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Bermak, A.[Amine] Co Author Listing * Deep Exemplar-Based Video Colorization
* efficient VLSI architecture and FPGA implementation of the Finite Ridgelet Transform, An
* Gas identification using density models
* Invariant image recognition under projective deformations: An image normalization approach
* Microshift: An Efficient Image Compression Algorithm for Hardware
* Multidomain Suppression of Ambient Light in Visible Light Communication Transceivers
* Probabilistic Satellite Image Fusion
Includes: Bermak, A.[Amine] Bermak, A.
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Berman, A. Co Author Listing * Piecewise Straight-Line Correlation Algorithm for Navigation of Autonomous Systems with Robotics Applications

Berman, A.P. Co Author Listing * Efficient Content-Based Retrieval: Experimental Results
* Flexible Image Database System for Content-Based Retrieval, A
Includes: Berman, A.P. Berman, A.P.[Andrew P.]

Berman, B.P. Co Author Listing * Optical Character-Recognition and Parsing of Typeset Mathematics

Berman, D.[Dana] Co Author Listing * Non-local Image Dehazing
* Single Image Dehazing Using Haze-Lines
* Underwater Single Image Color Restoration Using Haze-Lines and a New Quantitative Dataset

Berman, D.S. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Quantification of Epicardial and Thoracic Adipose Tissue From Non-Contrast CT

Berman, E.E.[Ethan E.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Quality and Trend of Remotely Sensed Phenology and Productivity Metrics across the Western United States

Berman, I.E.[Itai E.] Co Author Listing * Partially Linear Bayesian Estimation Using Mixed-Resolution Data

Berman, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Human-Centered Evaluation of EMG-Based Upper-Limb Prosthetic Control Modes

Berman, J.D.[Jesse D.] Co Author Listing * Canadian Forest Fires and the Effects of Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution on Hospitalizations among the Elderly

Berman, L.H.[Laurence H.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Registration of 3-D Ultrasound Images
* Decompression and speckle detection for ultrasound images using the homodyned k-distribution
* Engineering a freehand 3D ultrasound system
* Interactive segmentation of 3D ultrasound using deformable solid models and active contours
* Rapid registration for wide field of view freehand three-dimensional ultrasound
* Surface interpolation from sparse cross sections using region correspondence
Includes: Berman, L.H.[Laurence H.] Berman, L.H.

Berman, M.[Maxim] Co Author Listing * AOWS: Adaptive and Optimal Network Width Search With Latency Constraints
* Automated Smoothing of Image and Other Regularly Spaced Data
* Bayesian Optimization Framework for Neural Network Compression, A
* Comparison Between Three Sparse Unmixing Algorithms Using a Large Library of Shortwave Infrared Mineral Spectra, A
* Confidence Intervals and Regions for Proportions under Various Three-Endmember Linear Mixture Models
* Discriminative Training of Conditional Random Fields with Probably Submodular Constraints
* Estimating Band-to-Band Misregistrations in Aliased Imagery
* Function Norms for Neural Networks
* Improved Estimation of the Intrinsic Dimension of a Hyperspectral Image Using Random Matrix Theory
* Large Sample Bias in Least Squares Estimation of a Circular Arc Center and Its Radius
* Lovasz-Softmax Loss: A Tractable Surrogate for the Optimization of the Intersection-Over-Union Measure in Neural Networks, The
* Measuring the distance of vegetation from powerlines using stereo vision
* Monocular Surface Reconstruction Using 3D Deformable Part Models
* Optimization for Medical Image Segmentation: Theory and Practice When Evaluating With Dice Score or Jaccard Index
* Segmenting Multispectral Landsat TM Images into Field Units
* Some Unmixing Problems and Algorithms in Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging
* Spatial Consistency Loss for Training Multi-Label Classifiers from Single-Label Annotations
* Thickness measurement and crease detection of wheat grains using stereo vision
Includes: Berman, M.[Maxim] Berman, M. Berman, M.[Mark]
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Berman, O.[Omri] Co Author Listing * PETIT-GAN: Physically Enhanced Thermal Image-Translating Generative Adversarial Network

Berman, S. Co Author Listing * Computer Recognition of Two Overlapping Parts Using a Single Camera
* Human-Centered Transparency of Grasping via a Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery System
* Most discriminating segment: Longest common subsequence (MDSLCS) algorithm for dynamic hand gesture classification
* Most Probable Longest Common Subsequence for Recognition of Gesture Character Input
* Sensors for Gesture Recognition Systems
* User Identification for Home Entertainment Based on Free-Air Hand Motion Signatures
Includes: Berman, S. Berman, S.[Sigal]

Bermani, E. Co Author Listing * innovative real-time technique for buried object detection, An

Bermanis, A.[Amit] Co Author Listing * 3-D Symmetry Detection and Analysis Using the Pseudo-polar Fourier Transform
* Accelerating Particle Filter Using Randomized Multiscale and Fast Multipole Type Methods
Includes: Bermanis, A.[Amit] Bermanis, A.

Bermano, A.[Amit] Co Author Listing * HyperStyle: StyleGAN Inversion with HyperNetworks for Real Image Editing
* InAugment: Improving Classifiers via Internal Augmentation
* MRGAN: Multi-Rooted 3D Shape Representation Learning with Unsupervised Part Disentanglement
* TypeNet: Towards Camera Enabled Touch Typing on Flat Surfaces through Self-Refinement

Bermano, A.H.[Amit H.] Co Author Listing * Learned Queries for Efficient Local Attention
* MotionCLIP: Exposing Human Motion Generation to CLIP Space
* OMG-Attack: Self-Supervised On-Manifold Generation of Transferable Evasion Attacks
* OReX: Object Reconstruction from Planar Cross-sections Using Neural Fields
* Unsupervised Multi-Modal Image Registration via Geometry Preserving Image-to-Image Translation
Includes: Bermano, A.H.[Amit H.] Bermano, A.H.

Bermejillo Martin Romo, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Estimating the focus of expansion in a video sequence using the trajectories of interest points
Includes: Bermejillo Martin Romo, A.[Alberto] Bermejillo-Martín-Romo, A.[Alberto]

Bermejo Pelaez, D. Co Author Listing * Pulmonary Artery-Vein Classification in CT Images Using Deep Learning
Includes: Bermejo Pelaez, D. Bermejo-Pelaez, D.

Bermejo, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Survey on Haptic Technologies for Mobile Augmented Reality, A

Bermejo, E. Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate global motion compensation
* Non-linear fourth-order image interpolation for subpixel edge detection and localization

Bermejo, J. Co Author Listing * Solving Inaccuracies in Anatomical Models for Electrocardiographic Inverse Problem Resolution by Maximizing Reconstruction Quality
* Support Vector Analysis of Color-Doppler Images: A New Approach for Estimating Indices of Left Ventricular Function
* Two-Dimensional Intraventricular Flow Mapping by Digital Processing Conventional Color-Doppler Echocardiography Images

Bermejo, J.P.[Jaime Polo] Co Author Listing * Airborne S-Band SAR for Forest Biophysical Retrieval in Temperate Mixed Forests of the UK

Bermejo, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * GRASP algorithm for fast hybrid (filter-wrapper) feature subset selection in high-dimensional datasets, A

Bermejo, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Adaptive soft k-nearest-neighbour classifiers
* Fish age analysis and classification with kernel methods

Bermell Garcia, P. Co Author Listing * Framework for remote collaborative interaction in virtual environments based on proximity
Includes: Bermell Garcia, P. Bermell-Garcia, P.

Bermeo, D.[David] Co Author Listing * On the Robustness of Kernel-based Clustering

Bermudez Cameo, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Atlanta scaled layouts from non-central panoramas
* Automatic Line Extraction in Uncalibrated Omnidirectional Cameras with Revolution Symmetry
* Calibration of Non-central Conical Catadioptric Systems from Parallel Lines
* Depth and Motion Cues with Phosphene Patterns for Prosthetic Vision
* Exploiting line metric reconstruction from non-central circular panoramas
* Fitting line projections in non-central catadioptric cameras with revolution symmetry
* Line extraction in uncalibrated central images with revolution symmetry
* Line reconstruction using prior knowledge in single non-central view
* Line-Images in Cone Mirror Catadioptric Systems
* Minimal Solution for Computing Pairs of Lines in Non-central Cameras
* New contributions on line-projections in omnidirectional vision
* RGB-D Computer Vision Techniques for Simulated Prosthetic Vision
* Scaled 360 layouts: Revisiting non-central panoramas
* Unified Framework for Line Extraction in Dioptric and Catadioptric Cameras, A
* Visual Gyroscope: Combination of Deep Learning Features and Direct Alignment for Panoramic Stabilization
Includes: Bermudez Cameo, J.[Jesus] Bermudez-Cameo, J.[Jesus] Bermudez-Cameo, J.
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Bermudez Chacon, R. Co Author Listing * Visual Correspondences for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation on Electron Microscopy Images
Includes: Bermudez Chacon, R. Bermúdez-Chacón, R.

Bermudez Contreras, E. Co Author Listing * Attention can improve a simple model for object recognition
Includes: Bermudez Contreras, E. Bermudez-Contreras, E.

Bermudez i Badia, S.[Sergi] Co Author Listing * EEG correlates of video game experience and user profile in motor-imagery-based brain-computer interaction

Bermudez Vargas, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Calibration of Non-central Conical Catadioptric Systems from Parallel Lines
Includes: Bermudez Vargas, J.[James] Bermudez-Vargas, J.[James]

Bermudez, A.[Ariana] Co Author Listing * XMem++: Production-level Video Segmentation From Few Annotated Frames

Bermudez, C.[Camilo] Co Author Listing * Body Part Regression With Self-Supervision
* Splenomegaly Segmentation on Multi-Modal MRI Using Deep Convolutional Networks
Includes: Bermudez, C.[Camilo] Bermudez, C.

Bermudez, D.V.[David Vazquez] Co Author Listing * Improving HOG with Image Segmentation: Application to Human Detection
Includes: Bermudez, D.V.[David Vazquez] Bermudez, D.V.[David Vázquez]

Bermudez, F.S.[Fernando Sanchez] Co Author Listing * Manifold Learning in Quotient Spaces

Bermudez, J. Co Author Listing * Calibration of omnidirectional cameras in practice: A comparison of methods
Includes: Bermudez, J. Bermúdez, J.

Bermudez, J.C.M. Co Author Listing * Blind Multiscale Spatial Regularization Framework for Kernel-Based Spectral Unmixing, A
* Data Dependent Multiscale Model for Hyperspectral Unmixing With Spectral Variability, A
* Design of high capacity 3D print codes aiming for robustness to the PS channel and external distortions
* Hyperspectral Super-resolution Accounting for Spectral Variability: Coupled Tensor LL1-Based Recovery and Blind Unmixing of the Unknown Super-resolution Image
* Low-Rank Tensor Modeling for Hyperspectral Unmixing Accounting for Spectral Variability
* Mean Weight Behavior of Coupled LMS Adaptive Systems Applied to Acoustic Feedback Cancellation in Hearing Aids
* Multi-Bit Informed Embedding Watermarking with Constant Robustness
* New Adaptive Video Super-Resolution Algorithm With Improved Robustness to Innovations, A
* Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images: Models and Algorithms
* On the Design of the LMS Algorithm for Robustness to Outliers in Super-Resolution Video Reconstruction
* Region-Based Wavelet-Packet Adaptive Algorithm for Sparse Response Identification
* Steady-State Performance of Non-Negative Least-Mean-Square Algorithm and Its Variants
* Stochastic analysis of the least mean fourth algorithm for non-stationary white Gaussian inputs
* Super-Resolution for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion Accounting for Seasonal Spectral Variability
Includes: Bermudez, J.C.M. Bermudez, J.C.M.[José C. M.] Bermudez, J.C.M.[José C.M.] Bermudez, J.C.M.[Jose C. M.]
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Bermudez, J.D. Co Author Listing * Towards Lifelong Crop Recognition Using Fully Convolutional Recurrent Networks and SAR Image Sequences

Bermudez, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Learning-Based Approach to Parametric Rotoscoping of Multi-Shape Systems, A
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