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Yoo, B.[ByungIn] Co Author Listing * Controllable Image Restoration for Under-Display Camera in Smartphones
* Deep Facial Age Estimation Using Conditional Multitask Learning With Weak Label Expansion
* Generating Hand Posture and Motion Dataset for Hand Pose Estimation in Egocentric View
* Large Scale Multi-Illuminant (LSMI) Dataset for Developing White Balance Algorithm under Mixed Illumination
* Photographic Composition Guide for Photo Acquisition on Augmented Reality Glasses
* RaScaNet: Learning Tiny Models by Raster-Scanning Images
* Robust Camera Motion Estimation for Point-of-View Video Stabilization
* Rotating your face using multi-task deep neural network
Includes: Yoo, B.[ByungIn] Yoo, B. Yoo, B.[Byeongwook] Yoo, B.[Byung_In]
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Yoo, B.I. Co Author Listing * Generalized and Robust Method Towards Practical Gaze Estimation on Smart Phone, A
* HDO: A novel local image descriptor
* Randomized decision bush: Combining global shape parameters and local scalable descriptors for human body parts recognition
* Slot-VPS: Object-centric Representation Learning for Video Panoptic Segmentation
Includes: Yoo, B.I. Yoo, B.I.[Byung In] Yoo, B.I.[Byung-In]

Yoo, B.S.[Bum Soo] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Integral-Based Gaze Control of a Robotic Head for Human Robot Interaction
Includes: Yoo, B.S.[Bum Soo] Yoo, B.S.[Bum-Soo]

Yoo, C.[Cheolhee] Co Author Listing * All-Sky 1 km MODIS Land Surface Temperature Reconstruction Considering Cloud Effects Based on Machine Learning
* Classification and Mapping of Paddy Rice by Combining Landsat and SAR Time Series Data
* Comparison between convolutional neural networks and random forest for local climate zone classification in mega urban areas using Landsat images
* Eliminating bandwidth estimation from adaptive video streaming in wireless networks
* Estimation of All-Weather 1 km MODIS Land Surface Temperature for Humid Summer Days
* Estimation of daily maximum and minimum air temperatures in urban landscapes using MODIS time series satellite data
* High-Resolution Seamless Daily Sea Surface Temperature Based on Satellite Data Fusion and Machine Learning over Kuroshio Extension
* Identifying the Impact of Regional Meteorological Parameters on US Crop Yield at Various Spatial Scales Using Remote Sensing Data
* Improving Local Climate Zone Classification Using Incomplete Building Data and Sentinel 2 Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Real-Time Parameter Estimation of a Dual-Pol Radar Rain Rate Estimator Using the Extended Kalman Filter
* Recent ENSO influence on East African drought during rainy seasons through the synergistic use of satellite and reanalysis data
Includes: Yoo, C.[Cheolhee] Yoo, C.[Chuck] Yoo, C.[Chulsang]
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Yoo, C.D. Co Author Listing * Action Recognition: First-and Second-Order 3D Feature in Bi-Directional Attention Network
* CNN-Based Learnable Gammatone Filterbank and Equal-Loudness Normalization for Environmental Sound Classification
* Complex Video Scene Analysis Using Kernelized-Collaborative Behavior Pattern Learning Based on Hierarchical Representative Object Behaviors
* Content adaptive video summarization using spatio-temporal features
* COP: a new corner detector
* Decoupled Adversarial Contrastive Learning for Self-supervised Adversarial Robustness
* Deep partial person re-identification via attention model
* Dense Image Registration and Deformable Surface Reconstruction in Presence of Occlusions and Minimal Texture
* Driver Drowsiness Detection System Based on Feature Representation Learning Using Various Deep Networks
* Dual Temperature Helps Contrastive Learning Without Many Negative Samples: Towards Understanding and Simplifying MoCo
* Edge-Labeling Graph Neural Network for Few-Shot Learning
* Face alignment using cascade Gaussian process regression trees
* Face attribute classification using attribute-aware correlation map and gated convolutional neural networks
* Fast and Efficient Image Quality Enhancement via Desubpixel Convolutional Neural Networks
* Few-Shot Associative Domain Adaptation for Surface Normal Estimation
* GAPNet: Generic-Attribute-Pose Network For Fine-Grained Visual Categorization Using Multi-Attribute Attention Module
* Greedy algorithm for real-time multi-object tracking
* hierarchical-structured dictionary learning for image classification, A
* ImaGAN: Unsupervised Training of Conditional Joint CycleGAN for Transferring Style with Core Structures in Content Preserved
* Image Segmentation Using Higher-Order Correlation Clustering
* Joint Estimation of Pose and Face Landmark
* Joint Kernel Learning for Supervised Image Segmentation
* Learning Augmentation Network via Influence Functions
* Learning Imbalanced Datasets With Maximum Margin Loss
* Localized image watermarking based on feature points of scale-space representation
* Modality Shifting Attention Network for Multi-Modal Video Question Answering
* Multi-view visual speech recognition based on multi task learning
* Multimodal representation: Kneser-ney smoothing/skip-gram based neural language model
* Perception-Enhanced Image Super-Resolution via Relativistic Generative Adversarial Networks
* Pivot Correlational Neural Network for Multimodal Video Categorization
* Progressive Attention Memory Network for Movie Story Question Answering
* robust image fingerprinting system using the Radon transform, A
* Robust video fingerprinting based on 2D-OPCA of affine covariant regions
* Robust Video Fingerprinting Based on Symmetric Pairwise Boosting
* Robust Video Fingerprinting for Content-Based Video Identification
* Salient object detection using bipartite dictionary
* Scalable SoftGroup for 3D Instance Segmentation on Point Clouds
* SCANet: Scene Complexity Aware Network for Weakly-Supervised Video Moment Retrieval
* Segment-wise online learning based on greedy algorithm for real-time multi-target tracking
* Selective Query-Guided Debiasing for Video Corpus Moment Retrieval
* SoftGroup for 3D Instance Segmentation on Point Clouds
* Sparsity Sharing Embedding for Face Verification
* Sphererpn: Learning Spheres for High-Quality Region Proposals on 3d Point Clouds Object Detection
* Task-Specific Image Partitioning
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Object Detection Using Distribution Matching in Various Feature Level
* Variable grouping for energy minimization
* VLANet: Video-language Alignment Network for Weakly-supervised Video Moment Retrieval
* Weakly-Supervised Moment Retrieval Network for Video Corpus Moment Retrieval
Includes: Yoo, C.D. Yoo, C.D.[Chang D.] Yoo, C.D.[Choong-Don]
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Yoo, C.H.[Chang Hyun] Co Author Listing * Comparative evaluation of the polynomial and spline fitting methods for the B0 correction of CEST MRI data acquired from human brains
* High-dimensional feature extraction using bit-plane decomposition of local binary patterns for robust face recognition
* Pointing Gesture Recognition via Self-supervised Regularization for ASD Screening
* Simple Yet Effective Approach to Repetitive Behavior Classification based on Siamese Network
Includes: Yoo, C.H.[Chang Hyun] Yoo, C.H.[Cheol-Hwan]

Yoo, C.I. Co Author Listing * Beach Volume Change Using UAV Photogrammetry Songjung Beach, Korea

Yoo, C.J.[Chul Jin] Co Author Listing * Parking guidance and management system

Yoo, D. Co Author Listing * Distort-and-Recover: Color Enhancement Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Improving Multi-fidelity Optimization with a Recurring Learning Rate for Hyperparameter Tuning
* Interactive Multi-Class Tiny-Object Detection
* Learning a Deep Convolutional Network for Light-Field Image Super-Resolution
* Learning Image Representations by Completing Damaged Jigsaw Puzzles
* Light-Field Image Super-Resolution Using Convolutional Neural Network
* OCELOT: Overlapped Cell on Tissue Dataset for Histopathology
* Photometric Transformer Networks and Label Adjustment for Breast Density Prediction
* Pixel-Level Domain Transfer
* SmartPartNet: Part-Informed Person Detection for Body-Worn Smartphones
* Two-Phase Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
Includes: Yoo, D. Yoo, D.[Donggeun]
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Yoo, D.G.[Dong Geun] Co Author Listing * AttentionNet: Aggregating Weak Directions for Accurate Object Detection
* Bayesian Optimization Meets Self-Distillation
* Benchmarking Self-Supervised Learning on Diverse Pathology Datasets
* Intelligent Assistant for People with Low Vision Abilities
* Learning Loss for Active Learning
* Learning Visual Context by Comparison
* Multi-scale pyramid pooling for deep convolutional representation
* Reducing Domain Gap by Reducing Style Bias
Includes: Yoo, D.G.[Dong Geun] Yoo, D.G.[Dong-Geun]
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Yoo, D.H.[Dong Hyun] Co Author Listing * Domain Randomization for Scene-Specific Car Detection and Pose Estimation
* Non-contact eye gaze tracking system by mapping of corneal reflections
* Non-intrusive eye gaze estimation without knowledge of eye pose
* novel non-intrusive eye gaze estimation using cross-ratio under large head motion, A
Includes: Yoo, D.H.[Dong Hyun] Yoo, D.H.[Dong-Hyun]

Yoo, D.S.[Du Sic] Co Author Listing * Joint Deblurring and Demosaicing Using Edge Information from Bayer Images

Yoo, E.K.[Eun Kyung] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Manipulation of Custom Attributes on 3D-Aware Image Synthesis
Includes: Yoo, E.K.[Eun Kyung] Yoo, E.K.[Eun-Kyung]

Yoo, G.[Gil_Sang] Co Author Listing * Real-time video watermarking techniques robust against re-encoding

Yoo, H.[Hunjae] Co Author Listing * ABFT: Anisotropic binary feature transform based on structure tensor space
* Analysis and Improvement of Laser Terrestrial Mobile Mapping Systems Configurations
* Data Efficient Single Image Dehazing via Adversarial Auto-Augmentation and extended Atmospheric Scattering Model
* Detection of interacting groups based on geometric and social relations between individuals in an image
* Direct Feedback Alignment Based Convolutional Neural Network Training for Low-Power Online Learning Processor
* Drivable Dirt Road Region Identification Using Image and Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation Fusion
* Efficient Spatio-Temporal Data Association Using Multidimensional Assignment in Multi-Camera Multi-Target Tracking
* Exact order based feature descriptor for illumination robust image matching
* Gradient-Enhancing Conversion for Illumination-Robust Lane Detection
* Heterogeneous Deep Neural Network Processor With a Non-von Neumann Architecture, The
* Learning To Disentangle Representations for Rain Streak Removal
* Local Selective Vision Transformer for Depth Estimation Using a Compound Eye Camera
* Multi-task learning with over-sampled time-series representation of a trajectory for traffic motion pattern recognition
* Novel Compression Algorithm for Cell Animation Images, A
* Online Scheme for Multiple Camera Multiple Target Tracking Based on Multiple Hypothesis Tracking
* Unified Color and Contrast Age-Dependent Visual Content Adaptation, A
* Unified Framework for Wavelet Transforms Based on the Lifting Scheme, A
* Unified optimization framework for localization and tracking of multiple targets with multiple cameras
* Unsupervised Holistic Image Generation from Key Local Patches
* Visual Graph Memory with Unsupervised Representation for Visual Navigation
Includes: Yoo, H.[Hunjae] Yoo, H. Yoo, H.[Hyunjin] Yoo, H.[Haanju] Yoo, H.[Hyunsung] Yoo, H.[Hyeongjun] Yoo, H.[Hwiyeon] Yoo, H.[Hanjoo]
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Yoo, H.J.[Hoi Jun] Co Author Listing * attention controlled multi-core architecture for energy efficient object recognition, An
* Color Calibration of HDR Image under a Known Illumination for Measuring Reflectance Property of Materials
* Configurable Heterogeneous Multicore Architecture With Cellular Neural Network for Real-Time Object Recognition, A
* Enhanced Measurement Model for Subspace-Based Tracking
* Familiarity based unified visual attention model for fast and robust object recognition
* Multi-Spectral Imaging by Optimized Wide Band Illumination
* New Method for Straight Line and Circular Arc Extraction, A
* Real-Time and Energy-Efficient Embedded System for Intelligent ADAS with RNN-Based Deep Risk Prediction using Stereo Camera, A
Includes: Yoo, H.J.[Hoi Jun] Yoo, H.J.[Hoi-Jun] Yoo, H.J.[Hyun-Jin] Yoo, H.J.[Haan Joo] Yoo, H.J.
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Yoo, H.M.[Hyouck Min] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint reference point detemination based on a novel ridgeline feature

Yoo, H.S.[Hong Sang] Co Author Listing * Precondition and effect reasoning for action recognition
Includes: Yoo, H.S.[Hong Sang] Yoo, H.S.[Hong-Sang]

Yoo, H.W.[Hun Woo] Co Author Listing * Extraction of major object features using VQ clustering for content-based image retrieval
* Visual information retrieval system via content-based approach
Includes: Yoo, H.W.[Hun Woo] Yoo, H.W.[Hun-Woo]

Yoo, H.Y. Co Author Listing * Variographic Analysis of Multi-Source Remotely Sensed Imageries by Wavelet-based Approaches
* Visual Image Processing RAM: Memory Architecture With 2-D Data Location Search and Data Consistency Management for a Multicore Object Recognition Processor

Yoo, I.[Ikdong] Co Author Listing * Can COMT-inhibitor delay the clinical progression of Parkinson's disease? 2 years follow up pilot study
* Deep 3D-to-2D Watermarking: Embedding Messages in 3D Meshes and Extracting Them from 2D Renderings
* GIFnets: Differentiable GIF Encoding Framework
* Sketching human character animations by composing sequences from large motion database
Includes: Yoo, I.[Ikdong] Yoo, I.[Innfarn] Yoo, I.

Yoo, I.S.[In Sub] Co Author Listing * Accurate object distance estimation based on frequency-domain analysis with a stereo camera
Includes: Yoo, I.S.[In Sub] Yoo, I.S.[In-Sub]

Yoo, J.[Jisang] Co Author Listing * 3D mesh and multi-view synthesis implementation using stereo cameras and a depth camera
* 3D Surface Reconstruction from Scattered Data Using Moving Least Square Method
* Beyond Deep Residual Learning for Image Restoration: Persistent Homology-Guided Manifold Simplification
* Deep Convolutional Framelet Denosing for Low-Dose CT via Wavelet Residual Network
* efficient scattered data approximation using multilevel B-splines based on quasi-interpolants, An
* Enhancing Denoised Image Via Fusion With a Noisy Image
* Enriched CNN-Transformer Feature Aggregation Networks for Super-Resolution
* Exploiting Inter-pixel Correlations in Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation
* Fast Adaptation to Super-resolution Networks via Meta-learning
* Fast Algorithm for Designing Stack Filters, A
* Fast Camera Image Denoising on Mobile GPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Feature Vector Construction Method for Iris Recognition
* Fix the Noise: Disentangling Source Feature for Controllable Domain Translation
* Hurricane Disaster Assessments With Image-Driven Data Mining in High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Image Restoration by Estimating Frequency Distribution of Local Patches
* Improved Calibration of Wind Estimates from Advanced Scatterometer MetOp-B in Korean Seas Using Deep Neural Network
* Kl-Divergence-Based Region Proposal Network For Object Detection
* LANIT: Language-Driven Image-to-Image Translation for Unlabeled Data
* Learned Smartphone ISP on Mobile NPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Learning Dynamic Network Using a Reuse Gate Function in Semi-supervised Video Object Segmentation
* Manifold-respecting discriminant nonnegative matrix factorization
* MatteFormer: Transformer-Based Image Matting via Prior-Tokens
* Multilevel Post-Processing for Korean Character-Recognition Using Morphological Analysis and Linguistic Evaluation
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Photorealistic Style Transfer via Wavelet Transforms
* Physics-Driven CNN Model for Real-Time Sea Waves 3D Reconstruction, A
* Practical Hand Skeleton Estimation Method Based on Monocular Camera
* Predictive Perception Model and Control Strategy for Collision-Free Autonomous Driving, A
* Quantification of Phycocyanin in Inland Waters through Remote Measurement of Ratios and Shifts in Reflection Spectral Peaks
* Raindrop-Aware GAN: Unsupervised Learning for Raindrop-Contaminated Coastal Video Enhancement
* RaScaNet: Learning Tiny Models by Raster-Scanning Images
* Rethinking Data Augmentation for Image Super-resolution: A Comprehensive Analysis and a New Strategy
* Rethinking the Truly Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
* Scale-invariant template matching using histogram of dominant gradients
* Semantic-Aware Dynamic Parameter for Video Inpainting Transformer
* SetVAE: Learning Hierarchical Composition for Generative Modeling of Set-Structured Data
* Simulation-based Data Augmentation Using Physical Priors for Noise Filtering Deep Neural Network
* SimUSR: A Simple but Strong Baseline for Unsupervised Image Super-resolution
* Software pipelining with CGA and proposed intrinsics on a reconfigurable processor for HEVC decoders
* StarGAN v2: Diverse Image Synthesis for Multiple Domains
* Structuring element decomposition for efficient implementation of morphological filters
* Target Localization Using Ensemble Support Vector Regression in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Temporal Attentive Alignment for Large-Scale Video Domain Adaptation
* Time-Dependent Deep Image Prior for Dynamic MRI
* Towards End-to-End Generative Modeling of Long Videos with Memory-Efficient Bidirectional Transformers
* Training Multi-Object Detector by Estimating Bounding Box Distribution for Input Image
* Unpriortized Autoencoder For Image Generation
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for One-Stage Object Detector Using Offsets to Bounding Box
* Visual Hull-Based Geometric Data Compression of a 3-D Object
Includes: Yoo, J.[Jisang] Yoo, J.[Jaechil] Yoo, J.[Jae_Jun] Yoo, J. Yoo, J.[Jinsu] Yoo, J.[Jayeon] Yoo, J.[Jaeyoon] Yoo, J.[Jaejun] Yoo, J.[Jaeyoung] Yoo, J.[Jeseon] Yoo, J.[Jiho] Yoo, J.[JaeYoung] Yoo, J.[Jinhee] Yoo, J.[Jaehyeon] Yoo, J.[Jaehyun] Yoo, J.[Jaehyoung] Yoo, J.[Jisung] Yoo, J.[Jaehoon] Yoo, J.[Jonghun]
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Yoo, J.C. Co Author Listing * Image matching using peak signal-to-noise ratio-based occlusion detection
* Image restoration by blind-Wiener filter
Includes: Yoo, J.C. Yoo, J.C.[Jae-Chern]

Yoo, J.D. Co Author Listing * On-Demand Conflict Resolution Procedures for Air-Traffic Intersections

Yoo, J.E.[Jung Eun] Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate Single-Image Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report

Yoo, J.H.[Jin Hyeok] Co Author Listing * 3D-CVF: Generating Joint Camera and Lidar Features Using Cross-view Spatial Feature Fusion for 3D Object Detection
* Automated Human Recognition by Gait using Neural Network
* Design Of Multicategory Multifeature Split Decision Trees Using Perceptron Learning
* Ellipse Detection Method from the Polar and Pole Definition of Conics, An
* Extracting human gait signatures by body segment properties
* Feature Extraction and Selection for Recognizing Humans by Their Gait
* General Approach for Token Correspondence, A
* Human Action Recognition Based on 3D Human Modeling and Cyclic HMMs
* Model-driven statistical analysis of human gait motion
* Pointing Gesture Recognition via Self-supervised Regularization for ASD Screening
* Real-Time Face Verification for Mobile Platforms
* Robust Eye Detection Method in Facial Region, A
* Robust Lane Detection Method Based on Vanishing Point Estimation Using the Relevance of Line Segments, A
* Semi-Supervised Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Simple Yet Effective Approach to Repetitive Behavior Classification based on Siamese Network
* simply integrated dual-sensor based non-intrusive iris image acquisition system, A
* Structure-Driven Induction of Decision Tree Classifiers Through Neural Learning
* Symbolic Mapping of Neurons in Feedforward Networks
* Thresholding Based on Histogram Approximation
Includes: Yoo, J.H.[Jin Hyeok] Yoo, J.H.[Jang-Hee] Yoo, J.H.[Jae H.] Yoo, J.H.[Jae Hung] Yoo, J.H. Yoo, J.H.[Ji-Ho]
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Yoo, J.J.[Jae Jun] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Diffuse Optical Tomography
* Joint Sparse Recovery Framework for Accurate Reconstruction of Inclusions in Elastic Media, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* scalable VideoGIS system for GPS-guided vehicles, A
* SVC adaptation: Standard tools and supporting methods
Includes: Yoo, J.J.[Jae Jun] Yoo, J.J.[Jae-Jun] Yoo, J.J.[Jeong-Ju]

Yoo, J.K. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Integral-Based Gaze Control Architecture Incorporated With Modified-Univector Field-Based Navigation for Humanoid Robots

Yoo, J.M.[Jae Myung] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Interpolation for Error Concealment in H.264 Using Directional Histograms
* Advanced Dual-Satellite Method for Detection of Low Stratus and Fog near Japan at Dawn from FY-4A and Himawari-8
* New Macroblock-Layer Rate Control for H.264/AVC Using Quadratic R-D Model, A
* Probability Index of Low Stratus and Fog at Dawn using Dual Geostationary Satellite Observations from COMS and FY-2D near the Korean Peninsula
Includes: Yoo, J.M.[Jae Myung] Yoo, J.M.[Jung-Moon] Yoo, J.M.[Jae-Myung]

Yoo, J.S.[Jun Sang] Co Author Listing * Deep Dichromatic Model Estimation Under AC Light Sources
* Deep Temporal Color Constancy for AC Light Sources
* Dichromatic Model Based Temporal Color Constancy for AC Light Sources
* Dual Stack Filters and the Modified Difference of Estimates Approach to Edge Detection
* Efficient Wavelet-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm, An
* Electronic Watermarking Technique for Digital Holograms in a DWT Domain, An
* Fast Search of a Similar Patch for Self-Similarity Based Image Super Resolution
* Filter Style Transfer Between Photos
* GPS-GLASS: Learning Nighttime Semantic Segmentation Using Daytime Video and GPS data
* Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Transformers for Video Object Segmentation
* Improving Color Constancy in an Ambient Light Environment Using the Phong Reflection Model
* In-Route Nearest Neighbor Queries
* Interactive Multi-View Video and View-Dependent Audio Under MPEG-21 DIA (Digital Item Adaptation)
* Noise-Robust Iterative Back-Projection
* Nonlinear Prefiltering and Differences of Estimates Approaches to Edge Detection: Applications of Stack Filters, The
* Pose and Shape Estimation of Humans in Vehicles
* problems in digital watermarking into intra-frames of H.264/AVC, The
* RZSR: Reference-Based Zero-Shot Super-Resolution With Depth Guided Self-Exemplars
* Selective and adaptive signal hiding technique for security of JPEG2000
* Spatio-temporal Conceptual Schema Development for Wide-Area Sensor Networks
* Video Object Segmentation-aware Video Frame Interpolation
Includes: Yoo, J.S.[Jun Sang] Yoo, J.S.[Jun-Sang] Yoo, J.S. Yoo, J.S.[Ji-Sang] Yoo, J.S.[Ji-Sung] Yoo, J.S.[Jin Soung]
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Yoo, J.W. Co Author Listing * Content-Driven Retargeting of Stereoscopic Images
* Implementation and Optimization of Image Processing Algorithms on Embedded GPU
* SeeThroughNet: Resurrection of Auxiliary Loss by Preserving Class Probability Information
* Variable Step-Size Sign Subband Adaptive Filter
Includes: Yoo, J.W. Yoo, J.W.[Jin Woo] Yoo, J.W.[Jae-Wook] Yoo, J.W.[Jin-Woo]

Yoo, J.Y. Co Author Listing * Line Removal and Restoration of Handwritten Characters on the Form Documents

Yoo, K.[Kiwon] Co Author Listing * Fast mode-decision for H.264/AVC based on inter-frame correlations
* Hardware design of motion data decoding process for H.264/AVC
* Self-Distilled Self-supervised Representation Learning
* Supervising Neural Attention Models for Video Captioning by Human Gaze Data
* VLSI architecture design of motion vector processor for H.264/AVC
Includes: Yoo, K.[Kiwon] Yoo, K.[Kiyoon] Yoo, K.

Yoo, K.H.[Kwan Hee] Co Author Listing * High-Definition 3D Stereoscopic Microscope Display System for Biomedical Applications
* Model Based Method for the Quantizer Assignment of JPEG-Like Coders, A
Includes: Yoo, K.H.[Kwan Hee] Yoo, K.H.[Kwan-Hee]

Yoo, K.M. Co Author Listing * Leveraging Class Hierarchy in Fashion Classification
* Stochastic Relational Network
* Utterance Generation With Variational Auto-Encoder for Slot Filling in Spoken Language Understanding

Yoo, K.Y. Co Author Listing * Core-based Fingerprint Image Classification
* DCT-Domain Predictive Coding Method for Video Compression
* Efficient Coding Method for the Local Motion Vector by Using Global Motion, An
* Fast Full Search Algorithm for Variable Block-Based Motion Estimation of H.264, A
* Fast Interframe mode decision algorithm based on mode mapping and MB activity for MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC transcoding
* Fast Video Mixing Method for Multiparty Video Conference, A
* New Fast Local Motion Estimation Algorithm Using Global Motion, A
* New motion estimation and compensation algorithms for video compression combining global and local motions
* real-time secret image sharing with fairness, A
* Reversible data hiding scheme with edge-direction predictor and modulo operation
Includes: Yoo, K.Y. Yoo, K.Y.[Kook-Yeol] Yoo, K.Y.[Kee-Young]
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Yoo, M. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Deep Contrast Enhancement With Power Constraint for OLED Displays

Yoo, M.H. Co Author Listing * Control Model for Vergence Movement on a Stereo Robotic Head Using Disparity Flux, A
* Pre-attentive Detection of Perceptually Important Regions in Facial Images
Includes: Yoo, M.H. Yoo, M.H.[Myung-Hyun]

Yoo, M.J.[Min Jae] Co Author Listing * Revisiting PID Control for Power-Constrained Video Display
Includes: Yoo, M.J.[Min Jae] Yoo, M.J.[Min-Jae]

Yoo, M.Y. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition by Fourier Shape Descriptor

Yoo, N.[Nobline] Co Author Listing * Efficient, Self-Supervised Human Pose Estimation with Inductive Prior Tuning

Yoo, S.[Shinjae] Co Author Listing * AGKD-BML: Defense Against Adversarial Attack by Attention Guided Knowledge Distillation and Bi-directional Metric Learning
* Background subtraction using hybrid feature coding in the bag-of-features framework
* BASQ: Branch-wise Activation-clipping Search Quantization for Sub-4-bit Neural Networks
* Bayesian Approach for Automatic Joint Parameter Estimation in 3D Image Reconstruction from Multi-Focus Microscope
* Coloring With Limited Data: Few-Shot Colorization via Memory Augmented Networks
* Coloring with Words: Guiding Image Colorization Through Text-Based Palette Generation
* Compressive reconstruction for 3D incoherent holographic microscopy
* Deep Learning on Multiphysical Features and Hemodynamic Modeling for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Growth Prediction
* Dictionary-based multiple frame video super-resolution
* Dual Motion Estimation for Frame Rate Up-Conversion
* End-to-End Lane Marker Detection via Row-wise Classification
* Estimating Crown Variables of Individual Trees Using Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanners
* Exploring Unlabeled Faces for Novel Attribute Discovery
* Fine-Grained Multi-Class Object Counting
* Fine-grained Semantics-aware Representation Enhancement for Self-supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
* Fusion-SUNet: Spatial Layout Consistency for 3D Semantic Segmentation
* Human Vision Based 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale Outdoor Scenes
* Image Collection Simulation Using High-Resolution Atmospheric Modeling
* Memory Access Scheduling for a Smart TV
* Multi-scale Local Implicit Keypoint Descriptor for Keypoint Matching
* NIPQ: Noise proxy-based Integrated Pseudo-Quantization
* SALAD: Part-Level Latent Diffusion for 3D Shape Generation and Manipulation
* Sinogram Image Completion for Limited Angle Tomography With Generative Adversarial Networks
* Sparse Representation-Based Multiple Frame Video Super-Resolution
* Super-resolution of compressed videos using convolutional neural networks
* Tag2Pix: Line Art Colorization Using Text Tag With SECat and Changing Loss
* UVCGAN: UNet Vision Transformer cycle-consistent GAN for unpaired image-to-image translation
* Value-Aware Quantization for Training and Inference of Neural Networks
* Weighted-Entropy-Based Quantization for Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Yoo, S.[Shinjae] Yoo, S.[Seungwoo] Yoo, S.[Sungjoo] Yoo, S. Yoo, S.[Seungjoo] Yoo, S.[Sunkook] Yoo, S.[Seunghwan] Yoo, S.[Seunghwa] Yoo, S.[Sunghwan]
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Yoo, S.B. Co Author Listing * Blind Post-Processing for Ringing and Mosquito Artifact Reduction in Coded Videos
* Block Poisson Method and its application to large scale image editing
* Efficient Texture Creation Based on Random Patches in Database and Guided Filter
* Haze-net: High-frequency Attentive Super-resolved Gaze Estimation in Low-resolution Face Images
* Latent-OFER: Detect, Mask, and Reconstruct with Latent Vectors for Occluded Facial Expression Recognition
* Latentgaze: Cross-domain Gaze Estimation Through Gaze-aware Analytic Latent Code Manipulation
* Post processing for blocking artifact reduction
* Post-Processing for Blocking Artifact Reduction Based on Inter-Block Correlation
* Texture enhancement for improving single-image super-resolution performance
Includes: Yoo, S.B. Yoo, S.B.[Seok Bong]
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Yoo, S.C.[Seung Chul] Co Author Listing * Meet the Virtual Jeju Dol Harubang The Mixed VR/AR Application for Cultural Immersion in Korea's Main Heritage
* PalmitoAR: The Last Battle of the U.S. Civil War Reenacted Using Augmented Reality
Includes: Yoo, S.C.[Seung Chul] Yoo, S.C.[Seung-Chul]

Yoo, S.H.[Si Ho] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Bayesian validation for cluster analysis of yeast cell-cycle data
* Rapid Disaster Mapping through Data Integration from UAVS and Multi-sensors Mounted on Investigation Platforms of Ndmi, Korea
Includes: Yoo, S.H.[Si Ho] Yoo, S.H.[Si-Ho] Yoo, S.H.

Yoo, S.I.[Suk I.] Co Author Listing * Convex Image Segmentation: Extending Graph Cuts and Closed-Form Matting, A
* Detecting defects in repeatedly patterned image with spatially different level of noise
* Image Restoration for Quantifying TFT-LCD Defect Levels
* Isotropic Huber MRFS for structure super-resolution
* Learning Texture Image Prior for Super Resolution Using Restricted Boltzmann Machine
* MCEBC: A Blob Coloring Algorithm for Content-Based Image Retrieval System
* methodology for solving problems: Problem Modeling and Heuristic Generation, A
* Multi-Image Blind Deconvolution Using Low-Rank Representation
Includes: Yoo, S.I.[Suk I.] Yoo, S.I.[Suk In] Yoo, S.I.
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Yoo, S.J.[Sung Joo] Co Author Listing * AnyFlow: Arbitrary Scale Optical Flow with Implicit Neural Representation
* composite histogram for image retrieval, A
* Connectivity-Preserving Approach for Distributed Adaptive Synchronized Tracking of Networked Uncertain Nonholonomic Mobile Robots
* Error Transformation Approach for Connectivity-Preserving and Collision-Avoiding Formation Tracking of Networked Uncertain Underactuated Surface Vessels, An
* Exploiting Spatial Dimensions of Latent in GAN for Real-time Image Editing
* Learning-Based Automation of Robotic Assembly for Smart Manufacturing
* Memory-Efficient Architecture of Full HD Around View Monitor Systems, A
* Method for generating a block-based image histogram
* Profit: A Novel Training Method for sub-4-bit Mobilenet Models
* Real-Time Color Correction Method for a Low-Cost Still/Video Camera
* Structure-from-Sherds: Incremental 3D Reassembly of Axially Symmetric Pots from Unordered and Mixed Fragment Collections
Includes: Yoo, S.J.[Sung Joo] Yoo, S.J.[Sung-Joo] Yoo, S.J.[Seong-Joon] Yoo, S.J.[Sung Jin] Yoo, S.J. Yoo, S.J.[Su-Jeong] Yoo, S.J.[Seong Joon] Yoo, S.J.[Seong Jong]
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Yoo, S.J.B. Co Author Listing * Joint server/peer receiver-driven rate-distortion optimized video streaming using asynchronous clocks

Yoo, S.K. Co Author Listing * Indoor Millimeter-Wave Systems: Design and Performance Evaluation
* Web-Based Hybrid Visualization of Medical Images
Includes: Yoo, S.K. Yoo, S.K.[Sun K.]

Yoo, S.M.[Seong Moo] Co Author Listing * Complexity accuracy tradeoffs of Lie operators in motion estimation
* FastSwap: A Lightweight One-Stage Framework for Real-Time Face Swapping
* I-Keyboard: Fully Imaginary Keyboard on Touch Devices Empowered by Deep Neural Decoder
* Use of Artificial Color filtering to improve iris recognition and searching
Includes: Yoo, S.M.[Seong Moo] Yoo, S.M.[Seong-Moo] Yoo, S.M.[Sahng-Min]

Yoo, S.S.[Seung Schik] Co Author Listing * Composite MR contrast agents for conditional cell-labeling
* Creation of various skin sensations using pulsed focused ultrasound: Evidence for functional neuromodulation
* Endoscopic capsule robots using reconfigurable modular assembly: A pilot study
* Evaluation of polyvinyl alcohol cryogel as an acoustic coupling medium for low-intensity transcranial focused ultrasound
* Focused ultrasound brain stimulation to anesthetized rats induces long-term changes in somatosensory evoked potentials
* Focused ultrasound modulates the level of cortical neurotransmitters: Potential as a new functional brain mapping technique
* Guest editorial: Special issue on human brain imaging
* Image-guided navigation of single-element focused ultrasound transducer
* Independent vector analysis (IVA) for group fMRI processing of subcortical area
* Investigation of spectrally coherent resting-state networks using non-negative matrix factorization for functional MRI data
* Neurofeedback fMRI-mediated learning and consolidation of regional brain activation during motor imagery
Includes: Yoo, S.S.[Seung Schik] Yoo, S.S.[Seung-Schik]
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Yoo, S.W.[Seungh Wan] Co Author Listing * Interior Point Method for Nonnegative Sparse Signal Reconstruction, An
* novel monochromatic cue for detecting regions of visual interest, A
Includes: Yoo, S.W.[Seungh Wan] Yoo, S.W.[Seungh-Wan] Yoo, S.W.[Seung-Woo]

Yoo, T.S.[Terry S.] Co Author Listing * Active Contours Using a Constraint-Based Implicit Representation
* Automatic identification of prescription drugs using shape distribution models
* Hierarchically Partitioned Implicit Surfaces for Interpolating Large Point Set Models
* MRF-based statistical deformation model for morphological image analysis, An
* stable optic-flow based method for tracking colonoscopy images, A

Yoo, T.W.[Tae Woong] Co Author Listing * fast algorithm for tracking human faces based on chromatic histograms, A
Includes: Yoo, T.W.[Tae Woong] Yoo, T.W.[Tae-Woong]

Yoo, W. Co Author Listing * Sensor Fusion Algorithm Design in Detecting Vehicles Using Laser Scanner and Stereo Vision

Yoo, W.H.[Weon Hee] Co Author Listing * Layered Fingerprint Recognition Method, A
Includes: Yoo, W.H.[Weon Hee] Yoo, W.H.[Weon-Hee]

Yoo, Y. Co Author Listing * Action-Decision Networks for Visual Tracking with Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Adaptive quantization of image subbands with efficient overhead rate selection
* Brain midline shift detection and quantification by a cascaded deep network pipeline on non-contrast computed tomography scans
* CutMix: Regularization Strategy to Train Strong Classifiers With Localizable Features
* Deep 3D Convolutional Encoder Networks With Shortcuts for Multiscale Feature Integration Applied to Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation
* Development and Real-Time Implementation of Auto White Balancing Scoring Algorithm
* Dynamic Graph Generation Network: Generating Relational Knowledge from Diagrams
* Image Subband Coding Using Context-Based Classification and Adaptive Quantization
* Real-Time Ultrasound Detection of Breast Microcalcifications Using Multifocus Twinkling Artifact Imaging
* SelfReg: Self-supervised Contrastive Regularization for Domain Generalization
* Sensor-realistic Synthetic Data Engine for Multi-frame High Dynamic Range Photography
* SINet: Extreme Lightweight Portrait Segmentation Networks with Spatial Squeeze Modules and Information Blocking Decoder
* Strategic Analysis for Governance Development of National Spatial Data Infrastructure Portal in Korea
* Variational Autoencoded Regression: High Dimensional Regression of Visual Data on Complex Manifold
* Visual Path Prediction in Complex Scenes with Crowded Moving Objects
Includes: Yoo, Y. Yoo, Y.[Youngjin] Yoo, Y.[Yangmo] Yoo, Y.[Youngjun] Yoo, Y.[Yejin]
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Yoo, Y.F. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Synthesis Net for Disparity Estimation to Synthesize DSLR Calibre Bokeh Effect on Smartphones

Yoo, Y.H.[Yong Ho] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Recurrent Reconstructive Network for Spatiotemporal Anomaly Detection in Solder Paste Inspection
Includes: Yoo, Y.H.[Yong Ho] Yoo, Y.H.[Yong-Ho]

Yoo, Y.J.[Young Joe] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Scan Pattern for Quantized Coefficients in Intra Coding of H.264
* Adaptive shadow estimator for removing shadow of moving object
* Beyond Semantic to Instance Segmentation: Weakly-Supervised Instance Segmentation via Semantic Knowledge Transfer and Self-Refinement
* Deep Learning of Image Features from Unlabeled Data for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation
* Digital halftoning algorithm using visual-optimized binary patterns
* Embedded Image-Domain Compression Using Context Models
* Enhanced Adaptive Loop Filter for Motion Compensated Frame
* Hierarchical Blur Identification from Severely Out-of-Focus Images
* Integration of Remote Sensing and Field Surveys to Detect Ecologically Damaged Areas for Restoration in South Korea, The
* Low-light imaging method with visible-band and wide-band image pair
* Motion interaction field for detection of abnormal interactions
* Multi-task learning with over-sampled time-series representation of a trajectory for traffic motion pattern recognition
* Pose transforming network: Learning to disentangle human posture in variational auto-encoded latent space
* Programmable DSP platform for digital still cameras
* Rainbow Memory: Continual Learning with a Memory of Diverse Samples
* Rethinking Channel Dimensions for Efficient Model Design
* Robust Moving Object Detection Against Fast Illumination Change
* Transfer Learning of Motion Patterns in Traffic Scene via Convex Optimization
* Two-stage online inference model for traffic pattern analysis and anomaly detection
* Visual surveillance briefing system: Event-based video retrieval and summarization
* Wide-band image guided visible-band image enhancement
Includes: Yoo, Y.J.[Young Joe] Yoo, Y.J.[Young-Joe] Yoo, Y.J.[Yung Jun] Yoo, Y.J.[Young-Joon] Yoo, Y.J.[Young-Jin] Yoo, Y.J. Yoo, Y.J.[Young-Jun] Yoo, Y.J.[Yoon-Jong] Yoo, Y.J.[Young-Jae]
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Yoo, Y.M.[Yang Mo] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Nonlinear Diffusion and Shock Filter for Ultrasound Image Enhancement
* Nonlinear Diffusion in Laplacian Pyramid Domain for Ultrasonic Speckle Reduction
Includes: Yoo, Y.M.[Yang Mo] Yoo, Y.M.

Yoo, Y.S.[Yong Seok] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Multi-Phase Deformable Model for Colon Segmentation
* moving object detection algorithm for smart cameras, A
Includes: Yoo, Y.S.[Yong Seok] Yoo, Y.S.[Yong-Seok]

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