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Tavakkol, B.[Behnam] Co Author Listing * Object-based cluster validation with densities

Tavakkoli Sabour, S.M.[Seyed Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Urban Area Expansion with Implementation of MLC, SAM and SVMs' Classifiers Incorporating Artificial Neural Network Using Landsat Data
Includes: Tavakkoli Sabour, S.M.[Seyed Mohammad] Tavakkoli-Sabour, S.M.[Seyed-Mohammad]

Tavakkoli, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Efficient Computation of Gabor Features in Real-Time Applications
* Accurate and Efficient Non-Parametric Background Detection for Video Surveillance
* Attention2AngioGAN: Synthesizing Fluorescein Angiography from Retinal Fundus Images using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Automatic Environment Map Construction for Mixed Reality Robotic Applications
* Automatic Robust Background Modeling Using Multivariate Non-parametric Kernel Density Estimation for Visual Surveillance
* Automatic Statistical Object Detection for Visual Surveillance
* Classification of Rigid and Non-Rigid Transformations with Autoencoder Representations
* Efficient background modeling through incremental Support Vector Data Description
* Efficient Non-parametric Background Modeling Technique with CUDA Heterogeneous Parallel Architecture, An
* Feature Fusion Hierarchies for gender classification
* Fundus2angio: A Conditional Gan Architecture for Generating Fluorescein Angiography Images from Retinal Fundus Photography
* Genetic Approach to Training Support Vector Data Descriptors for Background Modeling in Video Data, A
* GPU Accelerated Non-Parametric Background Subtraction
* Improving Robustness Using Joint Attention Network for Detecting Retinal Degeneration From Optical Coherence Tomography Images
* Integrated Cyber-Physical Immersive Virtual Reality Framework with Applications to Telerobotics, An
* Non-parametric statistical background modeling for efficient foreground region detection
* Novel Gait Recognition System Based on Hidden Markov Models, A
* Novelty Detection Approach for Foreground Region Detection in Videos with Quasi-stationary Backgrounds, A
* Portable and Unified CPU/GPU Parallel Implementation of Surface Normal Generation Algorithm from 3D Terrain Data, A
* Robust Foreground Detection in Videos Using Adaptive Color Histogram Thresholding and Shadow Removal
* Robust Recursive Learning for Foreground Region Detection in Videos with Quasi-Stationary Backgrounds
* Sensory Fusion and Intent Recognition for Accurate Gesture Recognition in Virtual Environments
* Spatio-Spectral Algorithm for Robust and Scalable Object Tracking in Videos, A
* Vision-Based Architecture for Intent Recognition, A
* Visual Tracking Framework for Intent Recognition in Videos, A
* VTGAN: Semi-supervised Retinal Image Synthesis and Disease Prediction using Vision Transformers
Includes: Tavakkoli, A.[Alireza] Tavakkoli, A.
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Tavakkoli, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-temporal Classification for Crop Discrimination using TerraSAR-X Spotlight images

Tavakoli, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Class Mean Calculation of Road Surface from IKONOS Images Using Fuzzy Logic and Particle Swarm Optimization
* Driver State Modeling Through Latent Variable State Space Framework in the Wild
* Iterative Modified Diffraction Tomography Method for Reconstruction of a High-Contrast Buried Object, An
* Morphological Decomposition and Compression of Binary Images via a Minimum Set Cover Algorithm
* Reconstruction of Concealed Objects in a Corrugated Wall With a Smoothly Varying Roughness Using the Linear Sampling Method
* Road Extraction From Satellite Images Using Particle Filtering and Extended Kalman Filtering
* Scattering From Layered Rough Surfaces: Analytical and Numerical Investigations
Includes: Tavakoli, A. Tavakoli, A.[Arash] Tavakoli, A.[Ali]
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Tavakoli, E.B.[Erfan Bank] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Approach for Automated Integrated Circuit Segmentation of Scan Electron Microscopy Images, A

Tavakoli, F.[Fattane] Co Author Listing * Brain MRI segmentation by combining different MRI modalities using Dempster-Shafer theory

Tavakoli, H.R.[Hamed R.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multi-Scale Progressive Probability Model for Lossless Image Compression
* Analysis of Scores, Datasets, and Models in Visual Saliency Prediction
* Automated Center of Radial Distortion Estimation, Using Active Targets
* AWSD: Adaptive Weighted Spatiotemporal Distillation for Video Representation
* Bottom-Up Attention Guidance for Recurrent Image Recognition
* Bottom-Up Fixation Prediction Using Unsupervised Hierarchical Models
* Bridging the Gap Between Image Coding for Machines and Humans
* compact deep architecture for real-time saliency prediction, A
* Digging Deeper Into Egocentric Gaze Prediction
* End-to-End Learning for Video Frame Compression with Self-Attention
* Fixation Prediction in Videos Using Unsupervised Hierarchical Features
* Geometric Image Correspondence Verification by Dense Pixel Matching
* Human Attention in Image Captioning: Dataset and Analysis
* Hybrid Pruning and Sparsification
* Image and Video Captioning with Augmented Neural Architectures
* Image Captioning Through Image Transformer
* Learned Video Compression with Intra-Guided Enhancement and Implicit Motion Information
* Lossless Image Compression Using a Multi-scale Progressive Statistical Model
* Mind the Structure: Adopting Structural Information for Deep Neural Network Compression
* Saliency Revisited: Analysis of Mouse Movements Versus Fixations
* Semantic Matching by Weakly Supervised 2D Point Set Registration
* Stochastic Binary-Ternary Quantization for Communication Efficient Federated Computation
* TMD: Transformed Mesh Decoder for Mesh Animation
* Towards Cycle-Consistent Models for Text and Image Retrieval
* Towards gaze-based video annotation
* Understanding and Visualizing Deep Visual Saliency Models
Includes: Tavakoli, H.R.[Hamed R.] Tavakoli, H.R.[Hamed Rezazadegan] Tavakoli, H.R.
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Tavakoli, M.[Mohamad] Co Author Listing * Building and Road Extraction from Aerial Photographs
* complementary method for automated detection of microaneurysms in fluorescein angiography fundus images to assess diabetic retinopathy, A
* Computer Recognition of Roads from Satellite Pictures
* Edge Segment Linking Based on Gray Level and Geometrical Compatibilities
* Haptic Feedback and Force-Based Teleoperation in Surgical Robotics
* Impedance Variation and Learning Strategies in Human-Robot Interaction
* Toward the Recognition of Cultural Features
* Unsupervised automated retinal vessel segmentation based on Radon line detector and morphological reconstruction
Includes: Tavakoli, M.[Mohamad] Tavakoli, M.[Meysam] Tavakoli, M. Tavakoli, M.[Mahdi]
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Tavakoli, M.B.[Mahsa Bank] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of the pulmonary nodule and the attached vessels in the CT scan of the chest using morphological features and topological skeleton of the nodule

Tavakoli, S.[Saman] Co Author Listing * 4-dimensional geological modelling of the Skellefte District, Sweden
* Quality of Experience of adaptive video streaming: Investigation in service parameters and subjective quality assessment methodology
Includes: Tavakoli, S.[Saman] Tavakoli, S.[Samira]

Tavakoli, V.[Vahid] Co Author Listing * survey of shaped-based registration and segmentation techniques for cardiac images, A

Tavakolian, M. Co Author Listing * AWSD: Adaptive Weighted Spatiotemporal Distillation for Video Representation
* Deep Binary Representation of Facial Expressions: A Novel Framework for Automatic Pain Intensity Recognition
* Deep Discriminative Model for Video Classification
* Deep Spatiotemporal Representation of the Face for Automatic Pain Intensity Estimation
* Dynamic Texture Comparison Using Derivative Sparse Representation: Application to Video-Based Face Recognition
* Self-supervised pain intensity estimation from facial videos via statistical spatiotemporal distillation
* Semi-Supervised Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning
* Sparse Variation Pattern for Texture Classification
* Spatiotemporal Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Pain Intensity Estimation from Facial Dynamics, A
* Spatiotemporal Derivative Pattern: A Dynamic Texture Descriptor for Video Matching
Includes: Tavakolian, M. Tavakolian, M.[Mohammad]
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Tavakoliy, H.R. Co Author Listing * Paying Attention to Descriptions Generated by Image Captioning Models

Tavakoly, A.A.[Ahmad A.] Co Author Listing * How Well Can Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Capture Hurricanes? Case Study: Hurricane Harvey

Tavallaee, M. Co Author Listing * Toward Credible Evaluation of Anomaly-Based Intrusion-Detection Methods

Tavallali, P.[Pooya] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Label-Poisoning Attacks and Defense for General Multi-Class Models Based on Synthetic Reduced Nearest Neighbor
* Interpretable Synthetic Reduced Nearest Neighbor: An Expectation Maximization Approach
* Interpretable Synthetic Reduced Nearest Neighbor: An Expectation Maximization Approach
Includes: Tavallali, P.[Pooya] Tavallali, P.

Tavanai, A.[Aryana] Co Author Listing * Context Aware Detection and Tracking
* Joint Tracking and Event Analysis for Carried Object Detection
* Qualitative and Quantitative Spatio-temporal Relations in Daily Living Activity Recognition

Tavanapong, W.[Wallapak] Co Author Listing * Automated Bite-block Detection to Distinguish Colonoscopy from Upper Endoscopy Using Deep Learning
* Characteristics-Based Bandwidth Reduction Technique for Pre-recorded Videos, A
* Color Based Stool Region Detection in Colonoscopy Videos for Quality Measurements
* Polyp Detection in Colonoscopy Video using Elliptical Shape Feature
* Training Strategy for Limited Labeled Data by Learning from Confusion
* Visual Model Approach for Parsing Colonoscopy Videos, A

Tavani, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Joint LINET and ISS-LIS View of Lightning Distribution over the Mt. Cimone Area within the GAMMA-FLASH Program, A
* Study on TGF Detectability at 2165 m Altitude: Estimates for the Mountain-Based Gamma-Flash Experiment, A
* Time Evolution of Storms Producing Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes Using ERA5 Reanalysis Data, GPS, Lightning and Geostationary Satellite Observations

Tavani, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Photogrammetric 3D Model via Smartphone GNSS Sensor: Workflow, Error Estimate, and Best Practices

Tavano, A. Co Author Listing * Auditory dialog analysis and understanding by generative modelling of interactional dynamics
* Generative modeling and classification of dialogs by a low-level turn-taking feature
* statistical signature for automatic dialogue classification, A
Includes: Tavano, A. Tavano, A.[Alessandro]

Tavanti, C. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Vision for the Teleoperator of an All-terrain Fast Mobile Robot

Tavanti, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * UIP-Net: A Decoder-encoder CNN for the Detection and Quantification of Usual Interstitial Pneumoniae Pattern in Lung CT Scan Images

Tavard, F. Co Author Listing * Data fusion of Left Ventricle Electro-Anatomical Mapping and Multislice Computerized Tomography
* Dynamic registration of cardiac US and CT data using Fourier descriptors and Dynamic Time Warping
* Multimodal Registration and Data Fusion for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Optimization

Tavare, S.[Simon] Co Author Listing * Automated quantification of the schooling behaviour of sticklebacks
Includes: Tavare, S.[Simon] Tavaré, S.[Simon]

Tavares Vieira, R. Co Author Listing * Human Epithelial Type 2 (HEp-2) Cell Classification by Using a Multiresolution Texture Descriptor

Tavares, A.C.M.[Anderson Carlos Moreira] Co Author Listing * Seed Robustness of Oriented Image Foresting Transform: Core Computation and the Robustness Coefficient
* Supervoxel-Based Solution to Resume Segmentation for Interactive Correction by Differential Image-Foresting Transforms, A

Tavares, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Image Based Estimation of Fruit Phytopathogenic Lesions Area
* Towards Automatic Calibration of Dotblot Images

Tavares, G.[Goncalo] Co Author Listing * Crowdsourcing facial expressions for affective-interaction
Includes: Tavares, G.[Goncalo] Tavares, G.[Gonçalo]

Tavares, I.B.[Iane B.] Co Author Listing * Phenology and Seasonal Ecosystem Productivity in an Amazonian Floodplain Forest

Tavares, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * Using Hand Gesture and Speech in a Multimodal Augmented Reality Environment
Includes: Tavares, J.[Joao] Tavares, J.[João]

Tavares, J.M.R.S.[Joao Manuel R.S.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Tavares, J.M.R.S.[Joao Manuel R.S.]: tavares AT fe up pt
* Advances in Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing: Methods and Applications
* Analysis of Biomedical Images Based on Automated Methods of Image Registration
* Analysis of human tissue densities: A new approach to extract features from medical images
* Analyzing objects in images for estimating the delamination influence on load carrying capacity of composite laminates
* Calibration of Bi-planar Radiography with a Rangefinder and a Small Calibration Object
* Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing: Recent Trends
* Deep-learning framework to detect lung abnormality: A study with chest X-Ray and lung CT scan images
* Dynamic Pedobarography Transitional Objects by Lagrange's Equation with FEM, Modal Matching and Optimization Techniques
* Editorial of the special section on CIARP 2021
* Efficient parallelization on GPU of an image smoothing method based on a variational model
* Efficient supervised optimum-path forest classification for large datasets
* External Anatomical Shapes Reconstruction from Turntable Image Sequences using a Single off-the-shelf Camera
* Fast 3D Reconstruction of the Spine Using User-Defined Splines and a Statistical Articulated Model
* Fast Automatic Microstructural Segmentation of Ferrous Alloy Samples Using Optimum-Path Forest
* Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition by Multiple Contactless Sensors: A Survey
* Improvement of Modal Matching Image Objects in Dynamic Pedobarography using Optimization Techniques
* Log Transform Based Optimal Image Enhancement Using Firefly Algorithm for Autonomous Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: An Application of Aerial Photography
* New Image Dataset on Human Interactions, A
* On the Training of Artificial Neural Networks with Radial Basis Function Using Optimum-Path Forest Clustering
* path- and label-cost propagation approach to speedup the training of the optimum-path forest classifier, A
* Precipitates Segmentation from Scanning Electron Microscope Images through Machine Learning Techniques
* River sediment yield classification using remote sensing imagery
* Segmentation of Skin Lesions Using Level Set Method
* Speeding up optimum-path forest training by path-cost propagation
* Thermal Infrared Image Processing to Assess Heat Generated by Magnetic Nanoparticles for Hyperthermia Applications
* Topics in Medical Image Processing and Computational Vision
Includes: Tavares, J.M.R.S.[Joao Manuel R.S.] Tavares, J.M.R.S.[João Manuel R.S.] Tavares, J.M.R.S.[João Manuel R. S.] Tavares, J.M.R.S.
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Tavares, J.P. Co Author Listing * Design of a Multiagent System for Real-Time Traffic Control
* Spatial Modeling and Analysis of the Determinants of Property Crime in Portugal
Includes: Tavares, J.P. Tavares, J.P.[Joana Paulo]

Tavares, L.G.C. Co Author Listing * Quality of Experience in a Stereoscopic Multiview Environment

Tavares, M.H.[Matheus Henrique] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric and sunglint correction for retrieving chlorophyll-a in a productive tropical estuarine-lagoon system using Sentinel-2 MSI imagery

Tavares, P.B.[Pedro B.] Co Author Listing * Thermal Infrared Image Processing to Assess Heat Generated by Magnetic Nanoparticles for Hyperthermia Applications

Tavares, R. Co Author Listing * Speech Enhancement with Nonstationary Acoustic Noise Detection in Time Domain

Tavares, T.[Tiago] Co Author Listing * Manifold learning for user profiling and identity verification using motion sensors

Tavares, T.R.[Tiago Rodrigues] Co Author Listing * Effect of X-Ray Tube Configuration on Measurement of Key Soil Fertility Attributes with XRF

Tavares, V.[Vitor] Co Author Listing * DALM-SVD: Accelerated sparse coding through singular value decomposition of the dictionary

Tavares, Y.[Yasmin] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Modeling of Zoonotic Arbovirus Transmission in Northeastern Florida Using Sentinel Chicken Surveillance and Earth Observation Data

Tavari, D. Co Author Listing * Airborne laserscanning data for determination of suitable areas for photovoltaics
* Segmentation based robust interpolation: A new approach to laser data filtering
Includes: Tavari, D. Tävári, D.

Tavarini, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Integration of Satellite InSAR with a Wireless Network of Geotechnical Sensors for Slope Monitoring in Urban Areas: The Pariana Landslide Case (Massa, Italy)

Tavarone, R. Co Author Listing * Energy and Computation Efficient Audio-Visual Voice Activity Detection Driven by Event-Cameras

Tavasci, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Super-Resolution of Thermal Images Using an Automatic Total Variation Based Method

Tavasoli, N. Co Author Listing * Modelling The Amount of Carbon Stock Using Remote Sensing in Urban Forest and Its Relationship With Land Use Change

Tavassoli, A. Co Author Listing * Calibrating a Bayesian Transit Assignment Model Using Smart Card Data

Tavassoli, F.[Fatemeh] Co Author Listing * Towards an Effective Web-Based Virtual Health Intervention: The Impact of Media Platform, Visual Framing, and Race on Social Presence and Transportation Ratings

Tavassolian, N. Co Author Listing * High-Contrast, Low-Cost, 3-D Visualization of Skin Cancer Using Ultra-High-Resolution Millimeter-Wave Imaging

Tavassolipour, M. Co Author Listing * Event Detection and Summarization in Soccer Videos Using Bayesian Network and Copula
* Learning of Gaussian Processes in Distributed and Communication Limited Systems
Includes: Tavassolipour, M. Tavassolipour, M.[Mostafa]

Tavassoly, M.T.[M. Taghi] Co Author Listing * Mirage is an image in a flat ground surface

Tavasszy, L.[Lorant] Co Author Listing * Multi-Class Lane-Changing Advisory System for Freeway Merging Sections Using Cooperative ITS, A
Includes: Tavasszy, L.[Lorant] Tavasszy, L.[Lóránt]

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