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Tiwar, M.D. Co Author Listing * Preface

Tiwari, A.[Aruna] Co Author Listing * Constructive Semi-Supervised Classification Algorithm and Its Implement in Data Mining
* Discrete Event Simulation and Virtual Reality Use in Industry: New Opportunities and Future Trends
* Multi-temporal Sar Interferometry For Landslide Monitoring
* Novel Measure for Categorization and Optimal Phase History Retrieval of Distributed Scatterers for InSAR Applications, A
Includes: Tiwari, A.[Aruna] Tiwari, A.

Tiwari, A.K.[Anil K.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Predictor Structure Based Interpolation for Reversible Data Hiding
* Bit-depth expansion using Minimum Risk Based Classification
* Efficient adaptive prediction based reversible image watermarking
* Efficient Algorithms for Discrete Wavelet Transform: With Applications to Denoising and Fuzzy Inference Systems
* Efficient direction-oriented search algorithm for block motion estimation
* FQI: feature-based reduced-reference image quality assessment method for screen content images
* Fundus image quality assessment: survey, challenges, and future scope
* Histogram refinement for texture descriptor based image retrieval
* Least-Squares Based Switched Adaptive Predictors for Lossless Video Coding
* minimum entropy based switched adaptive predictor for lossless compression of images, A
* Saliency enabled compression in JPEG framework
* Surveillance Video Synopsis
* Switched Predictive Coding Method for Lossless Video Coding, A
Includes: Tiwari, A.K.[Anil K.] Tiwari, A.K.[Anil Kumar] Tiwari, A.K.[Arvind K.] Tiwari, A.K.[Ashwani Kumar]
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Tiwari, C. Co Author Listing * RE-PLAN: An Extensible Software Architecture to Facilitate Disaster Response Planning
* Suspicious Face Detection based on Eye and other facial features movement monitoring

Tiwari, D.[Deepshikha] Co Author Listing * novel scheme based on local binary pattern for dynamic texture recognition, A

Tiwari, H. Co Author Listing * Prediction of Probability of Crying of a Child and System Formation for Cry Detection and Financial Viability of the System

Tiwari, K.[Kamlesh] Co Author Listing * Indexing fingerprint database with minutiae based coaxial Gaussian track code and quantized lookup table

Tiwari, L.[Lokender] Co Author Listing * DGSAC: Density Guided Sampling and Consensus
* Fast hypothesis filtering for multi-structure geometric model fitting
* Robust Multi-Model Fitting Using Density and Preference Analysis

Tiwari, M.[Mayank] Co Author Listing * Bit-Rate Allocation for Multiple Video Streams Using a Pricing-Based Mechanism
* Buffer constrained rate control for low bitrate dual-frame video coding
* Competitive Equilibrium Bitrate Allocation for Multiple Video Streams
* Delay Constrained Multiplexing of Video Streams Using Dual-Frame Video Coding
* High-speed quantile-based histogram equalisation for brightness preservation and contrast enhancement
* Improving Performance of Source-Camera Identification By Suppressing Peaks and Eliminating Low-Frequency Defects of Reference SPN
* Pricing-based decentralized rate allocation for multiple video streams
* Selection of Long-Term Reference Frames in Dual-Frame Video Coding Using Simulated Annealing
Includes: Tiwari, M.[Mayank] Tiwari, M.
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Tiwari, R.[Rahul] Co Author Listing * Comparative study of Directional antenna gain for MANET Nodes and Cluster Head Gateway in Integrated Mobile Adhoc Network
* Evolving robotic path with genetically optimised fuzzy planner
Includes: Tiwari, R.[Rahul] Tiwari, R.[Ritu]

Tiwari, R.K. Co Author Listing * Detection of glare in night photography

Tiwari, S.[Shamik] Co Author Listing * Blind Restoration of Motion Blurred Barcode Images using Ridgelet Transform and Radial Basis Function Neural Network
* Face recognition for newborns
* Face recognition for newborns
* Machine learning and multiscale methods in the identification of bivalve larvae
* Newborn's ear recognition: Can it be done?
* Optimizing multiscale texture invariants for the identification of bivalve larvae
* Real-time recognition of cattle using animal biometrics
* Recovery of Non-Rigid Motion from Stereo Images, The
Includes: Tiwari, S.[Shamik] Tiwari, S. Tiwari, S.[Shrikant]
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Tiwari, S.P. Co Author Listing * Optical Algorithm to Estimate Downwelling Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient in the Red Sea, An

Tiwary, U.S.[Uma Shanker] Co Author Listing * Daubechies Complex Wavelet Transform Based Technique For Denoising Of Medical Images
* Robust Object Tracking Method Using Structural Similarity in Daubechies Complex Wavelet Domain, A

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