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Mall, H.B.[Howard B.] Co Author Listing * Determining Wet Surfaces from Dry

Mall, R.[Raghvendra] Co Author Listing * Identifying intervals for hierarchical clustering using the Gershgorin circle theorem

Mall, U. Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Lunar Rockfalls Using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Change-Aware Sampling and Contrastive Learning for Satellite Images
* Discovering Underground Maps from Fashion
* Field-Guide-Inspired Zero-Shot Learning
* GeoStyle: Discovering Fashion Trends and Events
* PiCIE: Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation using Invariance and Equivariance in Clustering
* Refinement Of Stereo Image Analysis Using Photometric Shape Recovery As An Alternative To Bundle Adjustment
* Zero-shot Learning Using Multimodal Descriptions
Includes: Mall, U. Mall, U.[Utkarsh]
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Mall, V. Co Author Listing * Digital image tampering detection and localization using singular value decomposition technique

Malla, P.[Pukar] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Vision Module for Interactive Perceptual Agents, A

Malla, R. Co Author Listing * Landsat 4 Thematic Mapper Calibration Update
* Updated Radiometric Calibration for the Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper Reflective Bands

Malla, S.[Srikanth] Co Author Listing * DRAMA: Joint Risk Localization and Captioning in Driving
* LOKI: Long Term and Key Intentions for Trajectory Prediction
* RAIN: Reinforced Hybrid Attention Inference Network for Motion Forecasting
* Shared Cross-Modal Trajectory Prediction for Autonomous Driving
* TITAN: Future Forecast Using Action Priors
Includes: Malla, S.[Srikanth] Malla, S.

Malladi, R. Co Author Listing * Construction Intrinsic Parameters with Active Models for Invariant Surface Reconstruction
* Deformable Models: Canonical Parameters for Surface Representation and Multiple View Integration
* Evolutionary Fronts for Topology-Independent Shape Modeling and Recovery
* Fast Difference Schemes for Edge Enhancing Beltrami Flow
* Fast Level Set Based Algorithm For Topology-Independent Shape Modeling, A
* Flows under Min/Max Curvature Flow and Mean Curvature: Applications in Image Processing
* From High Energy Physics to Low Level Vision
* General Framework for Low-Level Vision, A
* Geometric Approach to Segmentation and Analysis of 3D Medical Images, A
* High-Throughput Analysis of Multispectral Images of Breast Cancer Tissue
* Image-Processing: Flows under Min/Max Curvature and Mean-Curvature
* Images as Embedded Maps and Minimal Surfaces: Movies, Color, Texture, and Volumetric Medical Images
* Images as Embedding Maps and Minimal Surfaces: A Unified Approach for Image Diffusion
* Images as Embedding Maps and Minimal Surfaces: Movies, Color, and Volumetric Medical Images
* Intrinsic Parameters for Surface Representation Using Deformable Models
* Level Set and Fast Marching Methods in Image Processing and Computer Vision
* Real-Time Algorithm for Medical Shape Recovery, A
* Shape Modeling with Front Propagation: A Level Set Approach
* Subjective Surfaces: A Geometric Model for Boundary Completion
* Surface Griding with Intrinsic Parameters
* Unified Approach to Noise Removal, Image-Enhancement, and Shape Recovery, A
Includes: Malladi, R. Malladi, R.[Raul]
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Malladi, S.P.K.[Sai Phani Kumar] Co Author Listing * Automated Measurement of Translational Margins and Rotational Shifts in Pelvic Structures Using CBCT Images of Rectal Cancer Patients
* Lighter and Faster Cross-Concatenated Multi-Scale Residual Block Based Network for Visual Saliency Prediction
* Lighter and Faster Two-Pathway CMRNet for Video Saliency Prediction
* Novel Visual Feature and Gaze Driven Egocentric Video Retargeting, A
* Robust 3D registration of CBCT images aggregating multiple estimates through random sampling
* Towards explainable deep visual saliency models

Malladi, S.R.S.P. Co Author Listing * Ground-Truth Fusion Method for Image Segmentation Evaluation, A
* Image Denoising Using Superpixel-Based PCA
* Performance of Supervised Classifiers for Damage Scoring of Zebrafish Neuromasts
* Superpixels using morphology for rock image segmentation
Includes: Malladi, S.R.S.P. Malladi, S.R.S.P.[Sree Ramya S. P.]

Mallah, G.A.[Ghulam Ali] Co Author Listing * AMSFF-Net: Attention-Based Multi-Stream Feature Fusion Network for Single Image Dehazing

Mallahi, M.E. Co Author Listing * Radial Meixner moments for rotational invariant pattern recognition

Mallaiah, M. Co Author Listing * role of local scale and orientation in feature location using neural nets, The

Mallant, J.P. Co Author Listing * Visual Inspection in the Food Industry

Mallapragada, P.[Pavan] Co Author Listing * Clustering Face Carvings: Exploring the Devatas of Angkor Wat

Mallapragada, P.K.[Pavan Kumar] Co Author Listing * Active query selection for semi-supervised clustering
* Bayesian Feedback in Data Clustering
* Efficient multi-label ranking for multi-class learning: Application to object recognition
* Online visual vocabulary pruning using pairwise constraints
* SemiBoost: Boosting for Semi-Supervised Learning
Includes: Mallapragada, P.K.[Pavan Kumar] Mallapragada, P.K.[Pavan K.]

Mallast, U.[Ulf] Co Author Listing * Airborne Thermal Data Identifies Groundwater Discharge at the North-Western Coast of the Dead Sea
* Remote Sensing of Geomorphodiversity Linked to Biodiversity: Part III: Traits, Processes and Remote Sensing Characteristics

Mallasto, A. Co Author Listing * Wrapped Gaussian Process Regression on Riemannian Manifolds

Mallat, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive morphological closing based on inertia tensor for structuring element estimation
* Generalizing Adversarial Explanations with Grad-CAM
* Indirect synthetic attack on thermal face biometric systems via visible-to-thermal spectrum conversion
* New Insights on Weight Estimation from Face Images
Includes: Mallat, K. Mallat, K.[Khawla]

Mallat, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * Classification with scattering operators
* Deep roto-translation scattering for object classification
* Invariant Scattering Convolution Networks
* Rotation, Scaling and Deformation Invariant Scattering for Texture Discrimination
* Structured pursuits for geometric super-resolution
* Super-Resolution With Sparse Mixing Estimators

Mallat, S.G.[Stephane G.] Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Low Bit-Rate Image Transform Coding
* Bandelet Representations for Image Compression
* Characterization of Signals for Multiscale Edges
* Compact Image Representation from Multiscale Edges
* Compact Multiresolution Representation: The Wavelet Model, A
* Deconvolution by thresholding in mirror wavelet bases
* Discrete Bandelets with Geometric Orthogonal Filters
* Image Compression with Geometrical Wavelets
* Image deconvolution in mirror wavelet bases
* Image modeling and enhancement via structured sparse model selection
* Low Bit Rate Image Coding over Bases
* Matching pursuit of images
* Matching Pursuits with Time-Frequency Dictionaries
* Multifrequency Channel Decompositions of Images and Wavelet Models
* Multiresolution Approximation and Wavelet Orthogonal Bases of L2(R)
* Multiresolution Representations and Wavelets
* Multiscale geometrical feature extraction and object recognition with wavelets and morphology
* Scale Change Versus Scale Space Representation
* Shape from Texture through Deformations
* Signal Characterization from Multiscale Edges
* Silhouette recognition using high-resolution pursuit
* Singularity Detection and Processing with Wavelets
* Solving Inverse Problems With Piecewise Linear Estimators: From Gaussian Mixture Models to Structured Sparsity
* Sparse Geometric Image Representations With Bandelets
* Special Issue on Wavelet Transformations and Multiresolution Signal Analysis
* Texture Gradient Equation for Recovering Shape from Texture, The
* Theory for Multiresolution Signal Decomposition: The Wavelet Representation, A
* Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing, A
* Wavelets for a Vision
* Zero-Crossings of a Wavelet Transform
Includes: Mallat, S.G.[Stephane G.] Mallat, S.G.
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Mallegowda, P.[Paramesha] Co Author Listing * Assessing Habitat Quality of Forest-Corridors through NDVI Analysis in Dry Tropical Forests of South India: Implications for Conservation

Mallek, S.[Sabrine] Co Author Listing * Community detection for graph-based similarity: Application to protein binding pockets classification

Mallem, M. Co Author Listing * 2D/3D automatic matching technique for 3D recovering of free form objects
* Augmented Reality: Issues, trends and challenges
* Benchmarking Performance of Object Detection Under Image Distortions in an Uncontrolled Environment
* discrete Hidden Markov models recognition module for temporal series: Application to real-time 3D hand gestures, A
* Groupware Design for Online Diagnosis Support
* Handling Occlusions for Robust Augmented Reality Systems
* Human motions and emotions recognition inspired by LMA qualities
* Hybrid Camera Pose Estimation Combining Square Fiducials Localization Technique And Orthogonal Iteration Algorithm
* Hybrid Localization System for Mobile Outdoor Augmented Reality Applications
* Hybrid tracking system for robust fiducials registration in augmented reality
* Markerless Vision-Based Tracking of Partially Known 3D Scenes for Outdoor Augmented Reality Applications
* performance study for camera pose estimation using visual marker based tracking, A
* Photometric Aspects: A New Approach For 3D Free Form Object Recognition Using a Single Luminance Image
* Robust camera pose tracking for augmented reality using particle filtering framework
* SPIDAR calibration using Support Vector Regression
* Towards a biophysical 3D model of the DNA
* Vision-inertial tracking system for robust fiducials registration in augmented reality
Includes: Mallem, M. Mallem, M.[Malik]
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Mallem, S.[Soufiane] Co Author Listing * Towards Robustness: Enhancing Deep Learning Models Through Meta-Learning and Bilevel Optimization for Accurate Car Damage Classification

Mallenby, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Applying Spatial Reasoning to Topographical Data with a Grounded Geographical Ontology
* Architecture for a Grounded Ontology of Geographic Information

Mallepudi, S.A. Co Author Listing * Emotion Recognition in Text for 3-D Facial Expression Rendering

Malleron, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Decomposition of Handwritten Manuscripts Layouts
* Mixed Approach for Handwritten Documents Structural Analysis, A
* Text Lines and Snippets Extraction for 19th Century Handwriting Documents Layout Analysis

Malleson, C.[Charles] Co Author Listing * DigiDogs: Single-View 3D Pose Estimation of Dogs Using Synthetic Training Data
* FaceDirector: Continuous Control of Facial Performance in Video
* Hybrid Modeling of Non-Rigid Scenes From RGBD Cameras
* Real-Time Multi-person Motion Capture from Multi-view Video and IMUs
* Single-View RGBD-Based Reconstruction of Dynamic Human Geometry
* Structured Representation of Non-Rigid Surfaces from Single View 3D Point Tracks
* Virtual Volumetric Graphics on Commodity Displays Using 3D Viewer Tracking
* Volumetric 3D graphics on commodity displays using active gaze tracking
Includes: Malleson, C.[Charles] Malleson, C.
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Malleson, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Estimates of the Ambient Population: Assessing the Utility of Conventional and Novel Data Sources
* Quantifying the ambient population using hourly population footfall data and an agent-based model of daily mobility
* Using VGI and Social Media Data to Understand Urban Green Space: A Narrative Literature Review
Includes: Malleson, N.[Nicolas] Malleson, N.[Nick]

Malleswara Rao, J. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Data Fusion Using Temporal High-Pass Modulation and Edge Primitives

Mallet, A. Co Author Listing * KaRIn on SWOT: Characteristics of Near-Nadir Ka-Band Interferometric SAR Imagery

Mallet, C.[Clement] Co Author Listing * Airborne Lidar Estimation of Aboveground Forest Biomass in the Absence of Field Inventory
* Airborne Lidar feature Selection for urban classification using random forests
* Analysis of Full-Waveform LIDAR Data for an Accurate Classification of Urban Areas
* Building Edge Detection Using Small-footprint Airborne Full-waveform Lidar Data
* Building large urban environments from unstructured point data
* Canopy Density Model: A New ALS-Derived Product to Generate Multilayer Crown Cover Maps
* Classification of Time Series of Sentinel-2 Images for Large Scale Mapping In Cameroon
* Classification of Water Surfaces Using Airborne Topographic LIDAR Data
* Classification-Segmentation Framework for the Detection of Individual Trees in Dense MMS Point Cloud Data Acquired in Urban Areas, A
* Conditional Random Fields for the Classification of LiDAR Point Clouds
* Conditional Random Fields for Urban Scene Classification with Full Waveform LiDAR Data
* Constrained DTW preserving shapelets for explainable time-series clustering
* Contribution of airborne full-waveform lidar and image data for urban scene classification
* Creating Large-Scale City Models from 3D-Point Clouds: A Robust Approach with Hybrid Representation
* Current Challenges In Operational Very High Resolution Land-cover Mapping
* Detecting blind building façades from highly overlapping wide angle aerial imagery
* Dimensionality Based Scale Selection in 3D LIDAR Point Clouds
* Efficient Representation of 3d Buildings: Application to The Evaluation of City Models, An
* Fast estimation for robust supervised classification with mixture models
* Forest Stand Segmentation Using Airborne Lidar Data And Very High Resolution Multispectral Imagery
* Foreword to the theme issue on geospatial computer vision
* Full-waveform topographic lidar: State-of-the-art
* GeoMultiTaskNet: remote sensing unsupervised domain adaptation using geographical coordinates
* Improving 3D Lidar Point Cloud Registration Using Optimal Neighborhood Knowledge
* International Benchmarking of the Individual Tree Detection Methods for Modeling 3-D Canopy Structure for Silviculture and Forest Ecology Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Large-scale road detection in forested mountainous areas using airborne topographic lidar data
* Lidar waveform modeling using a marked point process
* Managing Full Waveform LIDAR Data: A Challenging Task for the Forthcoming Years
* Mapping and Characterization of Hydrological Dynamics in a Coastal Marsh Using High Temporal Resolution Sentinel-1A Images
* Marked Point Process for Modeling Lidar Waveforms, A
* Multi-Layer Modeling of Dense Vegetation from Aerial LiDAR Scans
* On the Joint Exploitation of Optical and SAR Satellite Imagery For Grassland Monitoring
* Pathway detection and geometrical description from ALS data in forested mountaneous area
* Preface: the 2020 Edition of the XXIVth ISPRS Congress
* Processing Full-Waveform Lidar Data: Modelling Raw signals
* Quality evaluation of 3D city building Models with automatic error diagnosis
* Relevance of airborne lidar and multispectral image data for urban scene classification using Random Forests
* Semantic Approach in Image Change Detection
* Semantic point cloud interpretation based on optimal neighborhoods, relevant features and efficient classifiers
* Semantic segmentation of forest stands of pure species combining airborne lidar data and very high resolution multispectral imagery
* stochastic approach for modelling airborne lidar waveforms, A
* structured regularization framework for spatially smoothing semantic labelings of 3D point clouds, A
* Theme Issue: Multitemporal remote sensing data analysis
* Toward a Yearly Country-Scale CORINE Land-Cover Map without Using Images: A Map Translation Approach
* Towards 3D lidar point cloud registration improvement using optimal neighborhood knowledge
* Trajectory-based Registration of 3d Lidar Point Clouds Acquired With A Mobile Mapping System
* two-pass random forests classification of airborne lidar and image data on urban scenes, A
* Two-step Decision Fusion Strategy: Application to Hyperspectral And Multispectral Images for Urban Classification, A
* unified framework for land-cover database update and enrichment using satellite imagery, A
* Using Deep Learning for Restoration of Precipitation Echoes in Radar Data
Includes: Mallet, C.[Clement] Mallet, C.[Clément] Mallet, C. Mallet, C.[Cécile]
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Mallet, J.L. Co Author Listing * Flexible Iterative Method for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction from X-Ray Projections, A

Mallet, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Transport of Aerosols over the North Tropical Atlantic Ocean Using Time Series of POLDER/PARASOL Satellite Data

Mallet, P. Co Author Listing * Texture feature characterization for logical pre-labeling

Mallet, Y.[Yvette] Co Author Listing * email: Mallet, Y.[Yvette]: yvette mallet AT jcu edu au
* Classification Using Adaptive Wavelets for Feature-Extraction

Mallett, B. Co Author Listing * pose space for squash and stretch deformation, A

Mallett, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * PIST: An Efficient and Practical Indexing Technique for Historical Spatio-Temporal Point Data

Mallett, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * detailed study of ray tracing performance: Render time and energy cost, A

Mallett, X.[Xanthe] Co Author Listing * Using Ground Penetrating Radar and Resistivity Methods to Locate Unmarked Graves: A Review
Includes: Mallett, X.[Xanthe] Mallett, X.[Xanthé]

Malleus, L. Co Author Listing * Interactive Content-Based 3D Shape Retrieval System for on-Site Cultural Heritage Analysis, An
* KPPF: Keypoint-Based Point-Pair-Feature for Scalable Automatic Global Registration of Large RGB-D Scans

Malley, J.D.[James D.] Co Author Listing * Method for segmenting medical images and detecting surface anomalies in anatomical structures

Mallgren, W.R. Co Author Listing * Graphical transformations and hierarchic picture structures

Malli, R.C. Co Author Listing * Apparent Age Estimation Using Ensemble of Deep Learning Models

Mallia Parfitt, N.[Noeleene] Co Author Listing * Graph clustering and variational image segmentation for automated firearm detection in X-ray images
Includes: Mallia Parfitt, N.[Noeleene] Mallia-Parfitt, N.[Noeleene]

Mallia, D.V.[Derek V.] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Estimation of Fire Arrival Time from Level-2 Active Fires Satellite Data

Malliaros, F.D.[Fragkiskos D.] Co Author Listing * Topic-aware latent models for representation learning on networks

Mallick, A.[Arijit] Co Author Listing * CANDID: Correspondence AligNment for Deep-burst Image Denoising

Mallick, B.K. Co Author Listing * Bayesian transformation model for wavelet shrinkage, A
* Bayesian wavelet shrinkage in transformation based normal models

Mallick, D.K.[Dheeresh K.] Co Author Listing * Parallel Construction of Conflict Graph for Phylogenetic Network Problem

Mallick, I.[Indranil] Co Author Listing * Automated Measurement of Translational Margins and Rotational Shifts in Pelvic Structures Using CBCT Images of Rectal Cancer Patients
* Robust 3D registration of CBCT images aggregating multiple estimates through random sampling

Mallick, J.[Javed] Co Author Listing * Novel Technique for Modeling Ecosystem Health Condition: A Case Study in Saudi Arabia, A

Mallick, K. Co Author Listing * Assessing Urban Droughts In A Smart City Framework
* Challenges and Future Perspectives of Multi-/Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing for Crop Water-Stress Detection: A Review
* Global Surface Net-Radiation at 5 km from MODIS Terra
* Low-complexity feedback-channel-free distributed video coding using local rank transform
* Mapping Root-Zone Soil Moisture Using a Temperature-Vegetation Triangle Approach with an Unmanned Aerial System: Incorporating Surface Roughness from Structure from Motion
Includes: Mallick, K. Mallick, K.[Kaniska] Mallick, K.[Kallol]

Mallick, M.[Mahendra] Co Author Listing * Generalized Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Multi-Target Tracking with Doppler-Only Measurements
* Simultaneous Detection and Tracking of Moving-Target Shadows in ViSAR Imagery
Includes: Mallick, M.[Mahendra] Mallick, M.

Mallick, P.[Parag] Co Author Listing * Dataset Generation Framework for Evaluating Megapixel Image Classifiers and Their Explanations, A

Mallick, P.K.[Pradeep Kumar] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Classification of Imbalanced Hyperspectral Images Using ADASYN and Enhanced Deep Subsampled Multi-Grained Cascaded Forest, A
* Object tracking using parallel local colour histogram method

Mallick, R.[Rupayan] Co Author Listing * Detection of Risky Situations for Frail Adults With Hybrid Neural Networks on Multimodal Health Data
* I Saw: A Self-Attention Weighted Method for Explanation of Visual Transformers
* Pooling Transformer for Detection of Risk Events in In-The-Wild Video Ego Data
* Selective Spatio-Temporal Aggregation Based Pose Refinement System: Towards Understanding Human Activities in Real-World Videos

Mallick, S.P.[Satya P.] Co Author Listing * Beyond Lambert: Reconstructing Specular Surfaces Using Color
* Color Subspaces as Photometric Invariants
* Isotropy, Reciprocity and the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity
* On Refractive Optical Flow
* Resolving the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity by Entropy Minimization
* Specularity Removal in Images and Videos: A PDE Approach
* Structure and View Estimation for Tomographic Reconstruction: A Bayesian Approach
* Vision in the Small: Reconstructing the Structure of Protein Macromolecules from Cryo-Electron Micrographs
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Mallick, T. Co Author Listing * Estimation of the orientation and distance of a mirror from Kinect depth data
* Posture and sequence recognition for Bharatanatyam dance performances using machine learning approaches
* Transfer Learning with Graph Neural Networks for Short-Term Highway Traffic Forecasting
Includes: Mallick, T. Mallick, T.[Tanwi]

Mallidi, S.H. Co Author Listing * new efficient measure for accuracy prediction and its application to multistream-based unsupervised adaptation, A
* Regularized Auto-Associative Neural Networks for Speaker Verification

Mallik, A.[Anupama] Co Author Listing * Acquisition of Multimedia Ontology: An Application in Preservation of Cultural Heritage
* Archiving Mural Paintings Using an Ontology Based Approach
* Human Action Recognition Using Dominant Motion Pattern
* Intellectual Journey in History: Preserving Indian Cultural Heritage, An
* Using Concept Recognition to Annotate a Video Collection
Includes: Mallik, A.[Anupama] Mallik, A.[Apurbaa]

Mallik, A.S.[Aamir Saeed] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape from Focus Using LULU Operators

Mallik, B. Co Author Listing * Mixed-resolution HEVC based multiview video codec

Mallik, H.[Hritesh] Co Author Listing * hybrid convolutional neural network model to detect COVID-19 and pneumonia using chest X-ray images, A

Mallik, J.[Joyita] Co Author Listing * content based image retrieval system for a biological specimen collection, A

Mallika Co Author Listing * Neural Style Transfer for image within images and conditional GANs for destylization

Mallikarachchi, T. Co Author Listing * Content-Adaptive Feature-Based CU Size Prediction for Fast Low-Delay Video Encoding in HEVC
* Cost-efficient HEVC-based quadtree splitting (HEQUS) for VVC Video Transcoding
* Effective coding unit size decision based on motion homogeneity classification for HEVC inter prediction
* Efficient HEVC-to-VVC Transcoder Based On A Bayesian Classifier For The First Quadtree Depth Level
* fast full partitioning algorithm for HEVC-to-VVC video transcoding using Bayesian classifiers, A
Includes: Mallikarachchi, T. Mallikarachchi, T.[Thanuja]

Mallikarjun, B.R. Co Author Listing * Deeper Analysis of Volumetric Relightable Faces, A
* Disentangled3D: Learning a 3D Generative Model with Disentangled Geometry and Appearance from Monocular Images
* Efficient and Differentiable Shadow Computation for Inverse Problems
* Face fiducial detection by consensus of exemplars
* Learning Complete 3D Morphable Face Models from Images and Videos
* Monocular Reconstruction of Neural Face Reflectance Fields

Mallikarjun, K.[Katakam] Co Author Listing * Unlinkability of Biometric Templates Using Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets

Mallikarjuna, H.S. Co Author Listing * Iterative Composite Filtering for Image Restoration

Mallikarjuna, P. Co Author Listing * Class-Specific Material Categorisation

Mallillin, M.M. Co Author Listing * 3d Visualization of Mangrove And Aquaculture Conversion in Banate Bay, Iloilo

Mallinis, G.[Giorgos] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Radiometric Resolution Impact on Remote Sensing Data Classification Accuracy
* Canopy Fuel Load Mapping of Mediterranean Pine Sites Based on Individual Tree-Crown Delineation
* Cloud-Based Mapping Approach Using Deep Learning and Very-High Spatial Resolution Earth Observation Data to Facilitate the SDG 11.7.1 Indicator Computation, A
* Comparative Analysis of EO-1 Hyperion, Quickbird and Landsat TM Imagery for Fuel Type Mapping of a Typical Mediterranean Landscape, A
* Earth Observations As A Tool for Detecting and Monitoring Potential Environmental Violations and Policy Implementation
* Editorial of Special Issue Remote Sensing for Land Cover/Land Use Mapping at Local and Regional Scales
* forward/backward principal component analysis of Landsat-7 ETM+ data to enhance the spectral signal of burnt surfaces, A
* Hidden Markov Models Approach for Crop Classification: Linking Crop Phenology to Time Series of Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Data, A
* National Scale Land Cover Classification for Ecosystem Services Mapping and Assessment, Using Multitemporal Copernicus EO Data and Google Earth Engine
* object oriented approach for the discrimination of forest areas under the criteria of forest legislation in Greece using very high resolution data, An
* Object-based classification using Quickbird imagery for delineating forest vegetation polygons in a Mediterranean test site
* Object-Based vs. Pixel-Based Mapping of Fire Scars Using Multi-Scale Satellite Data
* On the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Monitoring
* Retrieval of Leaf Area Index Using Sentinel-2 Imagery in a Mixed Mediterranean Forest Area
* SVM-Based Fuzzy Decision Trees for Classification of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Vegetation Fuel Mapping at Regional Scale Using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and DEM Derivatives: The Case of the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece
Includes: Mallinis, G.[Giorgos] Mallinis, G. Mallinis, G.[Giorgios] Mallinis, G.[Georgios]
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Mallinson, R.B.[Richard B.] Co Author Listing * Laser altimeter and probe height sensor

Mallipeddi, R.[Rammohan] Co Author Listing * black-box adversarial attack strategy with adjustable sparsity and generalizability for deep image classifiers, A
* Genetic Algorithm-Based Moving Object Detection for Real-time Traffic Surveillance, A
* GridShift: A Faster Mode-seeking Algorithm for Image Segmentation and Object Tracking
* Probing of human implicit intent based on eye movement and pupillary analysis for augmented cognition
Includes: Mallipeddi, R.[Rammohan] Mallipeddi, R.

Malliri, A. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of Underwater Cultural Heritage Assets Using Augmented Reality (AR), The

Mallis, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * From Keypoints to Object Landmarks via Self-Training Correspondence: A Novel Approach to Unsupervised Landmark Discovery
* Interpretable Visual Question Answering Via Reasoning Supervision
* Self-Supervised Learning for Visual Relationship Detection through Masked Bounding Box Reconstruction
* SHARP Challenge 2023: Solving CAD History and pArameters Recovery from Point clouds and 3D scans. Overview, Datasets, Metrics, and Baselines

Mallmann, C.L.[Caroline Lorenci] Co Author Listing * Leaf-Level Field Spectroscopy to Discriminate Invasive Species (Psidium guajava L. and Hovenia dulcis Thunb.) from Native Tree Species in the Southern Brazilian Atlantic Forest

Mallmann, P. Co Author Listing * Data Mining Applied for Determining Stream Flow Permanence
* On the Development of A Novel Approach for Identifying Perennial Drainage In Southern Brazil: A Study Case Integrating Sentinel-2 And High-resolution Digital Elevation Models with Machine Learning Techniques

Malloch, C.B. Co Author Listing * Class of Adaptive Model- and Object-Driven Nonuniform Sampling Methods for 3-D Inspection, A

Malloch, J. Co Author Listing * Generalized Multi-Instance Control Mapping for Interactive Media Systems
* Gesture Control of Sound Spatialization for Live Musical Performance
Includes: Malloch, J. Malloch, J.[Joseph]

Malloci, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Open Images Dataset V4, The

Mallol Ragolta, A. Co Author Listing * Curriculum Learning Approach for Pain Intensity Recognition from Facial Expressions, A
* harAGE: A Novel Multimodal Smartwatch-based Dataset for Human Activity Recognition
* Latent-Based Adversarial Neural Networks for Facial Affect Estimations
* Time-Continuous Audiovisual Fusion with Recurrence vs Attention for In-The-Wild Affect Recognition
Includes: Mallol Ragolta, A. Mallol-Ragolta, A. Mallol-Ragolta, A.[Adria]

Mallon, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Calibration and removal of lateral chromatic aberration in images
* Efficient Generic Calibration Method for General Cameras with Single Centre of Projection
* Pose estimation for objects with planar surfaces using eigenimage and range data analysis
* Precise radial un-distortion of images
* Projective rectification from the fundamental matrix
* Removing Pose from Face Images
* Towards Dynamic Camera Calibration for Constrained Flexible Mirror Imaging
* Which pattern? Biasing aspects of planar calibration patterns and detection methods
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Mallon, P.N. Co Author Listing * Concentric strips: algorithms and architecture for the compression/decompression of triangle meshes

Mallor, S. Co Author Listing * Learning crowd behavior for event recognition

Mallorqui, A.[Adria] Co Author Listing * DTN Trustworthiness for Permafrost Telemetry IoT Network
Includes: Mallorqui, A.[Adria] Mallorquí, A.[Adrià]

Mallorqui, J.J.[Jordi J.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Method to Correct Atmospheric Phase Delay for InSAR with the ERA5 Global Atmospheric Model, An
* Assessing hypertemporal SENTINEL-1 COHERENCE maps for LAND COVER monitoring
* Atmospheric Artifacts Correction With a Covariance-Weighted Linear Model Over Mountainous Regions
* Atmospheric Phase Screen Compensation in Ground-Based SAR With a Multiple-Regression Model Over Mountainous Regions
* Automatic vessel monitoring with single and multidimensional SAR images in the wavelet domain
* Capon- and APES-Based SAR Processing: Performance and Practical Considerations
* Coherency Matrix Decomposition-Based Polarimetric Persistent Scatterer Interferometry
* DInSAR Pixel Selection Based on Sublook Spectral Correlation Along Time
* Edge Enhancement Algorithm Based on the Wavelet Transform for Automatic Edge Detection in SAR Images
* Estimation of the Temporal Evolution of the Deformation Using Airborne Differential SAR Interferometry
* Exploitation of Ship Scattering in Polarimetric SAR for an Improved Classification Under High Clutter Conditions
* Impact of SAR Image Resolution on Polarimetric Persistent Scatterer Interferometry With Amplitude Dispersion Optimization
* Improving PSI Processing of Mining Induced Large Deformations with External Models
* Landslide Monitoring Using Multi-Temporal SAR Interferometry with Advanced Persistent Scatterers Identification Methods and Super High-Spatial Resolution TerraSAR-X Images
* Linear and nonlinear terrain deformation maps from a reduced set of interferometric SAR images
* Novel Strategy for Radar Imaging Based on Compressive Sensing, A
* On the Usage of GRECOSAR, an Orbital Polarimetric SAR Simulator of Complex Targets, to Vessel Classification Studies
* Phase Quality Optimization in Polarimetric Differential SAR Interferometry
* Polarimetric Characterization and Temporal Stability Analysis of Urban Target Scattering
* PSI Deformation Map Retrieval by Means of Temporal Sublook Coherence on Reduced Sets of SAR Images
* Single-Pass Bistatic SAR Interferometry Using Fixed-Receiver Configurations: Theory and Experimental Validation
* Single-Pass Polarimetric SAR Interferometry for Vessel Classification
* SMF-POLOPT: An Adaptive Multitemporal Pol(DIn)SAR Filtering and Phase Optimization Algorithm for PSI Applications
* Spatial Analysis of Land Subsidence in the San Luis Potosi Valley Induced by Aquifer Overexploitation Using the Coherent Pixels Technique (CPT) and Sentinel-1 InSAR Observation
* Suitability Assessment of X-Band Satellite SAR Data for Geotechnical Monitoring of Site Scale Slow Moving Landslides
* Synthesis, Construction, and Validation of a Fractal Surface
* Temporal Phase Coherence Estimation Algorithm and Its Application on DInSAR Pixel Selection, A
* Validation and comparison of Advanced Differential Interferometry Techniques: Murcia metropolitan area case study
Includes: Mallorqui, J.J.[Jordi J.] Mallorquí, J.J.[Jordi J.] Mallorquí, J.J. Mallorqui, J.J.
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Mallorquin, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Column Integrated Water Vapor and Aerosol Load Characterization with the New ZEN-R52 Radiometer
Includes: Mallorquin, M.[Manuel] Mallorquín, M.[Manuel]

Mallot, H. Co Author Listing * Saccadic Object Recognition With An Active Vision System

Mallot, H.A.[Hanspeter A.] Co Author Listing * Adapting computer vision systems to the visual environment: Topographic mapping
* Computational Vision: Information Processing in Perception and Visual Behavior
* Embodied spatial cognition: Biological and artificial systems
* Integration of Depth Modules: Stereo and Shading
* Interaction of Different Modules in Depth Perception
* Is Correspondence Search in Human Stereo Vision a Coarse-to-Fine Process?
* Phase-Based Binocular Vergence Control and Depth Reconstruction Using Active Vision
* Quality of Catadioptric Imaging: Application to Omnidirectional Stereo, The
* Vision-Based Homing with a Panoramic Stereo Sensor
* Visual Obstacle Detection for Automatically Guided Vehicles
* Where Did I Take That Snapshot: Scene-Based Homing By Image Matching
Includes: Mallot, H.A.[Hanspeter A.] Mallot, H.A.
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Mallouh, A.A.[Arafat Abu] Co Author Listing * Utilizing CNNs and transfer learning of pre-trained models for age range classification from unconstrained face images

Mallows, C.L. Co Author Listing * Method for Comparing Two Hierarchical Clusterings, A

Malloy, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Correction of View Angle Dependent Radiometric Modulation due to Polarization for the Cross-Track Infrared Sounder (CrIS)

Mallya, A.[Arun] Co Author Listing * A-ViT: Adaptive Tokens for Efficient Vision Transformer
* Combining Multiple Cues for Visual Madlibs Question Answering
* Contextual Translation Embedding for Visual Relationship Detection and Scene Graph Generation
* Dreaming to Distill: Data-Free Knowledge Transfer via DeepInversion
* Few-Shot Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
* GANcraft: Unsupervised 3D Neural Rendering of Minecraft Worlds
* Generative Adversarial Networks for Image and Video Synthesis: Algorithms and Applications
* Importance Estimation for Neural Network Pruning
* Learning Informative Edge Maps for Indoor Scene Layout Prediction
* Learning Models for Actions and Person-Object Interactions with Transfer to Question Answering
* Multimodal Conditional Image Synthesis with Product-of-Experts GANs
* One-Shot Free-View Neural Talking-Head Synthesis for Video Conferencing
* PackNet: Adding Multiple Tasks to a Single Network by Iterative Pruning
* Part Localization using Multi-Proposal Consensus for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Phrase Localization and Visual Relationship Detection with Comprehensive Image-Language Cues
* Piggyback: Adapting a Single Network to Multiple Tasks by Learning to Mask Weights
* Recurrent Models for Situation Recognition
* See through Gradients: Image Batch Recovery via GradInversion
* Solving Visual Madlibs with Multiple Cues
* SPACE: Speech-driven Portrait Animation with Controllable Expression
* UNAS: Differentiable Architecture Search Meets Reinforcement Learning
* Unsupervised network pretraining via encoding human design
* World-Consistent Video-to-Video Synthesis
Includes: Mallya, A.[Arun] Mallya, A.
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