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Majumdar, A. Co Author Listing * Automated segmentation and classification of chemical and other equations from document images
* Bangla Basic Character Recognition using Digital Curvelet Transform
* Behavioral Analysis of Vision-and-Language Navigation Agents
* Beyond the Nav-Graph: Vision-and-Language Navigation in Continuous Environments
* Class sparsity signature based Restricted Boltzmann Machine
* Compressed Sensing Based Real-Time Dynamic MRI Reconstruction
* Compressive color imaging with group-sparsity on analysis prior
* Curvelet-Based Multi SVM Recognizer for Offline Handwritten Bangla: A Major Indian Script
* Deep Convolutional K-Means Clustering
* Discriminative Autoencoder
* Discriminative label consistent dictionary learning
* Discriminative Robust Deep Dictionary Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Distributed multimedia transmission from multiple servers
* domain adaptation approach to solve inverse problems in imaging via coupled deep dictionary learning, A
* Extension of Sparse Randomized Kaczmarz Algorithm for Multiple Measurement Vectors
* Face Recognition by Curvelet Based Feature Extraction
* Face Sketch Matching via Coupled Deep Transform Learning
* Face Verification via Class Sparsity Based Supervised Encoding
* Failure Mapping and Genealogical Research on Metro Operational Incidents, A
* focuss based method for low rank matrix recovery, A
* Frontal Face Recognition from Video
* Greedy deep transform learning
* Group sparse autoencoder
* Hierarchical Representation Learning for Kinship Verification
* Identity Aware Synthesis for Cross Resolution Face Recognition
* Image compression by sparse PCA coding in curvelet domain
* Improved Group Sparse Classifier
* Improving Vision-and-language Navigation with Image-text Pairs from the Web
* Kernel transform learning
* Kronecker Compressed Sensing formulation for energy efficient EEG sensing, A
* Large Vocabulary Audio-visual Speech Recognition Using Active Shape Models
* Learning autoencoders with low-rank weights
* Learning space-time dictionaries for blind compressed sensing dynamic MRI reconstruction
* Low rank group sparse representation based classifier for pose variation
* Matrix Recovery Using Split Bregman
* MLP Classifier for Both Printed and Handwritten Bangla Numeral Recognition, A
* Motion blur removal via coupled autoencoder
* Multi-spectral demosaicing technique for single-sensor imaging
* Multi-spectral demosaicing: A joint-sparse elastic-net formulation
* Multicast and unicast real-time video streaming over wireless LANs
* Nrityabodha: Towards understanding Indian classical dance using a deep learning approach
* On the choice of Compressed Sensing priors and sparsifying transforms for MR image reconstruction: An experimental study
* PRISM: A Reversed Multimedia Coding Paradigm
* PRISM: A Video Coding Paradigm With Motion Estimation at the Decoder
* Robust Video Transmission With Distributed Source Coded Auxiliary Channel
* RODEO: Robust DE-aliasing autoencOder for real-time medical image reconstruction
* Scale-rotation invariant features from Non-Subsampled Contourlets
* Semi-supervised Deep Convolutional Transform Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Single image per person face recognition with images synthesized by non-linear approximation
* Split Bregman algorithms for sparse/joint-sparse and low-rank signal recovery: Application in compressive hyperspectral imaging
* Static and Dynamic Synthesis of Bengali and Devanagari Signatures
* SVD free matrix completion with online bias correction for Recommender systems
* Synthetic Image Detection: Highlights from the IEEE Video and Image Processing Cup 2022 Student Competition [SP Competitions]
* Transparency by Design: Closing the Gap Between Performance and Interpretability in Visual Reasoning
* Video multicast over lossy channels based on distributed source coding
Includes: Majumdar, A. Majumdar, A.[Arjun] Majumdar, A.[Angshul] Majumdar, A.[Anubhab]
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Majumdar, A.K.[Arun K.] Co Author Listing * Ball detection from broadcast soccer videos using static and dynamic features
* Edge Detection in Fingerprints
* Estimation of the orientation and distance of a mirror from Kinect depth data
* Evaluation of segmentation techniques using region area and boundary matching information
* Evaluation of Segmentation Techniques Using Region Size and Boundary Information
* Graph-Based Multiplayer Detection and Tracking in Broadcast Soccer Videos
* Inference of Fuzzy Regular Pattern Grammar
* Integrated Color and Intensity Co-occurrence Matrix, An
* Modeling of Echocardiogram Video Based on Views and States
* Object Level Frame Comparison for Video Shot Detection
* Object Tracking Using Background Subtraction and Motion Estimation in MPEG Videos
* Posture and sequence recognition for Bharatanatyam dance performances using machine learning approaches
* Segmentation Using Saturation Thresholding and Its Application in Content-Based Retrieval of Images
* Summarization of Neonatal Video EEG for Seizure and Artifact Detection
Includes: Majumdar, A.K.[Arun K.] Majumdar, A.K. Majumdar, A.K.[Arun Kumar]
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Majumdar, B. Co Author Listing * Summarization of Neonatal Video EEG for Seizure and Artifact Detection
* VLSI Implementation of an Efficient ASIC Architecture for Real-Time Rotation of Digital Images

Majumdar, D.D. Co Author Listing * 2D Shape Metric and Its Implementation in Biomedical Imaging, A

Majumdar, G. Co Author Listing * Suspicious-Region Segmentation From Breast Thermogram Using DLPE-Based Level Set Method

Majumdar, J.[Joshita] Co Author Listing * Algorithm and benchmark dataset for stain separation in histology images
* CAD Model-Based System for Object Recognition, A
* Computation and Use of Planar Face Normals
* Multimodal Image Segmentation Using a Modified Hopfield Neural Network
Includes: Majumdar, J.[Joshita] Majumdar, J. Majumdar, J.[Jharna]

Majumdar, K.K. Co Author Listing * mathematical model of the nascent cyclone, A

Majumdar, K.L. Co Author Listing * Band sharpening of IRS-multispectral imagery by cubic spline wavelets

Majumdar, P.[Puspita] Co Author Listing * Are Face Detection Models Biased?
* Attention Aware Debiasing for Unbiased Model Prediction
* Detecting GANs and Retouching based Digital Alterations via DAD-HCNN
* Dual Sensor Indian Masked Face Dataset
* Indian Masked Faces in the Wild Dataset
* Multi-task driven explainable diagnosis of COVID-19 using chest X-ray images
* On Detecting Domestic Abuse via Faces
* Uniform misclassification loss for unbiased model prediction
* Unravelling the Effect of Image Distortions for Biased Prediction of Pre-trained Face Recognition Models
Includes: Majumdar, P.[Puspita] Majumdar, P.
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Majumdar, S.[Somdeb] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Long-Term Dependencies for Generating Dynamic Scene Graphs
* Fractal analysis of bone X-ray tomographic microscopy projections
* Joint Hand Motion and Interaction Hotspots Prediction from Egocentric Videos
* Learning Long-Term Spatial-Temporal Graphs for Active Speaker Detection
* Monitoring Raptor Movements with Satellite Telemetry and Avian Radar Systems: An Evaluation for Synchronicity
* Normalized Cuts in 3-D for Spinal MRI Segmentation
Includes: Majumdar, S.[Somdeb] Majumdar, S. Majumdar, S.[Siddhartha]

Majumdar, T.J. Co Author Listing * ERS-2 SAR and IRS-1C LISS III data fusion: A PCA approach to improve remote sensing based geological interpretation
* Extraction of shoreline and drainage patterns from aerial MSS thermal IR data over Cambay basin, India: An attempt to automatize the threshold selection

Majumder, A.[Aditi] Co Author Listing * ADICT: Accurate Direct and Inverse Color Transformation
* Automated analysis of remyelination therapy for spinal cord injury
* Automated cell classification and visualization for analyzing remyelination therapy
* Automatic Facial Expression Recognition System Using Deep Network-Based Data Fusion
* Camera based evaluation of photometric compensation methods on multi-projector displays
* Camera-based video synchronization for a federation of mobile projectors
* Contrast Enhancement of Multi-Displays Using Human Contrast Sensitivity
* Data handling displays
* Device-independent representation of photometric properties of a camera
* Display gamut reshaping for color emulation and balancing
* Emotion recognition from geometric facial features using self-organizing map
* Facial Expression Recognition with Regional Features Using Local Binary Patterns
* Feature selection for event extraction in biomedical text
* Geometric Modeling and Calibration of Planar Multi-Projector Displays Using Rational Bezier Patches
* Greedy Algorithm for Local Contrast Enhancement of Images
* High-resolution lighting of 3D reliefs using a network of projectors and cameras
* Large Area Displays: The Changing Face of Visualization
* Mobile Collaborative Video
* Multi-scale Image Segmentation Using MSER
* Photometric Self-Calibration of a Projector-Camera System
* Seam carving based aesthetics enhancement for photos
* unique database synthesis technique for coverless data hiding, A
* Unsupervised Monocular Depth Estimation for Night-time Images Using Adversarial Domain Feature Adaptation
Includes: Majumder, A.[Aditi] Majumder, A.[Anima] Majumder, A. Majumder, A.[Anandaprova]
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Majumder, D.D. Co Author Listing * Application of Hopfield Neural Networks and Canonical Perspectives to Recognize and Locate Partially Occluded 3-D Objects
* Cognitive Quantum Number: The Logic for Nano Scale Information Processing in Minds and Machines
* connectionist network for simultaneous perception of multiple categories, A
* Development of a Neuro-fuzzy MR Image Segmentation Approach Using Fuzzy C-Means and Recurrent Neural Network
* Feature selection and gene clustering from gene expression data
* Improvement of OCR Accuracy by Similar Character Pair Discrimination: an Approach based on Artificial Immune System
* IRS Image Segmentation: Minimum Distance Classifier Approach
* Knowledge representation for vision: an associative network for single object representation and recognition
* Local Topological Parameters in a Tetrahedral Representation
* Matching of Structural Shape Descriptions with Hopfield Net
* Mean-Entropy-Skewness Fuzzy Portfolio Selection by Credibility Theory Approach
* method for consistent estimation of compact regions for cluster analysis, A
* New Shape-Preserving Parallel Thinning Algorithm for 3D Digital Images, A
* On Edge and Line Linking with Connectionist Models
* Procedure for Recognition of Connected Handwritten Numerals, A
* Registration of CT and MR images of Alzheimer's patient: A Shape Theoretic Approach
* self-supervised vowel recognition system, A
* Symmetry Analysis By Computer
* Topology and shape preserving parallel thinning for 3D digital images: A new approach
* Topology Preservation in 3D Digital Space
* Two-Tone Image Processing and Recognition
* Water quality analysis: A pattern recognition approach
Includes: Majumder, D.D. Majumder, D.D.[D. Dutta] Majumder, D.D.[Dwijesh Dutta]
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Majumder, K.[Kinshuk] Co Author Listing * Trilingual Script Separation of Handwritten Postal Document

Majumder, K.L. Co Author Listing * Landcover Classification in MRF Context Using Dempster-Shafer Fusion for Multisensor Imagery
* MRF Based Segmentatiom Approach to Classification Using Dempster Shafer Fusion for Multisensor Imagery, A
* MRF Model-Based Segmentation Approach to Classification for Multispectral Imagery, A
* Segmentation Approach to Classification of Remote Sensing Imagery, A

Majumder, M.K.[Manoj Kumar] Co Author Listing * Modified PPPE architecture for two-dimensional Radon Transform computation

Majumder, N.[Navonil] Co Author Listing * Beneath the Tip of the Iceberg: Current Challenges and New Directions in Sentiment Analysis Research
* Multimodal Sentiment Analysis: Addressing Key Issues and Setting Up the Baselines

Majumder, O.[Orchid] Co Author Listing * d-SNE: Domain Adaptation Using Stochastic Neighborhood Embedding
* Incremental Few-shot Meta-learning via Indirect Discriminant Alignment

Majumder, S.[Sagnik] Co Author Listing * Active Audio-Visual Separation of Dynamic Sound Sources
* Chat2Map: Efficient Scene Mapping from Multi-Ego Conversations
* Content-Aware Multi-Level Guidance for Interactive Instance Segmentation
* Easy pair selection method for Kinship Verification using fixed age group images
* Face recognition using multimodal biometric features
* Generating realtime panorama using a generalized feature vector approach
* Localized Interactive Instance Segmentation
* Meta-Learning Convolutional Neural Architectures for Multi-Target Concrete Defect Classification With the COncrete DEfect BRidge IMage Dataset
* Move2Hear: Active Audio-Visual Source Separation
* Multi-stage Fusion for One-Click Segmentation
* On Density Extrema for Digital Discs
* On the implementation of a information hiding design based on saliency map
* Open Set Recognition Through Deep Neural Network Uncertainty: Does Out-of-Distribution Detection Require Generative Classifiers?
* Singular value decomposition and wavelet-based iris biometric watermarking
Includes: Majumder, S.[Sagnik] Majumder, S.[Soumajit] Majumder, S.[Saikat] Majumder, S. Majumder, S.[Subhashis] Majumder, S.[Swanirbhar]
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Majumnder, A.K. Co Author Listing * Multistage Fuzzy Classifier for Recognition of Handprinted Characters, A

Majurec, N. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Model Predictions With Measurements of Ku- and Ka-Band Near-Nadir Normalized Radar Cross Sections of the Sea Surface From the Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes Experiment
* Measuring Winds and Currents with Ka-Band Doppler Scatterometry: An Airborne Implementation and Progress towards a Spaceborne Mission
* Through-Wall Sensing With Multifrequency Microwave Radiometry: A Proof-of-Concept Demonstration
Includes: Majurec, N. Majurec, N.[Ninoslav]

Majurski, M. Co Author Listing * Analyzing U-Net Robustness for Single Cell Nucleus Segmentation from Phase Contrast Images
* Characterization of AI Model Configurations for Model Reuse
* Enabling Stem Cell Characterization from Large Microscopy Images
* Methodology for Increasing the Measurement Accuracy of Image Features
Includes: Majurski, M. Majurski, M.[Michael]

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