For A Layer-Based Representation Of Image Sequences
* Combined Surface Interpolation And Object Segmentation For Automatic 3-D Scene Reconstruction
* Egomotion Estimation Of A Multicamera System Through Line Correspondences
* Estimation And Compensation Of Subpixel Edge Localization Error
* Robust Area Matching
* Synthesis Of Virtual Views Using Non-Lambertian Reflectivity Models And Stereo Matching
8 for Sarti, A.

Sarti, M.A. Co Author Listing * Reliable Polygonal Approximations Of Imaged Real Objects Through Dominant Point Detection

Sartori Angus, A.G. Co Author Listing * Fast Thinning Algorithm For Binary Images
* Proceedings Of The First South African Symposium On Digital Image Processing (Durban, S.A.
Includes: Sartori Angus, A.G. Sartori-Angus, A.G.

Sarukkai, R.R. Co Author Listing * 3d Object Recognition By Indexing Structural Invariants From Multiple Views

Sarusi, B. Co Author Listing * More On The Benefit Of A Third Eye For Machine Stereo Perception

Sasakawa, K. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Small Moving Objects By Optical Flow

Sasaki, S. Co Author Listing * Flexible Vision-Based Algorithm For A Book Sorting System, A
* Two Image Processing Systems Challenging The Limits Of Local Parallel Architecture

Sasaki, T. Co Author Listing * Accurate And Robust Face Identification Scheme, An

Sasikumaran, S. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Hex-Tree Representational Technique For Solid Modelling, A

Sasseen, R.V. Co Author Listing * Context Vector Approach To Image Indexing And Retrieval, A

Sasti, M.A. Co Author Listing * Local Symmetries Of Digital Contours From Their Chain Codes

Sastry, P.S. Co Author Listing * Contour Based Stereo Algorithm, A
* Relaxation Labeling With Learning Automata
* Simd Machine For Low-Level Vision, An
* Surface Reconstruction From Disparate Shading: An Integration Of Shape-From Shading And Stereopsis

Sastry, R. Co Author Listing * Casm: A Vlsi Chip For Approximate String Matching
* Pmac: A Polygon Matching Chip
* Smac: A Vlsi Architecture For Scene Matching
* Vlsi Architecture For Hierarhical Scene Matching, A
* Vlsi Architectures For High-Speed Range Estimation
* Vlsi Architectures For Pattern Matching

Sastry, S. Co Author Listing * Motion Recovery From Image Sequences: Discrete Viewpoint Vs. Differential Viewpoint

Sastry, S.S. Co Author Listing * Task-Oriented Optimal Grasping By Multifingered Robot Hands

Satalino, G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Target Recognition For Naval Traffic Control Using Neural Networks

Sato, A. Co Author Listing * Incremental Tracking Of Human Actions From Multiple Views
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Sato, A.G. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction And Semi-Transparent Display Method For Observing Inner Structure Of An Object Consisting Of Multiple Surfaces

Sato, H. Co Author Listing * Builder-I: A System For The Extraction Of Shgc Objects In An Edge Image
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* Finding And Recovering Shgc Objects In An Edge Image
* On Finding The Ends Of Shgcs In An Edge Image
* On Finding The Ends Of Straight Homogeneous Generalized Cylinders
* View-Station Environment: Tools And Architecture For A Platform-Independent Image-Processing Workstation, The

Sato, J. Co Author Listing * Affine Integral Invariants And Matching Of Curves
* Affine Integral Invariants For Extracting Symmetry Axes
* Affine Reconstruction Of Curved Surfaces From Uncalibrated Views Of Apparent Contours
* Extracting The Affine Transformation From Texture Moments
* Image Registration Using Multi-Scale Texture Moments
* Quasi-Invariant Parameterisations And Matching Of Curves In Images

Sato, K. Co Author Listing * 3-D Shape Measurement Of Megalithic Statue Moai
* Determining Reflectance Parameters Using Range And Brightness Images
* Determining Reflectance Properties Of An Object Using Range And Brightness Images
* Fast Image Generation Of Constructive Solid Geometry Using A Cellular Array Processor
* Model Based Recognition Of Specular Objects Using Sensor Models
* Model Based Recognition Of Specular Objects Using Sensor Models
* Object Recognition Through Continuous Spectral Images, An
* Range Imaging Based On Moving Pattern Light And Spatio-Temporal Matched Filter
* Range Imaging System Based On Binary Image Accumulation
* Range-Imaging System For 3-D Object Recognition
* Range-Imaging System Utilizing Nematic Liquid Crystal Mask
* Real-Time Object Tracking By Rotating Range Sensor
* Rule-Driven Processing And Recognition From Range Image
* Tuned Range Finder For High Precision 3d Data
14 for Sato, K.

Sato, M. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Description Of Digital Grayscale Images Based On Image Dipoles, A
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* Morphological Study On Structure Line, A
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* New Operator For Image Structure Analysis, A
* Scale Space Filtering On Spherical Pattern
* Scale-Space Tree And Its Hierarchy
* Stimulus-Driven Segmentation By Gaussian Functions
* Surface-Shape Operator Based Shading-Tolerant Method For Multiscale Image Analysis, The
* Texture Analysis By The Self-Organization Method
10 for Sato, M.

Sato, T. Co Author Listing * 2-D Spectral Estimation Combining Parametric Estimation Of Background And Maximum Entropy Estimation
* Face Recognition Method Using Higher Order Local Autocorrelation And Multivariate Analysis, A
* Interoperable Database System: A New National R&D Project And Its Impact On Multimedia Information Processing Technology
* Planning Focus Of Attention For Multifingered Hand With Consideration Of Time-Varying Aspects

Sato, Y. Co Author Listing * Accurate Rangefinder With Laser Pattern Shifting
* Acquiring 3d Models Of Non-Rigid Moving Objects From Time And Viewpoint Varying Image Sequences: A Step Toward Left Ventricle Recovery
* Acquisition Of Symbolic Description From Flow Fields: A New Approach Based On A Fluid Model
* Active Vision With Two Differentiated Visual Fields
* Appearance Based Object Recognition With Illumination Invariance
* Case Study Of Curved Object Recognition Using Pseudodistance Measures, A
* Connectionist Approach To 3-D Object Recognition: Matching Of Parameterized Models And Monocular Image
* Consensus Surfaces For Modeling 3d Objects From Multiple Range Images
* Consensus Surfaces For Modeling 3d Objects From Multiple Range Images
* Detecting Planar And Curved Symmetries Of 3d Shapes From A Range Image
* Error Correction In Laser Scanner Three-Dimensional Measurement By Two-Axis Model And Coarse-Fine Parameter Search
* Estimating Pose Of Human Face Based On Symmetry Plane Using Range And Intensity Images
* Method For High Speed 3-D Range Measurement And Its Trial Instrumentation, A
* Object Shape And Reflectance Modeling From Observation
* Orientation Space Filtering For Multiple Orientation Line Segmentation
* Piecewise Linear Approximation Of Plane Curves By Perimeter Optimization
* Recovery Of Hierarchical Part Structure Of 3d Shape From Range Image
* Reflectance Analysis For 3d Computer Graphics Model Generation
* Smoothed Local Generalized Cones: An Axial Representation Of 3d Shapes
* Temporal-Color Space Analysis Of Reflection
* Three-Dimensional Shape Recognition By Active Rangefinder
21 for Sato, Y.

Satoh, K. Co Author Listing * Occlusion Detectable Stereo--Occlusion Patterns In Camera Matrix
* Occlusion Detectable Stereo--Systematic Comparison Of Detection Algorithms

Satoh, S. Co Author Listing * Drawing Image Understanding Using State Transition Models
* Name-It: Association Of Face And Name In Video
* One Method Of Structural Description Rule Extraction Based On Graphical And Spatial Relations

Satoh, T. Co Author Listing * Generation Of Topological Boundary Representations From Octree Encoding
* Undo And Redo Operations For Solid Modeling

Satonaka, T. Co Author Listing * Object Recognition With Luminance, Rotation And Location Invariance

Satou, T. Co Author Listing * One Method Of Structural Description Rule Extraction Based On Graphical And Spatial Relations
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Sattar, A. Co Author Listing * Fractional Discrimination For Texture Image Segmentation

Satyaranjan, M. Co Author Listing * Stochastic Dynamical System For Image Segmentation, A

Saudagar, A. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm Approach To Image Segmentation Using Morphological Operations

Sauer, K. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Block-Wise Segmentation Of Interframe Differences In Video Sequences
* Enhancement Of Low Bit-Rate Coded Images Using Edge Detection And Estimation
* Hough Transform Technique For Detection Of Rotationally Invariant Surface Features, A
* Non-Homogeneous Mrf Model For Multi-Resolution Bayesian Estimation, A

Sauleda, H. Co Author Listing * Rotation-Invariant 2d-Filters Matched To 1d-Features

Saund, E. Co Author Listing * Abstraction And Representation Of Continuous Variables In Connectionist Networks
* Adding Scale To The Primal Sketch
* Dimensionality-Reduction Using Connectionist Networks
* Identifying Salient Circular Arcs On Curves
* Labeling Of Curvilinear Structure Across Scales By Token Grouping
* Perceptual Organization In An Interactive Sketch Editing Application
* Putting Knowledge Into A Visual Shape Representation
* Representation And The Dimensions Of Shape Deformation
* Symbolic Construction Of A 2-D Scale-Space Image
9 for Saund, E.

Saunders, A.T. Co Author Listing * Hough Transform Based Ellipse Detector Algorithm
Includes: Saunders, A.T. Saunders Jr., A.T.

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Savary, G. Co Author Listing * Detection Of Agricultural Areas In Tropical Regions

Savchenko, V. Co Author Listing * Function Representation In Geometric Modeling: Concepts, Implementation, And Applications
* Transformation Of Functionally Defined Shapes By Extended Space Mappings
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Savoy, R.L. Co Author Listing * Contingent Aftereffects And Isoluminance: Psychophysical Effects For Separation Of Color, Orientation, And Motion

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Sawchuk, A.A. Co Author Listing * 2-D Motion Estimation Algorithm, A
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* Digital Image Processing And Analysis: Volume I: Digital Image Processing
* Hypermatrix Algebra: Applications In Parallel Image Processing
* Hypermatrix Algebra: Theory
* Optical Cellular Logic Architectures Based On Binary Image Algebra
* Optical Cellular Logic Architectures For Image Processing
* Parallel Architectures For Digital Optical Cellular Image Processing
* Region Matching Motion Estimation Algorithm, A
* Supervised Textured Image Segmentation Using Feature Smoothing And Probabilistic Relaxation Techniques
* Unsupervised Textured Image Segmentation Using Feature Smoothing And Probabilistic Relaxation Techniques
13 for Sawchuk, A.A.

Sawhney, H. Co Author Listing * Query By Image And Video Content: The Qbic System

Sawhney, H.S. Co Author Listing * 3d Geometry From Planar Parallax
* 3d Model Acquisition From Monocular Image Sequences
* Affine Trackability Aids Obstacle Detection
* Compact Representations Of Videos Through Dominant And Multiple Motion Estimation
* Comparative Results Of Some Motion Algorithms On Real Image Sequences
* Description And Interpretation Of Rotational Motion From Image Trajectories
* Description And Reconstruction From Image Trajectories Of Rotational Motion
* Dominant And Multiple Motion Estimation For Video Representation
* Efficient Color Histogram Indexing
* Efficient Color Histogram Indexing For Quadratic Form Distance Functions
* Geospatial Registration
* Identification And 3d Description Of ``Shallow'' Environmental Structure In A Sequence Of Images
* Image Description And 3-D Reconstruction From Image Trajectories Of Rotational Motion
* Layered Representation Of Motion Video Using Robust Maximum-Likelihood Estimation Of Mixture Models And Mdl Encoding
* Model Extension And Refinement Using Landmarks
* Model-Based 2d & 3d Dominant Motion Estimation For Mosaicing And Video Representation
* Multi-Image Alignment
* Registration Of Video To Geo-Referenced Imagery
* Robust Video Mosaic[K]Ing Through Topology Inference And Local To Global Alignment
* Simplifying Motion And Structure Analysis Using Planar Parallax And Image Warping
* Trackability As A Cue For Potential Obstacle Identification In 3-D Description
* Tracking Detection And 3d Representation Of Potential Obstacles Using Affine Constraints
* True Multi-Image Alignment And Its Application To Mosaic[K]Ing And Lens Distortion Correction
23 for Sawhney, H.S.

Sawyer, G. Co Author Listing * Musip Multi-Sensor Image Processing System

Saxberg, B.V.H. Co Author Listing * Application Of Dynamical Systems Theory To Shape From Shading, An
* Existence And Uniqueness For Shape From Shading Around Critical Points: Theory And An Algorithm

Saxena, T. Co Author Listing * Computing Invariants Using Elimination Methods
* Cubic Rational Polynomial Camera Model, The
* Geometric, Algebraic, And Thermophysical Techniques For Object Recognition In Ir Imagery
* Recognizing Objects In Cluttered Images Using Subgraph Isomorphism

Sayegh, S.I. Co Author Listing * Algorithm To Find Two-Dimensional Signals With Specified Zero-Crossings, An
* Image Design: Generation Of A Prescribed Image Through A Diffraction-Limited System With High-Contrast Recording

Sayeh, M.R. Co Author Listing * Neural Network Approach To Robust Shape Classification, A

Sayood, K. Co Author Listing * Explicit Additive Noise Models For Uniform And Nonuniform Mmse Quantization
* New Algorithm For Uniform Vector Quantizer Design, A

Sayrol, E. Co Author Listing * Modeling The Displaced Frame Difference As An Alpha-Stable Distribution

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