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Weng, B.W.[Bin Wei] Co Author Listing * Polynomial Weighted Median Image Sequence Prediction
* Polynomial Weighted Median Predictors for Image Sequences
Includes: Weng, B.W.[Bin Wei] Weng, B.W.[Bin-Wei]

Weng, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Precipitation Measurement Based on Raindrop Imaging and Artificial Intelligence
* Discriminative Spatio-Temporal Pattern Discovery for 3D Action Recognition
* Efficient Mining of Optimal AND/OR Patterns for Visual Recognition
* Passive Remote Sensing of Ice Cloud Properties at Terahertz Wavelengths Based on Genetic Algorithm
* Spatio-Temporal Naive-Bayes Nearest-Neighbor (ST-NBNN) for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
Includes: Weng, C. Weng, C.[Chensi]

Weng, C.C. Co Author Listing * Vehicle Detection in Aerial Surveillance Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks

Weng, C.H.[Ching Hua] Co Author Listing * Driver Drowsiness Detection via a Hierarchical Temporal Deep Belief Network
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Online facial expression recognition based on combining texture and geometric information
Includes: Weng, C.H.[Ching Hua] Weng, C.H.[Ching-Hua] Weng, C.H.[Chi-Hung]

Weng, C.J.[Chu Jenn] Co Author Listing * LED Cosmetic Flaw Inspection System

Weng, C.L.[Chun Lei] Co Author Listing * Automatic Labelling and Selection of Training Samples for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification over Urban Areas
Includes: Weng, C.L.[Chun Lei] Weng, C.L.[Chun-Lei]

Weng, C.Q.[Chao Qun] Co Author Listing * Discovering Class-Specific Spatial Layouts for Scene Recognition
* Learning weighted geometric pooling for image classification
* Multi-feature Spectral Clustering with Minimax Optimization
* Representative Selection with Structured Sparsity
Includes: Weng, C.Q.[Chao Qun] Weng, C.Q.[Chao-Qun]

Weng, C.S.[Chang Shui] Co Author Listing * impact of constraint induced movement therapy on brain activation in chronic stroke patients with upper extremity paralysis: An fMRI study, The
Includes: Weng, C.S.[Chang Shui] Weng, C.S.[Chang-Shui]

Weng, C.Y.[Chi Yao] Co Author Listing * Grouping strategies for promoting image quality of watermarking on the basis of vector quantization
* Photo Wake-Up: 3D Character Animation From a Single Photo
Includes: Weng, C.Y.[Chi Yao] Weng, C.Y.[Chi-Yao] Weng, C.Y.[Chung-Yi]

Weng, D. Co Author Listing * DERF: Distinctive Efficient Robust Features From the Biological Modeling of the P Ganglion Cells
* Omnidirectional-view three-dimensional displays using multiple mini-projectors
* Pareto-Optimal Transit Route Planning With Multi-Objective Monte-Carlo Tree Search
* Towards Better Detection and Analysis of Massive Spatiotemporal Co-Occurrence Patterns
Includes: Weng, D. Weng, D.[Di]

Weng, D.D.[Dong Dong] Co Author Listing * AE-GAN-Net: Learning Invariant Feature Descriptor to Match Ground Camera Images and a Large-Scale 3D Image-Based Point Cloud for Outdoor Augmented Reality
* BRDF Representing Method Based on Gaussian Process, A
* Monocular Depth Estimation of Outdoor Scenes Using RGB-D Datasets
* Real-time keystone correction for hand-held projectors with an RGBD camera
Includes: Weng, D.D.[Dong Dong] Weng, D.D.[Dong-Dong]

Weng, D.J.[Duo Jie] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Rapid Broadcast Ephemerides for Beidou-Maneuvered Satellites
* Improving DGNSS Performance through the Use of Network RTK Corrections
* Moving Target Imaging Using GNSS-Based Passive Bistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Ocean Real-Time Precise Point Positioning with the BeiDou Short-Message Service
Includes: Weng, D.J.[Duo Jie] Weng, D.J.[Duo-Jie]

Weng, D.Z. Co Author Listing * RotateView: A Video Composition System for Interactive Product Display

Weng, F. Co Author Listing * Characterization of Long-Term Stability of Suomi NPP Cross-Track Infrared Sounder Spectral Calibration
* Climatology of Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures in Tropical Cyclones and their Relations to Storm Intensities as Seen by FY-3B/MWRI
* Conversational In-Vehicle Dialog Systems: The past, present, and future
* Corrections for On-Orbit ATMS Lunar Contamination
* Developing Vicarious Calibration for Microwave Sounding Instruments Using Lunar Radiation
* Early On-Orbit Performance of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite Onboard the Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) Satellite
* Effects of Ice Decontamination on GOES-12 Imager Calibration
* Enhancing the Image Quality via Transferred Deep Residual Learning of Coarse PET Sinograms
* Estimation and Correction of Geolocation Errors in FengYun-3C Microwave Radiation Imager Data
* Estimation of ATMS Antenna Emission From Cold Space Observations
* Foreword to the Special Issue on Remote Sensing and Modeling of Surface Properties
* Hourly PM2.5 Estimates from a Geostationary Satellite Based on an Ensemble Learning Algorithm and Their Spatiotemporal Patterns over Central East China
* Introduction to the Special Issue on the Chinese FengYun-3 Satellite Instrument Calibration and Applications
* Modeling Land Surface Roughness Effect on Soil Microwave Emission in Community Surface Emissivity Model
* Multisource Assessments of the FengYun-3D Microwave Humidity Sounder (MWHS) On-Orbit Performance
* Postlaunch Calibration Update of MetOp-B AVHRR Reflective Solar Channels Using MetOp-A
* Potential of Satellite Sounding Observations for Deriving Atmospheric Wind in All-Weather Conditions, The
* Recent Improvements to Suomi NPP Ozone Mapper Profiler Suite Nadir Mapper Sensor Data Records
* WindSat Radio-Frequency Interference Signature and Its Identification Over Greenland and Antarctic
Includes: Weng, F. Weng, F.[Fuzhong]
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Weng, F.Z.[Fu Zhong] Co Author Listing * Absolute Calibration of ATMS Upper Level Temperature Sounding Channels Using GPS RO Observations
* Intercalibration and Validation of Observations From ATMS and SAPHIR Microwave Sounders
* Long-Term Monitoring and Correction of FY-2 Infrared Channel Calibration Using AIRS and IASI
* Radiometric Stability Monitoring of the Suomi NPP Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Reflective Solar Bands Using the Moon
* Validation of ATMS Calibration Accuracy Using Suomi NPP Pitch Maneuver Observations
Includes: Weng, F.Z.[Fu Zhong] Weng, F.Z.[Fu-Zhong]

Weng, G.R.[Gui Rong] Co Author Listing * Active contour model based on local bias field estimation for image segmentation
* Active contours driven by local pre-fitting energy for fast image segmentation
* Robust Hybrid Active Contour Model Based on Pre-Fitting Bias Field Correction for Fast Image Segmentation, A
Includes: Weng, G.R.[Gui Rong] Weng, G.R.[Gui-Rong]

Weng, H.[Hexia] Co Author Listing * Change Analysis Of Antarctic Ice Shelves Based On Multiple Remote Sensing Products

Weng, H.H.[Hsu Huei] Co Author Listing * Variations in BOLD response latency estimated from event-related fMRI at 3T: Comparisons between gradient-echo and Spin-echo
Includes: Weng, H.H.[Hsu Huei] Weng, H.H.[Hsu-Huei]

Weng, J. .J.Y.[J. Ju Yang] Co Author Listing * Appearance-Based Hand Sign Recognition from Intensity Image Sequences
* Hand sign recognition from intensity image sequences with complex backgrounds
Includes: Weng, J. .J.Y.[J. Ju Yang] Weng, J. .J.Y.[J. Ju-Yang]

Weng, J. Co Author Listing * 2D Segmentation from Fovea Images Based on Eigen-Subspace Learning
* Attentive Hybrid Feature with Two-Step Fusion for Facial Expression Recognition
* Brain-Inspired Concept Networks: Learning Concepts from Cluttered Scenes
* Calibration of Stereo Cameras Using a Non-Linear Distortion Model
* Camera Calibration with Distortion Models and Accuracy Evaluation
* Complete Structure and Motion from Two Monocular Sequences without Stereo Correspondence
* Coursework in image computation for undergraduates
* Deformable Pose Traversal Convolution for 3D Action and Gesture Recognition
* Discriminative Spatio-Temporal Pattern Discovery for 3D Action Recognition
* DPcode: Privacy-Preserving Frequent Visual Patterns Publication on Cloud
* Enabling Secure and Fast Indexing for Privacy-Assured Healthcare Monitoring via Compressive Sensing
* Estimation of Ellipse Parameters Using Optimal Minimum-Variance Estimator
* Feedback weight convolutional neural network for gait recognition
* Genetic algorithms for object recognition in a complex scene
* Grading Tai Chi Performance in Competition with RGBD Sensors
* Hand PointNet: 3D Hand Pose Estimation Using Point Sets
* Image Matching Using the Windowed Fourier Phase
* Improved Algorithms for Robust Histogram Shape-Based Image Watermarking
* Incremental Hierarchical Discriminating Regression for Indoor Visual Navigation
* Incremental Learning for Vision-Based Navigation
* Incremental Online Object Learning in a Vehicular Radar-Vision Fusion Framework
* Integration of Transitory Image Sequences
* Joint image splicing detection in DCT and Contourlet transform domain
* Learning-based ventricle detection from cardiac MR and CT images
* Matching Two Perspective Views
* Modeling Vehicle Merging Behavior in Work Zone Merging Areas During the Merging Implementation Period
* Motion and Structure Estimation from Stereo Image Sequences
* Multi-Gait Recognition Based on Attribute Discovery
* Multi-gait recognition using hypergraph partition
* Multi-Task Travel Route Planning With a Flexible Deep Learning Framework
* Multi-View Gait Image Generation for Cross-View Gait Recognition
* Multiple Watermarking Using Multilevel Quantization Index Modulation
* On-Line Incremental Learning for Vision-Guided Real-Time Navigation Using Improved Updating
* Optimal parameter estimation of ellipses
* Optimal Registration of Multiple Range Views
* Optimal Registration of Object Views Using Range Data
* Parallel Implementation of Vision Algorithms on Workstation Clusters
* Performing Temporal Action with a Hand-Eye System Using the SHOSLIF Approach
* Pyramid stereo matching for spherical panoramas
* Reversible data hiding for encrypted signals by homomorphic encryption and signal energy transfer
* Review on mining data from multiple data sources
* Sensorimotor Action Sequence Learning with Application to Face Recognition Under Discourse
* Shading-Based Two-View Matching
* Spatio-Temporal Naive-Bayes Nearest-Neighbor (ST-NBNN) for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Steganalysis of content-adaptive binary image data hiding
* Theory of Image Matching, A
* Transitory Image Sequences, Asymptotic Properties, and Estimation of Motion and Structure
* Two-View Matching
* Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Countermeasures in Balise-Based Train Control Systems
Includes: Weng, J. Weng, J.[Jun] Weng, J.[Juyang] Weng, J.[Junwu] Weng, J.[Jian] Weng, J.[Jie] Weng, J.[John]
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Weng, J.C.[Jian Cheng] Co Author Listing * Analysing the relationship between weather, built environment, and public transport ridership
Includes: Weng, J.C.[Jian Cheng] Weng, J.C.[Jian-Cheng]

Weng, J.G.[Jian Guang] Co Author Listing * Error-Bounded Solid Voxelization for Polygonal Model Based on Heuristic Seed Filling
Includes: Weng, J.G.[Jian Guang] Weng, J.G.[Jian-Guang]

Weng, J.J.[John J.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Weng, J.J.[John J.]: weng AT cps msu edu
* 3-D Motion Analysis from Image Sequences Using Point Correspondences
* Autonomous Navigation Through Case-Based Learning
* Discriminant analysis and eigenspace partition tree for face and object recognition from views
* Efficient Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Automatic Feature Selection
* Extended Structure and Motion Analysis from Monocular Image Sequences
* Fast Image Retrieval Algorithm with Automatically Extracted Discriminant Features, A
* Hand Segmentation Using Learning-Based Prediction and Verification for Hand-Sign Recognition
* Hierarchical Discriminant Analysis for Image Retrieval
* Learning-Based Hand Sign Recognition Using SHOSLIF-M
* Learning-Based Prediction-and-Verification Segmentation Scheme for Hand Sign Image Sequence, A
* Motion and Structure from Long Stereo Image Sequences
* Recursive-Batch Estimation of Motion and Structure from Monocular Image Sequences
* Toward Automation of Learning: The State Self-Organization Problem for a Face Recognizer
* Using Discriminant Eigenfeatures for Image Retrieval
* View-Based Hand Segmentation and Hand-Sequence Recognition with Complex Backgrounds
* Visual Inspection for Breakage of Micro-milling Cutter
* Visual Navigation Using Fast Content-Based Retrieval
Includes: Weng, J.J.[John J.] Weng, J.J. Weng, J.J.[Jian-Jian]
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Weng, J.N.[Jian Nian] Co Author Listing * Research of the Embedded Data Pre-Processing and Fault Prognostics System for Turbine-Generator Units
Includes: Weng, J.N.[Jian Nian] Weng, J.N.[Jian-Nian]

Weng, J.S.[Jinn Shing] Co Author Listing * Multisatellite-Based Feeding Habitat Suitability Modeling of Albacore Tuna in the Southern Atlantic Ocean
Includes: Weng, J.S.[Jinn Shing] Weng, J.S.[Jinn-Shing]

Weng, J.W.[Jun Wu] Co Author Listing * Early Action Recognition With Category Exclusion Using Policy-Based Reinforcement Learning
* Temporal Distinct Representation Learning for Action Recognition
Includes: Weng, J.W.[Jun Wu] Weng, J.W.[Jun-Wu]

Weng, J.Y.[Ju Yang] Co Author Listing * 3-D Motion Estimation, Understanding, and Prediction from Noisy Image Sequences
* 3-D Motion from Image Sequences: Modeling, Understanding and Prediction
* Automated Animal-like Learning for Developing a Face Recognition System
* Calibration for peripheral attenuation in intensity images
* Candid covariance-free incremental principal component analysis
* Closed-Form Solution + Maximum Likelihood: A Robust Approach to Motion and Structure Estimation
* Developmental Vision, Audition, Robots and Beyond
* Error Analysis of Motion Parameter Estimation from Image Sequences
* Estimating Motion and Structure from Line Matches: Performance Obtained and Beyond
* Estimating Motion/Structure from Line Correspondences: A Robust Linear Algorithm and Uniqueness Theorems
* Hierarchical Discriminant Regression
* Incremental hierarchical discriminant regression for online image classification
* Incremental Learning Method for Face Recognition under Continuous Video Stream, An
* Learning Recognition and Segmentation of 3-D Objects from 2-D Images
* Learning Recognition and Segmentation Using the Cresceptron
* Method and system for building three-dimensional object models
* Mobile Device Based Outdoor Navigation with On-Line Learning Neural Network: A Comparison with Convolutional Neural Network
* Motion and Structure from Line Correspondences: Closed-Form Solution, Uniqueness, and Optimization
* Motion and Structure from Point Correspondences: A Robust Algorithm for Planar Case with Error Estimation
* Motion and Structure from Two Perspective Views: Algorithms, Error Analysis, and Error Estimation
* Motion from Images: Image Matching Parameter Estimation and Intrinsic Stability
* Motion Modeling and Prediction
* Motivational System for Human-Robot Interaction
* Octree Representation of Objects in Arbitrary Motion: Representation and Efficiency
* Online image classification using IHDR
* Online learning for attention, recognition, and tracking by a single developmental framework
* Optimal Motion and Structure Estimation
* Performance of Computer Vision Algorithms: Reply
* Robust Motion Estimation Using Stereo Vision
* State-Based SHOSLIF for Indoor Visual Navigation
* Vision-Guided Navigation Using SHOSLIF
* Visual motion based behavior learning using hierarchical discriminant regression
Includes: Weng, J.Y.[Ju Yang] Weng, J.Y.[Ju-Yang] Weng, J.Y. Weng, J.Y.[John Y.]
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Weng, K.[Kangnian] Co Author Listing * Sketch-based image retrieval with deep visual semantic descriptor

Weng, K.P.[Ken Pen] Co Author Listing * Data Augmentation for a Deep Learning Framework for Ventricular Septal Defect Ultrasound Image Classification
Includes: Weng, K.P.[Ken Pen] Weng, K.P.[Ken-Pen]

Weng, L.[Liguo] Co Author Listing * DFFAN: Dual Function Feature Aggregation Network for Semantic Segmentation of Land Cover
* feature fusion framework for hashing, A
* Flexible constrained sparsity preserving embedding
* Image auto-annotation by exploiting web information
* Multi-Resolution Supervision Network with an Adaptive Weighted Loss for Desert Segmentation
* Non-Local Feature Search Network for Building and Road Segmentation of Remote Sensing Image
* Objectness estimation using edges
* PointFlow: Flowing Semantics Through Points for Aerial Image Segmentation
* Rotated region based CNN for ship detection
* Water Areas Segmentation from Remote Sensing Images Using a Separable Residual SegNet Network
Includes: Weng, L.[Liguo] Weng, L. Weng, L.[Li] Weng, L.[Lubin]
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Weng, L.B.[Li Bin] Co Author Listing * New Empirical Model of NmF2 Based on CHAMP, GRACE, and COSMIC Radio Occultation, A
Includes: Weng, L.B.[Li Bin] Weng, L.B.[Li-Bin]

Weng, L.G.[Li Guo] Co Author Listing * Distributed discrete-time event-triggered algorithm for economic dispatch problem
* Two-Stream Designed 2D/3D Residual Networks with LSTMS for Action Recognition in Videos
Includes: Weng, L.G.[Li Guo] Weng, L.G.[Li-Guo]

Weng, L.X.[Li Xiang] Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Model Based Dynamic Texture Classification
Includes: Weng, L.X.[Li Xiang] Weng, L.X.[Li-Xiang]

Weng, M.[Min] Co Author Listing * Multiple-Feature Reuse Network to Extract Buildings from Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Salience Indicators for Landmark Extraction at Large Spatial Scales Based on Spatial Analysis Methods

Weng, M.C.[Min Chuan] Co Author Listing * Impacts of the Kuroshio Intrusion through the Luzon Strait on the Local Precipitation Anomaly
Includes: Weng, M.C.[Min Chuan] Weng, M.C.[Min-Chuan]

Weng, M.F.[Ming Fang] Co Author Listing * Association and Temporal Rule Mining for Post-Filtering of Semantic Concept Detection in Video
* Cross-Camera Knowledge Transfer for Multiview People Counting
* Cross-Database Transfer Learning via Learnable and Discriminant Error-Correcting Output Codes
* Cross-Domain Multicue Fusion for Concept-Based Video Indexing
* Deep Co-occurrence Feature Learning for Visual Object Recognition
* Example-Based Human Motion Extrapolation and Motion Repairing Using Contour Manifold
* Robust Action Recognition via Borrowing Information Across Video Modalities
Includes: Weng, M.F.[Ming Fang] Weng, M.F.[Ming-Fang]
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Weng, N.[Nikki] Co Author Listing * Comparison of texture features for human embryonic stem cells with bio-inspired multi-class support vector machine
* Three-dimensional surface reconstruction using optical flow for medical imaging
* Two-Stream Temporal Convolutional Network for Dynamic Facial Attractiveness Prediction
Includes: Weng, N.[Nikki] Weng, N. Weng, N.[Nina]

Weng, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Representing Relative Visual Attributes with a Reference-Point-Based Decision Model

Weng, P.K.[Ping Kuo] Co Author Listing * Epipolar geometry of catadioptric stereo systems with planar mirrors
Includes: Weng, P.K.[Ping Kuo] Weng, P.K.[Ping-Kuo]

Weng, Q.[Qihao] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Discrepancies between MODIS and INSAT-3D LSTs in High Temperatures, An
* Annual dynamics of impervious surface in the Pearl River Delta, China, from 1988 to 2013, using time series Landsat imagery
* Assessing the Impacts of Urbanization-Associated Land Use/Cover Change on Land Surface Temperature and Surface Moisture: A Case Study in the Midwestern United States
* Characterizing urban land changes of 30 global megacities using nighttime light time series stacks
* Collective Sensing: Integrating Geospatial Technologies to Understand Urban Systems: An Overview
* Developing a new cross-sensor calibration model for DMSP-OLS and Suomi-NPP VIIRS night-light imageries
* Environmental sustainability with remote sensing in Africa
* Estimating Composite Curve Number Using an Improved SCS-CN Method with Remotely Sensed Variables in Guangzhou, China
* Estimating Tree Frontal Area in Urban Areas Using Terrestrial LiDAR Data
* Estimation of the relationship between remotely sensed anthropogenic heat discharge and building energy use
* Evaluation of ASTER-Like Daily Land Surface Temperature by Fusing ASTER and MODIS Data during the HiWATER-MUSOEXE
* Geographically Weighted Regression Analysis of the Underlying Factors Related to the Surface Urban Heat Island Phenomenon, A
* Homogeneity Distance Classification Algorithm (HDCA): A Novel Algorithm for Satellite Image Classification
* Hybrid Approach for Three-Dimensional Building Reconstruction in Indianapolis from LiDAR Data, A
* Integrating UAV optical imagery and LiDAR data for assessing the spatial relationship between mangrove and inundation across a subtropical estuarine wetland
* Investigating Spatiotemporal Patterns of Surface Urban Heat Islands in the Hangzhou Metropolitan Area, China, 2000-2015
* Medium Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery for Estimating and Mapping Urban Impervious Surfaces Using LSMA and ANN
* Modeling diurnal land temperature cycles over Los Angeles using downscaled GOES imagery
* Modeling the Effect of Green Roof Systems and Photovoltaic Panels for Building Energy Savings to Mitigate Climate Change
* Modeling Urban Heat Islands and Their Relationship With Impervious Surface and Vegetation Abundance by Using ASTER Images
* Monitoring Urban Clusters Expansion in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River, China, Using Time-Series Nighttime Light Images
* Monitoring Urban Dynamics in the Southeast U.S.A. Using Time-Series DMSP/OLS Nightlight Imagery
* object-based approach to delineate wetlands across landscapes of varied disturbance with high spatial resolution satellite imagery, An
* PCA-OLS Model for Assessing the Impact of Surface Biophysical Parameters on Land Surface Temperature Variations, A
* Post-War Urban Damage Mapping Using InSAR: The Case of Mosul City in Iraq
* Remotely Sensed Urban Surface Ecological Index (RSUSEI): An Analytical Framework for Assessing the Surface Ecological Status in Urban Environments
* Seasonal Variations of the Surface Urban Heat Island in a Semi-Arid City
* Spatiotemporal Variation of Surface Urban Heat Islands in Relation to Land Cover Composition and Configuration: A Multi-Scale Case Study of Xi'an, China
* Spatiotemporally enhancing time-series DMSP/OLS nighttime light imagery for assessing large-scale urban dynamics
* Tidal and Meteorological Influences on the Growth of Invasive Spartina alterniflora: Evidence from UAV Remote Sensing
* U. V. Helava Award: Best Paper Volumes 159-170 (2020), The
* Urban Sprawl and Changes in Land-Use Efficiency in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, China from 2000 to 2020: A Spatiotemporal Analysis Using Earth Observation Data
* Urban Surface Biophysical Descriptors and Land Surface Temperature Variations
* Variability in annual temperature cycle in the urban areas of the United States as revealed by MODIS imagery
Includes: Weng, Q.[Qihao] Weng, Q.
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Weng, Q.H.[Qi Hao] Co Author Listing * Bias-corrected rational polynomial coefficients for high accuracy geo-positioning of QuickBird stereo imagery
Includes: Weng, Q.H.[Qi Hao] Weng, Q.H.[Qi-Hao]

Weng, R.L.[Ren Liang] Co Author Listing * Learning a Proposal Classifier for Multiple Object Tracking
* Learning Cascaded Deep Auto-Encoder Networks for Face Alignment
* Multi-feature ordinal ranking for facial age estimation
* Robust Feature Set Matching for Partial Face Recognition
* Robust Point Set Matching for Partial Face Recognition
Includes: Weng, R.L.[Ren Liang] Weng, R.L.[Ren-Liang]

Weng, R.M. Co Author Listing * Error Concealment of Lost Motion Vectors with Overlapped Motion Compensation

Weng, S. Co Author Listing * BranchGAN: Unsupervised Mutual Image-to-Image Transfer With A Single Encoder and Dual Decoders
* Difference angle quantization index modulation scheme for image watermarking
* MISC: Multi-Condition Injection and Spatially-Adaptive Compositing for Conditional Person Image Synthesis
* Multiple object tracking on static surveillance video using field-based prediction information in MPEG-2 video
* Reversible data hiding based on flexible block-partition and adaptive block-modification strategy
Includes: Weng, S. Weng, S.[Shaowei] Weng, S.[Suwen]

Weng, S.C.[Shu Chen] Co Author Listing * Conditional Image Repainting via Semantic Bridge and Piecewise Value Function
Includes: Weng, S.C.[Shu Chen] Weng, S.C.[Shu-Chen]

Weng, S.E.[Shao En] Co Author Listing * ROSNet: Robust one-stage network for CT lesion detection
Includes: Weng, S.E.[Shao En] Weng, S.E.[Shao-En]

Weng, S.F.[Shi Feng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Elements Extraction of Chinese Web News Using Prior Information of Content and Structure
* Exploring the structure of supervised data by Discriminant Isometric Mapping
* new image compression method using dynamic predictor based on current context, A
Includes: Weng, S.F.[Shi Feng] Weng, S.F.[Shi-Feng] Weng, S.F.

Weng, S.K.[Shiuh Ku] Co Author Listing * Block-matching motion estimation using correlation search algorithm
* Image Compression Using a Recursive Block Grouping Algorithm
* Motion Estimation Algorithm for Image Sequence Coding
* Unsupervised Texture Segmentation Using Color Quantization And Color Feature Distributions
* Video object tracking using adaptive Kalman filter
Includes: Weng, S.K.[Shiuh Ku] Weng, S.K.[Shiuh-Ku] Weng, S.K.

Weng, S.W.[Shao Wei] Co Author Listing * High capacity reversible data hiding in encrypted images using SIBRW and GCC
* Image denoising via patch-based adaptive Gaussian mixture prior method
* Integer transform based reversible watermarking incorporating block selection
* Novel Reversible Watermarking Based on an Integer Transform, A
* Optimal PPVO-based reversible data hiding
* Reversible Watermarking Based on Invariability and Adjustment on Pixel Pairs
* Reversible watermarking based on PMO of triplets
Includes: Weng, S.W.[Shao Wei] Weng, S.W.[Shao-Wei]
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Weng, T.[Ting] Co Author Listing * New Deep Learning Network for Automatic Bridge Detection from SAR Images Based on Balanced and Attention Mechanism, A
* Towards Verifying Robustness of Neural Networks Against A Family of Semantic Perturbations
Includes: Weng, T.[Ting] Weng, T.

Weng, T.Y.[Tai Yao] Co Author Listing * Two-Stage Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Multiobjective Multidepot Vehicle Routing Problem With Time Windows, A
Includes: Weng, T.Y.[Tai Yao] Weng, T.Y.[Tai-Yao]

Weng, W.[Wenguo] Co Author Listing * Investigation on an Integrated Evacuation Route Planning Method Based on Real-Time Data Acquisition for High-Rise Building Fire
* Online multi-label streaming feature selection based on neighborhood rough set
Includes: Weng, W.[Wenguo] Weng, W.[Wei]

Weng, W.G. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-based image denoising in (digital) particle image velocimetry

Weng, X. Co Author Listing * GNN3DMOT: Graph Neural Network for 3D Multi-Object Tracking With 2D-3D Multi-Feature Learning
* Monocular 3D Object Detection with Pseudo-LiDAR Point Cloud
* Rotational Rectification Network: Enabling Pedestrian Detection for Mobile Vision
* Supervision by Registration and Triangulation for Landmark Detection
* Supervision-by-Registration: An Unsupervised Approach to Improve the Precision of Facial Landmark Detectors
* Wide-Baseline Multi-Camera Calibration using Person Re-Identification
* Window of visibility inspired security lighting system
Includes: Weng, X. Weng, X.[Xinshuo]
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Weng, X.S.[Xin Shuo] Co Author Listing * Learning Shape Representations for Person Re-Identification under Clothing Change
Includes: Weng, X.S.[Xin Shuo] Weng, X.S.[Xin-Shuo]

Weng, X.X.[Xiao Xiong] Co Author Listing * Prediction and Identification of Urban Traffic Flow Based on Features
Includes: Weng, X.X.[Xiao Xiong] Weng, X.X.[Xiao-Xiong]

Weng, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Co Author Listing * Recurrent Attentive Zooming for Joint Crowd Counting and Precise Localization
Includes: Weng, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Weng, X.Y.[Xin-Yu]

Weng, X.Z. Co Author Listing * Ultra-Low Power QRS Complex Detection Algorithm Based on Down-Sampling Wavelet Transform, An

Weng, Y. Co Author Listing * Design of Variable Traffic Light Control Systems for Preventing Two-Way Grid Network Traffic Jams Using Timed Petri Nets
* Dominant colour extraction in DCT domain
* Multiple spatial watermarking technique in color images
* Nonlinear Shape Restoration for Document Images
* Progressive Domain Expansion Network for Single Domain Generalization
* Recovering Euclidean structure by conics and spheres: application to camera calibration
* Recovering Euclidean structure from principal-axes paralleled conics: applications to camera calibration
* Sensor deployment strategy for random field estimation: One-dimensional case
* SMAP L-Band Passive Microwave Observations of Ocean Surface Wind During Severe Storms
* Video extraction for fast content access to MPEG compressed videos
* Visual quality metric for perceptual video coding
Includes: Weng, Y. Weng, Y.[Ying] Weng, Y.[Yun] Weng, Y.[Yepeng] Weng, Y.[Yang]
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Weng, Y.B.[Yang Bing] Co Author Listing * Audiotory Movie Summarization by Detecting Scene Changes and Sound Events
Includes: Weng, Y.B.[Yang Bing] Weng, Y.B.[Yang-Bing]

Weng, Y.H.[Yi Hsin] Co Author Listing * Brain MRI/SPECT Registration System Using an Adaptive Similarity Metric: Application on the Evaluation of Parkinson's Disease, A
Includes: Weng, Y.H.[Yi Hsin] Weng, Y.H.[Yi-Hsin]

Weng, Y.J.[Yong Ji] Co Author Listing * new approach to estimate fractal dimensions of corrosion images, A
Includes: Weng, Y.J.[Yong Ji] Weng, Y.J.[Yong-Ji]

Weng, Y.L.[Yong Ling] Co Author Listing * Soil Salinity Retrieval from Advanced Multi-Spectral Sensor with Partial Least Square Regression
* Texture mapping subdivision surfaces with hard constraints
Includes: Weng, Y.L.[Yong Ling] Weng, Y.L.[Yong-Ling] Weng, Y.L.[Yan-Lin]

Weng, Y.Q.[Yao Qing] Co Author Listing * Gesture recognition algorithm based on multi-scale feature fusion in RGB-D images
Includes: Weng, Y.Q.[Yao Qing] Weng, Y.Q.[Yao-Qing]

Weng, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Control strategies for solving the problem of traffic congestion
* Critical Scenarios and Their Identification in Parallel Railroad Level Crossing Traffic Control Systems
* Design of Traffic Safety Control Systems for Emergency Vehicle Preemption Using Timed Petri Nets
* Modular Design of Urban Traffic-Light Control Systems Based on Synchronized Timed Petri Nets
Includes: Weng, Y.S. Weng, Y.S.[Yi-Shun]

Weng, Y.Y.[Yue Yun] Co Author Listing * Multi-focus image fusion with Siamese self-attention network
Includes: Weng, Y.Y.[Yue Yun] Weng, Y.Y.[Yue-Yun]

Weng, Z. Co Author Listing * Diversity regularized metric learning for person re-identification
* Improved Search in Hamming Space Using Deep Multi-Index Hashing

Weng, Z.C.[Zi Chun] Co Author Listing * Learning Semantic Representations via Joint 3D Face Reconstruction and Facial Attribute Estimation
Includes: Weng, Z.C.[Zi Chun] Weng, Z.C.[Zi-Chun]

Weng, Z.P.[Zheng Ping] Co Author Listing * Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Based on Different Machine Learning Methods in Zhaoping County of Eastern Guangxi
* Local curvature entropy-based 3D terrain representation using a comprehensive Quadtree
Includes: Weng, Z.P.[Zheng Ping] Weng, Z.P.[Zheng-Ping]

Weng, Z.X.[Zheng Xin] Co Author Listing * X2CT-GAN: Reconstructing CT From Biplanar X-Rays With Generative Adversarial Networks
Includes: Weng, Z.X.[Zheng Xin] Weng, Z.X.[Zheng-Xin]

Weng, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric distance for spherical hashing
* Concatenation hashing: A relative position preserving method for learning binary codes
* Disocclusion Inpainting Framework for Depth-Based View Synthesis, A
* Efficient Estimation of Linear Parameters from Correlated Node Measurements over Networks
* new spherical hashing method in a low-dimensional isotropic space, A
* Online Hashing With Bit Selection for Image Retrieval
Includes: Weng, Z.Y.[Zhen Yu] Weng, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Weng, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yuan]

Weng, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhen] Co Author Listing * Holistic 3D Human and Scene Mesh Estimation from Single View Images
* Unsupervised Discovery of the Long-Tail in Instance Segmentation Using Hierarchical Self-Supervision
Includes: Weng, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhen] Weng, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhen]

Wengenroth, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Fast Derivation of Soil Surface Roughness Parameters Using Multi-band SAR Imagery and the Integral Equation Model

Wenger, E.[Emily] Co Author Listing * Backdoor Attacks Against Deep Learning Systems in the Physical World

Wenger, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Application of H.263+ Video Coding Modes in Lossy Packet Network Environments
* Compressed sensing for aperture synthesis imaging
* Error Resilience Support in H.263+
* Error resilient video coding techniques
* H.264/AVC over IP
* H.26L/JVT coding network abstraction layer and IP-based transport
* Image-Based Lunar Surface Reconstruction
* Introduction to the special issue on streaming video
* Linearized Bregman Method via Split Feasibility Problems: Analysis and Generalizations, The
* Optimized transmission of H.26L/JVT coded video over packet-lossy networks
* Optimizing Apparent Display Resolution Enhancement for Arbitrary Videos
* Overview of HEVC High-Level Syntax and Reference Picture Management
* sparse Kaczmarz solver and a linearized Bregman method for online compressed sensing, A
* System and Transport Interface of H.264/AVC Scalable Extension
* System and Transport Interface of SVC
* System Layer Integration of High Efficiency Video Coding
* Transport and Signaling of SVC in IP Networks
Includes: Wenger, S.[Stephan] Wenger, S.
17 for Wenger, S.

Wengert, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Apparel Classification with Style
* Query Adaptive Similarity for Large Scale Object Retrieval

Wengert, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Assessing Spatial Variability of Barley Whole Crop Biomass Yield and Leaf Area Index in Silvoarable Agroforestry Systems Using UAV-Borne Remote Sensing
* Predicting Forage Quality of Grasslands Using UAV-Borne Imaging Spectroscopy

Wengrowski, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Light Field Messaging With Deep Photographic Steganography
* Optimal radiometric calibration for camera-display communication
* Reflection correspondence for exposing photograph manipulation
Includes: Wengrowski, E.[Eric] Wengrowski, E.

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