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Law To, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Labelling the Behaviour of Local Descriptors for Selective Video Content Retrieval
* Local Behaviours Labelling for Content Based Video Copy Detection
* Video and image copy detection demo
* Video copy detection: a comparative study
Includes: Law To, J.[Julien] Law-To, J.[Julien]

Law, A. Co Author Listing * Matrix Cubic Splines for Progressive 3D Imaging

Law, A.J.[Alvin J.] Co Author Listing * Single viewpoint model completion of symmetric objects for digital inspection

Law, A.N.R. Co Author Listing * Automating the Analysis of Remotely Sensed Data

Law, A.W.K.[Adrian Wing Keung] Co Author Listing * Framework for Survey Planning Using Portable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (pUAVs) in Coastal Hydro-Environment, A
Includes: Law, A.W.K.[Adrian Wing Keung] Law, A.W.K.[Adrian Wing-Keung]

Law, B.[Beverly] Co Author Listing * Estimating Aboveground Biomass in Tropical Forests: Field Methods and Error Analysis for the Calibration of Remote Sensing Observations

Law, B.E.[Beverly E.] Co Author Listing * Performance of Linear and Nonlinear Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Models at Different Temporal Scales

Law, H.[Hei] Co Author Listing * CornerNet: Detecting Objects as Paired Keypoints
* Surface Reconstruction from Noisy Point Cloud Using Directional G-norm
Includes: Law, H.[Hei] Law, H.[Ho]

Law, I. Co Author Listing * Enhancing the multivariate signal of O15 water PET studies with a new nonlinear neuroanatomical registration algorithm

Law, J.[Jane] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Local Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Police Calls-for-Service Using Bayesian Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation
* How Do Vegetation Density and Transportation Network Density Affect Crime across an Urban Central-Peripheral Gradient? A Case Study in Kitchener, Waterloo, Ontario
* Mapping Ontario's Wind Turbines: Challenges and Limitations
* MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* Web GIS-Based Public Health Surveillance Systems: A Systematic Review
Includes: Law, J.[Jane] Law, J.[Justin]

Law, K. Co Author Listing * 2D-3D Object Detection System for Updating Building Information Models with Mobile Robots, A
* MERLIN: A French-German Space Lidar Mission Dedicated to Atmospheric Methane
Includes: Law, K. Law, K.[Kathy]

Law, K.L.[Ka Lung] Co Author Listing * Efficient Burst Raw Denoising with Variance Stabilization and Multi-frequency Denoising Network
* IDR: Self-Supervised Image Denoising via Iterative Data Refinement
* Multidimensional Filter Bank Signal Reconstruction From Multichannel Acquisition
* Neural Camera Simulators

Law, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Automatic Fax Routing
* Hybrid Pooling Fusion in the BoW Pipeline
* Regional Assessment of Cardiac Left Ventricular Myocardial Function via MRI Statistical Features
* Video Face Clustering With Unknown Number of Clusters
* Weakly Supervised Consistency-based Learning Method for COVID-19 Segmentation in CT Images, A
Includes: Law, M.[Martin] Law, M.[MarcT. ] Law, M. Law, M.[Marco]

Law, M.H. Co Author Listing * Rival Penalized Competitive Learning for Model-based Sequence Clustering

Law, M.H.C.[Martin H.C.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Feedback in Data Clustering
* Incremental Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction by Manifold Learning
* Landscape of clustering algorithms
* Learning with Constrained and Unlabelled Data
* Multiobjective data clustering
* Simultaneous Feature Selection and Clustering Using Mixture Models
Includes: Law, M.H.C.[Martin H.C.] Law, M.H.C.

Law, M.T. Co Author Listing * Closed-Form Training of Mahalanobis Distance for Supervised Clustering
* Efficient Multiple Instance Metric Learning Using Weakly Supervised Data
* Fantope Regularization in Metric Learning
* How Much More Data Do I Need? Estimating Requirements for Downstream Tasks
* Learning a Distance Metric from Relative Comparisons between Quadruplets of Images
* Quadruplet-Wise Image Similarity Learning
* Representing Relative Visual Attributes with a Reference-Point-Based Decision Model
* Self-Supervised Real-to-Sim Scene Generation
Includes: Law, M.T. Law, M.T.[Marc T.]
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Law, M.W.K. Co Author Listing * Combining Microscopic and Macroscopic Information for Rotation and Histogram Equalization Invariant Texture Classification
* Dilated Divergence Based Scale-Space Representation for Curve Analysis
* Dominant Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
* Efficient Implementation for Spherical Flux Computation and Its Application to Vascular Segmentation
* Minimal Weighted Local Variance as Edge Detector for Active Contour Models
* Non-rigid image registration using electric current flow
* Oriented Flux Symmetry Based Active Contour Model for Three Dimensional Vessel Segmentation, An
* Segmentation of Intracranial Vessels and Aneurysms in Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Angiography Using Multirange Filters and Local Variances
* Segmentation of Vessels Using Weighted Local Variances and an Active contour Model
* Three Dimensional Curvilinear Structure Detection Using Optimally Oriented Flux
* Tubular anisotropy for 2D vessel segmentation
* Weighted Local Variance-Based Edge Detection and Its Application to Vascular Segmentation in Magnetic Resonance Angiography
Includes: Law, M.W.K. Law, M.W.K.[Max W.K.] Law, M.W.K.[Max W. K.]
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Law, N.F.[Ngai Fong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Shrinkage Algorithm for Ringing Suppression with Smoothness Constraint
* Direct Image Retrieval in JPEG and JPEG2000
* Direct Reconstruction Method for Wavelet Transform Extrema Representation
* Fast Algorithm for Binary Field Wavelet Transform for Image Processing
* fast and low memory image coding algorithm based on lifting wavelet transform and modified SPIHT, A
* Fast extraction of wavelet-based features from JPEG images for joint retrieval with JPEG2000 images
* Fast video object detection via multiple background modeling
* Iterative bicluster-based least square framework for estimation of missing values in microarray gene expression data
* Lossless image compression using binary wavelet transform
* Multiple Resolution Image Restoration
* Multiresolution discontinuity-preserving surface reconstruction
* Multiscale directional filter bank with applications to structured and random texture retrieval
* Novel Fast and Reduced Redundancy Structure for Multiscale Directional Filter Banks, A
* Patch based image denoising using the finite ridgelet transform for less artifacts
* POCS-Based Blocking Artifacts Suppression Using a Smoothness Constraint Set With Explicit Region Modeling
* Progressive Image Coding based on Visually Important Features
* Reconstruction from 2-D wavelet transform modulus maxima using projection
* Statistical power of Fisher test for the detection of short periodic gene expression profiles
* Successive structural analysis using wavelet transform for blocking artifacts suppression
* Surface Reconstruction with Multiresolution Discontinuity Analysis
* Unified feature analysis in JPEG and JPEG 2000-compressed domains
Includes: Law, N.F.[Ngai Fong] Law, N.F.[Ngai-Fong] Law, N.F.
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Law, R.[Rob] Co Author Listing * Emission Monitoring Dispatching of Drones Under Vessel Speed Fluctuation
* FlightBERT: Binary Encoding Representation for Flight Trajectory Prediction
* Inferring Cognitive State of Pilot's Brain Under Different Maneuvers During Flight
* Normal Assisted Pixel-Visibility Learning With Cost Aggregation for Multiview Stereo
* Parameter Estimation and Anti-Sideslip Line-of-Sight Method-Based Adaptive Path-Following Controller for a Multijoint Snake Robot
* Spatial Distribution Pattern and Influencing Factors of Sports Tourism Resources in China

Law, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Explaining Classifiers using Adversarial Perturbations on the Perceptual Ball

Law, S.Y. Co Author Listing * Ultrasound Volume Projection Imaging for Assessment of Scoliosis

Law, T.[Todd] Co Author Listing * Image Filtering, Edge-Detection, and Edge Tracing Using Fuzzy-Reasoning
* neural network energy minimization approach to approximation of 2-dimensional shapes, A

Law, W.K. Co Author Listing * Elastic Interaction Models for Active Contours and Surfaces

Law, Y.C.[Yuen C.] Co Author Listing * Cirque des bouteilles: The art of blowing on bottles

Law, Y.L.[Yee L.] Co Author Listing * Motion wavelet difference reduction (MWDR) video codec
* Wavelet difference reduction with region-of-interest priority in multispectral video: Small Target Detection
Includes: Law, Y.L.[Yee L.] Law, Y.L.[Yee Louise]

Law, Y.N.[Yan Nei] Co Author Listing * Learning Dynamical Shape Prior for Level Set based Cell Tracking
* Multiresolution Stochastic Level Set Method for Mumford-Shah Image Segmentation, A
* Semisupervised Segmentation Model for Collections of Images, A
* Variational Model for Segmentation of Overlapping Objects With Additive Intensity Value, A
Includes: Law, Y.N.[Yan Nei] Law, Y.N.

Law, Y.W. Co Author Listing * Multiviewpoint Outdoor Dataset for Human Action Recognition, A
* Physical Adversarial Attacks on an Aerial Imagery Object Detector
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* UAV-GESTURE: A Dataset for UAV Control and Gesture Recognition
Includes: Law, Y.W. Law, Y.W.[Yee Wei]

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