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Avidan, S.[Shai] Co Author Listing * email: Avidan, S.[Shai]: avidan AT cs huji ac il
* Aggregating Layers for Deepfake Detection
* Best Buddies Registration for Point Clouds
* Best-Buddies Similarity for robust template matching
* Best-Buddies Similarity: Robust Template Matching Using Mutual Nearest Neighbors
* Blind Vision
* Boundary snapping for robust image cutouts
* Centralized and Distributed Multi-view Correspondence
* CG2Real: Improving the Realism of Computer Generated Images using a Large Collection of Photographs
* Co-occurrence Filter
* Co-Occurrence Neural Network
* Coherency Sensitive Hashing
* Creating and exploring a large photorealistic virtual space
* Crowd detection in video sequences
* DCSH: Matching Patches in RGBD Images
* Deep Image Compression Using Decoder Side Information
* DeepBBS: Deep Best Buddies for Point Cloud Registration
* Detecting moving regions in CrowdCam images
* DPC: Unsupervised Deep Point Correspondence via Cross and Self Construction
* EigenSegments: A Spatio-Temporal Decomposition of an Ensemble of Images
* Ensemble Tracking
* Extended Lucas-Kanade Tracking
* eye for an eye: A single camera gaze-replacement method, An
* Fast Human Detection Using a Cascade of Histograms of Oriented Gradients
* Fast Pixel/Part Selection with Sparse Eigenvectors
* FasT-Match: Fast Affine Template Matching
* Generalized Spectral Bounds for Sparse LDA
* Geometric Adversarial Attacks and Defenses on 3D Point Clouds
* Geometrically consistent stereo seam carving
* Graph Embedded Pose Clustering for Anomaly Detection
* Guest Editorial: Vision and Computational Photography and Graphics
* Infinite Images: Creating and Exploring a Large Photorealistic Virtual Space
* Integrating Local Affine into Global Projective Images in the Joint Image Space
* Internet Vision
* Inverting RANSAC: Global model detection via inlier rate estimation
* Joint feature-basis subset selection
* Layer Extraction from Multiple Images Containing Reflections and Transparency
* Learning a Sparse, Corner-Based Representation for Time-varying Background Modeling
* Learning to Sample
* Locally Orderless Tracking
* Manifold pursuit: a new approach to appearance based recognition
* Matching Pixels Using Co-occurrence Statistics
* Mode-detection via median-shift
* Multi-video browsing and summarization
* Multiple histogram matching
* Multiple Hypothesis Video Segmentation from Superpixel Flows
* Non-local Image Dehazing
* Non-Rigid Parallax for 3D Linear Motion
* Normalizing Flows for Human Pose Anomaly Detection
* Novel View Synthesis in Tensor Space
* Object retrieval and localization with spatially-constrained similarity measure and k-NN re-ranking
* On the Reprojection of 3D and 2D Scenes Without Explicit Model Selection
* patch transform and its applications to image editing, The
* Patch Transform, The
* Peeking Template Matching for Depth Extension
* Photo Sequencing
* Physics Based Image Deshadowing Using Local Linear Model
* Privacy Preserving Pattern Classification
* probabilistic image jigsaw puzzle solver, A
* Probabilistic Multi-view Correspondence in a Distributed Setting with No Central Server
* Racing Bib Numbers Recognition
* Rank 4 Constraint in Multiple (over 3) View Geometry, The
* Real-time tracking-with-detection for coping with viewpoint change
* Robust Recovery of Camera Rotation from Three Frames
* SAGA: Spectral Adversarial Geometric Attack on 3D Meshes
* SampleNet: Differentiable Point Cloud Sampling
* SCOOP: Self-Supervised Correspondence and Optimization-Based Scene Flow
* Semi global boundary detection
* Semi-Global Matching: A Principled Derivation in Terms of Message Passing
* Single Image Dehazing Using Haze-Lines
* Space-Time Tradeoffs in Photo Sequencing
* SpatialBoost: Adding Spatial Reasoning to AdaBoost
* Spectral Bounds for Sparse PCA: Exact and Greedy Algorithms
* Statistics of Infrared Images
* Stereo Seam Carving a Geometrically Consistent Approach
* Structure and motion from scene registration
* Subset selection for efficient SVM tracking
* Support Vector Tracking
* Synthetic Aperture Tracking: Tracking through Occlusions
* Tensor Embedding of the Fundamental Matrix
* Tensorial Transfer: Representation of N>3 Views of 3d Scenes
* Threading Fundamental Matrices
* Tracking through scattered occlusion
* Trajectory Triangulation of Lines: Reconstruction of a 3D Point Moving Along a Line from a Monocular Image Sequence
* Trajectory Triangulation over Conic Sections
* Trajectory Triangulation: 3D Reconstruction of Moving Points from a Monocular Image Sequence
* Transformaly: Two (Feature Spaces) Are Better Than One
* TreeCANN: k-d Tree Coherence Approximate Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
* Underwater Single Image Color Restoration Using Haze-Lines and a New Quantitative Dataset
* Unifying Two-View and Three-View Geometry
Includes: Avidan, S.[Shai] Avidan, S.
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