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Ko, B.K. Co Author Listing * Finger Mouse And Gesture Recognition System As A New Human Computer Interface

Ko, H. Co Author Listing * Animating Human Locomotion With Inverse Dynamics

Ko, H.P. Co Author Listing * Geometry Theorem Proving By Decomposition Of Quasi-Algebraic Sets: An Applications Of The Ritt-Wu Principle

Ko, I.J. Co Author Listing * Frame-Based Model For Hand Gesture Recognition, A

Ko, K.I. Co Author Listing * Computational Complexity Of Two-Dimensional Regions

Ko, M.T. Co Author Listing * Collision Avoidance In Cloth Animation
* Fast Algorithm For Image Registration Without Predetermining Correspondences, A
* Image Registration Using A New Edge-Based Approach
* New Wavelet-Based Edge Detector Via Constrained Optimization, A
* Wavelet-Based Shape From Shading
* Wavelet-Based Shape From Shading

Ko, S.J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Basis Matrix For The Morphological Function Processing Opening And Closing
* Efficient Impulsive Noise Suppression Via Nonlinear Recursive Filtering
* Fast Recursive Algorithms For Morphological Operators Based On The Basic Matrix Representations
* Morphological Pyramids With Alternating Sequential Filters

Kobatake, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Filter To Detect Rounded Convex Regions: Iris Filter
* Extraction Of Facial Sketch Image Based On Morphological Processing
* Extraction Of Facial Sketch Images And Expression Transformation Based On Facs

Kobayashi, H. Co Author Listing * Parallel Processing Of An Object Space For Image Synthesis Using Ray Tracing
* Spotting Recognition Of Head Gestures From Color Image Series

Kobayashi, K. Co Author Listing * Advances In Fax
* Text Recognition System For Japanese Documents

Kobayashi, S. Co Author Listing * Display And Imaging, Gordon & Breach

Kobayashi, Y. Co Author Listing * Architecture Of An Image Signal Processor-2 (Isp-2)
* Detection Of Objects Including Persons Using Image Processing
* Higher Order Local Autocorrelation Features Of Parcor Images For Gesture Recognition
* Image Processing Lsi Isp-Iv Based On Local Parallel Architecture And Its Applications
* Isp: A Dedicated Lsi For Gray Image Local Operations
* Knowledge Representation And Utilization For Optimal Route Search

Kobbelt, L. Co Author Listing * Interactive Multi-Resolution Modeling On Arbitrary Meshes

Kobecka, J. Co Author Listing * Discrete Event Modeling Of Visually Guided Behaviors

Kober, R. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Versus Knowledge-Guided Representation Of Non-Rigid Objects: A Case Study
* Nonparametric Optimal Binarization

Kober, V. Co Author Listing * Redundancy Of Signals And Transformations And Computational Complexity Of Signal And Image Processing

Kobori, K.I. Co Author Listing * Automated Generation Of Simply Connected Solid Objects From Wire-Frame Data Using Operations On Graphs

Kobuchi, Y. Co Author Listing * Note On Symmetrical Cellular Spaces, A

Koc, C.K. Co Author Listing * Fast Computation Of Divided Differences And Parallel Hermite Interpolation
* Parallel Hermite Interpolation: An Algebraic Approach
* Systolic Computation Of Interpolating Polynomials

Koch, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multi-Scale Approach For Estimating Optical Flow: Computational Theory And Physiological Implementation, An
* Analog Hardware For Detecting Discontinuities In Early Vision
* Analog Vlsi Architectures For Motion Processing: From Fundamental Limits To System Applications
* Biophysics Of Computation|Information Processing In Single Neurons, Oxford University Press
* Computational Vision And Regularization Theory
* Computing Motion Using Analog And Binary Resistive Networks
* Computing Motion Using Analog Vlsi Vision Chips: An Experimental Comparison Among Different Approaches
* Computing Motion Using Analog Vlsi Vision Chips: An Experimental Comparison Among Four Approaches
* Computing Optical Flow Across Multiple Scales: An Adaptive Coarse-To-Fine Strategy
* Computing Optical Flow In Resistive Networks And In The Primate Visual System
* Learning To Detect Salient Objects In Natural Scenes Using Visual Attention
* Local Cross-Modality Image Alignment Using Unsupervised Learning
* Methods In Neuronal Modeling-From Synapses To Networks, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Model Of Saliency-Based Visual Attention For Rapid Scene Analysis, A
* Neuromorphic Vision Chip
* Toward Color Image Segmentation In Analog Vlsi: Algorithm And Hardware
* Trainable Modular Vision System, A
* Vision Chips: Implementing Vision Algorithms With Analog Vlsi Circuits, Ieee Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos
* Visual Information Processing: From Neurons To Chips (Orlando, Fl, April 1-2
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Koch, I. Co Author Listing * Bootstrap Coverage Plots For Image Segmentation

Koch, M.W. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Algorithms Used In Recognition Of Occluded Objects
* Matching Polygon Fragments
* Using Polygons To Recognize And Locate Partially Occluded Objects

Koch, R. Co Author Listing * 3-D Surface Reconstruction From Stereoscopic Image Sequences
* Dynamic 3-D Scene Analysis Through Synthesis Feedback Control
* Multi-Viewpoint Stereo From Uncalibrated Video Sequences
* Multiscale Image Texture Analysis In Wavelet Spaces
* Self-Calibration And Metric Reconstruction In Spite Of Varying And Unknown Internal Camera Parameters
* Shape Adaptation For Modelling Of 3d Objects In Natural Scenes
* Surface Segmentation And Modeling Of 3-D Polygonal Objects From Stereoscopic Image Pairs
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Kochanek, D.H.U. Co Author Listing * Interpolating Splines With Local Tension, Continuity, And Bias Control

Kocher, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Region Growing Technique Using Polynomial Functions For Image Approximation
* On The Performance Of A Contour Coding Algorithm In The Context Of Image Coding. Part I: Contour Segment Coding
* Second-Generation Image Coding Techniques

Kochevar, P. Co Author Listing * Simple Light Simulation Algorithm For Massively Parallel Machines, A

Kocsis, F. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithms And Parallel Structures For Form Factor Evaluation
* Rotation-Based Computations For Ray-Tracing Second-Order Surfaces And Curves

Koczy, L.T. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Hough Transforms
* On The Description Of Relative Position Of Fuzzy Objects

Kodama, K. Co Author Listing * View Interpolation Using Epipolar Plane Images

Kodama, Y. Co Author Listing * Similarity Measure Between Patterns With Nonindependent Attributes, A

Kodikara, N.D. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation Using Maximum Gradient Profiles Orthogonal To Edges

Koditschek, D.E. Co Author Listing * Exact Robot Navigation Using Artificial Potential Functions

Kodratoff, Y. Co Author Listing * Learning Complex Structural Descriptions From Examples
* Learning Techniques Applied To Multi-Font Character Recognition

Koelewijn, G. Co Author Listing * Skeletons From Chain-Coded Contours

Koelma, D. Co Author Listing * Visual Programming Interface For An Image Processing Environment, A

Koelma, D.C. Co Author Listing * Location Estimation Of Cylinders From A 2-D Image

Koenderink, J. Co Author Listing * Shape From Chebyshev Nets

Koenderink, J.J. Co Author Listing * Affine Structure And Photometry
* Bidirectional Reflection Distribution Function Expressed In Terms Of Surface Scattering Modes
* Cartesian Differential Invariants In Scale-Space
* Complete And Irreducible Set Of Locally Orthogonal Invariant Features Of 2-Dimensional Images, A
* Displacement Estimates Through Adaptive Affinities
* Dynamic Shape
* Extraction Of Motion Parallax Structure In The Visual System
* Families Of Tuned Scale-Space Kernels
* General Intensity Transformations And Differential Invariants
* Generic Bilinear Calibration-Estimation Problem, The
* Generic Neighborhood Operators
* Hitherto Unnoticed Singularity Of Scale-Space, A
* Internal Representation For Solid Shape Based On The Topological Properties Of The Apparent Contour, An
* Limits In Perception
* Linear Scale-Space
* Mechanistic Approach To Threshold Behavior Of The Visual System, A
* Metrics For The Strength Of Low-Level Motion Perception
* Nonlinear Scale-Space
* Operational Significance Of Receptive Field Assemblies
* Realise: Reconstruction Of Reality From Image Sequences
* Receptive Field Assembly Pattern Specificity
* Receptive Field Families
* Reflectance And Texture Of Real-World Surfaces
* Reflectance And Texture Of Real-World Surfaces
* Relief: Pictorial And Otherwise
* Scale And The Differential Structure Of Images
* Scale-Time
* Solid Shape, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Solid Shape, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Spatial Derivatives And The Propagation Of Noise In Gaussian Scale Space
* Structure Of Images, The
* Structure Of The Human Motion Detection System, The
* Studies Of 3-D Model Textures
* Surface Shape And Curvature Scales
* Two-Plus-One-Dimensional Differential Geometry
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Koepfler, G. Co Author Listing * Morphological Scheme For Mean Curvature Motion And Applications To Anisotropic Diffusion And Motion Of Level Sets, A
* Morphological Scheme For Mean Curvature Motion And Applications To Anisotropic Diffusion And Motion Of Level Sets, A
* Multiscale Algorithm For Image Segmentation By Variational Method, A

Koets, M.A. Co Author Listing * Parametric Attributed Scattering Center Model For Sar Automatic Target Recognition, A

Kofakis, P. Co Author Listing * Recognition And Localization Of Objects Using Sparse Data
* Use Of The Delaunay Triangulation For The Identification And The Localization Of Objects

Kofler, H. Co Author Listing * Topological Net Structure And A Topological Graph, A

Koga, K. Co Author Listing * Determining Motion Fields Under Non-Uniform Illumination
* Field Theory Approach For Determining Optical Flow

Koga, M. Co Author Listing * High Speed Algorithm For Propagation-Type Labeling Based On Block Sorting Of Runs In Binary Images, A

Koga, T. Co Author Listing * Visual Communication And Image Processing '91: Image Processing (Boston, Ma, November 11-13
* Visual Communications And Image Processing '91: Visual Communication (Boston, Ma, November 11-13

Kogawara, A. Co Author Listing * High Speed String Edit Methods Using Hierarchical Files And Hashing Technique

Kogler, J.E. Co Author Listing * Scaling Images And Image Features Via The Renormalization Group
Includes: Kogler, J.E. Kogler, Jr., J.E.

Koh, E. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Shape Representation Using Locally Adaptive Finite Elements
* Multi-Level Shape Representation Using Global Deformations And Locally Adaptive Finite Elements

Koh, K. Co Author Listing * Recognition Of Polyhedra By A Mechanical Theorem Proving Method

Kohashiguchi, T. Co Author Listing * High Speed String Correction For Ocr

Kohl, C. Co Author Listing * Development Of The Image Understanding Environment, The
* Image Understanding Environment Program, The
* Image Understanding Environment Program, The
* Solving Diverse Image Understanding Problems Using The Image Understanding Environment
* Towards A Unified Iu Environment: Coordination Of Existing Iu Tools With The Iue

Kohl, C.A. Co Author Listing * Goal-Directed Control Of Low-Level Processes For Image Interpretation
* Goal-Directed Intermediate Level Executive For Image Interpretation, A

Kohler, R.R. Co Author Listing * Segmenting Images Using Localized Histograms And Region Merging

Kohlhepp, P. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction And Recognition Of Boundary Representations From Range Images In Sombrero

Kohn, R.V. Co Author Listing * Representation And Self-Similarity Of Shapes

Kohnle, A. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Propagation And Remote Sensing (Orlando, Fl, April 21-23

Kohonen, T. Co Author Listing * Artificial Neural Networks (Proceedings Of The 1991 International Conference, Espoo, Finland, June 24-28, 1991), North-Holland
* Median Strings
* Non-Stochastic Method For The Correction Of Sentences, A

Koike, H. Co Author Listing * Moving Object Extraction Method Robust Against Illumination Level Changes For A Pedestrian Counting System, A

Koikkalainen, P. Co Author Listing * Learning Motion Trajectories Via Self-Organization

Koitzsch, K.V. Co Author Listing * Qualitative Navigation Ii

Koivisto, P. Co Author Listing * Shape Preservation Criteria And Optimal Soft Morphological Filtering

Koivo, A.J. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Vision Feedback For Servoing Robotic Manipulator With Self-Tuning Controller
* Special Section On Information Technology For Sensory-Based Robot Manipulators, T-Smc 19 (4)

Koivunen, V. Co Author Listing * Evaluating Quality Of Surface Description Using Robust Methods
* Machine Vision Tools For Cagd
* Median And Robust Polynomial Filters For Multivariate Image Data
* Orthogonal Spline Fitting In Range Data

Koizumi, M. Co Author Listing * Qualitative And Quantitative Matching Of Solid Models And Images Of 3d Objects
* Step Toward Generic Object Recognition, A

Kojima, H. Co Author Listing * Effect Of Time-Spatial Size Of Motion Image For Localization By Using The Spotting Method
* On-Line Hand-Drawn Line-Figure Recognition And Its Application

Kojima, Y. Co Author Listing * High Speed String Correction Method Using A Hierarchical File, A

Kok, J.N. Co Author Listing * Kohonen Networks For Multiscale Image Segmentation

Kok, Y.L. Co Author Listing * Algorithm To Find Two-Dimensional Signals With Specified Zero-Crossings, An

Kokaram, A. Co Author Listing * Optimal Schemes For Motion Estimation Using Colour Image Sequences

Kokhar, A.A. Co Author Listing * Parallel Stereo On Fixed Size Arrays Using Zero Crossings

Kokubo, I. Co Author Listing * New Point-Location Algorithm And Its Practical Efficiency -Comparison With Existing Algorithms, A

Kokubo, Y. Co Author Listing * Region Segmentation Using Edge Based Circle Growing

Kolagani, N. Co Author Listing * Direct Motion Stereo For Passive Navigation

Kolb, C.E. Co Author Listing * Synthesis And Rendering Of Fractal Terrains, The

Kolbe, T.H. Co Author Listing * Extracting Buildings From Aerial Images Using Hierarchical Aggregation In 2d And 3d

Kolczynski, R. Co Author Listing * Object Tracking With A Moving Camera

Kolczynski, R.J. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Image Capture Through Fusion
* Machine-Vision System For Iris Recognition, A
* Mechanisms For Isolating Component Patterns In The Sequential Analysis Of Multiple Motion

Kolers, P.A. Co Author Listing * Motion From Continuous Or Discontinuous Arrangements

Kollensperger, P. Co Author Listing * Gss-A Fast, Model-Based Vision System For Workpiece Recognition
* Local Feature Extraction For Model-Based Workpiece Recognition

Koller, D. Co Author Listing * Algorithmic Characterization Of Vehicle Trajectories From Image Sequences By Motion Verbs
* Integrated Stereo-Based Approach To Automatic Vehicle Guidance, An
* Model-Based Object Tracking In Monocular Image Sequences Of Road Traffic Scenes
* Model-Based Object Tracking In Traffic Scenes
* Robust Multiple Car Tracking With Occlusion Reasoning
* Towards Robust Automatic Traffic Scene Analysis In Real-Time

Koller, T.M. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Detection Of Curvilinear Structures In 2-D And 3-D Image Data

Kollias, J.G. Co Author Listing * Consistency In Point-In-Polygon Tests
* Expected And Worst-Case Storage Requirements For Quadtrees

Kollias, S. Co Author Listing * Neural Network Based Scheme For Unsupervised Video Object Segmentation, A
* Two-Dimensional Filter Bank Design For Optimal Reconstruction
* Unified Neural Network Approach To Digital Image Halftoning, A
* Video Content Representation Using Optimal Extraction Of Frames And Scenes

Kollias, V.J. Co Author Listing * Consistency In Point-In-Polygon Tests
* Expected And Worst-Case Storage Requirements For Quadtrees

Kolling, H. Co Author Listing * Influence Of An Explicitly Modelled 3d Scene On The Tracking Of Partially Occluded Vehicles

Kollins, J.G. Co Author Listing * Implementation Of The Exponential Pyramid Data Structure With Application To Determination Of Symmetries In Pictures, An

Kollnig, H. Co Author Listing * 3d Pose Estimation By Directly Matching Polyhedral Models To Gray Value Gradients
* 3d Pose Estimation By Fitting Image Gradients Directly To Polyhedral Models
* Association Of Motion Verbs With Vehicle Movements Extracted From Dense Optical Flow Fields
* Matching Object Models To Segments From An Optical Flow Field
* Motion Boundary Detection In Image Sequences By Local Stochastic Tests
* Tracking Of Occluded Vehicles In Traffic Scenes

Kolountzakis, M.N. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Probabilistic Roadmaps For Path Planning
* Fast Computation Of The Euclidean Distance Maps For Binary Images

Kolzow, D. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Reconstructing Convex Bodies From Their Projections, An

Komatsu, K. Co Author Listing * Human Skin Model Capable Of Natural Shape Variation

Komatsu, T. Co Author Listing * Extended Block-Matching Algorithms For Estimating Multiple Image Motions
* High-Resolution Image Acquisition Based On Temporal Integration With Hierarchical Estimation Of Image Warping
* Robust Object-Specified Active Contour Model For Tracking Smoothly Deformable Line-Features And Its Application To Outdoor Moving Image Processing, A
* Simple Cue-Based Method For Camera Calibration And 3-D Shape Measurement With A Single Moving Camera, A

Komen, E.R. Co Author Listing * Efficient Parallelism Using Indirect Addressing In Simd Processor Arrays
* Recursive Neighborhood Operations On The Linear Processor Array Sympati-2
* Scalable Real-Time Image Processing Pipeline, A
* Scalable, Real-Time, Image Processing Pipeline, A
* View Angle Transformations

Komitowski, D. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction Of Three-Dimensional Light-Microscopic Images

Komoda, C. Co Author Listing * Syntactic Pattern Recognition With Stochastic Dissimilarity In Japanese On-Line Input System (Jolis)-1/1.5

Kompanets, I.N. Co Author Listing * Optical Pattern Recognition Using Correlation Procedure For Rotation- And Scale-Invariant Feature Extraction

Kompatsiaris, I. Co Author Listing * 3d Model-Based Segmentation Of Videoconference Image Sequences

Konda, T. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Controlled Pattern Recognition Technique For Hand-Drawn Logic Symbols

Kondepudy, R. Co Author Listing * Ccd Camera Calibration And Noise Estimation
* Modeling And Identifying 3-D Color Texture
* Radiometric Ccd Camera Calibration And Noise Estimation
* Using Moment Invariants To Analyze 3-D Color Textures

Kondi, L.P. Co Author Listing * Mpeg-4 And Rate-Distortion-Based Shape-Coding Techniques

Kondo, H. Co Author Listing * Region-Based Stereo Algorithm, A

Kondo, K. Co Author Listing * Motion Planning With Six Degrees Of Freedom By Multistrategic Bidirectional Heuristic Free-Space Enumeration

Kondo, S. Co Author Listing * Model Of Handwriting Process And Its Analysis
* Model Of Human Estimation Of 3d Shape From Shading Information Using Zero Crossings, A
* New Method Of Estimating Shape From Shading By Using A Constraint At Zero-Crossings Of Image Brightness, A
* Restoration Of Digital Images Under Additive Noises Using A Quality Measure Of Restored Images
* Shape And Source From Shading Using Zero Crossings

Kondo, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Circuit Diagram Reader With Loop-Structure-Based Symbol Recognition, An
* Incremental Tracking Of Human Actions From Multiple Views
* Model-Based Multi-Stage Compression Of Human Face Images

Konen, W. Co Author Listing * Distortion Invariant Object Recognition In The Dynamic Link Architecture

Kong, A. Co Author Listing * Graphical Templates For Model Registration

Kong, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Mapping A Lifelike 2.5d Human Face Via An Automatic Approach

Kong, M. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Continuous Wavelet Transforms For Motion-Based Segmentation In Real Image Sequences

Kong, M.S. Co Author Listing * Mission Parameters Derived From Optical Flow

Kong, S.H. Co Author Listing * Feature Tracking From An Image Sequence Using Geometric Invariants
* Orientation Estimation Of 3d Surface Patches

Kong, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition/Detection By Probabilistic Decision-Based Neural Network
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Applications Of Artificial Neural Networks To Image Processing

Kong, T.Y. Co Author Listing * Bipartite Graph Matching For Points On A Line Or A Circle
* Continuous Analogs Of Axiomatized Digital Surfaces
* Digital Fundamental Group, A
* Digital Surfaces
* Digital Topology: Introduction And Survey
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Digital Topology
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Topology And Geometry In Computer Vision
* If We Use 4- Or 8-Connectedness For Both The Objects And The Background, The Euler Characteristic Is Not Locally Computable
* Justification Of A Fast Surface Tracking Algorithm, A
* On Topology Preservation In 2-D And 3-D Thinning
* Theory Of Binary Digital Pictures, A
* Topological Algorithms For Digital Image Processing, North-Holland
* Topological Approach To Digital Topology, A
* Topology-Preserving Deformations Of Two-Valued Digital Pictures
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Kong, X. Co Author Listing * Study Of Pyramidal Techniques For Image Representation And Compression, A

Konolige, K. Co Author Listing * Background Modeling For Segmentation Of Video-Rate Stereo Sequences

Konolige, K.G. Co Author Listing * Extra Sets Of Eyes
* Extra Sets Of Eyes

Konrad, J. Co Author Listing * Arithmetic Coding Of A Lossless Contour-Based Representation Of Label Images
* Bayesian Estimation Of Motion Vector Fields
* Coding-Oriented Video Segmentation Inspired By Mrf Models
* Comparison Of Stochastic And Deterministic Solution Methods In Bayesian Estimation Of 2-D Motion, A
* Comparison Of Stochastic And Deterministic Solution Methods In Bayesian Estimation Of 2d Motion
* Estimation Of Nonlinear Transfer Curves For Conversion Of Color Images To A Known Color Space
* Estimation Of Trajectories For Accelerated Motion From Time-Varying Imagery
* Multigrid Bayesian Estimation Of Image Motion Fields Using Stochastic Relaxation
* Selective Image Diffusion: Application To Disparity Estimation
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Konstantinides, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Digital Redeye Reduction
* Khoros Software Development Environment For Image And Signal Processing, The
* Monolithic Architectures For Image Processing And Compression

Konstantinidou, S. Co Author Listing * Apex: Two Architectures For Generating Parametric Curves And Surfaces

Kontsevich, L.L. Co Author Listing * Closed-Form Attitude Determination Under Spectrally Varying Illumination

Koo, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Improving The Labeling Accuracy By A New Probabilistic Relaxation Labeling

Kooijman, C.J. Co Author Listing * Artery Detection And Analysis In Cine-Angiograms

Koonar, S.S. Co Author Listing * Realizations Of Two-Parameter Functions Using Markov Parameters And Moments

Koons, D.B. Co Author Listing * Model Of Visual Knowledge Representation, A

Koparkar, P. Co Author Listing * Designing Parametric Blends: Surface Model And Geometric Correspondence
* Surface Intersection By Switching From Recursive Subdivision To Iterative Refinement

Koparkar, P.A. Co Author Listing * Computational Techniques For Processing Parametric Surfaces
* Interval Methods For Processing Geometric Objects

Kopecz, J. Co Author Listing * Neural Architecture For Visual Information Processing, A

Kopeika, N.S. Co Author Listing * System Engineering Approach To Imaging, Spie, Bellingham, A

Koper, G. Co Author Listing * Pretopological Texture Model, A Multiparametric Image Model, And A Hierarchical Classification Method For The Analysis Of Digitized Images, A

Koplowitz, J. Co Author Listing * Chain Codes And Their Linear Reconstruction Filters
* Corner Detection For Chain Coded Curves
* Design Of Perimeter Estimators For Digitized Planar Shapes
* Fourier Encoding Of Closed Planar Boundaries
* Hierarchical Representation Of Chain-Encoded Binary Image Contours
* Multiresolution Chain Coding Of Contours
* New Parametrization Of Digital Straight Lines, A
* Number Of Digital Straight Lines On An Nxn Grid, The
* On Bit Reduction Of Chain Coded Line Drawings
* On The Edge Location Error For Local Maximum And Zero-Crossing Edge Detectors
* On The Number Of Digital Straight Lines On An Nxn Grid
* Robust Filtering Algorithm For Subpixel Reconstruction Of Chain Coded Line Drawings, A
* Transform Encoding Scheme For Closed Planar Curves, A
* Tree Searched Chain Coding For Subpixel Reconstruction Of Planar Curves
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Koppen, M. Co Author Listing * New Approach To Fuzzy Morphology Based On Fuzzy Integral And Its Application In Image Processing, A

Kopperman, R. Co Author Listing * Dimensional Properties Of Graphs And Digital Spaces
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Digital Topology
* Jordan Surface Theorem For Three-Dimensional Digital Spaces, A
* Topological Approach To Digital Topology, A

Kopylov, A. Co Author Listing * Variational Methods In Signal And Image Analysis

Kopylov, A.V. Co Author Listing * Hidden Tree-Like Quasi-Markov Model And Generalized Technique For A Class Of Image Analysis Problems

Korde, U.A. Co Author Listing * Position Control Experiments Using Vision

Korein, J.U. Co Author Listing * Geometric Investigation Of Reach, Mit Press, Cambridge, A

Koren, I. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection In Echocardiographic Image Sequences By 3-D Multiscale Analysis
* Embedding Tree Structures In Vlsi Hexagonal Arrays
* Image Fusion Using Steerable Dyadic Wavelet Transform
* Random, Distributed Algorithm To Embed Trees In Partially Faulty Processor Arrays, A

Koren, Y. Co Author Listing * Auditory Guidance With The Navbelt | A Computerized Travel Aid For The Blind
* Design And Motion Planning Of A Mechanical Snake
* Error Eliminating Rapid Ultrasonic Firing For Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance
* Histogramic In-Motion Mapping For Mobile Robot Obstacle Avoidance
* Obstacle Accommodation In Motion Planning
* Obstacle Avoidance With Ultrasonic Sensors
* Real-Time Obstacle Avoidance For Fast Mobile Robots
* Task-Level Tour Plan Generation For Mobile Robots
* Teleautonomous Guidance For Mobile Robots
* Vector Field Histogram-Fast Obstacle Avoidance For Mobile Robots, The
10 for Koren, Y.

Korfhage, R.R. Co Author Listing * Visual Languages And Applications, Van Nostrand

Kories, R. Co Author Listing * Class Of Stable Feature Extractors For Time-Varying Imagery, A
* Image Sequence Processing As An Aid For Three-Dimensional Display
* Motion Detection In Image Sequences: An Evaluation Of Feature Detectors
* On The Precision Of A Feature Based Displacement Measurement
* Stereo Ranging With Verging Cameras
* Towards Autonomous Convoy Driving: Recognizing The Starting Vehicle In Front
* Variable Method For The Estimation Of Displacement Vector Fields From Image Sequences, A
7 for Kories, R.

Korn, A.F. Co Author Listing * Toward A Symbolic Representation Of Intensity Changes In Images

Korn, B. Co Author Listing * 3d B-Spline Curve Matching For Model Based Object Recognition
* Fuzzy Icp Algorithm For 3d Free-Form Object Recognition, A
* Handling Uncertainty In 3d Object Recognition Using Bayesian Networks
* Task Driven 3d Object Recognition System Using Bayesian Networks, A

Korn, M.R. Co Author Listing * 3-D Multiview Object Representations For Model-Based Object Recognition

Kornel, K. Co Author Listing * 2d And 3d Perspective Transformations

Kornerup, P. Co Author Listing * Computing Moments By Prefix Sums

Kornprobst, P. Co Author Listing * Image Sequence Restoration: A Pde-Based Coupled Method For Image Restoration And Motion Segmentation

Korobkin, C. Co Author Listing * Fast Shadows And Lighting Effects Using Texture Mapping

Korst, J. Co Author Listing * Simulated Annealing And Boltzmann Machines: A Stochastic Approach To Combinatorial Optimization And Neural Computing, Wiley

Korst, J.H.M. Co Author Listing * Computations In Massively Parallel Networks Based On The Boltzmann Machine: A Review, Pc 9

Korsten, M. Co Author Listing * Robust 3-Dimensional Object Recognition Using Stereo Vision And Geometric Hashing

Korsten, M.J. Co Author Listing * Estimation Of Geometry And Motion Of A Surface From Image Sequences By Means Of Linearization Of A Parametric Model, The
* Statistical Model To Describe Invariants Extracted From A 3-D Quadric Surface Patch And Its Applications In Region-Based Recognition, Icpr, 668-672. 1062014. F. Shevlin, Analysis Of Orientation Problems Using Plucker Lines, A

Kortenkamp, D. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence And Mobile Robots|Case Studies Of Successful Robot Systems, Aaai Press, Menlo Park

Korzeniowski, K.A. Co Author Listing * Robotic Three Dimensional Dual-Drive Hybrid Control For Tactile Sensing And Object Recognition
* Three Dimensional Object Tracking And Recognition Using A Dual-Drive Hybrid Controller

Kosaka, A. Co Author Listing * Deformable Model For Human Organ Extraction, A
* Fast Vision-Guided Mobile Robot Navigation Using Model-Based Reasoning And Prediciton Of Uncertainties
* Vision-Based Navigation By A Mobile Robot With Obstacle Avoidance Using Single-Camera Vision And Ultrasonic Sensing

Kosaraju, S.R. Co Author Listing * Efficient Solutions To Some Transportation Problems With Applications To Minimizing Robot Arm Travel
* Graph Problems On A Mesh-Connected Processor Array
* New Algorithms For Multilink Robot Arms
* Optimal Simulations Between Mesh-Connected Arrays Of Processors
* Optimal Simulations Between Mesh-Connected Arrays Of Processors

Koschan, A. Co Author Listing * Color Stereo Vision Using Hierarchical Block Matching And Active Color Illumination
* Computer Vision (In German), Vieweg, Braunschweig

Koscielny, G. Co Author Listing * Fusion Of 3d B-Spline Surface Patches Reconstructed From Image Sequences

Kose, C. Co Author Listing * Generalized Distance Based Matching Of Nonbinary Images

Kosecka, J. Co Author Listing * Cooperation Of Visually Guided Behaviors
* Motion Recovery From Image Sequences: Discrete Viewpoint Vs. Differential Viewpoint

Koshelev, M. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Logic Explains The Golden Proportion

Koshikawa, K. Co Author Listing * Application Of 3-D Models To Computer Vision
* Human Motion Analysis Based On A Robot Arm Model

Koshimizu, H. Co Author Listing * Algorithm To Extract Convex Hull On O-K Hough Transform Space, An
* On The Extensive Reconstruction Of Hough Transforms
* On The Knowledge Based Interactive Pattern Processing System For The Recognition Of Weld Defects In Radiographic Inspection
* On The New Hough Algorithms Without Two-Dimensional Array For Parameter Space To Detect A Set Of Straight Lines
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Kozinska, D. Co Author Listing * Multidimensional Alignment Using The Euclidean Distance Transform
* Multidimensional Alignmentusing The Euclidean Distance Transform

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