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Stria, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * MfrDB: Database of Annotated On-Line Mathematical Formulae

Stribling, B.E. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Vector Estimation for Subcomponents of Space Object Imagery
* Phase-error compensation through multiframe blind deconvolution

Striccoli, D.[Domenico] Co Author Listing * novel approach for characterizing multimedia 3D video streams by means of quasiperiodic processes, A

Stricker, D.[Didier] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Stricker, D.[Didier]: Didier Stricker AT dfki de
* 3D Shape Processing by Convolutional Denoising Autoencoders on Local Patches
* Accelerated Gravitational Point Set Alignment With Altered Physical Laws
* Accurate 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes from Monocular Image Sequences with Severe Occlusions
* Acquisition of High Quality Planar Patch Features
* Adaptable Model-Based Tracking Using Analysis-by-Synthesis Techniques
* Algorithms for 3D Shape Scanning with a Depth Camera
* Architecture for Prototyping and Application Development of Visual Tracking Systems, An
* Attribution-aware Weight Transfer: A Warm-Start Initialization for Class-Incremental Semantic Segmentation
* Autoencoder Attractors for Uncertainty Estimation
* Autoencoder for Synthetic to Real Generalization: From Simple to More Complex Scenes
* Binarization-free OCR for historical documents using LSTM networks
* BoxMask: Revisiting Bounding Box Supervision for Video Object Detection
* Cluster-based Convolutional Baseline for Multi-Camera Vehicle Re-identification
* CNN-Based Patch Matching for Optical Flow with Thresholded Hinge Embedding Loss
* Compact Light Field Camera for Real-Time Depth Estimation, A
* Comparison of Kinect V1 and V2 Depth Images in Terms of Accuracy and Precision
* Consolidating Segmentwise Non-Rigid Structure from Motion
* CoRBS: Comprehensive RGB-D benchmark for SLAM using Kinect v2
* Deep Temporal Fusion Framework for Scene Flow Using a Learnable Motion Model and Occlusions, A
* DeepHPS: End-to-end Estimation of 3D Hand Pose and Shape by Learning from Synthetic Depth
* Dense Batch Non-Rigid Structure from Motion in a Second
* Dense Scene Reconstruction from Spherical Light Fields
* Deployment of Deep Neural Networks for Object Detection on Edge AI Devices with Runtime Optimization
* DispVoxNets: Non-Rigid Point Set Alignment with Supervised Learning Proxies
* DNA-SLAM: Dense Noise Aware SLAM for ToF RGB-D Cameras
* Document Layout Analysis with an Enhanced Object Detector
* Extended coherent point drift algorithm with correspondence priors and optimal subsampling
* Face It!: A Pipeline for Real-Time Performance-Driven Facial Animation
* Factored Convolutional Neural Network for Amharic Character Image Recognition
* Fast Hand Detection Using Posture Invariant Constraints
* Fast Projector-Driven Structured Light Matching in Sub-pixel Accuracy Using Bilinear Interpolation Assumption
* Feature Management for Efficient Camera Tracking
* Flow Fields: Dense Correspondence Fields for Highly Accurate Large Displacement Optical Flow Estimation
* FlowFields++: Accurate Optical Flow Correspondences Meet Robust Interpolation
* Foldmatch: Accurate and High Fidelity Garment Fitting Onto 3D Scans
* full-spherical device for simultaneous geometry and reflectance acquisition, A
* Fusion of Keypoint Tracking and Facial Landmark Detection for Real-Time Head Pose Estimation
* Fusion Point Pruning for Optimized 2D Object Detection with Radar-Camera Fusion
* Ghost Target Detection in 3D Radar Data using Point Cloud based Deep Neural Network
* Gravitational Approach for Point Set Registration
* HandVoxNet++: 3D Hand Shape and Pose Estimation Using Voxel-Based Neural Networks
* HandVoxNet: Deep Voxel-Based Network for 3D Hand Shape and Pose Estimation From a Single Depth Map
* High Quality and Memory Efficient Representation for Image Based 3D Reconstructions
* HPERL: 3D Human Pose Estimation from RGB and LiDAR
* Illumination Normalization by Partially Impossible Encoder-Decoder Cost Function
* Improving Time-of-Flight Sensor for Specular Surfaces with Shape from Polarization
* Integral P-channels for fast and robust region matching
* Intrinsic Dynamic Shape Prior for Dense Non-Rigid Structure from Motion
* Introduction to the Special Section on Augmented Video
* Joint Global ICP for Improved Automatic Alignment of Full Turn Object Scans
* Joint pre-alignment and robust rigid point set registration
* Keypoint Detection and Matching on High Resolution Spherical Images
* KinectAvatar: Fully Automatic Body Capture Using a Single Kinect
* Learning 3D Shapes as Multi-layered Height-Maps Using 2D Convolutional Networks
* Learning Attention Propagation for Compositional Zero-Shot Learning
* Learning Effect of Lay People in Gesture-Based Locomotion in Virtual Reality
* Learning Local Patch Orientation with a Cascade of Sparse Regressors
* Light Field from Smartphone-Based Dual Video
* LSTM-Based Early Recognition of Motion Patterns
* MATRIS project: real-time markerless camera tracking for Augmented Reality and broadcast applications, The
* NRGA: Gravitational Approach for Non-rigid Point Set Registration
* NRSfM-Flow: Recovering Non-Rigid Scene Flow from Monocular Image Sequences
* Object Permanence in Object Detection Leveraging Temporal Priors at Inference Time
* Occlusion-aware video registration for highly non-rigid objects
* Quantitative Evaluation of Salient Deep Neural Network Features Using Random Forests
* Real-Time Head Pose Estimation Using Multi-variate RVM on Faces in the Wild
* Real-time monocular 6-DOF head pose estimation from salient 2D points
* Real-time vision-based tracking and reconstruction
* ResFPN: Residual Skip Connections in Multi-Resolution Feature Pyramid Networks for Accurate Dense Pixel Matching
* Robust and Accurate Non-parametric Estimation of Reflectance Using Basis Decomposition and Correction Functions
* Robust Auto-Calibration for Practical Scanning Setups from Epipolar and Trifocal Relations
* Robust Point Matching in HDRI through Estimation of Illumination Distribution
* RPSRNet: End-to-End Trainable Rigid Point Set Registration Network using Barnes-Hut 2D-Tree Representation
* SceneFlowFields++: Multi-frame Matching, Visibility Prediction, and Robust Interpolation for Scene Flow Estimation
* SceneFlowFields: Dense Interpolation of Sparse Scene Flow Correspondences
* SDC - Stacked Dilated Convolution: A Unified Descriptor Network for Dense Matching Tasks
* Self-Superflow: Self-Supervised Scene Flow Prediction in Stereo Sequences
* Semantic Segmentation in Depth Data: A Comparative Evaluation of Image and Point Cloud Based Methods
* Sensors For Location-based Augmented Reality The Example Of Galileo And Egnos
* SIFT in perception-based color space
* Simultaneous Bi-directional Structured Light Encoding for Practical Uncalibrated Profilometry
* SLAM in the Field: An Evaluation of Monocular Mapping and Localization on Challenging Dynamic Agricultural Environment
* SlamCraft: Dense Planar RGB Monocular SLAM
* SOMSI: Spherical Novel View Synthesis with Soft Occlusion Multi-Sphere Images
* Sparse-MVRVMs Tree for Fast and Accurate Head Pose Estimation in the Wild
* Spherical Light Fields
* SSGP: Sparse Spatial Guided Propagation for Robust and Generic Interpolation
* Structure from Motion using full spherical panoramic cameras
* Structured Low-Rank Matrix Factorization for Point-Cloud Denoising
* Superior Tracking Approach: Building a Strong Tracker through Fusion, A
* Survey on Applications of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality for Nature and Environment, A
* Survey on Synchronous Augmented, Virtual, AndMixed Reality Remote Collaboration Systems, A
* SVIRO: Synthetic Vehicle Interior Rear Seat Occupancy Dataset and Benchmark
* THOR-Net: End-to-end Graformer-based Realistic Two Hands and Object Reconstruction with Self-supervision
* Time-of-flight sensor depth enhancement for automotive exhaust gas
* To Drive or to Be Driven? The Impact of Autopilot, Navigation System, and Printed Maps on Driver's Cognitive Workload and Spatial Knowledge
* Towards scheduling hard real-time image processing tasks on a single GPU
* Tracker Fusion on VOT Challenge: How Does It Perform and What Can We Learn about Single Trackers?
* Tracker Fusion on VOT Challenge: How Does It Perform and What Can We Learn about Single Trackers?
* Two Phase Classification for Early Hand Gesture Recognition in 3D Top View Data
* Unsupervised Anomaly Detection from Time-of-Flight Depth Images
* Unsupervised motion pattern learning for motion segmentation
* Use of Reality Models in Augmented Reality Applications, The
* ZebraPose: Coarse to Fine Surface Encoding for 6DoF Object Pose Estimation
Includes: Stricker, D.[Didier] Stricker, D.
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Stricker, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Generic House Roofs from High Resolution Aerial Imagery
* Capacity of Color Histogram Indexing, The
* Color indexing with weak spatial constraints
* ExSel++: A general framework to extract parametric models
* Figure-Ground Segmentation Using Tabu Search
* From Edgels to Parametric Curves
* Merging Range Images of Arbitrarily Shaped Objects
* Parametric Model-Fitting: From Inlier Characterization To Outlier Detection
* Spectral Covariance and Fuzzy Regions for Image Indexing
Includes: Stricker, M. Stricker, M.[Markus]
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Stricker, M.A. Co Author Listing * Promising Directions in Active Vision

Stricker, R.[Ronny] Co Author Listing * Efficient Implementation of Regional Mutual Information for the Registration of Road Images
* Increasing the Robustness of 2D Active Appearance Models for Real-World Applications

Strickhart, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Apricot: A Dataset of Physical Adversarial Attacks on Object Detection

Strickland, E. Co Author Listing * 3 sensors to track every bite and gulp
* digital fingerprints of brain disorders, The
* Face recognition tech goes on trial
* Facebook takes on deepfakes
* Future vision

Strickland, F.L.[Fred L.] Co Author Listing * Feature Cloning and Feature Fusion Based Transportation Mode Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network

Strickland, I. Co Author Listing * TES Ground Data System Software

Strickland, R.N.[Robin N.] Co Author Listing * Adaptable Edge Quality Metric
* Color Image Enhancement Using Spatially Adaptive Saturation Feedback
* Computing Correspondences in a Sequence of Non-Rigid Objects
* Contour Motion Estimation Using Relaxation Matching with a Smoothness Constraint on the Velocity-Field
* Detection of Vortices in Flow Images using the Wavelet Transform
* Edge Detection in Machine Vision Using a Simple L(1) Norm Template Matching Algorithm
* Estimation of Local Statistics for Digital Processing of Nonstationary Images
* Fuzzy System Improves the Performance of Wavelet-Based Correlation Detectors
* Image-Models for 2-D Flow Visualization and Compression
* Nonlinear Phase Portrait Models for Oriented Textures
* Object Detection Using Subband Decomposition
* Representing and Visualizing Fluid-Flow Images and Velocimetry Data by Nonlinear Dynamical-Systems
* Wavelet transform matched filters for the detection and classification of microcalcifications in mammography
* Wavelet Transform Methods for Object Detection and Recovery
* Wavelet transforms for detecting microcalcifications in mammograms
* Wavelet transforms for detecting microcalcifications in mammography
Includes: Strickland, R.N.[Robin N.] Strickland, R.N.
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Strickler, J.R.[J. Rudi] Co Author Listing * new focus detection criterion in holograms of planktonic organisms, A
* Visual rhythm-based plankton detection method for ballast water quality assessment

Stride, E.[Eleanor] Co Author Listing * Fast and Selective Super-Resolution Ultrasound In Vivo With Acoustically Activated Nanodroplets

Strieker, D. Co Author Listing * framework for an accurate point cloud based registration of full 3D human body scans, A
* Stable Intrinsic Auto-Calibration from Fundamental Matrices of Devices with Uncorrelated Camera Parameters

Strieker, M. Co Author Listing * Searching for Grasping Opportunities on Unmodeled 3D Objects

Striewski, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Differentiable Piecewise-Bťzier Surfaces on Riemannian Manifolds

Strigaro, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Performance Testing of istSOS under High Load Scenarios

Strigul, N.S.[Nikolay S.] Co Author Listing * Augmentation of Traditional Forest Inventory and Airborne Laser Scanning with Unmanned Aerial Systems and Photogrammetry for Forest Monitoring

Strijk, T.[Tycho] Co Author Listing * Practical Extensions of Point Labeling in the Slider Model

Strijkers, G.[Gustav] Co Author Listing * Cartan Frames for Heart Wall Fiber Motion

Strimbu, B.M.[Bogdan M.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Geo-Referencing of Trees with No or Inaccurate Terrestrial Location Devices
* Bayesian and Classical Machine Learning Methods: A Comparison for Tree Species Classification with LiDAR Waveform Signatures
* Classification Strategies for Unbalanced Binary Maps: Finding Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa) in the Willamette Valley
* Comparison of Mature Douglas-Firs' Crown Structures Developed with Two Quantitative Structural Models Using TLS Point Clouds for Neighboring Trees in a Natural Regime Stand
* Estimating Tree Defects with Point Clouds Developed from Active and Passive Sensors
* graph-based segmentation algorithm for tree crown extraction using airborne LiDAR data, A
* Stem Measurements and Taper Modeling Using Photogrammetric Point Clouds
Includes: Strimbu, B.M.[Bogdan M.] StrÓmbu, B.M.[Bogdan M.]
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Strimbu, V.F.[Victor F.] Co Author Listing * graph-based segmentation algorithm for tree crown extraction using airborne LiDAR data, A
Includes: Strimbu, V.F.[Victor F.] StrÓmbu, V.F.[Victor F.]

Strinati, L. Co Author Listing * Local Operators to Detect Regions of Interest

Striner, B. Co Author Listing * Using Reinforcement Learning With Partial Vehicle Detection for Intelligent Traffic Signal Control

Stringa, E. Co Author Listing * Content-based retrieval and real time detection from video sequences acquired by surveillance systems
* Joint Video-shot and Layer Indexing in Video-Surveillance Application
* long term change detection method for surveillance applications, A
* Markovian Approach to Color Image Restoration Based on Space Filling Curves, A
* Morphological Change Detection Algorithms for Surveillance Applications
* Novel Camera Calibration Algorithm Based on Kalman Filter, A
* Performance Evaluation Criterion for Characterizing Video-Surveillance Systems
* Real-Time Video-Shot Detection for Scene Surveillance Applications
Includes: Stringa, E. Stringa, E.[Elena]
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Stringa, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Person Recognition by Acoustic and Geometric Features
* Book Recognition as an Example of Flat and Structured Objects Classification
* Electronic Character-Reading System
* Eyes Detection for Face Recognition
* Installation for quality control of printed sheets, especially security paper
* Method for automatically checking the printing quality of a multicolor image
* New Set of Constraint-Free Character Recognition Grammars, A
* Procedure for producing a reference model intended to be used for automatically checking the printing quality of an image on paper
* Recognition system, particularly for recognising people
Includes: Stringa, L.[Luigi] Stringa, L.
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Stringari, C.E.[Caio E.] Co Author Listing * Automated Sensing of Wave Inundation across a Rocky Shore Platform Using a Low-Cost Camera System
* LiDAR Observations of Multi-Modal Swash Probability Distributions on a Dissipative Beach
Includes: Stringari, C.E.[Caio E.] Stringari, C.E.[Caio Eadi]

Stringer Calvert, D.W.J.[David W.J.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for generating, distributing and reconstructing deconstructed video
Includes: Stringer Calvert, D.W.J.[David W.J.] Stringer-Calvert, D.W.J.[David W.J.]

Stringer, L.C.[Lindsay C.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Decadal Changes in Mangrove Extent, Age and Species in the Red River Estuaries of Viet Nam

Stringer, S.[Samantha] Co Author Listing * Mapping Banana Plants from High Spatial Resolution Orthophotos to Facilitate Plant Health Assessment

Stringham, T.K.[Tamzen K.] Co Author Listing * Changes in Meadow Phenology in Response to Grazing Management at Multiple Scales of Measurement

Strintzis, M.C. Co Author Listing * framework for the efficient segmentation of large-format color images, A

Strintzis, M.G.[Michael G.] Co Author Listing * 2D+3D face identification system for surveillance applications, A
* 3-D Human Body Tracking from Depth Images Using Analysis by Synthesis
* 3-D Model Search and Retrieval From Range Images Using Salient Features
* 3-D Model-Based Segmentation of Videoconference Image Sequences
* 3D Content-Based Search and Retrieval using the 2D Polar Wavelet Transform
* 3D Content-Based Search Based on 3D Krawtchouk Moments
* 3D face and hand biometric system for robust user-friendly authentication, A
* 3D gait estimation from monoscopic video
* 3D Human Walking Modeling
* 3D model watermarking for indexing using the generalized radon transform
* 3D Object Articulation and Motion Estimation for Efficient Multiview Image Sequence Coding
* 3D Object Articulation and Motion Estimation in Model-Based Stereoscopic Videoconference Image Sequence Analysis and Coding
* 3D object retrieval using the 3D shape impact descriptor
* 3D Protein Classification using Topological, Geometrical and Biological Information
* 3D Shape-Based Techniques for Protein Classification
* Accumulated motion energy fields estimation and representation for semantic event detection
* Bayesian Approach for Segmentation in Stereo Image Sequences, A
* Bayesian segmentation of Stereopairs, A
* Bilinear elastically deformable models with application to 3D face and facial expression recognition
* Blind Robust 3-D Mesh Watermarking Based on Oblate Spheroidal Harmonics
* Blocking artifact detection and reduction in compressed data
* Blocking Artifact Reduction in Frequency Domain
* Building Three Dimensional Head Models
* Camera motion parameter recovery under perspective projection
* Coding for the Storage and Communication of Visualisations of 3D Medical Data
* Coding of 3D Moving Medical Data Using a 3D Warping Technique
* Coding of Video-Conference Stereo Image Sequences Using 3D Models
* Combined evaluation of motion and disparity vector fields for stereoscopic sequence coding
* Combined Frequency and Spatial Domain Algorithm for the Removal of Blocking Artifacts
* Combining multimodal and temporal contextual information for semantic video analysis
* comparative study of object-level spatial context techniques for semantic image analysis, A
* Construction of Optimal Subband Coders Using Optimized and Optimal Quantizers
* Context Based Adaptive Arithmetic Coding Technique for Lossless Image Compression, A
* Deformable boundary detection of stents in angiographic images
* Detection of blocking artifacts of compressed still images
* Disparity and occlusion estimation for multiview image sequences using dynamic programming
* Disparity and Occlusion Estimation in Multiocular Systems and Their Coding for the Communication of Multiview Image Sequences
* Disparity field and depth map coding for multiview 3D image generation
* Disparity Field and Depth Map Coding for Multiview Image Sequence Compression
* Ellipsoidal Harmonics for 3-D Shape Description and Retrieval
* Estimation and representation of accumulated motion characteristics for semantic event detection
* Evaluation of multiresolution block matching techniques for motion and disparity estimation
* Exploitation of 3D images for face authentication under pose and illumination variations
* Expression Compensation for Face Recognition Using a Polar Geodesic Representation
* Expression-Compensated 3D Face Recognition with Geodesically Aligned Bilinear Models
* Face and Gesture Recognition System Based on an Active Stereo Sensor, A
* Face Localization and Authentication Using Color and Depth Images
* family of wavelet-based stereo image coders, A
* FAP extraction using three-dimensional motion estimation
* Fast Content-based Search of VRML Models Based on Shape Descriptors
* First Approach to Contact-Based Biometrics for User Authentication, A
* Flexible 3D Motion Estimation and Tracking for Multiview Image Sequence Coding
* Gait authentication using distributed source coding
* General in-Place Calculation of Discrete Fourier Transforms of Multidimensional Sequences
* Generation of 3-d Head Models from Multiple Images Using Ellipsoid Approximation for the Rear Part
* Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach to Knowledge-Assisted Video Analysis, A
* gesture recognition system using 3D data, A
* Hierarchical Partition Priority Wavelet Image Compression
* Hierarchical prioritized predictive image coding
* Hierarchical Representation and Coding of Surfaces Using 3-D Polygon Meshes
* Image processing for 3D imaging
* Image transmission using error-resilient wavelet coding and forward error correction
* influence of image descriptors' dimensions' value cardinalities on large-scale similarity search, The
* Integration of 2D and 3D images for enhanced face authentication
* Introduction to the Special Issue on 3-D Video Technology
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Audio and Video Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services
* Joint 3-Dimensional Motion/Disparity Segmentation for Object-Based Stereo Image Sequence Coding
* Joint Motion/Disparity Map Estimation for Stereo Image Sequences
* Knowledge-assisted semantic video object detection
* knowledge-based approach to domain-specific compressed video analysis, A
* List Viterbi Decoding of Convolutional Codes for Efficient Data Hiding
* Locally optimum nonlinearities for DCT watermark detection
* Lossless Coding of Multichannel Signals Using Optimal Vector Hierarchical Decomposition
* Lossless Image Compression Based on Optimal Prediction, Adaptive Lifting, and Conditional Arithmetic Coding
* Maximum-Likelihood Motion Estimation in Ultrasound Image Sequences
* Model-Based Joint Motion and Structure Estimation from Stereo Images
* Monocular 3D human body reconstruction towards depth augmentation of television sequences
* Motion and Disparity Field Estimation Using Rate-Distortion Optimization
* Motion field prediction and restoration for low bit-rate video coding
* Multiple description wavelet coding of layered video
* Multiple Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes for anomaly detection in traffic
* Multiview Sprite Generation and Coding
* non causal bayesian framework for object tracking and occlusion handling for the synthesis of stereoscopic video, A
* Nonlinear ultrasonic image processing based on signal-adaptive filters and self-organizing neural networks
* Object Based Coding of Stereo Image Sequences Using Three-Dimensional Models
* Object Segmentation and Ontologies for MPEG-2 Video Indexing and Retrieval
* Object-Based Coding of Stereo Image Sequences Using Joint 3-D Motion/Disparity Compensation
* Object-based coding of stereoscopic and 3D image sequences
* Occlusion and Visible Background and Foreground Areas in Stereo: A Bayesian Approach
* On 3D Partial Matching of Meaningful Parts
* ontology approach to object-based image retrieval, An
* Optimal Biorthogonal Wavelet Decomposition of Wire-Frame Meshes Using Box Splines, and Its Application to the Hierarchical Coding of 3-D Surfaces
* Optimal Construction of Subband Coders Using Lloyd-Max Quantizers
* Optimal filters for the generation of multiresolution sequences
* Optimal hierarchical coding of quantized images
* Optimal hierarchical representation and simulation of cloth and deformable objects
* Optimal Progressive Lossless Image Coding Using Reduced Pyramids with Variable Decimation Ratios
* Optimal Pyramidal and Subband Decompositions for Hierarchical Coding of Noisy and Quantized Images
* Optimal Pyramidal Decomposition for Progressive Multidimensional Signal Coding Using Optimal Quantizers
* Optimal reconstruction from quantized data
* Optimal selection of multi-dimensional biorthogonal wavelet bases
* Optimal subband coding with Lloyd-Max quantization
* Optimal Transform Coding in the Presence of Quantization Noise
* Optimal watermark detection under quantization in the transform domain
* Optimization of Wireframe Model Adaptation and Motion Estimation in a Rate Distortion Framework
* Optimized Transmission of JPEG2000 Streams Over Wireless Channels
* Orientation-Sensitive Interpolative Pyramids for Lossless and Progressive Image Coding
* Pose and illumination compensation for 3D face recognition
* Prior Knowledge Based Motion Model Representation
* Probabilistic combination of spatial context with visual and co-occurrence information for semantic image analysis
* Product Code Optimization for Determinate State LDPC Decoding in Robust Image Transmission
* Real-time acquisition of depth and color images using structured light and its application to 3D face recognition
* Real-time compressed-domain spatiotemporal segmentation and ontologies for video indexing and retrieval
* Real-time hand posture recognition using range data
* Real-time head tracking and 3d pose estimation from range data
* Region-based Color Image Indexing and Retrieval
* Reversible Multiresolution Image Coding based on Adaptive Lifting
* Rigid 3-D Motion Estimation Using Neural Networks and Initially Estimated 2-D Motion Data
* Rigid and non-rigid 3D motion estimation from multiview image sequences
* Robust Estimation of Rigid-Body 3-D Motion Parameters Based on Point Correspondences
* Robust face recognition using 2D and 3D data: Pose and illumination compensation
* Robust Image Transmission Based on Product-Code Optimization for Determinate State LDPC Decoding
* Robust Image Watermarking Based on Generalized Radon Transformations
* Robust real-time 3D head pose estimation from range data
* Robust Transmission of Multi-View Video Streams using Flexible Macroblock Ordering and Systematic LT Codes
* Segmentation and Content-Based Watermarking for Color Image and Image Region Indexing and Retrieval
* Shape matching using the 3D radon transform
* Snapshots: A Novel Local Surface Descriptor and Matching Algorithm for Robust 3D Surface Alignment
* Spatiotemporal Segmentation and Tracking of Objects for Visualization of Videoconference Image Sequences
* Spatiotemporal Segmentation and Tracking of Objects in Image Sequences
* Special Issue on Signal Processing for 3D Imaging and Virtual Reality
* Sprite Generation and Coding in Multiview Image Sequences
* Sprite generation and coding of multiview image sequences
* Statistical Learning Approach to Spatial Context Exploitation for Semantic Image Analysis, A
* Statistical Motion Information Extraction and Representation for Semantic Video Analysis
* Stereo Image Sequence Coding Based on Three-Dimensional Motion Estimation and Compensation
* Stereo vision system for precision dimensional inspection of 3D holes
* Stereoscopic Video Generation Based on Efficient Layered Structure and Motion Estimation From a Monoscopic Image Sequence
* Swarm-based motion features for anomaly detection in crowds
* Temporal frame interpolation for stereoscopic sequences using object-based motion estimation and occlusion detection
* Test-Bed for Region-Based Image Retrieval Using Multiple Segmentation Algorithms and the MPEG-7 eXperimentation Model: The Schema Reference System, A
* Three Dimensional Facial Model Adaptation
* Three-Dimensional Facial Adaptation for MPEG-4 Talking Heads
* Timely, robust crowd event characterization
* Total least squares 3-D motion estimation
* Tracking Textured Deformable Objects Using a Finite-Element Mesh
* Tracking the left ventricle in echocardiographic images by learning heart dynamics
* Transmission of images over noisy channels using error-resilient wavelet coding and forward error correction
* Unsupervised motion classification by means of efficient feature selection and tracking
* Use of depth and colour eigenfaces for face recognition
* Use of Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis and Vector Quantization for Image Coding
* Using 3D models for the segmentation of image sequences
* Using the expectation-maximization algorithm for depth estimation and segmentation of multi-view images
* Video Coding for Wireless Varying Bit-Rate Communications Based on Area of Interest and Region Representation
* Video Object Segmentation Using Bayes-Based Temporal Tracking and Trajectory-Based Region Merging
* Video Scene Segmentation Using Spatial Contours and 3-D Robust Motion Estimation
* Watermarking of 3d models for data hiding
* Wireless Image Transmission Using Turbo Codes and Optimal Unequal Error Protection
* Wireless transmission of images using JPEG2000
* World Wide Web region-based image search engine, A
Includes: Strintzis, M.G.[Michael G.] Strintzis, M.G. Strintzis, M.G.[Michael Gerassimos]
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Striolo, C.[Carlotta] Co Author Listing * Visual Link Retrieval in a Database of Paintings

Striova, J. Co Author Listing * European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (ERIHS), The

Strippgen, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Interacting with Simulated Archaeological Assets

Strisciuglio, N. Co Author Listing * Audio Surveillance of Roads: A System for Detecting Anomalous Sounds
* Audio surveillance using a bag of aural words classifier
* Brain-Inspired Robust Delineation Operator
* Car crashes detection by audio analysis in crowded roads
* Cascade classifiers trained on gammatonegrams for reliably detecting audio events
* Detecting Sounds of Interest in Roads with Deep Networks
* Detection of Curved Lines with B-COSFIRE Filters: A Case Study on Crack Delineation
* Efficient binocular stereo correspondence matching with 1-D Max-Trees
* Exploiting the deep learning paradigm for recognizing human actions
* Learning audio and image representations with bio-inspired trainable feature extractors
* Learning representations of sound using trainable COPE feature extractors
* Learning skeleton representations for human action recognition
* MTStereo 2.0: Accurate Stereo Depth Estimation via Max-Tree Matching
* Multiscale Blood Vessel Delineation Using B-COSFIRE Filters
* Place Recognition in Gardens by Learning Visual Representations: Data Set and Benchmark Analysis
* real-time system for audio source localization with cheap sensor device, A
* Reliable detection of audio events in highly noisy environments
* Robust Inhibition-Augmented Operator for Delineation of Curvilinear Structures
* Self-supervised Learning Through Colorization for Microscopy Images
* Sentiment Recognition in Egocentric Photostreams
* Supervised vessel delineation in retinal fundus images with the automatic selection of B-COSFIRE filters
* Time-frequency analysis for audio event detection in real scenarios
Includes: Strisciuglio, N. Strisciuglio, N.[Nicola]
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Stritmatter, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Writer Verification of Historical Documents among Cohort Writers

Strizhkova, V.[Valeriya] Co Author Listing * Emotion Editing in Head Reenactment Videos using Latent Space Manipulation
* Real-time RGBD-based Extended Body Pose Estimation

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