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Hern, M.[Marcela] Co Author Listing * CreaTools: A Framework to Develop Medical Image Processing Software: Application to Simulate Pipeline Stent Deployment in Intracranial Vessels with Aneurysms

Hernaez, I.[Inmaculada] Co Author Listing * Biometric Technology for Human Identification
* MCYT baseline corpus: a bimodal biometric database
* Off-line signature recognition based on dynamic methods
* Online Handwritten Signature Verification Using Hidden Markov Models
* Searching for an Optimal Reference System for On-Line Signature Verification Based on (x, y) Alignment
* Static signature recognition based on left-to-right Hidden Markov Models
Includes: Hernaez, I.[Inmaculada] Hernaez, I. Hernáez, I.[Inma]

Hernaez, M.[Mikel] Co Author Listing * Introduction to MPEG-G: The First Open ISO/IEC Standard for the Compression and Exchange of Genomic Sequencing Data, An

Hernandes, A.C.[Andre Carmona] Co Author Listing * Ceiling analysis of pedestrian recognition pipeline for an autonomous car application

Hernandez Aguilar, K.[Karla] Co Author Listing * Predictive Modeling of Future Forest Cover Change Patterns in Southern Belize
Includes: Hernandez Aguilar, K.[Karla] Hernandez-Aguilar, K.[Karla]

Hernandez Alvarez, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * KeyEncoder: A secure and usable EEG-based cryptographic key generation mechanism
* SmartCAMPP: Smartphone-based continuous authentication leveraging motion sensors with privacy preservation
Includes: Hernandez Alvarez, L.[Luis] Hernández-Álvarez, L.[Luis]

Hernandez Alvarez, M.[Myriam] Co Author Listing * Survey on Situational Awareness of Ransomware Attacks: Detection and Prevention Parameters, A
Includes: Hernandez Alvarez, M.[Myriam] Hernández-Álvarez, M.[Myriam]

Hernandez Andres, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Analysis of colour constancy algorithms using the knowledge of variation of correlated colour temperature of daylight with solar elevation
* Color-signal filtering in the Fourier-frequency domain
* Colorimetric analysis of outdoor illumination across varieties of atmospheric conditions
* Evaluating logarithmic kernel for spectral reflectance estimation: Effects on model parametrization, training set size, and number of sensor spectral channels
* Extending color constancy outside the visible region
* Generalized Inverse-Approach Model for Spectral-Signal Recovery
* Group Theoretical Structure of Spectral Spaces
* Illuminant spectrum estimation at a pixel
* Improved Spectral Density Measurement from Estimated Reflectance Data with Kernel Ridge Regression
* Optimum sensors for color constancy in scenes illuminated by daylight
* Selecting algorithms, sensors, and linear bases for optimum spectral recovery of skylight
* Spectral recovery of outdoor illumination by an extension of the Bayesian inverse approach to the Gaussian mixture model
* Spectral-daylight recovery by use of only a few sensors
Includes: Hernandez Andres, J.[Javier] Hernández-Andrés, J.[Javier] Hernandez-Andres, J.[Javier] Hernández Andrés, J.[Javier]
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Hernandez Ardieta, J.L. Co Author Listing * Towards an automatic enforcement for speeding: Enhanced model and intelligent transportation systems realisation
Includes: Hernandez Ardieta, J.L. Hernandez-Ardieta, J.L.

Hernandez Avila, J.E.[Juan Eugenio] Co Author Listing * Identification of Risk Areas of Dengue Transmission in Culiacan, Mexico
Includes: Hernandez Avila, J.E.[Juan Eugenio] Hernández-Ávila, J.E.[Juan Eugenio]

Hernandez Barragan, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Plane Detection Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Conformal Geometric Algebra
Includes: Hernandez Barragan, J.[Jesus] Hernández-Barragán, J.[Jesús]

Hernandez Bautista, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Lifting Filters Adjustment for Lossless Image Compression Applications
* Misalignment Identification in Induction Motors Using Orbital Pattern Analysis
* Rotor Unbalance Detection in Electrical Induction Motors Using Orbital Analysis
* Wavelet Filter Adjusting for Image Lossless Compression Using Pattern Recognition
Includes: Hernandez Bautista, I.[Ignacio] Hernández-Bautista, I.[Ignacio]

Hernandez Belmonte, U.H.[Uriel H.] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Object Detection and Representation for Mobile Robot Application
* Feature Selection Using Genetic Algorithms for Hand Posture Recognition
* Saliency Detection Based on Heuristic Rules
Includes: Hernandez Belmonte, U.H.[Uriel H.] Hernandez-Belmonte, U.H.[Uriel H.]

Hernandez Beltran, J.E.[Jose Enrique] Co Author Listing * Real-time haze removal in monocular images using locally adaptive processing
Includes: Hernandez Beltran, J.E.[Jose Enrique] Hernández-Beltrán, J.E.[José Enrique]

Hernandez Cabronero, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Accelerating BPC-PaCo through Visually Lossless Techniques
* Analysis of Variable-Length Codes for Integer Encoding in Hyperspectral Data Compression with the k2-Raster Compact Data Structure
* Analysis-Driven Lossy Compression of DNA Microarray Images
* Coding block-level perceptual video coding for 4:4:4 data in HEVC
* Dual Link Image Coding for Earth Observation Satellites
* Fast MCT optimization for the compression of whole-slide images
* Graph-Based Rate Control in Pathology Imaging With Lossless Region of Interest Coding
* High-Performance Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Scenes Based on Spectral Decorrelation
* Iso-range Pairwise Orthogonal Transform
* Lossless Compression of Color Filter Array Mosaic Images With Visualization via JPEG 2000
* Mosaic-Based Color-Transform Optimization for Lossy and Lossy-to-Lossless Compression of Pathology Whole-Slide Images
* Performance Impact of Parameter Tuning on the CCSDS-123.0-B-2 Low-Complexity Lossless and Near-Lossless Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Compression Standard
* Prediction-based coding with rate control for lossless region of interest in pathology imaging
* Probability models for highly parallel image coding architecture
* Progressive Lossy-to-Lossless Compression of DNA Microarray Images
* Redundancy and Optimization of tANS Entropy Encoders
Includes: Hernandez Cabronero, M.[Miguel] Hernández-Cabronero, M.[Miguel] Hernandez-Cabronero, M. Hernández-Cabronero, M.
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Hernandez Calvento, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Mapping Environmental Impacts on Coastal Tourist Areas of Oceanic Islands (Gran Canaria, Canary Islands): A Current and Future Scenarios Assessment
Includes: Hernandez Calvento, L.[Luis] Hernández-Calvento, L.[Luis]

Hernandez Camara, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Neural networks with divisive normalization for image segmentation
Includes: Hernandez Camara, P.[Pablo] Hernández-Cámara, P.[Pablo]

Hernandez Carrasco, I. Co Author Listing * Increasing the Resolution of Ocean pCO2Maps in the South Eastern Atlantic Ocean Merging Multifractal Satellite-Derived Ocean Variables
Includes: Hernandez Carrasco, I. Hernández-Carrasco, I.

Hernandez Carrascosa, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * TGCRBNW: A Dataset for Runner Bib Number Detection (and Recognition) in the Wild
Includes: Hernandez Carrascosa, P.[Pablo] Hernández-Carrascosa, P.[Pablo]

Hernandez Castanon, V.D.[V. Del_Rocio] Co Author Listing * Linear model optimizer vs Neural Networks: A comparison for improving the quality and saving of LED-Lighting control systems
Includes: Hernandez Castanon, V.D.[V. Del_Rocio] Hernández-Castañón, V.D.[V. Del_Rocío]

Hernandez Castro, J. Co Author Listing * Smartphone image acquisition forensics using sensor fingerprint
Includes: Hernandez Castro, J. Hernandez-Castro, J.

Hernandez Cisneros, R.R.[Rolando R.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Class Separability, Forward Sequential Search and Genetic Algorithms for Feature Selection in the Classification of Individual and Clustered Microcalcifications in Digital Mammograms
* Detection of Microcalcification Clusters in Mammograms Using a Difference of Optimized Gaussian Filters
Includes: Hernandez Cisneros, R.R.[Rolando R.] Hernández-Cisneros, R.R.[Rolando R.]

Hernandez Clemente, R.[Rocio] Co Author Listing * Assessing Canopy Responses to Thinnings for Sweet Chestnut Coppice with Time-Series Vegetation Indices Derived from Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Deriving Predictive Relationships of Carotenoid Content at the Canopy Level in a Conifer Forest Using Hyperspectral Imagery and Model Simulation
* Measurement of Diurnal Variation in Needle PRI and Shoot Photosynthesis in a Boreal Forest
* Novel Methodology to Estimate Single-Tree Biophysical Parameters from 3D Digital Imagery Compared to Aerial Laser Scanner Data, A
* Spectral Similarity and PRI Variations for a Boreal Forest Stand Using Multi-angular Airborne Imagery
* Tracking the Seasonal Dynamics of Boreal Forest Photosynthesis Using EO-1 Hyperion Reflectance: Sensitivity to Structural and Illumination Effects
* Understanding the temporal dimension of the red-edge spectral region for forest decline detection using high-resolution hyperspectral and Sentinel-2a imagery
Includes: Hernandez Clemente, R.[Rocio] Hernández-Clemente, R.[Rocío] Hernandez-Clemente, R. Hernández-Clemente, R.
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Hernandez Diaz, J.C.[Jose Ciro] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Near-Surface Temperature Lapse Rates in Mountain Ecosystems of Northern Mexico Using Landsat-8 Satellite Images and ECOSTRESS
Includes: Hernandez Diaz, J.C.[Jose Ciro] Hernández-Díaz, J.C.[José Ciro]

Hernandez Diaz, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Facial masks and soft-biometrics: Leveraging face recognition CNNs for age and gender prediction on mobile ocular images
* On the effect of selfie beautification filters on face detection and recognition
* Squeezefaceposenet: Lightweight Face Verification Across Different Poses for Mobile Platforms
Includes: Hernandez Diaz, K.[Kevin] Hernandez-Diaz, K.[Kevin]

Hernandez Diaz, M.E.[Maria E.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Time and Frequency Domain-Based Methods for the Estimation of Harmonics-to-Noise-Ratios in Voice Signals
* Using dynamic time warping of T0 contours in the evaluation of cycle-to-cycle Pitch Detection Algorithms
Includes: Hernandez Diaz, M.E.[Maria E.] Hernández-Díaz, M.E.[María E.]

Hernandez Duran, M.[Mairelys] Co Author Listing * Metric Learning in the Dissimilarity Space to Improve Low-Resolution Face Recognition
Includes: Hernandez Duran, M.[Mairelys] Hernández-Durán, M.[Mairelys]

Hernandez Encinas, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * SmartCAMPP: Smartphone-based continuous authentication leveraging motion sensors with privacy preservation
Includes: Hernandez Encinas, L.[Luis] Hernández Encinas, L.[Luis]

Hernandez Esteban, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Multi-stereo 3D object reconstruction
* Silhouette and stereo fusion for 3D object modeling
Includes: Hernandez Esteban, C.[Carlos] Hernández Esteban, C.[Carlos]

Hernandez Farias, I.[Irazu] Co Author Listing * Applying Basic Features from Sentiment Analysis for Automatic Irony Detection
Includes: Hernandez Farias, I.[Irazu] Hernández-Farías, I.[Irazú]

Hernandez Fenollosa, M.A.[Maria Angeles] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Nanocolumnar Crystals from Microscopic Images
Includes: Hernandez Fenollosa, M.A.[Maria Angeles] Hernández-Fenollosa, M.Á.[María Ángeles]

Hernandez Fernandez, P. Co Author Listing * SystemC modelling of lossless compression IP cores for space applications
Includes: Hernandez Fernandez, P. Hernández-Fernández, P.

Hernandez Ferrandiz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Case of Study on Traffic Cone Detection for Autonomous Racing on a Jetson Platform, A
Includes: Hernandez Ferrandiz, D.[Daniel] Hernández-Ferrándiz, D.[Daniel]

Hernandez Figueroa, H.E.[Hugo E.] Co Author Listing * Crop Growth Monitoring with Drone-Borne DInSAR
* Drone-borne Differential SAR Interferometry
* Predicting Sugarcane Harvest Date and Productivity with a Drone-Borne Tri-Band SAR
Includes: Hernandez Figueroa, H.E.[Hugo E.] Hernandez-Figueroa, H.E.[Hugo E.]

Hernandez Franco, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Multi-Label and Multimodal Classifier for Affective States Recognition in Virtual Rehabilitation
* Unobtrusive Inference of Affective States in Virtual Rehabilitation from Upper Limb Motions: A Feasibility Study
Includes: Hernandez Franco, J.[Jorge] Hernández-Franco, J.[Jorge]

Hernandez Garcia, A. Co Author Listing * Comparing visual descriptors and automatic rating strategies for video aesthetics prediction
* Learning Representational Invariance Instead of Categorization
Includes: Hernandez Garcia, A. Hernández-García, A. Hernández-Garcia, A.

Hernandez Garcia, R.[Ruber] Co Author Listing * AttenGait: Gait recognition with attention and rich modalities
* Human Action Classification Using N-Grams Visual Vocabulary
Includes: Hernandez Garcia, R.[Ruber] Hernández-García, R.[Ruber]

Hernandez Garcia, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Case of Study on Traffic Cone Detection for Autonomous Racing on a Jetson Platform, A
* Synthetic Spermatozoa Video Sequences Generation Using Adversarial Imitation Learning
Includes: Hernandez Garcia, S.[Sergio] Hernández-García, S.[Sergio]

Hernandez Gil, J.F. Co Author Listing * Motion Vector Size-Compensation Based Method for Very Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
Includes: Hernandez Gil, J.F. Hernandez-Gil, J.F.

Hernandez Gonzalez, J.[Jeronimo] Co Author Listing * Learning Bayesian network classifiers from label proportions
* Weak supervision and other non-standard classification problems: A taxonomy
Includes: Hernandez Gonzalez, J.[Jeronimo] Hernández-González, J.[Jerónimo]

Hernandez Gorriz, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * Strategies of Dictionary Usages for Sparse Representations for Pedestrian Classification
Includes: Hernandez Gorriz, A.[Angel] Hernández-Górriz, Á.[Ángel]

Hernandez Gracidas, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Markov Random Fields and Spatial Information to Improve Automatic Image Annotation
Includes: Hernandez Gracidas, C.[Carlos] Hernández-Gracidas, C.[Carlos]

Hernandez Guerra, A. Co Author Listing * Motion Estimation Techniques to Automatically Track Oceanographic Thermal Structures in Multisensor Image Sequences
Includes: Hernandez Guerra, A. Hernandez-Guerra, A.

Hernandez Hamon, H.[Hernando] Co Author Listing * Development of a Google Earth Engine-Based Application for the Management of Shallow Coral Reefs Using Drone Imagery
Includes: Hernandez Hamon, H.[Hernando] Hernández-Hamón, H.[Hernando]

Hernandez Hernandez, H.[Hilda] Co Author Listing * Fotonic and Electron Microscopy Images for Quality Evaluation of Delignification of Agave Fibers
Includes: Hernandez Hernandez, H.[Hilda] Hernández-Hernández, H.[Hilda]

Hernandez Hernandez, J.C.[Jose Clemente] Co Author Listing * Neuroevolution for Sentiment Analysis in Tweets Written in Mexican Spanish
Includes: Hernandez Hernandez, J.C.[Jose Clemente] Hernández-Hernández, J.C.[José-Clemente]

Hernandez Hernandez, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Classifiers and the Majority Voting Rule for the Detection of Plum Fruits in Garden Conditions
Includes: Hernandez Hernandez, J.L.[Jose Luis] Hernández-Hernández, J.L.[José Luis]

Hernandez Hernandez, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Classifiers and the Majority Voting Rule for the Detection of Plum Fruits in Garden Conditions
Includes: Hernandez Hernandez, M.[Mario] Hernández-Hernández, M.[Mario]

Hernandez Hernandez, S.[Saiveth] Co Author Listing * Improving Breast Mass Classification Through Kernel Methods and the Fusion of Clinical Data and Image Descriptors
Includes: Hernandez Hernandez, S.[Saiveth] Hernández-Hernández, S.[Saiveth]

Hernandez Herrera, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * 3-D+t Human Sperm Flagellum Tracing in Low SNR Fluorescence Images
* Sperm Flagellum Center-Line Tracing in Fluorescence 3D+t Low SNR Stacks Using an Iterative Minimal Path Method
Includes: Hernandez Herrera, P.[Paul] Hernandez-Herrera, P.[Paul]

Hernandez Hoyos, M.[Marcela] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection for SVM-Based Vascular Anomaly Detection
* Inferior Maxillary Bone Tissue Classification in 3D CT Images
* Modular Workflow Architecture for Coronary Centerline Extraction in Computed Tomography Angiography Data, A
Includes: Hernandez Hoyos, M.[Marcela] Hernández Hoyos, M.[Marcela]

Hernandez Huerta, L.M.[Laura M.] Co Author Listing * Structured Pointcloud Segmentation for Individual Mangrove Tree Modeling
Includes: Hernandez Huerta, L.M.[Laura M.] Hernández-Huerta, L.M.[Laura M.]

Hernandez Jayo, U. Co Author Listing * Telematics system for the intelligent transport and distribution of medicines
Includes: Hernandez Jayo, U. Hernandez-Jayo, U.

Hernandez Jimenez, R.[Rodolfo] Co Author Listing * Modeling Aceto-White Temporal Patterns to Segment Colposcopic Images
Includes: Hernandez Jimenez, R.[Rodolfo] Hernández-Jiménez, R.[Rodolfo]

Hernandez Juarez, D. Co Author Listing * GPU-Accelerated Real-Time Stixel Computation
* Multi-Hypothesis Approach to Color Constancy, A
* Slanted Stixels: A Way to Represent Steep Streets
Includes: Hernandez Juarez, D. Hernandez-Juarez, D. Hernandez-Juarez, D.[Daniel]

Hernandez Leal, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Burned Area Mapping in the North American Boreal Forest Using Terra-MODIS LTDR (2001-2011): A Comparison with the MCD45A1, MCD64A1 and BA GEOLAND-2 Products
* Fusion of WorldView-2 and LiDAR Data to Map Fuel Types in the Canary Islands
* InstanceRank based on borders for instance selection
* Multi-label classification with Bayesian network-based chain classifiers
* Species Distribution Models at Regional Scale: Cymodocea nodosa Seagrasses
Includes: Hernandez Leal, P.[Pedro] Hernández Leal, P.[Pedro] Hernández-Leal, P.[Pedro] Hernandez-Leal, P.[Pablo]

Hernandez Leal, P.A.[Pedro A.] Co Author Listing * UAV-Based Disease Detection in Palm Groves of Phoenix canariensis Using Machine Learning and Multispectral Imagery
Includes: Hernandez Leal, P.A.[Pedro A.] Hernández-Leal, P.A.[Pedro A.]

Hernandez Leon, R.[Raudel] Co Author Listing * CAR-NF+: An Improved Version of CAR-NF Classifier
* Dynamic K: A Novel Satisfaction Mechanism for CAR-Based Classifiers
* Improving the Accuracy of CAR-based Classifiers by Combining Netconf Measure and Dynamic -K Mechanism
* Improving the Accuracy of the Sequential Patterns-Based Classifiers
* Novel Hybrid Data Reduction Strategy and Its Application to Intrusion Detection, A
* Novel Incremental Algorithm for Frequent Itemsets Mining in Dynamic Datasets, A
* novel multi-core algorithm for frequent itemsets mining in data streams, A
* SPaMi-FTS: An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Sequential Patterns
* SPaR-FTR: An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Sequential Patterns-Based Rules
* Studying Netconf in Hybrid Rule Ordering Strategies for Associative Classification
Includes: Hernandez Leon, R.[Raudel] Hernández-León, R.[Raudel] Hernàndez-Leòn, R.[Raudel]
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Hernandez Lobato, D. Co Author Listing * Ambiguity Helps: Classification with Disagreements in Crowdsourced Annotations
* Analysis of Ensemble Pruning Techniques Based on Ordered Aggregation, An
* Bayes Machines for binary classification
* Expectation Propagation for microarray data classification
* How large should ensembles of classifiers be?
* Inference on the prediction of ensembles of infinite size
* Network-based sparse Bayesian classification
* Statistical Instance-Based Pruning in Ensembles of Independent Classifiers
Includes: Hernandez Lobato, D. Hernandez-Lobato, D. Hernández-Lobato, D.[Daniel] Hernandez-Lobato, D.[Daniel]
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Hernandez Lobato, J.M. Co Author Listing * Ambiguity Helps: Classification with Disagreements in Crowdsourced Annotations
* Bayes Machines for binary classification
* Combining deep generative and discriminative models for Bayesian semi-supervised learning
* Expectation Propagation for microarray data classification
* Introducing instance label correlation in multiple instance learning. Application to cancer detection on histopathological images
* Network-based sparse Bayesian classification
Includes: Hernandez Lobato, J.M. Hernandez-Lobato, J.M. Hernandez-Lobato, J.M.[Jose Miguel] Hernández-Lobato, J.M.[José Miguel]

Hernandez Lopez, D. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling and Accuracy Assessment of Granite Quarry Using Unmmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Assessing the Accuracy of Multiple Classification Algorithms for Crop Classification Using Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Data
* Automated Urban Analysis Based on LiDAR-Derived Building Models
* Calibration and Direct Georeferencing Analysis of a Multi-Sensor System for Cultural Heritage Recording
* Design of a Local Nested Grid for the Optimal Combined Use of Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 Data
* Development Of An All-purpose Free Photogrammetric Tool
* Flood Hazard Assessment Supported by Reduced Cost Aerial Precision Photogrammetry
* Geometric Characterization of Vines from 3D Point Clouds Obtained with Laser Scanner Systems
* HidroMap: A New Tool for Irrigation Monitoring and Management Using Free Satellite Imagery
* Improvement of the Soil Moisture Retrieval Procedure Based on the Integration of UAV Photogrammetry and Satellite Remote Sensing Information
* Improving the Accuracy of Multiple Algorithms for Crop Classification by Integrating Sentinel-1 Observations with Sentinel-2 Data
* Irrigation Detection Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series on Fruit Tree Orchards
* Multi-Data Source and Multi-Sensor Approach for the 3D Reconstruction and Visualization of a Complex Archaelogical Site: The Case Study of Tolmo de Minateda, A
* Multi-Data Source and Multi-Sensor Approach for the 3D Reconstruction and Web Visualization of a Complex Archaelogical Site: The Case Study of Tolmo De Minateda, A
* Multi-Sensor Radiometric Study to Detect Pathologies in Historical Buildings
* Multispectral Imaging in Cultural Heritage Conservation
* Multispectral Radiometric Analysis of Façades to Detect Pathologies from Active and Passive Remote Sensing
* New Approach to Energy Calculation of Road Accidents against Fixed Small Section Elements Based on Close-Range Photogrammetry, A
* Novel Pole Photogrammetric System for Low-Cost Documentation of Archaeological Sites: The Case Study of Cueva Pintada
* Optimized Software Tools to Generate Large Spatio-Temporal Data Using the Datacubes Concept: Application to Crop Classification in Cap Bon, Tunisia
* Photomatch: An Open-source Multi-view and Multi-modal Feature Matching Tool for Photogrammetric Applications
* Sensor Fusion for 3d Archaeological Documentation and Reconstruction: Case Study of Cueva Pintada in Galdar, Gran Canaria
* Survey and Classification of Large Woody Debris (LWD) in Streams Using Generated Low-Cost Geomatic Products
* Testing the Radiometric Performance of Digital Photogrammetric Images: Vicarious vs. Laboratory Calibration on the Leica ADS40, a Study in Spain
* Vicarious Radiometric Calibration of a Multispectral Camera on Board an Unmanned Aerial System
Includes: Hernandez Lopez, D. Hernández-López, D. Hernández-López, D.[David] Hernandez-Lopez, D. Hernandez-Lopez, D.[David]
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Hernandez Lopez, F.J.[Francisco J.] Co Author Listing * AVScreen: a real-time video augmentation method
* Change detection by probabilistic segmentation from monocular view
* Panorama construction using binary trees
Includes: Hernandez Lopez, F.J.[Francisco J.] Hernandez-Lopez, F.J.[Francisco J.]

Hernandez Madrigal, V.M.[Victor M.] Co Author Listing * Determination of Susceptibility to the Generation of Discontinuities Related to Land Subsidence Using the Frequency Ratio Method in the City of Aguascalientes, Mexico
Includes: Hernandez Madrigal, V.M.[Victor M.] Hernández-Madrigal, V.M.[Victor M.]

Hernandez Marin, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Application of InSAR and Gravimetry for Land Subsidence Hazard Zoning in Aguascalientes, Mexico
* Determination of Susceptibility to the Generation of Discontinuities Related to Land Subsidence Using the Frequency Ratio Method in the City of Aguascalientes, Mexico
Includes: Hernandez Marin, M.[Martin] Hernández-Marín, M.[Martín]

Hernandez Marin, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Analysis of Lidar Signals with Multiple Returns
* Creating Multi-layered 3D Images Using Reversible Jump MCMC Algorithms
* Multilayered 3D LiDAR Image Construction Using Spatial Models in a Bayesian Framework
* Spatial modelling of multi-layered LiDAR images using reversible jump MCMC
Includes: Hernandez Marin, S.[Sergio] Hernandez-Marin, S.[Sergio]

Hernandez Mederos, V. Co Author Listing * Constrained Interpolation with Implicit Plane Cubic A-Splines
Includes: Hernandez Mederos, V. Hernández-Mederos, V.

Hernandez Melgarejo, G.[Gustavo] Co Author Listing * Framework to Model and Control the State of Presence in Virtual Reality Systems, A
Includes: Hernandez Melgarejo, G.[Gustavo] Hernández-Melgarejo, G.[Gustavo]

Hernandez Mena, L.[Leonel] Co Author Listing * Time Delay Evaluation on the Water-Leaving Irradiance Retrieved from Empirical Models and Satellite Imagery
Includes: Hernandez Mena, L.[Leonel] Hernández-Mena, L.[Leonel]

Hernandez Mesa, M. Co Author Listing * Regional Lung Perfusion Analysis in Experimental ARDS by Electrical Impedance and Computed Tomography
Includes: Hernandez Mesa, M. Hernández Mesa, M.

Hernandez Mier, Y.[Yahir] Co Author Listing * Embedded Image Processing System for Automatic Page Segmentation of Open Book Images
* simplified method of endoscopic image distortion correction based on grey level registration, A
Includes: Hernandez Mier, Y.[Yahir] Hernández-Mier, Y.[Yahir] Hernandez-Mier, Y.

Hernandez Molina, F.J. Co Author Listing * Oceanographic MOWER Cruise
Includes: Hernandez Molina, F.J. Hernández-Molina, F.J.

Hernandez Montero, F.E.[Fidel Ernesto] Co Author Listing * Detection of Periodic Signals in Noise Based on Higher-Order Statistics Joined to Convolution Process and Spectral Analysis
Includes: Hernandez Montero, F.E.[Fidel Ernesto] Hernández Montero, F.E.[Fidel Ernesto]

Hernandez Montes, E.[Esther] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Estimation of Crop Water Stress in Nectarine and Peach Orchards Using High-Resolution Imagery from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Includes: Hernandez Montes, E.[Esther] Hernández-Montes, E.[Esther]

Hernandez Muriel, J. Co Author Listing * Non-parametric Source Reconstruction via Kernel Temporal Enhancement for EEG Data
Includes: Hernandez Muriel, J. Hernandez-Muriel, J.

Hernandez Nunez, H.[Hector] Co Author Listing * Impact of Urban Land-Cover Changes on the Spatial-Temporal Land Surface Temperature in a Tropical City of Mexico
Includes: Hernandez Nunez, H.[Hector] Hernández-Nuñez, H.[Héctor]

Hernandez Orallo, J. Co Author Listing * experimental comparison of performance measures for classification, An
* ROC curves for regression
Includes: Hernandez Orallo, J. Hernandez-Orallo, J. Hernández-Orallo, J.[José]

Hernandez Ortega, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Active detection of age groups based on touch interaction
* Body Shape-Based Biometric Person Recognition from mmW Images
* FaceQgen: Semi-Supervised Deep Learning for Face Image Quality Assessment
* FaceQvec: Vector Quality Assessment for Face Biometrics based on ISO Compliance
* Person Recognition at a Distance: Improving Face Recognition Through Body Static Information
* Quality-Based Pulse Estimation from NIR Face Video with Application to Driver Monitoring
* Time Analysis of Pulse-Based Face Anti-Spoofing in Visible and NIR
Includes: Hernandez Ortega, J.[Javier] Hernandez-Ortega, J.[Javier] Hernandez-Ortega, J.
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Hernandez Pajares, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * ADDTID: An Alternative Tool for Studying Earthquake/Tsunami Signatures in the Ionosphere. Case of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake
* Assessment of Global Ionospheric Maps Performance by Means of Ionosonde Data
* Assessment of GRAS Ionospheric Measurements for Ionospheric Model Assimilation
* Comprehensive Study on the Tropospheric Wet Delay and Horizontal Gradients during a Severe Weather Event
* Correlation between Ionospheric Electron Density Variations Derived from Swarm Satellite Observations and Seismic Activity at the Australian-Pacific Tectonic Plate Boundary, The
* Detection and Description of the Different Ionospheric Disturbances that Appeared during the Solar Eclipse of 21 August 2017
* Estimation of Polar Depletion Regions by VTEC Contrast and Watershed Enhancing
* Feasibility of GNSS-R Ice Sheet Altimetry in Greenland Using TDS-1
* Forecast of the Global TEC by Nearest Neighbour Technique
* High-Resolution Ionosphere Corrections for Single-Frequency Positioning
* New Method for Ionospheric Tomography and Its Assessment by Ionosonde Electron Density, GPS TEC, and Single-Frequency PPP, A
* New Method of Electron Density Retrieval from MetOp-A's Truncated Radio Occultation Measurements, A
* New Method to Determine the Optimal Thin Layer Ionospheric Height and Its Application in the Polar Regions, A
* Real-Time Tomographic Inversion of Truncated Ionospheric GNSS Radio Occultations
* Study of Ionospheric Bending Angle and Scintillation Profiles Derived by GNSS Radio-Occultation with MetOp-A Satellite
* TEC Forecasting Based on Manifold Trajectories
* Tomographic Imaging of Ionospheric Plasma Bubbles Based on GNSS and Radio Occultation Measurements
* Topside Ionospheric Tomography Exclusively Based on LEO POD GPS Carrier Phases: Application to Autonomous LEO DCB Estimation
* Towards Cooperative Global Mapping of the Ionosphere: Fusion Feasibility for IGS and IRI with Global Climate VTEC Maps
* Wide-Area GNSS Corrections for Precise Positioning and Navigation in Agriculture
Includes: Hernandez Pajares, M.[Manuel] Hernández-Pajares, M.[Manuel] Hernandez-Pajares, M. Hernandez-Pajares, M.[Manuel]
20 for Hernandez Pajares, M.

Hernandez Palancar, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Distinctiveness and Representativeness of Visual Vocabularies
* CAR-NF+: An Improved Version of CAR-NF Classifier
* Discriminating Fingerprint Images of Other Images
* Fingerprint Matching Using a Geometric Subgraph Mining Approach
* Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection Method Based on a Bag-of-Words Approach
* FPGA-based detection of SIFT interest keypoints
* Hardware Architecture for SIFT Candidate Keypoints Detection, A
* New Fingerprint Indexing Algorithm for Latent and Non-latent Impressions Identification, A
* New Ridge-Features-Based Method for Fingerprint Image Quality Assessment, A
* New Triangular Matching Approach for Latent Palmprint Identification, A
* novel geometric graph miner and its applications, A
* Novel Incremental Algorithm for Frequent Itemsets Mining in Dynamic Datasets, A
* Partial Shape Matching and Retrieval under Occlusion and Noise
* Rolled-Plain Fingerprint Images Classification
* SPaMi-FTS: An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Frequent Sequential Patterns
* SPaR-FTR: An Efficient Algorithm for Mining Sequential Patterns-Based Rules
* Studying Netconf in Hybrid Rule Ordering Strategies for Associative Classification
* Using Reference Point as Feature for Fingerprint Indexing
Includes: Hernandez Palancar, J.[Jose] Hernández-Palancar, J.[José]
18 for Hernandez Palancar, J.

Hernandez Palancarr, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Improving the Accuracy of the Sequential Patterns-Based Classifiers
Includes: Hernandez Palancarr, J.[Jose] Hernández-Palancarr, J.[José]

Hernandez Paniagua, I.Y.[Ivan Y.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of MODIS Aerosol Optical Depth and Surface Data Using an Ensemble Modeling Approach to Assess PM2.5 Temporal and Spatial Distributions
Includes: Hernandez Paniagua, I.Y.[Ivan Y.] Hernández-Paniagua, I.Y.[Iván Y.]

Hernandez Penaloza, G. Co Author Listing * Behavior Analysis through Multimodal Sensing for Care of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Patients
* Person tracking association using multi-modal systems
Includes: Hernandez Penaloza, G. Hernández-Peñaloza, G.

Hernandez Quintero, A.[Angelica] Co Author Listing * Modeling Dependencies in Supervised Classification
Includes: Hernandez Quintero, A.[Angelica] Hernández-Quintero, A.[Angélica]

Hernandez Quitian, M.[Margoth] Co Author Listing * Visual Cryptography Schemes Based in k -Linear Maps
Includes: Hernandez Quitian, M.[Margoth] Hernández Quitián, M.[Margoth]

Hernandez Rebollar, J.L. Co Author Listing * new instrumented approach for translating American Sign Language into sound and text, A
* Towards a one-way American Sign Language translator
Includes: Hernandez Rebollar, J.L. Hernandez-Rebollar, J.L.

Hernandez Reyes, E.[Edith] Co Author Listing * Document Representation Based on Maximal Frequent Sequence Sets
Includes: Hernandez Reyes, E.[Edith] Hernández-Reyes, E.[Edith]

Hernandez Rodriguez, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Extended Photometric Sampling for Surface Shape Recovery
* method for improving consistency in photometric databases, A
* photometric sampling method for facial shape recovery, A
Includes: Hernandez Rodriguez, F.[Felipe] Hernández-Rodríguez, F.[Felipe]

Hernandez Rodriguez, S.[Selene] Co Author Listing * Fast k most similar neighbor classifier for mixed data (tree k-MSN)
* Fast k Most Similar Neighbor Classifier for Mixed Data Based on a Tree Structure
* Fast k Most Similar Neighbor Classifier for Mixed Data Based on a Tree Structure and Approximating-Eliminating
* On the selection of base prototypes for LAESA and TLAESA classifiers
Includes: Hernandez Rodriguez, S.[Selene] Hernández-Rodríguez, S.[Selene] Hernandez-Rodriguez, S.[Selene]

Hernandez Rojas, A.[Alejandra] Co Author Listing * 3D Geometry Design via End-To-End Optimization for Land Seismic Acquisition
* LD-GAN: Low-Dimensional Generative Adversarial Network for Spectral Image Generation with Variance Regularization
Includes: Hernandez Rojas, A.[Alejandra] Hernandez-Rojas, A.[Alejandra]

Hernandez Romero, G.[Gonzalo] Co Author Listing * From Forest Dynamics to Wetland Siltation in Mountainous Landscapes: A RS-Based Framework for Enhancing Erosion Control
Includes: Hernandez Romero, G.[Gonzalo] Hernández-Romero, G.[Gonzalo]

Hernandez Romero, I. Co Author Listing * Solving Inaccuracies in Anatomical Models for Electrocardiographic Inverse Problem Resolution by Maximizing Reconstruction Quality
Includes: Hernandez Romero, I. Hernandez-Romero, I.

Hernandez Sabate, A. Co Author Listing * Approaching Artery Rigid Dynamics in IVUS
* Complete Confidence Framework for Optical Flow, A
* Confidence Framework for the Assessment of Optical Flow Performance, A
* confidence measure for assessing optical flow accuracy in the absence of ground truth, A
* Effects of Non-Driving Related Tasks During Self-Driving Mode
* Error Analysis for Lucas-Kanade Based Schemes
* Evaluation of the Capabilities of Confidence Measures for Assessing Optical Flow Quality
* Fast Kernel Generalized Discriminative Common Vectors for Feature Extraction
* Feature Extraction by Using Dual-Generalized Discriminative Common Vectors
* Inferring the Performance of Medical Imaging Algorithms
* LEE: A Photorealistic Virtual Environment for Assessing Driver-Vehicle Interactions in Self-driving Mode
* Normalized Framework for the Design of Feature Spaces Assessing the Left Ventricular Function, A
* Structure-Preserving Smoothing of Biomedical Images
Includes: Hernandez Sabate, A. Hernandez-Sabate, A. Hernández-Sabaté, A.[Aura] Hernàndez-Sabaté, A.[Aura]
13 for Hernandez Sabate, A.

Hernandez Sequeira, I.[Itza] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised Classification for Remote Sensing Datasets
Includes: Hernandez Sequeira, I.[Itza] Hernandez-Sequeira, I.[Itza]

Hernandez Serna, A.[Andres] Co Author Listing * Species Richness (of Insects) Drives the Use of Acoustic Space in the Tropics
Includes: Hernandez Serna, A.[Andres] Hernández-Serna, A.[Andres]

Hernandez Servin, J.A. Co Author Listing * Modification of the TPVD Algorithm for Data Embedding, A
* Optimization Approach to the TWPVD Method for Digital Image Steganography, An
Includes: Hernandez Servin, J.A. Hernández-Servin, J.A. Hernández-Servín, J.A.

Hernandez Sierra, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Segmentation and Tokenization for Low Cost Language Identification
* Gaussian Selection for Speaker Recognition Using Cumulative Vectors
* Session compensation using binary speech representation for speaker recognition
* Speaker Recognition Using a Binary Representation and Specificities Models
* Speaker Verification Using Accumulative Vectors with Support Vector Machines
* Temporal Information in a Binary Framework for Speaker Recognition
Includes: Hernandez Sierra, G.[Gabriel] Hernández-Sierra, G.[Gabriel] Hernández Sierra, G.[Gabriel] Hernandez-Sierra, G.[Gabriel]

Hernandez Solis, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Lung-Nodule Segmentation Using a Convolutional Neural Network with the U-Net Architecture
Includes: Hernandez Solis, V.[Vicente] Hernández-Solis, V.[Vicente]

Hernandez Sosa, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Facial Description in Static Images and Video Streams, An
* Becoming Visually Familiar
* Combining Face and Facial Feature Detectors for Face Detection Performance Improvement
* comparison of face and facial feature detectors based on the Viola-Jones general object detection framework, A
* Evaluation of a Visual Question Answering Architecture for Pedestrian Attribute Recognition
* Generic Model for Perception-Action Systems. Analysis of a Knowledge-Based Prototype, A
* Large-scale Analysis of Athletes' Cumulative Race Time in Running Events, A
* Multi-sensor People Counting
* Neural Network Training for the Detection and Classification of Oceanic Mesoscale Eddies
* People Semantic Description and Re-identification from Point Cloud Geometry
* Towards cumulative race time regression in sports: I3D ConvNet transfer learning in ultra-distance running events
* Towards Facial Expression Robustness in Multi-scale Wild Environments
* Viola-Jones Based Detectors: How Much Affects the Training Set?
* X3D Neural Network Analysis for Runner's Performance Assessment in a Wild Sporting Environment, An
Includes: Hernandez Sosa, D.[Daniel] Hernández-Sosa, D.[Daniel] Hernandez-Sosa, D. Hernández-Sosa, D. Hernandez-Sosa, D.[Daniel]
14 for Hernandez Sosa, D.

Hernandez Stefanoni, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Carbon Stocks, Species Diversity and Their Spatial Relationships in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
* Effects of Sample Plot Size and GPS Location Errors on Aboveground Biomass Estimates from LiDAR in Tropical Dry Forests
* Forest Clearing Dynamics and Its Relation to Remotely Sensed Carbon Density and Plant Species Diversity in the Puuc Biocultural State Reserve, Mexico
* Identifying Coffee Agroforestry System Types Using Multitemporal Sentinel-2 Data and Auxiliary Information
* Impact of Urban Land-Cover Changes on the Spatial-Temporal Land Surface Temperature in a Tropical City of Mexico
* Improving Species Diversity and Biomass Estimates of Tropical Dry Forests Using Airborne LiDAR
* Modelling Species Richness and Functional Diversity in Tropical Dry Forests Using Multispectral Remotely Sensed and Topographic Data
* Novel Approaches in Tropical Forests Mapping and Monitoring-Time for Operationalization
* Road to Operationalization of Effective Tropical Forest Monitoring Systems, The
Includes: Hernandez Stefanoni, J.L.[Jose Luis] Hernández-Stefanoni, J.L.[José Luis] Hernandez-Stefanoni, J.L.[Jose Luis] Hernández-Stefanoni, J.L.[Jose L.]
9 for Hernandez Stefanoni, J.L.

Hernandez Suarez, J.S.[Juan Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Harnessing Machine Learning Techniques for Mapping Aquaculture Waterbodies in Bangladesh
Includes: Hernandez Suarez, J.S.[Juan Sebastian] Hernandez-Suarez, J.S.[Juan Sebastian]

Hernandez Tamames, J.A.[Juan Antonio] Co Author Listing * Predicting Very Early Stage Mild Cognitive Impairment Based on a Voxel-wise Arterial Spin Labeling Analysis
Includes: Hernandez Tamames, J.A.[Juan Antonio] Hernández-Tamames, J.A.[Juan Antonio]

Hernandez Tamayo, D.[Dayton] Co Author Listing * Detecting Pneumatic Failures on Temporary Immersion Bioreactors
Includes: Hernandez Tamayo, D.[Dayton] Hernández-Tamayo, D.[Dayton]

Hernandez Tejera, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * AddCanny: Edge Detector for Video Processing
* Analysis of Relevant Maxima in Distance Transform. An Application to Fast Coarse Image Segmentation
* Distance Maps from Unthresholded Magnitudes
* ENCARA2: Real-time detection of multiple faces at different resolutions in video streams
* ENCARA: Real-Time Detection of Frontal Faces
* Face Exemplars Selection from Video Streams for Online Learning
* Face Recognition from a Tabula Rasa Perspective
* Generic Model for Perception-Action Systems. Analysis of a Knowledge-Based Prototype, A
* Heuristic algorithm for visual tracking of deformable objects
* Increasing efficiency of Hausdorff approach for tracking real scenes with complex environments
* Real-time Detection of Faces in Video Streams
* Real-time tracking using A* heuristic search and template updating
Includes: Hernandez Tejera, M.[Mario] Hernández-Tejera, M.[Mario] Hernandez-Tejera, M. Hernández-Tejera, M. Hernandez-Tejera, M.[Mario] Hernandez Tejera, M.
12 for Hernandez Tejera, M.

Hernandez Vela, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Automatic user interaction correction via Multi-label Graph cuts
* Automatic user interaction correction via Multi-label Graph cuts
* BoVDW: Bag-of-Visual-and-Depth-Words for gesture recognition
* Contextual Rescoring for Human Pose Estimation
* From pixels to gestures: learning visual representations for human analysis in color and depth data sequences
* Gesture Recognition System for Detecting Behavioral Patterns of ADHD, A
* Graph cuts optimization for multi-limb human segmentation in depth maps
* Poselet-Based Contextual Rescoring for Human Pose Estimation via Pictorial Structures
* Probability-based Dynamic Time Warping and Bag-of-Visual-and-Depth-Words for Human Gesture Recognition in RGB-D
Includes: Hernandez Vela, A.[Antonio] Hernandez-Vela, A.[Antonio] Hernández-Vela, A.[Antonio] Hernandez-Vela, A.
9 for Hernandez Vela, A.

Hernandez, A. Co Author Listing * Acoustic Local Positioning With Encoded Emission Beacons
* Assessing Artery Motion Compensation in IVUS
* Automatic Segmentation Based on Deep Learning Techniques for Diabetic Foot Monitoring Through Multimodal Images
* Color Image Segmentation with a Hyper-Conic Multilayer Perceptron
* Data fusion of Left Ventricle Electro-Anatomical Mapping and Multislice Computerized Tomography
* Detector of Electrical Discontinuity of Rails in Double-Track Railway Lines: Electronic System and Measurement Methodology
* Efficient Multisensory Barrier for Obstacle Detection on Railways
* FPGA-Based Track Circuit for Railways Using Transmission Encoding
* Hand gesture recognition following the dynamics of a topology-preserving network
* Human Motion Prediction via Spatio-Temporal Inpainting
* Low cost obstacle detection for smart railway infrastructures
* New Automatic Cancer Colony Forming Units Counting Method, A
* Spatio-Temporal GrabCut human segmentation for face and pose recovery
* Statistical Strategy for Anisotropic Adventitia Modelling in IVUS
* Super Resolution Imaging via Sparse Interpolation in Wavelet Domain with Implementation in DSP and GPU
* Ultrasonic sensor system for detecting falling objects on railways
Includes: Hernandez, A. Hernández, Á. Hernàndez, A.[Aura] Hernández, A.[Abián] Hernández, A.[Arturo] Hernandez, A.[Andrea] Hernandez, A.[Antonio]
16 for Hernandez, A.

Hernandez, A.A.[Armando Anaya] Co Author Listing * Lidar-Based Aboveground Biomass Estimations for the Maya Archaeological Site of Yaxnohcah, Campeche, Mexico
Includes: Hernandez, A.A.[Armando Anaya] Hernández, A.A.[Armando Anaya]

Hernandez, A.G.[Armando Garcia] Co Author Listing * Improving Image Quality In Low-Field MRI With Deep Learning

Hernandez, A.H.[A. Herrera] Co Author Listing * Face Location by Template Matching with a Quadratic Discriminant Function
Includes: Hernandez, A.H.[A. Herrera] Hernández, A.H.[A. Herrera]

Hernandez, A.I. Co Author Listing * Dynamic registration of cardiac US and CT data using Fourier descriptors and Dynamic Time Warping
* Multimodal Registration and Data Fusion for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Optimization

Hernandez, A.J.[Alexander J.] Co Author Listing * Integration of Geospatial Tools and Multi-source Geospatial Data to Evaluate the Tropical Forest Cover Change in Central America and Its Methodological Replicability in Brazil and the DRC
* Monitoring Approach for Tropical Coniferous Forest Degradation Using Remote Sensing and Field Data
Includes: Hernandez, A.J.[Alexander J.] Hernández, A.J.[Alexander J.]

Hernandez, A.M. Co Author Listing * Estimation of time-to-contact from Tau-margin and statistical analysis of behavior
* Finding learned obstacles to avoid collisions in autonomous robotic navigation

Hernandez, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Automatic Feature Localization in Thermal Images for Facial Expression Recognition
* Flexible model-based multi-corner detector for accurate measurements and recognition
* Hybrid evolutionary ridge regression approach for high-accurate corner extraction
* new accurate and flexible model based multi-corner detector for measurement and recognition, A
* Number of Linearly Independent Vectors in Spectral Databases, The
* Visual learning of texture descriptors for facial expression recognition in thermal imagery
Includes: Hernandez, B.[Benjamin] Hernández, B.[Benjamín] Hernandez, B. Hernández, B.[Begoña]

Hernandez, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * email: Hernandez, C.[Carlos]: carlos AT ics forth gr
* Accurate Geo-Registration by Ground-to-Aerial Image Matching
* AIDIA: Adaptive Interface for Display Inter Action
* Automatic 3D Object Segmentation in Multiple Views using Volumetric Graph-Cuts
* Cardiopulmonary Activity Monitoring Using Millimeter Wave Radars
* Depth from focus with your mobile phone
* Efficient Inference Of Image-Based Neural Network Models In Reconfigurable Systems With Pruning And Quantization
* Fast bilateral-space stereo for synthetic defocus
* Historical Document Handwriting Transcription End-to-end System, A
* Live 3D shape reconstruction, recognition and registration
* Multi-View Stereo: A Tutorial
* Non-rigid Photometric Stereo with Colored Lights
* Occluding Contours for Multi-view Stereo
* Overcoming Shadows in 3-Source Photometric Stereo
* Photo Tours
* Photo Uncrop
* Predictive Reliability and Fault Management in Exascale Systems: State of the Art and Perspectives
* Reconstruction in the Round Using Photometric Normals and Silhouettes
* Remote Sensing on Alfalfa as an Approach to Optimize Production Outcomes: A Review of Evidence and Directions for Future Assessments
* Self-calibrated, Multi-spectral Photometric Stereo for 3D Face Capture
* Self-calibrating a real-time monocular 3d facial capture system
* Shadows in Three-Source Photometric Stereo
* Silhouette Coherence for Camera Calibration under Circular Motion
* Understanding Motion in Sign Language: A New Structured Translation Dataset
* Using Multiple Hypotheses to Improve Depth-Maps for Multi-View Stereo
* Video Normals from Colored Lights
* Video-based, real-time multi-view stereo
Includes: Hernandez, C.[Carlos] Hernandez, C. Hernández, C.[Clara] Hernández, C.[Carles] Hernández, C.[Celio] Hernández, C.[Carlos] Hernandez, C.[Carles] Hernández, C.[Claudia]
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Hernandez, C.A.[Carlos A.] Co Author Listing * segmented and annotated IAPR TC-12 benchmark, The

Hernandez, C.P.R.[Claudia Patricia Romero] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Precipitation Datasets in South America and West Africa based on Satellite-Derived Rainfall, Enhanced Vegetation Index and Digital Elevation Model
Includes: Hernandez, C.P.R.[Claudia Patricia Romero] Hernández, C.P.R.[Claudia Patricia Romero]

Hernandez, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Assignment and Take-Off Approaches for Large-Scale Autonomous UAV Swarms
* Automatic orientation and 3D modelling from markerless rock art imagery
* DESEO: An Active Vision System for Detection, Tracking and Recognition
* Design of rectangular coaxial slot antenna for ultra-high-field magnetic resonance imaging
* Evolutionary Purposive or Behavioral Vision for Camera Trajectory Estimation
* Flood Detection Using Real-Time Image Segmentation from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on Edge-Computing Platform
* Linear array arrangement using composite right-/left-handed transmission lines for magnetic resonance imaging
* New Approach to the Template Update Problem, A
* Proposal for a Homeostasis Based Adaptive Vision System, A
Includes: Hernandez, D.[Daniel] Hernández, D.[Daniel] Hernández, D.
9 for Hernandez, D.

Hernandez, D.C.[Danilo Caceres] Co Author Listing * Path Planning for Unmanned Vehicle Motion Based on Road Detection Using Online Road Map and Satellite Image
* Smoke detection for static cameras
* Stairway tracking based on automatic target selection using directional filters
Includes: Hernandez, D.C.[Danilo Caceres] Hernandez, D.C.

Hernandez, E.[Emili] Co Author Listing * Findings from a Combined Subsea LiDAR and Multibeam Survey at Kingston Reef, Western Australia
* new approach to optimize bandwidth reservation for real-time video transmission with deterministic guarantees, A
* Plant Disease Detection Using Hyperspectral Imaging
* Toward a Visual Concept Vocabulary for GAN Latent Space
Includes: Hernandez, E.[Emili] Hernández, E.[Enrique] Hernandez, E. Hernandez, E.[Evan]

Hernandez, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection, tracking and counting of birds in marine video content

Hernandez, F.B.T.[Fernando B.T.] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Water Productivity Assessments with MODIS Images in a Changing Semi-Arid Environment: A Brazilian Case-Study

Hernandez, F.R.V.[Felix Rafael Varon] Co Author Listing * NDVI Identification and Survey of a Roman Road in the Northern Spanish Province of Álava
Includes: Hernandez, F.R.V.[Felix Rafael Varon] Hernández, F.R.V.[Félix Rafael Varón]

Hernandez, G. Co Author Listing * Cellular-Automata for Elementary Image-Enhancement
* Channel/Handset Mismatch Evaluation in a Biometric Speaker Verification Using Shifted Delta Cepstral Features
* Comparing Deep and Dendrite Neural Networks: A Case Study
* Evaluation of Lineal Relation between Shifted Delta Cepstral Features and Prosodic Features in Speaker Verification
* ICT4Life open source libraries supporting multimodal analysis of different diseases
* new framework for optimal classifier design, A
* Noise robust voice detector for speaker recognition
* Selection of the Best Wavelet Packet Nodes Based on Mutual Information for Speaker Identification
* Simple Noise Robust Feature Vector Selection Method for Speaker Recognition
Includes: Hernandez, G. Hernández, G.[Gabriel] Hernández, G.[Gerardo] Hernández, G. Hernandez, G.[Guzman] Hernandez, G.[Gabriel]
9 for Hernandez, G.

Hernandez, H.C.[Heriberto Cruz] Co Author Listing * Point Set Matching with Order Type

Hernandez, H.J. Co Author Listing * How Much Carbon Is Stored In Deserts? An Approach For The Chilean Atacama Desert Using Landsat-8 Products
* Monitoring Andean high altitude wetlands in central Chile with seasonal optical data: A comparison between Worldview-2 and Sentinel-2 imagery
* Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Forest Plantation Clearcutting At Landscape Level
* Urban Morphological Dynamics In Santiago (Chile): Proposing Sustainable Indicators From Remote Sensing
Includes: Hernandez, H.J. Hernández, H.J. Hernández, H.J.[H. Jaime]

Hernandez, I. Co Author Listing * Exploring Sentinel-2 for Land Cover and Crop Mapping In Portugal
* Panoptic Narrative Grounding
* PiGLET: Pixel-Level Grounding of Language Expressions With Transformers
* Robust Automatic Speech Recognition Using PD-MEEMLIN
Includes: Hernandez, I. Hernández, I.[Isabela] Hernández, I.[Igmar]

Hernandez, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * 3D and Texture Modelling of Precolombian Objects
* Abnormal Behavioral Patterns Detection from Activity Records of Institutionalized Older Adults
* Automatic Quantitative Mouth Shape Analysis
* Automatic Tuning of the Pulse-Coupled Neural Network Using Differential Evolution for Image Segmentation
* Comparison of Airborne LiDAR and Satellite Hyperspectral Remote Sensing to Estimate Vascular Plant Richness in Deciduous Mediterranean Forests of Central Chile
* Coping with environmental challenges in Latin America
* Driver Emotion Recognition for Intelligent Vehicles: A Survey
* Empirical Study of Oversampling and Undersampling for Instance Selection Methods on Imbalance Datasets, An
* Filtering of Artifacts and Pavement Segmentation from Mobile LiDAR Data
* first in-flight absolute calibration of the Chilean Earth Observation Satellite, A
* Measuring the engagement level of TV viewers
* Morphological segmentation of building façade images
* Movement Detection and Tracking Using Video Frames
* Multi-view feature engineering and learning
* Multiple and variable target visual tracking for video-surveillance applications
* Panoptic Narrative Grounding
* Segmentation of Façades from Urban 3D Point Clouds Using Geometrical and Morphological Attribute-Based Operators
* Shape ultimate attribute opening
* Spatio-Temporal Attention and Magnification for Classification of Parkinson's Disease from Videos Collected via the Internet
* Ultimate Attribute Opening Segmentation with Shape Information
* Ultimate Opening Combined with Area Stability Applied to Urban Scenes
* Using Ridge Regression Models to Estimate Grain Yield from Field Spectral Data in Bread Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Grown under Three Water Regimes
* View Invariant Human Action Recognition System for Noisy Inputs, A
Includes: Hernandez, J.[Jorge] Hernández, J.[Jorge] Hernández, J.[Jehú] Hernández, J.[Juanita] Hernández, J.[Jaime] Hernandez, J.[Jaime] Hernandez, J.[Javier] Hernandez, J.[Julio] Hernández, J. Hernandez, J. Hernandez, J.[Josue] Hernandez, J.[Joshua] Hernández, J.[José] Hernandez, J.[Jefferson]
23 for Hernandez, J.

Hernandez, J.A. Co Author Listing * Extending Extremal Polygonal Arrays for the Merrifield-Simmons Index
Includes: Hernandez, J.A. Hernández, J.A.

Hernandez, J.E.[Jose Ernesto] Co Author Listing * Automatic Estrus Cycle Identification System on Female Dogs Based on Deep Learning
* Real-Time Robot Manipulation Using Mouth Gestures in Facial Video Sequences
Includes: Hernandez, J.E.[Jose Ernesto] Hernández, J.E.[José Ernesto] Hernández, J.E.[Jorge E.]

Hernandez, J.F.[Jesus Fernandez] Co Author Listing * Challenges and Possibilities of Archaeological Sites Virtual Tours: The Ulaca Oppidum (Central Spain) as a Case Study
Includes: Hernandez, J.F.[Jesus Fernandez] Hernández, J.F.[Jesús Fernández]

Hernandez, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * INCEPTION Standard for Heritage BIM Models
Includes: Hernandez, J.L.[Jose Luis] Hernández, J.L.[José Luis]

Hernandez, J.M.[Juan M.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Bike-Sharing Socioeconomic Equity in the Use of Routes
* Selecting Prices Determinants and Including Spatial Effects in Peer-to-Peer Accommodation
Includes: Hernandez, J.M.[Juan M.] Hernández, J.M.[Juan M.]

Hernandez, J.R.[Juan R.] Co Author Listing * Approaching the Capacity Limit in Image Watermarking: A Perspective on Coding Techniques for Data Hiding Applications
* DCT-Domain Watermarking Techniques for Still Images: Detector Performance Analysis and a New Structure
* How old are you?: Age Estimation with Tensors of Binary Gaussian Receptive Maps
* Improving the performance of spatial watermarking of images using channel coding
* Statistical analysis of watermarking schemes for copyright protection of images
* Tensor-Jet: A tensorial representation of Local Binary Gaussian Jet maps
Includes: Hernandez, J.R.[Juan R.] Hernández, J.R.[Juan R.] Hernandez, J.R. Hernandez, J.R.[John Ruiz] Hernández, J.R.

Hernandez, J.T.[Jose Tiberio] Co Author Listing * Immersive Simulator for Fluvial Combat Training
Includes: Hernandez, J.T.[Jose Tiberio] Hernández, J.T.[José Tiberio]

Hernandez, L. Co Author Listing * Analytical Evaluation of VCO-ADC Quantization Noise Spectrum Using Pulse Frequency Modulation
* Large-Scale Optimal Sensor Array Management for Multitarget Tracking
* Simple solution for visual servoing of camera-in-hand robots in the 3d Cartesian space
* Understanding Motion in Sign Language: A New Structured Translation Dataset
Includes: Hernandez, L. Hernández, L.[Luisa]

Hernandez, L.G.[Luis G.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Deep Neural Network Algorithms for Recognition of EEG Motor Imagery Signals, A
* Self-organizing Maps for Motor Tasks Recognition from Electrical Brain Signals
Includes: Hernandez, L.G.[Luis G.] Hernández, L.G.[Luis G.]

Hernandez, M. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Different Variants of Newton-Krylov PDE-Constrained Stokes-LDDMM Parameterized in the Space of Band-Limited Vector Fields, A
* DESEO: An Active Vision System for Detection, Tracking and Recognition
* Face Recognition Using Independent Component Analysis and Support Vector Machines
* Fast Classification in Incrementally Growing Spaces
* Integration of UAV-Based Photogrammetry and 3D Modelling for Rockfall Hazard Assessment: The Cárcavos Case in 2018 (Spain), An
* Multimodal Registration of Multiple Retinal Images Based on Line Structures
* Near laser-scan quality 3-D face reconstruction from a low-quality depth stream
* New Approach to the Template Update Problem, A
* Primal-Dual convex optimization in large deformation diffeomorphic registration with robust regularizers
* Primal-dual optimization strategies in Huber-L1 optical flow with temporal subspace constraints for non-rigid sequence registration
* Registration of anatomical images using geodesic paths of diffeomorphisms parameterized with stationary vector fields
* Registration of Anatomical Images Using Paths of Diffeomorphisms Parameterized with Stationary Vector Field Flows
Includes: Hernandez, M. Hernández, M. Hernández, M.[Mario] Hérnandez, M.[Mario] Hernandez, M.[Matthias] Hernandez, M.[Monica]
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Hernandez, M.A. Co Author Listing * Assisted Control Point Measurement for Close Range Photogrammetry.
* Low Cost Automatized System for Control Points Capture in Close Range Photogrammetry
* Methodology For Landslide Monitoring In A Road Cut By Means Of Terrestrial Laser-scanning Techniques
* Photogrammetric And Lidar Documentation Of The Royal Chapel (cathedral-mosque Of Cordoba, Spain)
Includes: Hernandez, M.A. Hernández, M.A.

Hernandez, M.C. Co Author Listing * Solving Satisfiability via Boltzmann Machines

Hernandez, N.[Noslen] Co Author Listing * Approach to Automatic Target Recognition in Radar Images Using SVM, An
* Efficient video face recognition by using Fisher Vector encoding of binary features
* Estimating the Perception of Physical Fatigue Among Older Adults Using Mobile Phones
* Face Detection in Video Using Local Spatio-temporal Representations
* Face Recognition: Would Going Back to Functional Nature Be a Good Idea?
* Functional Density-Based Nonparametric Approach for Statistical Calibration, A
* Gaze Fixation System for the Evaluation of Driver Distractions Induced by IVIS
* New Iris Recognition Approach Based on a Functional Representation, A
* Non Bayesian Predictive Approach for Functional Calibration, A
* Novel histograms kernels with structural properties
* On Fisher vector encoding of binary features for video face recognition
* On the Comparison of Structured Data
* Segmenting Images with Support Vector Machines
* Support Vector Regression Methods for Functional Data
Includes: Hernandez, N.[Noslen] Hernández, N.[Noslen] Hernández, N.[Netzahualcóyotl] Hernandez, N.
14 for Hernandez, N.

Hernandez, O.J.[Orlando J.] Co Author Listing * Color Image Retrieval Using Multispectral Random Field Texture Model and Color Content Features
* Face recognition using multispectral random field texture models, color content, and biometric features
* Image Retrieval System Using Multispectral Random Field Models, Color, and Geometric Features, An
Includes: Hernandez, O.J.[Orlando J.] Hernandez, O.J.

Hernandez, P.[Porfidio] Co Author Listing * Cost models for Failure Management on a Peer to peer VoD system
* Using High-Resolution Hyperspectral and Thermal Airborne Imagery to Assess Physiological Condition in the Context of Wheat Phenotyping
Includes: Hernandez, P.[Porfidio] Hernandez, P.[Pilar]

Hernandez, P.A.[Pedro A.] Co Author Listing * Satellite and Ground Remote Sensing Techniques to Trace the Hidden Growth of a Lava Flow Field: The 2014-2015 Effusive Eruption at Fogo Volcano (Cape Verde)

Hernandez, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * framework for information extraction from tables in biomedical literature, A

Hernandez, R.D.[Ronald D.] Co Author Listing * Intensity-only signal-subspace-based imaging

Hernandez, R.D.L. Co Author Listing * Puzzling Engine: a Digital Platform to Aid The Reassembling Of Fractured Fragments

Hernandez, S.[Santiago] Co Author Listing * BeCAPTCHA-Type: Biometric Keystroke Data Generation for Improved Bot Detection
* Joint Region Merging Criteria for Watershed-based Image Segmentation
* Multi Target Tracking Using Determinantal Point Processes
* Multi-target Tracking with Poisson Processes Observations
* Neuro-Fuzzy Method for Automated Defect Detection in Aluminium Castings
* Probability hypothesis density filter using determinantal point processes for multi object tracking
* Sentiment-Preserving Reduction for Social Media Analysis
Includes: Hernandez, S.[Santiago] Hernandez, S. Hernández, S.[Sergio] Hernandez, S.[Sergio]
7 for Hernandez, S.

Hernandez, T.[Todd] Co Author Listing * Facial feature-localized and global real-time video morphing

Hernandez, V.A.S.[Victor Adrian Sosa] Co Author Listing * Experimental Protocol for Neural Architecture Search in Super-Resolution, An
Includes: Hernandez, V.A.S.[Victor Adrian Sosa] Hernández, V.A.S.[Víctor Adrián Sosa]

Hernandez, W. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Error Signal of the LMS Algorithm
* Seasonal Variability of SST Fronts in the Inner Sea of Chiloé and Its Adjacent Coastal Ocean, Northern Patagonia
Includes: Hernandez, W. Hernández, W.[Wilber]

Hernandez, W.J.[William J.] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Effects of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on Coastal Water Quality in Puerto Rico using Moderate Resolution Satellite Sensors
* Water Quality Anomalies following the 2017 Hurricanes in Southwestern Puerto Rico: Absorption of Colored Detrital and Dissolved Material
Includes: Hernandez, W.J.[William J.] Hernández, W.J.[William J.]

Hernandiz, A.E.[Alba E.] Co Author Listing * Innovative UAV LiDAR Generated Point-Cloud Processing Algorithm in Python for Unsupervised Detection and Analysis of Agricultural Field-Plots
Includes: Hernandiz, A.E.[Alba E.] Hernándiz, A.E.[Alba E.]

Hernando, C.[Carmen] Co Author Listing * Investigating Live Fuel Moisture Content Estimation in Fire-Prone Shrubland from Remote Sensing Using Empirical Modelling and RTM Simulations

Hernando, D. Co Author Listing * Compressed-Sensing MRI With Random Encoding
* Exact Calculation of Noise Maps and g-Factor in GRAPPA Using a k-Space Analysis
* Motion-Induced Phase Error Estimation and Correction in 3D Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Hernando, J. Co Author Listing * Audiovisual event detection towards scene understanding
* Automatic Estimation of a Priori Speaker Dependent Thresholds in Speaker Verification
* deep analysis on age estimation, A
* Histogram Equalization in SVM Multimodal Person Verification
* Multimodal real-time focus of attention estimation in SmartRooms
* Multispeaker Localization and Tracking in Intelligent Environments
* New On-Line Model Quality Evaluation Method for Speaker Verification, A
* Real-time GPU-based face detection in HD video sequences
* Robust Speaker Identification for Meetings: UPC CLEAR'07 Meeting Room Evaluation System
* Speaker Diarization for Conference Room: The UPC RT07s Evaluation System
Includes: Hernando, J. Hernando, J.[Javier]
10 for Hernando, J.

Hernanz, L.[Lorena] Co Author Listing * Enabling the Use of Sentinel-2 and LiDAR Data for Common Agriculture Policy Funds Assignment

Hernawan, A. Co Author Listing * Hand gesture recognition based on Bayesian sensing hidden Markov models and Bhattacharyya divergence

Hernawati, R.[Rika] Co Author Listing * Identification before-after Forest Fire and Prediction of Mangrove Forest Based on Markov-Cellular Automata in Part of Sembilang National Park, Banyuasin, South Sumatra, Indonesia

Herndon, K.[Kelsey] Co Author Listing * Evaluating SAR Radiometric Terrain Correction Products: Analysis-Ready Data for Users
* UAV LiDAR Survey for Archaeological Documentation in Chiapas, Mexico

Herndon, K.E.[Kelsey E.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Forest Stand Height in Savannakhet, Lao PDR Using InSAR and Backscatter Methods with L-Band SAR Data
* Integrating SAR, Optical, and Machine Learning for Enhanced Coastal Mangrove Monitoring in Guyana

Hernigan, M.E. Co Author Listing * Entropy-Based Texture Analysis in the Spatial Frequency Domain

Hernigou, P. Co Author Listing * Postarthroplasty Examination Using X-Ray Images

Hernik, J.[Jozef] Co Author Listing * Determining the Intangible: Detecting Land Abandonment at Local Scale
Includes: Hernik, J.[Jozef] Hernik, J.[Józef]

Hernindez Esteban, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Multiview Photometric Stereo
* Multiview Stereo via Volumetric Graph-Cuts and Occlusion Robust Photo-Consistency
* Probabilistic visibility for multi-view stereo
Includes: Hernindez Esteban, C.[Carlos] Hern¡ndez-Esteban, C.[Carlos]

Herniou, M. Co Author Listing * Calibration of Stereo Cameras Using a Non-Linear Distortion Model
* Camera Calibration with Distortion Models and Accuracy Evaluation

Hernlund, E.[Elin] Co Author Listing * Equine Pain Behavior Classification via Self-Supervised Disentangled Pose Representation

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