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Kass, D.A. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of contrast echocardiography by image variability analysis

Kass, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Oriented Patterns
* Computational Framework for the Visual Correspondence Problem, A
* Computing Visual Correspondence
* Constraints on Deformable Models: Recovering 3D Shape and Nonrigid Motion
* Energy Constraints on Deformable Models: Recovering Shape and Non-rigid Motion
* Linear Image Features in Stereopsis
* Physically Based Modeling for Vision And Graphics
* Signal Matching Through Scale Space
* Snakes: Active Contour Models
* Spacetime constraints
* Stereo Matching as Constrained Optimization Using Scale Continuation Methods
* Symmetry-Seeking Models and 3D Object Reconstruction
Includes: Kass, M.[Michael] Kass, M.
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Kass, M.A.[M. Andy] Co Author Listing * Efficient Reduction of Powerline Signals in Magnetic Data Acquired From a Moving Platform

Kass, S.[Steve] Co Author Listing * Enabling the Use of Earth Observation Data for Integrated Water Resource Management in Africa with the Water Observation and Information System
* Object-Based Approach to Map Semi-Natural Areas in Mountain Region with High Spatial Resolution Images
Includes: Kass, S.[Steve] Kass, S.

Kassab, L.[Lara] Co Author Listing * On the Nonlinear Statistics of Optical Flow
* torus model for optical flow, A

Kassab, M. Co Author Listing * New Analytical Approach to Evaluate the Critical-Event Probability Due to Wireless Communication Errors in Train Control Systems, A

Kassah Laouar, A.[Azzeddine] Co Author Listing * Automatic COVID-19 lung infected region segmentation and measurement using CT-scans images

Kassam, K.[Karim] Co Author Listing * Acume: A new visualization tool for understanding facial expression and gesture data
* Affect valence inference from facial action unit spectrograms

Kassam, S. Co Author Listing * Hybrid ARQ with Selective Combining for Video Transmission Over Wireless Channels

Kassam, S.A. Co Author Listing * Array Redundancy for Active Line Arrays
* Coarray synthesis with circular and elliptical boundary arrays
* Covariance estimation in multivariate OS-filtering
* Generalized Median Filtering and Related Nonlinear Filtering Techniques
* High resolution coherent source location using transmit/receive arrays
* Median and robust polynomial filters for multivariate image data
* Multivariate MTM filters-analysis and design options
* new approach to aperture synthesis using frequency diversity imaging, A
* New Noiseless Coding Technique for Binary Images, A
* Nonlinear Filtering Techniques for Multivariate Images: Design and Robustness Characterization
* Nonlinear filtering using generalized subband decomposition
* Nonlinear image restoration by radial basis function networks
* Nonlinear Multiresolution Decomposition with Applications in Image Restoration
* RBFN Restoration of Nonlinearly Degraded Images
* Structure for Adaptive Order Statistics Filtering, A
* Synthetic aperture pulse-echo imaging with rectangular boundary arrays
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Kassamakov, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Subsurface metrology using scanning white light interferometry: absolute z coordinates deep inside displays

Kassani, P.H.[P. Hosseinzadeh] Co Author Listing * Causality-Based Feature Fusion for Brain Neuro-Developmental Analysis
* Multi-Hypergraph Learning-Based Brain Functional Connectivity Analysis in fMRI Data
Includes: Kassani, P.H.[P. Hosseinzadeh] Kassani, P.H.

Kassapis, E.[Elias] Co Author Listing * Calibrated Adversarial Refinement for Stochastic Semantic Segmentation

Kassarian, E. Co Author Listing * Aerial Seismology Using Balloon-Based Barometers

Kassas, Z.M.[Zaher M.] Co Author Listing * Aerial Vehicle Protection Level Reduction by Fusing GNSS and Terrestrial Signals of Opportunity
* Autonomous Integrity Monitoring for Vehicular Navigation With Cellular Signals of Opportunity and an IMU
* Exploiting On-Demand 5G Downlink Signals for Opportunistic Navigation
* Ground Vehicle Navigation in GNSS-Challenged Environments Using Signals of Opportunity and a Closed-Loop Map-Matching Approach
* Information Fusion Strategies for Collaborative Inertial Radio SLAM
* Nonlinear Filter Coupled With Hospitability and Synthetic Inclination Maps for In-Surveillance and Out-of-Surveillance Tracking, A
* Observability Analysis of Collaborative Opportunistic Navigation With Pseudorange Measurements
* Power Matching Approach for GPS Coverage Extension
Includes: Kassas, Z.M.[Zaher M.] Kassas, Z.M.
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Kassas, Z.Z.M. Co Author Listing * I Hear, Therefore I Know Where I Am: Compensating for GNSS Limitations with Cellular Signals

Kassebaum, J. Co Author Listing * 3-D Target-Based Distributed Smart Camera Network Localization

Kassell, N.F. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Boundary Estimation of Complex Objects Using Hierarchical Active Surface Templates

Kassem, E. Co Author Listing * On the capacity of fractional frequency reuse with three power levels for non-uniform user distribution

Kasser, L. Co Author Listing * View-Consistent 4D Light Field Superpixel Segmentation

Kassianou, K.[Korina] Co Author Listing * Narration: Integrated System for Management and Curation of Digital Content and Production of Personalized and Collaborative Narratives

Kassim, A.[Ashraf] Co Author Listing * 3D-Assisted Coarse-to-Fine Extreme-Pose Facial Landmark Detection
* Attribute Manipulation Generative Adversarial Networks for Fashion Images
* Complexity-based Rate Distortion Optimization with Perceptual Tuning for Scalable Video Coding
* Detection and Interpretation of Text Information in Noisy Video Sequences
* Focal length self-calibration based on degenerated kruppa's equations method and evaluation
* linear self-calibration approach for camera focal length estimation, A
* Recurrent 3D-2D Dual Learning for Large-Pose Facial Landmark Detection
* Robust Facial Landmark Detection via Recurrent Attentive-Refinement Networks
Includes: Kassim, A.[Ashraf] Kassim, A.
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Kassim, A.A.[Ashraf A.] Co Author Listing * Accurate HEp-2 cell classification based on Sparse Coding of Superpixels
* Active Segmentation with Fixation
* Active Visual Segmentation
* Application of image and sound analysis techniques to monitor the condition of cutting tools
* Articulated Object Registration Using Simulated Physical Force/Moment for 3D Human Motion Tracking
* Automatic CAD System for HEp-2 Cell Image Classification
* Automatic IC orientation checks
* Character recognition using statistical moments
* comparative study of efficient generalised Hough transform techniques, A
* Compression of Dynamic 3D Geometry Data Using Iterative Closest Point Algorithm
* Connectivity oriented fast Hough transform for tool wear monitoring
* Contextualizing histogram
* Data-Driven Probability Hypothesis Density Filter for Visual Tracking
* Dependent nonparametric bayesian group dictionary learning for online reconstruction of dynamic MR images
* Design and Implementation of Parallel Video Encoding Strategies Using Divisible Load Analysis
* DSP-based system for real-time video communications
* Dual Classifier System for Handwritten Alphanumeric Character Recognition
* Dynamic MRI reconstruction using low rank plus sparse tensor decomposition
* Edge-GAN: Edge Conditioned Multi-View Face Image Generation
* Efficient Multi-attribute Similarity Learning Towards Attribute-Based Fashion Search
* Embedded color image coding using SPIHT with partially linked spatial orientation trees
* Estimating Just-Noticeable Distortion for Video
* Evaluation of Descriptors and Distance Measures on Benchmarks and First-Person-View Videos for Face Identification
* Face Hallucination on Personal Photo Albums
* Facial Landmark Detection via Progressive Initialization
* FashionSearchNet: Fashion Search with Attribute Manipulation
* Fast Algorithm for Detecting Die Extrusion Defects in IC Packages, A
* Fast and robust FMRI unmixing using hierarchical dictionary learning
* Fast Sub-pixel Motion Estimation for H.264
* Hierarchical Segmentation-Based Image Coding Using Hybrid Quad-Binary Trees
* High-Order Local Spatial Context Modeling by Spatialized Random Forest
* Highly Scalable Wavelet-Based Video Codec For Very-Low Bit-Rate Environment
* Human Facial Expression Recognition using a 3D Morphable Model
* Hybrid Framework for 3-D Human Motion Tracking, A
* Image compression using high order wedgelets in a generalized quad-tree
* Impact of vertex clustering on registration-based 3D dynamic mesh coding
* Learning Attribute Representations with Localization for Flexible Fashion Search
* Low rank and sparse matrix reconstruction with partial support knowledge for surveillance video processing
* Machine tool condition monitoring using workpiece surface texture analysis
* Medical image reconstruction from sparse samples using Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Optimization
* Medical image segmentation with minimal path deformable models
* Multi-dimensional low rank plus sparse decomposition for reconstruction of under-sampled dynamic MRI
* New Scheme for Automatic Initialization of Deformable Models, A
* novel approach to classification of facial expressions from 3D-mesh datasets using modified PCA, A
* Novel Unrestricted Center-Biased Diamond Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation, A
* On the reconstruction of sequences of sparse signals: The Weighted-CS
* On the simultaneous recognition of identity and expression from BU-3DFE datasets
* Perceptual impact of edge sharpness in images
* Rate-Scalable Object-Based Wavelet Codec with Implicit Shape Coding
* Recognizing human group activities with localized causalities
* scalable video codec for layered video streaming, A
* Segmentation of Kidney Cortex in MRI Studies using a Constrained Morphological 3D H-maxima Transform
* Semantically Consistent Hierarchical Text to Fashion Image Synthesis with an Enhanced-Attentional Generative Adversarial Network
* Semantically consistent text to fashion image synthesis with an enhanced attentional generative adversarial network
* Signal and Image Approximation Using Interval Wavelet Transform
* sparse sampling model for 3D face recognition, A
* Temporal Action Localization with Pyramid of Score Distribution Features
* Texture analysis methods for tool condition monitoring
* Texture analysis using fractals for tool wear monitoring
* Texture Anaysis of Machined Surfaces using a new Hough Transform
* Tool condition classification using Hidden Markov Model based on fractal analysis of machined surface textures
* Tool wear monitoring using a fast Hough transform of images of machined surfaces
* Tracking a Variable Number of Human Groups in Video Using Probability Hypothesis Density
* Which shirt for my first date? Towards a flexible attribute-based fashion query system
Includes: Kassim, A.A.[Ashraf A.] Kassim, A.A.
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Kassim, A.K.[Ashraf K.] Co Author Listing * Resampling Approach to Facial Expression Recognition Using 3D Meshes

Kassim, A.Y.M.[Abdul Yazid Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Development of Total Knee Replacement Digital Templating Software

Kassim, R.M.[Rosminah M.] Co Author Listing * Regression as a Tool to Measure Segmentation Quality and Preliminary Indicator of Diseased Lungs

Kassim, Y.M. Co Author Listing * Deep U-Net Regression and Hand-Crafted Feature Fusion for Accurate Blood Vessel Segmentation
* HEp-2 cell classification and segmentation using motif texture patterns and spatial features with random forests
* Microvasculature segmentation of arterioles using deep CNN
* Multi-focus Image Fusion for Confocal Microscopy Using U-Net Regression Map
Includes: Kassim, Y.M. Kassim, Y.M.[Yasmin M.]

Kassler, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Classification and evaluation of filters for wavelet coded videostreams
* Quality of experience optimized scheduling in multi-service wireless mesh networks
* Self Learning Video Filters for Wavelet Coded Video Streams

Kassmann, G.W.[Gary W.] Co Author Listing * System and method for grey value expansion of pixel data

Kasson, P.M. Co Author Listing * Quantitative analysis of lymphocyte membrane protein redistribution from fluorescence microscopy

Kassouk, Z.[Zeineb] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multispectral Drought Indices in Central Tunisia
* Cereal Crops Soil Parameters Retrieval Using L-Band ALOS-2 and C-Band Sentinel-1 Sensors

Kassubeck, M. Co Author Listing * Approach Toward Fast Gradient-Based Image Segmentation, An
* Optical Flow-Based 3D Human Motion Estimation from Monocular Video
* Optical Quality Control for Adaptive Polishing Processes
* Real-Time High-Resolution Cone-Beam CT Using GPU-Based Multi-Resolution Sampling
* Shape from Caustics: Reconstruction of 3D-Printed Glass from Simulated Caustic Images
Includes: Kassubeck, M. Kassubeck, M.[Marc]

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