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Enge, H.D. Co Author Listing * Integration of terrestrial laserscanning, digital photogrammetry and geostatistical methods for high-resolution modelling of geological outcrops

Enge, P. Co Author Listing * GNSS Multipath and Jamming Mitigation Using High-Mask-Angle Antennas and Multiple Constellations

Engedy, G. Co Author Listing * Planning Tripoli Metro Network By The Use Of Remote Sensing Imagery

Engel, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Corneal Endothelial Cell Segmentation by Classifier-Driven Merging of Oversegmented Images
* Improved Accuracy and Robustness of a Corneal Endothelial Cell Segmentation Method Based on Merging Superpixels

Engel, C.[Chermelle] Co Author Listing * Estimating Fire Background Temperature at a Geostationary Scale: An Evaluation of Contextual Methods for AHI-8

Engel, C.B.[Chermelle B.] Co Author Listing * Fire Radiative Power (FRP) Values for Biogeographical Region and Individual Geostationary HHMMSS Threshold (BRIGHT) Hotspots Derived from the Advanced Himawari Imager (AH
* Real-Time Detection of Daytime and Night-Time Fire Hotspots from Geostationary Satellites
* Seasonal-Window Ensemble-Based Thresholding Technique Used to Detect Active Fires in Geostationary Remotely Sensed Data, A

Engel, D.[Dominik] Co Author Listing * Attack Against Image-Based Selective Bitplane Encryption, An
* Medial Features for Superpixel Segmentation
* Robust Algorithm for Segmenting Deformable Linear Objects from Video Image Sequences, A
* Scale-invariant medial features based on gradient vector flow fields
* Shape centered interest points for feature grouping
Includes: Engel, D.[Dominik] Engel, D.[David] Engel, D.

Engel, E. Co Author Listing * Classification of Hebrew Calligraphic Handwriting Styles: Preliminary Results

Engel, G.[Giora] Co Author Listing * Minimal Aspect Distortion (MAD) Mosaicing of Long Scenes
* Space-Variant Active Vision and Visually Guided Robotics: Design and Construction of a High-Performance Miniature Vehicle
Includes: Engel, G.[Giora] Engel, G.

Engel, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Classifying cervix tissue patterns with texture analysis
* Direct Sparse Odometry
* LSD-SLAM: Large-Scale Direct Monocular SLAM
* Semi-dense Visual Odometry for a Monocular Camera
* Texture analysis for classification of cervix lesions
Includes: Engel, J.[John] Engel, J.[Jakob] Engel, J.

Engel, J.I. Co Author Listing * Low-Complexity Vision-Based System for Real-Time Traffic Monitoring, A

Engel, J.J.[Jakob J.] Co Author Listing * Long-term Visual Map Sparsification with Heterogeneous GNN

Engel, K.[Karin] Co Author Listing * Efficient Image Segmentation Using Pairwise Pixel Similarities
* Finding Landmarks in the Functional Brain using Feature Reduction and Alignment Techniques
* Hierarchical vibrations for part-based recognition of complex objects
* Hierarchical Vibrations: A Structural Decomposition Approach for Image Analysis
* Parcellation of the Auditory Cortex into Landmark-Related Regions of Interest
* Part-based localisation and segmentation of landmark-related auditory cortical regions
* Pre-Integrated Non-Photorealistic Volume Rendering
* Segmentation of the Midbrain in Transcranial Sonographies using a Two-Component Deformable Mode
* Stable Structural Deformations
* Two-level Dynamic Model for The Representation And Recognition of Cortical Folding Patterns, A
Includes: Engel, K.[Karin] Engel, K.[Klaus]
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Engel, K.J. Co Author Listing * Sensitivity of Photon-Counting Based K-Edge Imaging in X-ray Computed Tomography

Engel, M. Co Author Listing * Reconfigurable Platform for Magnetic Resonance Data Acquisition and Processing, A

Engel, P. Co Author Listing * Development of an Open-Source Automatic Deformation Monitoring System for Geodetical and Geotechnical Measurements

Engel, P.M.[Paulo Martins] Co Author Listing * Concept Formation Using Incremental Gaussian Mixture Models

Engel, R. Co Author Listing * B-spline snakes and a JAVA interface: an intuitive tool for general contour outlining

Engel, T. Co Author Listing * Detection of abnormal behaviour in a surveillance environment using control charts
* How Road and Mobile Networks Correlate: Estimating Urban Traffic Using Handovers
* Multi-Task Multi-Domain Learning for Digital Staining and Classification of Leukocytes
* RADAR Project: A Service for Research Data Archival and Publication, The
* Smartphone-Based Adaptive Driving Maneuver Detection: A Large-Scale Evaluation Study
Includes: Engel, T. Engel, T.[Thomas]

Engelbrecht, A.P.[Andries P.] Co Author Listing * Clustering data in an uncertain environment using an artificial immune system
* SIGT: Synthetic Image Generation Tool for Clustering Algorithms

Engelbrecht, H.A.[Herman A.] Co Author Listing * BINet: A binary inpainting network for deep patch-based image compression
* Efficient backward decoding of high-order hidden Markov models
* Unsupervised Feature Learning for Speech Using Correspondence and Siamese Networks
Includes: Engelbrecht, H.A.[Herman A.] Engelbrecht, H.A.

Engelbrecht, J. Co Author Listing * Parameters Affecting Interferometric Coherence: The Case of a Dynamic Agricultural Region
* Robust SAR Speckle Tracking Workflow for Measuring and Interpreting the 3D Surface Displacement of Landslides, A
* Role of Earth Observation, with a Focus on SAR Interferometry, for Sinkhole Hazard Assessment, The
* Simple Normalized Difference Approach to Burnt Area Mapping Using Multi-Polarisation C-Band SAR, A
* Survey of smartphone-based sensing in vehicles for intelligent transportation system applications
Includes: Engelbrecht, J. Engelbrecht, J.[Jeanine]

Engelbrecht, J.R.[Jan R.] Co Author Listing * Polyhedral Object Recognition Using Hough-Space Features

Engelbrecht, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * Designing the Visualization of Information

Engelcke, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Semantic Segmentation with Submanifold Sparse Convolutional Networks

Engeldrum, P.G.[Peter G.] Co Author Listing * Method and system for fast image correction
* Method and system for improved internet color
* System and method for providing high fidelity color images

Engelen, G.[Guy] Co Author Listing * Automated Land-Use Map Production from Aerial Photographs of Puerto Rico Using a Contextual Reclassification Algorithm
* Incorporating Land-Use Mapping Uncertainty in Remote Sensing Based Calibration of Land-Use Change Models
Includes: Engelen, G.[Guy] Engelen, G.

Engeler, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Learning from Multiple Annotator Noisy Labels via Sample-Wise Label Fusion

Engelhardt, D.[Doreen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive User Experience in the Car: Levels of Adaptivity and Adaptive HMI Design

Engelhardt, P. Co Author Listing * Automatic alignment of transmission electron microscope images using markers
* On the alignment of transmission electron microscope images without fiducial markers

Engelhardt, S. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Techniques for Automatic MRI Cardiac Multi-Structures Segmentation and Diagnosis: Is the Problem Solved?
* Towards Automatic Assessment of the Mitral Valve Coaptation Zone from 4D Ultrasound
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation From Axial to Short-Axis Multi-Slice Cardiac MR Images by Incorporating Pretrained Task Networks
Includes: Engelhardt, S. Engelhardt, S.[Sandy]

Engelhardt, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Coding of arbitrarily shaped image segments based on a generalized orthogonal transform

Engelhardt, Y.[Yuri] Co Author Listing * Challenges of Mapping Sustainable Development Goals Indicators Data

Engelhorn, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Glaucoma Classification Based on Histogram Analysis of Diffusion Tensor Imaging Measures in the Optic Radiation

Engelke, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * detection-driven and sparsity-constrained deformable model for fascia lata labeling and thigh inter-muscular adipose quantification, A
* new accurate and precise 3-D segmentation method for skeletal structures in volumetric CT data, A
Includes: Engelke, K.[Klaus] Engelke, K.

Engelke, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * Augmented reality supporting user-centric building information management
* Augmented Reality Views: Discussing the Utility of Visual Elements by Mediation Means in Industrial AR from a Design Perspective
* census-based stereo vision algorithm using modified Semi-Global Matching and plane fitting to improve matching quality, A
Includes: Engelke, T.[Timo] Engelke, T.[Tobias]

Engelke, U.[Ulrich] Co Author Listing * Analysing inter-observer saliency variations in task-free viewing of natural images
* Comparative Study of Fixation Density Maps
* How Does Image Content Affect the Added Value of Visual Attention in Objective Image Quality Assessment?
* Human observer confidence in image quality assessment
* Pareto optimal weighting of structural impairments for wireless imaging quality assessment
* Perceived interest and overt visual attention in natural images
* Perceptual Relevance Based Image Retargeting
* Psychophysical assessment of perceived interest in natural images: The ROI-D database
* Recent advances in vision modeling for image and video processing
* Reduced-reference metric design for objective perceptual quality assessment in wireless imaging
* Subjective quality of SVC-coded videos with different error-patterns concealed using spatial scalability
* Utilising objective perceptual image quality metrics for implicit link adaptation
* Visual Attention in Quality Assessment
Includes: Engelke, U.[Ulrich] Engelke, U.
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Engelken, E. Co Author Listing * Elimination of bias in the FIR-median hybrid filter

Engell Norregard, M.[Morten] Co Author Listing * Three Dimensional Monocular Human Motion Analysis in End-Effector Space
Includes: Engell Norregard, M.[Morten] Engell-Nørregård, M.[Morten]

Engelmann, F.[Francis] Co Author Listing * 3D Bird's-Eye-View Instance Segmentation
* 3D-MPA: Multi-Proposal Aggregation for 3D Semantic Instance Segmentation
* Box2Mask: Weakly Supervised 3D Semantic Instance Segmentation using Bounding Boxes
* DualConvMesh-Net: Joint Geodesic and Euclidean Convolutions on 3D Meshes
* Exploring Spatial Context for 3D Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds
* From Points to Multi-Object 3D Reconstruction
* Joint Object Pose Estimation and Shape Reconstruction in Urban Street Scenes Using 3D Shape Priors
* Know What Your Neighbors Do: 3D Semantic Segmentation of Point Clouds
* Mix3D: Out-of-Context Data Augmentation for 3D Scenes
* SAMP: Shape and Motion Priors for 4D Vehicle Reconstruction
Includes: Engelmann, F.[Francis] Engelmann, F.
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Engelmann, R.[Ronny] Co Author Listing * Advection of Biomass Burning Aerosols towards the Southern Hemispheric Mid-Latitude Station of Punta Arenas as Observed with Multiwavelength Polarization Raman Lidar
* Effect of Heat Wave Conditions on Aerosol Optical Properties Derived from Satellite and Ground-Based Remote Sensing over Poland

Engelmann, R.H.[Rudolph H.] Co Author Listing * Optical character recognition device

Engels, C.[Chris] Co Author Listing * Automatic annotation of unique locations from video and text
* Automatic Occlusion Removal from Facades for 3D Urban Reconstruction
* Bundle Adjustment Rules
* Detailed Real-Time Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video
* Efficient Minimal Solution for Infinitesimal Camera Motion, An
* Global Uncertainty in Epipolar Geometry via Fully and Partially Data-Driven Sampling
* Near Real-time Stereo for Weakly-Textured Scenes
* Recent developments on direct relative orientation
* Towards Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video
Includes: Engels, C.[Chris] Engels, C. Engels, C.[Christopher]
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Engels, F. Co Author Listing * Advances in Automotive Radar: A framework on computationally efficient high-resolution frequency estimation

Engels, G.[Gregor] Co Author Listing * Generating Physically Sound Training Data for Image Recognition of Additively Manufactured Parts

Engels, J.[Johannes] Co Author Listing * Development of a low-cost sensor system for use on gyrocopters
* Distance-Weighted Graph-Cut Method for the Segmentation of Laser Point Clouds, A
* Generation of Roof Topologies Using Plane Fitting with RANSAC
* Level of Detail in 3D Building Reconstruction from LIDAR Data
* Pansharpening Of Hyperspectral Images In Urban Areas
* Segmentation of Laser Point Clouds in Urban Areas by a Modified Normalized Cut Method
* Vibrations of a Gyrocopter: An Analysis Using IMUS
Includes: Engels, J.[Johannes] Engels, J.
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Engels, M. Co Author Listing * Optimal Memory Organization for Scalable Texture Codecs in MPEG-4

Engelsberg, A. Co Author Listing * Towards the Automotive HMI of the Future: Overview of the AIDE-Integrated Project Results

Engelsma, J.J.[Joshua J.] Co Author Listing * Infant-ID: Fingerprints for Global Good
* Learning a Fixed-Length Fingerprint Representation
* RaspiReader: Open Source Fingerprint Reader

Engelstad, A.C.[Anita C.] Co Author Listing * Seven Decades of Coastal Change at Barter Island, Alaska: Exploring the Importance of Waves and Temperature on Erosion of Coastal Permafrost Bluffs

Engelstad, P.[Paal] Co Author Listing * Using bandwidth aggregation to improve the performance of quality-adaptive streaming

Engen, G. Co Author Listing * Comparing SAR-Based Short Time-Lag Cross Correlation and Doppler-Derived Sea Ice Drift Velocities
* Efficient Full Aperture Processing of TOPS Mode Data Using the Moving Band Chirp Z-Transform
* Novel Approach to SAR Ocean Wind Retrieval, A
* Ocean Wind Doppler Model Based on the Generalized Curvature Ocean Surface Scattering Model, An
* Onto a Skewness Approach to the Generalized Curvature Ocean Surface Scattering Model

Engert, T. Co Author Listing * Position Sensitive gamma-Ray Scintillator Detector With Enhanced Spatial Resolution, Linearity, and Field of View, A

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