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Dey, A. Co Author Listing * Architecture and Applications of Virtual Coaches
* Distribution Modeling and Gap Analysis of Shorebird Conservation in Northern Brazil
* Lexical TF-IDF: An n-gram Feature Space for Cross-Domain Classification of Sentiment Reviews
* Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing of Intertidal Flat Habitats for Migratory Shorebird Conservation
* On creation of reference image for degraded documents binarisation
* Performance evaluation on image fusion techniques for face recognition
Includes: Dey, A. Dey, A.[Amanda] Dey, A.[Atanu] Dey, A.[Ayan] Dey, A.[Aniruddha]

Dey, A.K. Co Author Listing * Toward Personalized Activity Recognition Systems With a Semipopulation Approach

Dey, A.U.[Arka Ujjal] Co Author Listing * Beyond visual semantics: Exploring the role of scene text in image understanding

Dey, B. Co Author Listing * Efficient Foreground Extraction From HEVC Compressed Video for Application to Real-Time Analysis of Surveillance Big Data
* Enhanced Macroblock Features for Dynamic Background Modeling in H.264/AVC Video Encoded at Low Bitrate
* Robust Background Subtraction for Network Surveillance in H.264 Streaming Video
* Turning video into traffic data- an application to urban intersection analysis using transfer learning
Includes: Dey, B. Dey, B.[Bhaskar]

Dey, C. Co Author Listing * Decision Fusion for Reliable Flood Mapping Using Remote Sensing Images
* Mixed Pixel Analysis for Flood Mapping Using Extended Support Vector Machine
Includes: Dey, C. Dey, C.[Chandrama]

Dey, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic fusion of freehand endoscopic brain images to three-dimensional surfaces: creating stereoscopic panoramas
* Classification of plant structures from uncalibrated image sequences
* Deep Learning for Quantification of Epicardial and Thoracic Adipose Tissue From Non-Contrast CT
* Flight Dynamics-Based Recovery of a UAV Trajectory Using Ground Cameras
* Learn-to-Score: Efficient 3D Scene Exploration by Predicting View Utility
* Predicting Multiple Structured Visual Interpretations
* Prototype Sense-and-Avoid System for UAVs
* Quality and Relevance Metrics for Selection of Multimodal Pretraining Data
* Single Image Haze Removal With Haze Map Optimization for Various Haze Concentrations
* Submodular Trajectory Optimization for Aerial 3D Scanning
* Unsupervised Learning Approach for Road Anomaly Segmentation Using RGB-D Sensor for Advanced Driver Assistance System, An
* Vision-Based Navigation With Language-Based Assistance via Imitation Learning With Indirect Intervention
Includes: Dey, D. Dey, D.[Debadeepta] Dey, D.[Debangshu]
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Dey, D.K.[Dipak K.] Co Author Listing * Entropy-based clustering of embryonic stem cells using digital holographic microscopy
* Recognition and classification of red blood cells using digital holographic microscopy and data clustering with discriminant analysis

Dey, E.[Emon] Co Author Listing * Mixed Quantization Enabled Federated Learning to Tackle Gradient Inversion Attacks

Dey, E.K.[Emon Kumar] Co Author Listing * Automatic Filtering of Lidar Building Point Cloud in Case of Trees Associated to Building Roof
* Building Boundary Extraction from LiDAR Point Cloud Data
* Effective Selection of Variable Point Neighbourhood for Feature Point Extraction from Aerial Building Point Cloud Data
* Full Series Algorithm of Automatic Building Extraction and Modelling from LiDAR Data

Dey, J. Co Author Listing * Surface Normal Overlap: A Computer-Aided Detection Algorithm with Application to Colonic Polyps and Lung Nodules in Helical CT

Dey, K. Co Author Listing * Connectivity supported dynamic routing of electric vehicles in an inductively coupled power transfer environment
* Convolutional neural networks for ocular smartphone-based biometrics
* Distributed Message Delivery Infrastructure for Connected Vehicle Technology Applications, A
* Eye center localization and detection using radial mapping
* ISURE: User authentication in mobile devices using ocular biometrics in visible spectrum
* Modeling and evaluation of a ridesharing matching system from multi-stakeholders' perspective
* Operational analysis of a connected vehicle-supported access control on urban arterials
* preliminary study of CNNs for iris and periocular verification in the visible spectrum, A
* Review of Sensing and Communication, Human Factors, and Controller Aspects for Information-Aware Connected and Automated Vehicles, A
Includes: Dey, K. Dey, K.[Kuntal] Dey, K.[Kakan]
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Dey, K.C. Co Author Listing * Potential of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Mitigating Adverse Weather Impacts on Road Mobility: A Review
* Process for evaluating the data transfer performance of wireless traffic sensors for real-time intelligent transportation systems applications
* Real-Time Traffic State Estimation With Connected Vehicles
* Review of Communication, Driver Characteristics, and Controls Aspects of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC), A
Includes: Dey, K.C. Dey, K.C.[Kakan Chandra]

Dey, K.N. Co Author Listing * Medical image registration based on grid matching using Hausdorff Distance and Near set

Dey, L.[Lipika] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection from Call Data Records
* Detection and Characterization of Anomalous Entities in Social Communication Networks
* Discovering regular and consistent behavioral patterns in topical tweeting
* Event Detection from Business News
* feature selection technique for classificatory analysis, A
* k-means type clustering algorithm for subspace clustering of mixed numeric and categorical datasets, A
* method to compute distance between two categorical values of same attribute in unsupervised learning for categorical data set, A
* MIMD algorithm for constant curvature feature extraction using curvature based data partitioning, A
* News Analysis and Tracking System, A
* Opinion mining from noisy text data
* Recognition and Learning of Unknown Objects in a Hierarchical Knowledge-base
* Relation Mining and Visualization Framework for Automated Text Summarization, A
* Semantic Integration of Information Through Relation Mining: Application to Bio-medical Text Processing
Includes: Dey, L.[Lipika] Dey, L.
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Dey, M.[Maitreyee] Co Author Listing * Boosting content based image retrieval performance through integration of parametric and nonparametric approaches

Dey, N.[Neel] Co Author Listing * AnyStar: Domain randomized universal star-convex 3D instance segmentation
* Customized VGG19 Architecture for Pneumonia Detection in Chest X-Rays
* DSFormer: A Dual-domain Self-supervised Transformer for Accelerated Multi-contrast MRI Reconstruction
* Fast and Accurate Terrain Image Classification for ASTER Remote Sensing by Data Stream Mining and Evolutionary-EAC Instance-Learning-Based Algorithm
* Generative Adversarial Registration for Improved Conditional Deformable Templates
* Image formation model of a 3-d translucent object observed in light microscopy
* Inadequate dataset learning for major depressive disorder MRI semantic classification
* Log Transform Based Optimal Image Enhancement Using Firefly Algorithm for Autonomous Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: An Application of Aerial Photography
* Long short term memory based patient-dependent model for FOG detection in Parkinson's disease
* Segmentation-Renormalized Deep Feature Modulation for Unpaired Image Harmonization
Includes: Dey, N.[Neel] Dey, N.[Nilanjan] Dey, N.
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Dey, P.[Prantik] Co Author Listing * Can a camera tell the weather?
* comparative study of features for handwritten Bangla text recognition, A
* DART: Diversify-Aggregate-Repeat Training Improves Generalization of Neural Networks
* Discriminative Regularized Input Manifold for multilayer perceptron
* e-PCP: A robust skew detection method for scanned document images
* HMM-based Indic handwritten word recognition using zone segmentation
* Regularizing Multilayer Perceptron for Robustness
* Towards Efficient and Effective Self-supervised Learning of Visual Representations
Includes: Dey, P.[Prantik] Dey, P.[Prasenjit] Dey, P.[Priyam] Dey, P.
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Dey, R.[Rahul] Co Author Listing * 3DFaceFill: An Analysis-By-Synthesis Approach to Face Completion
* Generating Diverse 3D Reconstructions from a Single Occluded Face Image
* RankGAN: A Maximum Margin Ranking GAN for Generating Faces

Dey, S.[Somnath] Co Author Listing * Accurate Iris Boundary Detection in Iris-Based Biometric Authentication Process
* Adaptive Mobile Cloud Computing to Enable Rich Mobile Multimedia Applications
* Aligning Salient Objects to Queries: A Multi-modal and Multi-object Image Retrieval Framework
* Automatic Material Classification Using Thermal Finger Impression
* Battery Aware Video Delivery Techniques Using Rate Adaptation and Base Station Reconfiguration
* Built-up area mapping using Sentinel-1 SAR data
* comprehensive security analysis of match-in-database fingerprint biometric system, A
* Consensus-based clustering for document image segmentation
* Cytology Image Analysis Techniques Toward Automation: Systematically Revisited
* Detection of Independently Moving Objects in Non-planar Scenes via Multi-Frame Monocular Epipolar Constraint
* Doodle to Search: Practical Zero-Shot Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Dual-polarimetric descriptors from Sentinel-1 GRD SAR data for crop growth assessment
* EEG-Based Cognitive State Assessment Using Deep Ensemble Model and Filter Bank Common Spatial Pattern
* Enhancing Video Encoding for Cloud Gaming Using Rendering Information
* Evaluation of word spotting under improper segmentation scenario
* Fast Non-Local algorithm for image denoising
* Fine-grained Image Classification and Retrieval by Combining Visual and Locally Pooled Textual Features
* Fingerprint liveness detection using local quality features
* Gaussian Process Regression Model for Crop Biophysical Parameter Retrieval from Multi-Polarized C-Band SAR Data
* Hybrid Massive MIMO Two-Way Relaying With Users and Relay Hardware Impairments
* Large-Scale Open-Source Acoustic Simulator for Speaker Recognition, A
* Learning Cross-Modal Deep Embeddings for Multi-Object Image Retrieval using Text and Sketch
* Local Binary Pattern for Word Spotting in Handwritten Historical Document
* Map-Matching Error Identification in the Absence of Ground Truth
* Multi-Modal Reasoning Graph for Scene-Text Based Fine-Grained Image Classification and Retrieval
* Novel clustering schemes for full and compact polarimetric SAR data: An application for rice phenology characterization
* novel minutiae-oriented approach for partial fingerprint-based MasterPrint mitigation, A
* One-shot Compositional Data Generation for Low Resource Handwritten Text Recognition
* Predictive Adaptive Streaming to Enable Mobile 360-Degree and VR Experiences
* Quality Analysis of Fingerprint Images Using Local Phase Quantization
* Real-Time Detection and Estimation of Denial of Service Attack in Connected Vehicle Systems
* Real-Time Hand Gesture Identification in Thermal Images
* Real-time Lexicon-free Scene Text Retrieval
* Route Choice-Based Socio-Technical Macroscopic Traffic Model
* Satellite-Based High-Resolution (1-km) Ambient PM2.5 Database for India over Two Decades (2000-2019): Applications for Air Quality Management, A
* Scattering power components from dual-pol Sentinel-1 SLC and GRD SAR data
* Score-level fusion for cancelable multi-biometric verification
* Socio-Technical Approach for Resilient Connected Transportation Systems in Smart Cities, A
* Subpixel Dense Refinement Network for Skeletonization
* Survey on Various Deep Learning Algorithms for an Efficient Facial Expression Recognition System, A
* SymDNN: Simple & Effective Adversarial Robustness for Embedded Systems
* Target Characterization and Scattering Power Decomposition for Full and Compact Polarimetric SAR Data
* Traffic Count Estimation at Basis Links Without Path Flow and Historic Data
* Two-stage quality adaptive fingerprint image enhancement using Fuzzy C-means clustering based fingerprint quality analysis
* Unsupervised Classification of Crop Growth Stages with Scattering Parameters from Dual-Pol Sentinel-1 SAR Data
Includes: Dey, S.[Somnath] Dey, S. Dey, S.[Sounak] Dey, S.[Soumyabrata] Dey, S.[Subhadip] Dey, S.[Soumyadeep] Dey, S.[Soumyajyoti] Dey, S.[Shubhashis] Dey, S.[Sumit] Dey, S.[Subhrasankha] Dey, S.[Satadru] Dey, S.[Sagnik] Dey, S.[Shouvik] Dey, S.[Swarnava]
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Dey, T.[Tanay] Co Author Listing * Unequal channel error protection of multiple description codes for wireless media streaming
* Unequal channel protection of multiple description codes for wireless broadcast applications

Dey, T.K.[Tamal K.] Co Author Listing * Delaunay meshing of isosurfaces
* Filtration Simplification for Persistent Homology via Edge Contraction
* Persistent 1-Cycles: Definition, Computation, and Its Application

Dey, V. Co Author Listing * Building Detection from Pan-Sharpened GeoEye-1 Satellite Imagery Using Context Based Multi-Level Image Segmentation
* Object-Based Classification of Urban Areas Using VHR Imagery and Height Points Ancillary Data

Dey, Y.F. Co Author Listing * Design and Development Issues for Multimedia Information-Systems

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