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Wacha, K.M.[Ken M.] Co Author Listing * Upscaling Gross Primary Production in Corn-Soybean Rotation Systems in the Midwest

Wache, J. Co Author Listing * ASCERTAIN: Emotion and Personality Recognition Using Commercial Sensors
* Inference of personality traits and affect schedule by analysis of spontaneous reactions to affective videos

Wachel, P. Co Author Listing * Aggregative Modeling of Nonlinear Systems

Wachendorf, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Assessing Spatial Variability of Barley Whole Crop Biomass Yield and Leaf Area Index in Silvoarable Agroforestry Systems Using UAV-Borne Remote Sensing
* Benefit of Spectral and Point-cloud Data for Herbage Yield And Quality Assessment of Grasslands, The
* Estimation of Vegetable Crop Parameter by Multi-temporal UAV-Borne Images
* Fusion of Ultrasonic and Spectral Sensor Data for Improving the Estimation of Biomass in Grasslands with Heterogeneous Sward Structure
* Multi-Temporal Monsoon Crop Biomass Estimation Using Hyperspectral Imaging
* Multisite and Multitemporal Grassland Yield Estimation Using UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Data
* Potentials and Limitations of WorldView-3 Data for the Detection of Invasive Lupinus polyphyllus Lindl. in Semi-Natural Grasslands
* Predicting Forage Quality of Grasslands Using UAV-Borne Imaging Spectroscopy
Includes: Wachendorf, M.[Michael] Wachendorf, M.
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Wachenfeld, S. Co Author Listing * Annotated Databases for the Recognition of Screen-Rendered Text
* Graph-based markerless registration of city maps using geometric hashing
* Graph-Based Registration of Partial Images of City Maps Using Geometric Hashing
* Multiple Classifier Approach for the Recognition of Screen-Rendered Text, A
* Recognition of Screen-Rendered Text
* Robust recognition of 1-D barcodes using camera phones
* Segmentation of Very Low Resolution Screen-Rendered Text
Includes: Wachenfeld, S. Wachenfeld, S.[Steffen]
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Wachi, A. Co Author Listing * Case Study of a Forest Carbon Stock Monitoring System for Redd+ in Lao P.D.R., A

Wachinger, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * contextual maximum likelihood framework for modeling image registration, A
* Contour-Driven Atlas-Based Segmentation
* Estimation of acoustic impedance from multiple ultrasound images with application to spatial compounding
* Keypoint Transfer for Fast Whole-Body Segmentation
* Manifold Learning for Multi-modal Image Registration
* MRI Confirmed Prostate Tissue Classification with Laplacian Eigenmaps of Ultrasound RF Spectra
* Recalibrating 3D ConvNets With Project Excite
* Recalibrating Fully Convolutional Networks With Spatial and Channel Squeeze and Excitation Blocks
* Recalibration of Neural Networks for Point Cloud Analysis
* Similarity metrics and efficient optimization for simultaneous registration
* Simultaneous Registration of Multiple Images: Similarity Metrics and Efficient Optimization
* Structural image representation for image registration
* Vox2Cortex: Fast Explicit Reconstruction of Cortical Surfaces from 3D MRI Scans with Geometric Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Wachinger, C.[Christian] Wachinger, C.
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Wachmann, A.[Alena] Co Author Listing * Validating Landsat Analysis Ready Data for Nearshore Sea Surface Temperature Monitoring in the Northeast Pacific

Wachmann, B. Co Author Listing * Efficient alignment of fingerprint images
* Memory-efficient Fingerprint Verification

Wachowiak, M. Co Author Listing * Relationship between Hyperspectral Measurements and Mangrove Leaf Nitrogen Concentrations

Wachowicz, M. Co Author Listing * Exploring Cultural Heritage Resources in a 3D Collaborative Environment
* Holistic Overview of Anticipatory Learning for the Internet of Moving Things: Research Challenges and Opportunities, A
Includes: Wachowicz, M. Wachowicz, M.[Monica]

Wachs Lopes, G.A. Co Author Listing * strategy based on non-extensive statistics to improve frame-matching algorithms under large viewpoint changes, A
Includes: Wachs Lopes, G.A. Wachs-Lopes, G.A.

Wachs, J. Co Author Listing * Agreement Study Using Gesture Description Analysis
* Feature Selection for Zero-Shot Gesture Recognition
* Gesture Agreement Assessment Using Description Vectors
* Hard Zero Shot Learning for Gesture Recognition
* One-Shot Image Recognition Using Prototypical Encoders with Reduced Hubness
* Pose-based Sign Language Recognition using GCN and BERT
* Special issue on real-time image and video processing for pattern recognition systems and applications
* Triangle-Net: Towards Robustness in Point Cloud Learning
* Virtual annotations of the surgical field through an augmented reality transparent display
* ZF-SSE: A Unified Sequential Semantic Encoder for Zero-Few-Shot Learning
Includes: Wachs, J. Wachs, J.[Juan]
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Wachs, J.P. Co Author Listing * Beyond MAGIC: Matching Collaborative Gestures using an optimization-based Approach
* Biomechanical-Based Approach to Data Augmentation for One-Shot Gesture Recognition
* Cluster Labeling and Parameter Estimation for the Automated Setup of a Hand-Gesture Recognition System
* Collaboration With a Robotic Scrub Nurse
* Color Face Segmentation Using A Fuzzy Min-max Neural Network
* Context-based hand gesture recognition for the operating room
* Enhanced control of a wheelchair-mounted robotic manipulator using 3-D vision and multimodal interaction
* Facilitated Gesture Recognition Based Interfaces for People with Upper Extremity Physical Impairments
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Robust Recognition Methods for Multimodal Interaction
* HEGM: A hierarchical elastic graph matching for hand gesture recognition
* Hierarchical Elastic Graph Matching for Hand Gesture Recognition
* Human posture recognition for intelligent vehicles
* Image Exploration Procedure Classification with Spike-timing Neural Network for the Blind
* Intention, Context and Gesture Recognition for Sterile MRI Navigation in the Operating Room
* Machine Vision-Based Gestural Interface for People With Upper Extremity Physical Impairments, A
* MAGIC of E-Health: A Gesture-Based Approach to Estimate Understanding and Performance in Remote Ultrasound Tasks, The
* Method for Selection of Optimal Hand Gesture Vocabularies, A
* Model-Based System Specification With Tesperanto: Readable Text From Formal Graphics
* Multi-level Learning and Classification of Multi-class Parts-Based Representations of U.S. Marine Postures, The
* One-Shot Gesture Recognition: One Step Towards Adaptive Learning
* Optimal Hand Gesture Vocabulary Design Using Psycho-Physiological and Technical Factors
* optimized real-time hands gesture recognition based interface for individuals with upper-level spinal cord injuries, An
* Parameter search for an image processing fuzzy C-means hand gesture recognition system
* Recognizing hand gestures using the weighted elastic graph matching (WEGM) method
* Robot, Pass Me the Scissors! How Robots Can Assist Us in the Operating Room
* Semantical Analytical Approach for Zero Shot Gesture Learning, A
* User-Centered and Analytic-Based Approaches to Generate Usable Gestures for Individuals With Quadriplegia
* Vision-Based Hand-Gesture Applications
* What Makes a Gesture a Gesture? Neural Signatures Involved in Gesture Recognition
Includes: Wachs, J.P. Wachs, J.P.[Juan P.] Wachs, J.P.[Juan Pablo]
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Wachs, M.[Megan] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing a 3D Line from a Single Catadioptric Image
* Spherical Catadioptric Arrays: Construction, Multi-View Geometry, and Calibration

Wachsmann Hogiu, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Super-resolved spatial light interference microscopy
Includes: Wachsmann Hogiu, S.[Sebastian] Wachsmann-Hogiu, S.[Sebastian]

Wachsmuth, G.[Gerd] Co Author Listing * Discrete Total Variation with Finite Elements and Applications to Imaging

Wachsmuth, I.[Ipke] Co Author Listing * Communicative Rhythm in Gesture and Speech
* Deixis in Multimodal Human Computer Interaction: An Interdisciplinary Approach
* Deixis: How to Determine Demonstrated Objects Using a Pointing Cone
* Imitation Games with an Artificial Agent: From Mimicking to Understanding Shape-Related Iconic Gestures
* Processing Iconic Gestures in a Multimodal Virtual Construction Environment

Wachsmuth, S.[Sven] Co Author Listing * Automated Door Detection with a 3D-Sensor
* Categorizing Perceptions of Indoor Rooms Using 3D Features
* Coordinating interactive vision behaviors for cognitive assistance
* Facial expressions as feedback cue in human-robot interaction: A comparison between human and automatic recognition performances
* Indoor Scene Classification Using Combined 3D and Gist Features
* Integrated analysis of speech and images as a probabilistic decoding process
* Integration and Coordination in a Cognitive Vision System
* Integration of Vision and Speech Understanding Using Bayesian Networks
* Learning Structured Appearance Models from Captioned Images of Cluttered Scenes
* Learning Visual Compound Models from Parallel Image-Text Datasets
* Multilevel Integration of Vision and Speech Understanding Using Bayesian Networks
* Object-Oriented Approach Using a Top-Down and Bottom-Up Process for Manipulative Action Recognition, An
* Reducing noise and redundancy in registered range data for planar surface extraction
* Towards an Integrated Framework for Contour-based Grouping and Object Recognition Using Markov Random Fields
* Using Language to Drive the Perceptual Grouping of Local Image Features
* Using Language to Learn Structured Appearance Models for Image Annotation
* visual active memory perspective on integrated recognition systems, The
Includes: Wachsmuth, S.[Sven] Wachsmuth, S.
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Wachter, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * 3D-Guided Face Manipulation of 2D Images for the Prediction of Post-Operative Outcome After Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery

Wachter, I. Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Approach to Soft Tissue Reconstruction of the Cervical Spine, A

Wachter, K.[Kristin] Co Author Listing * Cell migration analysis: Segmenting scratch assay images with level sets and support vector machines
* Scratch Assay Analysis with Topology-Preserving Level Sets and Texture Measures
Includes: Wachter, K.[Kristin] Wächter, K.[Kristin] (Maybe also Waechter, K.)

Wachter, M.A.[Maximilian Alexander] Co Author Listing * Talking Cars, Doubtful Users: A Population Study in Virtual Reality
Includes: Wachter, M.A.[Maximilian Alexander] Wächter, M.A.[Maximilian Alexander] (Maybe also Waechter, M.A.)

Wachter, S. Co Author Listing * Tracking Persons in Monocular Image Sequences

Wachtler, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Changes in unique hues induced by chromatic surrounds
* Chromatic structure of natural scenes
* Stimulus size dependence of hue changes induced by chromatic surrounds

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