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Mang, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Constrained H^1-Regularization Schemes for Diffeomorphic Image Registration
* Inexact Newton-Krylov Algorithm for Constrained Diffeomorphic Image Registration, An

Mang, B.[Bo] Co Author Listing * new strategy for selecting working sets applied in SMO, A

Mang, H.[Hui] Co Author Listing * Robust pose estimation for 3D face modeling from stereo sequences

Manga, B.[Bakary] Co Author Listing * Extension of Mathematical Morphology in Riemannian Spaces

Mangai, M.A. Co Author Listing * Principal component analysis-based learning for preceding vehicle classification

Mangai, U.G. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Multi-classifier Framework for Landform Segmentation Using Multi-spectral Satellite Images: A Case Study over the Indian Subcontinent, A
* Integrating region and edge information for texture segmentation using a modified constraint satisfaction neural network
Includes: Mangai, U.G. Mangai, U.G.[Utthara Gosa]

Mangal, A.[Ayush] Co Author Listing * Track, Check, Repeat: An EM Approach to Unsupervised Tracking

Mangalam, K.[Karttikeya] Co Author Listing * Diffusion Models as Masked Autoencoders
* Disentangling Human Dynamics for Pedestrian Locomotion Forecasting with Noisy Supervision
* Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video
* From Goals, Waypoints & Paths To Long Term Human Trajectory Forecasting
* Future Person Localization in First-Person Videos
* It Is Not the Journey But the Destination: Endpoint Conditioned Trajectory Prediction
* Latency Matters: Real-Time Action Forecasting Transformer
* LOKI: Long Term and Key Intentions for Trajectory Prediction
* Long-term Human Motion Prediction with Scene Context
* MeMViT: Memory-Augmented Multiscale Vision Transformer for Efficient Long-Term Video Recognition
* Multiscale Vision Transformers
* MViTv2: Improved Multiscale Vision Transformers for Classification and Detection
* Object-Region Video Transformers
* Re2TAL: Rewiring Pretrained Video Backbones for Reversible Temporal Action Localization
* Reversible Vision Transformers
Includes: Mangalam, K.[Karttikeya] Mangalam, K.
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Mangalampalli, A.[Ashish] Co Author Listing * I-FAC: Efficient Fuzzy Associative Classifier for Object Classes in Images
* UACI: Uncertain associative classifier for object class identification in images
Includes: Mangalampalli, A.[Ashish] Mangalampalli, A.

Mangalindan, E.C.[Edwin C.] Co Author Listing * System and method for counting parts in multiple fields of view using machine vision

Mangalore, A.R. Co Author Listing * Neuromorphic Fringe Projection Profilometry

Mangan, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Democratizing rendering for multiple viewers in surround VR systems

Mangan, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Non-destructive Soft Fruit Mass and Volume Estimation for Phenotyping in Horticulture
* Robust Counting of Soft Fruit Through Occlusions with Re-identification
* Visual Tracking of Small Animals in Cluttered Natural Environments Using a Freely Moving Camera
Includes: Mangan, M.[Michael] Mangan, M.

Manganaro, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Hand Gestures for the Human-Car Interaction: The Briareo Dataset

Manganelli, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Mask-based Pyramid Network for Realistic Bokeh Rendering
* LRA&LDRA: Rethinking Residual Predictions for Efficient Shadow Detection and Removal
* MobileVOS: Real-Time Video Object Segmentation Contrastive Learning meets Knowledge Distillation
* TRICKVOS: A Bag of Tricks for Video Object Segmentation

Manganelli, J. Co Author Listing * Gesture Learning Interface for Simulated Robot Path Shaping With a Human Teacher, A

Manganiaris, S.[Stamatis] Co Author Listing * Modeling an ITS Management Solution for Mixed Highway Traffic With Eclipse MOSAIC

Manganiello, G.[Gelsomina] Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Wild Rocket Tracheofusariosis Using Hyperspectral Image-Based Machine Learning

Mangano, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Bridge: Mutual Reassurance for Autonomous and Independent Living
* Tracking Water Quality and Macrophyte Changes in Lake Trasimeno (Italy) from Spaceborne Hyperspectral Imagery
Includes: Mangano, S.[Simone] Mangano, S.[Salvatore]

Mangano, V. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The

Mangaokar, N.[Neal] Co Author Listing * D4: Detection of Adversarial Diffusion Deepfakes Using Disjoint Ensembles

Mangasarian, O.L.[Olvi L.] Co Author Listing * Multisurface Proximal Support Vector Machine Classification via Generalized Eigenvalues
* Robust Linear and Support Vector Regression

Mangaser, A. Co Author Listing * 3DP: A Processor Architecture for Three-Dimensional Applications, The

Mangayyagari, S.[Srikanth] Co Author Listing * Enhanced speaker recognition based on intra-modal fusion and accent modeling

Mangeas, M.[Morgan] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Deep Learning Techniques for Land Use Land Cover Classification in Southern New Caledonia
* Mapping Review on Urban Landscape Factors of Dengue Retrieved from Earth Observation Data, GIS Techniques, and Survey Questionnaires, A
* Statistical Algorithm for Estimating Chlorophyll Concentration in the New Caledonian Lagoon, A
* Tropical Cyclone Impact and Forest Resilience in the Southwestern Pacific

Mangeat, T. Co Author Listing * Fluorescence blind structured illumination microscopy: A new reconstruction strategy
* Joint Reconstruction Strategy for Structured Illumination Microscopy With Unknown Illuminations

Mangeot, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Co Author Listing * Coherent Synchronization of a Chaotic Communication System Based on a QAM-4 Transmitter

Manger, D. Co Author Listing * Enlarging the discriminability of bag-of-words representations with deep convolutional features
* Large-Scale Tattoo Image Retrieval
* Towards Extending Bag-of-Words-Models Using Context Features for an 2D Inverted Index
Includes: Manger, D. Manger, D.[Daniel]

Manger, P.R.[Paul R.] Co Author Listing * Multimodal MRI Template Creation in the Ring-tailed Lemur and Rhesus Macaque

Mangeruga, M.[Marino] Co Author Listing * Guidelines for Underwater Image Enhancement Based on Benchmarking of Different Methods
* Underwater Pathfinding Algorithm for Optimised Planning of Survey Dives, An
* Virtual Diving in the Underwater Archaeological Site of Cala Minnola
Includes: Mangeruga, M.[Marino] Mangeruga, M.

Manghisi, V.M. Co Author Listing * User-Centered Framework for Designing Midair Gesture Interfaces, A

Mangia, M. Co Author Listing * Case Study in Low-Complexity ECG Signal Encoding: How Compressing is Compressed Sensing?, A

Mangiagli, S.[Salvatore] Co Author Listing * Urban Seismic Observatory of Catania (Italy): A Real-Time Seismic Monitoring at Urban Scale, The

Mangiat, S.[Stephen] Co Author Listing * Automatic scene relighting for video conferencing
* Spatially adaptive filtering for registration artifact removal in HDR video

Mangiatordi, F. Co Author Listing * Eye detection based on the polynomial Hermite expansion

Mangili, F. Co Author Listing * Applying two-dimensional delaunay triangulation to stereo data interpolation
* Projective Pose Estimation of Linear and Quadratic Primitives in Monocular Computer Vision
* semi-automatic method for form layout description, A
* Three-Dimensional Surface Reconstruction Using Delaunay Triangulation in the Image Plane
Includes: Mangili, F. Mangili, F.[Fulvia]

Mangin, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Assessing Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Capabilities Using SolAtmos End-to-End Simulator: Application to the Uvsq-Sat NG Mission
* Atmospheric Correction Inter-Comparison Exercise
* Gaps Analysis and Requirements Specification for the Evolution of Copernicus System for Polar Regions Monitoring: Addressing the Challenges in the Horizon 2020-2030
* INSPIRE-SAT 7, a Second CubeSat to Measure the Earth's Energy Budget and to Probe the Ionosphere
* New Method Based on a Multilayer Perceptron Network to Determine In-Orbit Satellite Attitude for Spacecrafts without Active ADCS Like UVSQ-SAT, A
* ROSACE: A Proposed European Design for the Copernicus Ocean Colour System Vicarious Calibration Infrastructure
* Uvsq-Sat NG, a New CubeSat Pathfinder for Monitoring Earth Outgoing Energy and Greenhouse Gases
* UVSQ-SAT/INSPIRESat-5 CubeSat Mission: First In-Orbit Measurements of the Earth's Outgoing Radiation, The
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Mangin, F. Co Author Listing * cooperative network for contour grouping, A

Mangin, J. Co Author Listing * Shape Bottlenecks and Conservative Flow Systems

Mangin, J.F.[Jean Francois] Co Author Listing * 3d Multi-Object Deformable Template Based on Moment Invariants
* Classification Based on Cortical Folding Patterns
* Detection Of Linear Features In SAR Images: Application To Road Network Extraction
* Diffeomorphic Brain Registration Under Exhaustive Sulcal Constraints
* MRF Based Random Graph Modelling the Human Cortical Topography, A
* Multiscale Measures in Linear Scale-Space for Characterizing Cerebral Functional Activations in 3D PET Difference Images
* Object-Based Morphometry of the Cerebral Cortex
* Obtaining Genericity for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Algorithms
* primal sketch of the cortex mean curvature: a morphogenesis based approach to study the variability of the folding patterns, A
* Registration of Cortical Connectivity Matrices
* Relational graph labelling using learning techniques and markov random fields
* Segmentation of Short Association Bundles in Massive Tractography Datasets Using a Multi-subject Bundle Atlas
* Segmenting internal structures in 3D MR images of the brain by Markovian relaxation on a watershed based adjacency graph
* Structural Analysis of fMRI Data Revisited: Improving the Sensitivity and Reliability of fMRI Group Studies
* What is the best similarity measure for motion correction in fMRI time series?
Includes: Mangin, J.F.[Jean Francois] Mangin, J.F.[Jean-Francois] Mangin, J.F.[Jean-Franois] Mangin, J.F. Mangin, J.F.[Jean-François]
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Mangin, L. Co Author Listing * Development of a Low-cost Centimetric GNSS Positioning Solution For Android Applications

Mangini, A.M. Co Author Listing * Fleet Sizing for Electric Car Sharing Systems in Discrete Event System Frameworks

Mangini, F.M. Co Author Listing * Handwritten Digit Recognition by Multi-objective Optimization of Zoning Methods
* novel prototype generation technique for handwriting digit recognition, A
* Novel Technique for Handwritten Digit Classification Using Genetic Clustering, A
* Voronoi Tessellation for Effective and Efficient Handwritten Digit Classification

Mangla, A.[Ankur] Co Author Listing * Code-Mixing and Code-Switching on Social Media Text: A Brief Survey

Mangla, M. Co Author Listing * Diverse Low Cost High Performance Platform for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Applications, A

Mangla, P. Co Author Listing * AdvGAN++: Harnessing Latent Layers for Adversary Generation
* Attributional Robustness Training Using Input-gradient Spatial Alignment
* Charting the Right Manifold: Manifold Mixup for Few-shot Learning
* COCOA: Context-Conditional Adaptation for Recognizing Unseen Classes in Unseen Domains
* Data InStance Prior (DISP) in Generative Adversarial Networks
* On the benefits of defining vicinal distributions in latent space
Includes: Mangla, P. Mangla, P.[Puneet]

Manglani, S. Co Author Listing * Deflating Dataset Bias Using Synthetic Data Augmentation

Manglem Singh, K. Co Author Listing * Removal of impulse noise from color images based on the localized image characteristics and noise level

Manglos, S.H. Co Author Listing * EM algorithm for estimating SPECT emission and transmission parameters from emission data only, An

Mango, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Assessing Street Space Quality Using Street View Imagery and Function-Driven Method: The Case of Xiamen, China
* Hybrid Population Distribution Prediction Approach Integrating LSTM and CA Models with Micro-Spatiotemporal Granularity: A Case Study of Chongming District, Shanghai, A

Mangold, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Developing standardised network-based biometric services

Mangold, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Investigating Lunar Boulders at the Apollo 17 Landing Site Using Photogrammetry and Virtual Reality
* Long-Distance 3D Reconstructions Using Photogrammetry with Curiosity's ChemCam Remote Micro-Imager in Gale Crater (Mars)

Mangold, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Content-aware compression using saliency-driven image retargeting
* Sim2real Transfer Learning for Point Cloud Segmentation: An Industrial Application Case on Autonomous Disassembly
Includes: Mangold, S.[Stefan] Mangold, S.[Simon]

Mangolini, M. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Satellite Images of Different Spatial Resolutions: Assessing the Quality of Resulting Images

Mangone, K. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of compressively sampled texture images in the graph-based transform domain

Mangoni, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * Radiomic and Dosiomic Profiling of Paediatric Medulloblastoma Tumours Treated with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

Mangoni, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Classification of Acoustic Echoes from Two Krill Species in the Southern Ocean (Ross Sea)

Mangoubi, R. Co Author Listing * Enhancing the surgeons reality: Smart visualization of bolus time of arrival and blood flow anomalies from time lapse series for safety and speed of cerebrovascular surgery
* Functional MRI activity characterization using response time shift estimates from curve evolution
* Non-Gaussian methods in biomedical imaging
* Retinal venous caliber abnormality: Detection and analysis using matrix edge fields-based simultaneous smoothing and segmentation

Mangoubi, R.S. Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for 3D+T Image Reconstruction in Cerebral Angiography

Mangrich, M.V.[Mark V.] Co Author Listing * Classifying and Mapping Wildfire Severity: A Comparison of Methods

Mangru, S. Co Author Listing * Iris on the Move: Acquisition of Images for Iris Recognition in Less Constrained Environments

Manguette, M.L. Co Author Listing * Towards Automated Visual Monitoring of Individual Gorillas in the Wild

Mangum, S.C.[Stephen C.] Co Author Listing * Morphological Band Registration of Multispectral Cameras for Water Quality Analysis with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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