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Jang, A.[Arum] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning-Based Concrete Crack Depth Prediction Using Thermal Images Taken under Daylight Conditions
* Reducing the Complexity of Model-Based MRI Reconstructions via Sparsification
* Structural Stability Evaluation of Existing Buildings by Reverse Engineering with 3D Laser Scanner
Includes: Jang, A.[Arum] Jang, A.[Albert]

Jang, B.J.[Bong Joo] Co Author Listing * Melting Layer Detection and Characterization based on Range Height Indicator-Quasi Vertical Profiles
* New Digital Watermarking for Architectural Design Drawing Using LINEs and ARCs Based on Vertex, A
Includes: Jang, B.J.[Bong Joo] Jang, B.J.[Bong-Joo] Jang, B.J.[Bong-Ju]

Jang, B.K. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Thinning Algorithms Using Mathematical Morphology
* Morphological Scale Space for 2D Shape Smoothing
* On the Invertibility of Morphological Representation of Binary Images: Comments
* One-Pass Parallel Thinning: Analysis, Properties, and Quantitative Evaluation
* Reconstructable Parallel Thinning
Includes: Jang, B.K. Jang, B.K.[Ben K.]

Jang, B.T.[Byung Tae] Co Author Listing * planar perspective image matching using point correspondences and rectangle-to-quadrilateral mapping, A
* scalable VideoGIS system for GPS-guided vehicles, A
Includes: Jang, B.T.[Byung Tae] Jang, B.T.[Byung-Tae]

Jang, C.[Chunhwa] Co Author Listing * Aerial Imagery Can Detect Nitrogen Fertilizer Effects on Biomass and Stand Health of Miscanthus X giganteus
* Defect Inspection Method for Machine Vision Using Defect Probability Image with Deep Convolutional Neural Network, A
* Re-Plannable Automated Parking System With a Standalone Around View Monitor for Narrow Parking Lots
* Semantic segmentation-based parking space detection with standalone around view monitoring system
Includes: Jang, C.[Chunhwa] Jang, C.[Chanhee] Jang, C. Jang, C.[Chulhoon]

Jang, C.J.[Chan Joo] Co Author Listing * Characteristics and Mechanisms of Marine Heatwaves in the East Asian Marginal Seas: Regional and Seasonal Differences
* Reconstructed 3-D Ocean Temperature Derived from Remotely Sensed Sea Surface Measurements for Mixed Layer Depth Analysis

Jang, D. Co Author Listing * Contextual Residual Aggregation for Ultra High-Resolution Image Inpainting
* Developer-friendly segmentation using OpenVL, a high-level task-based abstraction
* Identification of Corner Points of Two-Dimensional Images Using a Line Search Method
* Inspection of 2-D objects using pattern matching method
* Prediction of Atmospheric Duct Conditions from a Clutter Power Spectrum Using Deep Learning
* Temporally Averaged Regression for Semi-Supervised Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Transforming Cluster-Based Segmentation for Use in OpenVL by Mainstream Developers
* User oriented language model for face detection
* Video-based Crowd Counting Using a Multi-scale Optical Flow Pyramid Network
Includes: Jang, D. Jang, D.[Daesik] Jang, D.[Dongsig] Jang, D.[Doyoung] Jang, D.[Donggon]
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Jang, D.G.[Dong Gon] Co Author Listing * Learning Color Representations for Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Method for recognizing multi-language printed documents using strokes and non-strokes of characters
* Strengthening the Transferability of Adversarial Examples Using Advanced Looking Ahead and Self-CutMix
Includes: Jang, D.G.[Dong Gon] Jang, D.G.[Dong-Gon] Jang, D.G.[Dae Geun]

Jang, D.H.[Dong Hwan] Co Author Listing * Pooling Revisited: Your Receptive Field is Suboptimal
Includes: Jang, D.H.[Dong Hwan] Jang, D.H.[Dong-Hwan]

Jang, D.K. Co Author Listing * Text region extraction and text segmentation on camera-captured document style images

Jang, D.M.[Daniel Marcus] Co Author Listing * Car-Rec: A real time car recognition system

Jang, D.S.[Dae Sik] Co Author Listing * 2D human body tracking with Structural Kalman filter
* Active models for tracking moving objects
* Extraction of major object features using VQ clustering for content-based image retrieval
* Model-Based Tracking of Moving Object
* Moving Object Tracking by Optimizing Active Models
* Moving object tracking using active models
* Pass rate analysis of interception heuristic against border crossers along a linear border
* robust-invariant pattern recognition model using Fuzzy ART, A
* Use of Maximum Curvature Points for the Recognition of Partially Occluded Objects, The
* Visual information retrieval system via content-based approach
Includes: Jang, D.S.[Dae Sik] Jang, D.S.[Dae-Sik] Jang, D.S.[Dong-Sik] Jang, D.S. Jang, D.S.[Dae-Sung] Jang, D.S.[Dong-Sig]
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Jang, D.W.[Dong Won] Co Author Listing * Color fringe correction based on image fusion
* Color Fringe Correction by the Color Difference Prediction Using the Logistic Function
* Colour image dehazing using near-infrared fusion
* Pothole detection using spatio-temporal saliency
Includes: Jang, D.W.[Dong Won] Jang, D.W.[Dong-Won] Jang, D.W.

Jang, E.[Eunna] Co Author Listing * Detection and Monitoring of Forest Fires Using Himawari-8 Geostationary Satellite Data in South Korea
* Estimation of Fugacity of Carbon Dioxide in the East Sea Using In Situ Measurements and Geostationary Ocean Color Imager Satellite Data
* Royalty-Free Video Coding Standards in MPEG
* Sim2Real Viewpoint Invariant Visual Servoing by Recurrent Control
Includes: Jang, E.[Eunna] Jang, E.

Jang, E.H.[Eun Hye] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Physiological Responses and Use of Fuzzy Information Granulation-Based Neural Network for Recognition of Three Emotions
Includes: Jang, E.H.[Eun Hye] Jang, E.H.[Eun-Hye]

Jang, E.S.[Euee S.] Co Author Listing * 3D model compression in MPEG
* Adaptive Key Frame Selection for Efficient Video Coding
* Algorithm/Architecture Co-Exploration of Visual Computing on Emergent Platforms: Overview and Future Prospects
* Animation data compression in MPEG-4: interpolators
* Binary Shape Coding Using 1-D Distance Values from Baseline
* Binary Shape Coding Using Baseline-Based Method
* Bitstream-Level Film Noise Cancellation for Damaged Video Playback
* Coding of Arbitrarily Shaped Video Objects in MPEG-4
* Comments and Corrections to An Efficient Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coder Based on Logarithmic Domain
* Compression of Sparse and Dense Dynamic Point Clouds: Methods and Standards
* Demosaicing Method for Digital Cameras with White-RGB Color Filter Array
* Framework of 3D Animation Coding, A
* Interpolator Data Compression for MPEG-4 Animation
* introduction to MPEG-4 animation framework extension (AFX), An
* Introduction to the MPEG-4 Animation Framework eXtension, An
* Introduction to the Special Issue on MPEG-4's Animation Framework eXtension (AFX)
* MPEG Internet Video-Coding Standard, The
* MPEG reconfigurable graphics coding framework: Overview and applications
* Overview of the MPEG-5 Essential Video Coding Standard, An
* Parser description-based bitstream parser generation for MPEG RMC framework
* Reconfigurable media coding: An overview
* Scan interleaving based scalable binary shape coding
* Special issue on MPEG CCF
* Special Issue: Algorithm/Architecture Co-Exploration of Visual Computing on Emerging Platforms
* Subband coding with multistage VQ for wireless image communication
* Video-Based Point-Cloud-Compression Standard in MPEG: From Evidence Collection to Committee Draft
* Zero coefficient-aware fast butterfly-based inverse discrete cosine transform algorithm
Includes: Jang, E.S.[Euee S.] Jang, E.S. Jang, E.S.[Euee-Seon] Jang, E.S.[Euee Seon]
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Jang, F.J.[Fang Jie] Co Author Listing * BiLuNet: A Multi-path Network for Semantic Segmentation on X-ray Images
Includes: Jang, F.J.[Fang Jie] Jang, F.J.[Fang-Jie]

Jang, G.[Geonwoon] Co Author Listing * C2N: Practical Generative Noise Modeling for Real-World Denoising
* Deforming NURBS Surfaces to Target Curves for Immersive VR Sketching
Includes: Jang, G.[Geonwoon] Jang, G.[Gilsoo]

Jang, G.J.[Gyeong Ja] Co Author Listing * Animation data compression in MPEG-4: interpolators
* Genetic Algorithm-Based Moving Object Detection for Real-time Traffic Surveillance, A
* How human visual systems recognize objects: A Novel Computational Model
* Particle filtering based pitch sequence correction for monaural speech segregation
* Review: Cost-Effective Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Platform for Field Plant Breeding Application
* Semi-Local Structure Patterns for Robust Face Detection
Includes: Jang, G.J.[Gyeong Ja] Jang, G.J.[Gil-Jin] Jang, G.J.[Gi-Jeong] Jang, G.J.[Gyu-Jin] Jang, G.J.

Jang, G.R.[Ga Ram] Co Author Listing * Moving objects detection using freely moving depth sensing camera
Includes: Jang, G.R.[Ga Ram] Jang, G.R.[Ga-Ram]

Jang, H.[Hanme] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Geographic Questions Using Embedding-based Topic Modeling
* CPO: Change Robust Panorama to Point Cloud Localization
* Dead pixel test using effective receptive field
* Detection algorithm for road surface condition using wavelet packet transform and SVM
* Dynamic Mesh Recovery from Partial Point Cloud Sequence
* Generating Spatial Knowledge Graphs with 2D Indoor Floorplan Data: A Case Study on the Jeonju Express Bus Terminal
* Geographic Knowledge Base Question Answering over OpenStreetMap
* Improved robustness of vision transformers via prelayernorm in patch embedding
* In-Loop Transient Electromagnetic Responses With Induced Polarization Effects of Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Deposits
* Indoor Reconstruction from Floorplan Images with a Deep Learning Approach
* LDL: Line Distance Functions for Panoramic Localization
* Learning Deeply Aggregated Alternating Minimization for General Inverse Problems
* Machine Learning Classification of Buildings for Map Generalization
* Multi-Task Learning Framework for Motion Estimation and Dynamic Scene Deblurring
* Multimedia Data Visualization Based on Ad Hoc Communication Networks and Its Application to Disaster Management, A
* New Photographing Apparatus for Skin Maps of Human Face Rendering, A
* Object classification using CNN for video traffic detection system
* PICCOLO: Point Cloud-Centric Omnidirectional Localization
* Propose-and-Attend Single Shot Detector
* Real-Time Sphere Sweeping Stereo from Multiview Fisheye Images
* Spatio-Focal Bidirectional Disparity Estimation from a Dual-Pixel Image
* SVD Inversion of Zero-Offset Profiling Data Obtained in the Vadose Zone Using Cross-Borehole Radar
* System to Analyze Group Socializing Behaviors in Social Parties, A
* Uniform Subdivision of Omnidirectional Camera Space for Efficient Spherical Stereo Matching
* Unsupervised Deep Image Fusion With Structure Tensor Representations
* VOWEL: A Local Online Learning Rule for Recurrent Networks of Probabilistic Spiking Winner- Take-All Circuits
Includes: Jang, H.[Hanme] Jang, H.[Hojun] Jang, H.[Hyeonah] Jang, H.[Hyeok] Jang, H.[Hangilro] Jang, H. Jang, H.[Hyunsung] Jang, H.[Hyongdoo] Jang, H.[Howook] Jang, H.[Hyeonjoong] Jang, H.[Hannuree] Jang, H.[Hyeryung]
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Jang, H.D.[Ho Deok] Co Author Listing * Gated bidirectional feature pyramid network for accurate one-shot detection
* SEFD: Learning to Distill Complex Pose and Occlusion
Includes: Jang, H.D.[Ho Deok] Jang, H.D.[Ho-Deok]

Jang, H.H.[Hong Hoon] Co Author Listing * Neural Network Implementation Using CUDA and OpenMP
Includes: Jang, H.H.[Hong Hoon] Jang, H.H.[Hong-Hoon]

Jang, H.J.[Hyun Jun] Co Author Listing * ImaGAN: Unsupervised Training of Conditional Joint CycleGAN for Transferring Style with Core Structures in Content Preserved
Includes: Jang, H.J.[Hyun Jun] Jang, H.J.[Hyun-Jun]

Jang, H.K.[Hyo Keun] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Particulate Organic Carbon to Chlorophyll-a Ratio Using MODIS-Aqua in the East/Japan Sea, South Korea
* Event-based Video Frame Interpolation with Cross-Modal Asymmetric Bidirectional Motion Fields
* Spatiotemporal Protein Variations Based on VIIRS-Derived Regional Protein Algorithm in the Northern East China Sea
Includes: Jang, H.K.[Hyo Keun] Jang, H.K.[Hyun-Kurl] Jang, H.K.[Hyo-Keun]

Jang, H.S.[Hyun Sung] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Deep Stereo Matching and Dehazing with Feature Attention
Includes: Jang, H.S.[Hyun Sung] Jang, H.S.[Hyun-Sung]

Jang, H.U.[Han Ul] Co Author Listing * Blind 3D Mesh Watermarking Based on Sphere-Shape Template
* DeepPore: Fingerprint Pore Extraction Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Detecting composite image manipulation based on deep neural networks
* Fingerprint-PKI authentication using Zernike moments
* Hue modification estimation using sensor pattern noise
* Median Filtered Image Restoration and Anti-Forensics Using Adversarial Networks
* robust 3D mesh watermarking scheme against cropping, A
Includes: Jang, H.U.[Han Ul] Jang, H.U.[Han-Ul] Jang, H.U.
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Jang, H.W.[Ho Wook] Co Author Listing * hybrid color matching between stereo image sequences, A
Includes: Jang, H.W.[Ho Wook] Jang, H.W.[Ho-Wook]

Jang, H.Y.[Han Young] Co Author Listing * Human motion reconstruction using deep transformer networks
* Image-Space Collision Detection Through Alternate Surface Peeling
* Image-space hierarchical coherence buffer
* Multi-resolution terrain rendering with GPU tessellation
Includes: Jang, H.Y.[Han Young] Jang, H.Y.[Han-Young]

Jang, I.[Inseon] Co Author Listing * Alias-and-Separate: Wideband Speech Coding Using Sub-Nyquist Sampling and Speech Separation
* DeepDBSCAN: Deep Density-Based Clustering for Geo-Tagged Photos
* Effective Style Token Weight Control Technique for End-to-End Emotional Speech Synthesis, An
* Game Approach for Charging Station Placement Based on User Preferences and Crowdedness, A
* K-space refinement in deep learning MR reconstruction via regularizing scan specific SPIRiT-based self consistency
* Text Extraction in Digital News Video Using Morphology
* Why is the Winner the Best?
Includes: Jang, I.[Inseon] Jang, I.[Insung] Jang, I. Jang, I.[Inmo] Jang, I.[Ikbeom] Jang, I.[Inyoung]
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Jang, I.G.[In Gwun] Co Author Listing * Loop-Wise Route Representation and Its Optimization Formulation for Symmetric Traveling Salesman Problems
* Traffic Signal Optimization for Oversaturated Urban Networks: Queue Growth Equalization
Includes: Jang, I.G.[In Gwun] Jang, I.G.

Jang, I.H. Co Author Listing * Block adaptive binarisation of ill-conditioned business card images acquired in a PDA using a modified quadratic filter
* Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Multiresolution Color and Texture Features
* Postprocessing in Block-Based Video Coding Based on a Quantization Noise Model
* Reduction of Blocking Artifact in Block Coded Images Using Wavelet Transform
* Skew correction of business card images acquired in PDA
Includes: Jang, I.H. Jang, I.H.[Ick Hoon]

Jang, I.S.[In Su] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Multi-Camera People Tracking with Anchor-Guided Clustering and Spatio-Temporal Consistency ID Re-Assignment
* Hi-Fi Printer Characterization Method using Color Correlation for Gamut Extension
* Makeup color reproduction based on spectrum data
Includes: Jang, I.S.[In Su] Jang, I.S.[In-Su]

Jang, J.[Jinbeum] Co Author Listing * Camera Orientation Estimation Using Motion-Based Vanishing Point Detection for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems
* Contrast-dependent saturation adjustment for outdoor image enhancement
* Design of an ICT convergence farm machinery for an automatic agricultural planter
* DIFFnet: Diffusion Parameter Mapping Network Generalized for Input Diffusion Gradient Schemes and b-Value
* Disparity-selective stereo matching using correlation confidence measure
* Edge-aware image filtering using a structure-guided CNN
* Efficient Algorithm of Eye Image Check for Robust Iris Recognition System
* Facial Attribute Recognition by Recurrent Learning With Visual Fixation
* Illuminant-invariant stereo matching using cost volume and confidence-based disparity refinement
* Knowing Where to Focus: Event-aware Transformer for Video Grounding
* Learning Features Robust to Image Variations with Siamese Networks for Facial Expression Recognition
* Lost Your Style? Navigating with Semantic-Level Approach for Text-to-Outfit Retrieval
* MeanShift++: Extremely Fast Mode-Seeking With Applications to Segmentation and Object Tracking
* Modeling Non-Stationary Asymmetric Lens Blur by Normal Sinh-Arcsinh Model
* Multi-Objective Based Spatio-Temporal Feature Representation Learning Robust to Expression Intensity Variations for Facial Expression Recognition
* Multi-unit Iris Recognition System by Image Check Algorithm
* New Focus Assessment Method for Iris Recognition Systems
* OBD-Data-Assisted Cost-Based Map-Matching Algorithm for Low-Sampled Telematics Data in Urban Environments
* Outlier filtering algorithm for travel time estimation using dedicated short-range communications probes on rural highways
* Probabilistic Prompt Learning for Dense Prediction
* Propagated Perturbation of Adversarial Attack for well-known CNNs: Empirical Study and its Explanation
* Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection for Embedded System Using Model Compression of Deep Neural Networks
* Real-time Triple-modal Photoacoustic, Ultrasound, and Magnetic Resonance Fusion Imaging of Humans
* Robust Unsupervised Domain Adaptation through Negative-View Regularization
* Score-level fusion in multiple biometrics using non-linear classification
* Self-Distilled Self-supervised Representation Learning
* Sensor Fusion-Based Low-Cost Vehicle Localization System for Complex Urban Environments
* Study on Multi-unit Fingerprint Verification, A
* study on multi-unit iris recognition, A
* Subdivided Mask Dispersion Framework for semi-supervised semantic segmentation
* TransCAM: Transformer attention-based CAM refinement for Weakly supervised semantic segmentation
* Video Augmentation by Image-Based Rendering Under the Perspective Camera Model
Includes: Jang, J.[Jinbeum] Jang, J.[Jaesu] Jang, J.[Jinhee] Jang, J.[Jain] Jang, J. Jang, J.[Jinbuem] Jang, J.[Jinhyun] Jang, J.[Junkyu] Jang, J.[Jennifer] Jang, J.[Jinhyeok] Jang, J.[Jinwoo] Jang, J.[Joonhyeok] Jang, J.[Jihyeon] Jang, J.[Jiho] Jang, J.[Jaehyuk] Jang, J.[Jongseong]
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Jang, J.A. Co Author Listing * Fixed Sensor-Based Intersection Collision Warning System in Vulnerable Line-of-Sight and/or Traffic-Violation-Prone Environment, A

Jang, J.B.[Jun Bong] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Contour Tracking of Live Cells by Mechanical and Cycle Consistency Losses
Includes: Jang, J.B.[Jun Bong] Jang, J.B.[Jun-Bong]

Jang, J.C.[Jae Cheol] Co Author Listing * Estimating Hourly Surface Solar Irradiance from GK2A/AMI Data Using Machine Learning Approach around Korea
* High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Retrieval from Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS Data at Coastal Regions
Includes: Jang, J.C.[Jae Cheol] Jang, J.C.[Jae-Cheol]

Jang, J.D.[Jae Dong] Co Author Listing * Optimal Interpolation of Precipitable Water Using Low Earth Orbit and Numerical Weather Prediction Data
Includes: Jang, J.D.[Jae Dong] Jang, J.D.[Jae-Dong]

Jang, J.H.[Jeong Hun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive skin-color filter
* Binarization of noisy gray-scale character images by thin line modeling
* Contrast-Enhanced Fusion of Multisensor Images Using Subband-Decomposed Multiscale Retinex
* Detection of curvilinear structures and reconstruction of their regions in gray-scale images
* Detection of Curvilinear Structures Using the Euclidean Distance Transform
* Detection of linear bands in gray-scale images based on the Euclidean distance transform and the Hough transform
* Edge-enhancing Super-resolution Using Anisotropic Diffusion
* Fast line segment grouping method for finding globally more favorable line segments
* Gamut-adaptive correction in color image processing
* Image enhancement in multi-resolution multi-sensor fusion
* impact of genetic variation in COMT and BDNF on resting-state functional connectivity, The
* Improved Two-Phase Framework for Facial Emotion Recognition
* Linear band detection based on the Euclidean distance transform and a new line segment extraction method
* Multi-Sensor Image Fusion Using Subband Decomposed Multiscale Retinex
* PODIA-3D: Domain Adaptation of 3D Generative Model Across Large Domain Gap Using Pose-Preserved Text-to-Image Diffusion
* Pseudo-Distance Map for the Segmentation-Free Skeletonization of Gray-Scale Images, A
* Quantifying Flood Water Levels Using Image-Based Volunteered Geographic Information
* Road Detection in SAR Images Using Genetic Algorithm with Region Growing Concept
* Road Detection in Spaceborne SAR Images Based on Ridge Extraction
* Road Detection in Spaceborne SAR Images Using a Genetic Algorithm
* Self-Calibration of a Stereo-Camera by Pure Translational Motion
* Semantic-Aware Network for Aerial-To-Ground Image Synthesis
* Stochastic CRB for Non-unitary Beam-space Transformations and its Application to Optimal Steering Angle Design, A
* Sub-Band Decomposed Multiscale Retinex with Space Varying Gain
* usefulness of diffusion-weighted readout-segmented EPI and fast spin echo with BLADE (PROPELLER) k-space sampling: A comparison with single-shot EPI for diffusion-weighted imaging in ischemic stroke patients, The
Includes: Jang, J.H.[Jeong Hun] Jang, J.H.[Jeong-Hun] Jang, J.H.[Jae Ho] Jang, J.H. Jang, J.H.[Joon Hwan] Jang, J.H.[Jong-Hyun] Jang, J.H.[Ji Ha] Jang, J.H.[Jiun-Huei] Jang, J.H.[Jeoung-Hun] Jang, J.H.[Jin-Hyun] Jang, J.H.[Jong-Hun] Jang, J.H.[Jin-Hee]
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Jang, J.K.[Jun Kyu] Co Author Listing * N-pad : Neighboring Pixel-based Industrial Anomaly Detection
Includes: Jang, J.K.[Jun Kyu] Jang, J.K.[Jun-Kyu]

Jang, J.R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Music Mood Classification Based on Timbre and Modulation Features

Jang, J.S. Co Author Listing * efficient lane markers detection algorithm using log-polar transform and RANSAC, An
* Evolutionary algorithm-based face verification
* Focused augmented mirror based on human visual perception
* M3T: three-dimensional Medical image classifier using Multi-plane and Multi-slice Transformer
* Non-rigid Face Tracking Using Short Track-Life Features
* Parallel Optical-Feature Extraction by Use of Rotationally Multiplexed Holograms
* Real-time smart lighting control using human motion tracking from depth camera
* simple model for a lane detection system, A
* Two-Phase Calibration for a Mirror Metaphor Augmented Reality System
* VR Game Platform Built Upon Wireless Sensor Network, A
Includes: Jang, J.S. Jang, J.S.[Jun-Su] Jang, J.S.[Jae Seok] Jang, J.S.[Jin-Seong] Jang, J.S.[Ja-Soon] Jang, J.S.[Jung-Shik]
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Jang, J.S.R. Co Author Listing * Kernel Framework for Content-Based Artist Recommendation System in Music, A

Jang, J.W.[Jong Whan] Co Author Listing * Accurate Contour Detection Based on Snakes for Objects with Boundary Concavities
* Fast Algorithm for Computing a Histogram on Reconfigurable Mesh, A
* Improved Snake-Based Method for Object Contour Detection, An
* Multiple Moving Object Estimation in Image Sequences of a Natural Scene
* New Stereo Correspondence Method for Snake-Based Object Segmentation, A
* Robust Contour Tracking Using a Modified Snake Model in Stereo Image Sequences
* snake algorithm for automatically tracking multiple objects, A
* Snake-Based Objects Tracking in Stereo Sequences with the Optimization of the Number of Snake Points
Includes: Jang, J.W.[Jong Whan] Jang, J.W. Jang, J.W.[Jong-Whan]
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Jang, J.Y.[Ji Yong] Co Author Listing * In-Vehicle Warning Information Provision Strategy for V2V-Based Proactive Traffic Safety Management, An
* Multi-Agent Driving Simulation Approach for Evaluating the Safety Benefits of Connected Vehicles, A
* MUM: Mix Image Tiles and UnMix Feature Tiles for Semi-Supervised Object Detection
* On Improving Interoperability of Fingerprint Recognition Using Resolution Compensation Based on Sensor Evaluation
* Physically Based Susceptibility Assessment of Rainfall-Induced Shallow Landslides Using a Fuzzy Point Estimate Method
* Susceptibility Analysis of the Mt. Umyeon Landslide Area Using a Physical Slope Model and Probabilistic Method
* Synthetic unknown class learning for learning unknowns
Includes: Jang, J.Y.[Ji Yong] Jang, J.Y.[Ji-Yong] Jang, J.Y.[Joo-Young] Jang, J.Y.[Jih-Yeon] Jang, J.Y.[Jung-Yoon] Jang, J.Y.[Jae-Yeon]
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Jang, J.Z.G.[Ji Ze Genevieve] Co Author Listing * Shape-Aware Text-Driven Layered Video Editing
Includes: Jang, J.Z.G.[Ji Ze Genevieve] Jang, J.Z.G.[Ji-Ze Genevieve]

Jang, K. Co Author Listing * How to Protect ADS-B: Confidentiality Framework and Efficient Realization Based on Staged Identity-Based Encryption
* Illuminate Low-Light Image via Coarse-to-Fine Multi-Level Network
* Loop-Wise Route Representation and Its Optimization Formulation for Symmetric Traveling Salesman Problems
* Low-Cost Object Detection Models for Traffic Control Devices through Domain Adaption of Geographical Regions
* Retrievals of All-Weather Daily Air Temperature Using MODIS and AMSR-E Data
* Super resolution of historic Landsat imagery using a dual generative adversarial network (GAN) model with CubeSat constellation imagery for spatially enhanced long-term vegetation monitoring
* Systematic Relation of Estimated Travel Speed and Actual Travel Speed
* Traffic Signal Optimization for Oversaturated Urban Networks: Queue Growth Equalization
Includes: Jang, K. Jang, K.[Kui] Jang, K.[Kitae] Jang, K.[Kyochul] Jang, K.[Keunchang]
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Jang, K.E.[Kwang Eun] Co Author Listing * Regularized polychromatic reconstruction for transmission tomography
* Single channel 2-D and 3-D blind image deconvolution for circularly symmetric fir blurs

Jang, K.F.[Kim Fung] Co Author Listing * Face Processing System Based on Committee Machine: The Approach and Experimental Results, A
Includes: Jang, K.F.[Kim Fung] Jang, K.F.[Kim-Fung]

Jang, K.H.[Kyung Ho] Co Author Listing * Practical modeling technique for large-scale 3D building models from ground images

Jang, K.M.[Kee Moon] Co Author Listing * Urban Green Accessibility Index: A Measure of Pedestrian-Centered Accessibility to Every Green Point in an Urban Area

Jang, K.S.[Kyung Sool] Co Author Listing * Assessment of cerebral blood perfusion changes after neurorehabilitation therapy in patients with middle cerebral artery infarction: An acetazolamide-challenged SPECT study
* Entropy difference-based early skip detection technique for high-efficiency video coding
* Lip Localization Based on Active Shape Model and Gaussian Mixture Model
* Off-Line Signature Verification Based on Directional Gradient Spectrum and a Fuzzy Classifier
* Olfactory identification and white matter integrity in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: A preliminary study
* Recognition of Map Using the Geometric Relations Between Lines and the Structural Information of Objects, A
Includes: Jang, K.S.[Kyung Sool] Jang, K.S.[Kyung-Sool] Jang, K.S.[Kyung-Soon] Jang, K.S.[Kyung Shik] Jang, K.S.

Jang, K.W.[Keun Won] Co Author Listing * Selective Quality Control of Multiple Video Programs for Digital Broadcasting Services

Jang, L.G.[Lih Guong] Co Author Listing * Large Area Video Surveillance System with Handoff Scheme among Multiple Cameras
Includes: Jang, L.G.[Lih Guong] Jang, L.G.[Lih-Guong]

Jang, L.H.[Lee Hyun] Co Author Listing * Convolutional neural network model for discrimination of harmful algal bloom (HAB) from non-HABs using Sentinel-3 OLCI imagery
* Sargassum Detection Using Machine Learning Models: A Case Study with the First 6 Months of GOCI-II Imagery
Includes: Jang, L.H.[Lee Hyun] Jang, L.H.[Lee-Hyun]

Jang, M.[Minseok] Co Author Listing * DeepDBSCAN: Deep Density-Based Clustering for Geo-Tagged Photos
* DeepPhaseCut: Deep Relaxation in Phase for Unsupervised Fourier Phase Retrieval
Includes: Jang, M.[Minseok] Jang, M.[Mooseok]

Jang, M.D.[Man Dae] Co Author Listing * Digitalizing scheme of handwritten Hanja historical documents
Includes: Jang, M.D.[Man Dae] Jang, M.D.[Man-Dae]

Jang, M.J.[Mi Jung] Co Author Listing * Weakly supervised Branch Network with Template Mask for Classifying Masses in 3D Automated Breast Ultrasound
Includes: Jang, M.J.[Mi Jung] Jang, M.J.[Mi-Jung]

Jang, M.Y.[Ming Yu] Co Author Listing * Gradient Flow Evolution for 3D Fusion From a Single Depth Sensor
* WarpingFusion: Accurate Multi-View TSDF Fusion with Local Perspective Warp
Includes: Jang, M.Y.[Ming Yu] Jang, M.Y.[Ming-Yu]

Jang, S. Co Author Listing * Collaborative Filtering Approach to Real-Time Hand Pose Estimation, A
* Detection of Microplastics in Water and Ice
* Development of Land Cover Classification Model Using AI Based FusionNet Network
* EEG-Based Emotional Video Classification via Learning Connectivity Structure
* Fast and Accurate 3D Reconstruction of Dental Models
* Geometrical transformation-based ghost artifacts removing for high dynamic range image
* Head Motion Correction Based on Filtered Backprojection in Helical CT Scanning
* Impacts of Single-Scattering and Microphysical Properties of Ice Particles Smaller Than 100 muM on the Bulk Radiative Properties of Tropical Cirrus, The
* On Evaluating Perceptual Quality of Online User-Generated Videos
* Reinforcement Learning Approach for Rebalancing Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems, A
* Temporal Interpolation is all You Need for Dynamic Neural Radiance Fields
* Text-Conditioned Sampling Framework for Text-to-Image Generation with Masked Generative Models
* Theoretical Calculations of Directional Scattering Intensities of Small Nonspherical Ice Crystals: Implications for Forward Scattering Probes
* Unsupervised Object Localization with Representer Point Selection
Includes: Jang, S. Jang, S.[Seohyun] Jang, S.[Seongju] Jang, S.[Soobeom] Jang, S.[Seongje] Jang, S.[Sangsik] Jang, S.[Seonghyeon] Jang, S.[Sungwook] Jang, S.[Seokhwan] Jang, S.[Sangwon] Jang, S.[Seokwoo]
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Jang, S.B.[Sung Bin] Co Author Listing * Revision of WDM7 Microphysics Scheme and Evaluation for Precipitating Convection over the Korean Peninsula
* Synchronization Quality Enhancement in 3G-324M Video Telephony
Includes: Jang, S.B.[Sung Bin] Jang, S.B.[Sung-Bin] Jang, S.B.

Jang, S.E.[Seung Eun] Co Author Listing * 3D Perception Adjustment of Stereoscopic Images Based upon Depth Map

Jang, S.H.[Seong Hwan] Co Author Listing * Dynamic bandwidth allocation for multiple VBR MPEG video sources
* Stereo-photography with hand phone
Includes: Jang, S.H.[Seong Hwan] Jang, S.H.

Jang, S.I.[Seung Ick] Co Author Listing * Classification of Machine-Printed and Handwritten Addresses on Korean Mail Piece Images Using Geometric Features
* Efficient Global Motion Characterization Method for Image-Processing Applications, An
* Locating Destination Address Block in Korean Mail Images
* Object Tracking Based on an Online Learning Network with Total Error Rate Minimization
* Online Heterogeneous Face Recognition Based on Total-Error-Rate Minimization
* Spach Transformer: Spatial and Channel-Wise Transformer Based on Local and Global Self-Attentions for PET Image Denoising
Includes: Jang, S.I.[Seung Ick] Jang, S.I. Jang, S.I.[Se-In]

Jang, S.J.[Sung Jun] Co Author Listing * Detection-Identification Balancing Margin Loss for One-Stage Multi-Object Tracking
* Development of a Parcel-Level Land Boundary Extraction Algorithm for Aerial Imagery of Regularly Arranged Agricultural Areas
* Dyadic Affect in Parent-Child Multimodal Interaction: Introducing the DAMI-P2C Dataset and its Preliminary Analysis
* Leveraging Spatio-Temporal Dependency for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Pixel-Level Bijective Matching for Video Object Segmentation
* Tackling Background Distraction in Video Object Segmentation
Includes: Jang, S.J.[Sung Jun] Jang, S.J.[Sung-Jun] Jang, S.J.[Seong-Ju] Jang, S.J.[Soo Jung]

Jang, S.K.[Sung Kyu] Co Author Listing * Efficient error localization and temporal concealment based on motion estimation of enlarged block
* Efficient Video Down Conversion Algorithm Using Modified IDCT Basis Functions, An
* Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm for MPEG-4 Shape Coding, A
* Fast motion estimation for shape coding in MPEG-4
* New VLSI Architecture of a Hierarchical Motion Estimator for Low Bit-rate Video Coding, A

Jang, S.S.[Sang Su] Co Author Listing * HMM-Based Gesture Recognition for Robot Control

Jang, S.W.[Seok Woo] Co Author Listing * 2D human body tracking with Structural Kalman filter
* Adaptive Colorimetric Characterization of Digital Camera with White Balance
* Adaptive robust estimation of affine parameters from block motion vectors
* Block Matching Integrating Intensity, Hue, and Range
* Estimating Motion Parameters Using a Flexible Weight Function
* Fast and Simple 2D Shape Retrieval Using Discrete Shock Graph
* MPEG-2 Test Stream with Static Test Patterns in DTV System
* Rate Control Algorithm for High Quality Compression of Static Test Image in Digital TV System
* Recognition of Car License Plate by Using Dynamical Thresholding Method and Enhanced Neural Networks
* Shaking snakes using color edge for contour extraction
Includes: Jang, S.W.[Seok Woo] Jang, S.W.[Seok-Woo] Jang, S.W.[Soo-Wook] Jang, S.W.[Si-Woong]
10 for Jang, S.W.

Jang, S.Y.[Sih Yeong] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Regression Models for Predicting Rice Yield and Protein Content Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Multispectral Imagery
* Pattern Recognition by Circular Layer Code Approach
Includes: Jang, S.Y.[Sih Yeong] Jang, S.Y.[Sih-Yeong] Jang, S.Y.

Jang, T.[Taeuk] Co Author Listing * Difficulty-Based Sampling for Debiased Contrastive Representation Learning
* Learning to Select Pre-Trained Deep Representations with Bayesian Evidence Framework
Includes: Jang, T.[Taeuk] Jang, T.

Jang, T.J.[Tae Jun] Co Author Listing * Fully Automated Method for 3D Individual Tooth Identification and Segmentation in Dental CBCT, A

Jang, T.S.[Taek Sueng] Co Author Listing * Old fashion text-based image retrieval using FCA
Includes: Jang, T.S.[Taek Sueng] Jang, T.S.[Taek-Sueng]

Jang, U.[Uk] Co Author Listing * Optimal Carrier Loading for Maximizing Visual Entropy Over OFDMA Cellular Networks
* Optimal power allocation for minimizing visual distortion over MIMO communication systems

Jang, W.[Wonbong] Co Author Listing * CodeNeRF: Disentangled Neural Radiance Fields for Object Categories
* Depth-aware guidance with self-estimated depth representations of diffusion models
* Dynamic Gesture Recognition System for the Korean Sign Language (KSL), A
* Evaluation of Sentinel-2 Based Chlorophyll-a Estimation in a Small-Scale Reservoir: Assessing Accuracy and Availability
* Fingerprint Image Enhancement Based on a Half Gabor Filter
* Improving Sample Quality of Diffusion Models Using Self-Attention Guidance
* MLC STT-MRAM-Aware Memory Subsystem for Smart Image Applications
* Model-Based Edge Detector for Spectral Imagery Using Sparse Spatiospectral Masks
* Optimal Band Selection for Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery to Retrieve a Wide Range of Cyanobacterial Pigment Concentration Using a Data-Driven Approach
* SIDGAN: High-Resolution Dubbed Video Generation via Shift-Invariant Learning
* Topological Nomenclature for 3D Shape Analysis in Connectomics, A
Includes: Jang, W.[Wonbong] Jang, W.[Wooseok] Jang, W. Jang, W.[Wonjin] Jang, W.[Wonchurl] Jang, W.[Wondong]
11 for Jang, W.

Jang, W.D.[Won Dong] Co Author Listing * Automatic Video Genre Classification Using Multiple SVM Votes
* Background subtraction using encoder-decoder structured convolutional neural network
* Comparison of objective functions in CNN-based prostate magnetic resonance image segmentation
* Contour-Constrained Superpixels for Image and Video Processing
* Current Progress and Challenges in Large-Scale 3D Mitochondria Instance Segmentation
* Dynamic High-Pass Filtering and Multi-Spectral Attention for Image Super-Resolution
* Efficient depth video coding based on view synthesis distortion estimation
* FDQM: Fast Quality Metric for Depth Maps Without View Synthesis
* Frame-level matching of near duplicate videos based on ternary frame descriptor and iterative refinement
* Interactive Image Segmentation via Backpropagating Refinement Scheme
* Multiple random walkers and their application to image cosegmentation
* Online Video Object Segmentation via Convolutional Trident Network
* Optimized contrast enhancement for real-time image and video dehazing
* POD: Discovering Primary Objects in Videos Based on Evolutionary Refinement of Object Recurrence, Background, and Primary Object Models
* Primary Object Segmentation in Videos via Alternate Convex Optimization of Foreground and Background Distributions
* RGB-D image segmentation based on multiple random walkers
* Semi-supervised Video Object Segmentation Using Multiple Random Walkers
* SEQM: Edge quality assessment based on structural pixel matching
* Streaming Video Segmentation via Short-Term Hierarchical Segmentation and Frame-by-Frame Markov Random Field Optimization
* Temporal Superpixels Based on Proximity-Weighted Patch Matching
* Temporally x real-time video dehazing
* Two Stream Active Query Suggestion for Active Learning in Connectomics
* YouMVOS: An Actor-centric Multi-shot Video Object Segmentation Dataset
Includes: Jang, W.D.[Won Dong] Jang, W.D.[Won-Dong] Jang, W.D.
23 for Jang, W.D.

Jang, W.J.[Won Jin] Co Author Listing * Correlation Analysis between Air Temperature and MODIS Land Surface Temperature and Prediction of Air Temperature Using TensorFlow Long Short-Term Memory for the Period of Occurrence of Cold and Heat Waves
Includes: Jang, W.J.[Won Jin] Jang, W.J.[Won-Jin]

Jang, W.S.[Woo Seok] Co Author Listing * Discontinuity preserving disparity estimation with occlusion handling
* Efficient depth map generation with occlusion handling for various camera arrays
* Enriching a motion database by analogous combination of partial human motions
* Real-Time Ultrasound Detection of Breast Microcalcifications Using Multifocus Twinkling Artifact Imaging
* Three-Dimensional Camera Space Manipulation
Includes: Jang, W.S.[Woo Seok] Jang, W.S.[Woo-Seok] Jang, W.S.[Won-Seob] Jang, W.S.[Won Seuk] Jang, W.S.

Jang, W.Y.[Woo Young] Co Author Listing * Grouped zerotree wavelet image coding for very low bitrate
* Plasmonic Superpixel Sensor for Compressive Spectral Sensing
* Screen Orientation Aware DRAM Architecture for Mobile Video and Graphic Applications
Includes: Jang, W.Y.[Woo Young] Jang, W.Y.[Woo-Young] Jang, W.Y.[Woo-Yong]

Jang, Y. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Defense via Learning to Generate Diverse Attacks
* Burrow Opening Measurements of Intertidal Macroinvertebrates from Optical Drone Images
* Deep Learning of High-Resolution Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery for Classifying Halophyte Species: A Comparative Study for Small Patches and Mixed Vegetation
* Deep Learning Techniques for Automatic MRI Cardiac Multi-Structures Segmentation and Diagnosis: Is the Problem Solved?
* Distilling Global and Local Logits with Densely Connected Relations
* Edge-enhancing bi-histogram equalisation using guided image filter
* EPIC-Tent: An Egocentric Video Dataset for Camping Tent Assembly
* Exposure fusion algorithm for scenes with an extremely high dynamic range
* GLAMD: Global and Local Attention Mask Distillation for Object Detectors
* Identification of Interreflection in Color Images Using a Physics-Based Reflection Model
* ILSH: The Imperial Light-Stage Head Dataset for Human Head View Synthesis
* KSL-Guide: A Large-scale Korean Sign Language Dataset Including Interrogative Sentences for Guiding the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
* Metaphoric Hand Gestures for Orientation-Aware VR Object Manipulation With an Egocentric Viewpoint
* PD-CR: Patch-Based Diffusion Using Constrained Refinement for Image Restoration
* Pose Correction Algorithm for Relative Frames Between Keyframes in SLAM
* Propagated guided image filtering for edge-preserving smoothing
* Revisiting PID Control for Power-Constrained Video Display
* Scale-Aware Monocular Visual Odometry and Extrinsic Calibration Using Vehicle Kinematics
* SmileNet: Registration-Free Smiling Face Detection In The Wild
* Symmetry Regularization and Saturating Nonlinearity for Robust Quantization
* TGIF-QA: Toward Spatio-Temporal Reasoning in Visual Question Answering
* Urban Forest Growth and Gap Dynamics Detected by Yearly Repeated Airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR): A Case Study of Cheonan, South Korea
* Video Question Answering with Spatio-Temporal Reasoning
* Video-Based Object Recognition Using Novel Set-of-Sets Representations
* VSCHH 2023: A Benchmark for the View Synthesis Challenge of Human Heads
Includes: Jang, Y. Jang, Y.[Yeongjae] Jang, Y.[YounHo] Jang, Y.[Yuneseok] Jang, Y.[Younho] Jang, Y.[Youngkyoon] Jang, Y.[YeongJun] Jang, Y.[Yurim] Jang, Y.[Youngseok] Jang, Y.[Yeongsang] Jang, Y.[Yunseok] Jang, Y.[Youngwoon]
25 for Jang, Y.

Jang, Y.G.[Yeong Gul] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning on Multiphysical Features and Hemodynamic Modeling for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Growth Prediction
* Identification of coronary arteries in CT images by Bayesian analysis of geometric relations among anatomical landmarks
* Maximum a posteriori estimation method for aorta localization and coronary seed identification
Includes: Jang, Y.G.[Yeong Gul] Jang, Y.G.[Yeong-Gul]

Jang, Y.H.[Young Hoon] Co Author Listing * CityGML-Based Road Information Model for Route Optimization of Snow-Removal Vehicle
* Improved Stereo Vision of Indoor Dense Suspended Scatterers Scenes from De-scattering Images
Includes: Jang, Y.H.[Young Hoon] Jang, Y.H.[Young-Hoon] Jang, Y.H.[You Hyun]

Jang, Y.I. Co Author Listing * Channel-Wise Progressive Learning For Lossless Image Compression
* Dual Path Denoising Network for Real Photographic Noise
* LC-FDNet: Learned Lossless Image Compression with Frequency Decomposition Network
* Self-supervised Image Denoising with Downsampled Invariance Loss and Conditional Blind-Spot Network
Includes: Jang, Y.I. Jang, Y.I.[Yeong Il]

Jang, Y.J. Co Author Listing * Optimal System Design of the Online Electric Vehicle Utilizing Wireless Power Transmission Technology, The
* Reinforcement Learning Approach for Rebalancing Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems, A
* System Optimization for Dynamic Wireless Charging Electric Vehicles Operating in a Multiple-Route Environment
Includes: Jang, Y.J. Jang, Y.J.[Young Jae]

Jang, Y.K.[Young Kyun] Co Author Listing * Deep Clustering and Block Hashing Network for Face Image Retrieval
* Deep Hash Distillation for Image Retrieval
* Generalized Product Quantization Network for Semi-Supervised Image Retrieval
* Registration-free Face-SSD: Single shot analysis of smiles, facial attributes, and affect in the wild
* Self-Supervised Pretraining for Deep Hash-Based Image Retrieval
* Self-supervised Product Quantization for Deep Unsupervised Image Retrieval
* study on eyelid localization considering image focus for iris recognition, A
* Wearable input device for smart glasses based on a wristband-type motion-aware touch panel
Includes: Jang, Y.K.[Young Kyun] Jang, Y.K.[Young-Kyoon] Jang, Y.K.[Young Kyoon]
8 for Jang, Y.K.

Jang, Y.M.[Yeong Min] Co Author Listing * Optical Camera Communication in Vehicular Applications: A Review
* Probing of human implicit intent based on eye movement and pupillary analysis for augmented cognition
* survey of design and implementation for optical camera communication, A
Includes: Jang, Y.M.[Yeong Min] Jang, Y.M.[Young-Min]

Janga, B.[Bhargavi] Co Author Listing * Review of Practical AI for Remote Sensing in Earth Sciences, A

Janghel, R.R.[Rekh Ram] Co Author Listing * Automatic arrhythmia recognition from electrocardiogram signals using different feature methods with long short-term memory network model
* hybrid feature fusion strategy for early fusion and majority voting for late fusion towards melanocytic skin lesion detection, A
* SLICACO: An automated novel hybrid approach for dermatoscopic melanocytic skin lesion segmentation

Jangid, B.L. Co Author Listing * Illumination Invariant Efficient Face Recognition Using a Single Training Image

Jangid, D.[Deepak] Co Author Listing * Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The

Jangid, M.[Mahesh] Co Author Listing * Handwritten Devanagari Similar Character Recognition by Fisher Linear Discriminant and Pairwise Classification
* SVM classifier for recognition of handwritten devanagari numeral

Jangir, S.I.K.[Sun Il Kumar] Co Author Listing * Adaptive comprehensive particle swarm optimisation-based functional-link neural network filtre model for denoising ultrasound images
Includes: Jangir, S.I.K.[Sun Il Kumar] Jangir, S.I.K.[Sun-Il Kumar]

Jangtjik, K.A. Co Author Listing * CNN-LSTM framework for authorship classification of paintings, A

Jangyodsuk, P.[Pat] Co Author Listing * ChaLearn gesture challenge: Design and first results
* ChaLearn gesture dataset (CGD 2011), The
* CSMMI: Class-Specific Maximization of Mutual Information for Action and Gesture Recognition
Includes: Jangyodsuk, P.[Pat] Jangyodsuk, P.

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