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Le, C. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of the Pigment C-Phycocyanin in Turbid Inland Waters, Based on Optical Classification
* JigsawNet: Shredded Image Reassembly Using Convolutional Neural Network and Loop-Based Composition
* Key Parts Context and Scene Geometry in Human Head Detection
* Lidar Remote Sensing of Seawater Optical Properties: Experiment and Monte Carlo Simulation
* Multi-Modal Feature Fusion Network for Ghost Imaging Object Detection
* SAR Images of Rooms and Buildings Based on FDTD Computer Models
* Ultrawideband (UWB) Radar Imaging of Building Interior: Measurements and Predictions
Includes: Le, C. Le, C.[Chao]
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Le, C.Q.[Chien Quang] Co Author Listing * Cross-View Action Recognition by Projection-Based Augmentation
* Human Action Recognition from Depth Videos Using Pool of Multiple Projections with Greedy Selection
Includes: Le, C.Q.[Chien Quang] Le, C.Q.[Chien-Quang]

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