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Won, A.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Nonverbal Behavior Predicts Learning in Dyadic Interactions

Won, C.[Chee] Co Author Listing * review on dark channel prior based image dehazing algorithms, A
* Upright and Stabilized Omnidirectional Depth Estimation for Wide-baseline Multi-camera Inertial Systems
Includes: Won, C.[Chee] Won, C.

Won, C.H.[Chang Hee] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Learning for Omnidirectional Stereo Matching With Uncertainty Prior
* Multispectral visible and infrared imaging for face recognition
* OmniMVS: End-to-End Learning for Omnidirectional Stereo Matching
* Topology Preserving Relaxation Labeling for Nonrigid Point Matching
Includes: Won, C.H.[Chang Hee] Won, C.H.[Chang-Hee]

Won, C.J.[Choi Jun] Co Author Listing * ScarfNet: Multi-scale Features with Deeply Fused and Redistributed Semantics for Enhanced Object Detection

Won, C.S.[Chee Sun] Co Author Listing * adaptive color image retrieval framework using Gauss mixtures, An
* Automatic Object Extraction in Images using Embedded Labels
* Automatic object segmentation in images with low depth of field
* Block-Based MAP Segmentation for Image Compressions, A
* composite histogram for image retrieval, A
* Data Hiding on H.264/AVC Compressed Video
* Image Block Classification and Variable Block Size Segmentation Using a Model-Fitting Criterion
* Image retrieval using color histograms generated by Gauss mixture vector quantization
* Image Segmentation Using Hidden Markov Gauss Mixture Models
* Improved Block-based Image Segmentation
* Method for generating a block-based image histogram
* Motion JPEG2000 Coding Scheme Based on Human Visual System for Digital Cinema
* Mpeg-7 Texture Descriptors
* new iris segmentation method for non-ideal iris images, A
* Order-Preserving Condensation of Moving Objects in Surveillance Videos
* Parallel Image Segmentation Algorithm Using Relaxation with Varying Neighborhoods and Its Mapping to Array Processors, A
* Robust image classification based on a non-causal hidden markov gauss mixture model
* Size-Controllable Region-of-Interest in Scalable Image Representation
* Text-aware image dehazing using stroke width transform
* Texture Descriptors in MPEG-7
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Noisy and Textured Images Using Markov Random Fields
* Variable Block Size Segmentation for Image Compression Using Stochastic Models
Includes: Won, C.S.[Chee Sun] Won, C.S. Won, C.S.[Chee-Sun]
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Won, C.Y.[Chang Yeon] Co Author Listing * Learning Depth from Focus in the Wild
Includes: Won, C.Y.[Chang Yeon] Won, C.Y.[Chang-Yeon]

Won, D.[Daehan] Co Author Listing * Contour-enhanced attention CNN for CT-based COVID-19 segmentation
* Copy-and-Paste Networks for Deep Video Inpainting
* HMARNET: A Hierarchical Multi-Attention Residual Network for Gleason scoring of prostate cancer
* Structure-preserving image translation for multi-source medical image domain adaptation
Includes: Won, D.[Daehan] Won, D. Won, D.[Dongkyu]

Won, D.H.[Dae Ho] Co Author Listing * three-dimensional localisation algorithm for underwater acoustic sensor networks, A
Includes: Won, D.H.[Dae Ho] Won, D.H.[Dae-Ho]

Won, D.O.[Dong Ok] Co Author Listing * Counterfactual explanation based on gradual construction for deep networks
* Motion Sickness Prediction Based on Dry EEG in Real Driving Environment
Includes: Won, D.O.[Dong Ok] Won, D.O.[Dong-Ok]

Won, H.[Haeyeon] Co Author Listing * Interactive Media Art Based on Location and Motion Tracking of Multi-performers

Won, H.S.[Hyun Suk] Co Author Listing * Discriminant iris feature and support vector machines for IRIS recognition
Includes: Won, H.S.[Hyun Suk] Won, H.S.[Hyun-Suk]

Won, H.Y.[Hye Young] Co Author Listing * Effects of Dynamic Range and Sampling Rate of an Infrared Thermometer to the Accuracy of the Cloud Detection

Won, I.J. Co Author Listing * Automated identification of buried landmines using normalized electromagnetic induction spectroscopy
* Characterization of UXO-like targets using broadband electromagnetic induction sensors
* Electromagnetic induction spectroscopy for clearing landmines

Won, I.S.[In Su] Co Author Listing * Binary vector construction method for fast image matching in MPEG-7 CDVS framework
* Rigid and non-rigid object image matching using deformable object image discrimination
Includes: Won, I.S.[In Su] Won, I.S.[In-Su]

Won, J.[Jungdam] Co Author Listing * Breaking The Limits of Text-conditioned 3D Motion Synthesis with Elaborative Descriptions
* Conditional motion in-betweening
* Ecological Drought Condition Index to Monitor Vegetation Response to Meteorological Drought in Korean Peninsula
* Low-Cost Object Detection Models for Traffic Control Devices through Domain Adaption of Geographical Regions
* PhaseMP: Robust 3D Pose Estimation via Phase-conditioned Human Motion Prior
* Usefulness of Global Root Zone Soil Moisture Product for Streamflow Prediction of Ungauged Basins
* Vegetation Drought Vulnerability Mapping Using a Copula Model of Vegetation Index and Meteorological Drought Index
Includes: Won, J.[Jungdam] Won, J.[Jeongeun] Won, J.[Jeonghun]
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Won, J.C.[Ju Cheol] Co Author Listing * Real-world Blur Dataset for Learning and Benchmarking Deblurring Algorithms
Includes: Won, J.C.[Ju Cheol] Won, J.C.[Ju-Cheol]

Won, J.H.[Jae Hyun] Co Author Listing * Active 3D shape acquisition using smartphones
* Assessment of Radio Frequency Compatibility for New Radio Navigation Satellite Service Signal Design in the L6-Band
* Feasibility Analysis of GPS L2C Signals for SSV Receivers on SBAS GEO Satellites
* GNSS Signal Availability Analysis in SSV for Geostationary Satellites Utilizing multi-GNSS with First Side Lobe Signal over the Korean Region
* Joint-Connectivity-Based Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis of Imaging Genetics for Detecting Biomarkers of Parkinson's Disease
* Lidar- and V2X-Based Cooperative Localization Technique for Autonomous Driving in a GNSS-Denied Environment
Includes: Won, J.H.[Jae Hyun] Won, J.H.[Jong-Hoon] Won, J.H.

Won, J.M.[Jin Myung] Co Author Listing * Non-dominated Sorting Evolution Strategy-based K-means clustering algorithm for accent classification
Includes: Won, J.M.[Jin Myung] Won, J.M.[Jin-Myung]

Won, J.S.[Joong Sun] Co Author Listing * Acceleration Compensation for Estimation of Along-Track Velocity of Ground Moving Target from Single-Channel SAR SLC Data
* Atmospheric Correction Using High Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction Models for Satellite-Borne Single-Channel Mid-Wavelength and Thermal Infrared Imaging Sensors, An
* Detecting the Source Location of Recent Summit Inflation via Three-Dimensional InSAR Observation of Kilauea Volcano
* Detection and Restoration of Defective Lines in the SPOT 4 SWIR Band
* Doppler Frequency Estimation of Point Targets in the Single-Channel SAR Image by Linear Least Squares
* Efficient SAR Azimuth Ambiguity Reduction in Coastal Waters Using a Simple Rotation Matrix: The Case Study of the Northern Coast of Jeju Island
* Efficient Thermal Noise Removal for Sentinel-1 TOPSAR Cross-Polarization Channel
* Fast and Efficient Correction of Ground Moving Targets in a Synthetic Aperture Radar, Single-Look Complex Image
* Formulation of distortion error for the line-of-sight (LOS) vector adjustment model and its role in restitution of SPOT imagery
* Improvement of the Performance of Multiple-Aperture SAR Interferometry (MAI), An
* Interferometric Coherence Analysis of the Everglades Wetlands, South Florida
* Ionospheric Correction of SAR Interferograms by Multiple-Aperture Interferometry
* Two-Dimensional Ship Velocity Estimation Based on KOMPSAT-5 Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Using TanDEM-X Pursuit Monostatic Observations with a Large Perpendicular Baseline to Extract Glacial Topography
* Vegetation Height Estimate in Rice Fields Using Single Polarization TanDEM-X Science Phase Data
Includes: Won, J.S.[Joong Sun] Won, J.S.[Joong-Sun] Won, J.S.
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Won, J.U.[Jong Un] Co Author Listing * Multi-Range Conditional Random Field for Classifying Railway Electrification System Objects Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Robust digital image watermarking method against geometrical attacks
Includes: Won, J.U.[Jong Un] Won, J.U.[Jong-Un]

Won, J.Y.[Jun Yeon] Co Author Listing * Development and Initial Results of a Brain PET Insert for Simultaneous 7-Tesla PET/MRI Using an FPGA-Only Signal Digitization Method

Won, K.H.[Kwang Hee] Co Author Listing * hSGM: Hierarchical Pyramid Based Stereo Matching Algorithm
* Localized Earth Mover's Distance for Robust Histogram Comparison
* Motion vector coding using optimal predictor
* Natural Image Matting Based on Neighbor Embedding
* Pedestrian detection using labeled depth data
* Predictive coding of CU quadtree structure for HEVC quality scalability
Includes: Won, K.H.[Kwang Hee] Won, K.H.[Kwang-Hyun]

Won, M.[Minsu] Co Author Listing * CO2 emissions and delivery time of last-mile drone delivery using trucks
* Reducing Operation Cost of LPWAN Roadside Sensors Using Cross Technology Communication
* Toward Mitigating Phantom Jam Using Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication
Includes: Won, M.[Minsu] Won, M.[Myounggyu] Won, M.

Won, M.C. Co Author Listing * Computerized tomographic imaging is insensitive to density variation during scanning

Won, M.G.[Myoung Gyu] Co Author Listing * A-VRPD: Automating Drone-Based Last-Mile Delivery Using Self-Driving Cars
* L-Platooning: A Protocol for Managing a Long Platoon With DSRC
Includes: Won, M.G.[Myoung Gyu] Won, M.G.[Myoung-Gyu]

Won, W. Co Author Listing * Co-Occurrence Matrix Analysis-Based Semi-Supervised Training for Object Detection

Won, Y.G. Co Author Listing * Morphological Shared-Weight Networks with Applications to Automatic Target Recognition
* Scalable Protection and Access Control in Full Scalable Video Coding
Includes: Won, Y.G. Won, Y.G.[Yong Geun]

Won, Y.S. Co Author Listing * AIM 2019 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results

Won, Y.Y.[Yong Yuk] Co Author Listing * Alpha cut for interactive image segmentation of thin and elongated objects
Includes: Won, Y.Y.[Yong Yuk] Won, Y.Y.[Yong-Yuk]

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