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Bass, A.[Aaron] Co Author Listing * Progressive Compression of Normal Vectors

Bass, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Perinasal Imaging of Physiological Stress and Its Affective Potential

Bass, C.[Cher] Co Author Listing * ICAM-Reg: Interpretable Classification and Regression With Feature Attribution for Mapping Neurological Phenotypes in Individual Scans

Bass, D.H. Co Author Listing * Using the Video Lookup Table for Reflectivity Calculations: Specific Techniques and Graphic Results

Bass, E.J. Co Author Listing * Generating Erroneous Human Behavior From Strategic Knowledge in Task Models and Evaluating Its Impact on System Safety With Model Checking
* Using Formal Verification to Evaluate Human-Automation Interaction: A Review

Bassali, H. Co Author Listing * Compression Tolerant Watermarking for Image Verification

Bassan, F.R.[Fabio Renato] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Environmental Influences on a Multi-Point Optical Fiber Methane Leak Monitoring System
Includes: Bassan, F.R.[Fabio Renato] Bassan, F.R.[Fábio Renato]

Bassani, C.[Cristiana] Co Author Listing * Calibration of Satellite Low Radiance by AERONET-OC Products and 6SV Model
* Characterization of Nitrogen Dioxide Variability Using Ground-Based and Satellite Remote Sensing and In Situ Measurements in the Tiber Valley (Lazio, Italy)
* Effect of the Aerosol Model Assumption on the Atmospheric Correction over Land: Case Studies with CHRIS/PROBA Hyperspectral Images over Benelux
* use of suitable pseudo-invariant targets for MIVIS data calibration by the empirical line method, The

Bassani, H.F.[Hansenclever F.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic topology and relevance learning SOM-based algorithm for image clustering tasks

Bassani, M. Co Author Listing * 3D GIS Based Evaluation of the Available Sight Distance to Assess Safety of Urban Roads
* Estimating the Available Sight Distance in the Urban Environment by GIS and Numerical Computing Codes
Includes: Bassani, M. Bassani, M.[Marco]

Bassano, C.[Chiara] Co Author Listing * Human-Computer Interaction Approaches for the Assessment and the Practice of the Cognitive Capabilities of Elderly People
* WebGL Virtual Reality Exergame for Assessing the Cognitive Capabilities of Elderly People: A Study About Digital Autonomy for Web-based Applications, A

Basse, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Improving VerticalWind Speed Extrapolation Using Short-Term Lidar Measurements

Bassed, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Generative Deep Learning Approach for Forensic Facial Reconstruction, A

Bassel, A.[Atheer] Co Author Listing * Improved Robust Image Watermarking Scheme Based on the Singular Value Decomposition and Genetic Algorithm, An

Bassenne, M. Co Author Listing * Closing the Gap Between Deep Neural Network Modeling and Biomedical Decision-Making Metrics in Segmentation via Adaptive Loss Functions
* Image classification using graph neural network and multiscale wavelet superpixels
* Modified U-Net (mU-Net) With Incorporation of Object-Dependent High Level Features for Improved Liver and Liver-Tumor Segmentation in CT Images
Includes: Bassenne, M. Bassenne, M.[Maxime]

Basser, P. Co Author Listing * Solving 2D Fredholm Integral from Incomplete Measurements Using Compressive Sensing

Basser, P.J.[Peter J.] Co Author Listing * Eigenvalues of Random Matrices with Isotropic Gaussian Noise and the Design of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Experiments
* Elliptical Cone of Uncertainty and Its Normalized Measures in Diffusion Tensor Imaging, The
* Error Propagation Framework for Diffusion Tensor Imaging via Diffusion Tensor Representations
* Generalized Mean Apparent Propagator MRI to Measure and Image Advective and Dispersive Flows in Medicine and Biology
* Normal Distribution for Tensor-Valued Random Variables: Applications to Diffusion Tensor MRI, A
* Parsimonious Model Selection for Tissue Segmentation and Classification Applications: A Study Using Simulated and Experimental DTI Data
* Single- and Multiple-Shell Uniform Sampling Schemes for Diffusion MRI Using Spherical Codes
* Spatial transformations of diffusion tensor magnetic resonance images
Includes: Basser, P.J.[Peter J.] Basser, P.J.
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Basseres, E. Co Author Listing * DeTEC: Detection of Touching Elongated Cells in SEM Images
Includes: Basseres, E. Bassères, E.

Basset, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spot Detection With Optimal Scale Selection in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
* Frame-by-frame crowd motion classification from affine motion models
* Recovery of motion patterns and dominant paths in videos of crowded scenes
Includes: Basset, A. Basset, A.[Antoine]

Basset, J.[Jean] Co Author Listing * Neural Human Deformation Transfer

Basset, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Autocalibration-based partioning relationship and parallax relation for head-mounted eye trackers
* Automatic region of interest tracking for visual characterization of the driver's behaviour
* Emergency Hierarchical Guidance Control Strategy for Autonomous Vehicles, An
* MPC Combined Decision Making and Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Vehicle Collision Avoidance, A
* Study on the interest of hybrid fundamental matrix for head mounted eye tracker modeling
* Triangular traffic signs detection based on RSLD algorithm
Includes: Basset, M.[Michel] Basset, M.

Basset, O. Co Author Listing * 2-D Locally Regularized Tissue Strain Estimation From Radio-Frequency Ultrasound Images: Theoretical Developments and Results on Experimental Data
* Multiresolution Adaptive Image Segmentation based on Global and Local Statistics
* Segmentation of ultrasound images: Multiresolution 2D and 3D algorithm based on global and local statistics
* Simulation of ultrasound nonlinear propagation on GPU using a generalized angular spectrum method
* Using a Geometric Formulation of Annular-Like Shape Priors for Constraining Variational Level-Sets
Includes: Basset, O. Basset, O.[Olivier]

Bassett, D. Co Author Listing * Understanding consumer attention on mobile devices

Bassett, D.S. Co Author Listing * Graph Signal Processing Perspective on Functional Brain Imaging, A

Bassett, S. Co Author Listing * Interactive Visualization Method for Integrating Digital Elevation Models and Geographic Information Systems Vector Layers, An

Bassetti, C.[Chiara] Co Author Listing * S-Hock dataset: A new benchmark for spectator crowd analysis, The
* S-HOCK dataset: Analyzing crowds at the stadium, The
* Viewing the Viewers: A Novel Challenge for Automated Crowd Analysis

Bassetto, F.[Franco] Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic Training of an Object Recognition System in Scene Camera Data Using Gaze Tracking and Accelerometers

Bassetto, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Optimal On-Orbit Inspection of Satellite Formation

Basseville, M. Co Author Listing * Design and Comparative Study of Some Sequential Jump Detection Algorithms for Digital Signals
* Edge Detection Using Sequential Methods for Change in Level - Part I: A Sequential Edge Detection Algorithm
* Edge Detection Using Sequential Methods for Change in Level - Part II: Sequential Detection of Change in Mean

Bassi, A. Co Author Listing * Deconvolved Image Restoration From Auto-Correlations

Bassiakos, Y.[Yiannis] Co Author Listing * Use of CT Scans and 3D Modeling as a Powerful Tool to Assist Fossil Vertebrate Taxonomy, The

Bassier, M.[Maarten] Co Author Listing * 3D Indoor Mapping and BIM Reconstruction Editorial
* BIM Reconstruction: Automated Procedural Modeling From Point Cloud Data
* Clustering of Wall Geometry from Unstructured Point Clouds
* Clustering of Wall Geometry from Unstructured Point Clouds Using Conditional Random Fields
* Drift Invariant Metric Quality Control of Construction Sites Using BIM and Point Cloud Data
* Image Recording Challenges for Photogrammetric Construction Site Monitoring
* Implementation of Scan-to-BIM and FEM for the Documentation and Analysis of Heritage Timber Roof Structures
* Knowledge Enhanced Neural Networks for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Overview of Innovative Heritage Deliverables Based on Remote Sensing Techniques, An
* Panoramic Image Application for Cultural Heritage
* Point Cloud Validation: On the Impact of Laser Scanning Technologies on the Semantic Segmentation for BIM Modeling and Evaluation
* Point Cloud vs. Mesh Features for Building Interior Classification
* Puzzling Engine: a Digital Platform to Aid The Reassembling Of Fractured Fragments
* Remote Sensing Data As Basis for The Modelling and Reassembly Of Dismantled Heritage Structures
* Theoretical Accuracy Prediction And Validation of Low-end And High-end Mobile Mapping System in Urban, Residential And Rural Areas
* Topology Reconstruction of BIM Wall Objects from Point Cloud Data
* Two-Step Alignment of Mixed Reality Devices to Existing Building Data
Includes: Bassier, M.[Maarten] Bassier, M.
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Bassil, B.E. Co Author Listing * Orthonormal wavelets with balanced uncertainty

Bassil, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Impact of Connected Automated Buses in a Mixed Fleet Scenario With Connected Automated Cars

Bassiliades, N.[Nick] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for electric vehicle scheduling in large-scale mobility-on-demand schemes
* Managing Electric Vehicles in the Smart Grid Using Artificial Intelligence: A Survey
* Offline and Online Electric Vehicle Charging Scheduling With V2V Energy Transfer
Includes: Bassiliades, N.[Nick] Bassiliades, N.

Bassiou, N.[Nikoletta] Co Author Listing * Color image histogram equalization by absolute discounting back-off
* Frontal Face Detection Using Support Vector Machines and Back-Propagation Neural Networks
* Long distance bigram models applied to word clustering
Includes: Bassiou, N.[Nikoletta] Bassiou, N.

Bassiouni, M.M.[Mahmoud M.] Co Author Listing * Computational intelligence techniques for human brain MRI classification
* Intelligent hybrid approaches for human ECG signals identification

Bassiouny, A.[Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Facial expression recognition in the wild using rich deep features
* Semantic segmentation as image representation for scene recognition
Includes: Bassiouny, A.[Ahmad] Bassiouny, A.[Ahmed]

Bassiouny, M.[Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * Object matching using feature aggregation over a frame sequence

Bassiouny, M.A.[M. Atef] Co Author Listing * Efficient Resolution Enhancement Algorithm for Compressive Sensing Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction

Bassiouny, S.[Sohier] Co Author Listing * Face and Palmprint Recognition Using Hierarchical Multiscale Adaptive LBP with Directional Statistical Features

Bassis, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * DANCo: An intrinsic dimensionality estimator exploiting angle and norm concentration

Bassit, A.[Amina] Co Author Listing * Hybrid biometric template protection: Resolving the agony of choice between bloom filters and homomorphic encryption
* Transferability analysis of adversarial attacks on gender classification to face recognition: Fixed and variable attack perturbation

Bassler, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the motion behaviour of Jacobshaven isbræ glacier in Greenland by monocular image sequence analysis
Includes: Bassler, M. Bässler, M. (Maybe also Baessler, M.)

Bassman, R.G.[Robert G.] Co Author Listing * Parallel-pipelined image processing system

Basso Bert, Y. Co Author Listing * Predicting the Colors of Reference Surfaces for Color Constancy
Includes: Basso Bert, Y. Basso-Bert, Y.

Basso, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Detection and Reconstruction Experiments in River Basins
* Content personalization and adaptation for three-screen services
* Cultural Projects and Geomatic Surveys for The Resilience of School Heritage
* DCT-based Scalable Video Coding with Drift
* Experiencing The Inaccessible. a Framework for Virtual Interpretation And Visualization of Remote, Risky or Restricted Access Heritage Places
* Flexible interchange of coded multimedia facilitating access and streaming
* Geomatics As A Survey Tool to Document And Enhance the Cultural And Landscaped Heritage of the Monumental Complexes in the Mountains Of Abruzzo
* Image Coding Based on Zero-Crossing and Energy Information
* Low-cost Technological Implementations Related to Integrated Application Experiments
* Perceptual Bit Allocation for MPEG-2 CBR Video Coding
* Performance and Computational Complexity Optimization in Configurable Hybrid Video Coding System
* Real-time MPEG-2 delivery based on RTP: implementation issues
* Scalable video coding with managed drift
* Virtual Batcave: A Project for the Safeguard of A UNESCO WHL Fragile Ecosystem, The
* Virtual Light: Digitally-generated Lighting for Video Conferencing Applications
Includes: Basso, A. Basso, A.[Andrea]
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Basso, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Addressing Challenges for Mapping Irrigated Fields in Subhumid Temperate Regions by Integrating Remote Sensing and Hydroclimatic Data
* Assessing the Robustness of Vegetation Indices to Estimate Wheat N in Mediterranean Environments

Basso, C.[Curzio] Co Author Listing * DCE-MRI Analysis Using Sparse Adaptive Representations
* Learning Adaptive and Sparse Representations of Medical Images
* Registration of Expressions Data using a 3D Morphable Model
* Regularized 3D morphable models
* Representing and recognizing visual dynamic events with support vector machines
Includes: Basso, C.[Curzio] Basso, C.

Basso, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * MELISSA, a new class of ground based InSAR system. An example of application in support to the Costa Concordia emergency

Basson, U.[Uri] Co Author Listing * Laboratory Measurements of Subsurface Spatial Moisture Content by Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) Diffraction and Reflection Imaging of Agricultural Soils
* Mapping Spatial Moisture Content Of Unsaturated Agricultural Soils With Ground-penetrating Radar

Bassu, D. Co Author Listing * Centralized multi-scale singular value decomposition for feature construction in LIDAR image classification problems

Bassukas, I. Co Author Listing * Multi-Threshold LIP Contour Detection

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